Acorn in Midtown

With all the information coming out via tapes on Acorn doings around the country, I was curious about our own branch. A Google search showed that Acorn headquarters is right here in our own Midtown. At 1000 Cooper, which puts it in the Cooper Young area. I suppose they want to reach out to young people and minorities. Anyone know anything about their activities?

Poll position

I attended a training session for election workers last week at commission headquarters. For too long, many of us, myself included, have sat back and let others do this tedious work. However, in the meantime, we have let control of the election process go to others eager for the chance to manipulate it for their own purposes.

After last year’s election, Republicans have control of the election commission. That means the chairman is a Republican, Bill Giannini. During the session one of the instructors shocked me. She said, to paraphrase, that there is a different group in charge now and people would have to be careful to not do some of the things they did in the past, but strictly adhere to the rules. And that inspectors may come by and check on them. You can, as I did, read between the lines. Elections, as they say, matter.

Right vs. Wrong

Shelby County Republican Chairman Lang Wiseman will square off against a Democrat on the subject of health care. He will be debating at the East High Auditorium Tuesday, October 13th at 7 at the event sponsored by the Memphis Urban League. Tickets to attend the benefit are $10. Any Midtowners interested in supporting the chairman and learning how to answer Democrat proposals for overhauling our medical system?

Grade this idea

On September 8, Obama is going to address students in public schools throughout the nation. He’s going to ask them to write a letter to themselves detailing what they will do to help President Obama. Do you find this outrageous, as I do? If you have children in public school, will you keep them out on that day as many are suggesting? I would be interested in how the schools are presenting this. has some very good info on the subject. I give this idea an F.