The ISIS Stabbing You Didn’t Hear About

The media continues to obscure what it doesn’t want us to know while highlighting the ridiculous.

Case in point, a stabbing Saturday in Virginia. The ISIS inspired man tried to behead someone.

Here’s the story from zerohedge:

It may come as a surprise to Americans who were keenly following their favorite media outlet, that on Saturday, in Roanoke, Virginia, there may have been an attempted ISIS-inspired beheading attempt. Surprising, because virtually nobody covered it. However, as ABC reports this morning, the FBI has launched a federal terrorism investigation into a weekend stabbing in Roanoke, VA, looking at whether the attacker may have been trying to behead his victim in an alleged ISIS-inspired assault.

While it is unclear if there was a media blackout surrounding the attack, what is more troubling is that according to ABC, US authorities had been aware of the alleged attacker, 20-year-old Wasil Farooqui, of the Roanoke area, for some time. In the past year, he traveled to Turkey and may have tried to sneak into Syria, where ISIS is recruiting and inspiring sympathizers from across the world, sources said.

As ABC adds, Farooqui was arrested Saturday by Roanoke County Police on charges of assault with malicious wounding, and he’s being held without bond at the Western Virginia Regional Jail, according to the sources and a jail database.

During the Saturday stabbing, Farooqui allegedly injured a man and woman at an apartment complex in Roanoke, yelling “Allah Akbar” as he attacked them with a knife, sources told ABC News. Authorities believe he may have been trying to behead the male victim, who was likely picked at random, ABC News was told.

CBS adds that the victims told police they were attacked as they entered The Pines Apartments just before 8 p.m. The male was able to fight off the attacker, who fled the scene, police said.

Farooqui and his two alleged victims were hospitalized after the attack. Their conditions were not clear.

While officers were at the hospital with the victims, a male, subsequently identified as Farooqui, came into the emergency room with injuries of his own, authorities said. He met the description of the suspect in the stabbing, and further investigation by police led to his arrest, they said.

“The FBI is working with the Police Department following the incident that occurred on Saturday evening,” the head of the FBI’s Richmond field office, Special Agent In Charge Adam Lee, said in a statement. “While I cannot discuss details of the investigation at this time, I do want to reassure the community that we are working to determine the nature of the incident.”

It was not clear if Farooqui had a lawyer. It was also not clear how, unlike in Europe, where any attempted beheading gets media coverage within seconds of taking place, this event which took place three days ago, has so far avoided the broader press.

A U.S. intelligence source tells CBS News Farooqui has been on the FBI’s radar for months and is believed to be “self-radicalized”… even though other sources confirm he traveled to Turkey and may have been in Syria. Authorities aren’t sure whether Farooqui is an American citizen.

Feel secure with Obama as Commander in Chief?

Another Arkancide Victim?

You know what Arkancide is. It’s that sudden and inexplicable death of someone who might do harm to the Clintons. It first happened while he was governor of Arkansas, hence the name.

There have been several suspicious deaths this summer:

John Jones, who represented Wikileaks chief Julian Assange, died April 18. He was 48 years old. He was staying in a hospital, reportedly for mental problems and reportedly he jumped in front of a train after he was allowed to leave the hospital for a walk at 5 a.m. They deemed it a suicide.

Lawfuel blog has questions about the incident:

Few reported on it or raised the obviously question as to his suicide – Why?

However serious questions have arisen this week at the coronial inquest into Mr. Jones’ death as to how he was permitted to leave a private psychiatric hospital at 5am and go to the train station where he died.

As the Camden New Journal reported he was at the private hospital with a number of mental health issues that had been given the ‘working diagnosis’ of bipolar disorder and anxiety.

But the court heard that he spent the majority of the time alone in his room, refusing to attend therapy sessions or even eat in the communal dinning room.

Coroner Mary Hassell raised concerns about his treatment and said: “He was in his room, lying on his bed or on his laptop. That seems fairly awful in therapeutic terms. To me if I were worried about a person that was mentally unwell I would think that environment was the worst possible environment for them.”

As the EU Times reported this week: No one did any kind of investigative journalism at all and no one asked themselves what was a millionaire lawyer doing on the train tracks. Picking mushrooms?

