How the Game Is Played

Watching the President’s speech this morning, I couldn’t help but think how small ball the whole Russia thing is and how ridiculous it is that it got any coverage whatsoever.

Trump went right for the big issues in his first overseas trip. He has dared to go where others wouldn’t tread. He’s put a lot on the line visiting the homes of the three great world religions. Nothing timid or small in his plans.

In this speech, Trump spoke about uniting nations to crush ISIS. He didn’t ignore Iran nor did the Saudi king. They recognize that it is an existential threat. It’s about time we heard that. Obama wanted to lead us from behind right over a cliff.

Trump also secured a deal that will bring billions into our country and thousands of jobs. Ask an unemployed person what’s more important to them – a job or speculation by unnecessary journalists about meting out their brand of hatred?

I bet the job wins.

But what do we get at home? A press caught up in this trivial and baseless Russia narrative.

No better illustration than this morning’s CA. Trump’s face takes up 2/3 of the Viewpoint page with the headline “Impeachment: Donald Trump’s Worst Nightmare?” Has anyone yet found any crime he’s guilty of – except for being the election victor? No. They hope to tie us up in manufactured crises like this instead of the real problems facing the country.

The article is not even worth a summary glance.

Conservative writer Mike Cernovich offers a solution. He advises,

Young Trump supporters get their news from (in this order) Twitter, YouTube, Drudge, and FoxNews (although that’s changing, as FoxNews is not sufficiently America first).

Older Trump supporters get their news from talk radio, FoxNews, Drudge, Twitter, and YouTube. When WaPo or NY Times drops a “devastating” story on Trump, do you know who reads these stories  —  liberals!

Cernovich says end the daily press briefings. Go on offense and use Twitter to link stories and make news.

Run Trump’s Twitter, and Sean Spicer’s Twitter, like the Drudge Report or another popular Twitter account. Trump can set the news cycle by linking to articles. He should be linking to articles about the Awan Brothers, Anthony Weiner, and other vile and corrupt Democrats.

Trump should be linking to 5 to 10 news articles each day. This will allow his Twitter to not only be a direct voice to the people, but it will also become a news curation site. Someone like Laura Ingraham would be perfect at curating high-impact articles.

Make the fake news media and liberals own their criminals.

Absolutely. He needs to free us from the tyranny of the press. Revolutionary I know, but how we win.

A Tweet to Repeat

Keep this tweet from Obama toadie David Plouffe in the back of your mind:

His kind equals anyone from outside the political orbit who dares to think they can be a part of government. You’d think we were back to the divine right of kings, only now it’s the divine right of politicians and bureaucrats to rule over us.

Our Founders clearly would prefer officials to come come from the people. They did not like an official ruling class, otherwise they would not have structured the government as they had.

They wouldn’t have understood the media becoming a vehicle for an oppressive government either. That they have joined forces with the entrenched globalist politicians is against everything they stood for.

Let’s reword Plouffe’s treat to be accurate: “It is not simply enough to beat the media and the Democrats. Their kind must not rise again.”

Nails It

If you ever doubted the difference in treatment by the media given to Obama and Trump, this is excerpt is profound:

To Obama: “During these first 100 days, what has surprised you the most about this office, enchanted you the most about serving in this office, humbled you the most and troubled you the most?”

To Trump: “Have you… wondered if anything you have done …has been worthy of criminal charges in these investigations or impeachment as some on the left are implying?”

Nov. 8 Broke the Spell

I have come to realize that the election November 8 didn’t just elect Donald Trump president. It didn’t just put the GOP in charge of the government. It was much more revolutionary than that.

November 8 changed the American people.

It didn’t change American values and it didn’t change our national identity. It didn’t change our morals or beliefs. It changed how we see the world.

Since the advent of television and television news coverage, Americans – for the most part – have believed that the networks and the cable news networks actually reported facts. We believed that the major broadcasters at least attempted to be fair. Their bureaus seemed filled with intelligent people who might have a different political leaning than some of us, but they wouldn’t make up stories about others. They wouldn’t lie and they would accept what happens and not insert themselves into events.

Newspapers, too, could have their biases, but Americans thought they, too, delivered the truth – mostly.

But on November 8th and 9th all that was shattered. The media will never again manipulate the public.

First, the polls they swore by, even on election night, were 95% wrong. The uber guru Nate Silver’s election predictions were way off. The pundits, who early in the evening foresaw a quick Clinton victory, had to get off their high horses and wallow in the muddy mess they’d made. The news anchors had to admit that Trump had won, which they did grudgingly and sullenly.

