Dan Bongino’s Bad News

The Fox regular who always has insight into current events and who now has his own internet show that is one of the top in the country, Dan Bongino came on air this afternoon with some personal news he wanted to share.

It wasn’t good news. It wasn’t about his new affiliation and part ownership with Rumble or Parler. He teared up as he discussed a lump on his neck.

Bongino said he had noticed it and figured it was a fatty tumor, something he has gotten occasionally. Family members and friends urged him to get it checked out. He finally did yesterday. The doctor decided to do an MRI and when Bongino saw his face, he knew it wasn’t good news.

They found a lump that is a little more than 7 cm long, resting near his carotid artery. It is possible it is benign. They couldn’t tell. Bongino said after the doctor told him, all he really couldn’t listen to the details as he was upset.

He will fly to New York on Friday for treatment. Bongino said he had to cancel his appearance on Sean Hannity’s show because he was too upset to go on and after the show, Hannity called and talked to him for two hours. Bongino said he really appreciated the kindness.

The 45 year old talk host struggled with his emotions in sharing this with his audience. He made it through and thanked his wife for her support. He also said his show would continue, no matter.

I wouldn’t be surprised if President Trump didn’t contact him, too. Trump, despite what his enemies want to portray, is a very compassionate person.

We can all add him to our already lengthy prayer lists.

Something to Ask Your Liberal Friends

This is making its way around the internet. It is valuable as rebuttal material to use.

I just have a few questions for you….Let me start with, I already know you don’t like President Trump…that’s a given, SO let’s move on from that…

How about the division of America…. Do you really blame Trump for that?

How about when NONE of the DEMOCRATS showed up for his inauguration? Don’t you think that started the division? He hadn’t even been president yet, and EXCEPT for Clinton and Obama, not one democrat showed up….Is that when Trump divided America? Can you imagine if the REPUBLICANS didn’t show up for Obama’s inauguration because they lost??? Can you even start to imagine what would have happened?

How about when 19 minutes after Trump was inaugurated, the Washington Post declared the IMPEACHMENT CAMPAIGN has STARTED? Was that when Trump divided America?

How about when Nancy Pelosi ripped up Trump’s state of the union right in front of the world, showing complete disrespect for the President of the United States? Did that bring the country together and is THAT when Trump divided America?

How about when America had to endure, 3 years and over 30 million dollars spent on trying to PROVE that Trump only won because of RUSSIAN COLLUSION and NOT because America voted him in and 17 democrats did EVERYTHING in their power to PROVE that there was Russian Collusion…and came up with ZERO…?

Was THAT when Trump divided America? I can’t even start to go over the NEGATIVE PRESS he’s received since his surprise win…

Remember, the DONORS, the likes Bloomberg, who gave 27 million, Tom Steyer who gave 17 million, George Soros who gave 9 million and MANY MORE that gave MULTI-MILLIONS to Hillary, wanted a return on their investment… Do you really think that donors give MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS just because they love Hillary? NO, these weren’t campaign donations, they were INVESTMENTS into what HILLARY had promised them when she became president…. They were so sure she would win and they would be SHOWERED with HUGE RETURNS, and when it didn’t happen and they LOST all those millions, they went all out to TAKE TRUMP out of OFFICE by any means possible…

DID YOU KNOW that 90% of the Mainstream media and the corporations that own them, are owned by or run by BIG DEMOCRAT DONORS? You can verify all of that for yourselves…I did…

Since the moment Trump won, even before he was inaugurated, the mainstream media’s reporting was 92% negative on Trump, do you know why? It was those big donors that lost their dream of MILLIONS of dollars, on their returns that they were going to receive when Hillary was president and they weren’t going to take that loss lightly…They needed to PUNISH TRUMP and those that VOTED HIM IN…

I’ve said this since the night he was elected… “There is NOTHING the left won’t do to take down our President”, our country and us, no low they won’t go to, to get their power back”, and sadly, we have seen this every single day since his election.

Let me ask you this…Have you ever listened to Trump or appreciated any accomplishment or campaign promises he’s kept, have you ever gone to one of his rallies or have you just closed your mind to ANYTHING he does?

