Debate Gets Curious

The Tuesday debate continues to dominate news, particularly since new media has found a lot of questions about Hillary Clinton’s behavior.

You might say there’s a basket of explorables to dig into.

One poker player has studied the video and concluded that Hillary was making hand signals to Lester Holt during the debate. The gateway pundit found this:
“During the debate when Clinton wanted to signal Holt whent she wanted the floor, she rubbed her face in a manner similar to a baseball manager.

“According to True Pundit she has not done this in any other debates during her career supporting the accusation that these were signals.

“Watch this incredible video before passing judgement–

Then there’s the curious case of the man who immediately after the debate, while the families were gathering around the candidates, went over to Hillary’s podium and removed something.

This was talked about on theconservativetreehouse:

“Earlier during our initial review of the debate we identified something that looked entirely suspicious because it is only evidenced for one specific candidate, and one specific lectern. We initially drew attention to it as ‘The Cleaner.'”

He has been identified as George Lewis, who worked for NBC News from 1969 to 2012, with his stories appearing on the NBC Nightly News.

As conservativetreehouse says, the following video is instructive for the first ten minutes:

“The cleaner, George Lewis, was trying to remove, and did eventually remove, something much more than just notes atop the lectern. Another person also is seen removing something. All of the key players are very aware of, and very cautious of, the people around them when they are in ‘cleaning mode’.”

Yes it’s weird, especially if you remember that she requested a special podium supposedly for her height deficiency.

Then there are suggestions that Hillary had been given some sort of medications to help her get through the 90 minutes of standing without coughing. She struck me as overly calm, robotic and zoned out.

At The American thinker, Nick Chase said, “Hillary’s “lazy eye” (strabismus) has struck again, this time in an interview on her Stronger Together airplane on September 27, the day following the debate. This segment was aired on the NBC Nightly News that night. I saw I thought I saw her eyes very briefly go bananas while watching the show (we tape it and watch it later so we can zip through the numerous commercials). But I wasn’t sure until I viewed the NBC live-stream on my iPad to capture a freeze-frame image:

Some odd things happened at that debate, aside from Lester Holt’s obvious partiality.

With the Clintons, nothing is out of bounds. They fight like junkyard dogs because they have no morals and always escape the law.

New Clinton Slur Is a Beaut

At the end of Tuesday’s presidential debate, Hillary Clinton launched a slew of slurs against Donald Trump. She accused him of calling a beauty pageant contestant “Miss Piggy” and that he referred to her as “Miss Housekeeping.” It was an attempt to color him a misogynist and to goad him into launching a personal attack on her.

He didn’t fall for it.

What Hillary didn’t tell you is the sordid past of this person who wants to vote for her in November.

Conservative Treehouse found out:

This has to be the worst campaign vetting in the history of failed campaign vetting…

Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton’s entire campaign narrative is now centered around, and vested in, using a former Miss Venezuela, Alicia Machado, as an attack surrogate against Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign goal is to paint Donald Trump as anti-woman, and fat-shaming, because the Miss Universe pageant owner told Machado she needed to lose the 50+ lbs she gained after winning the 1996 beauty pageant title.

Yeah, it does sound silly. Hillary Clinton is trying to hit Donald Trump for being critical/judgmental of beauty,… in a beauty pageant,… which he owned,… and was therefore the stakeholder in the brand image of the beauty pageant Machado won.

Huh? Yeah, but if that wasn’t silly enough, hold on. It gets really bizarre.

After finishing her one-year-term as ’96 Miss Universe, Alicia Machado first turned to a life of crime – including being the getaway driver for her boyfriend during the murder of his brother-in-law. A few weeks later Ms. Machado was accused of threatening the judge who was in charge of convicting her boyfriend.

(Daily Mail) In January 1998, the Associated Press revealed that Machado had been accused in court documents in Cadacras of driving her boyfriend from the scene of a shooting. […] A judge indicted her boyfriend, described by Reuters as ‘a 26-year-old graphic designer with movie star good looks’ – and police mounted a series of raids to find him, to no avail.

