What If?

Supposing President Trump yesterday at the press conference had confronted Putin about election interference. Suppose he told him that Russia was behind it, that Putin was responsible and we would not tolerate any more of it.

That’s what the Left and Never Trumpers wanted him to say.

If he had, half of them would still be angry with him this morning.

Many would say that a world wide audience would not be the proper setting to castigate the Russian president. They would say that diplomacy would insist that these kinds of things be done behind closed doors. They would say that Trump threatened the peace of the world by being hyper confrontational.

Had he said something sternly to Putin, would that have made the slightest difference in what Putin would do anyhow? Would shaming keep Putin in line? Of course not!

The same people who tell Trump not to trust the Russians would say he still could not trust the Russians.

On Putin’s part, he would not have taken well to a public humiliation. Neither would the Russian people. Would we? Well, maybe the hateful Left would have lapped it up, but the general populace would not have liked it done to an American president.

So it wouldn’t have made the slightest difference. Should Putin have wanted to continue hacking or cyber interfering, he would have been even more likely to continue it.

We don’t know what went on behind doors at the Putin/Trump summit. Trump says much was accomplished. It probably was. It would all have been nullified had Trump issued stern warnings to the Russian leader.

It is better to get along than to antagonize. What don’t people get about that? You can still keep your eyes open.

As for our intelligence agencies, Trump was completely honest about their dishonest operations. Isn’t that what we want in a leader, the truth?

The whole response smells of a highly orchestrated effort. You can believe that they would have attacked had he done something else.

Too much of the old political world order is at stake for them. We can only expect more. Buckle up.

More Clown Antics

Steve Cohen can’t resist stepping in a pile. We saw that last week with his ridiculous desire to give disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok a Purple Heart.

With all the frenzy over President Trump’s press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, our representative couldn’t resist jumping in as well. He tweeted, “Where are our military folks? The Commander in Chief is in the hands of our enemy!”

It appears he is calling for a coup or an insurrection.

Apparently he was responding to a tweet by Democratic Party activist Scott Dworkin who accused Trump of being a traitor who should resign, “BREAKING: Trump just said he trusted Putin over the American military and the American intelligence services, in the assessment of election interference. He absolutely needs to resign. What a complete and utter disgrace. Absolutely disgusting. What a traitor.”

He then covered his call by tweeting, “Talk about jumping to conclusions without talking to source. No coup called for . I seriously doubt anyone would use twitter to do .. one tweet if by land two if by sea…Wow”

Guess he didn’t want the Secret Service knocking at his door.
Interestingly, his bio on twitter reads, a “Leader in Effort to #ImpeachTrump”.

Today’s Kerfuffle

I heard the last bit of Trump and Putin’s news conference this morning. Seemed appropriate and fine.

Then I heard the crazies explode on TV, using terms like “disgraceful!” “disgusting!” from conservative people like Fox Business hosts.

Did they hear the same thing I did?

What did they expect to happen at a press conference? Does much ever happen at a press conference? It’s usually just a polite exchange of opinions. Rarely does any big news come out of one, especially when it’s a formal, first one such as Trump officially meeting Putin alone this time.

I agree that the U.S. has interfered in other countries’ elections. Obama blatantly tried to influence Canada’s prime minister election, Israel’s and Brexit, just to name a few. Obviously other countries will try to have an effect on ours. We’re the big guy, No. 1 in the world. They want someone who favors them.

But in our election have we ever found any more proof than a few facebook ads that the Russians interfered with? Didn’t Obama make fun of Trump before the election, saying that they couldn’t have much influence since our system is large and varied?

And, like Trump, I believe our intelligence community is not reliable. Does this make me unpatriotic?

Evidently, if you listen to CNN and Never Trumpers.

Wanting an unbiased opinion, I turned to Scott Adams, Dilbert creator and one of the few who was correct about Trump and the 2016 election. You can listen to him here: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1lPJqkDVkabKb.

Don’t you find it an amazing coincidence, too, that all the anti Trump people immediately used the same terms in describing the news conference? Disgraceful and disgusting dotted the channels like so much popcorn put in pans simultaneously.

Probably these phrases were pre-determined and spread earlier for dissemination. We know the Left and the Dems do this through their networking.

In looking around conservative sites this afternoon, I see that most regular people – you know, we deplorables – are not offended or upset by what Trump said.

Do yourself a favor and skip the networks for a day or two. Another crisis will come along and be the next topic of outrage.

It’s what they live on.

Covering For Her

I am often left wondering why not one of the women’s/fashion/etc. magazine covers ever features Melania Trump.
Here she is this morning in Finland with the Finnish president and his wife.

