Fighting Back

Rush Limbaugh mentioned Townhall writer Kurt Schlichter as one of his new favorite columnists. Indeed. He wrote an excellent commentary about how we normal people have had enough and are now fighting back. Here it is:

I guess now we’re not supposed to be fighting culture wars anymore – man, it’s so hard to keep up with these ever-changing new rules! I’m old enough to remember way back to 2016, before Trump got nominated, and I could have sworn Conservative Inc., was gung-ho for the whole culture war thing. But then Trump actually fought it, taking on the big, soft target that is the spoiled, semi-literate athletes who like to rub their contempt for the flag we love in our faces in the guise of woke wokedness. Now we suddenly discover that fighting back is horribly uncouth and déclassé and “Oh, well I never!”

Gosh, I would have thought from all those cruise panels about how our crumbling culture is slouching toward Babylon and the need to resist the liberal onslaught that maybe we ought to actually resist the liberal onslaught, but see, that was my mistake. I took it seriously when Conservative, Inc., promised to fight the leftist blitzkrieg against normal Americans. It was all a scam, a lie, a pose for us rubes. The Tru Cons didn’t actually mean it.

There’s a lot of that not meaning it going on in the GOP right now. Exhibit A is John McCain, who ran ads touting how he was leading the way in opposing Obamacare only to give it aid and comfort when someone in the White House would actual sign its repeal. He’s the guy the establishment designated to lose to Barack Obama in 2008, and he was sure up to the task. But in retrospect, thank goodness, because McCain’s inevitable presidential betrayal of conservatives by breaking his word then and treating GOP voters like he treated his first wife would have done exponentially more damage to conservatism than Trump being prevented from keeping his word today ever could.

It’s so good to know that, despite his wonderful, close, awesome friend humiliating him while lying to Arizona’s voters, Lindsey Graham is still the blue falcon’s buddy. No hard feelings!

There used to be a thing called “conservatism,” and I knew it pretty well since I was part of it for about a third of a century. But conservatism changed, becoming less about principles (though the wusscons never shut up about them) and more about money-grubbing navel gazing and intellectual onanism. Actual Republican voters, actual normal Americans? Well, they became kind of beside the point in the tumbler-klinking world of the John Boehnercons, and to the corporate-friendly compassioncons who put the interests of everyone else (including the act of lovers) ahead of the GOP voters who voted the establishment in.

Conservativism forgot about the real world conservatives we expected to line up behind us. While we were talking about free trade, we were ignoring that GOP voter who fought in Fallujah, came home, got a job building air conditioners, raised a family, and then one day watched the video of the oh-so-sorry CEO – who looked remarkably like Mitt Romney, because all these guys look remarkably like Mitt Romney – sadly informing his beloved employees that their jobs were getting shipped to Oaxaca. And our response to the 58-year old Republican voter who asked us how he was going to keep paying for his mortgage and his kid in college? Pretty much, “Well, that’s how free enterprise works. Read some Milton Freidman and go learn coding.”

That’s not a response, not for a political party that requires people to actually vote for it. That’s an abdication, but what did Conservative, Inc., care? Priorities! “There’s this new tapas place in Georgetown everyone is talking about – the other night, my buddy from the Liberty Freedom Eagle Institute for Liberty, Freedom and Eagles saw Lawrence O’Donnell there getting hammered!”

How about the guy who wanted to be a roofer in Fontana but he couldn’t because the contractors were only hiring illegals? What was our answer to him? “Oh well, the big corporate donors need their serfs, and if some pack of tatted-up MS-13 dreamers gang-rapes your daughter that’s just a price we’re willing to pay!”

They try to crush our religion and Conservative, Inc., cowers because Apple’s CEO might say mean things. “Just bake the cake,” they say – it’s not worth the fight! They demand our tax money to kill babies and Conservative, Inc., passes the spending bills – “Gosh, we can’t risk the WaPo saying we’re mean!” They diss our National Anthem, we react, and Conservative, Inc., wags its soft, spindly fingers – “So, so very unpresidential! My word!”

Conservatism has become a racket, and everything happening now is a result of its members hoping to wait out Trump and the demand for change he represents. Maybe if they do nothing, but say all the right things, we normals will get tired and go back to our jobs and keep providing those votes and renting those cruise cabins. But that’s not happening. We aren’t going away; business as usual is over. We aren’t just giving up, tossing away our country, and submitting to the ruling caste. We were nice with the Tea Party. Trump’s not as nice. What’s coming after is going to be much, much less nice.