It was not the end of the affair.

A month later the judge went on national television to allege that Machado had threatened to kill him if he indicted Sbert.

Judge Maximiliano Fuenmayor said on national television that she threatened ‘to ruin my career as a judge and … kill me’, the Associated Press reported.
Ms. Machado, Hillary Clinton’s latest campaign surrogate/victim, admitted to being the getaway driver last night to CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Must Watch:

Nice approach….. Meh, what’s a little drive-by-shooting/assassination amid, well, the normal and customary American 20-year-old youthful indiscretions… let’s get to the part where Trump said I had to lose weight.

Oh, but wait, it gets better.

Not content with just living an ordinary life of crime, Ms. Alicia accomplice/murderess, decided to go full monty into the world of porn. Oh, not JUST the tasteful playboy type nude porn… the other kind too, porn/porn.

Now keep in mind, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is using Ms. Mexican-Gangland-Murder-Piggy/Porn-Star, in her commercials too.

The Hillary Clinton campaign is fully invested


But hold on, we’re not done…. it gets err,.. well, worse.

Ms. Alicia Mexican–Gangland-Murder-Piggy/Porn-Star Machado is also the incubus for the child of a notorious Mexican drug kingpin.

Now as incredulous as this might seem, it’s actually a common occurrence for Mexican Drug Lords to import south American beauty queens as girlfriends and concubines. They then use their narco leverage to position their femme trophies within social entertainment industries like Spanish movies, TV, and modeling. El Chappo Guzman did the same thing.

“(McLatchy) […] Machado, a Mexico City resident, found herself in the news again when a report from a secret witness under federal protection that claimed she was involved with Gerardo Alvarez Vazquez, an accused kingpin known as ‘El Indio,’ or ‘The Indian,’ filtered out to Mexican media.

“The witness asserted that Machado had borne Alvarez’s daughter, Dinorah, in 2008 and that several drug lords from the Beltran Leyva gang came to the baptism.”

No. NO really, you just can’t make this stuff up:

Machado tweeted: “I received my passport ! I’m ready to vote For my country for you @HillaryClinton for my daughter For women workers”

I do disagree with one part of his analysis. That is I fully believe it wasn’t poor vetting on Hillary’s part. I bet she knew the woman’s history. It’s just something you do for the moment – a drive by attack that hits your opponent, no one follows up and everyone believes you.

A little lie has never stopped a Clinton.

Post Debate Analysis

As of this writing, all the online polls I saw have Trump winning the debate, except the Time poll which has him in a tie with Clinton.

During the primaries, the Drudge poll was the best indicator of a candidate’s success. It consistently had Trump in the lead, despite what all the pundits said. Tonight he was at 80%.

The importance of these debates is questionable anyhow. If you don’t believe this, think back to the first Romney-Obama fight. People gushed about how well Romney did. They thought he had made excellent points against Obama; so well that many thought he had clinched the presidency.

You know how that turned out. In further debates Romney disappointed and, of course, lost the election.

As was expected, Lester Holt’s bias was on display. He’s an admirable followup to Lyin’ Brian Williams. Look at the topics he covered: jobs/economy (because she needs to improve in this category); race (because she needs to shore up black votes); cyber attacks (so Hillary could blame Russia for the DNC hacks and implicate Trump). Where were the questions on immigration, Syria, Isis (at least Holt refrained from using Obama’s ISIL term), education, gun control, crime, religious freedom, Islamic radicals, daycare help for working families? They were absent because it would have helped Trump.

Holt also didn’t want to make the mistake Matt Lauer did. He actually asked Hillary about the email scandal and got smacked by liberals everywhere for it.

So Trump ended up debating Hillary and the moderator.

Hillary’s debate training showed in her voice. She lowered it so as not to sound her usual shrill, strident self. Her staff worked on her smiling, but in a very annoying way. She looked supercilious and smug throughout the debate. At times it was downright weird and bobble headed. Mr. Midtown Republican noted she resembled the Joker.

