CA’s Unceasing Propaganda

Whether it’s throwing doubt on elections here, as in today’s front page story suggesting Brian Kelsey did not win his seat, or the intimations that Republicans are corrupt throughout the government, the CA doesn’t take a breath – ever – in its race to turn the city and country into a Democrat/Socialist/Progressive haven.

Sometimes the effort is inadvertently humorous as in a story on page 4 today entitled “Memphis aid for released migrants growing, spreading.” You know they’re on the side of illegal immigrants because every story concerning one is all sympathy and violins, never about drug or human trafficking, murder or criminal activity.

This one today must be read aloud so that all the humor in the over the top drama can be appreciated. Here it is, complete with parenthetical comments by me to bring it back down to reality.

A brown paper bag shortage sent Lee Coleman, 42, on a (should be ‘an’) impromptu Kroger run. After winding his way through frenzied holiday shoppers scouting for last minute ingredients, he secured the crucial (?!) bags and dashed back to First Congo (Memphis’ home for Obama’s favorite organization, ACORN), where volunteers were making ham and cheese sandwiches (what about vegetarian/vegans? Seems a little politically incorrect, doesn’t it?).
The sandwiches are bound for Memphis’ Greyhound terminal, where dozens of migrants, the majority of them recently released from detention centers along the southern U.S. border, will be passing through Memphis (going where, doing what?).
The Commercial Appeal first reported the story of the spontaneously formed aid group, Migration is Beautiful, in early November. The Central American migrants, many fleeing gang violence in Honduras and Guatemala (how do they know this?), had been coming through Memphis since early October.

At first, Coleman said, it was just a handful of people scrambling to take care of migrants, who all arrived hungry and without warm clothing to protect them through their chilly travels.
But then, Coleman said, the Memphis Feminist Collective and Comunidades Unidas en Una Voz, two grassroots groups (probably fed with Soros money) with two different focuses, stepped in to help. (Wait a minute, I thought this was a spontaneously formed group.)
“That’s when things really started to pick up,” Coleman noted. “Those groups have a big reach, and that’s when we started seeing a lot of supplies roll in.” (For a “grassroots,” “spontaneous group” they sure know how to connect, don’t they?)
After that, Migration is Beautiful went from a few volunteers trying to meet basic needs for migrants, to an infrastructure that informally but effectively (kudos and self congratulations all you Social Justice Warriors, because it’s really about you anyhow!) organizes the growing list of volunteers (and fellow SJWs eager to get in on the feel goods) and supplies that are steadily arriving at First Congo.

Volunteer groups, following Memphis’ lead, also came together in Nashville and Knoxville. Similar informal aid groups were already running in Dallas, Chicago and Washington DC, among other large cities. (And who wants to bet many of them got ballots to fill out in counties all over the country, all voting for Democrats and all coming at such an unusually timely event like elections!)

“I think we hit the right point at the right time (bingo!),”Coleman said. “With everything going on in the climate of immigration (read the dastardly Trump administration!), people just wanted to do something to help (Democrats win key seats).”

If you think all that is hooey, the next bit is subheaded “The Reichstag is burning.” Here’s what was next:

Back in the makeshift headquarters of the aid group, volunteers winding their way through towering stacks of clothing and hygiene items, confirmed Coleman’s theory. (What theory is that, by the way? Defying the law is what the U.S. is all about?)
“I came from a country that killed 10 million people,” said Jutta Jacobs.
Jacobs, 72, was born in post World War II Germany (thus he/she is an expert. I was born post WWII, too, am I an expert?). The Trump administration’s immigration policies are an (? ‘a’) haunting deja vue for her. (Interesting as she was too young to remember any of that. If she survived, was she not a Jew and were her parents involved in the Nazi side?)
“The Reichstag is burning,” said Jacobs, referring to the infamous act of arson by a lone Communist in 1933 that would give Adolf Hitler the pretext to advance the Nazi party. (Seriously? The only connection visible is that today’s American Communists are trying to light a bonfire over immigration here to take down our nation and make it their Progressive ideal state – and that’s not a democratic one.)

