How Much Will You Pay?

Congressman Mike Pence, replying to the President’s Saturday radio address: “If Congress fails to act, every American will see a tax increase in less than 100 days. 88 million taxpayers in the lowest bracket will face a minimum tax increase of $503.00. And small business owners will face higher taxes on income, capital gains and inheritance.”

Backdoor to Amnesty

The Houston Chronicle headline says “Immigration Cases Tossed by the Hundreds.” The Democrats are getting the judges to dismiss cases for them. Mark Krikorian, executive director of Center for Immigration Studies says, “When you have this kind of mass dismissal, it sends a very clear message to illegal immigrants, and to society at large, that the government is not serious about enforcing the laws.”

Smear Movie Planned

Comedian (?) Will Ferrell has a GOP genius in his scope. Ferrell, along with his liberal Hollywood friends, plans to make a movie about political strategist Lee Atwater. The result will not be pretty for Republicans. Atwater, who died of a brain tumor at age 40 and helped Bush 41 win against Democrat Mike Dukakis, gave Republicans many victories. However, director Jim McCabe calls him “without a moral center” and plans to paint him as a villain. Jim Carrey is being considered to play Atwater.

Telling It Right

“Proud to Be Right: Voices of the Next Conservative Generation” uses stories, as Democrats (and Reagan) successfully employed to get their message out. Compiled by Jonah Goldberg, the book’s 22 contributors are all under 30 years old. They share “maddening and, at times, heartbreaking results of liberalism” as they have experienced it. Sounds like an interesting read and Christmas gift.

Oprah Keeps a Finger in the Pie

Lest you think Oprah Winfrey’s political meddling is over, consider this. Oprah appeared via satellite on Jon Stewart’s October 14 Daily Show with a surprise for the audience. I’m flying all of you to Washington, D.C., to attend the Stewart-Colbert sponsored Rally to Restore Sanity Oct. 30 she promised. If this wasn’t enough to lure them, she sweetened the deal with putting them all up in hotels on her dime according to Oprah always seems to know what we should do, doesn’t she?