Please ask yourselves the following questions, if you dare… What has Joe Biden done for America for the last 47 years that he’s held an office? What did Joe Biden ever do for BLACKS when HE and Obama were in office? What has Joe Biden ever done in his entire life to create a private-sector job?

What has Joe Biden done to help the American middle class worker?

Let me also ask you this…Why do you think there are so many people tearing down statues, our burning flag, beating up police officers, disrespecting our founders and hating our country? It comes straight from our SCHOOLS that have slowly been tearing down our history… If there is a teacher out there, please tell me the following: Do you teach the truth that it was the DEMOCRATS that were the KKK?

That the GRAND LEADER of the KKK was Robert Byrd, who was elected to congress and served for decades, and that it was Hillary, Bill, and Obama that gave his EULOGY praising him? That the DEMOCRATS fought the Civil war to KEEP SLAVERY? That the inner-city ghettoes were created by DEMOCRATS to keep control of slaves after they were freed? That planned parenthood was founded in inner cities to CONTROL the BLACK POPULATION? Is any of this in your history books?

Let me ask you this as well. Can a student speak up when he/she disagrees with a teacher when they say that Trump is a horrible president or the electoral college has to be eliminated? I don’t think so?

Well, I know a student that actually happened to…When the teacher said it had to be eliminated because Hillary lost, and he stated the reason it should stay, She ripped him apart and gave the entire class a 5 hour test, and stated it was because he DARED to disagree with her…

Is that happening in your schools? I’m only asking questions….I’d like your answers.

President Trump and his entire family has been vilified, demeaned and disrespected, for one reason and one reason only…….HE WON…

Have you noticed the DEMOCRATS only throw tantrums and OBJECT to everything he does and have NEVER ONCE gotten behind him to make America the best it can be? WHY? They can’t afford to get behind him…he would WIN AGAIN, and they can’t let that happen….if he wins again, the Democrat party will be destroyed and they know it…

Did you notice that the “CAGES” the left claimed that Trump built to put Illegal children in, WERE BUILT BY OBAMA for the very purpose of PUTTING ILLEGAL CHILDREN IN? Was THAT all over the news when Obama did it? The very same “CAGES”…but the media was silent!!

How about when Trump commuted Roger Stone’s sentence, and was DEMONIZED 24/7 but NOT A WORD when Obama commuted 1715 inmates, which included 330 that he granted on his last day in office… DID WE EVEN HEAR one WORD about it? Were there reporters even reporting it…NO! Just look at the difference in the reporting. By the way, since Trump’s been in office he’s commuted 10 people…compare that to Obama…Is that reporting fair?

How about when Biden and Obama allowed the H1N1, the SWINE FLU, to INFECT MILLIONS of Americans before declaring it a health emergency…. Was the press losing it’s minds and calling it the OBAMAFLU AND BLAMING OBAMA and BIDEN for the spread ? SILENCE! Compare this to the NEGATIVE COVERAGE that Trump got when, he immediately halted travel from China when, in February, Nancy Pelosi went to Chinatown and said come on down, or when DeBlasio, in March, said ride the subways and go to broadway…BUT those same people are blaming Trump for the spread of coronavirus..

A FINAL QUESTION: What have the DEMOCRATS done to help make America the best, to get behind a president that works tirelessly to care about WE THE PEOPLE instead of using us as political pawns..

What have the democrats done for people of color EXCEPT for GIVING ILLEGALS more rights than citizens and having us pay for it…

JUST imagine what this country could accomplish if the Democrats worked with him on the economy, the coronavirus, the inner cities where he’s created opportunity zones, job training etc. When Trump tried to get school choice for inner-city students they ran Betsy De
Voss out!! The dems running those inner city schools wanted no part of school choice.

Have you ever wondered why it’s cities that have been run, for decades, that have the MOST HOMELESS, the MOST CRIME, the most MURDERS, the worst INNER CITY schools, ARE ALL RUN BY DEMOCRATS???

If you haven’t started asking yourselves those questions, maybe you should.. As I said, my entire family used to be democrats, but NOT ONE will ever vote for a democrat again….They asked themselves the same questions and the answer was clear….

