More Election Info

From Don Johnson:
Here are the grand divisional breakdowns: *EAST* (40% of total) Lee 35% Boyd 26% Black 22% Harwell 16% *MIDDLE* (38% of total) Lee 42% Black 23% Boyd 18% Harwell 15% *WEST* (22% of total) Boyd 31% Lee 30% Black 24% Harwell 14%

If you want the full results, they are here:

What Happened?

How did Shelby County Republicans lose so badly on Thursday?

That’s a post mortem that will be going on for a while. It should be thoroughly examined. The August 2 election is one that we should have won easily in several of the offices..

Saturday on his radio broadcast Ben Ferguson was excoriating the Shelby GOP leadership. Charlotte Bergman was being interviewed by him and he laid into her about the loss.

He said over and over that “we got our asses kicked” on Thursday. She defended herself and the party but he was really, really angry that we lost so terribly. I think she finally hung up on him. He told her that her defense was that of a politician protecting her own bid for election and not that of her constituents The same went for other Republicans running for office here in Memphis. It was something to hear.

He also attacked Shelby GOP chair Lee Mills on Twitter, saying he had “Been too busy jockeying for Ron Lollars seat appointment since July 6th when he passed away to worry about Election Day. Just a theory.” And, “Apparently he is wanting to be appointed to state rep Ron Lollar seat and his WIFE would be able to vote him in. Conflict of interest!!!!!”

According to @benfergusonshow “Neither his show nor @600WREC ever heard from Shelby County GOP leaders or even Lenoir campaign. That’s crazy. Always take Free publicity.”

In this morning’s Trunkline from the Shelby GOP, Mills answered his critics. He said,

Politics is a finicky thing. One day you are on top. The next day you are at the bottom. The results from last Thursday are disappointing to say the least. Words are hard to come by and the emotions I felt on Friday are hard to explain.

Over the past eight years, under Republican leadership, Shelby County has paid down record amounts of debt, rightsized government agencies, found new innovative ways to fix old problems and made government work better for everyone. The results are right there for everyone to see.

Many folks have theories as to why we lost. At the end of the day, the Democrats had more votes. Whose fault is it? I refuse to point fingers and speculate as to why many Republicans chose not to vote. What I can say is that we did everything we could do with the resources we had.

Could we have done more? Maybe. Could we have done things differently and more effectively? Apparently. Could we have changed the outcome? Doubtful. The truth is this; we made thousands of calls, block-walked with the help of RNC staffers, mailed ballots that contacted hundreds of thousands of voters, purchased new media, billboards and used a substantial amount of county party resources to drive voters out.

We appreciate everyone who voted. We appreciate the candidates who stepped up to run for office. It’s a hard thing to do and that needs to be recognized publicly.

Now we start to work toward the November State and Federal Election. We will rally and work hard to make sure that our State and Federal Candidates are elected. Bill Lee, Marsha Blackburn and our local slate need our help!

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite passages:

“Somewhere in the world there is a defeat for everyone. Some are destroyed by defeat, and some made small and mean by victory. Greatness lives in one who triumphs equally over defeat and victory.” – John Steinbeck, The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights

That’s at least a better attempt than the pathetic column John Ryder wrote in Sunday’s Commercial Appeal. It was headlined, “The agony (and opportunity) of election defeat.” The former Republican National Committeeman was playing nice – too nice – when he wrote, “First the loser must endorse the winner…In politics there are no participation trophies..Losing is an opportunity to reassess…There is no shame in losing. There is shame in not learning from your loss. And there is shame in turning your back on our democratic process.”

Frankly, that sounded like awarding a participation trophy. If it was supposed to make people feel better, it may have, but it didn’t do anything substantive.

We also need to check into why the votes were so late to be released by the Election Commission. Any time there is a lag in votes and the Democrats end up winning, well, it looks suspicious to me. I haven’t really seen an explanation for it.

Tomorrow at the Midtown Republican Club meeting the topic is “discussion and deciphering of the recent election.” I do not know who will be on hand to discuss and decipher, but it will be interesting to hear the explanations.

It’s going to be tough to recover from this loss. I, for one, would like to see concrete plans on how we win again. Do we get new candidates? (Some of Aug. 2 people were rather shopworn.) Do we work on digital outreach? Have a 20 year plan? Work towards getting more young people?

Something drastic needs to be done.

