Milking It

Hillary Clinton must be desperate to sell her new book, “What Happened.” She appeared at a Costco in Brookfield, Connecticut and signed books next to the milk case. Not only that, but a Costco employee told activist Laura Loomer “I don’t know why they even let her come. They said a lot of people have canceled their memberships. We hate her.” This – in the very blue state of Connecticut!

Turnabout for Katy Tur

I confess I’m not familiar with Katy Tur. I don’t watch alphabet network TV, nor do I watch their spinoff “news” shows.

Evidently she feels the need to share with the world how she felt when Trump won and Hillary lost Nov. 8. Tur described it:

“The room goes wavy. My stomach churns. I can feel the bile in the back of my throat.

“I’ve heard him insult a war hero, brag about grabbing women by the pussy, denigrate the judicial system, demonize immigrants, fight with the pope, doubt the democratic process, advocate torture and war crimes, tout the size of his junk in a presidential debate, trash the media, and endanger my life.”

“Does anyone really believe he’ll respect term limits? I have a vision of myself at sixty, Trump at a hundred, in some midwestern convention hall. The children of his 2016 supporters are spitting on me.”

She loves to throw her ridiculous accusations that he’s some kind of monster. Well, turnabout is fair play, isn’t it? This is how I would have reacted, had Hillary won:

“The room would have gone wavy. My stomach would have flipped. I would have felt ready to vomit.

“I’ve heard her insult people in the military (and let them die at Benghazi). Her husband has raped many women, been an offense to justice, played with immigration to get votes, detested religious people who are deplorable, doubt the American rules of government, advocate killing and murder (Vince Foster, Ron Brown and at least 50 other people), get a creepy wandering eye in a presidential debate, trash the media and the vast right wing conspiracy, and endanger our lives.

“Does anyone really believe she’ll respect term limits? I have a vision of myself at sixty, Chelsea Clinton as president in some midwestern convention hall. The children of her husband spitting on me.”

Those crimes of Hillary are greatly more evil and worrisome than a little locker room talk.

Of course I could have added disrepect the American voting system by wanting the demise of the Electoral College,
lie about her emails and email server, take bribes from Russians and other corrupt dictators via the Clinton Foundation, call half the country irredeemable and give away our uranium to dubious world players who dislike us.

And these are just a few points.

When you read about Tur you find out she’s actually more disturbed than your average MSNBC/CNN/NBC etc. reporter.

Tur had an affair with Keith Olberman for 3 years. Can you imagine the amount of abuse she got from that crude loudmouth?

Then there is the business of her father being her mother, too. Her father decided to transgender to a woman a few years ago. Mother’s Day must be a challenge for Tur and her brother.

Don’t forget, these media people think they understand Americans and know better than we do on any subject.

We just can’t listen to them anymore nor care about their feelings.

You Missed One, Mr. Mayor

While our mayor and public officials are busy worrying about what damage Confederate statues might do to our citizens, there is one statue that they don’t talk about.

It’s not Christopher Columbus, although he was moved to a park in east Memphis, or the miniature of slave owning autocrat Ramses. It’s this one:

E.H. (Boss) Crump. He stands at the entrance to Overton Park with a defiant, goofy pose. As a friend of black Republicans, I find this unacceptable.

True, he was mayor of Memphis from 1910 to 1915. But he was also a racist who kept blacks under his thumb through intimidation and violence. Look what he did to Robert Church, the South’s first black billionaire.

At first, Church and Crump coexisted well enough. Church had a mansion on South Lauderdale in a predominantly white neighborhood. It irked Crump. Church also was a prominent Republican, pushing for black voting. Crump retaliated by causing Church to lose everything from his properties to his organizations. Crump said to a newspaper “You have a bunch of niggers teaching social equality, stirring up racial hatred. I am not going to stand for it. I’ve dealt with niggers all my life, and I know how to treat them … This is Memphis.”

Crump had a plan, as described by

In the afternoon of February 26, 1953, fire destroyed a landmark in south Memphis, on Lauderdale Street. A stately three-story home, with eighteen rooms and twin gables, burned from its spires down.

