Want a Laugh?

It’s hard for liberals to laugh. They are too busy scolding and virtue signaling. They don’t have time for humor – unless it is making fun of Republicans. They aren’t even good at it. Look at all the attacks on Trump. Is any of it funny? Has any of it hit the mark?

If you doubt it, go look at Wanda Sykes or Michelle Wolfe. Both tried at the White House Correspondents Dinner and they bombed. Wolfe even lost her Netflix show afterwards.

I enjoy Greg Gutfeld’s Saturday night Fox show. Sometimes it misses the mark, but often it is spot on and hilarious.

Online, there is another funny conservative site. It’s called The Babylon Bee. They describe themselves as a Christian news satire. Check it out. Here are a few samples:

“Caravan Of Unborn Babies Heads Toward Alabama To Apply For Asylum”

U.S.—According to sources all across the country, a caravan of unborn babies has formed to head toward Alabama in an attempt to avoid the rest of the country’s barbaric abortion laws.

The unborn humans, mostly residing in the wombs of pro-choice mothers, learned of the new law as their moms watched CNN and listened to NPR. Each of them would then sneak out of their mom’s womb in the middle of the night, slip into a state-of-the-art artificial womb they ordered on Amazon, steal their mother’s car, and make a break for the Alabama border.

“All we want is a chance to live the American Dream—or really, just live, to be honest,” a spokesfetus said. “Since the rest of the nation is one of the deadliest places to be in the whole world when you’re an unborn child, we were forced to come here for the future of our children, so we might live.”

“Honestly, as unborn children, it’s safer in a third-world country like Venezuela than here.”

Liberals quickly criticized the caravan, claiming they were “not people” but “animals.”


“Alabama Girl Crushed As Mother Explains She May Never Have Opportunity To Kill Offspring”

TUSCALOOSA, AL—Seven-year-old Gloria Hutchins was taken aside by her mother today and informed that thanks to new abortion laws, she may never enjoy the opportunity to kill her offspring. The two shared tears as Hutchin’s mother, Heather, explained how, back in the good old days, if she decided she wanted to have sex without any discrepancy or thought, that was totally fine because she could always just end the life she had created.
Red Bull Magazine Honorees Explain: What Makes A Hero?

Gloria choked back tears as she learned she would have to conduct herself with some degree of discernment in who she chose as a romantic partner, and what kind of boundaries they would set. Both lamented as they realized there could come some horrible nightmare of a day when little Gloria, all grown up, would be forced to give birth to an unwanted child and put it up for adoption instead of enjoying the freedom to just end it.

Gloria’s mother went on to tell her about how great it had been in her time, and all the siblings she would have had, and Gloria thanked her for killing them. Then Gloria wept more as the realization set in that the one hope and dream she had for this life—to murder her offspring—had been ripped from her hands.

The site has a lot more. Check it out: babylonbee.com.

Aussies Head Right

It appears not only are American media people out of touch, but the Australian media is too.

Check out this headline from Fox News: “Australia’s conservative coalition scores stunning political victory in general election, defies polls forecasting loss”

I know it’s hard to believe that a poll got it wrong, but so did the pundits. Conservatism is on the rise around the world, no one has just yet told the pundits about it.

Remember Brexit? They were wrong there, too.
Here’s the Australian story. Down under they call the Conservative party is the Liberal/Nationalist Party. Guess it’s an Aussie thing.

Conservative coalition defied polls and scored a stunning political victory in the country’s general election on Saturday, with the main opposition party officially conceding the defeat.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten called Prime Minister Scott Morrison to congratulate him on the election victory. He told Labor party supporters that his party didn’t win enough seats to form a coalition government.

“I know that you’re all hurting, and I am too. And without wanting to hold out any false hope, while there are still millions of votes to count … it is obvious that Labor will not be able to form the next government,” he said. “In the national interest, a short while ago, I called Scott Morrison to congratulate him.”

Morrison used his victory speech to thank “quiet Australians” who led the coalition to the stunning political victory.

“It’s Australians who have worked hard, started a business, started a family, bought a home,” he said. “These are the quiet Australians who have won a great victory tonight.”

The conservative Liberal-National Party coalition is reportedly on course to win 74 seats in the 151-seat lower parliamentary house, with 65 seats to Labor and 12 undecided.

But there was at least one casualty on the conservative side. Former prime minister Tony Abbot conceded defeat in the Sydney seat he has held since 1994.

Abbot tried to put a positive spin on his loss, telling his supporters: “I want to say to you: there is good news and bad news. There is every chance that the Liberal-National Coalition has won the election.”