No Baer Hug for Bret

One thing that has been good in this otherwise confounding 2020, is that Americans have clearly seen where media, politicians, religious leaders, scientists and celebrities stand.

If you had ever given some of them the benefit of the doubt, you heard from their own mouths what they believe.

Take Fox News, for instance. In particular, Bret Baier. He hinted at his affiliations in 2016 when he teamed with Megyn Kelly in the Republican debates to make Donald Trump look bad. After that, I stopped watching his Special Report, which never had the depth it had with Brit Hume and Tony Snow.

Bret likes to hide behind the ole I’m not a partisan hack sham, which is always what partisan hack shams say. He got caught the other day on Twitter, and I was astounded at the backlash.

After the Outnumbered kerfuffle with Newt Gingrich and Harrison Faulkner along with Melissa Francis (I have your full picture now, too), over George Soros, Baer tweeted, “Do you really believe that George Soros is somehow affecting or altering the programming or editorial decisions on Fox News? Really? Just want to follow the latest. Thanks”

The latest proved to be a smackdown.

That was a naive, lying dog faced pony soldier thing to say and he got called on it.

Here’s a selection:

“You can prove everyone wrong, Bret. Why not do a serious, in-depth story on how Soros and his NGO’s are funding the “Transition Integrity Project.” Thanks, in advance. Here’s a link:

“Bret, the train wreck that occurred on Faulkner’s show Wednesday with @newtgingrich
was not made any better today, with an inadequate explanation/non-apology from Faulkner. It’s stirred up a hornet nest online and should be fully addressed before @FoxNews
loses more to @OANN.”

“Direct association w/Soros, no, he covers his tracks. OBVIOUS his Groups like Media Matters, Open Border Societies etc..are behind smear campaigns,funneling Dark Money into MSM, Local Prosecutorial Races, Antifa, BLM, March for Our Lives, Womens March etc…”

“It seemed that way with Harris yesterday. Soros’s name is dropped and somebody started screaming in her ear. What’s interesting, Fox has reported on the very thing Newt was talking about and hosts said it wasn’t true. What else should we think?”
“This is one of the weirdest exchanges I’ve ever seen on TV. @newtgingrich correctly points out that George Soros threw an unprecedented amount of money into DA races all over the country to elect radicals and Fox News basically told him to shut up. WTF?”

“This is something I would expect to see on state controlled media. In China, the screen just goes blank when there is something on foreign media that the government doesn’t want you to see. So, yeah, this looked creepy to me.”

There were lots more, but Baier didn’t seem to get the message. He replied, “Well -I haven’t changed. We are still covering news from all sides. The opinion folks are doing what they do -very well. And we are under the media microscope everyday. And we are #1 by far. So what changed? 23 years later – for me -not much.”
He goes on to say how much he’d like Biden and Woodward on his show.

Actually, the network may be No. 1, but his show is not. People prefer Tucker, Hannity and Ingraham.

This comment sums it up pretty well: “Fox is the cnn of 10 years ago”

Kamala’s Greatest Hits

What would a Biden Harris court look like? Or should I say Harris Biden?

Don’t forget that it was Biden who chaired the Senate Judiciary in both the Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas hearings. That’s when Supreme Court Justice hearings took a turn to what Judicial Crisis Network president Carrie Severino calls ” hyper-politicized, slander-laden circuses.”

She says, “Harris was a ringleader in the circus surrounding Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination two years ago. Remember that? She may prefer you forget.”

She continues in the New York Post, “… during his initial hearing, Harris tried to steal the show with a bizarre series of ‘gotcha’ questions asking if he’d ever had a discussion about Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump campaign with any employees of the law firm Kasowitz, Benson & Torres.

“Kavanaugh appeared to have no idea what she was talking about, but he was astute to the Democrats’ tactic of setting perjury traps that would lead him into making inconsistent statements that could later be spun as lies.

“Harris’ tactics would not have been permitted in a courtroom. As it turned out, both Kavanaugh and the law firm denied any such conversations, and Harris said nothing more on the subject. A San Francisco Chronicle headline reported: ‘Kamala Harris’ viral grilling of Kavanaugh ends with a thud.’ But she had gotten what she was looking for — a ‘viral moment’ for social media — even though she later would be mocked for pursuing such viral moments indiscriminately.

