“They have declared war on us”

When Andrew Breitbart spoke at the SRLC he was full of passion for our country.

Breitbart, a Tulane grad, said he was enjoying being back in New Orleans. He had come from the earlier tea party protest in Searchlight, Nevada, Harry Reid’s home town. He described his encounters with the left who purposefully tried to steer Tea Party people to the path away from their gathering. “They are fishing for hate,” he said.

“Why is it that the left gets to throw around “racism” yet if I want to use the word socialist I have to go to the DNC and ask permission?”

“The left wants to social engineer us and their favorite tactic is to accuse you of what they are doing to you. They have declared war on us.”

It was great to hear his enthusiasm and his encouragement for Republicans to get out and confront the opposition, even if it isn’t something you like to do.

And more why they hate

If you’ve ever watched the show “19 Kids and Counting” you are familiar with the large Dugger family of Arkansas.

Talk to a liberal and they will express outrage that people should have so many kids. Why? The Duggers get no federal assistance, they manage their own affairs, owe nothing and even home school their children at no expense to the state. I thought liberals were all about people doing their own thing, particularly when it comes to the bedroom.

But no. Many a liberal has come to near frothing when discussing them.

I think I might finally have understood their objection.

Raising your own children in the privacy of your own home without any assistance from the state violates one of the left’s most cherished ideas: It takes a village.

Clearly, it does not. The Duggers show that it only takes a loving Mom and Dad who think for themselves to bring up outstanding young people. The left clings to our dependence on the state and a culture of death to keep them in power. They do not like individuals succeeding.

Beat down update

The story of the attack on two Republicans in the French Quarter of New Orleans continues to get attention.

Some reports claim five people beat up the pair and police are looking over surveillance tapes. A white man with an auburn ponytail has been reported as the main perpetrator. At first the police said the twosome were mugged, however, Ms. Bausch used her purse as a pillow on the way to the hospital. As some people commented, a mugging in the French Quarter rarely involves a physical attack because the criminals want the money and don’t have time to waste beating someone up. They want to escape as quickly as possible. Gatewaypundit has been on top of this story so go there if you want more details.

One wonders if the probe of ACORN and the SEIU in New Orleans by the governor has any connection to this case.

Also, what if one of them had been carrying a gun? They could have protected themselves. In light of the howl that has come up by Memphis restaurant owners about people carrying guns into their restaurants, I think a gun in this case would have prevented the melee.

It is reported that Ms. Bausch had her leg operated on and faces months of recovery, so bad was the attack.

The hate is out there

Late Friday afternoon Louisiana governor Bobby Jindhal gave a speech to the audience at the Hilton Riverside. He charted the good things that have been happening in his administration.

Later, on leaving the event, we were surprised to see (but shouldn’t have been) the usual circus of protestors outside. Signs read “Jindhal Swindle,” “Don’t cut UNO (university of New Orleans) funds” and other “clever” remarks.

Seems the protest didn’t end there. Drudge reports today that Friday night, the Republican party of Louisiana was holding a fund raising event at Brennan’s in the French Quarter. An altercation occurred between Jindhal’s campaign fund raising chief, Allee Bautsch, her boyfriend and some opponents. It ended with Bautsch’s leg being broken by thugs, her boyfriend suffering a concussion and fractures to his nose and jaw.

Seems like the left just can’t restrain from violence.

Rick Santorum

The former senator from Pennsylvania got a warm greeting from the crowd. Someone from his hometown of Johnstown even brought him a small bouquet of flowers.

He began by saying that conservatives in Washington failed conservatism in 2006.

After his loss of his seat in 006 he was stirred to action in 2009 by the things going on in the Obama administration. He told his family, “I can’t sit here anymore. Who we are as Americans is threatened. We’re not an ethnic group, we’re an ideal. We’re not a melting pot, we’re a mosaic. The government’s role is to protect our rights, not give us new ones.”

When he saw the latest Quadrennial Defense Review and saw that Islam was not mentioned in it but there were 8 pages devoted to global warming, his fear and anger increased.  He felt like we are back in early 1941 when a bill to repeal the draft failed by only one vote. We are in similarly dangerous times, he feels.

Opening his appearance to questions from the audience, he got a first one that explained a lot for me. A Pennsylvania woman asked why he had supported Specter in 2004 rather than Pat Toomey.  Santorum had a thoughtful explanation.

