Mass Fraud in Massachusetts?

“Helpers” voting 20 times, 10-year-olds voting, food exchanged for votes, union list keepers checking off voters, hidden IDs being given to voters, “interpreters” going in the booth with voters even when the ballots were bilingual, coaching voters to votes all D; just a few of the experiences shared by poll watchers in the Bay State. A group called Neighbor to Neighbor Massachusetts was working hard in the election. Check out Martin Solomon’s report at

But Wait! There’s More

A previous post, “Explosive Reports” talked about the war between the Democrats and President Obama. An insider, who calls himself Ulsterman, has given an interview at Newsflavor. He talks about the scandal(s) that are out there for the Democrats. A note of caution: It is always dubious to rely on anonymous sources. However, no one working in the Obama administration would want to come out and be quoted on what’s really happening there or risk the wrath of powerful, ruthless people. Take it in context. By that I mean that snippets or headlines you see have already given support to some of what he says.

After the November 2 election, Ulsterman was asked about the scandal. “Is it still out there?” the interviewer asked.

“Yeah, of course it’s still out there…There have been a few more media reports circling the situation. As is most often the case, one investigation will open up another and then the snowball takes off down the hill. That is starting to happen now. It’s big. It’s messy. And if it gets back to the White House, it sill be a very significant problem for the administration. It is my understanding that they are already working very hard to distance the president. That is what always happens, but once it’s happening, it also confirms that there really is an issue out there.”

Interviewer: “So the scandal might not actually reach the president?”

“I think it will and so do others aware of the situation.”

Interviewer: “Are Republicans aware of it?”

“Oh yeah. At least certain members are and likely some who have very specific details. It is no casual thing to have incoming members of a new House majority telling the media that the White House needs to make certain it doesn’t start shredding documents…well, that’s about as bold a declaration as one makes in this town. Those Republicans are making it clear to the Obama White House that they know something – and are willing to go after them over it. I just don’t think President Obama fully understands or appreciates what is coming at him in 2011…I’m not exaggerating when I say it might very well break his presidency.”

What is it?

Darrell Issa, the California congressman, will be in charge of the House Oversight Committee. He has already said he intends to pursue several issues. Stimulous, Health Care Reform, Fannie and Freddie, and Voter Intimidation are just a few he mentioned.

Could it have to do with deals made by Nancy Pelosi and certain Congressmen for them to get on board with the Health Care bill? Would it have to do with Blagoevich’s dealings on the vacated Senate seat? Is that why Rahm Emanuel left the administration to return to Chicago and make sure everything is covered for President Obama?

Consider, also, the number of people close to Obama who have exited his staff. Do they know something?

As I said yesterday, something’s afoot.

Democrats’ Grief

Politico reports that 5 counselors were sent to Capitol Hill to help congressmen and their staff who lost in last week’s election. Included in them was a grief counselor to help Democrats deal “with the emotional aspect of the loss” and gave them material on the stages of grief. Where are Oprah and Dr. Phil when you need them?

Obama Losing Liberal Press?

Dana Milbank, liberal reporter for the Washington Post, wrote a post Sunday entitled “Would We Be Better Off Under a President Hillary Clinton?” Reading the article you’d have to deduce that he thinks we would. Obama saying they got a “shellacking” but it’s “something every president needs to go through” prompted Milbank to remember the famous Hillary 3 a.m. phone call. “When there is a crisis…there’s no time for speeches or on the job training,” it said. “I wondered whether Democrats would be in the fix they’re in if they had chosen a different standard bearer,” Milbank writes. You think?

Glad He’s Going

Republican Senator George Voinovich of Ohio has joined Delaware Democrat Senator Tom Carper of Delaware in proposing a 25 cent per gallon tax increase. These lawmakers want to increase the gas tax a penny each month for 25 months and apply the money to reducing the deficit and making transportation infrastructure improvements. Republican Rob Portman will take Voinovich’s place in January – none too soon to get this idiot out of office.

Explosive Reports

Something’s up, something’s going on that we are just beginning to hear about, thanks to Tuesday’s overwhelming Republican victory.

Various news sites are beginning to leak info on the Obama White House and what the Democrat party is doing to protect itself from his toxic touch. Today on his radio program, Rush Limbaugh echoed the idea that something’s afoot as well.

In several articles at and Politico, reporters are talking about leakers and what they have to say.

Mike Allen and Jim Vandehei of Politico co-authored “President Obama is Isolated Ahead of 2012.” They quote unnamed Democrats who say they “are skeptical that Obama is self aware enough to make the sort of dramatic changes they feel are needed in his relations with other Democrats or in his very approach to the job.” In addition, they say “he’s isolated himself from every group that matters in American politics.”
Wayne Madsen at goes much further.

According to that website, a blogger who calls himself Ulsterman talks of a reign of terror at the White House on leakers. Among the explosive findings there:

Democrats pushed Obama on this trip to get him out of the country as they attempt to sort through Tuesday’s political disaster.

There is guerilla warfare between Obama’s inner circle and Nancy Pelosi, James Carville, Howard Dean, Joe Biden and Bill Clinton. Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett and mother-in-law Marion Robinson are the few people Obama listens to.

Biden has been approached by Democrats who want to invoke the 25th amendment and remove Obama from office. However, he indicated he worries too much about the chaos that would ensue to endorse such a move.

According to these sources, even the Congressional Black Caucus is ready for Obama’s removal, questioning his grasp of reality.

Others allege that ex-CIA people have been released across the globe to look for documents and dossiers incriminating to Obama.

There has been talk of Obama taking prescription anxiety medications.

Two recent incidents get particular attention.

Obama’s behind the scenes fury after the seal of the president fell off his podium at the Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Speech alarmed many. He made light of it at in front of the audience, but afterwards seemed convinced that people were conspiring against him.

Then when Obama campaigned in Rhode Island and failed to endorse the Democrat gubernatorial candidate, eyebrows were raised. When he left the special $7,500 a place fund raiser afterwards to ‘”tuck in my daughters, walk the dog and scoop the poop,” attendees were upset and alarmed at his diffidence.
Alex Sink, the losing Florida gubernatorial candidate, echoed the fears of many when she accused him of being “tone deaf.”

Will the Democrats sit by and let Obama wreak further havoc on their party? These writers don’t think so. Read more about it at (“White House: Obama Conducting Reign of Terror”) and