I found myself tuning her out when she answered her questions. Her answers were robotic and political-speak. We’ve heard the same kind of blah blah from her and others for decades. All I know about her economic plan is that she drools about raising taxes and wants to give free college education – an idea stolen from Bernie Sanders by the way. That will surely lead to economic prosperity, no?

Trump did his best in the first 45 minutes when this topic dominated. By contrast, he had passion in his voice. He rebutted her ridiculous answer that increasing solar panels will help the economy. He pointed out that coal workers get dumped in her business/energy plans. He scored saying that we can’t do all she wants with a $20 trillion debt and that her proposals have been around for 30 years and not helped anything. He torpedoed her on NAFTA and later on TPP.

Hillary pushed her book “Stronger Together” and kept insisting that Trump be fact checked. That was her rebuttal to his charges. And, oh, did I say she looked smug, because her condescension reached new heights. Kind of like the podium they constructed for her that made her look taller than she is.

By the way, Clinton continued to address Trump as Donald, while he called her Secretary Clinton. It was another way of condescending and trying to get under his skin. In the final minutes of the debate he started calling her Hillary. I think he had had enough of the false familiarity.

Didn’t her reference to her dad – three times – seem odd, too? She talked about his drapery business and how hard he worked. That’s her attempt at connecting with workers. Can somebody fact check whether he was a Republican, because I think he was and she grew up in a Republican household.

When she came at “Donald” with the release of his tax returns, bankruptcies and allegedly stiffing workers, Trump missed a golden opportunity to hit her on the Clinton Foundation money. I doubt he will miss that second time around, though.

I couldn’t help thinking that Romney would have withered under all this. His tactic was to lay down and let the truck run over him.

Holt then switched to race as the second big issue. Race relations are important, but they are not the top priority for most people. Trump mentioned the strain experienced by blacks with crime in the inner city, but Holt moved it on to the birther issue. Way too much time was spent on this. Tell me Holt was not in collaboration for this one.

Then they moved to cyber attacks. The door was open to Clinton’s email server failings, but Trump did not breach it. She got off with an “everybody makes mistakes” excuse.

Holt also showed his hand in insisting that Trump had been for the Iraq War. That got under his skin and he denied it. He referred to his conversations about it with Sean Hannity, a real boost for that Fox host. Holt let Hillary get by with lying that Bush was the one who planned the exit from Iraq. I doubt news media fact checkers will bother with that whopper.
Another Holt whopper was that the Supreme Court had ruled against the stop and frisk policy. Trump called him out on this one, but Holt refused to believe the facts.

The next few days will bring a tsunami of analysis on that hour and a half. There will be preening by Dems and breast beating by Republicans. The polls will probably show a bump for Hillary. They are bogus, too. Romney supposedly got a bump from the first debate, but we see where that landed him.

Don’t buy into it. Make your own mind up and turn the TV off.

There will be a second debate next Thursday at Washington University in St. Louis, my alma mater. You can bet that Trump will have honed his skills and will zero in on the topics helpful to him. She’s probably shot her wad. Will she have the stamina for more?


Debate Or Not Debate

Is it worth your while to suffer through the debates tonight? We all know that Hillary already won. They will be looking to take Trump down at every question. It will be infuriating.
The Conservative treehouse had a good perspective:

Let’s face it, we’re being forced to live through this ridiculous bizarro world info-stream of media gaslighting, while simultaneously accommodating the delusions of Park Row journalists, and their taxpayer funded co-conspirators in DC.

To wit:

…The importance and value of the Trump-Clinton presidential debate will be directly proportional to the media’s ability to declare Hillary Clinton the winner…

If Clinton does poorly, debates don’t matter. If Clinton does well, nothing has ever been more important in the history of all presidential campaigns than debates.

Replace the name Clinton with Trump above, and you can just reverse the valuation. Trump does good, debates don’t matter. Trump does poorly, debates are the bees knees.

