Nursing an Evil Story

Perhaps you saw this video put out by CBS News:

A devastating indictment of our hospital system amid the coronavirus, hmm?

Turns out not so much.
PJMedia and many others looked into this person, Imaris Vera.

Via Victoria Taft at PJ:

“That’s right, they’re not wearing surgical masks in the hallways. It doesn’t appear she actually said they weren’t wearing masks in the rooms of COVID-19 patients, but that’s not what CBS wanted you to think.

“My colleague, Megan Fox, saw Vera’s original Instagram post and asked her to provide the name of the hospital so she could get a comment from them. No response. In fact, we still do not know where this woman worked.

“On her Instagram page, the woman claims to be a traveling nurse. In February, she was thrilled to get a contract at a hospital after being off ICU work for a year and a half:

“✌🏼 Two 12+ hour shifts coming right up !!! Laundry 🧺 , cleaning 🧹 , meal-prepping 🍴 , mental pep-talks 🧠 & possibly crying 😭 over a glass of wine! 🍷 lol How do you prep for a shift(s) or clinicals?

So I’m three weeks into my first ICU contract in over a year and half after cross training as a traveler into Interventional Radiology. I’m honestly struggling a bit & know it’s my depression & bi-polar disorder trying to get the best of me!”

“Twitter sleuths sprung into action and noted that, according to her own posts, Vera lasted only four days on the job before she quit because the information about COVID-19 ‘triggered’ her.

Four days into the job and 90% are dying and on ventilators. Notice she admits information TRIGGERS her. Ya, think?
— Rosie memos (@almostjingo) April 6, 2020

Took internet sleuths about 5 minutes to obliterate her
— Jordan Schachtel (@JordanSchachtel) April 6, 2020

“Sadly, since she is ‘struggling from depression and bi-polar disorder and feeling “triggered,” one might think the ICU would be a bit too overwhelming. Some less generous folks compared her to Jussie Smollett and called her a “crisis actor.”

Remember when Jussie Smollett was paraded by #FakeNewsMedia because it hurt Trump …

Meet the crying nurse. @CBS you make the Enquirer look ?? Legitimate ??

And this is why you have ZERO Credibility.#KAG#GodBlessPresidentTrump
— ???????????#KAG #ChinaLiedPeopleDied (@LVNancy) April 6, 2020

Indeed, two days ago, before CBS did its treatment of Vera’s story, she did an interview with WGN TV in Chicago and admitted that the still-unnamed hospital did give nurses N-95 masks but told them to wear one per day.

Looks like she’s been around Twitter and Instagram before. Take a look at these photos of her.

CBS News doesn’t understand that we’re on to their fake news attempts. It’s a new era.


Our Media Backs China

Chinese are obvious adherents to Rahm Emanuel’s dictum to never let a crisis go to waste.

Once they were hit with the coronavirus and it started to make its way around the world, the Chinese must have decided why not let it travel the world and do the destruction to the West they always wanted.
In that way they could recoup from their economic malaise while the rest of the world suffered. What’s the loss of hundreds of thousands – or millions – of their citizens as long as the Party prospered?

That’s the proposal put forth by Gordon Chang in a very interesting YouTube interview by the Epoch Times via their American Thought Leaders series. You can watch it there or here:

To corroborate this theory, consider. Isn’t it odd that the tests and masks China sent to Spain and the Netherlands don’t work properly and aren’t accurate? The Netherlands recalled 600,000 defective Chineses masks. In Spain only about 30% of the tests were accurate while in the Czech Republic only 20% were. An accident?

This could also be a test run for a future release of a deadly biological agent by the Chinese. They see how we respond. How much could they hurt our economy? Would we be distracted from events in other parts of the world? Could they cause a coup in our government? How long would it take us to prepare a cure or vaccine? How much of our population could they kill?

What is also scary is our own media’s attempt to help China.

Remember the uproar caused when Trump rightfully called it the Wuhan virus and the Chinese virus? No sane person could object to a factual account of its origins, but our media did. Many of us realized then that they were pushing China’s propaganda.

Yesterday it became obvious even to dolts. Did you catch this at the daily coronavirus briefing?

It turns out that she does indeed work for China.