There is a severe lack of information that we don’t even know where exactly this happened, in West Hampstead train station? In the middle of nowhere? No one interviewed the train driver, no one asked him what happened or what he saw. Was he pushed in front of a train? Did he slip? Are there any witnesses? What about CCTV cameras?? UK is infested with those yet they prove useless now when we need them?

Again, complete blackout on this so-called suicide.

Strange indeed.

He was happily married, with children. His mother says he would never take his life because of the children.

His wife said she was “surprised” when her husband was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after a one hour meeting with a Dr. Pereira because she said: “John could be obsessive, and could ruminate, but he didn’t have highs and lows.”

Julian Assange has questions about it, too, especially after Wikileaks tweeted “Male intruder at 2.47am climbed this wall of the Ecuadorian embassy in London where Assange has asylum.” Then this: “Inquest rules that death of Julian Assange’s lawyer, John Jones QC, was not ‘suicide’, opening door to law suits.”

If you’ll recall, Wikileaks says they will release documents damaging to Hillary Clinton before our election. Stay tuned.

Dems Demise Should Spur GOP

Seeing this headline in this morning’s Commercial Appeal, “Shelby Democrat party disbanded,” should gladden the hearts of Republicans in our city. As is said, when your enemy is busy killing himself, don’t get in the way.

Make no mistake. They are the enemy. Of course I don’t mean that you can’t have a friend who’s a Democrat. But you can’t trust their organization because they will whittle away at our rights and work to make us an even bigger minority than we are now. That is what they have been busy doing for the past century.

Their decline is an opportunity for the Shelby GOP. There is no doubt that their effort in several elections has made a difference. We’ve gotten people elected who will steer this city into more jobs and prosperity for all while safeguarding our rights.

But we shouldn’t sit back. They are dissolving, we need to be strengthening.

How to do this? I’m certainly no expert, but having started a club and been on the steering committee, I have come up with some ideas.

We need someone in place who can devote continual time to the effort. Someone who can make the maximum use of our headquarters as Don Johnson did. A friend called HQ recently to ask about getting a Trump sign. The response she got was I’m not here, but I am working. No specific hours were given when someone would be there. How does that help someone who wants to drop by for a sign for a candidate?

Many of our officials are lawyers or other professionals with a lot to do in those occupations and with family. That’s fine, but they cannot give the 100% leadership others can. Some kind of delegation of duties needs to be done so that we can cover all our needs and plan ahead of elections, debates and other civic events.

We need to get people who can look at facts and data and tell us how to contact Memphians who are potential Republican voters. Voter rolls are discussed a lot, but attempts to use them to our advantage never materialize. Granted it is a lot to go over, but it is one way we can expand our vote.

Our messaging is poor. Even today, a look at the Shelby GOP website is out of date, referring people to links about the upcoming Aug. 4 election. One item even refers to the presidential primary on March 1st! Can’t this be checked daily? What does a Shelby County resident who wants information on our party going to think when it’s not current?

I would have liked to have seen pictures or read reports of the convention held in Cleveland. I’m sure a lot of interesting things happened there to Shelby County Republicans, but it wasn’t communicated publicly. A daily quick report from there by leaders would have let some of us at home have an idea about what was obviously an exciting and newsworthy convention.

Our clubs need to be strengthened. I think the clubs have helped get many of our people elected by sending out letters to their neighbors who recognize them and give credence to the appeal. Right now clubs are just left to sink or swim on their own. Again, it’s not a criticism of leadership, it’s recognition that many of our leaders just have too much to do for one position.

Perhaps we need more communal events free of cost to encourage fellowship among the clubs. One where there isn’t any agenda or speaker or cause. Get togethers could do a lot to foster communication and esprit de corps.

Our big fundraiser, the Lincoln Day dinner, drastically needs an overhaul. The silent auction has some weird items and has lost its interest. Surely there are other ideas to supplement the event. The food doesn’t exactly lure you in either. And let’s put some of the speakers on the retired list, please.

We need to get more young people involved. There is activity at U of M, but what about Rhodes? A few years back, the president of the College Republicans there attended one of our Midtown meetings. He then graduated and we lost touch with them. I think a lot of our members would welcome them to our meetings and be able to lend a hand in other ways, too.

Being in charge of Republicans anywhere is a big job. Our philosophy of individuality means we don’t indoctrinate or propagandize easily.

I hope we can overcome these divisions to come together. So much of the future depends on it.