Jacobs believes a similar potential environment is already brewing in the U.S. Aiding migrants passing through is a hands on involvement that gives Jacobs some small sense of resisting what she sees as another xenophobic administration rising to power. (The CA should be ashamed to promote such dangerous drivel. There is not much about this story that is fact except for the handing out of sandwiches. The rest is not reporting. It’s indoctrinating.)

“They killed 6 million Jews and 4 million others,” Jacobs said. “My country did that (is he/she still German?), my people did that. And, I will do anything, anything to prevent it from happening again.” (Are there people going to concentration camps here? Have we declared war on anyone? Are the laws not meant to be followed for the good of the U.S.?)
Another volunteer, Kathleen Meier, agreed.
“What can an individual do?” asked Meier, a retired nurse. “Maybe you make some sandwiches. It’s one small way to reduce the horror.” (What horror? Let me stop laughing a minute to continue, but then
I’ll save you a few paragraphs and skip to the boffo ending.)
Coleman said, “One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned through all of this? There’s never enough sandwiches. Never enough.”

After you stop rolling on the floor, you have to consider why these people think our laws don’t matter. If they want change, they will have to elect people to convert the country into a third world country. In the meantime, ethical people understand that in a democracy we all agree to adhere to the will of the people.

As it is now, the people have said they want an end to the open borders that let in unvetted people, many of whom want to harm us.

These SJWs just want to revel in their own self admiration. Unfortunately, they have a media only to happy to assist and that only shows one side.

What about the victims of crimes done by these migrants? Or the displaced workers who can’t compete with slave labor? Or the heavy tax burdens on cities that already can’t help their own?

It’s sad that the CA gave so much space to this ridiculous, one sided story. But then, again, a Progressive’s job is never done, is it?

U.S. in the Driver’s Seat

In this season of thanks, thank you President Trump for your energy policies.

According to Bloomberg, the U.S. now has enough oil to rattle energy rich nations like Venezuela, Iran and Russia. He has liberated energy companies from strangling regulations and fracking has taken off with a bang:

In Houston, the U.S. oil capital, shale executives are trying out different superlatives to describe what’s coming. “Tsunami,” they call it. A “flooding of Biblical proportions” and “onslaught of supply” are phrases that get tossed around. Take the hyperbolic industry talk with a pinch of salt, but certainly the American oil industry, particularly in the Permian, has raised a buzz loud enough to keep OPEC awake.

“You’ve got an awful lot of production that can come in very economically,” said Patricia Yarrington, Chevron Corp.’s chief financial officer. “If you think back four or five years ago, when we didn’t really understand what shale could do, the marginal barrel was priced much higher than what we think the marginal barrel is priced today.” …

August saw the largest annual increase in U.S. oil production in 98 years, according to government data. The American energy industry added, in crude and other oil liquids, nearly 3 million barrels, roughly the equivalent of what Kuwait pumps, than it did in the same month last year. Total output of 15.9 million barrels a day was more than Russia or Saudi Arabia.

And why not? Are not our people entitled to low cost and plentiful energy? Trump realizes that the continued road to prosperity for us means we must have cheap and abundant energy. Think how many service jobs will be generated and they will help replace the loss of jobs from increased mechanization.
This policy will strike at poverty, too, as more people can live comfortably without sacrificing unnecessary financial and physical pain in exchange for 65 degree homes in the winter and 80 degree summer homes.

I have often wondered why the “compassionate” liberals are OK with granny suffering in the winter, armed with only a blanket and extra sweater. Or why poor people must shiver, too, while the elites jet about in their private planes, griping about the planet.

All for what? Climate change hysteria? The latest info indicates we’re in a big cooling trend with normal winter temperatures set to be the lowest in centuries. We’ll need that energy then, won’t we?

Ocasio Cortez May Be Right

The wacky Leftist/Progressive/Democrat Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-LooneyTunes) has suggested we make election day a holiday for all.

Sure, Europeans do it, but why should we? Surely we can take 20 minutes out of the day every two years to protect our democracy. After all, soldiers do it 24/7 for years.

But then someone pointed out to me the jewel of an idea in her crap proposal.

Anonymous commented:

The Dimp!e Cheeked Chica has tweeted a Dimple Cheeked Chica inspirational combo question & implied challenge:

The question being: Why is Federal Election Day not a holiday?

The implied challenge: Make Federal Election Day an Federal Holiday.

The brilliance of this almost tempts one to think that the Dimple Cheeked Chica is a mole of Trumpian MAGA, as, were Federal Election Day to be declared a Federal Holiday, the following would become true:

1. All citizens would be equally provided with the same, exact opportunity to participate in voting. The moochers, to whom EVERY day is a non working day, would thus be joined by the taxpaying, working citizens, in an exquisitely delightful manner.

2. This newly applied Federal Holiday status of Federal Election Day will be the catalyst to return election day as the only day to vote, retaining absentee by signed statement as the traditional means for those attesting to actual absence from their places of residence from which they are registered to vote. Also, no need for “early voting” bullshit.

3. The same legislation to declare this Federal Election Day Holiday would be including sane requirements for registration of proven citizens. Federal defined requirements. Constitutional conforming requirements.

4. The challenge then would be to the individual States to comply with Federal Standards.

So, the Dimple Cheeked Chica has suggested, in a single tweet, a concept which is so Trumpian in possibilities as to induce suspicion that the Dimple Cheeked Chica is actually a mole for MAGA!!!!!

Well, I doubt that, but he/she raises a good point.

It would save money (an approach that appeals to a lot of shallow thinkers) to have just one day for elections. There would be no cost to set up polls across cities and states for weeks, plus pay for manning them. Lots of Dem voters get payback for this job. They would resent it being taken away and that would be a blow for Dems.

It would cut down on the opportunity for the unscrupulous, aka Democrats, to cheat. When there is less time for it, it really narrows the chances they can successfully do it. Take away or limit provisional ballots and you remove the big new tool the Dems use to make up for the lack of votes in a tight race.

Our side likes to argue that knowing how many Republicans are voting early tells them they need to do something to increase GOP participation. First, I don’t know why this information is available. It appears to violate our privacy rights; rights that are inherent to vote integrity.

Second, do we really have success in pushing our voters when the information comes out? Do we organize and bus them like the Democrats? No. That is a tool Dems use to up their participation. It should be taken away. From what I see it boosts them, not us. In the August 1 election, our Shelby GOP knew we were falling behind, but were unable to do anything about it anyhow and we lost.

As anonymous suggests, getting states to change would be the tough part. Things ought to have been addressed in 2000 after the terrible Bush v. Gore Florida episode. We had the House then. We had it after 2016; nothing was done. With Dems in charge, they will fight tooth and nail to oppose any change to their election stealing agenda.

As election after election brings more and more doubts as to the honesty of our system, voters will begin to lose faith in it. That would lead to fewer participating as no one believes it is honest anymore.

In that, the Dems have succeeded in their march to autocratic rule.

We’ve played around too much with elections. We need to get back to the basics. Will we?

Is He Not Insufferable?

I watched the Chris Wallace interview of President Trump.

Wallace was about as bad as CNN’s Acosta. He interrupted him, was obnoxious and tried to pin on him the lie that he said the media is the enemy of the people.
Watch this part of the interview. Warning: it will make you furious.

President Trump repeatedly whacked him on his “facts” and gave plenty of examples of truth vs. fakery. Still, Wallace insisted.

Too bad Wallace didn’t ask questions on real issues, such as what will happen on the border, what are the problems there, tariffs, etc. Instead he serves up the usual media plate of crap.

Did Wallace or the others attack Obama like this? Of course not. They made up fake good news for him and served it up on a platter.

We didn’t eat it then and we won’t now.

Winner Now Loser Thanks to IRV

Yesterday this website ran a story about a Congressional seat in Maine. Because of Instant Runoff Voting, the Republican, who had the most votes, has now lost.

