In the Crosshairs

While we all worry that President Trump (it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?) will be viciously attacked by the left, he is supremely equipped to defend himself.

There is someone else to worry about, though.

Predators go for the most defenseless, youngest member of the pack to hunt down. In the Trump family, that is Barron Trump.

Liberal predators are no different. They started against him quickly after the election victory. Rosie O’Donnell suggested in November that Barron was autistic. She later apologized for the tweet, but it encouraged others.

Now liberals are saying he’s a potential serial killer. Look at these:

And this from a Saturday Night Live writer:

No wonder Melania Trump has taken on cyberbullying as one of her issues as First Lady.

Yesterday as he got out of the limo to walk down the parade route with his parents, he seemed vulnerable. I hope they will never let their guard down around him.

What better way to punish the Trumps than hurting their young son? I pray it never happens.

A New Day

It begins today. We will have a new president. After a year and a half of election battles; of strife and constant attacks from all sides, Donald Trump has prevailed. As citizens and Republicans it has been a year and a half of media bashing, negativity and angst.

So today is a day to rejoice in victory. Don’t let all the media people spoil the enjoyment.

In Midtown, our Nextdoor page, featured a question from a resident that was either naive or sarcastic. She asked “Any activities in Memphis on Friday (Inauguration Day)?”
She got a lot of answers. Here’s a sample:

“Other than weeping and gnashing of teeth?”

“I personally am going to sit back with a case of beer and take a sip every time Trump says the word weak, smart, tough, and of course YUGE. Not sure if I will be able to get out of bed on Saturday. I wonder if any bars are hosting an event like this…would be pretty funny…better Uber to that event though…”

Some suggested activism as a remedy:

“…. things don’t ever change if people don’t take the time to protest injustice if they think they see it. And that does not ever preclude anyone from ALSO being a volunteer or donating to worthy causes. Rather, I daresay that MOST people who care enough to take the time to protest are ALSO the ones who are already donating their time and money and putting those things where their mouth is. All of the folks I know protesting are, at least.”
“But otherwise I’ll be taping my feet, wrapping my ankles and hoping to God they can survive that looong downtown walk!!😜 I may need to bring a pony cart!”

“I’ll be spending my time Saturday exercising my constitutional first amendment right. No one can take that away from me, for now anyway. God bless America and the Constitution. I’ll give to MIFA in addition to, not instead of protesting.”
Some threatened the Hollywood departure solution:

“…and as for me, I’ll be dusting off my passport. You know, just in case…”

Others sarcastically took aim at Nextdoor’s policy of no politics. Yes, it only applies to Republicans.

“Wait! This is getting suspiciously close to political talk, and we all know we can’t do that on ND. Shame, shame, we are soon in for it, bigly!”

For others, a drink and fun:

“For those of you that are feeling the sadness, anger, fear, and frustration with what’s going on in our country right now; we invite you to join us this Friday evening for a Jazz Funeral.

If you’re a musician, bring an instrument and join us. Otherwise, bring your creative self and help us mourn and celebrate all at once – because as long as we stand together there is hope!”

Then there is your ignoring it completely answer:

“I shall be working and avoid watching it like the plague. So unlike 8 years ago when my boss closed our business so that everyone could watch the amazing event happening (BTW my boss had not voted for Obama but believed that it was important for us all to see history! ). It’s very interesting to me that my leanings as well as that boss’s have completely shifted to the blue party forever in those 8 years.”

“On Friday around 5:00pm I will be leading the Equality For All Homo-Sapiens march from my office to a local watering hole in celebration and acknowledgement of the achievements of Homo-Sapiens.”

Only of 44 was positive:
“I’m going to sit at home and watch happily because it’s not Hillary!”

I don’t remember any sympathy for conservatives when Obama won in 2008 and 2012.

Midtown may be in the dumps, but some of us won’t be. Open the champagne and enjoy!

Did You See This? Probably Not

Two stories about Trump that didn’t get much publicity yesterday. I wonder why.

First, the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard noted this:

The headline on the new CNN poll is: “CNN/ORC Poll: Confidence drops in Trump transition.”

But inside the poll is another story: only Queen Elizabeth and Pope Francis have a higher approval rating than President-elect Trump according to Americans asked to consider 11 world leaders.

The main story doesn’t mention the comparable numbers, and even undercuts Trump’s approval ratings.

It opens: “Washington (CNN) Donald Trump will become president Friday with an approval rating of just 40 percent, according to a new CNN/ORC Poll, the lowest of any recent president and 44 points below that of President Barack Obama, the 44th president.”

Actually, Trump’s approval rating in the poll is 44 percent. Some 40 percent approve of his transition.

The details of the poll show that Trump has the same approval of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and soars over others including Germany’s Angela Merkel and many others.

From the poll of Americans:

— Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain, 79% approval.

— Pope Francis, 66% approval.

— President-elect Trump, 44%.

— Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, 44%.

— Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 37%.

— German Chancellor Angela Merkel, 31%.

— British Prime Minister Theresa May, 29%.

— Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, 24%.

