Oh Henry!

My, my Fox News certainly has its problems. Neil Cavuto has been out because of a heart operation, Roger Ailes just got thrown out for alleged sexual harassment, Bill O’Reilly has had a messy divorce. The fox has been in the hen house frequently and gotten caught.

A little while back I wondered what had happened to the correspondent who covered the White House, then the Hillary campaign. I hadn’t seen Ed Henry and didn’t know why.

Ed Henry

Seems he has had similar problems.

From People.org:

Ed Henry, the chief White House correspondent for Fox News, will be going off air for some time, after a report surfaced, alleging that the journalist cheated on his wife, according to reports.

While neither Henry, 44, nor Fox gave a timeline for the father of two’s hiatus, the network did confirm Henry’s absence in a statement to Politico.

“We recently became aware of Ed’s personal issues and he’s taking some time off to work things out,” the statement read.

News of the alleged affair spread after Natalie Lima – a Las Vegas hostess – spilled details about her alleged relationship with Henry to InTouch, including text messages she said were from him.

Telling the magazine that the pair met at the Wynn hotel in Vegas – the same place that Henry met his wife of almost six years NPR Deputy Washington Editor Shirley Hung – about a year ago and Henry allegedly invited her to his room, where she said “one thing led to another.”

According to what Lima said to the magazine, the pair carried on a sexual relationship for 10 months.

“Whenever he was in town, we would pretty much just have sex. He has a really high sex drive,” she told InTouch. “We were friends for a few years before we did anything, and [he’s] a nice guy … a kinky, nice guy.”

While Lima added that their affair never involved Henry buying her anything, she did allege that he covered her rent one month when she was short on money, but clarifies that he would not use the ATM as a he didn’t want to raise a “red flag” to his wife.

Sharing alleged text conversations between the two, Lima revealed intimate conversations the pair had to InTouch in which Henry writes “So beautiful. Love that pic of you!! Those eyes. Are you thinking right there abour making love? Cause I am… I will make love to you over and over so that we can wear u out and sleep,” in a slew of messages to the hostess.

In another conversation, Henry allegedly wrote, “Mmmmm yes bath w you,” to which Lima responded with emojis of a bathtub and kissing couple, before Henry alledly wrote back, sending three unpeeled banana emojis accompanied by three lips. When she laughed at his message, texting, “Lol,” Henry responded with “yummy woman. Make me so,” adding four more unpeeled banana emojis.

Henry – who worked at CNN before joining Fox in 2011 – has not responded to the allegations.

When you consider how many people have had trouble with emails and texts, you can’t help but wonder why anyone would be this stupid.

It will be interesting to see what happens next.

Shock: O on the Supreme Court?

While reading Page Six of the New York Post today, I ran across this item from Cindy Adams:

Droplets from Democraticland are about new mansion-style house Obama bought in Kalorama, Greater Washington’s classy section. It has eight bedrooms. The report he’s staying in DC so his daughter can finish school was rebutted with: “Naaaah. If Hillary wins, he’s hanging around for a Supreme Court job.”

If that doesn’t set off alarms bells, what would? Can you imagine Obama as a Justice on the highest court in the land?

He would put this country so far left, we’d be bumping up against the Japanese coast. You could kiss the Constitution good-bye and the first and second amendments would quickly be in the trash bin.

This reeks of a deal struck with Hillary, doesn’t it? I’ll support you, I won’t let you be indicted over the email scandal or anything else and you’ll nominate me for the Supreme Court. There’s probably money involved, too, as there always is with the Clintons. Money could be sneaked into the Clinton Global Initiative, the DNC and her campaign war chest.

I can never forgive Ted Cruz for his non endorsement at the RNC. Would he want an Obama Justice? Did he even think about that? Does he want the country to become so broken that he’s the only Republican left standing? None of this is a profile in integrity.

As for the Never Trumpers, is this what they want? I can only assume some do because they feel conservatives will start listening to them, putting more money in their wallets. They, too, have shown themselves not to be the high minded people they insist they are, but money grubbers.

Clinton Movie Exposes All

Last night Breitbart.com streamed the movie “Clinton Cash” for free.

If you’re not familiar with it, it is based on the book by Peter Schweitzer of the same name and, yes, he’s the narrator in the one hour film.