“That was the sideshow before the main circus event. Only two days after Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations were made public, Harris declared, “I believe her.” Others then lobbed seemingly defamatory accusations at Kavanaugh, including an anonymous, undated letter that Harris’ office forwarded to the Judiciary Committee alleging Kavanaugh had raped a woman in a car.

“When it came time for the committee to vote, Harris staged a walkout and went to a press conference. Not only had she presumed Kavanaugh guilty, she had concluded it from the outset and would not budge. For her, even a full committee hearing and an extra FBI investigation were not enough to dismiss unsubstantiated sexual-assault allegations against a public figure.

“Of course, Harris’ concerns were all politics. She blanketed Facebook with thousands of ads fundraising off the Kavanaugh nomination, surpassing every other senator. She was not up for re-election but looking ahead to a presidential run.

“As a presidential candidate, she was willing, briefly, to side with women making allegations against a Democrat — as long as it was a Democrat against whom she was running. When Tara Reade and other women claimed Joe Biden touched them inappropriately in various contexts, she initially said she believed them.

“At the time, she was running against Biden. But when Reade’s more serious allegations were revealed a year later, at which time Harris had already become a top vice-presidential contender, she said she believed Biden. And all of a sudden, no more investigation was needed — the polar opposite of her position on Kavanaugh. Harris was one of the first of many Democratic women for whom political interests had overridden a previous insistence on believing all women.

“Harris and Biden are now a walking double standard. She hasn’t completed a single term in the Senate, but her fast track to be on the Democratic Party’s national ticket was facilitated by her prioritizing opportunism over principle.

“After taking up Biden’s mantle of politicizing the judiciary in the Senate, there is now discussion of Harris playing a prominent role in judicial selection if the two are elected. At least her vicious tactics against political targets while a member of the party out of power in the Senate did not succeed. It’s frightening to think what she might get away with as vice president.”

Yes, it is. These two would radicalize the court and punish their enemies. There would be no one to stop them. Certainly the press wouldn’t. Nor would the Deep State. Ditto on spineless Republicans. You can’t even get Fox News to mention George Soros.

The answer is to defeat Harris and Biden. Resoundingly.

Ginsburg Death a Turning Point

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death yesterday was a pivotal moment in American history.

Call it a Quo Vadis? moment.

The phrase comes from the Latin, roughly translated as “Where are you marching?”. It is also commonly translated as “Where are you going?” or, poetically, “Whither goest thou?”.

Its source comes from a Christian tradition regarding Saint Peter. According to legend, Peter flees from crucifixion in Rome and along the road outside the city, he meets the risen Jesus. Peter asks Jesus, “Quō vādis?” He replies, “Rōmam eō iterum crucifīgī” (“I am going to Rome to be crucified again”). Peter then gains the courage to continue his ministry and returns to the city, where he is martyred by being crucified upside-down.

Our country is, spiritually at least, at that point. We have a golden opportunity to change our destiny and return to the country our founders envisioned by putting a Constitutionalist on the Supreme Court. That country does not include murdering the unborn. Since Roe vs. Wade in 1973, the U.S. has lost its moral compass.

Mother Theresa visited the U.S. and said, “Today, abortion has become the greatest evil because in this choice, it kills life. It kills the child that has been created for greater things, to love and be loved.” She saw it as the destroyer of families and from there, of nations.

Or, we can allow this evil to continue and further destroy our nation.

Many people do not know that Ginsburg held eugenicist beliefs. In 2009 she said, “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”

Too many Americans? Why does she get to choose who lives and dies, the prerogative of God?

Ginsburg’s death will reveal much. Who stands for us? Who doesn’t. Which churches side with God? Which don’t.

Yes, it will divide the nation and families. But we cannot let the other side win. This is one for the ages.

Is This Happening Everywhere?

It has come to light that Democrat Nashville Mayor John Cooper has not been honest with his citizens about the Covid 19 numbers. In fact, the number at bars and restaurants was very low:

Is this being replicated across the country? Why is it that we receive so little information on it in Memphis? What ages are the people who get it? Where do they live? What is their gender? What is their race?