— Cuban President Raul Castro, 12%.

— Russian President Vladimir Putin, 12%.

— Chinese Leader Xi Jinping, 10%.

— North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, 4%.

Hmm. Maybe they buried that lead. On purpose.
Then the Daily Mail – a British newspaper that covers events better than ours – reports that Trump made an unexpected stop at his hotel last night.

Trump received a hero’s welcome as he made a sudden surprise visit to his own Washington DC hotel on Wednesday evening.

The president-elect arrived to cheers from a crowd of VIPs and campaign surrogates at the Trump Hotel.

The triumphant entry came after feigning a drive to the city’s Reagan National airport, then ducking the political press corps before turning around to drive to his own hotel.

But it was a quick stop – he spent just about 30 minutes inside the hotel, including the restaurant BLT Steak, before rushing back off in his motorcade.

Donald Trump has already made America great again for two women dining at his DC hotel – by comping their thousand-dollar dinner bill and kissing one of them.

When Jenna Setticasi made the trip from Florida to the nation’s capital to take part in the inauguration celebrations, she may not have expected to get up and close and personal with the president-elect.

But that’s exactly what happened during the software developer’s meal with a friend, Michelle Rosser-Seiz, and her family at the Trump International Hotel in

An act of kindness toward an everyday American that the press doesn’t like to point out, unless it’s Obama. Then again, I don’t remember him every picking up a check, do you?

Is Trump the New Reagan?

Everybody loves Reagan.


They didn’t so much when he took office.
Patrick Buchanan puts it into some perspective:

Since World War II, the two men who have most terrified this city by winning the presidency are Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.

And they have much in common.

Both came out of the popular culture, Reagan out of Hollywood, Trump out of a successful reality TV show. Both possessed the gifts of showmen — extraordinarily valuable political assets in a television age that deals cruelly with the uncharismatic.

Both became instruments of insurgencies out to overthrow the establishment of the party whose nomination they were seeking.

Reagan emerged as the champion of the postwar conservatism that had captured the Republican Party with Barry Goldwater’s nomination in 1964. His victory in 1980 came at the apogee of conservative power.

The populism that enabled Trump to crush 16 Republican rivals and put him over the top in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan had also arisen a decade and a half before — in the 1990s.

A decisive advantage Reagan and Trump both enjoyed is that in their decisive years, the establishments of both parties were seen as having failed the nation.

Reagan was victorious after Russia invaded Afghanistan; Americans were taken hostage in Tehran; and the U.S. had endured 21 percent interest rates, 13 percent inflation, 7 percent unemployment and zero growth.

When Trump won, Americans had gone through years of wage stagnation. Our industrial base had been hollowed out. And we seemed unable to win or end a half-dozen Middle East wars in which we had become ensnared.

What is the common denominator of both the Reagan landslide of 1980 and Trump’s victory?

Both candidates appealed to American nationalism.

In the late 1970s, Reagan took the lead in the campaign to save the Panama Canal. “We bought it. We paid for it. It’s ours. And we’re going to keep it,” thundered the Gipper.

While he lost the fight for the Canal when the GOP establishment in the Senate lined up behind Jimmy Carter, the battle established Reagan as a leader who put his country first.

Trump unapologetically seized upon the nationalist slogan that was most detested by our globalist elites, “America first!”

He would build a wall, secure the border, stop the invasion. He would trash the rotten trade treaties negotiated by transnational elites who had sold out our sovereignty and sent our jobs to China.

He would demand that freeloading allies in Europe, the Far East and the Persian Gulf pay their fair share of the cost of their defense.

In the rhetoric of Reagan and Trump there is a simplicity and a directness that is familiar to, and appeals to, the men and women out in Middle America, to whom both directed their campaigns.

In his first press conference in January of 1981, Reagan said of the Kremlin, “They reserve unto themselves the right to commit any crime, to lie, to cheat. … We operate on a different set of standards.”

He called the Soviet Union an “evil empire” and the “focus of evil in the modern world.”

The State Department was as wary of what Reagan might say or do then as they are of what Trump might tweet now.

But while there are similarities between these outsiders who captured their nominations and won the presidency by defying and then defeating the establishments of both political parties, the situations they confront are dissimilar.

Reagan took office in a time of Cold War clarity.

Though there was sharp disagreement over how tough the United States should be and what was needed for national defense, there was no real question as to who our adversaries were.

As had been true since the time of Harry Truman, the world struggle was between communism and freedom, the USSR and the West, the Warsaw Pact and the NATO alliance.

There was a moral clarity then that no longer exists now.

Today, the Soviet Empire is gone, the Warsaw Pact is gone, the Soviet Union is gone, and the Communist movement is moribund.

NATO embraces three former republics of the USSR, and we confront Moscow in places like Crimea and the Donbass that no American of the Reagan era would have regarded as a national interest of the United States.

We no longer agree on who our greatest enemies are, or what the greatest threats are.

Is it Vladimir Putin’s Russia? Is it Iran? Is it China, which Secretary of State-designate Rex Tillerson says must be made to vacate the air, missile and naval bases it has built on rocks and reefs in a South China Sea that Beijing claims as its national territory?

