Cohen: Trump = Putin

Here we go again. Little Stevie Cohen just can’t clamp down on his pie hole. He’s blabbing incoherently in this interview:

From Breitbart:

On Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) stated that the Trump presidency is “directly a byproduct of Vladimir Putin and Russian interference in our election.”

Cohen said that the hearing on former FBI Director James Comey was an attempt by Republicans to deflect from “the reality of the fact that the Russians were involved in our election and were responsible for the result, and that the president we have is directly an agent — not an agent, but directly a byproduct of Vladimir Putin and Russian interference in our election. And I believe Mueller will show that he participated and was a — part of a conspiracy.”

He mentioned this in his weekly email: “I am scheduled to appear on MSNBC four times in the next four days. I’ll be on ‘The Last Word’ with Lawrence O’Donnell tonight at 9 p.m., ‘AM Joy’ with Jonathan Capehart at 10 a.m. on Saturday, ‘Live with Alex Witt’ at 11 a.m. on Sunday and again on ‘The Last Word’ at 9 p.m. on Monday.”

He’s never shy to toot his own horn, as we Memphians painfully know.

Then, he brags that the turnover of the House to the Dems has elevated him. “This week, I moved from the fourth floor to the first floor of the Rayburn House Office Building. Seniority has its advantages and the new office, at 2104 Rayburn, will be more convenient for visiting constituents. My phone number remains the same: (202) 225-3265.”

Just in case, I suppose, you want to congratulate him or you just can’t get enough of him.

Tucker Blasts Trump

“Tucker Carlson says Trump is ‘not capable’ and hasn’t kept his promises” reads a headline from a Washington Post story by Deanna Paul.

I am not one to assume that something the WaPo says is true. God knows they have the knives out for the president. But unless Carlson comes on his Fox show and denies it, it’s pretty ugly stuff.

Here’s the story:

Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson set straight any misinformation concerning his views on President Trump: “I don’t think he’s capable,” he said during an interview on Tuesday.

Urs Gehriger, an editor at “Die Weltwoche,” Switzerland’s leading German-language opinion weekly, noted that Carlson’s new book, “Ship of Fools,” is silent on Trump but comments on his critics. And so, Gehriger jump-started the conversation by asking what Carlson thought of Trump’s first two years in office.

Carlson said he cannot stand Trump’s self-aggrandizement and boasting. Then, when asked whether Trump has kept his promises, the usually quick-witted and long-winded Carlson had just one word: “No.”

Although it has a variety of voices, Fox News Channel has become the outlet often aligned with the current administration, at least in prime time.

Hosts such as Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro have taken near-unequivocal positions in support of Trump and against “the liberal left.” Hannity has even joined Trump on the campaign stage.

Carlson is often a measured Trump supporter, but Tuesday’s interview was not his first verbal lashing of the president; he called Trump’s attacks on then-attorney general Jeff Sessions, following his recusal from the Russia investigation, a “useless, self-destructive act.”

This week, he continued to disparage the president when Gehriger probed for more.

“His chief promises were that he would build the wall, defund Planned Parenthood and repeal Obamacare, and he hasn’t done any of those things,” Carlson said, adding that those goals were probably lost causes. Trump, he said, doesn’t understand the system, and his own agencies don’t support him.

“He knows very little about the legislative process, hasn’t learned anything, hasn’t surrounded himself with people that can get it done, hasn’t done all the things you need to do, so it’s mostly his fault that he hasn’t achieved those things,” he added.

Carlson has come to believe that Trump’s role is not as a conventional president who promises to achieve certain things and then does. Instead, it’s to “begin the conversation about what actually matters.”

For the Fox News host, that issue is immigration.

The Washington Post’s Philip Bump previously reported that since taking over the prime-time slot left vacant by Greta Van Susteren when she departed the network shortly before the 2016 election, Carlson has been “a fervent advocate for Trump’s hard-right position on immigration.”

The interview, which ran 45 minutes past its allotted time, covered wide-ranging discussion points, some as striking as Carlson’s outspoken comments about the president.

For starters, he called Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and her socialist group “the future.” He also criticized the Republican Party, suggesting that it “will die” if it doesn’t begin to fairly represent middle-class American voters.

“The elite in our country is physically separated in a way that’s very unhealthy for a democracy,” he said. Rural America is “really falling apart,” he added, noting that “if you’re running the country, you should have a sense of that.”

Gehriger said Carlson sounded like a “renegade.”

“He was so tough” on Trump, he told The Post. “He was nobody’s cheerleader. For a person who is so successful on Fox News, I didn’t expect him to be so outspoken.”

Hmm. I have long suspected that Carlson is an elitist Washington insider.

It’s not wrong that he has opinions. He is entitled to them. However, he doesn’t talk this freely on his TV show. He knows if he did, people would stop watching. That leads me to question his integrity.

