Candidate Casino: The House Lost

Special Report, hosted by Bret Baier, started running a table on who would be the GOP nominee more than a year ago. They call it “Candidate Casino.”

Today, on the day when Donald Trump secured the nomination with 1238 delegates and other states not even voting yet, I wondered who saw this coming.

Because we are told that these pundits are so superior in knowledge to us, the great flyover unwashed, I thought it would be instructive to see just how they placed their bets.

If you are ever tempted to listen to the “experts” on elections, take a look at these flashbacks.

This one is from April 20, 2015:

And here’s one from November 20:

Perceptionisrealityblogspot lists how these geniuses placed their bets.


Krauthammer: $35 Cruz, $35 Trump, $15 Rubio, $5 Christie, $5 Bush, $5 field
Goldberg: $40 Cruz, $30 Trump, $20 Rubio, $10 Christie
Walter: $35 Cruz, $25 Rubio, $15 Trump, $5 Christie, $20 field


Krauthammer: $40 Trump, $30 Cruz, $25 Rubio, $5 Christie
Hayes: $40 Cruz, $40 Rubio, $15 Trump, $5 Christie
Walter: $35 Cruz, $30 Rubio, $5 Trump, $5 Christie, $25 field


Krauthammer: $35 Trump, $30 Cruz, $25 Rubio, $5 Christie, $5 field
Easton: $50 Trump, $20 Cruz, $20 Rubio, $10 Christie
Williams: $50 Trump, $20 Cruz, $15 Rubio, $15 Carson


Krauthammer: $40 Rubio, $30 Trump, $15 Cruz, $5 Bush, $5 Christie, $5 field
Lane: $30 Trump, $30 Rubio, $20 Cruz, $10 Bush, $5 Christie, $5 Carson
Easton: $30 Trump, $30 Rubio, $10 Cruz, $10 Bush, $10 Christie, $10 Carson


Hayes: $55 Rubio, $25 Cruz, $10 Christie, $5 Carson, $5 Trump
Goldberg: $45 Rubio, $45 Cruz, $5 Christie, $5 Trump
Gearan: $30 Rubio, $30 Bush, $20 Trump, $10 Carson, $10 Kasich


Krauthammer: $25 Rubio, $25 Trump, $15 Cruz, $10 Bush, $10 Carson, $10 field, $5 Fiorina
Carlson: $45 Trump, $30 Fiorina, $25 Rubio
Stoddard: $35 Trump, $20 Rubio, $15 Cruz, $10 Bush, $10 Fiorina, $10 Kasich


Krauthammer: $35 Rubio, $20 Bush, $15 Fiorina, $15 Trump, $10 field, $5 Cruz
Catanese: $40 Rubio, $30 Carson, $10 Trump, $10 Fiorina, $10 Bush
Attkisson: $40 Carson, $40 Trump, $15 Fiorina, $5 Bush


Barnes: $30 Rubio, $25 Bush, $15 Kasich, $10 Trump, $5 Cruz, $5 Fiorina, $5 Christie, $5 Walker
Kondracke: $40 Bush, $35 Kasich, $25 Rubio
Birnbaum: $10 Bush, $10 Rubio, $5 Christie, $5 Kasich, $5 Trump, $5 Fiorina, $60 field


Krauthammer: $25 Rubio, $20 Bush, $20 Walker, $10 Cruz, $10 Fiorina, $10 Kasich, $5 field
Riley: $30 Bush, $30 Walker, $30 Rubio, $5 Kasich, $5 Fiorina
Walter: $30 Bush, $25 Walker, $25 Rubio, $10 Kasich, $5 Cruz, $5 field

More than a month after Trump declared, they still didn’t see the tsunami that was coming:


Krauthammer: $25 Bush, $25 Rubio, $25 Walker, $5 Cruz, $5 Trump, $5 Kasich, $10 field
Fournier: $30 Bush, $25 Walker, $20 Rubio, $15 Kasich, $10 field
Riley: $35 Bush, $35 Rubio, $25 Walker, $5 Cruz