Party Girl Malia Obama

“Malia Obama ‘attends wild party in Martha’s Vineyard and is rushed out by the Secret Service as cops shut it down.'”
So reads a headline in the British paper The Daily Mail. You won’t see much of this covered in our media.

Khaleda Rahman reports:

Malia Obama was reportedly a guest at a wild party on Martha’s Vineyard that police ended up coming to break up last week.

The 18-year-old is with parents President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle and sister Sasha on their final vacation as First Family on the Massachusetts island.

Malia went to the party at the private home in West Tisbury near the presidential summer retreat, the Boston Herald reported, but was escorted home right as officers responded to a noise complaint.

West Tisbury police declined to confirm if the first daughter was one of the partygoers ushered out of the bash, citing ‘national security’ to the newspaper.

They did elaborate that they ‘responded to a noise complaint, like we do numerous times this time of year.

‘We told them to go home and they did.’

It’s not the first instance of Malia making the most of her gap year before starting at Harvard University in the fall of 2017.

Earlier this month, she was pictured taking a drag of what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette at the Lollapalooza concert in Chicago.

Like father, like daughter, it seems, as Obama himself has admitted to smoking the drug in his autobiography.

And it’s not just Malia who enjoys a night out while on vacation, Obama has reportedly hit the town four nights in a row.

On Sunday, the president assembled his security and press entourage to go out at nearly 11 pm.

That day, he played golf for about five hours before dismissing the small group of reporters who accompany the president in public.

They were told to reassemble at 8:15 pm, but Obama’s motorcade rolled down the dirt driveway of his secluded rental in Chilmark, on the island’s western tip, almost two-and-a-half hours later.

The motorcade later pulled up to Lola’s in Oak Bluffs, on the other side of the island.

The whole family joined friends for a ‘social event’ at the Southern seafood restaurant, the White House said.

They socialized for about an hour before returning to their rented home just before 1 am on Monday.

The White House says Obama is just trying to get the most out of the time he is spending here with family and friends, before a busy fall crammed with foreign and domestic travel.

Here’s a video of Malia twerking:

Ask yourselves what the media would have done were it the Bush twins doing this.

Finance Icon Turns Negative

Carl Icahn, billionaire hedge fund manager and Trump supporter shared some disturbing thoughts on the state of the U.S. economy.

Read what he has to say as reported by ZeroHedge blog:

Unlike other hedge fund managers, Icahn does not provide monthly letters explaining his mindset which is why we eagerly watched a expansive, 40 minute interview he gave to Bloomberg’s Erik Shatzker, in which in addition to a detailed discussion of Trump and how the Republican presidential candidate would change the US economy, he shared some much needed insights into his gloomy vision of the market.

Below are some of the key excerpts from his discussion of the market:

Shatzker: Why is it that the stock market is where it is? That with valuations so high that I noticed in the letter that — or at least in a statement that you made with your son, Bret, earlier this month, that you don’t feel confident making any large investments?

ICAHN: Absolutely, Erik. I have hedges on, I’m more hedged than I ever was. I will tell you there’s certainly good companies. [The market] is way overvalued at 20 times the S&P and I’ll tell you why: a lot of it is a result of zero interest rates. It’s just what I said. You have zero interest and a lot of buybacks. Money is not going into capital.

So think of it as a rich family that just decides “we’re just going to have a lot of fun, we’re going to sit around in the pool, and we’ll keep printing up IOUs to the town, we’ve got a good name.” You keep doing it until you go broke. And this is what’s happening in our economy. Zero interest rates are building huge bubbles. You have retirees that saved a million bucks, half a million bucks.

I think the market is at literally very high levels because of zero interest rates, and if you really look at it, the dollar is pretty strong right now, which is going to hurt international earnings. The S&P, they live on international earnings. That’s going to be hurt. There’s going to be a day of reckoning here. I’ve seen it many times in my life. When things look good, they look great. You go into the sky. But that’s when you have to really pull down and really stop buying. That being said, I’m not going to tell you it’s going to happen tomorrow, next week, even next month, even next year possibly. But it’s going to happen, and you have to change the direction of our economy. I can’t say it plainer than that.

Thousands of CEOs understand the problem. They say one day, a regulatory agency, EPA, waves its wand and we’re bankrupt, or almost bankrupt. We’re losing a fortune. Why the hell should I invest in more capital? Why should I invest in more machinery? Therefore, we can’t compete, and therefore the middle class does not have manufacturing jobs and we now say, well, we’re not a manufacturer, we’re a service company.

