A New Political Tool Kit

Earlier I discussed why it would be good to keep the two parties and support Republicans.

After reading this, I have changed my mind.

It’s from a blog called TheZman.com. It’s thought provoking.
I do not agree with his example on the sign, but that is probably for shock value.

Read it and rethink your politics.

Up until this moment in time, the vast majority of right-wing people operated from the assumption that they were in the majority. They were part of the silent majority that did not make a racket in the streets. The Left and their associated riffraff went out into the street and bellowed like lunatics because they never had the numbers. They had to be loud and intimidating in order to get their way. When they went too far, then the great silent majority would awaken and put them in their place.

They also operated under the assumption that numbers still mattered. If the majority got motivated and turned up to vote, they would win the election and that would make a difference to the politicians. Right-wing politics was all about mobilizing the voters and winning a majority. They did not have to worry about changing minds. They had to focus on getting the word out so the majority would turnout. It was the Left that focused on convincing people into going along with their schemes.

This not only applied to elections, but to all areas of politics. The expression “go woke and go broke” is rooted in the assumption that business has to respect the customer or face the wrath of the marketplace. If management takes to Twitter pushing left-wing nonsense, it was assumed they would pay for it. A television program that decided to offend its viewers would see its ratings decline. Right-wingers were the majority, and they were operating in a political marketplace.

Whether this was ever true does not matter, as it is not true now. That silent majority is now a permanent minority. Further, the political marketplace no longer exists. You are not allowed to speak your mind to your fellow citizens, unless your opinions are approved by the managerial class. They are also making sure that your choices at the ballot box will be limited to their approved options. Even if you find a way around it, the magic of mail-in ballots will guarantee the outcome in advance.

What this means is the new age of managerial authoritarianism will require a new brand of politics that fits the age. All of the avenues of the old system have been closed off or corrupted, so they serve the ends of the regime. Mass censorship monopolizes the public space by the organs of the ruling class. Systematic ballot stuffing closes off the electoral route. Even the courts are a dead end. A court that claims the Founders wanted special rights for men in drag is no friend of the people.

From the perspective of white populism, all politics must now be irregular politics as conventional politics has been closed off to us. The Right has to move away from the mindset of the majority to the mindset of the put-upon minority. That means engaging in unconventional tactics. When you cannot participate in conventional politics in order to advance your interests, your choices are clear. You either submit and live the lie that is conventional politics, or you rebel and live outside the lie.

This is why boycotting elections and threatening the Republican Party from the Right must be part of the new political toolkit. In the old politics, it was always about the people running the system, not the system itself. The focus was on getting the right people elected. In the new politics, this is reversed. It is about the system, not the people running the system. The GOP is part of that system. Attacking them is part of weakening a system that makes war on us.

This has a strategic value, as well. The Left has always looked at the Republicans, along with their enablers from Conservative Inc., as an electric fence that keeps the white majority inside the system. Attacking the GOP forces them to choose their friends on the Left over their former constituents. It reframes politics as insiders versus outsiders, rather than one group of insiders versus another, with the white majority looking on like spectators, hoping for a good result.

The hardest part of this new mindset will be the idea of being ungovernable. This is the opposite of what most right-wing people have been conditioned to think. In the old way, the good citizen plays by the rules. In the new age, the good citizen is always looking for the chance to throw sand in the gears and undermine the rules. The dissident is always looking to drive up the costs to the managerial class by making them expend resources to compel compliance with their rules.

A simple example of this is the “It’s OK To Be White” flyers that create havoc from time to time. A few dollars’ worth of material and an hour of time results in a week of left-wing handwringing and the cops wasting resources on it. Someone adding “And neither do black people” to a yard sign that reads, “Hate Has No Home Here” does real psychological damage to the managerial class. It mocks their morality and their control over public attitudes. It is activism with a very high ROI.

The main point of politics for dissidents in any sort of authoritarian society is to develop and maintain an atmosphere of pressure on the regime. As ugly as it looks, those troops, barricades and razor wire fencing in Washington are a great result. A ruling class living inside an armed camp is one that will eventually burn through its emotional capital and begin to make mistakes. Ideally, the ruling class stays behind those barriers, fearing that the people on the other side are ungovernable.

Another thing we must do is abandon solution-based politics. For generations, the white majority has been conditioned to think in terms of solutions. In this new politics, there are no solutions. There are tactics that advance the interest of dissidents, which are primarily the weakening of the regime. The solutions in the demographic age can only come after the collapse the liberal democratic order. All politics now are about creating conditions in which rational politics can return.

This raises the thorniest of problems. The late Robert Novak used to say he loved his country but hated his government. In a post-national world ruled by a dictatorship of the managerial class, there is no country to love. Patriotism, like civic nationalism and clean elections, is a museum piece. Instead, you love your cause, you love your people, and you are willing to work with anyone that helps you fight the tyrants. In a world of “us versus them”, abstract concepts like patriotism have no place..