Krauthammer: $30 Rubio, $30 Walker, $30 Bush, $5 Kasich, $5 Cruz
Easton: $25 Walker, $25 Bush, $20 Rubio, $30 field
Catanese: $40 Walker, $30 Bush, $15 Paul, $15 Rubio


Krauthammer: $40 Rubio, $30 Bush, $20 Walker, $10 field
Hayes: $40 Rubio, $25 Walker, $20 Bush, $10 Cruz, $5 field
Williams: $35 Bush, $20 Rubio, $15 Walker, $10 Cruz, $10 Paul, $5 Cruz, $5 Huckabee


Krauthammer: $35 Rubio, $30 Bush, $25 Walker, $5 Cruz, $5 field
Will: $35 Walker, $30 Bush, $10 Paul, $5 Cruz, $20 field
Pace: $40 Bush, $25 Rubio, $20 Walker, $10 Cruz, $5 Paul


Krauthammer: $40 Rubio, $30 Bush, $25 Walker, $5 field
Hayes: $35 Rubio, $30 Walker, $20 Bush, $10 Cruz, $5 field
Williams: $50 Bush, $25 Walker, $10 Rubio, $10 Paul, $5 Fiorina


Krauthammer: $40 Rubio, $30 Bush, $25 Walker, $5 Christie
Goldberg: $45 Walker, $25 Bush, $20 Rubio, $10 Cruz
Williams: $50 Bush, $20 Paul, $10 Rubio, $10 Walker, $5 Carson, $5 Christie

Now why should we think they know how the November election will resolve? Hint: I wouldn’t be too confident in any of their prognostications.

An Obamacare Victim Speaks

Jim Hoft, a St. Louisan who runs the excellent, shares his experience with Obamacare. As he says, he lost out – twice:

In 2009 and 2010 while pushing the wildly unpopular Obamacare law on the American public, Barack Obama promised – “If you like your insurance plan you can keep your plan.”

Obama told this lie at least 37 different times.

Obama knew millions of Americans would lose their plans.
But he didn’t care.
He told the lie anyway.

In August 2013 I became very sick with what I thought was a cold. After a few days I lost vision in my left eye and checked into the hospital. I found out that what I thought was a summer cold was actually sepsis; Strep bacteria was poisoning my blood stream. The bacteria blinded my left eye, ate a hole through my heart, caused five strokes on both sides of my brain and forced the removal of my prosthetic left knee.

Dr. Richard Lee was the surgeon assigned to perform open heart surgery on me. What was originally scheduled to last four hours ended up lasting twelve. My heart was severely damaged. Dr. Lee later told me the surgery was one of the most difficult of his career. He also said I only had a few days to live without the surgery.

Dr. Lee, co-director at the Center for Comprehensive Cardiovascular Care at Saint Louis University Hospital, saved my life.

Thanks to the excellent insurance I carried I was able to receive life-saving medical treatment at St. Louis University.

In December 2013 I found out I was going to lose my insurance. The company that carried me was leaving the Missouri market. I would have to find something else.

I was one of the millions of Americans who had to find new insurance. Before my last surgery my insurance ran out.

At the time I wrote, “Why is our government doing this to us?”

I found a different plan in Missouri under the United Healthcare umbrella. It cost $500 a month the first year and then went up to $600 a month.

But I was able to keep my doctors who saved my life.

In April 2016 United Healthcare announced it would pull out of Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Tennessee and Missouri in 2017. The insurer won’t sell individual ACA plans for 2017 in these states and may pull out of the individual market completely.

Obama doesn’t care about the millions of people he hurt. People like me. And he has never apologized for his terrible lie.

Hoft has been a big Trump supporter and you can see why.

# Never Corker

Many of us Tennessee Republicans are horrified to think that Senator Bob Corker could be in contention for Donald Trump’s vice president spot.