The Conservative Treehouse reports that “The Hong Kong/Cayman Islands based Phoenix Media is actually owned in large part by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and by a former CCP propaganda officer.”

What a shock, eh? She lied.

But, as to our media’s role in aiding China, it has to be asked why Jonathan Karl, the White House Correspondents Association president, invited a Communist to attend the briefing.

Just a few days ago Karl kicked Chanel Rion of One America News out suppposedly because she wasn’t social distancing. However, it was more likely because she backed Trump’s use of the term Chinese virus, prefacing the question by asking Trump if the term “Chinese food” was racist. This caused a lot of eye rolling among reporters.

(Something they didn’t do when Hollywood celebs begged people to not be racist and to continue to go to Chinese restaurants.)

Then, as noted at the Conservative Treehouse blog, “Perhaps more disturbing; and clearly exhibiting his political alignment with the effort; Dr. Fauci signals his approval for Jonathan Karl’s efforts as he exited the briefing. WATCH:

Fauci gives ABC’s Jonathan Karl the “good job” signal:
What’s going on?

NYT Slams South

John Nolte at Breitbart came across this tweet and an article in the New York Times that snarkily blames Southerners for big outbreaks.

He writes:

In a bigoted effort to mislead its readers and demonize the American South, the far-left New York Times on Thursday manufactured a wildly misleading coronavirus map.

Using a desperately sweaty piece of reverse-engineering to make Southerners (and I’m a proud one, Yeeehaawwww) look as irresponsible as possible, the Times — a fake news outlet that hires racists, spreads deliberate misinformation, and has already smeared Christians as the cause of a coronavirus outbreak that’s currently hitting mostly secular, urban areas like New York — published a steaming pile of fake news.

“Where America Didn’t Stay Home Even as the Virus Spread” is the name of the piece (in an effort to stop the spread of misinformation I don’t link fake news), and using cell phone data, it shames large swaths of the country based on a pulled-from-the-human-butt metric of who is still driving more than two miles.

As you will see below in the New York Times map, the South is all lit up in shame-on-you-red because, as of March 26, we were still driving more than two miles:

According to the Times, this map proves we hicks are not listening to the government’s stay-at-home-orders….

But all it really proves is that New York Times is staffed with dumbshits and provincial bigots.

For the New York Times-impaired, let me explain this as simply as I can…

If anyone asks where I live, I say, Pretty close to town.

Actually I say Pretty close to town, just past the airport and before you hit the Parkway, but you get my drift.

You want to know how close to town I am? I’m so close to town a fire hose on a town hydrant will reach my house, which means I enjoy the best of both worlds: I pay in-town fire insurance rates and out-of-town-property tax rates. How sweet is that, bitchez?

Anyway, even though I’m fire-hose-close-to-town, I’m still — wait for it, wait for it — 2.4 miles (according to The Google) from my closest grocery store.

So while I, a proud hick, was aggressively practicing social distancing three weeks before the stay-at-home order arrived from my Democrat governor on Monday, there’s nothing close to me — except for that small airport that doesn’t even have a soda machine. Which means…

Most people in my county, in my state, and my beloved South, don’t live pretty close to town, so of course they’re still driving more than two miles.

Nevertheless, the New York Times is still shaming and blood-libeling us — and doing so, while more than half of the coronavirus case are Pretty close to the New York Times, and almost all of the coronavirus cases are popping up in urban areas where the closest grocery store is just down the block.

Almost everyone in my county has to drive more than two miles for groceries, to see a doctor, and to pick up medicine… But the last I read, there are only seven cases here. In fact, there are fewer than ten cases combined in my county and two neighboring counties. So let me assure you, most of us are driving more than two miles just to purchase food staples and medicine.

What’s more, unlike people in urban areas, who use mass transportation (cabs, subways, buses), which is a Petri dish for this virus, we drive alone or only with family members in our own vehicles. This is much, Much, MUCH safer than crowded subways and buses, or a cab that has been used by who-knows-how-many people before you jump in.

Here’s another thing the bubbled idiots as the Times can’t grasp… Two miles is not very far. Oh, it probably is when you’re an elitist living and working in Manhattan, but I was actually surprised to discover my grocery store is more than two miles away, because out here in the Real World, that’s what we call a Quick Pop Into Town.