These are the expressed media rules of the narrative going into the debate tonight. If Hillary remains standing and doesn’t cough out her wandering left eye into her custom glass of thick water – she’ll be declared the winner by a scale only comparable to North Korean election results.

As a consequence, there’s no need to get too emotionally invested in the valuation of this debate. In addition, despite the media proclamations, there’s only a tiny fraction of the electorate in the undecided column. Like a teensy number; less than 1%.

Every voter who will turn up to the polls on November 8th has already picked a side. Historically speaking, what happens tonight will not change that equation one iota – every single prior “debate bounce“, or lack thereof, has never lasted more than 10 days for any candidate.

Remember, there are trillions of dollars at stake. Moderator Lester Holt has already been given Candy Crowley’s immunity goblet, the debate construct is necessarily in the hands of Team Parkinsons, and the seal clappers are in their assigned seats.

The debate becomes more enjoyable if you remove anxiety from the equation.

Again I ask: …if candidate Donald Trump showed up to the debate in 6″ stilettos a Carmen Miranda hat and began twerking the lectern of Hillary Clinton would it change your vote?

See, there’s nothing to lose.

The same applies to the other side of the stage: if candidate Hillary Clinton froze, said: “bulldog pancake sailhouse”, grabbed the lectern and gave the national audience her best Michael J Fox impersonation, she’d still get 40% of the vote.

Think about it.

I couldn’t agree more.
I do think it’s important for everyone to watch the debate so as not to be lead astray by hand picked sound bites edited to make Trump look bad. The candidates’ demeanors will tell a lot. Looks matter in our television age.

Then it will also be important to go and vote in polls as to who won the debate. Drudge and Time magazine have one and others will, too. If the networks declare Hillary the winner and the polls show it to be Trump, it will help him.

Poll Results of Politics on Nextdoor

This morning’s email had the result of the poll described previously on this site as to whether the Nextdoor Neighbors Central Gardens should allow political talk on it.

The outcome: 66% No – 24% Yes – 10% Indifferent

Included was this message:

As a result, any political posts going forward will be deleted immediately. If you see a political post in the main feed please flag it, the Leads don’t read every single post and are not on the site 24/7. We will remove it as soon as possible. Political posts, as always, are still welcome in the groups section…and there is already a group called Lively Debates for you to use or start a new group….so long as its not on the main feed you are good to go.

Is Issue Black and White?

At the Zblog, an unnamed writer has had enough of the constant racism business. What he said is not politically correct, but it does express a lot of feelings Americans have. It is worth the short read.

On my way home last night, I saw a couple of young black women on a corner, holding signs that had “Black Lives Matter” on them with some other writing. I think one of them had something about Charlotte, but I don’t know for sure. They were hoping to get the attention of drivers, but it seemed like no one was paying any attention. As traffic slowed, I did not see any heads turning their way, but in the city, drivers look straight ahead out of habit. That way the bums and panhandlers are not encouraged to molest you.

I caught the light so I was sitting at their intersection with a chance to observe for a few minutes. They stepped into the street and starting taunting the white drivers by holding their signs up against their windows and chanting something. When young black women get worked up, their voices reach a pitch close to a dog whistle. It’s just high pitched echolalic babbling, that is intended to annoy, rather than convey information. I had my windows up so I could make out nothing. My guess is it was just some gibberish they saw on-line or on TV.

Before they got to me, the light changed and they had to retreat back to the curb, which was a surprise. In the ghetto, you run into this behavior a lot. Black females will wait for the light to change and then saunter into the cross walk, giving drivers the business, making them wait as they stroll across the street. It is just one of the many hassles that comes with dealing with people in the ghetto. At some level, they know the rest of us would just as soon ignore the ghetto entirely, so they spend their energy making that impossible.

Sitting there watching their antics, I felt a bit of rage welling up. All this effort to be a public nuisance, to make demands on me, and yet they put little to no effort into managing their lives. Even if they have a claim, harassing drivers on their way home is not going to win them any friends. They have to know it, which means they are not there on the street corner with good intentions. They are there explicitly to be a public nuisance. They just like hassling white people, purely out of racial animus.