Clinton Cash is a damning look at the way the Clintons have manipulated money for their own behalf since Bill left the White House. The Clinton Global Initiative they founded has been the money bags for the couple, although some they have used for themselves. Schweitzer documents all the connections without trying to include so much that it’s hard to follow.

It’s hard enough for an average person to follow just in the complete lack of ethics this couple has. As he tells it, the Clintons have never been ones to mind that they are taking advantage of the most poor and destitute across the globe.

He begins with Rwanda. Schweitzer documents how the president Paul Kagame gave money to the Clintons in exchange for access to gold and mining rights, none of which benefited poor Rwandans. Bill Clinton visited there and legitimized the corrupt regime and opened the way for a sort of 19th century colonization of the country. He introduced former Ambassador Joe Wilson (his wife Valerie played a role in the ousting of Bush administration Scooter Libby) who through Jarch Capital made deals with war lords to sew up access to land in south Sudan for natural gas, oil and mineral rights, much to his benefit.
You begin to see how important it was that Hillary become Secretary of State in the Obama administration and wonder what kind of deal she struck with Obama. The Secretary of State can grant waivers to open money to countries we have vowed not to support and that’s what she did in Nigeria. Our government had a law that would not allow money to go there because of lack of transparency and Hillary waived it after Bill made two speeches in Nigeria and was compensated $700,000 for each.

It was later discovered that one of the donors, Gilbert Chagoury, gave $1 billion to the Clinton Global Initiative. Chagoury was an associate of Marc Rich and they profited from the waiver. Schweitzer emphasized that none of the money trickled down to the people in need – a common occurrence with the Clintons.

The film moves on to Haiti, scene of a disastrous earthquake years ago. Cheryl Mills, a former Clinton Chief of Staff who works for Hillary’s campaign now, was put in charge of distribution of funds. Then Bill swooped in, wouldn’t let the Haitians take charge of anything and shut them out of decisions.

Why? Because many friends of Bill got a lot of the money or profited in other ways. Schweitzer dubs this “disaster capitalism.” He points to $124 million give for a textile manufacturing plant to be built in Haiti. They said it would create 60,000 jobs for the poor residents. It never produced more than 5,000 jobs, most of them poor paying, allowing the Gap, Target and Walmart to benefit from goods made by cheap labor.

According to Schweitzer, you had to give money to the CGI to get a contract. Involved in this was a housing project that produced fewer house than promised at a budget overrun; Digicell, owned by billionaire buddy Dennis O’Brien, which got the contract for mobile money transfers via phones; and a gold mining contract – the first in 50 years – that had Hillary’s brother Tony Rodham on the board.

You begin to see a pattern here. He goes on to talk about the Keystone Pipeline, that the State Department OK’d after money flowed to Bill; Ericsson, a Swedish company that got a waiver to do engineering for Iran and Belarus; deals in Colombia that catapulted many to enormous riches; India’s nuke deal; and most frighteningly, a deal that allowed Russia to now own more than 20% of American uranium mines.

The great detail and connections the film makes between the Clintons and their donors can’t be disputed. Schweitzer has done his homework and then some.

Obviously, the media has failed to enlighten us on these events.

Let’s hope Trump uses all this against her or we will have an even more corrupt world than we dreamed possible. If he wins, he must prosecute and dismantle this horrific operation they have.

Is Kaine Able?

While the Democrats dully and duly applaud Hillary’s choice of Tim Kaine for Veep, many on our side and theirs have a different view of the senator from Virginia.

Some say she chose him because he will help her carry Virginia. Well, that’s an obvious explanation, but not necessarily true. Veep picks don’t assure a victory in their home state. Think Paul Ryan and Al Gore.

Other explanations include that if he wins, it would free current Governor Terry McAuliffe, who is term limited, to run for Kaine’s spot in the Senate. McAuliffe, a Clinton devotee, may be owed something, or else, having been DNC chair, has ties to money bags.

Kaine was also a DNC chair, but otherwise it’s a pretty dull, unexciting, slap in the face to minorities pick. Others in the running like New Jersey Senator Corey Booker and Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, could have injected some enthusiasm in the race via their ethnicity. But since when do Democrats ever practice what they preach? Elizabeth Warren might have too, but why would she take second banana spot when she has her eye on the bigger prize?

