Who’s Running for What in Shelby County

Tomorrow candidates for Shelby County offices can pick up petitions to run for the August 2018 election. Ryan Poe of the Commercial Appeal has a listing of who will be on the ballot for various offices next year.

The floodgates of campaign announcements opened in recent weeks although some candidates — especially in the county mayor’s race — are already months, if not years, into their campaigns. Here’s a quick rundown of how the field is shaping up in 2018:

In the mayor’s race, Trustee David Lenoir, Juvenile Court Clerk Joy Touliatos and County Commissioner Terry Roland are vying for the Republican nomination to face the Democratic candidate: Sen. Lee Harris or former commissioner Sidney Chism.
In the race for sheriff, Chief Deputy Floyd Bonner, a Democrat endorsed by Republican Sheriff Bill Oldham, faces Republican Dale Lane, director of the Shelby County Office of Preparedness.
In addition to Roland, a number of other term-limited commissioners are looking to change seats. Melvin Burgess will run for assessor; George Chism for trustee; and Justin Ford for Harris’ Senate seat, possibly against Rep. Raumesh Akbari.
The County Commission election will be a political free-for-all. In District 1, Roland’s seat, Shelby County Democratic Party vice-chair and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital scientist J. Racquel Collins-Milinkovich is running as a Democrat. In District 5, chairwoman Heidi Shafer’s seat, Republicans Geoff Diaz and Richard Morton have announced. In District 7, Burgess’ seat, Tami Sawyer, a Democrat and leader of the #TakeEmDown901 grassroots movement to remove Confederate statues, will duke it out with Republican Sam Goff, president of both the Midtown Memphis Development Corp. and the Evergreen Historic District Association. In District 8, the seat being vacated by Walter Bailey, Memphis Housing Authority chairman Mickell Lowery, attorney JB Smiley and Memphis Housing and Community Development inspections manager Daryl Lewis are all running as Democrats. In District 9, Justin Ford’s seat, Memphis City Council member Edmund Ford — the commissioner’s cousin — will face Adrian Killebrew in the Democratic primary.
Robert Hill, executive director of government and legislative affairs for the trustee, is running for Juvenile Court clerk, a position opened by Touliatos’ mayoral run.
Human resources professional and political progressive Torrey Harris will challenge Rep. John DeBerry Jr., a socially conservative incumbent, in the House District 90 Democratic primary. The district includes parts of South Memphis, Downtown, Midtown and Frayser.
Allan Creasy, a well-known activist in Democratic circles, plans to challenge incumbent Republican Rep. Jim Coley in House District 97, which includes parts of Bartlett, Cordova and North and East Memphis.
In the 8th Congressional District, Shelby County Democratic Party grassroots council member John Boatner Jr. of East Memphis will seek his party’s nomination to challenge incumbent Republican Rep. David Kustoff.
In the non-partisan Shelby County School Board election, District 9 incumbent Mike Kernell will be challenged by Alvin Crook, former president of the Shelby County Young Democrats…

In the governor’s race Republican Bill Lee opened an office at 5575 Poplar, Suite 813, across from the Memorial Park cemetery; while Democrat Karl Dean — opened offices at 3175 Poplar, across from East High School.

Awaiting Bill O’Reilly’s Take

I have been checking twitter and eagerly await what Bill O’Reilly thinks about this photo:

You might remember that Al Franken and O’Reilly have nothing but contempt for one another. On The O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly referred to Franken as Stuart Smalley, the name of a character he played on Saturday Night Live. It was his way of pointing out how unfit the former comedian was to hold a Senate seat and the contempt he had for him.

It appears that a lot of people have joined the tribe of ousted guys from important jobs. O’Reilly and Fox’s Roger Ailes were removed from their jobs at that network quickly and fiercely. Then followed Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and other Hollywoodites.

Looks like politicians are getting in on the action now, too. Aside from Bill Clinton, the guy who showed the way, so to speak when it comes to sexual harassment and even rape charges, there is Senator Menendez. He seems to like young girls on his trips to Orgy Island with a benefactor. Vice President Biden has been shown lately why he is referred to as “Handsy.” He likes ’em young, too. Of course there were Senators Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd who ordered a waitress sandwich at a certain restaurant they frequented.

Will there be any comeuppance for Franken? Not if the networks and newspapers have their way. It will be blacked out, just like everything else harmful to Democrats is. (See Menendez trial coverage – if you can find it.)

Someone else besides O’Reilly will be enjoying Franken’s discomfort. Remember Senator Norm Coleman? He was the Republican Senator from Minnesota who ran against Al Franken. He lost in a very tight election only because some ballots that were clearly marked for him were declared ineligible. Coleman should have kept his seat, but like always, the GOP (the governor was a Republican at that time – Tim Pawlenty) didn’t go to bat for him.

Have a good laugh, Senator Coleman! It’s the rare time Al Franken has been funny.

Moore Is Less

When President Trump went to Alabama to stump for Luther Strange in the primary, I listened to his speech.

Many conservatives had asked why he was backing the more GOPe candidate Strange instead of Judge Roy Moore. Moore would have been a natural for a Trump endorsement, since he leans right, too, but he spoke up for Strange. Many believed Trump had cut a deal with Strange backer Mitch McConnell.