As a practical matter politics now must be a daily rebellion. Like Havel’s green grocer (Czech writer Vaclav Havel’s essay that gave hope to the powerless, empowering them), being a dissident means living in the truth and every day is a war to pull a brother out of the lie that is modern America. It is defacing signs that say we are all in this together and littering managerial areas with reminders that they are surrounded. It means denying them your virtues by refusing to cooperate and only going along with their edicts after they have expended resources to compel you.

It is to live and let them know you live in a constant state of insurrection and that as long as you do, they can never rest. The people on the other side of those barriers live in fear of the people on this side of those barriers. They can no longer trust the men guarding them, as most of those men live on this side of those barriers. They are paranoid and afraid of the noises on the other side. The politics of this age are all about turning those institutions they control into prisons.

Two Views of Our Future

First, the pessimistic one from Louis Marano at Amgreatness:

In the spring of 1976, after more than two years with the Indians in the north woods of Canada, I felt it was time to reenter civilization and make my mark on the world. With my Ojibwa wife and six-month-old baby, I flew 200 miles south to Sioux Lookout, Ontario. There I bought a ticket for a sleeper car on the transcontinental train and headed west to British Columbia, where I hoped to find a job.

We got off the train in Vancouver and walked around downtown. The city looked good to me as I eagerly checked out the Chinese restaurants.

“I can’t tell you how much I hate this,” my wife said.

What to do? Catching the next train back to Ontario was unacceptable to me. But we had to go somewhere. I had to find a place where my wife and child could feel secure while I figured things out. I knew no one in British Columbia and only two people in Washington State.

I called a friend from grad school who was teaching in Tacoma. He graciously invited us to stay with him and his common-law wife while I looked for a job. We caught the bus across the border.

Only one complication: They were hardcore Trotskyites, unabashed Marxist-Leninists. And so was their circle of associates. It would be grandiose to call it a cell, but it was a cell. During my weeks among these people, I learned how serious revolutionaries think.

They fully expected a proletarian revolution, at which time they would assume their proper place at its vanguard. Meanwhile, they were biding their time.

You might expect such people to live flamboyant lives, engaging in guerrilla theater, attending riotous demonstrations, taunting the police, and reviling the establishment. Nothing could be further from the truth.

They led studiously inconspicuous lives. They didn’t want to be “known to the police” or to be silhouetted against the social skyline. Come the revolution, they would not be rounded up in preemptive 3 a.m. raids. They made no public mention of weapons or ammunition. They did not threaten or indulge in idle talk. They eschewed bravado and hyperbole. Their low profile kept them off the radar. They took pride in having clean criminal records. All this was before every phone call, keystroke, and computer click was tracked.

Of course, the bottom-up proletarian revolution never occurred. Instead, the long, top-down march through the institutions has triumphed. The theories of Antonio Gramsci and Rudi Dutschke have been vindicated. We have no workers’ soviets but plenty of apparatchiks and a nomenklatura.

A cold civil war has taken place, and conservatives have lost. Every U.S. institution is dominated by cultural Marxists, their fellow travelers, their supplicants, stooges, or useful idiots. Commonsense assumptions that held for 4,000 years now are taboo. What was accepted wisdom until 15 minutes ago will get you fired, ostracized, barred from earning a living, possibly divorced, and estranged from your kids.

It’s Lord of the Flies, and conservatives are Piggy. It’s “Chinatown,” Jake, but we can’t just forget it and walk away. There’s no place to go. And, increasingly, it looks like there’s no viable opposition party. Conservatives are an occupied population in their own country.

So now it’s rightists who dream of revolution—or restoration. For those who are serious, take a tip from the Trotskyites of 1976. Organize, network, plan, but keep it quiet. Tough talk is cheap. It might make you feel better, but the cost will be high if things get real. Even yard signs and bumper stickers are unnecessary giveaways. Yes, we know you support the Second Amendment, but shut up about it. Purchase lists and background checks notwithstanding, the whole world doesn’t need to know what you have or don’t have.

Be careful about who you trust. Avoid idiots, loudmouths, and blowhards. Assume three-letter agencies will penetrate your organizations. Your own government will try to sting and entrap you. Expect agents provocateurs and false flag operations. As much as possible, keep everything face-to-face. Retain good lawyers.

They’re coming after you. Don’t make it easier for them.

We’ll get through this somehow. We have no choice.

Now for optimism from John Green at AmericanThinker:

Like many Americans, I’ve been in a funk since last November. Now it’s time to shake it off and re-engage. George Washington presided over a series of lost battles and tactical retreats during the American revolution. But each battle (regardless of outcome) weakened the enemy, and led to eventual freedom from monarchical rule. The ruling class has taken an election, but they’ve substantially weakened their position in doing so. It’s time to take stock of our relative positions and move on.