Listen, I’m not here to cast blame. But what in the world does the New York Times think it’s doing blood-libeling the South when the worst outbreaks so far, and the worst outbreaks by far, are occurring within spitting distance of the Times’ own newsroom: New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. As of April 2, there are 242,000 reported Wuhan virus cases in the U.S., and more than half come from those three states.

What’s more, the worst outbreaks are — so far — happening almost exclusively in urban areas: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Seattle, etc.

The South certainly has its fair share of cases, and there is no question that if we are not careful things could spike here. But as of now, the total number of cases in the entire South don’t come close to the number of cases in New York alone.

I have nothing but sympathy for the urban areas currently being slammed by this, but even per capita this is almost exclusively a major problem in urban areas, and the reasons why are obvious: denser populations, mass transit, and travelers from other countries.

Granted this could all change. By May, the curve might have flattened in urban areas as rural areas see a burst of infections. Nonetheless, even if that does happen, it will not change the fact that this New York Times piece is a bigoted, desperate, and stupid piece of fake news.

Believe me, the people of New York and San Francisco would have been much safer driving two or more miles in their own car than those who listened deranged Democrats — Bill de Blasio, Nancy Pelosi — who, as recently as March, were urging their citizens to congregate in Chinatown and enjoy Mardi Gras.

Anyway, if rural areas are such cesspools of irresponsibility, why are urbanites so desperate to flee to them?

(The author, by the way, lives in North Carolina.)

Media Dislikes Freedom of the Press

Yes, you read that correctly.

What else can you assume when One America News has been thrown out of the daily White House coronavirus briefings – by the press itself.

Yesterday and the day before President Trump had the audacity to call on the network’s White House correspondent, Chanel Rion. He even praised the network, as he has before.

She asked a question that was not a gotcha one. This got her kicked out of the White House press.
Gatewaypundit reports:
“One America News Network has been removed by the White House Correspondents Association from the rotation of press outlets granted seats at the daily White House coronavirus task force briefings after OANN reporter Chanel Rion allegedly violated in-house rules by twice showing up at the briefings without an assigned seat. The seating for the press has been limited due to CDC guidelines for social distancing because of the COVID-19 Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Rion has attended the briefings as a guest of White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham.”

Rion asked Defense Secretary Mike Esper about the WHO confirming that Iran has been downplaying the number of its coronavirus victims.
“CBS News White House reporter Paula Reid complained about Rion’s appearance at the briefing, “OANN reporter once again standing in back of WH Briefing in defiance of social distancing requirements set in place by @WHCA. OANN is in the rotation of reporters who get to attend briefings but seem to think they get to play by different rules & put safety at risk.”

That prompted the White House Correspondents Association to send this announcement:

It was fast too. Just hours after the briefing.

Guess who the president of the WHCA is? Jonathan Karl. Of ABC News. A decidedly leftist Democrat.

This isn’t the first time OAN’s Rion has gotten nasty notes from other press.
I think it was just last week that this note was left for her:

As much as they decry anyone who criticizes a woman, calling it sexist and misogynistic, it’s open season on a conservative one. The fact that she’s good looking probably offends them, too.
Do you think if Jim Acosta of CNN was at the back of the room asking questions, the press would call for his ouster?

I think the answer to that question shows that freedom of the press applies only to Leftists. The rest of the press is to be destroyed.

How to Rebut Dem Talking Points

With the media in a complete frenzy – all you have to do is watch the afternoon Covid 19 briefings to watch reporters desperately searching for Trump gotcha moments – the lies about Trump replicate as fast as the coronavirus.

Even a 60 Minutes Australia piece on the pandemic, which I happened to see, hysterically blamed the spread on just two people: Chinese Chairman Xi and Donald Trump!

Who doubts the Dems will soon take up this mantra?

To counter the propaganda and restore your own sanity, I’m sharing some arguments to dispel the lies.

One you see and hear all the time is that Trump eliminated the NSC Directorate handling global pandemics. This charge was first brought up by Democrat candidate Joe Biden.

Sounds terrible! Makes for a good headline.

Unfortunately for the Left, it’s not true.