Bad Night for Shelby GOP, Good for State

We lost race after race in Shelby County yesterday. It isn’t pretty. Now the Democrats – and militant ones, too – will be in charge of the County as Mayor, Sheriff’s office, Trustee, Probate Court Clerk, Assessor and county commission seats.
Hello tax increases.

Poor Republican turnout hurt us. Perhaps some of the same old candidates put up hurt, too. There really isn’t any good news for Republicans – here.

However, lest anyone despair, the state GOP did well. Turnout appears to have been 2 to 1. Marsha Blackburn got almost twice as many votes as Phil Bredesen for the Senate seat. We now have a single gubernatorial candidate to focus on rather than the ugly fight that went on and turned off many voters.

On Twitter, @unseen1 laid it out:

1. You have all heard about the open seats the GOP has to defend and how this is going to lead to a blue wave and a dem takeover of Congress. Well tonight that narrative got a 2×4 of reality upside the head at least in Tennessee.
2. In Tenn primary 4 of those open seats were up for grabs. Three of those seats were in the House District 2, 6th and 7th and one in the senate.
3. In House district 2 the turnout so far with 95% reporting is 96,800 GOP votes to 30,300 Dem votes.
4. In the 6th district, the turnout so far with 99% reporting is 104,700 GOP votes to only 30,600 Dem votes
5. In the 7th district the gop candidate ran unopposed so no turnout numbers for the GOP side but on the dem side with 88% reporting only 32,700 people bothered to show up. This is NOT a blue wave turnout numbers
6. Finally in the Senate race for an open seat. This is the one the dems were really pushing a couple months ago as a possible flip for the dems. With 96% reporting the turnout so far is 710,500 GOP votes to only 375,300 dem votes.
7. Turnout was up for BOTH parties. Again not what a blue wave would show. Dems might have “energy” but they don’t have enough voters and are being matched with a corresponding increase in GOP voters.
8. Quick what happens when two equal but opposite waves come together?
9. Destructive interference. Destructive interference occurs when waves come together in such a way that they completely cancel each other out. When two waves interfere destructively, they must have the same amplitude in opposite directions.

Thank goodness for the sane parts of Tennessee. We’re not one of them.

No Bias Here

If you’re interested in seeing Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie, Death of a Nation, it’s here in Memphis and opening today.

But read how the ever so balanced media – in this case the CA aka Gannett – describes it:
“President Trump is compared favorably to Abraham Lincoln in the latest hairball of proto-‘Handmaid’s’ hallucination ejected from the esophagus of conservative lickspittle Dinesh D’Souza.”

Wow! And they wonder why we’re not reading their newspaper or watching their TV news shows.

This author should be ashamed of himself and face dismissal.

Not going to happen.

My Sample Ballot

It’s very important to vote tomorrow.

If we get Lee Harris as County Mayor, he will happily raise taxes. He’s admitted this already. You can watch your property tax bill get a hike. He’s also a friend of Planned Parenthood, which is an issue that is important to many of us. He’s sought the endorsement of Our Rev (revolution), which is a Leftist organization centered on Bernie Sanderson pushing socialism.

David Lenoir has done an excellent job as Trustee. He will manage our money well as County Mayor. He will get along well with the County Commission, something Mayor Luttrell has not been able to accomplish.

I am endorsing Diane Black for governor. She’s been impressive in the House and has helped President Trump repeatedly. Her values are right for Tennessee – Right for Life, NRA, low taxes. Randy Boyd and Bill Lee have not had to work with a legislature. And Beth Harwell leans a little too RINO for my taste.

Here are my other choices:

Robert Trouy for Assessor.
George Chism, Trustee
Dale Lane, Sheriff
Tom Leatherwood, Circuit Court Clerk
Richard DeSaussure, Criminal Court Clerk
Bobby Simmons, Juvenile Court Clerk
Chris Thomas, Probate Court
Donna Creeson, County Clerk
Wayne Mashburn, Register of Deeds
Sam Goff, County Commission Dist. 7
Charlotte Bergman, House District 9
Brian Kelsey, Tennessee State Senate, Dist. 29
Mary Wagner, Circuit Court, Div. 7
David Rudolph, Circuit Court, Div. 9
Jennifer Smith Nichols, Criminal Court, Div. 10
Ford Canale, City Council

Then there is a ballot initiative concerning whether the local officials should determine raises for the county officials or whether the state should regulate it. I voted no because I think the amendment gives too much leeway to local officials who might want to reward friends with higher salaries.

Early voting was light in Republican votes – it often is.

Let’s hope Republicans get out and vote tomorrow. All these offices really have a direct effect on our daily lives. We need responsible people in charge.