He said he was really torn about it. His wife did not want him to support Specter, but Specter had promised he would deliver pro life justices to the Supreme Court when Bush nominated them.  As chairman of the judiciary committee Specter had a lot of power. Santorum said he weighed the endorsement against the possibility that a pro choice appointment would lead to the deaths of millions of babies and chose to back Specter. He said he could not live with the idea that his vote had gone against his pro life ideals.

I found Santorum a thoughtful and ethical person and it is a shame he is not a senator in Washington now.

Sarah News

Even a fake Sarah Palin had a following.

Several women carried a life size cardboard cutout of her on their train (Did she need a ticket?) and into the hotel hall. They should have charged to have your picture with her because everyone wanted to pose with her, including me. She had a devoted following, including several retired veterans.

I did hear a scoop – if true. I was told Palin will back the fair tax in May.

Charlotte Bergmann in NOLA


SPOTTED: Charlotte Bergmann, West Tennessee GOP candidate for U.S. House District 9, in New Orleans Friday. She was busy meeting and greeting Southern Republican Leadership Conference (SRLC) attendees. Here she gets Shawn Hannity’s signature on his book “Conservative Victory.” Thousands lined up to get the signature forming a procession which wound past several ballrooms at the Hilton Riverside and then snaked around and around inside the final venue room.


Newt Gingrich

Last night at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference Newt Gingrich shared his thoughts on the current situation the country finds itself in and what to do about it in stark, realistic terms.

He said he would never have dreamed a year ago – or even last December – that the Republicans would have had such an opportunity to take back the House and Senate in 2010. He feels the Democrats have not acknowledge the wave building against them, even after our victories in Virginia and New Jersey trumped by Senator Scott Brown’s win in Massachussettts.

We need to frame the campaign by calling attention to the differences between liberal policies and the traditional American values. For instance, that the country was founded on freedom and they are offering serfdom. Do we hold to the work ethic or go with their redistribution of wealth? Gingrich feels were are in the most serious conflict we have been in since the 1850s.

He holds to two beliefs. Number 1: elections have consequences. Number 2: consequences have elections.

He gave three “assignments” to us:

1. Talk about the secular socialism goals of Obama. Point out that we’re not in a power struggle, but a struggle over core values. That is, does a work ethic matter? Are we endowed with rights by our Creator, or does government define who we are? Obama, he says, is following a set of values antithetical to American traditions.

2. He will be discussing his 2 + 2= 4 slogan that will be outlined at American Solutions. He talked about how the Poles in the 70s put up signs in their home windows and businesses that said 2 + 2 = 4. It comes from thoughts by Camus and Orwell who say you can be made to believe that 2 + 2 = 5 if the government succeeds in propagandizing us. With those signs in their windows they voiced their opposition, but could not be arrested or questioned by putting up such an inoffensive sign.

3.  Project positive ideas. When asked on topics our candidates need to say yes to a balanced budget, not just deriding the Dems’ plans. Yes to stopping the loss of Medicare dollars to fund other projects. In other words, “Let me tell you what I’m for.”

I look forward to his new book and ideas that he will be rolling out soon.

He certainly seemed like someone running for president and I’ve never seen him better. He presents his thoughts so clearly you just can’t disagree. Gingrich got a big ovation from attendees.

J.C. Watts

I would like to see JC Watts debate Obama. He certainly doesn’t need a teleprompter and spoke easily and amusingly about his life and life in Congress.

He talked about how overtaxed Americans are and how we wouldn’t advise a third world country to do what we are doing if they wanted to progress. Today we get up in the morning and put on our clothes and there’s a tax on that. We take a shower and we are taxed on the utilities. Eat our breakfast and there’s a tax on our food. Get in the car and there is a tax on that. Fill up with gas and a tax on that. Go to work and they tax your income. Pick up the kids from school and that’s taxed. Sit in front of the TV and there’s a cable tax. Get on your knees and pray to God, kiss your wife good night and you think there’s no tax on that, but there’s a marriage tax! How true! Nothing escapes a tax by the government.

With 5 children and two currently in college he says he’s been busy putting them through school. He said he’s always worked with the United Negro College Funds and recently got a call asking for donations. Everyone laughed at his reply: “I AM the United Negro College funds!”