We know Corker for his maneuvering that brought about the bad Iran deal and his squishiness on immigration. He’s so establishment he doesn’t get the whole movement that is taking place now. What gives?

Not so fast on the Corker gig.

For one, when has the media ever been right on choices? They delight in causing conservatives angst, too. Being liberals they want to cause a civil war in our party, especially now to offset the real one that’s occurring in the Democrat party. They’d love for us to get upset about Corker and undermine Trump’s popularity.

Then, too, why would Donald Trump telegraph his choice? The man loves to toy with the media and that’s one of the things we like about him. I can’t imagine he or his people would leak any such info. They are way too savvy for that.

And Corker offers Trump very little. Trump will win Tennessee. He doesn’t need Corker for that. There are others knowledgeable about foreign affairs. God knows there are more attractive candidates, too. I can’t imagine Trump working with that high nasal voice of Corker’s for eight years. That could drive him to his first drink.

No, there’s a better explanation. Conservative Treehouse hits the mark, I think:

Much is being made of this meeting between Senator Bob Corker and Donald Trump. Some have speculated this is a potential meeting because Corker is a possible vice-presidential candidate…. Absolutely WRONG.

Corker is meeting with Donald Trump as an “ambassador from the Wall Street legislative architects”.

Refer to all of those prior discussion and research posts about Wall Street not understanding who Donald Trump is, and what his intentions are toward their legislative endeavors. They do not understand what he means by “America First”; they are actively trying to figure it out. Please also reference the prior discussions on economic shifts over the past three decades and the “hidden economy”. All these factors are converging.

Senator Bob Corker is one of the Corinthian Chair holders along with McConnell, Hatch, Cornyn, Cochran, et al. In this meeting Corker was acting as an ambassador of sorts, an intermediary, from the Wall Street legislation team. Corker is researching, probing, trying to determine “the play” and potential risk.

That is specifically and intentionally why Donald Trump agreed to the meeting, but only on his home turf. This is political chess amid power-brokers and financial interests. Trump is intensely in-tune to EVERYTHING you too are aware of – and he is on our side.

Donald Trump knows the “Decepticons“, and their agenda.

Media Refuses to Pursue Cairo Crash

Isn’t it odd how we are getting so little information about the doomed Paris to Cairo airliner? It’s like everything has gone dark on the whole tragedy.

Since Donald Trump early tagged the crash as terrorism, you can bet the media will do everything possible to block any links found to terrorism. They also don’t want to do it because it reflects poorly on Obama. Sad to say, the media selects what we see and hear.

However, one expert on the Middle East, Walid Shoebat, did his own digging and found some information that ought to be known.

Here’s what he found out:

More evidence is arising to show that the pilot of Flight 804 went suicide. He did some bizarre things. He converted the plane into a makeshift mosque, used the equipment to tell passengers the direction of Mecca. Had a last supper and said “farewell” as if ‘we who are about to die salute you’. He called his brother before take-off telling him to ‘pray for him’ as he was going for martyrdom. He had connections with one of the most radical preachers and terror supporters in Egypt.

We start off with testimony of Osama Abdel Basset, the captain in charge of the air hospitality in Egyptian Air says it all: “The Captain Mohammed Shakeer, the pilot of that fateful flight” had organized a “last supper” knowing he is “about to die”:

he called on his colleagues before the incident a few days to lunch at his house hinting that the end is near, the end of his life that is and that he is ready to meet his maker and gave his farewell. He was bidding them [his friends] farewell with words that came out of his mouth for the first time in his life.”

This was from Al-Hurra News which titled its article “The Call Of Death Embrace The Pilot Of The Egyptian Plane During His Last Supper”.

What these words were that Shakeer told his colleagues remains to be discovered, but this ‘last supper’ setting and the ‘farewell’ says that there is more coming out of Egypt than what you are told in English.
Was this a civilian plane or a makeshift mosque with the pilot as its Imam?