So, what is the left’s position now? They lost seats in Congress. Even more significant, they lost power in state governments. These are the same state bodies that are going to reapportion congressional districts this year. They’ve exposed their true nature to all Americans. Through their actions over the last year, they’ve revealed themselves to be petty, vindictive, dishonest autocrats. It is not an attractive look. They’ve also exposed all of their covert operators. The media, tech oligarchs, and faceless bureaucrats have taken sides — and now we know it. Much of their power came from secrecy, which they no longer have. All of this was sacrificed to drag a demented, racist has-been across the finish line. President Asterisk enters office in the weakest position of any president in recent history. We’re not at the dawn of the left’s ascendancy. They have peaked. They’re spent. I’m sure they’re not done fighting, but their strategic position is not something to envy. It’s doubtful they can retain power.

However, what conservatives have is quite formidable. We have over 75 million followers. That number is our floor, not our ceiling. Our ranks are growing every day. The more our ruling class attempts to suppress us, the faster our movement will grow. Remember when the left used to warn us, “Don’t mistreat terrorists. They’ll use it as a recruiting tool.” They were right, and it applies here too.

Republicans control a majority of state governments now. Republicans control 32 upper chambers (versus 18 for Democrats) and 30 lower chambers (versus 19 for Democrats and one TBD in Alaska). Republicans are in the driver’s seat for reapportionment. They’ve been on the receiving end of gerrymandering for a long time. Now it’s their turn. In addition, state and local governments stand as a bulwark against tyranny. My home of Star, Idaho recently declared itself a 2nd amendment sanctuary, as many other communities across the country have. Sheriffs are beginning to step forward and assert that they will not enforce unconstitutional laws. Our state and local governments have the ability to push back, and many are beginning to do so.

Finally, and most importantly, we have the truth on our side. We know the election was compromised. We know the left is trying to impose socialism on us. We know socialism never works. We know we are not a racist country and we can no longer be subdued with name calling.

Many on our side are arguing that the left institutionalized election fraud and we’ll never be able to win an election again. That is simply not true. Elections are controlled by the states, and Republicans control the majority of states. Out of 50 states, the vote was compromised in perhaps six of them. Fraud was only able to tip the election because it was close. As Hugh Hewitt used to say on his radio show, “If the election isn’t not close, they can’t steal it.”

Some argue that now that the Democrats have all of the levers of power, they’ll use the military to subdue us. I’m sure a few Democrats have given that some thought and realized the notion is nonsense. Putting aside the optics of another Kent State massacre, it simply wouldn’t work. Soldiers are not robots. They are us. Some would follow their orders, but many would not. So no, military suppression of the citizenry is not an option.

The use of the military for propaganda purposes is an option. The left will try to use it to intimidate us, but it’s all a bluff. The Democrats moved five divisions of soldiers into Washington D.C. for the inauguration. Let me ask this — does putting on a Kim Jong-un style coronation telegraph confidence or fear? The fact is, our ruling class knows that they’ve overplayed their hand, and they are terrified. But beyond a bluff, they’ve got nothing else. If they want to retain power, they have to do it through politics.

Here’s what they have to work with. They have a propaganda ministry that sacrificed the last shred of credibility they had in the last election. The legacy media approval rating is bouncing around somewhere between that of Congress and used-car salesmen. They have big-tech oligarchs that went out on a limb and then sawed it off. Google, Facebook, and Twitter are now facing legal challenges from state and foreign governments (bet they didn’t see that coming). They’ve got educational institutions which have been politically indoctrinating our children for generations. But COVID-19 lockdowns and remote learning exposed many parents to the reality of what’s been going on in classrooms. It was both eye opening and disturbing. The Democrats have a tenuous grip on political power, and are likely to lose it in the mid-term election. Finally, the left has only minority support from the citizenry.

All we need to do, is keep up the pressure. We need to vote nationally and work locally. Speak over the propaganda by talking to friends and neighbors. Take over school boards. Deprogram our children by talking to them. Engage in local politics. Elect local officials based on a constitutional litmus test. As General George (Washington or Patton — take your pick) would say, “Okay boys. We’ve got’em outnumbered, exposed, and scared — Engage!”

The Apocalypse Is Here

A commentator at DonSurber.blogspot.com who goes by the name The Gipper Lives summed up a lot of what we are feeling today.

The 2020 election was decided two minutes after the polls closed in November of 2016.

That’s when the Uni-Party decided they would steal this election from Donald Trump and the American people no matter what.

They could have saved all of us a lot of trouble by announcing their selection long ago without making us go through their evil charade. A brutal dictator is more honest than these subtle tyrants. The brute sticks a gun in your face and tells you he is stealing your freedom. These snakes stick a ballot in your hand and then steal your freedom from you while telling you that it was your own choice.