More and more, that’s the sort of thing that creeps into my mind when I see blacks acting up. I have a great deal of sympathy for black people, particularly underclass blacks. Despite what you see on TV, most black people in the ghetto are decent people. They just lack the cognitive tools and opportunity. They are my fellow citizens and I want the best for them. I just don’t know what can be done to change their lot in life. The Civil Rights Movement was over 50 years ago, but here we are with young black girls full of hatred for the honkies.

I got home and decided to see what the news channels had to say about the riots in Charlotte. On a Fox show, some old white guy was trying to explain to Juan Williams that the reason blacks get shot by cops is that blacks commit an outlandish amount of crime. He tried to explain how 3% of the population, committing 40% of the crime, is going to have a disproportionate amount of police interaction. Juan Williams is innumerate, so he could not grasp the math. He just kept insisting the cops like shooting black people.

There was something about the irritated look on the face of Juan Williams that bugged me. The old honky was trying to respectfully explain the mathematical reality of crime in America. Blacks are 13% of the population, but they account for more than half of all crime. Most of that crime is against black people. This is public information that is easy to verify. Yet, Juan had a look on his face like the old honky had just farted. You could tell that he was thinking, “How dare this guy say such things?”

Instead of getting angry, I flipped over to the sports channel and, of course, they were celebrating the asinine and insulting protests by black athletes. These pampered babies owe everything they have to white America, yet they have the gall to claim they are victims. They are living lives few humans have had the privilege to live and it is not enough. That’s what’s so damned galling about these protests. They are a reminder that it is never enough. There’s no way to pay off the debt, assuming there is one. It never ends.

That is, of course, something white people used to know. When I was a kid, the old people would often says, “We’ll never hear the end of slavery. We’ll be paying for that forever.” The point was that there’s no point in trying. All of us have done something to someone for which that person will not forgive us. No man keeps going over to his ex-wife asking for forgiveness. You just accept the fact that there is no making it right and you get on with your life. That’s the reality of race relations. There’s no fixing it so there’s no point in trying.

Even so, I’m increasingly pissed off by what I’m seeing and I resent the people behind it. Guys like Juan Williams should be on TV demanding the cops round up every last Charlotte rioter and pack them off to Africa. The rich black guys on TV talking sportsball should be mortified that their co-ethnics are embarrassing their race with these antics. If the roles were reversed and it was whites making asses of themselves, you can be sure the honkies on TV would be furious and embarrassed, demanding a halt to it.

That’s not how it works and that’s what is getting tiresome. Those two black girls get the idea in their heads to make a nuisance of themselves in the street and I’m supposed to feel guilty about it. Frankly, Glenn Reynolds was right. Let’s have a few motorists drive over these people and then we can talk about feeling guilty. Let’s have the cops unleash the dogs and water cannon on these rioters and then talk to me about feeling guilty. I’ll be happy to feel guilty as long as the streets are clear.

I’ve simply had enough. I’m all blacked out. I’m tired of the blame shifting and excuse making. I’m tired of seeing people, who know better, lying to me on TV. Those rich sportsball talkers ain’t living in my neighborhood. They are as far away from the Black Lives Matter types as possible. They live in gated communities with the honkies. Their honky cohorts on TV are not even driving through my neighborhood. They are despicable hypocrites, who deliberately say things on television that make our lives worse.

Black America does not have a race problem. It ain’t honkies robbing, looting and killing in the ghetto. They don’t have a cop problem. The cops shoot fewer black offenders than white offenders. They don’t have a gun problem either. Black America has a black guy problem. They have far too many black guys robbing, looting and killing, almost always doing so at the expense of blacks. They won’t let me fix that problem, so stop demanding I feel bad about it. I’m done. I’m all blacked out.

Nextdoor Weighs Politics

I’ve written before about a Hillary advocate offering signs for her candidate on Nextdoor Neighbors Central Gardens. It started a debate about whether that site should go political.