She’s gorgeous and I’m sure she has a lot of interesting things to say about her life, her husband and her work with children.

But, no.

During the Obama regime, you couldn’t go to the grocery store without being confronted with Michelle Obama’s face glaring from several magazine covers.

Here she is Sunday, attending a Beyonce concert in Paris:

Hard to believe she was so enthusiastically embraced by the media for her appearance and fashion sense!

CA Favors Harris in Blatant Bias

Today’s newspaper features stories on the two leading Shelby County mayoral candidates.

I can’t imagine how they could have produced a more bias, slanted coverage, except if they had drawn devil horns on David Lenoir’s photo while placing a halo on Democrat Lee Harris’.

Yes, it was that bad.

By the second graph on Lenoir, we are told his wife said he was “serially unfaithful, gambling illegally, and having a drinking and drug problem.” The only things missing were pornography and pedophilia. He and his wife were divorcing, we are told, and it was ugly.

By contrast, in the very first graph on Harris, we read, “The home? Spotless. Trousers? Hung on the appropriate hanger. The drapes? Closed at night. The car? Washed. And polished. This was Lee Harris’ upbringing.” What? No rescuing a puppy from a burning building?

It continues, his parents were “most concerned with discipline, character and focus.”

As we know, most people just read the first few paragraphs of a story. That’s why these descriptions were placed there and where the character assassination takes place.

While Lenoir is described as having a wakeup call about his life on 9/11, when his cousin died in the World Trade Center, the impact of this is probably negative. That he made up with his wife won’t register either among quick scanning readers. These things stick in the mind.

Harris, by contrast gets described as a Yale law grad with a stint at the London School of Economics, who wanted to “forego Manhattan’s $1 million salaries and come home to tackle Memphis’ enduring blight and poverty…Going to Wall Street is not a challenge,” Harris said.

Got that? While Lenoir was wrestling with demons, family problems and a mutual fund that died in 2006, Harris was getting a full scholarship to Yale, but thinking about the problems of Memphis. The virtue just drips from him.

The love fest for Harris continued throughout the story. After graduation from law school, Harris came back to work in Memphis where he joined a law firm, but “in terms of salary, shy of New York pay scales.”

After getting on the City Council, Harris and his Harvard educated wife teach at the U of M instead of working at a law firm, the CA says. “They happen to be the only two tenured black faculty, Harris said. He’ll step down if elected.” Then he’ll “focus on his agenda of poverty and blight.”

But they want you to know he’s humble, too. His car, a 2003 Toyota 4Runner has a “check engine light lit up for years on the dashboard and some 200,000 miles now showing on the odometer.
In other words, just like you, Mr. Hard Working Memphian.

“Pulling up in the driveway of his parents’ home, parking beside his mother’s Lexus, he knows they’ll fuss.

“They tell me, ‘Your car is all beat up and dusty. Why don’t you buy a new one?'” Harris said.
Puhleez! Enough of the virtue signalling.

Lenoir’s religious turnaround by contrast is used to make him look like a redneck Bible thumping gay hater. They reference that the Shelby Democrat Chairman Corey Strong called him “homophobic” which is “a reference to Lenoir’s time at Centurion, which sought to attract investors with a promise it would not support the gay and lesbian agenda.
“He literally put money together to try to work against the – quote, unquote – ‘gay agenda,’ Strong said then.”

In the rundown on Harris, I don’t remember them quoting Shelby GOP Chair Lee Mills making a negative remark about the Democrat candidate. Fair? No. It just plants in easily led peoples’ minds that now Lenoir is a hater, too.

Not being a homophobe is one of those issues that you may truthfully deny, but can’t prove. That’s where the bias comes in because the newspaper editors know you can’t prove a negative, but they can leave a lasting implication.

Even on the plus side for Lenoir there is a subtle criticism. “Lenoir collected delinquent taxes aggressively from others, part of the reason for this year’s roughly $16 million to $17 million surplus.”

So now he’s a meanie.

What they don’t want to tell you about Harris is that all his care about blight and poverty comes with a big price. He’s going to raise our taxes to cure that and our perpetually languishing schools, probably bigly. Nevermind that we’ve been paying lots and lots of taxes without seeing one iota of improvement in our school system or in the war on poverty.

This was really quite an effort at manipulating the vote.

Luckily, fewer and fewer Memphians read the rag. Many hopped off long before the latest complete embrace of all things left.

Lenoir is clearly the best candidate. He can expect more of this from the CA because he is.

Cohen Backtracks Or Does He?

Did you notice that the CA had nothing about Rep. Steve Cohen’s desire to give disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok a purple heart on Friday? The comment had occurred on Thursday easily before their deadline, but it didn’t make Friday’s edition.

