Now It’s Tracking Us in Our Homes

With drones monitoring us from above; with the IRS probing our personal doings; with Obamacare exposing our medical histories; with smart meters able to monitor our energy uses and what they are; I guess it’s not surprising that Wi Fi will be used to track us, too.

Andrew Liszewski at Gizmodo reports:

And here we thought the only privacy risk with having a Wi-Fi network at home was someone figuring out our password. Researchers at MIT felt that a stranger having access to your wireless network wasn’t scary enough, so they developed a way for someone to use Wi-Fi signals as a sort of x-ray vision to track a person’s movements in another room.

Wi-Vi is a new technology that enables seeing through walls using Wi-Fi signals. It allows us to track moving humans through walls and behind closed doors. Wi-Vi relies on capturing the reflections of its own transmitted signals off moving objects behind a wall in order to track them. Wi-Vi’s operation does not require access to any device on the other side of the wall.

The video below shows a demo of how Wi-Vi can track the motion of a person inside a closed room.

How soon til they are monitoring our dreams and thoughts? Schools are already shaping what young people think and approval of this monitoring is probably worked into the Common Core they are pushing so hard.

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