They crave the one thing they can never have: moral legitimacy.

They want to control others because they cannot control themselves; the unbridled greed, the ubiquitous perversion and the mad power-lust bar them from living within our system of honest elections. They want to control others’ speech because they cannot silence the chorus of lies pounding inside their own heads.

Donald Trump is an American patriot and traditionalist reformer who is careful to stay within the four corners of that tradition, despite the endless smears of being a dictator. Dictators are the ones who steal elections, censor communications and stage Reichstag Fires, not those who have it done to them.

Our President had these crazy ideas that America should be run for Americans, not for the Chinese Politburo, crooked politicians and corporate greedheads. That we probably shouldn’t give Iran nuclear ICBMs. That the winners of elections should assume those offices.

Even these common-sense ideas were all too much for our depraved Perma-Blob Government. They have decided that henceforth, the Government shall elect the Government. They are even proposing a new Domestic Terrorist law. Will it include the domestic terrorism of stealing an election from the American people in broad daylight…or just outlaw the criticism of that theft?

Apocalypse is not just a great battle. Apocalypse means a Great Unveiling. Every single Public Institution of American Life have been greatly unveiled, and proven to be broken, perverted, coerced or corrupt. Every. Single. One.

Perhaps our Heavenly Father has chosen to set aside President Trump–the duly-reelected President of the United States–while he deals with the rotting corpse of our Whore of Babylon-government.

And who could blame Him?

All this they do in the name of a Great Reset. But I tell you the gates of Hell shall not prevail and we are heading for a Great Awakening instead.

And Our Redeemer Jesus Christ is the God who redeems the Stolen.

(Selah is a Hebrew word that means forever)

Trump Is Not Going Away

He can be their worst nightmare. A president who is still popular and still commands the hearts and attention of 80 million Americans.

The Russia hoax, the Ukraine impeachment, the massive vote fraud, the rigged second impeachment have not changed Americans’ opinions of Donald John Trump.
Rasmussen sees no slip in support for President Trump. Do you know anyone who likes him less than in 2016? Than in 2018? 2020? No. Instead they like him more.

This is probably worse for the GOPe than it is for Democrats.

Mitch McConnell may have thought he’d run Trump out of town, but the pathetic former Senate Majority Leader has given up his status for nothing. He has cemented Trump’s popularity. The GOPe and the Dems have martyred him and thus created a popular hero. The people know he’s for them and this just enshrines it.

The Deep State has not won. On the contrary, we now see that they exist. That they even flourish. That they decide our lives without any input from us. It’s as if Adam and Eve discovered they are naked. There is no coming back from the reality.

Deep Tech may have banished Trump from their paradise, but he will find other ways to communicate with his base. In fact, when he does talk, tweet or make a video, Americans will be ten times as likely to watch it as they might have should he have just become an ordinary retired president. Publishers have banned together to stop anyone publishing his memoirs. Are they nuts? He can self publish and 50 million Americans will buy a book in which he talks about who betrayed him and who is dirty.

And if, as they probably will, they continue to martyr him through conviction of impeachment, lawsuits, boycotts of his company and whatever else the corrupt Lawfare group that runs our country can come up with, that will further ensconce him in our hearts.

Did they forget, too, that he has scads of family members and friends ready to take the baton in 2024 or beyond?

As always, the Dems and the Deep State have overplayed their hand. We now know what they’re up to. Do they know what we’re up to? That will keep them awake nights. It will also have them turn on one another. That part should be fun to watch.

He’s at It Again!

Yes, our Shelby County Representative, Steve Cohen, went on CNN to express more of his conspiracy theories. This time, it’s against the National Guard stationed in DC for the inauguration.

He has concerns over security! Cohen said, “The National Guard is 90 some-odd percent male; and only about 20 percent of white males voted for Biden … there are probably not more than 25% of the people there protecting us that voted for Biden.”

So he thinks these people ought to be checked out. Do they watch Fox News? Did they support Donald Trump? He wants them vetted by looking at their Facebook and Twitter posts. I guess if one did, they should be ousted! What’s next? Internment camps?

Someone on Twitter named Tom Elliott suggested that “To ensure Rep. Cohen’s safety all we need to do now is simply fire all of the non-minority National Guardsmen and then additionally screen if any have watched Fox News recently and then fire them too.”

And Matt Whitlock added, “Never forget that this guy brought day-old Kentucky fried chicken to a House hearing and ate it for a made-for-tv stunt.”

If that’s not enough, Cohen tweeted, “I hate Donald Trump. He’s caused nearly 400,000 to die of coronavirus. He’s wreaked deadly havoc and destruction in the Capitol I work in and love. He’s destroyed the faith people should have in our government. He’s been a crook for FOUR years and I HATE him. #SayonaraCrook”

That’s who represents us in Congress. And has for 14 years.