Kaine is fluent in Spanish, so there’s that. He’s 58 and a graduate of Harvard Law, as is his wife, who was the daughter of Virginia governor A. Linwood Holton. Looks like he was quick to find an opportunistic thrust up the political ladder through marriage, doesn’t it?
After Kaine became mayor of Richmond, Mother Jones says “Kaine wasn’t supposed to run for statewide office in 2001, but front-runner Emily Couric—a state senator and sister of television broadcaster Katie Couric—abruptly dropped out of the lieutenant governor’s race, announced that she had pancreatic cancer, and died a few weeks before the election. Kaine, who had been endorsed by Emily Couric, won the Democratic primary and then, by a narrow margin, the general election, running a campaign mostly focused on tying himself to the party’s gubernatorial nominee, Mark Warner. He was widely considered the more liberal member of the ticket and ran on his gun control record as Richmond’s mayor while Warner sought the National Rifle Association’s endorsement.
“He saw that the increasingly liberal cities in the state and the diverse, college-educated suburbs in Northern Virginia offered a path for Democrats to win statewide elections without shying away from progressive views. He built a new Democratic coalition of women and minorities that didn’t need the voters from the conservative rural areas, a strategy that Barack Obama would replicate to win the state in 2008 and 2012. Running explicitly against President George W. Bush’s record, Kaine won the governor’s race a year after Bush had carried Virginia by eight points and Democrats were at a low point nationwide.

“The victory instantly made Kaine a Democratic rising star, and he was tapped to deliver the Democratic response to Bush’s 2006 State of the Union speech less than a month after moving into the governor’s office. His address was widely panned as lackluster — remembered mostly for Kaine’s penchant for frequently raising his left eyebrow. His tenure as governor, too, had few defining achievements, beyond a smoking-ban law and a recession-era budget compromise that required him to cut spending across the board when the Republican-led state legislature rejected his calls for tax increases. It was a thin record, but enough to propel him into the presidential campaign conversation.”

After the governorship Kaine became head of the DNC. He outraised Republicans, but lost seats in the Tea Party wave. When Senator Jim Webb decided he wouldn’t run for another term, Kaine pounced and won that spot.

Kaine is clearly an insider and has problems with the Democrat Left. Many of the Sanders people feel Hillary turned her back on them by choosing Kaine, after she managed to wrangle an endorsement out of Sanders.

Kaine has some ties to, shall we say, “suspicious” money accumulation. After Hillary’s announcement, Trump tweeted: “Is it the same Kaine that took hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts while Governor of Virginia and didn’t get indicted while Bob M did?”

You can see our side will not hesitate to bring this up.

Or, the fact that Kaine’s first speech on the Senate floor was entirely in Spanish. He has never found an unvetted refugee he didn’t welcome with open arms, garnering him a F- grade on immigration from NumbersUSA.

A comment on another site said: “I’m having a hard time seeing what Tim Kaine really brings to the Hillary ticket. Is she trying to balance her own ‘sort of boring and thoroughly corrupt’ with someone who’s ‘sort of corrupt and thoroughly boring’? Is she signalling to white males that, ‘no, I don’t hate ALL of you; just like 98% of you’? There’s no way getting Bernie supporters to turn out and vote for her in November could’ve been part of that thought process; this is the Dem establishment doubling down and gloating at Bernie supporters, not trying to ‘heal the party’.”

Further alienating the Sanders group, Lifezette reports: “In 2013, Kaine introduced legislation to lift the federal ban on offshore oil-drilling in the Virginia coast. Kaine is also supportive of the coal industry, as well as the use of nuclear power.

“As governor of Virginia, Kaine repealed the estate tax. He also supported the Iraq War, and favors some restrictions on abortion. But perhaps most significantly, Kaine is an ardent supporter of free trade deals. He has praised NAFTA, referred to opponents of free trade as ‘losers,’ and voted for both fast-track authority and the TPP.”

Wonder if interviewers like 60 Minutes’ Leslie Stahl will ask divisive questions of him about Hillary as they did Pence about Trump?


For Kaine’s sake, I hope he’s good at ducking. From recent books, it appears Hillary likes to throw things when she’s mad.

Trump Triumphant

Haven’t seen much negative about Trump’s convention acceptance speech last night. That in itself is a major coup. Democrats will have to mine deep to find anything ordinary Americans would disagree with in it.

It was a little long, but with networks all giving him this time to appeal to hundreds of millions of Americans, he had a lot to say and he took advantage of it.