It was as if a spell was broken, the witch had melted, and all at once we saw that the emperors had no clothes. Viewers and readers flat out don’t believe them anymore and recognize that what we’re being fed is speculation.

This has turned the media into a frenzy of anger, lying and hysteria. Even after all these months, they still can’t accept reality because it means their power has gone.

If you doubt this, reexamine this week. Washington Post, New York Times, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and all the rest have screamed at us that Trump was guilty of collaborating with the Russians. They pushed story after implausible story to convince us. They made impeachment look inevitable in the next few weeks. They got every kind of expert to contribute to this meme.

The stock market went down dramatically mid week amid all this talk. You, like me, probably turned off the TV and went on to ignore the screaming. There is only so much drama and hysteria we can take.

For most of us not on the East or West coast, all this seems as absurd as it is. We know who they are now. We know what they want. We aren’t listening anymore.

We know they are lying and manipulating. We recognize their motus operandi. We’ve had enough. There are rumblings that news viewership is down. We know newspaper circulation is, too. We are ignoring Hollywood in their Trump hate. Box office is down. So much for blockbusters and summer movie going bonanzas. They have turned us off there, too.

We know who they are and what they want. Their power over us has been lifted.

They will never regain it.

SP Can Expose Creepy Crawlies

While the appointment of a Special Prosecutor might sound like a bad thing for the Trump administration, it might be a case of be careful what you wish for.

The Democrats might not like what comes out about them, not Trump. Their Russian narrative may backfire on them in a big way. Critters in the swamp should worry.

For instance, I did not realize until I read this article, that John Podesta had access to the President’s Daily Briefing. President Obama decided that unlike other presidents, he would receive it digitally on a tablet and that he would share it with 30 other people, one of whom was Clinton ally John Podesta.

Here’s the info via Conservative Treehouse. Don’t be dissuaded by length; it is fascinating.

When you recognize how widely the Obama administration disseminated the PDB you begin to realize how easy it was for any foreign entity, including the Russians, to have access to the EXACT SAME daily intelligence brief as President Obama and his National Security Adviser Susan Rice.

An additional character within this wide-dissemination construct would be John Podesta. Remember, after Hillary Clinton stepped down from Secretary of State, she inserted, with Obama’s approval, John Podesta within the White House Senior Advisory staff to keep a communications line open with direct information. Podesta remained in that position throughout 2013, 2014 and into 2015.

Having a known entity like John Podesta with access to the PDB and the unmasked intelligence therein, puts the appropriate highlight on the risk carried by Russian hacking into Podesta’s electronic communications, stored data and email correspondence.

Is it any surprise Russian, or any foreign intelligence group, would then be making attempts to enter the unsecured private email accounts of Secretary Hillary Clinton and her top level staff?

And John Podesta is only one of numerous people who would have access to this PDB information. All of which would potentially be at risk of being read daily by enterprising hackers, or various spies, who would glean a gobsmacking level of information by actually reading the same unmasked intelligence as the President of the United States.

Oh, the angles are almost limitless.

Not only would President Obama and his entire NSC team be gathering operational political intelligence on their political adversaries to include President-Elect Donald Trump and his transition team, but they would also be gathering intelligence and unmasking it on other U.S. Officials…..

…..That same unmasked and widespread surveillance, under the auspices of intelligence gathering, was then shared with dozens of administration officials -beyond the likes of the National Security Council, Asst. Defense Secretary Farkas and politicos like John Podesta- which means it was more than likely reviewed, via hacking etc., by our most critical national enemies.

Follow that trail to where it leads and you’ll likely discover the real story that encompasses the motive to create the ‘vast Russian conspiracy‘.

It only took Susan Rice two minutes on MSNBC to highlight the entire motive.

Another March 2nd MSNBC interview takes a new context:

“I was urging my former colleagues, and, and frankly speaking the people on the Hill [Democrat politicians], it was more actually aimed at telling the Hill people, get as much information as you can – get as much intelligence as you can – before President Obama leaves the administration.”

Because I had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with the senior [Obama] people who left; so it would be hidden away in the bureaucracy, um, that the Trump folks – if they found out HOW we knew what we knew about their, the Trump staff, dealing with Russians – that they would try to compromise those sources and methods; meaning we no longer have access to that intelligence.

So I became very worried because not enough was coming out into the open and I knew that there was more. We have very good intelligence on Russia; so then I had talked to some of my former colleagues and I knew that they were also trying to help get information to the Hill. … That’s why you had the leaking”.