What could cause a crash:

Shatzker: You say, Carl, that a day of reckoning will come for the stock market. You can’t say whether it’s going to be this week, this month, even this year or next year. Let’s talk about the factors that you believe would precipitate such a correction. What could cause stocks to fall?

ICAHN: Erik, I think I’ve been talking about it to you this whole interview. One of the things that’s causing it to fall is happening right under your nose, that we have no capital spending. Capital spending is going way down. In a society like us, manufacturing is important. I don’t care, sooner or later, you can’t just keep tweeting to each other. You can’t text each other.

We say we’re a service economy, that’s great, we’re a service economy. What does that mean? That we text more to each other. Sooner or later, everybody is going to send a text to each other and say isn’t that wonderful, so why should anybody work? Just sit there and text to each other or watch TV. So I am saying to you, this is what is happening as we speak. Capital spending is down, obviously. The last two years, I mean, it’s just down four percent in the last quarter which is unheard of when you don’t have a recession. OK. Productivity has not grown. In fact, it’s the lowest growing it’s ever been as far as growth goes. These are very important things in a capitalistic system. Unless you have a dictatorship, you’re going to go the way of Cuba. Well, Cuba was a dictatorship but it still went that way. But then you’re going to go the way of Venezuela, Argentina. You’re going to be in a major problem.

He then turns to the economy and social turbulence, where he repeats “shocking” allegations made by Trump, namely that “unemployment numbers are not accurate”:

You see GDP is not going up, I could give you a lot of reasons. But the most important is that the middle class worker is really, does not have good jobs. This unemployment numbers are not accurate in one way, that a lot of these guys have left the work force, and two, these jobs aren’t paying that well.

So I am saying that the middle class – that is why you saw this uprising for Bernie Sanders and you see it for Trump and you see Brexit and you see what’s going on in Italy. I think there’s an undercurrent of great unrest in our global economies. This “one percent”, people resent it, and they resent government for allowing it to happen.

Last, and certainly not least, is perhaps the key issue at the bottom of everything: the US Dollar as a reserve currency, which has permitted all of the above to happen:

Now, the thing that goes for the country as you pointed out is, we’re a reserve currency. But I don’t know how long you can depend on that. So I am just saying that sooner or later, there’s going to be a massive problem, I think.

I think he is right.

Trump Speech on Target

I listened to Donald Trump’s speech last night. I found it excitingly on point.

This morning the media is trying to tell us that his campaign had a shakeup yet again. I don’t see it that way. It’s always good and usual at this time to take on more help. He’s not ousting Paul Manafort. The addition of Stephen Bannon of Breitbart is brilliant.

I have previously said that Breitbart is one of the best sites on the web. Others must agree, because it’s getting phenomenal traffic. Bannon has a distaste for the GOPe. He also understands media, so that is a plus. I thought that was evident in last night’s speech when Trump said he would wear the media’s dislike of him as a badge of honor. Amen! That’s the right way to turn the outlandish media hatred into a plus. Most Americans understand that the media is corrupt and in the pocket of the Democrats. We get that they skew the news and blow up any little thing into a ridiculous big deal. Why not use this as a way to connect to people and as an asset?

Another move in the campaign is the addition of pollster Kelly Anne Conway. Whenever I’ve seen her on TV I’ve been impressed with her pugnacity and saavvy. She doesn’t let anchors skip over her or denigrate Republicans when they have her on. She knows what she’s working with on TV. And she’s a woman, which puts another nail in the coffin of the Trump hates women meme.

I also think she’s responsible for Trump’s move to address the African American community in Milwaukee last night. He was right to go there and I bet she suggested it. Trump rightly pointed out that the greatest victims of the anti police movement are the ordinary blacks who get shot in drive by shootings even while sitting on their own porches. He brought up Chicago and its huge death toll. He said that was not acceptable. How could anyone argue with that?

Even though the media tells us the election is over in June or after the conventions in July or whatever arbitrary date they make up – people really don’t begin paying attention til after Labor Day.

Looks to me that Trump will be firing on all cylinders then. People will have forgotten his “gaffes” especially as he concentrates on the issues we all care about.

If you missed the speech it’s here: