Other Views of the D.C. Rally

For other takes on the Restoring Honor Rally in D.C., take a look at these:

At www.AmericanThinker.com, Andrew Thomas asks “Was the Restoring Honor Rally the Biggest Ever in D.C.?” with more pictures of the size of it. In “The Education of Glenn Beck” there Matthew May shares some thoughts.

For behind the scene looks, www.971talk.com/morningshow/index.aspx has lots of shots.

A funny picture concerning the Sharpton rally and the SEIU is at www.biggovernment.com.

Gateway Pundit writes of the next tea party event September 12 which will occur in St. Louis, Sacramento and Washington, D.C.

Skoda Show Expands

If you like listening to Memphis Tea Party Chairman Mark Skoda on KWAM (990), you will be happy to know that soon there will be more  of him.

His show, which has aired Monday and Thursday mornings, will become a daily show as of September 13. But instead of airing from 8 to 9 a.m., the show moves to 6 – 7 p.m. weekdays. He will follow the Ben Ferguson show on the same  radio network.

The more conservatives on the radio, the better!

Our Correspondent in D.C.

Midtown Republican is fortunate to have our own “reporter” at the 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally featuring Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.

Dr. Joan Schmitt, who visited our club meeting in August and who is working on a Downtown Conservative Club, has graciously accepted the offer to relay what she sees and hears at the event tomorrow in D.C. She decided, with some of her friends, to make the long trip there to participate in an event for America.

Good thing, too, since today’s paper implies that the rally was scheduled as a slap in the face to Dr. Martin Luther King.  Tomorrow marks the anniversary of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream Speech.”  Though Glenn Beck  denies the event has anything to do with race, lefty journalists want to cast it in a racist light.

With a Memphian there to report, we can get a first hand account of how many people are there, what the feel of the crowd is and what  message is conveyed.

Tomorrow look for her observations here. She’ll phone in her impressions and they will be written up.

Limbaugh’s ‘Crimes’

Crimes Against LibertyDavid Limbaugh is angry. He’s angry that we have a president who has a “god complex that portends ill for this nation.” He’s angry that we have the most divisive president in American history. He’s angry that Barack Obama “lied, cheated and stole to impose Obamacare.”

He’s angry that his five children face an “unsustainable debt and will be a second tier nation for a generation;” at Obama’s “dogged, blind faith in the redistribution of wealth.”

Limbaugh contends Obama “acts outside the rule of law” and likes to bully corporations and threaten uncooperating senators (Kyl) and states.  He decries the “creep to socialism that is now in hyper speed,” as  described to guest host Doug Urbanski, on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show today.

And he makes a further case for his anger in his latest book: “Crimes Against Liberty: An Indictment of President Barack Obama.”

His detailed list of “accomplishments” that have taken place in the last 19 months documents all the instances where liberty has been taken away from Americans. It will be a good reminder – and motivator – for all of us concerned with the 2012 election.

Shelby election lawsuit announced

From Midtown Republican Club member Cile Brooks (see attached PDF):

Ten countywide candidates in the August 5th election have formally filed an election contest in Shelby County Chancery Court requesting injunctive relief. The ten plaintiffs in the suit include certain non-partisan judicial candidates as well as certain Democratic nominees, all of whom competed in the County General Election earlier this month. Based on an inspection and investigation of the Shelby County Election Commission (SCEC) and of August 5th election records, the suit claims that the election process was incurably flawed to the extent that the citizens of Shelby County were denied a free and equal election as required by Article I of the Tennessee Constitution.

R or D?

I don’t mean Republican or Democrat. I mean Recession or Depression.

The bad economic news just keeps coming. The recession that ought to be winding down seems to be winding up. Today there was more bad news that drove the Dow below 10,000 for a time.

Durable goods dropped, excluding aircraft.  New home sales fell 12.4% in July, following yesterday’s report that sales of previously occupied housing fell 27% – a low not seen since the Johnson administration.  Last week the weekly jobless claims hit 500,000; we’ll see what tomorrow brings. Obama’s Homeowner Assistance program is failing, with half of the participants not able to make their house notes.

Summer of Recovery?

Maybe for Barack Obama’s golf game.

If you want to dip into the gloom, take a look at www.zerohedge.com. The writer Tyler Durden  has such titles as “JPM ‘Disastrous’ Durable Goods Number Sets Stage for sub 1% Q3 GDP,” “We’re All in a Race to the Bottom,” “Stock Market’s Slow, Painful Death Rattle.” At www.spectator.org James Gannon writes “Fed to Savers: Drop Dead,’ with Ross Kaminsky saying “Housing Stops.”

No one knows what is coming next. Tax hikes? Inflation? Deflation? Higher unemployment?

The only answer may lie in the question, R or D. Republican instead of Democrat control of Congress may just stop the slide.

‘Taj Mahal’ school amid layoffs (Video)

It has a ten acre park surrounding it and an Olympic quality swimming pool. You can eat in a dining room dubbed “better than most restaurants” or at a fast food court. Fine art murals hang on the walls with a glass and metal exterior of the finest quality. The auditorium is suitable for the Oscars presentations and was modeled after the famous Coconut Grove nightclub. If you prefer, you can go to the dance studio with its cushioned maple floors for instruction.

Lavish getaway hotel? Expensive spa?

Guess again. It’s the new public school in Los Angeles that cost $578 million dollars in a state that’s more or less bankrupt. L.A. residents … worldwide … are beginning to feel the pinch.

They call it the Taj Mahal and at that cost it could be. The kindergarten through 12th grade complex is named after Robert F. Kennedy and will open next month. Enrollment is 4,200 students and costs per student for its construction have been about $135,000 with an enormous overall cost of $250,000 per student.  It cost more than China’s Olympic stadium and more than Denver’s Invesco field.

This after the LA district laid off 3,000 teachers and in an area that has a dropout rate of 35% according to the AP and ABC News.

The money was obtained through voter approved bonds. But one wonders if taxpayers across the country will be bailing them out.  We probably already are. The recently passed $10 billion Edujobs bill that was passed allocates $1 billion for the LA school district as reported by The Atlanta Journal and Constitution.

We’ve come a long way from the one room schoolhouse. Years ago a co-worker told me of his experiences growing up in Alabama and attending a one room classroom. Somehow, even with teenagers mingling with the elementary aged children, and nothing but desks and hand me down textbooks, pupils managed to get a grasp of the basics that many probably do not have in our public schools today. He went on to become a millionaire and an informed citizen up into his 80s.

Home schoolers seem to do OK, also. The estimated $500 cost per pupil  home schooling entails lands those students higher test scores on things like the ACT than our money draining public schools can produce.

And how will the maintenance costs, benefits for employees and possible illegal immigrant school population keep costs down? As one writer put it, “Give me a state of the art teacher over a state of the art building any day.”

If you build a great, expensive school  they will come. But will they learn?

Republicans Fire First Shot in 2010 Campaign

This morning House Minority Leader John Boehner launched the opening attack of the 2010 election season.

The Republican from Ohio made a speech in which he asked for the resignation of the entire Obama economic team, including Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and White House economic advisor Larry Summers.

Boehner said what we all know; that the stimulus plan has been a failure and the economy is heading downwards.

The election is in ten weeks. Glad to see the Republicans on the offense.