Someone from inside the system added:

“…the posture is worse than you likely imagine. So how classified information gets spread around without too much detail is if I am on Red Team A and involved in operations and running sources and have the same clearance as my buddy on Red Team B in another province of the country and my other buddy just rotated back home and is in DC area or wherever…as long as we all have the same clearances, I can email/forward say my source notes, intelligence summaries, graphic intelligence summaries (GRINTSUM), to those buddies of my mine along with a wink, wink don’t share this with anyone else.

“Do they have the clearance to view it? Yes. Should they be viewing it? Depends if they’ve been read on to the same program though unlikely as they are either in a different province with different objectives and my other buddy is now back home and working from a SCIF there but likely does not ‘need to know’ about our operations anymore.

“Now compound this with my buddies who have their own close buddies and next thing you know the ‘Intel’ meant for a certain operation is now spread to easily a hundred people or more and should have stayed on the FOB and with approx 10-12 people who needed to know only.

“THIS is how PDBs and other like Intel get spread throughout the community and also how Trump has massive leaks coming from my community who do not like him. There is nothing stopping an analyst with a TS/SCI clearance from copying and pasting portions of briefs or entire reports and sending them via classified email to a ‘buddy.’ This is how HRC and Huma transferred intelligence I’m 99 percent sure.”

Here’s another take:

“If Trump had anything to hide he would resist appointing a SC tooth and nail. Explains why Obozo never appointed any SC. Obozo had plenty to hide and the MSM was more then happy to ignore them all. The benefit of the SC is it shuts the Dems up and makes them wonder what else he will find. There are still smart people left in the Dem party. Behind all the hysteria the smart ones know the Trump-Russia monologue only gets them so far but has the huge potential to boomerang badly back on them. Rarely in politics does one side dominate the momentum all the time.”

You can’t drain the swamp without howls, protests and fighting back. It’s going to be rocky, particularly with the media’s constant spin on things. I do think Trump knows what he’s doing and is determined.

WaPo at War

When I read on Drudge yesterday that the Washington Post had a “bombshell” story about President Trump allegedly leaking intelligence information, I looked at the time. It was apparent that this story broke a little ahead of the 5 and 6 p.m network news programs so that they could lead with this.

Others noticed it, too. The Conservative Treehouse said:

When the CIA wants to leak a damaging story they coordinate with the Washington Post and ABC. (and vice-versa).
When the State Dept. or FBI/DOJ wants to leak a damaging story they coordinate with CNN and the New York Times. (and vice-versa)

This consistent pattern has NEVER been broken.

Tonight using “unnamed” and the most vague descriptions of “anonymous sources” The Washington Post creates a fake news story specifically timed to release at the 5pm hour to hit President Donald Trump.
Transparent Media Agenda:

First indication is the timing of the Washington Post news release (5:02pm EDT).
Second indication coordination with NYT for immediate follow (6:26pm EDT)
Third indication – Same exact pattern as Flynn intelligence leaks. Identical timing.
Fourth indication – Same use of entirely anonymous sources: “former American government official” ie. an Obama official.
Only 3 U.S. Officials actually in the room with first-hand information: National Security Advisor HR McMaster, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Senior Adviser for policy, Dina Powell.
Publication motive/intent – The Washington Post never contacted anyone in the White House for questions, nor did they ask McMaster, Tillerson or Powell for comment before publication. All three call the Post article – fake News.

Look how eager the Washington Post was for this:

Curiously, another big story broke that could explain why this one was put out ahead of it.

Drudge has up “Dead DNC Staffer ‘Had Contact’ With Wikileaks.” Private investigator Rod Wheeler says he has evidence of this. Seth Rich is the dead DNC staffer. He was killed one night last summer. The police called it a robbery, but nothing was taken from him. He had three bullets in his back. Many believe that his anger at the way the DNC treated Bernie Sanders led him to leak info. Perhaps someone had motive to stop him. Wikileaks thinks so.

If this is true it would destroy the Dems narrative of Russian hacking. Since they have perilously put their eggs in this basket for the 2018 elections, they must divert attention from this story.

This Trump “bombshell” will keep media tongues wagging all week, they hope.

It’s also hard to discount Obama and Valerie Jarrett’s role in all of this. They want to take Trump down. It’s what they’re living for right now. I can see them picking up the phone to some of their buddies still entrenched in the CIA, FBI, NSA and State departments asking them to leak something to the eager media. It doesn’t even have to be true; it just has to look bad for Trump.

The president needs to go on offense. He needs to start prosecuting the Clinton Foundation and look into the Hillary server/email situation. He needs to find something on Podesta and his cronies.

Given their histories, it shouldn’t be hard.