Socialism in the Bag?

Socialism’s in the bag for the Dems, or is it?

Well, not for the elite, just for the great unwashed if you take a look at this picture from The Daily Caller.

That’s Tom Perez, chairman of the DNC. He’s at the Reagan airport in D.C. He’s carrying what looks to be a $1,840 Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandoulière 55 Damier Cobalt Canvas bag.

Is this what the oppressed, poor, victimized Democrat constituent wears? Does Socialism bring this to everyone?

The DNC is denying that Perez is carrying his own bag. They say it belongs to a DNC staffer. Do you believe that? And if it is, isn’t that worse?

Hypocrites are the Democrat party.

Pence Endorses Black

Vice President Mike Pence tweeted this yesterday:

.@DianeBlackTN is running for Governor of TN & a strong supporter of #MAGA agenda of tax cuts, military $$ & a champion of right to life policies. There are great candidates running but Diane has been my friend for years, we served together in the House, & she has my support!
9:59 AM – 27 Jul 2018

If Pence endorses her, will Trump soon follow?

Harris Seeks Radical Endorsement

An interesting email coming out of the Lee Harris campaign. It reads:

As you know, our campaign is gaining steam. With election day right around the corner, we want to make one final push for the endorsement of Our Rev.

Add your support to the endorsement of Lee Harris for County Mayor by Our Rev.

We believe Lee Harris has a track record worthy of an endorsement from Our Rev.

We ask that you stand with us in adding your support so we can win this important endorsement.

We have ten days until Election Day. Support this movement, and with your help we can drive real progress in Shelby County.

All the best to you,

Hanna McCarthy
Assistant Director for Digital Communications

What is Our Rev? I did not know. Perhaps a religious group of reverends? So I googled.

No, Our Rev refers not to reverends (although some appear to be involved), but means Our Revolution.

Their website explains, “Campaigns end. Revolutions endure. The next step for Bernie Sanders’ movement is Our Revolution, which will fight to transform America and advance the progressive agenda that we believe in.”

It continues, “Our Revolution will reclaim democracy for the working people of our country by harnessing the transformative energy of the ‘political revolution.’ Through supporting a new generation of progressive leaders, empowering millions to fight for progressive change and elevating the political consciousness, Our Revolution will transform American politics to make our political and economic systems once again responsive to the needs of working families.

“Our Revolution has three intertwined goals: to revitalize American democracy, empower progressive leaders and elevate the political consciousness.” goes on to list all the candidates they endorse. There is a big page full of photos of people from all over the U.S. seeking office.

It’s obviously a very left wing group.

And Lee Harris wants the endorsement of these people for Shelby County! That tells you all you need to know about him.

The Deep Media Web

Yesterday it was announced that the New York Daily News was axing about 80 staffers. According to them, that’s half the staff.

And, according to them, it’s a big blow to journalism. At least, liberal journalism. Consider these recent covers:

and this:

and the famous or infamous:

Hardly unbiased and fair.

According to the Daily Beast, “A second staffer, who did receive a pink slip, said it’s only a matter of time before the Daily News—whose circulation is a tiny fraction of the more than 4 million papers it once regularly sold—kills its print edition and goes all-digital.

“It will be a thin, all-digital operation,” the fired staffer predicted. “Competing with the New York Post is over. Competing with the New York Times is over. That was our pride and joy. That’s in the past.”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The cast off managing editor Jim Rich tweeted, “If you hate democracy and think local governments should operate unchecked and in the dark, then today is a good day for you.”


Now to the connections.

The Daily Beast reports, “Especially hard-hit were family members of the New York Times’ crack White House correspondent Maggie Haberman. Her husband Dareh Gregorian lost his job as the Daily News’ politics editor, and her brother Zach Haberman is no longer the paper’s head of content.”

That’s the wretched Maggie Haberman whose zeal against President Trump can’t be denied. She’s one of the rabid New York Timesers who cloaks her hatred in supposedly “fair” stories that rely on leaks and gossip.

It’s just another example of how the Deep State and the Deep Media collude. Yes, collusion over the ridiculous Russia stuff. Her colleague at the Times, Ali Watkins, even went so far as allegedly sleeping with Senate staffer (to Senator Diane Feinstein) James Wolfe to get the FISA warrant against Carter Page.

Funny how the Me, Too movement overlooks all this.

The network in the media is as bad and as connected as the Deep State. Until this is stopped we will continue to be pawns to their ideology.