Shelby Vote Analysis

Don Johnson, executive director for the Shelby GOP, gave a brief look at the August 5 election at the Lunch Hour Republican Club meeting Thursday.

“Republicans did a very good job on turnout,” Johnson said. “The Republican precinct base turnout was 38%, up ten points from 2006, while the Democrat turnout was 24%, up one point since 2006,” he said. “But 38% is not good enough for us for November. Republican voters are excited. The most excited in my lifetime, or at least since 1994. It means the opportunity we have is great.”

Several districts voted for Luttrell that had not voted Republican consistently. “With redistricting coming up in the next cycle, we need to make sure we get people to turn out in November,” he said.

Check these out

Some interesting articles to look at this morning.

Ace of spades gives his highest alert, a flaming skull, to the story of the juror who wouldn’t convict Rod Blagojevich. He even puts Blago’s hair on top of the skull. Look for the headline “Blago Holdout Retired State Employee Who Once Handed Out Campaign Literature…” Chicago’s Fox station reports that she “said for weeks she would find Blagojevich not guilty.” Go to

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is out with an effective ad for the fall elections called “Extreme.” Kudos to them. Check it out at

And for some news on Harry Reid and his campaign, the blogger at has a rundown on his flailing campaign, “Harry Reid Campaign Stuck on Crazy.” In particular, his link to “rumblings” provides some startling information.

The Right Time

Kelsey GrammerConservatives who dislike the dearth of conservative networks on TV will have somewhere else to tune in besides Fox News starting Sept. 8.

The RightNetwork is the brain child of actor Kelsey Grammer and others. He says it will focus on “entertainment with a pro-America, pro-business, pro-military sensibilities,” according to the New York Daily News.

Hoping to be available online, on demand cable and mobile phones, the backers plan on attracting Americans who are turned off by the conventional media.

Two of their shows give a taste of what they mean.

“Running” is described as a reality show that follows political rookies through their campaigns.

“Evan Sayet’s Right 2 Laugh” features the conservative commentator’s take on current events.

Check for an introductory video. Looks promising.

Steve Cohen a ‘no show’ for Townhall

I just got off the phone with Steve Cohen’s office.

I haven’t seen anything about a town hall meeting scheduled; usually in Midtown I get a glossy flier from him talking about his accomplishments, the election and a scheduled town hall meeting. Last summer I believe there were two. According to the media, the health care reform issue at his town hall last year wasn’t too confrontational. However, this summer while making Callfire calls for our candidates I did come across one woman who disputed that.

She had taken her teenage son to it, so that he could get an idea of what happens at one. She said it got pretty heated. The two anticipated seeing that on the TV news. They were shocked when it wasn’t portrayed at all. Her son couldn’t believe the difference between what he saw and what they showed.

Anyway, we won’t be treated to any such occurrence this summer. The spokesman said there was not one on Cohen’s schedule and there wasn’t one listed on his website.

I asked if he would have one before the election and he mumbled that there was a mandatory blackout period before the election so that there wouldn’t be one.


I’ve heard about McCain-Feingold and restrictions about advertising, but it seems strange that a congressman would not be allowed to meet with his constituents.

Then, with everyone talking about President Obama’s remarks backing the Ground Zero Mosque, and Obama’s wholehearted backing for Cohen, I asked what Cohen thought about it.

“I have no idea,” he said. “But anyway, it won’t be an issue in the 9th district.”

Really? I think it is one of the clarifying issues of the campaign. Cohen may represent the 9th district, but his vote impacts the whole country.

Let’s see if anyone in the media asks him this.

Next Club Speaker, Mark White

Mark White
Mark White attended the August 19th meeting of the Lunch Time Republicans.

Mark White, District 83 State Representative, will be our guest speaker at the next Midtown Republican Club meeting Tuesday, Sept. 7, 6 p.m. at Cafe Eclectic.

White will discuss his thoughts on immigration in view of his recent talks with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. White went there recently to look over their immigration laws, since our state assembly will look at it when they meet in January.

It will also be interesting to see what he thinks about the 9th Congressional District race, having opposed Steve Cohen for it in 2006.

Those Who Can – Do. Those Who Can’t – Teach.

Homework?This morning it was New York Republican Peter King’s chance to use the term”teachable moment.”

“I think the President missed an opportunity here,” he said on Fox News. “This was a ‘teachable moment,’ in his terms,” King said, referencing Obama’s controversial remarks on the Ground Zero mosque.

We had another teachable moment recently with the Shirley Sherrod tapes released by Andrew Breitbart, according to pundits.

And we had another one with Professor Henry Gates last summer with the beer summit after Gates was arrested by the Cambridge police.

In fact, just about any controversy brings this term out of the pundits’ and politicians’ bag of trite comments.

I, for one, would prefer no teaching moments. How about some governing moments for a change? Why do the American people have to be taught? Aren’t we the ones they are supposed to be listening to? The whole premise of this with Americans as juveniles awaiting our ideas from our professor/president has it all backwards. After all, the President and our elected officials should get their grade from us.

It looks like Obama’s racking up a solid F.

Maybe that will teach him.

Return to sender?

Pardon me, Elvis fans, for using this famous phrase, but does anyone know what happened to the $2,500 embattled House Democrat Charlie Rangel reportedly gave to Steve Cohen? Did Cohen return it or is it part of the stash he’s acquired to fuel his re-election campaign? Has any media type asked? Is it OK to keep tainted money someone else gave you or own up to it?

Pay no attention to the man (Rangel) behind the curtain

hear no evil
I can't hear you!

Last week embattled Democrat Charlie Rangel gave a surprise speech in the House, defending his recent ethics charges.

According to Dana Milbank at The Washington Post,  “it was one of the most extraordinary pieces of political oratory in recent memory.” He characterized it as a “rambling 30-minute speech attacking the committee, the Republicans, his fellow Democrats and even his own lawyers. It was less of a floor speech than a primal scream directed at those who say he should resign.”

So gripping, evidently, that Speaker Nancy Pelosi left the floor and many Democrats looked uncomfortable.

So gripping, too, that afterwards when reporters asked House Democrats about it, they had this to say:

“Not now,” said Representative Louise Slaughter.

“I didn’t really hear it,” pleaded Representative Howard Berman.

And our very own Steve Cohen: “What speech?”