Firefighters weren’t late to the blaze — in fact, they’d ignited it. The city of Memphis, which was then hosting a convention of fire safety officials from around the country, had authorized the burning of the vacant mansion in order to demonstrate a new, efficient, fog nozzle fire-hose. Thousands stood in the street to watch. For two hours, firemen in black helmets and black slickers fought flames that burst through the roof and out of the windows. After blasting down each fire, they set another part of the home ablaze. Afterwards, the ruins steamed. 1

But there was much more to this demonstration than a test of new firefighting equipment. As locals understood, the burning of this particular home was an assertion of power, because of who it had belonged to and what it symbolized. Abandoned, weather-beaten, but still grand, the mansion at 384 South Lauderdale represented the pinnacle of black achievement in the city.

Blacks got the message and stopped living in white areas.

Yet Crump stands there proudly today and no one says a thing.

Perhaps it is because Crump and Strickland share more than just being mayor of our city. They both have a (D) by their names.

Uh- O – Look Who’s Coming to 60 Mins.

So Oprah Winfrey, having conquered the daytime TV talk show, magazines and the weight loss market (for everyone except herself), now turns her efforts to hard news.

Well, sort of hard news. She’s about to join CBS’ “60 Minutes” as a correspondent.

Her first topic, on Sept. 24, will be America’s political divisions.

It’s an issue she’s certainly contributed to abundantly. She never missed an opportunity to hit Republicans. Remember how she treated George W. Bush? She piled on with Katrina, claiming there were more rapes and deaths in the Super Dome than there were. She refused to travel with First Lady Laura Bush to Afghanistan because she didn’t want to help a Republican in any way.

Then there was her treatment of Michelle and Barack Obama. Godlike reverence is a phrase that comes to mind. She was said to have brought him a million votes in the 2008 Democrat primary. He reciprocated by awarding her the Medal of Freedom. After the 2016 election, Oprah joined him and some other worthless celebs in the Pacific for a vacay.

Oprah admitted she “couldn’t breathe after the election” of Trump. She was all in for Hillary.

She’s even thought about running for president herself, saying that if he could win, she could, too. Maybe that’s what all this is about.

Sure, she’s who I turn to as a fair analyst of America’s political divisions. Not.

What will she tackle after that topic?

You can bet race will be a constant. Beef producers and tainted hamburger? Remember how the beef people sued her. Maybe she’d like payback. How about what happens when celebrities give away cars to poor people who can’t even afford the tax on them?

Or the truth about weight loss. There’ll be plenty of celeb interviews you can bet. Look for some with sob stories to get first attention.

Maybe how you deal with having eight houses and what a difficulty that is.

Marriage advice from someone who perpetuated a relationship that gave an OK to live in relationships. There are lots of possibilities.

Not that 60 Minutes really matters anymore. There was a time when most Americans wouldn’t miss it and actually believed the stories they sold us.

Not anymore. It’s as irrelevant as Oprah is, so they’ll make a good match.

Strickland Calls on Clergy

In his rush to show he’s not a raaaccist and in a move to secure the black vote for his next election, Mayor Strickland got 150 clergy from Memphis to sign a letter backing the removal of Nathan Bedford Forrest’s statue. You can read the letter and the signatures here:

Strickland put it on his facebook page and got a lot of comments. From my sampling, I saw 22 supporting him and 57 against. Here’s the link:

I gather from some of the comments in favor of him were made by Strickland people. I can’t validate that, but I believe there is some truth in it.

It was interesting to see the names of the clergy. I noted only one Catholic, Father Val Handwerker. It’s not surprising. He is a social justice warrior and remnant of that 60s group think. He identifies himself as pastor at St. Patrick’s. However, shortly after being moved there he went on sabbatical. He may retire after that. So much for getting in the trenches and practicing his social justice.

Noticeably absent was the Catholic bishop of the diocese, Rev. Martin Holley. Strickland, a Catholic and parishioner at St. Louis, must be disappointed in that, especially since Holley is black. In my opinion the Bishop is correct to keep out of matters of the state.