Is it North Korea, now testing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles?

Beyond issues of war and peace, there are issues at home — race, crime, policing, abortion, LGBT rights, immigration (legal and illegal) and countless others on which this multicultural, multiracial and multiethnic nation is split two, three, many ways.

The existential question of the Trump era might be framed thus: How long will this divided democracy endure as one nation and one people?

Here’s a Place to Save Money

Today’s CA devotes two pages to “Classified Legal Notices.” It’s something newspapers around the country do frequently.

In the small number of pages that comprise the CA, two pages is a lot of space. Not that too many people care, since the customer is always wrong when it comes to journalism. Nor do you get much new out of the paper. You’ve probably already heard the news on TV or the internet. Since Gannett took over, the local coverage has diminished, so they’ve lost that advantage.

Newspapers do still print these notices, however, and they get a nice profit from it.

That caused New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to propose a bill to eliminate doing this.

The Record, a New Jersey Gannett newspaper, reports:

Christie also asked lawmakers to revive a bill to allow official legal notices to be published online as an alternative to printed newspapers.

State law currently requires legal notices — advertisements for bid opportunities, public hearings, sheriffs’ sales and other official business — to be printed in newspapers as a transparency measure. Christie argued that taxpayers and businesses would save $80 million a year by publishing those notices online instead. His office, however, has refused to break down Christie’s cost estimate or provide supporting documentation.

Newspaper publishers furiously lobbied against the legal notices bill, arguing that it would hurt their revenue streams and cause hundreds of layoffs. The New Jersey Press Association sharply disputed Christie’s $80 million figure, estimating the cost at $8 million a year for taxpayers and $12 million for businesses, according to a 2010 study.

Of course they did! They won, too, as the bill was squashed by the New Jersey legislature. (D
But I think Christie is on to something. Why not take a hit at the media and do the taxpayer a service as well?

The argument in the past has been that a newspaper is basically free, but you have to have a computer to check the internet. Not really, though. A newspaper is not free and most people do have a computer at home. Those who don’t have access to one at public libraries.

It would be a much more efficient way to do things. You could also use a search engine to find out quickly the property or name you’re searching for.

This idea could work in Tennessee, too. However many millions it would save could be better applied to other government programs.

Christie is riding a wave of unpopularity, which hurt his efforts. I don’t see any downside to it for Tennessee.

Stars Think We Care

Could anything be more pathetic and self indulgent than Hollywood’s latest production, the “I Will Survive” video?

Supposedly one million have watched it, so I won’t give it any more publicity by linking it here. The dishonor role of participants in this effort sponsored by W Magazine and Conde Nast Entertainment, are “stars” not particularly remarkable. That is, Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, Amy Adams, Taraji Henson, Felicity Jones, Andrew Garfield, Chris Pine, Hailee Steinfeld, Dev Patel and Matthew McConaughey.
I’m not sure I’d recognize a one of them if they knocked on my door.

Notice the Gloria Gaynor song. The most prominent word is “I.” It’s all about them, not us and not the country. It’s about their feelings. They don’t care a whit about the public. We’re just the bread to soak up their gravy so that they can make more bread for themselves.

It’s just another lecture, following Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes lecture, following the videos aimed at the electoral college and others to subvert the honest vote of the people. All Hollywood does anymore is attack us. They’ve already whacked at our country, our patriotism, Christianity and morals.

Even if we don’t go to their movies, they clutter TV with their awards shows, which are used politically, series that lecture us and the internet with these remarks and youtubes. You can’t go to the grocery store without seeing their faces plastered on magazines.

I don’t care what they think. They haven’t gotten the message – like the politicians who lost their seats in the past elections – that they are no in accord with most of America and that we brush them off like dirt on a shoe.

Frankly I don’t care if they do or don’t survive. They don’t seem to care much either, because most of them do themselves in with drugs, alcohol or suicide.

Maybe it’s all just a career enhancing move. Gets their names in front of the public. Already Hollywood movie audiences are shrinking, unless a film is a fantasy like Star Trek or Star Wars.

Don’t they get the message?

When You Feel Disheartened

As the inauguration accelerates, so does the media’s ire. They would like to convince Americans that everyone is against Trump. They pound it louder every day.

Just remember this:

Some words of wisdom from the conservative treehouse blog:

The biggest problem the Democrats have right now is the very real risk that President Trump is simply going to execute a plan, and actually Make America Great. This is what they fear more than any other factor.

President Trump is poised to show the entire nation just how foolishly constructed all of the failed policies of the last several decades have been. A simple strategy to revitalize the nation will leave generations of Democrats with nothing except naked rainbow warriors chanting about equality in potty use, worshiping sustainable algae cakes and trying to convince a generation that picking parasites off each other is better than exceptionalism.

The pride within the Make America Great Again program is antithetical to the interests of the hypocrites who champion ridicule of America.

I might add what Abraham Lincoln said about General U S Grant: “I like this man… he FIGHTS.”