“This – this is a really extraordinary result. It is a stupendous result. It is a great result for Scott Morrison and the rest of the wider Liberal team, and Scott Morrison will now, quite rightly, enter the Liberal pantheon forever,” he added.

The win defies pre-election opinion polls that suggested the conservative coalition would lose the election, with Morrison having one of the shortest tenures as prime minister in the 118-year history of Australia.

Australian online bookmaker Sportsbet even paid out 1.3 million Australian dollars ($900,000) to bettors who backed Labor two days before the election.

That’s why it’s no use to pay any attention to our own polls or pundits here. They haven’t gotten it right.

Our Base Is Woke

I’ve discussed the failure of our party in last year’s election. In my opinion, we were not Republican enough and run from our core beliefs when pressured, becoming Democrats Lite. Dems Lite don’t get elected.

Kurt Schlichter has written an excellent column reinforcing this idea, only on the national level. The headline reads “The GOP Base Is Done Tolerating RINO Collaboration With The Democrats.” It’s something our local party needs to realize.

The stupid Beltway GOP Establishment, but I repeat myself, is finally standing firm on something – unfortunately, what it is standing firm on is its failure to listen to its own base. The base is woke and the Establishment’s a joke. I speak to a lot of conservative groups of various types and flavors: hardcore tea partiers, patriotic vets, loyal radio listeners, besieged students, brass New Yorkers, even rich country club types who you would think were into Jeb! – you know, diversity. And lately, I’ve tended to start off my talks by posing this question:

“Okay, who here agrees with me that the left wants us enslaved or dead?”

Every hand goes up.

Every single one of them.

That’s our base.

Folks, our base is hella woke.

And they love Trump, because Trump has delivered the oven-fresh, piping hot conservatism they ordered.

Now, these were not all Trump fans from the get-go. The vast majority were initially like me – extremely suspicious and leery of the outrageous Manhattan tycoon. But, as I described in the first chapter of book Militant Normals, I came around because Trump delivered – something the GOP Establishment never did. Trump came through with the most conservative agenda of anyone since Reagan – maybe more conservative than even St. Ronnie – and he won me over. And he won the base over. They love him.

Love him.

He fights.

He wins.

The Establishment never does either.

So, we’re now two years into what we hope will be eight years of awesomeness. The GDP is exploding. We’re rebuilding our military yet avoiding more idiotic wars that the geniuses in DC thought were a great idea for us and our kids to get killed fighting with our hands tied behind our backs. We have scores of new judges and have rolled-back bushels of regulations. Unemployment – for every kind of American – is setting record lows not seen since Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit tried to rock a miniskirt. And the constitutional abomination that was the soft coup disguised as a scandal was finally blown out of the water by a gravely disappointed Robert Mueller.

It appears the situation might be resolved, but it never should have arisen. With the party unified and rising in the polls, and the fake RUSSIA! scandal finally behind us so we can move forward with the conservative agenda we were promised, what do the Fredocon jerks of the GOP Establishment do?

What they always do.

Screw everything up.

You probably don’t know Senator Richard Burr (R-Chamber of Commerce), because he’s utterly undistinguished in everything except his total commitment to doing the bidding of his corporate donor masters in service of reinforcing the Establishment’s grip on power. He allegedly represents North Carolina, but he is actually the Distinguished Gentlemen from Open Borders.

And he’s a sap.

He’s chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee – go ahead and insert your own oxymoron joke – and it was with him that Donald Trump, Jr., agreed to give 20+ hours of testimony about the whole bogus RUSSIA TREASON EMOLUMENTS TRAITOR COLLUSION lie on the condition that his testimony was once and done. In the end Mueller, who would have gleefully charged Don Jr. with anything he could have found or invented charged Don Jr. with nada. So, after Mueller reluctantly put a stake in the heart of this garbage scandal – because you know Mueller and his pack of Democrats was slobbering at the thought of a Trump scalp – what did Burr decide to do?

1.Celebrate the total exoneration of the President of the false charges made against him by Democrats and their lying mainstream media transcriptionists?


2.Decide to play along with the Democrats’ craven and malicious effort to keep the lie alive by subpoenaing Don Jr. to testify again about claims made by Federal Convict #86626, aka Michael Cohen, currently a resident of the old stoney lonesome for lying to Congress, as part of an attempt to frame the President’s son for perjury?

“Well, gosh,” you might think, “Only a Democrat-collaborating hack, or slack-jawed idiot, or both, would choose Option Two,” but then you remember we’re talking about an Establishment bot like Richard Burr.