The Murdoch brothers who now run Fox News have aligned with many of the GOPe and may be trying to water down the conservative flavor of the network. How else can you explain Shepherd Smith, Juan Williams, Neil Cavuto, Bret Baier and most recently, Abby Huntsman who also likes to dump on Trump? Now she does it from the table at The View – a show no conservative would touch.

Will someone call Carlson on this?

It will be interesting to watch.

Letter Spanks CA

Amazingly, there was an excellent letter to the editor in this morning’s otherwise worthless rag of a newspaper.

Amazingly because they don’t like to highlight much coming from the conservative side.

The headline they gave it was “Check for real bias in vote count.” It was an answer to an infuriating story they ran late in November. Here it is:

The Nov. 24 headline (“Accounting firm backs Republicans and verifies vote count”) and front page narrative gives readers the impression that the Watkins Uiberall partner who donates to Republican candidates and is active in campaigns was closely involved in verifying the Nov. 6 election vote count, thereby suggesting possible bias in the count. Unfortunately, that was misleading.
In fact, this partner was not involve with this project, and the audit firm was not at all involved with vote count. As clarified by Shelby County Election Commission officials, the audit firm was there to confirm that the procedures and processes that Watkins Uiberall had established prior to the election – at the request of the Shelby County Election Commission – were in fact followed. The Election Commission used the audit report to establish confidence that the work to confirm counts was proper.
A better headline would have been “Election Commission uses audit firm controls to ensure vote count quality.” Perhaps you should have investigated the political activity and contributions of Shelby County Election Commission employees to determine if bias in real vote counting was possible.

But that would have meant doing actual reporting instead of propagandizing.

We had better watch our vote counting scrupulously. The Democrats bend every rule they can and in the House election were successful in snagging seats that really weren’t theirs.

I am greatly disappointed in the RNC for not pursuing the fraudulent voting in California and elsewhere and with the Republicans in the House who squandered their majority and ignored this issue from as long ago as 2001 – the Florida vote fiasco.

We will continue to get railroaded unless this is stopped.

City Employee Rails Against Whites, Jews

It takes someone from out of town to alert us of a city official immersed in hatred of whites and Jews. Although our local media is quick to hop into racial politics, not so much when it’s a city official or the “wrong” type or racism.

Pamela Geller has a story entitled, “Black Muslim Memphis City Code Enforcement Supervisor Rants Against ‘White Peckerwood Crackers’ & ‘Those Wicked Jews'” and it’s here:

Mr. Anthony Muhammad is a City of Memphis Official who works as a Supervisor in the Public Works Department in Code Enforcement. He has made or been in a few posts online that are racist, homophobic, and anti-semitic. The City is well aware of his posts online as well.

Note that Anthony Muhammad is employed by the city of Memphis. Imagine if he had said about Muslims what he has said about white people and Jews. Hamas-CAIR would be mounting a campaign to get him fired, the local newspapers would be attacking him, and he would very likely lose his job.

But most likely no one will care about this.

Jew-hatred is being normed in American society today so quickly, thanks to the left, that this hateful racist is more likely to get a medal of commendation than he is to get fired from his job.

I received this email from a concerned reader:

Mr. Anthony Muhammad is a City of Memphis Official who works as a Supervisor in the Public Works Department in Code Enforcement. He has made or been in a few posts online that are racist, homophobic, and anti-semitic. The City is well aware of his posts online as well. On his personal Facebook page,, he made a post on August 20, 2015 saying “white people can’t count,” and on December 22, 2017 he shared a post from Louis Farrakhan with a video entitled “should we love white people?” He is the head minister or student minister for the Nation of Islam sect in Memphis, Tennessee, and he has some videos with some racially charged language in his sermons, including one here: S.O.S Synagogue of Satan 4 of 4 in which he talks about preparing for a fight smiling and laughing about going on Facebook, and referring to people as “Wicked Peckerwood Crackers” about 2 minutes and 20 seconds into that video. Up With Jesus Vol-1: 2 of 3 – Anthony Muhammad makes reference to us as “Those Wicked Jews” about 3 minutes and 48 seconds into the video.

There are more questionable and racially charged videos, like one where he invited Mr. Nuri Muhammad from Indianapolis, I think, and he says some eye-raising things and racist metaphors, comparing colored humans to ants and white people to termites. Along with other things, and you can see Anthony Muhammad laughing and smiling.

A few YouTube videos of him are as follows: : This video is titled Anthony Muhammad Exposed Jewish Lies and the Synagogue of Satan, and even has the subtitle White Jews are not Semitic and he distorts and mocks our holy books. : In the time frame from 5 minutes and 50 seconds until 8 minutes and 13 seconds its nothing but n-words, and profanity, with homophobic slurs towards the end. He even mocks African Americans who sing the National Anthem.

Have you seen anything about him in our media or anyone willing to expose him?

You won’t either.