His message was good: I will be your voice. Most Americans feel they are struggling alone without anyone to represent them. Certainly the Republican Congress has let it all go by without much beside a spitball thrown at Obama. His contrast with Hillary’s slogan, “I’m with her,” was turned into I will work for you. It is a brilliant tour de force.

He said “things have to change and they have to change right now.” Can’t argue with that. With police dying every day, the problem of crime is one that effects every American. No one feels safe on the streets, in their homes or at the mall anymore.

Trump repeated that the system is rigged. Looking at how FBI Director James Comey gave Hillary a pass, this is obvious. He said “corruption has reached a level in our country like never, ever before.” Media doesn’t talk about it, but regular citizens do.

Another theme that works is elitists vs. Americans. That ties into his Make America Great Again. I like this because if there is ever a party that’s elite, it’s the Democrats, and we need to focus on our party’s concern for the middle class to win again.

Trump’s hand gestures need a tone down and his voice was a little too loud at times. I preferred when he modulated it. His asides, when he goes off script a little, are always good because they underscore his authenticity.
The 76 minutes of this speech, plus Ivanka’s prelude, deleted everything about Ted Cruz’s non endorsement yesterday. Who even remembers it or him? He had his moment of spite, but no one will care much about it.

Cruz Validated Trump Last Night

Michael Reagan put it best in his tweet on Cruz at last night’s GOP convention: “My father would not be proud of Cruz speech..He would think Cruz was selfish and small and he was and is..”

Cruz put himself in a noose when he took the podium last night. His refusal to endorse the democratically elected Republican nominee was a job ending, career killing case of political suicide. If you don’t like Cruz, you were certainly validated last night. He proved what Trump had been saying about him. Cruz took the pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee (one that was done in writing as well) and proved he is Lyin’ Ted once and for all.

The reaction has been astonishing and perceptive.

At the Conservative Treehouse a comment by Cetera encapsulated it well:

Exactly. We’re all laughing at Ted.

Ted Cruz did more to unite the party than anyone else ever could have. He drew the line at himself, and anyone who isn’t 100% for Cruz is now against Cruz, and suddenly, shockingly, against all the odds, Pro-Trump.

The only ones who aren’t, weren’t going to be no matter what, and won’t be missed in the party.

This is a huge net win for team Trump. It is also a huge win for us. We are all watching history. Somehow, some way, the people have taken over (taken back) the GOP from the globalists/elitists. Trump became the lightning rod, but the people did the work. It is something the grassroots was never able to do, pre or post Tea Party. Trump led, Trump built a plan, and Trump executed the plan, and the rest of us got it done, and carried him over the finish line.

It remains to be seen if we can hold on to our gains, and if we can truly vanquish the globalists/elitists. Trump has given us an opportunity. Ted Cruz sealed it and gift-wrapped it.

Nothing pisses off Satan more than to accomplish some exceptional bit of wickedness, only for God to come along and just tweak it and have something wonderful arise out of it instead. Satan can’t stand to be mocked. Neither can Cruz.

I liked this tweet too: “Cruz apparently plagiarized tonight’s #RNC speech from Benedict Arnold.”


And then there was this rant from Lou Dobbs:

It was so bad, there’s this:

Texas Senator Ted Cruz was denied entry into billionaire GOP donor Sheldon Adleson’s suite following his speech at the Republican National Convention Wednesday night, Independent Journal Review has confirmed.

A former U.S. Senator inside the Adelson’s luxury box at the Quicken Loans arena told Independent Journal Review that Cruz approached the suite after he finished his speech that fell short of endorsing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Cruz was not welcome in the suite “because he’s a piece of sh*t,” the Senator said.

Cruz was stopped at the door because several attendees inside the suite were furious with his decision to not endorse Trump. An aide to Adelson then confirmed that Cruz was turned away.

A spokesperson for Cruz was not immediately available for comment.

Multiple other news outlets reported the incident. BuzzFeed and CNN reported that Cruz was denied entry, which coincided with an outburst by Washington State Republican Party chairman Susan Hutchison, who had to be physically restrained.”

Adelson is a big Republican donor who previously backed Rubio and Gingrich in 2012. Not somebody you’d like to piss off.

Chuck Woolery, a big Hollywood Republican summed it up, too in this tweet: “I can’t imagine that the #Cruz supporters like me could even get their heads around what we witnessed tonight. It was a sniper shot. No more”

And so ends a career that could have continued and all done by his own hand.