Liberals don’t like that, but they are always eager to suggest the separation of Church and State when it comes to the matter of abortion. In that issue, they don’t believe Church has any say. The hypocrisy is not surprising.

Here are some of the comments on Strickland’s post, both pro and con:

“I’m very disappointed to my pastors names on this list.”

“Moving a monument is the same as re-writing history.”

“Wish our spiritual leaders more concerned about souls and less concerned about statues. Never heard of a statue killing anyone, making someone addicted to drugs, molesting a child, stealing. Lying, driving drunk. This entire statue controversy is political pc bs.”

“Keep going with the removal of Confederate statues and then history will certainly repeat itself.”

“George Orwell said, ‘The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.'”

“Mayor Strickland, It has just been passed that the bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest will remain at the State Capitol. Will removing the statue help, in any way, with the crime in Memphis? Will it stop children from skipping school to go out and commit crime?”

“Sorry to be impatient, but those clergy folk and you would gain real leadership credibility by knocking them down yourselves, today.”

“When are we going to see the Martian Luther street signs taken down.handy statue removed they bothered me and are racist.”

“Until the family agrees to remove the statue and bodies, you are wasting your time Strickland and you know it. Get busy with other things like trying to correct the cultural bankruptcy and crime in this city. One of the most DANGEROUS cities in America.”

“Bad decision!!!! Wrong decision!!! This will be remembered come re-election time!!! You will be a one-term mayor!!! Shame on you!!!”

“If you only had this much passion for the real issues in Memphis. Crime, homeless, corrupt school system, lack of good benefits for police and firefighters. Sad that statues take more priority over humans. Oh and I don’t believe this will stop the hate or racism.”

“My point is and will always be that you have directed or should I say MISDIRECTED your focus from CRIME, jobs and poverty to issues that are not nearly as pressing.”

“You are a lousy mayor so far and haven’t really done anything for the city of Memphis. The blight, crime, roads, jobs etc. are still just as bad when you came into office. Do you really want your claim to fame to be only about removing statues?”

“Beautiful. Thank you Mayor Strickland for your transparency.”

“Together, this wonderful city of ours will continue forward sans racism.”

“Move the statue inside a museum. Let this be our true history.”

“This is the first time I’ve been happy to read an announcement from this administration. Memphis is finally doing something right in regards to racial relationships.”

“I spy a lot of white grievance in this thread.”

“LEAVE THEM ALONE 😡😡😡 I know who I’m NOT voting for next election”

“I’m glad the clergy have such an integral role in government.”

“How about doing something about the violence?”

“Thanks mayor and all of the clergy! Memphis needs to enter the 21st century since we mostly skipped the 20th.”

“Hard hitting relevant action on the tough problems of the day. Like inanimate objects in parks.”

“Enjoy your ONE term in office, Strickland.”

“Congratulations Mayor Strickland, I voted for you once, but won’t make that mistake the next time.”

“Forrest was a heroic figure in Memphis, and worthy of a big statue. He will live in history centuries after Strickland is forgotten.”

“So now we are desecrating burial sites?”

“The same people who signed this stupid letter better be prepared because those people will want the statues of Christ removed next! Glad my pastors name is not in this list!”

“Think I’m gonna start a church so I can get some tax breaks.”

“A dead white man under a bunch of concrete and a statue of him is NOT THE REASON THE CRIME IS SO BAD IN THE CITY OR ACROSS THE COUNTRY …GO SCAPEGOAT SOMETHING ELSE … #mayoratricklandjustlookingforvotesnextelection #fixthecrimerateinmemphismayorjimstrickland”

“I would have to say clergy in memphis IS part of the problem”

There are lots more worth reading.

You would think that in the opportunity to get Amazon to locate a headquarters here Strickland might concentrate on pursuing that – and other companies to come here.

Evidently that’s not on his priority list either.

Seattle Mayor Resigns

From Fox News: “Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has announced plans to resign following multiple accusations of sexual abuse. The news came after a fifth person reportedly came forward to accuse Murray of sexual abuse — his younger cousin, who alleges Murray repeatedly molested him in the 1970s.” Guess what party. Yes, he’s a Dem.