Year’s Best Blogs

The 2010 Fabulous 50 Blog Awards are out. Here’s a few choice ones. If you haven’t visited these sites, take a look and book mark them. They are all excellent.

Best Political Blog: Michelle Malkin

Best Political Analysis: Ed Morissey at Hot Air ties with Erick Erickson at Redstate

Best Conservative News Blog: Weasel Zippers tied with Gateway Pundit

Best Op Ed: American Thinker

Best News Analysis: American Spectator

Best Talker’s: Mark Levin

Best Group Blog: Right Wing News

Best Media Watchdog: NewsBusters

Best Media Analysis Story of 2010: Verum Serum – The Pigford Case and Why the New York Times Doesn’t Want to Talk About It

Rockwell Award for Best Artwork: iOwnTheWorld

Dali Award for Most Creative Blogging: Curmdugeonly ties with Skeptical & SondraK

Best European Award: Gates of Vienna

Best Economics Blog: Tie with Global Economic Analysis and Zero Hedge

For more, check


The Senate is poised to have a vote on START today. Some Senators are wavering and considering voting for Obama’s plan. Both Senators Corker and Alexander are undecided. Although the treaty reaches parity in strategic nuclear weapons, it locks in a 10,000 to 200 Russian advantage in tactical nukes and bars the U.S. from developing interceptor missiles as shields.

To contact Senator Alexander, call his Memphis office at 544-4224; in D.C. (202)-224-4944. Senator Corker can be reached in Memphis at 683-1910; in D.C. at (202)-224-0566.

Wasting Away

While most Americans are watching their pennies this Christmas time, Congress hasn’t been. Fortunately, Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) has been watching their spending and presents it all in “Wastebook.” It’s his yearly look at their profligacy and it doesn’t disappoints.

As Sen. Coburn notes, “we are borrowing over $44,000 per person in the United Staes.” Most Americans realize that somebody is going to have to pay this hefty bill.

You can take a look at the whole project at his site,, but here’s the table of contents:

Upkeep for Unused Monkey House and other Buildings: $175 million.

Sprucing Up Apartments before they are torn down in Shreveport, La.: $1.5 million.

Museum Where Neon Signs go to Die: $1.8 million.

Free Grateful Dead Archive: $615,000.

Agencies Unnecessary Printing Costs: $930 million.

Studying World of Warcraft and Other Virtual Games: $2.9 million.

Department of Energy Fails to Turn off the Lights: $2.2 million.

Fraudulent Medical Testing by Criminal Gangs: $35 million.

Poems in Zoos: $997,766.

Shooting Range Armed With Taxpayer Dollars: $15.68 million.

And yes, there are pictures.