Doesn’t Embrace Rahm Replacement

Obama’s hug of Rahm Emanuel as he departed yesterday gave off some bad vibes to economist and CNBC host Larry Kudlow. He’s also troubled by Emanuel’s replacement, Pete Rouse. Rouse, Kudlow notes, worked for uber libs Tom Daschle, Dick Durbin and Senator Obama. Looks like pedal to the metal for big government plans. Read more at Kudlow.

Rezko Resurfaces

“Rezko Pleads Guilty, Ready to Testify in Blago Retrial” reports WLS in Chicago. He will be sentenced December 17. People have wondered where he was; they’ve kept him at an undisclosed location in Wisconsin in connection with charges of loan frauds with his real estate dealings and his Papa John’s restaurants (who knew he had the pizza chain?). Speculation has been that he could spill some interesting info on his dealings with Barack Obama.

O Wants a Break from D.C. – Again

“I’d appreciate a little break and some Tuscan sun. Some pasta. I can use it,” said President Obama. He was attending a $30,000 a person fund raiser at the home of former ABC and CBS news reporter Linda Douglass and her husband who own a mansion in Italy. Can Michelle and 60 sycophants go, too?

Not in My Back Yard, Mr. President

The New Ramses

NIMBYImagine my surprise when I pulled the SUV into my Midtown garage to see a swarm of reporters, lights and G men in my back yard!

“What’s going on here?” I asked. Suddenly, a tall, thin man turned away from the hubbub to face me. “Barack Obama? What in God’s name are you doing in my backyard?”

“First off, enough of the God stuff. You Southern rubes just can’t leave it alone,” Obama said. “You’re in luck! I picked Memphis for my next backyard campa- er, policy discussion spot. Des Moines and Albuquerque were duds. At least I might get some barbecue here.”

“Well, yes, I have a pork butt on the smoker right now, but I never invited you! This is a home invasion,” I said.

“What’s a home invasion to you is eminent domain to the Fed,” the president said.

“Wait, a minute, I thought you weren’t supposed to eat barbecue. I thought Michelle had you on a strict diet and that the family never lets anything but tofu, broccoli and fish cross your lips.”

“Er, it’s a campa- er, regional thing. I wouldn’t want to insult Memphians.”

As his crew assembled some chairs and tables they unloaded from their truck, one of them yelled, “Uh oh. There’s a problem with the dog.”

“Problem, what problem? He’s friendly and only a puppy and …,” I started.

“No, no, no! This doesn’t fit the profile of a house the president would visit. Who messed up here? We only associate with rescued dogs, and he isn’t one. He’s not politically correct! Get him out of here!”

“But, but, but Bo’s not a rescue dog and you told the public that was the kind you were getting,” I said to the president.
“If you don’t think coming from Senator Ted Kennedy’s compound wasn’t a rescue, you’re dreaming,” he replied.

“What’s with this backyard stuff,” I asked one of the men. “Carter did it in 1980, but that didn’t work out so well.”

“Between you and me and the media, this isn’t working out too well either,” said the aide.

People began to assemble in my backyard. People I didn’t recognize as neighbors but a politically correct cross section of America. I was surprised to find a Hawaiian Jewish transvestite here, but you never know.

“Why don’t you go back to the beer summits? Didn’t that work out?” I asked.

“Not really. All anyone really cared about was what kind of beer they were drinking.”

“Well why did you choose Midtown Memphis?” I asked.

“Isn’t everyone here a Democrat?” the aide asked.

“Well, no.” I said. “I’m a Republican.”

“God! Doesn’t anyone ever vet these people?”

“About as well as you vetted Timothy Geithner?” I offered. “Listen, have you thought about a Fireside Chat? Obama would like to be the new FDR, wouldn’t he?”

“In a Blackberry/Twitter world? Why not use a word processor while you’re listening to your 8-track tapes,” he scoffed.

Suddenly, it began to rain and all heck broke loose.

“It’s just a pop up storm,” I said. “It will pass.”

“Well, no one really had any questions, anyhow, did they?” the aide said. “And the teleprompter is getting wet.”

“I have a few; more than a few,” I said.

“Later,” Obama said. “If it stops soon, I could still get a round of golf in. Anyone know of a good course?”

Religion of Peace or Pieces?

Take a look at the design for the Ground Zero Mosque. The facade looks like a pattern of Star of Davids that appear to be shattering and falling. “Ground Zero Mosque’s Stunning Symbolic Design Motif Unveiled” shows it at American Thinker. Hardly seems like an olive branch on the part of Muslims in New York City.