Frontpagemag reports, “Not surprisingly, Biden’s very serious charge caught the media’s attention on a grand scale. Too bad it was an unadulterated lie. Former National Security Council (NSC) official Tim Morrison, who was the senior director for counter-proliferation and bio-defense at the NSC when Trump’s ‘draconian cuts’ had supposedly occurred, explains that the office in question was simply combined with others in a reorganization that ‘left the bio-defense staff unaffected.’ ‘What actually happened,’ says the American Spectator, ‘was that the president streamlined the bloated NSC, reorganizing some sections to accomplish that goal. In that process, three departments with roughly the same mission were consolidated.’ Morrison painstakingly laid out these facts in an op-ed published by the Washington Post, where he not only praised the president for his efforts to ‘finally create real accountability in the federal government’s expansive bio-defense system,’ but also derided critics for having ‘misconstrued or intentionally misrepresented’ the facts regarding Trump’s action.”

Another lie: Trump didn’t act fast enough. Nancy Pelosi has reinvigorated this charge. On Sunday talk shows she accused Trump of “fiddling while people are dying” from the virus. She has even invoked Watergate by asking on Twitter “what did the President know and when did he know it?”


As with every Democrat trick, the purpose is to deflect from their own inaction. While Trump created a White House Coronavirus Task Force on January 29, the Dems gave no attention to it. The Senate impeachment trial started January 21 and was occupying their every moment.

On January 31, Trump declared coronavirus a public health emergency and banned all travel from China to the U.S. Even Dr. Fauci has said this move “absolutely went a long way towards limiting infections in the U.S.”

By contrast, Biden and the Dems objected and cried racism even after he banned travel from Europe.

They don’t care to remember that now. They were infected with impeachment-itis. It wasn’t until February 5 that the House Committee on Foreign Affairs held its first coronavirus hearing.

While the Dems were still pushing illegal immigration, Trump shut the southern and northern borders in March.

While the media and the Dems were poo poo-ing all the avenues being explored for a cure, the Trump administration was busy with “around-the-clock efforts to accelerate the development of coronavirus diagnostic capabilities, treatments, and vaccines, on February 29 the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) issued emergency approval for the development of new commercial coronavirus tests. To enable this goal to be realized as quickly as possible, President Trump instructed the agency to dramatically cut the bureaucratic red tape that traditionally had stood in the way of swift action. Meanwhile, the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) provided large sums of money to help accelerate the production of diagnostic tests. Trump also issued emergency orders that allowed HHS “to immediately waive provisions of applicable laws and regulations to give [all] healthcare providers maximum flexibility to respond to the virus and care for patients.” And on March 16, the National Institutes of Health announced the start of a clinical trial aimed at creating a coronavirus vaccine — representing one of the fastest vaccine-development launches in the history of medicine,” according to frontpagemag.

What was the next talking point? Trump endorsed an unknown medicine in hydroxychloroquine, a tested malaria drug. It has proven 95% successful in its use. I’m not sure the same can be said of aspirin or ibuprofen for the common headache.

Then we have the charge of not enough respirators, ventilators and masks. Trump himself shot this down with the simple truth that the Obama administration didn’t replace or increase our national stockpile.
Frontpagemag again notes, “On March 4, HHS announced that it was going to purchase 500 million N95 respirators for the Strategic National Stockpile. A week later, President Trump signed a memorandum directing his administration to make general-use face masks available to healthcare workers. And six days after that, on March 17, the Department of Defense, in response to a request by the president, announced that it would be providing 5 million additional respirator masks as well as 2,000 specialized ventilators.”

When New York Governor Andrew Cuomo bitched that the Trump people were not giving New York City enough of ventilators and respirators, it turns out that he himself rejected bumping up stockpiles of them years ago. You see, it’s much more fun to spend money on pet SJW projects than on boring things like medical equipment.

The Dems are not done. They will continue to cry “Incompetence!” “Chaos!” “Racism!” and “Uncaring!”
It won’t work. Americans can see daily at these briefings that the President is all over this.

While they try to chip away at his presidency, he will chip away at their truthfulness.

Which one do you think will triumph?

More on the New America

How will the pandemic shape our country?

Yesterday I put forward some ideas.

Already mentioned is that big cities will change or lose population as close proximity breeds infection and small, cramped quarters means most cannot stockpile anything for more than a day. We already see how that turns out when our supply chain is disrupted.