In the Middle East, some in the media are even arguing why Shakeer “did not commit suicide”.

Why such arguments? Because the question is arising that a possibility of suicide is the rational conclusion. Several articles dispute the suicide theory saying that he purchased a plot of land as if purchasing a plot meant that Shakeer had plans for a future.

But Shakeer was single, 36 years old and refused to marry. This is unusual in that culture. The religious homosexual looking pilot said “He never wanted to get married and had no reason to”. One article added Shakeer’s own statements that he is “dying” and was always remarking: “I see one grey hair sprout on my head on every take off and another grey hair sprout every time I land” reports one news source. His brother Bahjat Shakeer statement should also sound alarm bells:

“my brother Mohammed [the pilot] called me before he took off on that fateful day and asked me to pray for him and I do consider him a martyr.”

And there are more weird coincidences. The flight attendant aboard the EgyptAir jet that crashed while traveling from Paris to Cairo posted an ominous image of a plane plunging into the ocean soon after she started the job. Why?

Samar Ezz Eldin (Ezz Eldin means The Glory of Islam), 27, put the shot on Facebook in September 2014 — about four months after she landed a gig at the Egyptian airline, the Daily Mail reported. The image shows a flight attendant walking though water in her drenched uniform as a jet crashes into the sea behind her.

Consider that one a joke and it may be. But Shakeer’s link to Amr Khaled should raise some serious alarm bells. The latter is a well known Muslim Brotherhood operative and an active Jihadi who openly aided and abetted terrorists. He shares his friendship with the pilot Shakeer with old photos on that very flight with the same captain of the crashed Egyptian flight 804. Amr Khaled says in the photo: “I was with Captain Mohammed Ahmad Shakeer in the plane that is missing in one of my journeys. He is the kindest of pilots whom I traveled with. May Allah have mercy on him and give patience to his family. I hope who reads my words to pray for him and the rest of the passenger”.

Its too bad Kaheld was not on that flight. But this connection spells trouble for one major reason. Khaled flew with Shakeer several times and was his friend. But who Amr Khaled is should raise an eyebrow, in fact a million eyebrows.

Ahmad Musa, a well known journalist and TV personality correctly exposes Amr Khaled showing from his own video admitting to sending young men and material help to terrorists in Libya and Benghazi for Jihad. Khaled is also an Islamic televangelist who runs a TV show called “The Makers of Life” using it to raise Jihadists. In the video link Khaled’s own words from the video [translated by Shoebat] says it all:

“This is a message to our brothers in Mistrata, Tripoli and Benghazi. May Allah get vengeance from the evil doers (West). Allah will give you victory. We pray for you day and night. We sent young men to aid you [from Egypt] from our program Makers of Life to Benghazi. We send you doctors. I dispatched a team and will communicate with you continually with the team in Benghazi and we will do our efforts and continue communicating via Youtube. We want [Islam’s] justice to be established through your hands in Libya.”
The evidence is clear. Khaled was linked to Benghazi from his own video. In our research during the Benghazi fiasco, we exposed Egyptian doctors sent to participate while the attack was happening.

The swerving of the aircraft suggests some kind of struggle inside the cockpit, said Philip Baum, editor of Aviation Security International.

He said the pilots could have been trying to control an aircraft disabled by an explosion, like in 1976 when two bombs exploded on a Cuban passenger plane after takeoff from Barbados and the pilot tried to steer the aircraft away from a beach.

Or they could have been struggling with someone trying to take control of the plane.

“It could have been a fight in the flight deck between crew members, one suicidal and one not. Or a hijacker trying to gain access,” Baum said.

To have a pilot linked to this Jihadi, have a last supper, be called ‘martyr’ declare ‘I am dying’ should sound alarm bells from Egypt to Washington. The passenger list and the crew should be further examined.