Of course, the usual cruise ship conservative crewmembers gathered on the Lido Deck to opine that this was all perfectly legit and just fine and gee, how could anyone imagine that what is manifestly a perjury trap designed to revitalize a failed bogus narrative could be a perjury trap designed to revitalize a failed bogus narrative? Why, we should defer to our wonderful institutions because the people who run our insitutions only want what’s best for us.

Except our institutions are garbage.

There’s our lesson from the last two years. The ruling class that runs them ran the institutions not for our benefit but for its own, to preserve its own power and position. The institutions and those running them are entirely responsible for our legitimate contempt – they deserve no respect, no deference and no obedience.

That’s the feeling of the GOP base, DC insiders. You might consider interacting with some DC outsiders sometime because you don’t seem to get it. The base is furious. And now this North Carolina nitwit decides to side with the Democrats against the base just as we were all finally coming together? Does anyone think the base will just shrug it off?

This kind of nonsense is just part and parcel of what Never Trump is. See, though Burr is apparently not running again in four years, he’s laboring under the delusion that by then America will come to its senses and welcome him and his gooey ilk back into unchallenged power. He’s counting on some sort of Establishment payback down the road – a nice job on K Street, an appointment as the token GOP Secretary of Mediocrity for President Creepy Joe, or maybe some CNN hits along with Ana Navarro. He’s burnishing his credentials as one of the Republicans the ruling class can always count on to submit and obey.

He’s Mitt Romney without the dog tormenting. BTW, Mitt was last seen voting against a federal judge nominee because of True Conservatism™ or something.

Never Trump is just another flavor of narcissism, and Burr’s selfishness will shaft the rest of his Senate colleagues most of all in 2020. He doesn’t care – and he expects the Senate collegiality he is ignoring as he hurts his team will protect him from the blistering criticism he deserves from other Republicans. Pity poor Thom Tillis, North Carolina’s other senator. Most of us already suspect he’s squishy. Tillis has to run in 2020 and now Burr’s brought this Schiff-storm down on him. Burr’s behavior was bad enough that Tillis offered tweets in protest, which is a big deal among senators. When Tillis loses, he can thank his good buddy Burr the Blue Falcon.

Other senators better tighten-up and turn on the pressure. Martha McSally faces a tough run next year – where is she on this? John Cornyn? Better surf the zeitgeist, and the zeitgeist is all about fighting back. I give Mitch McConnell (who Hugh Hewitt accurately assesses as the best GOP Senate majority leader in a century) a pass, since he has to wrangle a Senate caucus composed of both sissy weak-hearts and sturdy heroes, and he needs to fight this fight his way even if we don’t fully appreciate his moves right now. But you know Cocaine Mitch must be livid at Burr; down the road, that tool will be saying “Hello” to Mitch’s little friend.

We’re woke to the Burrs too, and sooner or later we are going to purge them all.

Want to experience exactly what the left would do if given a monopoly on power? Check out my action-packed yet super-snarky novels about the United States’ split into red and blue, People’s Republic, Indian Country and Wildfire. The squishes will tell you my vision could not possibly be true. The hacks who sank the garbage scow flagship of Conservative, Inc, The Weekly Standard, call my books “appalling.” Could there be any better recommendation?

Why No Heartbeat Bill?

Our state legislature likes to meet only from January to May. This year it closed May 2nd. In some ways it is good that it doesn’t meet all year; there is less opportunity for them to make laws that intrude on our lives. Then, again, they walk away from controversial topics.

This year did see vouchers pass, but they let us down on a heartbeat bill.

According to the New York Times, 7 states passed a heartbeat bill this year. “Alabama legislators on Tuesday voted to ban abortions in nearly all cases, making the state the seventh this year to pass abortion restrictions that could challenge the constitutional right established in Roe v. Wade.

“Alabama’s bill is the first outright ban on abortion; other measures limited the procedure to earlier in pregnancy.” Other states include Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Mississippi, Utah and Arkansas.

So why did Tennessee fail?
It did pass in the House, but the Senate didn’t act. They agreed to have a committee review the issue this summer for consideration next year. GOP senators were worried the bill raised too many legal concerns.

Profiles in courage, eh?
The Alabama legislature hopes for legal challenges. They want to see it go to the Supreme Court to revoke Roe vs. Wade. Good for them. Why not aim high?

Interestingly, another ruling from the Supreme court could make this easier than our legislators think. In a 5-4 decision, the Court ruled that the Constitution doesn’t permit a state to be sued by a private party without its consent in the court of a different state. What happened was that in Franchise Board v. Hyatt, a 1979 decision was overturned.