From the Gateway Pundit:

Democrat candidate Jared Golden was just announced the winner of Maine’s 2nd Congressional district after an algorithm decided the race.

As previously reported, Republican Congressman for Maine’s 2nd district, Bruce Poliquin filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against Maine’s Secretary of State to stop an algorithm from deciding the election in his race against Democrat opponent Jared Golden.

Congressman Bruce Poliquin pointed out that Maine has a long history of plurality winners in its elections.

Poliquin also argued against an algorithm deciding the Maine election in a Facebook post Tuesday.

“This system only adds additional cost to taxpayers, creates overwhelming confusion for our citizens, and is ripe for mishandling and unlawful electioneering actions, as evidenced already,” Poliquin wrote on Facebook. “Mainers deserve better than their money being wasted, their frustrations growing, and their sacred right of voting being manipulated.”

Thursday, the race was called for Democrat Jared Golden after the algorithms decided in his favor.

A reader from Australia writes, “We have it in Australia and it is called preferential voting. It is a nightmare. For example It resulted in preference deals allowing a senator (Ricky Muir Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party) to be elected with only 0.53% of the primary vote (a direct vote for the candidate). It is subject to backroom deals where major parties can claim the smaller parties votes. Typically the Green’s (and other loony parties) preferences go to bolster the Labor party (equivalent to Dems). Be careful not to add another corrupt arrow to the democrat’s bow.”

Well we just did in Memphis.

All the attachments the Democrats successfully put on voting, such as early voting, motor voter laws, no need for ID, provisional ballots, etc. just water down the vote of registered Americans. They also know that once these things are made into law they are very hard to remove.

I wonder what the vote tallies would be if we had only absentee voting and voting on election day by ID’d citizens. I do not believe it would be the same as the current voting and Republicans are the losers.

Another Reason to Like OAN

While Fox News sides with CNN and joins the Acosta suit against the White House, One America News does the opposite.

OAN CEO Robert Herring tweeted, “1) WE are going to file in the CNN vs White House court an Amicus Brief in favor of the White House. Acosta’s actions are stopping our people from getting their questions answered, so that we can give our audience the real news direct from our President.

“(2) Can’t believe Fox is on the other side, but they have direct communication to the President. We are lucky if we get a five minute interview once a quarter.”

Smart move.

One America News is much more conservative than Fox News. They also cover much more international news.
They have opinion shows in the evening (all conservative) and file some good stories from their White House correspondents and others.

With a lot of Fox’s audience disenchanted with some of their anchors and reporting, One America News has the opportunity to go and get these dissatisified viewers.
The network is available on Channel 347 on Direct TV.

Just in Time for Christmas

A friend sent me this video:

The Dallas News says:

Inside a Dallas warehouse are stacks and stacks of Trumpy Bears — great American grizzlies, teddy bears who fear nothing.

Trumpy Bear, a teddy bear designed with a shock of blond hair and bushy eyebrows like President Donald Trump’s, has been on the market since 2017, but it has become a sensation this week because of a Twitter post that went viral.

A lot of people have wondered whether the widely shared commercial is a spoof, but its creators say Trumpy Bear is not a joke. It’s a real product, sold by a real Dallas-based company, Exceptional Products Inc.
Many people hadn’t heard of the bear sooner because a lot of TV stations declined to run the ad, saying it was overly political, according to Elliott Bracket, vice president of Exceptional Products.

“This particular one we ran on local Fox in New York City, and somebody that had a really large Twitter following tweeted this out, and that’s what sort of set the wildfire again,” he said.

Trumpy Bear may be based in Dallas, but its inventor is a New Jersey woman, V.L. Lange, who says she designed the bear in Trump’s image after he was elected.

“I felt it was time to name an American fearless grizzly bear after our new Commander and Chief [sic],” Lange, who declined to be interviewed, said in a written statement.