Smart Meter Issue Amps Up

A month ago I got a postcard in the mail from MLGW. It told me that “my home would soon receive new utility meters…no earlier than 30 days following the postmark of this letter.” They gave a phone number and extension to call if I “wish to consider declining the meter installation.”

I immediately called, although the extension they gave was not correct. I spoke with someone who told me I’d receive a letter that I should sign if I wanted to opt out of the smart meters.

It came, I declined and sent it back. A little after that I received another letter for smart meters if I had changed my mind about them. I hadn’t.

As far as I was concerned, case closed. Twice.

But it wasn’t.

Yesterday after lunch the doorbell rang. A man from MLGW was standing on my porch. He wanted to know if I had any questions he could answer about smart meters. He asked me if I wanted to have one. Again, I said no, and that I didn’t have any questions concerning them.

He then proceeded to give me a small box for talking with him. Kind of a token of their esteem? I don’t think so. He told me there were two energy saving bulbs inside, plus two water faucet aerators. I guess this is the kind of energy conservation Obama touted when he advised us to save money on gas by properly inflating our tires. You know, the kind of information that makes greenies feel all warm inside.

The bulbs were 18 watt CFLs made in China. They are supposed to last 12,000 hours. Sure, you know how high quality Chinese merchandise is.

He didn’t mention, either, that should I drop one – as I am prone to drop things – I would have to call in a Hazmat team and leave the premises for a good amount of time while they clean up the toxic mess. And probably present me with a not so energy saving bill for the clean up.

All that aside, doesn’t MLGW have better things to do with our money than to send employees out to bother people who have already declined several times? Don’t they have better things to do with our money than to give out freebies we don’t want? Does someone benefit from their purchase of these bulbs and aerators?

Coming to my home made me uncomfortable. It had a bad feeling to it like intimidation. Will he come again? Did he make note of my non compliance to use against us in future power outages or problems? Maybe it sounds paranoid, but who trusts anything any more?

Don’t try to get the CA to cover any of this or the TV news either. The media is totally on their side. They have refused to cover smart meters, except to make opponents look like redneck Luddites. Local government? The City Council whipped the proposal for them through at the end of last year like the speed of light. Strickland? He likes them, too.

State government leaders haven’t done anything to protect our rights either. So what else is new?

Stay tuned. I have the feeling I haven’t seen the end of the smart meter offensive yet.

Did You Hear…

From DC Whispers comes these interesting tidbits:

Campaign trail staffers are increasingly concerned over Bill Clinton’s health. The former president is rumored to be suffering from a worsening neurological disorder that is becoming more and more difficult to conceal, and may incapacitate him within just a few years.

** Trump campaign supervisor Paul Manafort is said to be working with others on a comprehensive effort that includes the participation of multiple women from Bill and Hillary Clinton’s past that will “decimate” Hillary Clinton’s oft-repeated attempts to portray herself as a champion of women. The launch for this effort is to take place around the same time as the Democrat Party Convention in late July and continue right up to Election Day.

** Donald Trump recently began to spend up to three hours each day solidifying his working knowledge of both foreign and domestic policy. This is the first time he has been willing to do so, signaling his realization he could actually be the next President of the United States.

** Hillary Clinton has developed a deep hatred for Bernie Sanders and is exerting enormous pressure upon DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz to “fix” the Sanders problem.

** Valerie Jarrett is said to be receiving “daily updates” from the DOJ regarding the status of the still ongoing FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server and subsequent mishandling of secret government communications/information during her tenure as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State. Jarrett’s concern does not lie with Hillary, but rather to make certain the president (and related members of the administration) are fully insulated from any potential fallout.

** Anti-Trump donors are now working feverishly to raise upwards of a half-billion dollars to defeat the New York billionaire’s presidential bid. Rumors suggest a sizable portion of this funding originates outside of the United States – namely via the House of Saud – a fundraising effort very similar to what took place with Barack Obama in 2008 in the form of a California-based fundraising effort.