American Thinker explains:

What puts more bite in the Franchise Board v. Hyatt decision is that Chief Justice John Roberts assigned Clarence Thomas to write the majority opinion. Thomas is an originalist more than he is a conservative. A Court conservative, at least how liberals would define one, would honor the principle of stare decisis. This means that once a decision is made, it stays made. Thomas instead approaches cases according to the original intent of the Founding Fathers. He believes if an initial decision was wrong per the original intent of the Constitution, it should be overturned…

“The Right-Wing Supreme Court Is coming for Roe v. Wade,” is the headline on Splinter.com. The Liberals are “warning us” that Roe is in “mortal danger,” booms the Washington Post. The New York Times is rushing out an op-ed piece by a law professor. “The Supreme court made clear on Monday that Roe v. Wade may soon no longer be the law of the land,” it begins.

There you have it. Liberals see much of the radical and anti-democratic social structure they forced on the country through the Court’s blatant overreach threatened. This fear is compounded by the fact that the Left knows that President Trump is likely to have the opportunity to make two and perhaps three more appointments to the Supreme Court before he leaves office.

Advice for Shelby GOP

It’s obvious to all but the blind and deaf that the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives in our city are on the march.

They won big in last year’s elections. They want to win even bigger in next year’s. Will we let them?

It sometimes feels that the local GOP did not get the message from Trump’s election. Americans wanted someone more forceful. Someone who would fight for them. Someone who would hit back instead of the McCain/Romney strategy of being “nice” and not bringing up anything challenging for their opponent.

We’re like that here, too. Whenever one of ours gets attacked – say like DA Amy Weirich and Judge Lammey – no one ever gives them support. We just slink away, confirming the charge of racism, homophobism, whatever -ism that is handiest at the time.

None of the local Democrats – and there are some doozies – gets attacked. Look at the local DNC chair. He’s got a lot of legal and ethical problems, enough to upset even his fellow Dems. Does anyone criticize him from our side? No.

Add to that a lot of the other odious politicians they have. Tami Sawyer is allowed to hit us any time. She is dangerously angry and liberal. She could be mayor or our Congress person anytime in the future unless she’s stopped. Yet no one ever comes back at the hatred she spews against Republicans.

When someone in the DNC is attacked, the party sends out angry letters asking for donations. Does that ever happen with us? What about emails alerting Republicans here of what’s happening? This needs to happen on the state level as well as the local.

Why isn’t a greater effort made to sign up people to Shelby GOP? Couldn’t a few ads or billboards be done? Couldn’t someone work on publicity for local events here?

Then there is opposition research. Why isn’t it done? Is it too dirty or messy for us? Some of the most successful elected officials do it. Many of us remember Lee Atwater at the national level. He helped Bush 41 win in 1988. He didn’t mind getting his hands dirty.

No one in the media is going to tell Memphians of the shenanigans the Dems do or their outrageous proposals. Stop wishing for it and do it yourselves. Surely a committee could be made up to comb facebook and twitter for some of the Dems’ remarks. They do it to us. Look at Judge Lammey. It can be taken out of context, but that doesn’t matter. The smear sticks.

I know it’s always easy to suggest things from the sidelines. But, clearly, what we are doing now is not working.

There’s a lot to lose in the 2020 election. Do we want to end up like Seattle or San Francisco? It wouldn’t be amiss to suggest that possibility.

We need more Trump here, not less. We need an infusion of his savvy, brashness and offense tactics. Why go to the polls for a Democrat lite? We need to assert our Republican values. Will it happen? I don’t know. But we need to try.

Weirich in the Crosshairs

You may have noticed the concerted effort lately in the CA to target certain conservative office holders in Memphis. Don’t think it’s any accident that they are going after Judge Lammey and Amy Weirich.

Soros and other liberal funded organizations are particularly interested in going after Republican AGs. They figure they can easily pick off conservative ones throughout the country. No city is too small or insignificant for them to try and oust. After all, it’s easy to smear and get the local media people to do it for you. Once you control the legal apparatus of an area you determine what direction it takes.

Our AG, Amy Weirich, has been attacked by the CA frequently in the past. But lately they’ve upped their game.

I particularly laughed at the story splashed across the top of the front page on Saturday. It read “DA: No charges against MPD officers.” Right away it indicts Weirich as an uncaring individual who backs police even when someone is killed by one. That’s a narrative liberals love to promote.

Proof of this is in the hilarious fourth paragraph, that reads, “Help us power more stories like this. Become a subscirber (sic) today.” Copy editor anyone? Obviously that was a mistake, but a Freudian one. They have decided their mission is to take down people they differ with, not deliver the truth.