Why was that, do you think? Not important?

Did you also notice that the story they finally ran on Saturday was written by someone from Nashville?

Really on top of things, the CA.

They probably would have let the whole thing pass if Memphis vets did not voice their anger and disgust.

Cohen tried to backtrack from his remark, but he really didn’t apologize. He said, “I regret mentioning the Purple Heart medal at yesterday’s hearing. My intent was to speak metaphorically to make a broader point about attacks against the FBI and Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation into a Russian attack on our country. I have nothing but the highest respect for members of the Armed Forces, especially those who have been awarded Purple Hearts, as well as the hard working men and women at the FBI. We are safe because of their service and sacrifice.”

But in his weekly email to constituents that came out earlier on Friday, he bragged about his interaction on the Mueller probe. He said, “The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and the Judiciary Committee on which I serve held a hearing Thursday to take the testimony of FBI Agent Peter Strzok. I was saddened by the Majority’s attempts to use the hearing as an opportunity to attack the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Russia attacked our country, and I believe we ought to be focusing on keeping our nation safe rather than attacking the Department of Justice. See my exchange with Agent Strzok here” and provided a clip of his exchange:

Doesn’t sound like vets’ anger mattered to him then.

I was watching the hearing when he made his sorry remarks and immediately was disgusted. Others were, too and the disgust with him was voiced by many people, famous and ordinary citizens.

Alan Dershowitz talks to FBN’s Maria Bartiromo about the Strzok testimony and singles out Steve Cohen as the one responsible for the worst comment. (The conversation past that is interesting, too.)

Rudy Giuliani slammed Cohen on Twitter: “Congressman Steve Cohen wants to give biased renegade Agent Strzok the Purple Heart. Now he wants to impeach the President even though DOJ disclosed that the latest indictments yield no evidence of American involvement. This is pathological.”

And he added, “@RepCohen should apologize to every wounded veteran and the families of all fallen heroes. Saying Strzok should get a Purple Heart. Disgusting.”

Comments on blogs were outraged as well. Many wondered how Memphis could elect such a man.

I wonder, too.

One local veteran, a former employee at the VA hospital, is organizing a protest targeting Cohen and the VA’s practices. He asked, “How do you compare someone getting wounded in combat to someone getting in trouble for message he sent?”


A date for the march has not been set yet, but we will hopefully find out soon.

Russia-gate in a Nutshell

The Conservative Treehouse blog has correctly evaluated the whole stupid Mueller investigation in a few paragraphs.

It’s a handy reference tool when any naive person or opponent brings it up.

Government officials within the DOJ and FBI conspired together with private political parties outside government to conduct intelligence gathering operations against their political opponents. You cannot get higher on the usurpation scale.

That illegally extracted opposition research was then laundered by design and passed back into the intelligence apparatus (DOJ/FBI) where it was weaponized -by gaining a Title-1 search warrant (Oct 21, 2016,)- to conduct active surveillance on everyone within a political campaign.

That weaponized surveillance, gained by the FISA authority, was then used as an “insurance policy” against the Trump campaign, President-elect Trump, and President Trump.

Actual, all encompassing surveillance – physical and electronic – of a sitting U.S. President, and every member of the administration and executive branch, until expiration of the fraudulently obtained FISA Title-1 surveillance warrant in October 2017.

Let that sink in.

THAT is what this entire Russia Collusion/Conspiracy narrative is intended to conceal and hide. That coup attempt is why the Mueller investigation exists.

Once Trump took office, someone had to take over the collection of the results from all of this ongoing surveillance; and simultaneously someone had to protect the underlying construct of how that surveillance was obtained. THAT is why Robert Mueller’s investigation was started.

The DOJ-NSD division, and the FBI counterintelligence division, were actively engaged in a plot to destroy, then overthrow, a sitting U.S. President. All of this Russia, Russia, Russia stuff is simply designed to hide and obfuscate this issue.

The real issue is will they get away with it?

The Clown Is Back

Unfortunately, Rep. Steve Cohen is on the committee questioning FBI chief Peter Strzok today.

You know that assures that idiotic statements reflecting poorly on Memphians will be flowing from his clown pie hole.

Cohen began by telling Strzok, “If I could give you a purple heart, I would.”

Then he riffed on how bad the Russians are and how instrumental Strzok has been “dedicating” his career to finding Russian interference in America. (By the way, isn’t that more the CIA’s job than the FBI? Talk about mission creep.)

Cohen continued, “It’s astonishing to me that you would be put on trial like this today. We don’t want young people seeing things that put bad things about the FBI and the DOJ on the front page.”