Listening to Trump’s speech, I thought there is something Trump knows about Moore that we don’t. There is something that makes him want to distance himself from Moore. Now it turns out there is.

Perhaps McConnell – who I believe is the one behind the outing – told Trump that should Moore win the primary, bad things would come out about him. That’s what happened.

I’m not for the GOPe getting a scalp in this race, but I do agree with Hannity that in the next 24 hours Moore should either bring out absolutely conclusive proof of his innocence or get out of the race. Right now he is harming himself, his family, his state, his party and his nation.

If the Democrat were to win this race, Alabamians would regret having chosen him for the next three years. He could be an awful obstacle to the agenda they would prefer. I do believe something will be worked out to stop Moore. In addition, he’s standing in the way of the message on taxes and Obamacare’s repeal.

Lee Office Opens

Gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee will open his Memphis office tomorrow, Wednesday, November 15. All interested parties are invited to a free lunch at 11:30 at the office at 5575 Poplar, Suite 813. Lee says, “Being the only campaign to announce the opening of an office in Memphis isn’t just lip-service, it’s part of our dedication to Shelby County, Memphis, West TN and our state as a whole. Last month, I outlined 10 commitments to Memphis
and Shelby County, which you can read at BillLee.com.

Freeze Her Out

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was given a jacket on her trip with the President to Asia. Her father, Mike Huckabee, wrote his appreciation on Twitter. A University of Memphis professor who saw that followed up with her own tweet:

The professor is Judy Cole, an assistant professor in the Loewenberg College of Nursing at the University of Memphis.

What kind of person, particularly in the medical field, would write something like that? She immediately got condemned on Twitter, as she should. Here are some of the responses she got:

“Please tell me you’re not allowed near the patients.”
“And you are trusted teaching young people?”
“This is a disgraceful comment – poor representative of a caring profession.”
“What a sick sad person you are. We’ll be sure to point this tweet out to your employer.”
“What do you expect a Democrat pos like Judy to say?? Karma will visit her soon.”

And Huckabee himself replied:

The University of Memphis promises a full investigation. We’ll see.

More on Moron Carusone

The man behind the Keurig attack on Hannity, Media Matters’ Angelo Carusone (picture in the story below) really ought to watch throwing stones at others. Or in Hannity’s case, coffee beans.

He’s been behind the campaign of Stop Rush, Stop Beck and Dump Trump projects of Soros funded Media Matters. But evidently, he’s not the compassionate, sensitive soul he expects others to be.

In October 2014, Daily Caller writer Patrick Howley found a lot of quotes from him that don’t make him look so nice.

“Question: What do Robert Downey Jr. and a random Banladeshi [sic] businessman have in common? Answer: They both love transvestites,” Carusone wrote in a Nov. 14, 2005 post entitled “Tranny Paradise,” his response to an article about a transvestite gang in Thailand. Carusone objected to the article’s description of transvestites as “attractive” and made racist remarks about Bangladeshi men.

“Uhhh. Did you notice the word attractive? What the f–k is that doing in there? Is the write[r] a tranny lover too? Or, perhaps he’s trying to justify how these trannies tricked this Bangladeshi in the first place? Look man, we don’t need to know whether or not they were attractive. The fucking guy was Bangladeshi. And while we’re out, what the hell was he doing with $7,300 worth of stuff. The guy’s Banladeshi!” Carusone wrote.

“Shouldn’t the police officer give at least some details. Such as: stay away from tranny bars, stay away from placese where Eddie Murphy and Robert Downey Jr. have/are visiting, don’t fucking kiss a transvestite, don’t bring a group of transvestites back to your room, etc…,” Carusone added.

In another Oct. 20, 2005 post, Carusone made an anti-Semitic remark.

“Thanks to my adorable boyfriend (come on, despite his jewry, you KNOW he’s adorable), my interest in Comedy Central’s hit TV show South Park has begun to pick up (again),” Carusone wrote.

On Nov. 18, 2005, Carusone turned his criticism toward “ugly” gays and female bartenders.

“Wednesday night I hit up the club 2686, formerly known as Luxe and for some odd reason still referred to by homos as Luxe,” Carusone wrote. “I went with my good friend Mike, who’s quite the badboy/notorious homo, although despite his omnipresence, he manages to live a reasonably drama free life. It’s almost shocking…”

Caursone’s “reasons not to go” to the club included “Bartenders are not attractive (*gasp* they even have some female bartenders)” and “Long Island gays are primarily ugly, except for a select few.”

Carusone also mentioned his onetime Republican Party leanings in archived blog material, transcripts of which were reviewed by TheDC, and praised Condoleezza Rice as “sassy, smart, and I like her politics” and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (a target of Carusone’s post-Media Matters hiring criticism) as “brilliant.”

Carusone sounded more like a future Media Matters employee when he called Dick Cheney “evil” or wrote, “I am infatuated with the power, politics, prestige and personal elements of The Presidency. A position which I will lust after my life and never obtain; it will forever tease me.”

So when you can’t compete, you just throw trash at others. What a guy!