Aren’t these basic questions epidemiologists would want to know? Wouldn’t they shed light on where to attack the virus?

As Andrea Witburg at Americanthinker notes, “In Nashville, the mayor was able to push through a 34% property tax to offset lost revenue. Normally, people would have opposed that kind of dramatic increase but the lockdown made it seem necessary. The tax will undoubtedly continue long after the Wuhan virus is just a bad memory, warping the economy and keeping poorer citizens dependent on the government.”

In other words, fear makes people accept authoritarianism they would normally reject.

Country music star John Rich had this to say on Laura Ingraham last night. “Mayor John Cooper has betrayed our town. He has betrayed Music City. He is a Judas to this town. He is now the De Blasio of the south! That is what he is. He has lied to our town for months and months on end and there are real casualties with this Laura. Forget some of the big companies that have lost some money. Let’s talk about musicians. Let’s talk about bartenders and servers and security guards. All the people who work downtown in Nashville and were targeted by this Judas of a mayor… He completely gutted what drives this town which is live music and broadway downtown. And now we find out the entire thing was a lie that he put on us so we have no sympathy for him.”

He warned a class action lawsuit is coming. It should.

Fox’s Big Mistake

This video has shocked conservatives:

It shouldn’t.

Fox News daytime has been unwatchable for at least a year. Their shows and hosts do not lean conservative. They feature liberals like Marie Harf in the above video and they work to suppress anti liberal thought. Consider Shep Smith, who ruled the day for a long time on Fox, and even Donna Brazile.

Even so, it is unconscionable how swiftly and thoroughly they move to stop Newt Gingrich from even a discussion of George Soros. If you recall, Glenn Beck got ousted from Fox when he insisted on fingering the crazy billionaire.

It’s a big mistake on Fox’s part. They have smugly decided they are the only game in town. They aren’t. On broadcast One America News is nipping at their heels, as well as Newsmax.

Then there are countless YouTube channels that actually allow guests to talk more than four minutes and are unafraid to take a definitive position on issues. I and others spend some of the day tuning out broadcast and watching these. There are so many, it’s even hard to keep up.

Here’s a list of ones I am aware of and watch: Dan Bongino, Right Side Broadcasting (they cover all Trump rallies and events from beginning to end without interruption), America First with Sebastian Gorka, American Thought leaders (from the Epoch times hour long interviews with politicians, authors and experts), Bannon War Room, Blaze TV, Glenn Beck, Pat Gray Unleashed, Breitbart News, China Uncensored, Crossroads with Joshua Philip (also a source for news about China you don’t get anywhere else) and Donald J. Trump (clips and interviews).

There there is Full Measure with Sheryl Atkinson, Judicial Watch, Katie Hopkins (the brash British conservative), Michael Knowles, Mr. Reagan, Real Coffee with Scott Adams, Rebel News (a look at Canadian politics and American from a conservative viewpoint), Steven Crowder, Stu Does America, The Daily Wire (the Ben Shapiro site), The Federalist, Church Militant (about Catholics but 100% pro Trump), Taylor Marshall (also Catholic and also pro Trump), the Heritage Foundation, Verdict with Ted Cruz and Viva Frei (a lawyer who dissects current court rulings).

I’m sure I’m missing some.
That doesn’t even get into conservative talk radio.

Jack Cashill, author of Unmasking Obama and other political books, calls these networks and conservative websites the samizdat. The word refers to groups of dissidents in the Soviet Union who circumvented the party line via clandestine copying and distributing literature banned by the state. He says that conservatives in the U.S. have done the same thing to circumvent our corrupt media.

It is Cashill’s belief that the samizdat will propel Trump to victory as he says it did in 2016. Notice that Trump pays attention to these outlets. He took Joe Rogan up on the challenge to debate Biden immediately. He is aware that Rogan has the number one YouTube audience in the country, even if the mainstreamers ignore it.

Trump also gives interviews to the samizdat. He does not underestimate them as Fox News does.

For a look at what’s in store, consider how sports fans have turned away from their favorite football, baseball and basketball on networks, even as people are hungry for sports. They get it. They are not looking to be woke. They just want the game.

We just want the truth and are not getting it conventionally. Why don’t they see this?