He railed at the Republicans, saying they “won’t accept what the Inspector General said, that he found no bias…there is no reason for this hearing, no reason at all, but it puts it on the front page…the Russians are loving it.”

Cohen wasn’t finished. He accused Republicans of trying to influence the people who watch Fox News. I’m surprised he didn’t pull out the dated slur “Faux News.” This is “nothing but a ruse to make people think the Mueller examination is biased.”

Being the hipster he is, Cohen then referenced a 1992 movie. “Like Jack Nicholson in ‘A Few Good Men,’ you can’t handle the truth,” he said of the committee, “and the truth is this is the most corrupt administration ever and it will be exposed by Robert Mueller thank God.”
Cohen swims in the corrupt swamp, so he’d find it hard to identify corruption, wouldn’t he?

Actor James Wood took offense to what Cohen said and tweeted: “How dare this squealing sycophant pig #Cohen denigrate the integrity of the Purple Heart? To what depths will #Democrats sink to protect their fellow swamp denizens?”
Good one.

And Diamond and Silk tweeted: “Mr. Cohen just said that Peter Strzok deserves a medal of honor. We believe he may have gotten his words twisted and mistaken medal with metal. We say the only thing he deserves is some metal around his wrists called handcuffs.”

What an embarrassment Cohen is!

Picture Perfect

Someone who on twitter goes by the name Super Elite CRAM-A-LOT calls attention to the above painting. Once you start looking at it as he/she did, you do find a lot of interesting pieces of information.

Here’s what CRAM-A-LOT says about it:

1. The papers signify to me the removal of regulation.
2. Notice the side which should be disheveled is opposite, all his hair should be flying. But the “right side” isn’t.
3. Right side also showing tears? It may be he’s crying for a return to sanity for others?
4. The red of the tie is protecting the flag pinned to his suit.
5. His look of steel resolve even a storm not impacting.
6. Hands in a classic steeple indicating ability to listen and act.
7. I know our brains look for patterns, but I swear there’s an angel cloud shape above
8. Is there some writing and symbols on the left side curtain?
9. I assume the desk is very old, and he looks like the hardwood of the desk.

Looking just noticed the tie makes a “V” which is Victory.

The storm seems calm coming from the right blowing away left(his perspective) Storm inside & out.

I see three “w”’s. His hands form mirror of the letter and the papers flying off form a “w” as well.

Desk was gift from Queen Victoria from the Resolute. (Thanks) he’s merged with desk.

Figures reported are an Angel overhead, inside of that a rabbit or donkey.

Flying phone done with “phone and pen”

Lots of people seeing a lot of significant stuff.

Others added to his observations: Few more I might amend. The storm is inside and outside. Blowing from the right. His tie makes a “V” for victory.

Weathering the MFing storm to get our country back on track. I had no idea it was going to come in the form of Donald Trump, but this exactly what I’ve been hoping for since I started paying attention to politics

“I am the storm…”

He is the storm.
He is the unflappable calm in the storm
Another added this to the picture:

Others added,

The storm is here. He is isn’t affected in the least. Because the storm is from the right and it is causing total upheaval on his left. Even the phone is cleansed by the storm’s fury. That is what I see.

The origin of the painting appears to have come from Time magazine that used it on the cover.
As this twitter person said, “they couldn’t have flattered him more had they depicted him parting the Red Sea.”

The media never has understood what they are up against.

Good to Know

Lee Harris says outright that he’s happy to raise our taxes.

According to Mike Matthews reporting for localmemphis.com, Harris will do that if he feels the schools need more money.

Lee Harris says he’s not running a campaign where he makes one speech in South Memphis, then another speech in Collierville, saying different things to different people.

“I think you have to be one candidate all across the county,” he says, “… campaigning all across the county with one message about one community. I think that’s investing in students, in neighborhoods like we are in. I think it’s getting rid of blight, like the blight you see over my shoulder.”

Harris wanted to meet up in front of vacant Vance Middle School to prove his point. Closed schools can be sold, or used for something else, he says, not just left empty.

If doing things to improve the quality of education for students, or the quality of life for people means raise taxes, Lee Harris says he’s not afraid to ask for a tax increase.

“You’re not going to find me on the campaign trail,” he says, “… talking about right sizing and these kids of phrases. That does not speak to the community needs I’ve seen while serving on the city council and in the state senate.”

We have poured billions into our school system in the last decade. Has it made a difference? Are our graduates better prepared for the job market?

It would appear “no” as that is the number one complaint of employers coming to Memphis.

As with all issues, Democrats believe more money solves everything.

It doesn’t.

We can’t let this man beat David Lenoir.