“This iconic bear should be viewed as the symbol that anyone can run for president of this great country of ours,” her statement read. “The weight of the responsibilities that come with the presidency can be a burden that I, for one, could never endure.”

You might not want to give it to any children of snowflakes.

Well That Didn’t Take Long

Memphians passed up an attempt to repeal Instant Runoff Voting on the November 6 ballot.

Oh, it sounded so good. It would save money and time and it would show our City Council, who backed it. Social Justice Warriors went to town on it and they got their wish.

Many warned that IRV takes away the one man, one vote principle and that it can end up electing someone that no one really wanted.

It looks like that is already happening in Maine. Rick Moran at American Thinker writes:

Maine Rep. Bruce Poliquin (R-Me) has filed suit in federal court looking to stop the secretary of state from counting “ranked choice” ballots.

Polquin won a plurality of votes on election day. But Maine’s quirky federal electoral system forces the state to employ a system where a computer algorithm determines who gets votes from the minor candidates in order for one candidate to receive 50% of the vote.

Ballotpedia explains:

In a single-winner ranked-choice voting system, voters rank candidates by preference on their ballots. If a candidate wins a majority of first-preference votes, he or she is declared the winner. If no candidate wins a majority of first-preference votes, the candidate with the fewest first-preference votes is eliminated. Votes cast for the eliminated candidate are transferred to second-preference choices (if a ballot lists only the eliminated candidate, the vote is considered exhausted and is removed from future tallies). A new tally is conducted to determine whether any remaining candidate has won a majority of the remaining votes. The process is repeated until a candidate wins an outright majority. This system is sometimes referred to as an instant-runoff system.

So Poliquin’s chances for victory have been reduced considerably, despite the fact that he won the most votes on and before election day.

Portland Press Herald:

Poliquin and three other plaintiffs are asking a federal judge in Bangor to block Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap from proceeding with the nation’s first ranked-choice voting run-off in a congressional race. Neither Poliquin nor Golden secured a majority of the vote in the first count of ballots in the Nov. 6 election, thereby pushing the tabulation to voters’ second-choice candidates – or perhaps third-choice – until one of the front-runners crests the 50 percent threshold.

U.S. District Judge Lance Walker scheduled a hearing for 9 a.m. Wednesday on a request from Poliquin’s attorneys for a temporary restraining order that would force Dunlap to stop the process until the case is settled. Walker had scheduled an initial hearing in the case for Dec. 9, but the retabulation of votes could happen as soon as Wednesday unless the court intervenes.

Dunlap, a Democrat, said ballot processing will continue until he hears otherwise from the court. “If a judge tells us to stop, we’ll stop. … I think we have to obey the law, and the law says that we proceed,” Dunlap said Tuesday afternoon.

Voters have approved ranked-choice voting twice at the ballot box, making Maine the first state to use the process in statewide primary and federal elections.

Poliquin’s lawsuit claims the use of ranked-choice voting violates the U.S. Constitution because the document “sets a plurality vote as the qualification for election” to Congress. However, the U.S. Constitution does not mention plurality or ranked-choice voting, and several constitutional scholars said Tuesday that the lawsuit is not likely to prevent the state from moving forward with the run-off.

This is unnecessarily confusing, even if ranked choice voting is declared constitutional. The method was actually adopted in 2016 statewide, but the state supreme court ruled that the system violated the Maine Constitution.

But federal elections for senator and congressmen were exempt. Hence, Poliquin’s suit to stop the counting.

So, are Maine voters voting for the man or the office? By applying “second choice” ballots to another candidate’s totals, the idea that someone’s vote should count despite the fact the candidate they voted for was not their first preference is weird.

I fail to see a problem with a winner receiving only a plurality of votes instead of an outright majority. This is what representative democracy is all about; the winner represents all voters, not just their supporters. But I guess that concept is too difficult for some voters to grasp.

Agreed. But Memphians declined the option to have a plurality winner in local elections. We will be experiencing the same problem in the future. Then expect all the SJWs to howl and pontificate.

Then maybe this ridiculous IRV will be repealed.