Move on California Vote Fraud

Monica Showalter at American thinker

Once again, this happened:

TJ Cox defeated three-term Republican Rep. David Valadao on Wednesday, giving Democrats a gain of seven House seats in California and 40 nationwide – the party’s strongest midterm showing since the Watergate era in the mid-1970s.

Cox clinched his victory more than three weeks after election day, when updated results from Fresno and Kings counties pushed his lead over Valadao to 529 votes. The contest was the country’s last remaining undecided congressional contest.

Cox, 55, trailed the GOP lawmaker by nearly 4,400 votes on election night but steadily gained ground as mail-in and other ballots tipped his way.

That follows the obvious funny stuff that went with the sudden surge of “found” ballots that got Republican congressional candidate Young Kim displaced from her congressional victory to Democratic Party machine pol Gil Cisneros. Both Kim and Valadao were terrific Republicans who had big leads on election night and, in both cases, had the elections actually called for them until…all these found ballots got found, and the counting went on and on and on until the Democrat won.

Even outgoing House speaker Rep. Paul Ryan, the nambiest-pambiest of all Republicans, pretty well admitted there was a problem. According to Carla Marinucci of Politico:

“We were only down 26 seats the night of the election and three weeks later, we lost basically every California race,” Ryan said Thursday. “This election system they have – I can’t begin to understand what ‘ballot harvesting’ is.”

Seriously, isn’t it all just the wildest of coincidences? Even more coincidental, all the voting went one way: to the Democrats. A powerful op-ed by California Republican National Committee leader Shawn Steel pretty well lays out what happened, why the Democrats could scarf up all but a few of California’s congressional seats, even though they came in districts that were always traditionally Republican, leaving California with almost zero Republican representation whatever in what has become a Stalinist one-party state monopoly with no competition and a revolutionary left-wing agenda. He sums it up in the SEO as follows: “No one needs voter fraud when all the rules are changed.” He points out that creepy practices such as “ballot harvesting” (where Democratic operatives gather mail-in ballots and oh, so helpfully turn them in), which is illegal in most states, and California’s bad Department of Motor Vehicle registrations, loaded with errors, had a lot to do with it. He also points to youth “pre-registration” voting sign-ups, even though kids get registered whether they like it or not at the DMV; felons getting their crimes downgraded to misdemeanors so as to get to vote from jail; illegal aliens voting – studies show it was a lot of them; and involuntary mail ballots (I get those, and I most certainly didn’t ask for them) mean lots of paper ballots lying around from people who may not want to vote or don’t live here, sitting in mailboxes – that somehow get filled in and turned in.

It really is a corrupted process, and not surprisingly, Democrats are the sole beneficiaries while the state’s many traditional Republicans are shut out and get nothing.

Most disgusting of all is California secretary of state Alex Padilla’s snide insistence that the voting process is all clean, and the spectacle of all people wanting to vote socialist (just like the Stalin days in Russia), far from being strange, is what “we call democracy.” Leon Trotsky could not have said it better.

It’s not surprising he talks like that. It is, after all, his show. He’s one of the officials who refused to cooperate with President Trump’s electoral integrity commission on fraudulent voting, something that eventually had to be shut down. With him yelling “democracy,” all we can wonder now is what he is hiding.

Sadly, Colorado is following the same track and probably Nevada, too.

I understand the right states have to control their elections, but the time when that superseded the rights of all Americans may be at an end.

We all suffer when election outcomes are delayed. This last seat was resolved almost a month after the election. How can that show voting integrity.

Also, the make up of an entire body – i.e. the House or Senate – has a big effect on all of us. Now the Dems will control all the committees in the House. Legislation that is introduced, financial handling of our money and investigations will all rest in their hands.

Surely that argues for a more federal based election system.

The framers did not anticipate motor vehicle and DMV signups. Nor did they foresee ballot harvesting, provisional ballots and early voting.

They would be appalled.

True Americans are.

Undercover Film Exposes Caravan

You may have seen Ami Horowitz on Sean Hannity’s TV show or heard him on his radio show. Horowitz went to see the caravan for himself. What he saw disputes the liberal media’s bleeding heart theme that they are mostly women and children just looking for a better life in the U.S. Or, that the caravan just came about organically, not sponsored by Leftist groups.

Another problem the Leftist media doesn’t want to talk about is all the illnesses and diseases they are bringing. Last winter Tennessee experienced outbreaks of diseases we usually don’t see because Americans have been vaccinated. They were linked to illegal aliens coming into the country. That info was quickly hidden, though.

You would think some in the media would worry about their responsibility in the deaths and illnesses of many Americans, especially children. They aren’t. They are always willing to give up American lives for their Socialist dream.
Nor do they care about the criminals. Just yesterday, the border patrol picked up an MS 13 gang member. The media people who live in their protected enclaves in gated communities will not have to worry about them. The rest of us will.