Saturday’s smear was followed by another one Sunday. About two thirds of the Viewpoint section front page concerned a book called “Charged” by Emily Bazelon. The headline below it reads “Book doesn’t flatter Weirich.” Funny how this just happened to be reviewed now and splashed across the Viewpoint, not lesser read book review section.

The “guest columnist” reviewer is Josh Spickler. The book, he says, “features two elected prosecutors from two very different communities to highlight contrasting approaches to crime and punishment. Shelby County’s current elected District Attorney is one of them, and unfortunately, it is not a flattering comparison.”
Spickler loves the sound of his own voice as he goes on to detail how much the criminal justice system costs. He complains that “our local criminal legal system is a thick web of people and process, and it incarcerates and spends at rates many times the national average. In fact, Shelby County’s criminal justice budgets and jail population are bigger than they have ever been, while crime rates continue to decline.”

Isn’t the crime rate decline what we want? Is it a surprise that the cost of it keeps climbing? Our local judges can’t stop the juveniles who do a lot of the crime because the liberals just want to keep letting them out.

Spickler brings up the Noura Jackson charge concerning Weirich’s “improper remarks” and contrasts her approach to crime with that in Brooklyn. Excuse me, but is New York really the model we want to follow? It has had an explosion of crime since DeBlasio took over.

His main criticism is that Weirich rejects implementing a “conviction integrity unit.” She answered “We have not. Our entire office is a conviction integrity unit.”
Makes perfect sense.

Sounds like Spickler loves to throw around progressive phrases that are nothing but gobbeldygook.

Accompanying this story is a picture of Weirich in 2018. Not surprisingly it isn’t a flattering one.

Be on the lookout for more stories targeting Weirich. They want her out and a Democrat in. They’ll do whatever it takes to sway the electorate.

Who Is Bazelon?

The author of the book “Charged” lambasting DA Amy Weirich has this description:

“Emily Bazelon is a staff writer for The New York Times Magazine and the Truman Capote Fellow for Creative Writing and Law at Yale Law School. She is the bestselling author of Sticks and Stones: Defeating the Culture of Bullying and Rediscovering the Power of Character and Empathy and a cohost of the Slate Political Gabfest, a popular weekly podcast. Before joining the Times Magazine, Emily was a writer and editor for nine years at Slate, where she cofounded the women’s section, “DoubleX.” She is a graduate of Yale College and Yale Law School. She lives in New Haven with her husband and her younger son.”

Yes, she has all the liberal credentials.

She writes on topics like voting rights, Gitmo detainees and due process plus the “alleged” post abortion syndrome. She spews this stuff at The Atlantic, Mother Jones, The Washington Post, Boston Globe and New Republic.

She comes from a lawyer family and even boasts feminist Betty Friedan as a cousin.

Oh, and she even has made eight appearances on The Colbert Report on Comedy Central.

You get the picture.

I was interested to see on her Twitter page that yesterday she even posted this:

That was fast, wasn’t it?

Wonder if this hit was coordinated?

Who Is Spickler?

The reviewer of the anti Weirich book is Josh Spickler. He’s described as “a former assistant Shelby County public defender and executive director of Just City, a Memphis advocacy group that works on criminal justice issues.”

Don’t you ever wonder where all the money comes from to provide for liberal groups like this and sprinkle them throughout the city?

Tedxmemphis, another national liberal sponsoring group, describes Just city as “An advocacy organization pursuing smarter criminal justice policies for Memphis and Tennessee. Far too often, a person’s path through the criminal justice system is determined by wealth, and the burdens of that involvement can persist for a lifetime. In only two years, Just City has helped change Tennessee law, making it easier and more affordable to seal a criminal record and get a second chance. Just City continues to focus on areas in the criminal justice system, like expungement, bail, and driver licensing, where poverty is a barrier to justice.

“Josh speaks publicly and works with local and national media to tell stories about public defense and criminal justice reform. He believes none of us should be defined by the worst thing we’ve ever done.”

He’s a supporter of Elizabeth Warren and Tami Sawyer. He has joined in the targeting of Judge Lammey. Take a look at his twitter feed and you’ll get a gut full of progressive gibberish.

Prez Agrees With Me

Not too long ago, I commented that Mayor Pete Buttigieg reminded me of Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman.

Looks like President Trump sees that similarity, too.

Politico asked President Trump on the phone for his Mayor Pete. He replied, …“Alfred E. Neuman cannot become president of the United States.”

Here’s someone’s photo shopped picture of the candidate.

The resemblance is uncanny. His ideas are probably just as mad as this character. Now he’s been branded forever.

Buttigieg answered that “I had to Google that..I guess it’s a generational thing.” Maybe, but enough voters remember to stick that picture in their minds.