The blog AccordingtoHoyt has a few more in an article entitled “The Shape of the Future.” One of them is that mayors and city councils, plus police chiefs will use a crisis like this for a power grab. Our own city is experiencing this with Mayor Strickland ordering shelter in place and now suggesting that services will be lagging. At least he hasn’t gone like San Francisco and Los Angeles where mayors threaten to turn off utilities and water to those who don’t comply.

Or like Cincinnati and Philadelphia police suspend response to burglary, theft and assault.

Kansas City residents have been told to snitch on any neighbors not complying with stay at home rules.
Michigan and Nevada governors have banned the prescribing of hydroxychloriquine for patients. In some states, governors have tried to shut down gun sales. That is achieving one of the Left’s most ardent wishes – ending the Second Amendment.
Most of these officials are Democrats and they are all too eager to take power.

Hoyt also points out that the press should be completely distrusted after this latest episode. How far can you fall when you’ve already hit rock bottom?

She also notes, “Things that will not come back, not even if you want them to: Comic bookshops, bookstores, recreational conventions and even to some extent business gatherings in other cities.
There will be some… I think it does something important. But who knows. Anyway, in the secondary effects from that, I think that paper books will basically go by the way side as a separate commodity. Those who want them CAN get them from Amazon. This means that traditional publishers just lost their advantage over indies.”

I concur.

Online shopping will increase. Who hasn’t relied on Amazon at least several times to get items to get through this shut down? Even though most of us detest Jeff Bezos, there is not yet an alternative.

The blogger feels that “Weirdly I really don’t think restaurants will be affected IN THE LONG RUN. Sure, you’re going to see a lot more pick up and delivery. They were already trending that way. But people eat together with friends and acquaintances. It’s a behavior as old as time.”

One plus I hope increases in this crisis is more restaurant home delivery. There are many restaurants that are too noisy, too loud for conversations. The times when food has been delivered to my door have been very satisfactory. You can provide your own drinks – alcoholic or not – which is always a big portion of a bill. There is no worry about driving home after dinner either, should the driver have over imbibed.

Movie theaters will have to adjust, too. Perhaps there will be fewer of them. Interestingly, Malco has announced they will deliver five pounds of their popcorn to your home. Maybe they sense home viewing parties are a wave of the future.

Photographers have adapted, too. In Memphis one of them has started taking pictures of families in their home. You get in your window, she comes by, snaps it and you have a memory of the times. In the slack time, this person has found a way to prosper.

The author points out that how we work will change. Many younger people are happily working from home. My daughter and son-in-law have been doing it for weeks. It saves her more than two hours a day in commute, plus the gas cost. Seems to be working out well.
As a corollary, Hoyt believes that more and more people who marry will be in the same kind of job interest. Makes sense.

Working from home in some instances can also mean moving away from expensive metropolitan areas. If you ever watch HGTV, you might have seen the show Home Town, in which two residents of Laurel, Mississippi, take houses and remake them all for about $100,000. That won’t buy you a closet in New York or D.C. Smart young people will decide they’d rather own a three bedroom house in a quiet neighborhood than never get beyond renting in an urban one.

The same change in work habits will hit education. It needs it. Traditional schools with their high cost of maintenance, outdated system of summer vacation and endless money requests is due for a kick. We are not seeing a return on investments. Surely some places will be open to teaching in small groups at home via the computer. Could it be worse than the results we have now?

Hoyt concludes:

There will be other things. Some of them trivial. I think wearing masks inn public is going to be as much a thing here as in Japan. Partly because of the remembered shock of this month. Partly because I’ll be honest my kids’ generation always thought they were cool, since they grew up with anime.
And there will be things we can’t even imagine (the bane of SF writers everywhere) which come from this month.
I expect the reverberations of it to work themselves through every aspect of our life, from trivial to profound for the rest of my life, even if we recover enough for me to have another 30 to 40 years ahead of me.
Keep in mind the shape of the future and work towards making it better and more individual.
On the way there, expect us to have serious challenges and an attempt to completely dismantle the republic (like we never had those before. I do however expect this one to come in the next couple of weeks and be in-your-face-blatant. I hope I’m wrong. If I’m right cross my palm with silver. Or send me $5.)

If we survive, though, there is a bright, beckoning future. For us, for America, for all we hold dear.

Go work.