I’ll say from the start that I do not think that is the purpose of the site. But, like everything else liberals touch, they have to go there. Progressive politics has invaded TV, movies, sports, schools, the courts – everything. Something in there nature, perhaps the lack of religious beliefs and faith, makes them want to preach and propagandize. On the right, we have a much more laissez-faire attitude, and eschew pushing our philosophies on others.

Someone who shall remain nameless on Nextdoor initiated a poll on whether people thought it appropriate to talk politics on the site. He wrote: “So by the law of the land, Nextdoor recommends against political discussions. In past election cycles I have received criticism for deleting these discussion….but of course I also receive complaints for NOT deleting them. So this is a community site and since ever thread has a Mute feature, I think its only fair to let the users make the choice. Political Discussions? Yes? or No?

“Much like the real elections, if you don’t vote, please don’t complain about the outcome. Oh and your vote is anonymous to everyone, including me.
Political Discussions




He then went on to explain, “there are no rules that Nextdoor requires us to follow. They basically provide the site, along with suggestions as to how to run it and that’s it. The only rule they really enforce is personal attacks, vulgar comments, threats, stalking, racial posts, over posting, and probably a few others I am not thinking of. That being said we can choose to follow their guidance or not…ergo the poll. That being said political posts are referred to in several public places and in many more places available only to Leads.”

Currently the no’s are winning by a wide margin. It has been interesting to read responses over the past few days. Here’s a sampling.

“The mere offering of political signs by our neighbor was hardly ‘campaigning’ but rather a brief and finite and polite expression of opinion through the offering of a simple lawn decoration. If our neighbor had been acting as a hired political campaign professional AND was persistent in advocating for a candidate or cause then the activity might be considered ‘campaigning’. That would be annoying and I can see that Nextdoor would not want to promote that type of activity (anymore than it would want to promote other crass promotion).”

Another: “I thought it was created for exactly these kind of things. To learn about your neighbors and all that entails? To find animals,borrow sugar, find out your neighbors passions, political views, etc? Maybe I missed the memo.”
Then, “Here is why. Plenty of other places to express your political viewpoints so why run people off of a page that works well for getting the business of the neighborhood done.”

“Wow! Like asking who wants a sign isn’t a political comment. Guess it’s OK as long as you are a Hillary supporter. And if someone complained about and now 2/3rds of the neighbors voted against it you still don’t get it?”

“Because I enjoy Nextdoor for the purpose that its intended for and if its publicly posted I see it. Insisting on wanting to hand out Hillary signs on a site not intended for that and then giving the high level reasons why I shouldn’t mind it is why people are lining up to vote for someone that would have a chance in hell in any other election. People are tired of getting stuff shoved on them.”

At times it got heated among several people. The liberals took a scolding tone, while conservatives echoed the belief that it was an excuse to shove things off on us.

One said, “So now, if I get this correct, once the (Nextdoor) poll closes, one may not give away even a campaign button, or coaster, or even speak of politics unless it is hidden behind closed doors (Groups). In fact, this very poll and discussion will not be allowed. I must say, I flat out disagree – period. This tastes like censorship and I spent time in countries where this happened, countries that were very oppressive – led by people like Mubarak, Gaddafi, Ho Chi Minh and their ilk, I also fought in a war against countries that did this. Nope, I respectfully disagree, cannot abide by it, and suspect I will end up being booted off the site.”

I suspect that this person would not consider it censorship if Republican opinions dominated in Midtown. I suspect then it would be responding to a hate crime rather than freedom of speech. Liberals love to say opinions don’t bother them in the least as long as they are their opinions.

Notice any Trump signs in Midtown? I rest my case. Friends who have put some up have found them removed overnight or thrown aside. Others fear destruction of property or at the last a tongue lashing if they put one up. So much for tolerance.

There are plenty of other venues besides Nextdoor to talk politics. The CA is only too happy to publish progressive letters as are some of the other publications around town. Go there and leave neighbors alone.