What’s coming after is militant normalacy, the not-so-polite demand that the lackwits and failures who style themselves as our betters stop dumping on us normal Americans who work hard and play by the rules (Gosh that sounds familiar, like it used to be a winning electoral recipe, if only I could remember where I heard it before).

Who are the normals? The Americans who built this country, and defended it. When you eat, it’s because a normal grew the food and another normal trucked it to you. When you aren’t murdered in the street or don’t speak German, it’s because a normal with a gun made those things not happen. We normals don’t want to rule over others. We don’t obsess about how you live your life, but also we don’t want to be compelled to signal our approval or pick up the tab. We are every color and creed – though when someone who is incidentally a member of some other group aligns with normals, he/she/xe loses that identity. The left drums normals who are black out of its definition of “black,” just as normal women get drummed out of womanhood and normal gays get drummed out gayhood. In a way, the left is making E pluribus unum a reality again – to choose to be normal is to choose to reject silly identity group identification and unite. Instead of saying “normal Americans,” you can just say “Americans.”

Note that while leftists rail against the term “normals” (When I use it on Twitter, the reactions are always delightful!), they will never, ever demand to be counted as one. That’s because they hate normal Americans, wanting us enslaved or dead. How do I know? They tell me on Twitter, again and again and again.

Militant normality is growing as normals awaken to the indisputable truth of our enemy’s implacable hatred for us and everything we hold dear – like America. The sight of moron sportsball players disrespecting normals warms libs’ frigid little hearts – and make no mistake, that diss is aimed straight at us, not at some musical number. All these cultural aggressions are aimed at us, from demanding you obey their pronoun proclamations to requiring your daughter share a toilet with a dude in a skirt. This is how they seek to break us.

That’s why the shameful abdication of Conservative, Inc., in the cultural fight is both important and irrelevant. It demonstrates that the first loyalty of many folks in the conservaracket is to the ruling caste to which they belong, and it also demonstrates that these wimps’ absence from the battle means nothing.

We’ll fight this fight ourselves, thanks. Sometimes we’ll fight it by rediscovering the joy of a late evening without hack TV comics lecturing us about health care (Hey, Jimmy Kimmel had a sick son, and that unusual and unique experience means he has unusual and unique insights!). Sometimes we’ll hit the remote and spend our Sunday not watching future vegetables hating on our country when they aren’t smashing into each other. Sometimes we’ll mock these idiots mercilessly. We may even launch a Conservative Insurgency. And if they keep pushing, getting violent and trying to strip us of our sacred rights, we might get even more frisky, and then it’ll get ugly.

But we’re not giving up, and we’re not going to sit back and just take it. Militant normalcy is the result of normal people roused to anger and refusing to be pushed around anymore. We prefer a free society based on personal liberty and mutual respect. But if you leftists veto that option, that leaves us either a society where you rule and oppress us, or one where we hold the power. So let me break this down, both for the left and for their fussy Fredocon enablers: You don’t get to win.

Why I Quit Listening to News Analysts

Actually, this is reason Number 44 or so: Karl Rove and people like him.

Rove appeared on Fox News Sunday and attacked President Trump for his calling out NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem. He believes Trump will be walking away from this controversy as a “loser.”

Rove said, “What instead of swearing at them, he said, ‘I understand that you have a right to do this, but we stand and respect our flag, not because of America’s imperfections, but because we are constantly as a nation aspiring to the approval of history. We salute the flag because the struggles and the sacrifices of generations of Americans to make this a better country. That is why we stand and salute our flag and why we put our hand over our heart.’”

Rove shows he is a major critter of the DC Swamp with this remark. He has no understanding of the rest of the country.

Rove never thought Trump would have a chance to win the election. How out of touch is that? And how spiteful, because Trump wouldn’t pay his organization to deliver polls and stats Rove wanted him to buy from his firm?

You see, Republicans are supposed to lose elections to their liberal counterparts and media. The swamp rule says the GOP must submit and continue the status quo. Trump doesn’t acknowledge that rule or like it. He and we don’t know our place in the grand scheme of Washington.

This is a culture war. We’re in it. We haven’t fought back. Finally somebody is.

Irma vs. Elvis

President Trump and Florida Governor Rick Scott, along with hardworking Americans, deserve a lot of credit for what has been done in Florida after Hurricane Irma.

According to the Edison Electric Institute, at Irma’s peak on Sept. 11, 2017 there were more than 7.8 million Floridians experiencing a disruption in electric service. With the help of mutual assistance, more than 97 percent of impacted residents have had service restored.

This was the largest power restoration effort in U.S. history, with 60,000 coming to Florida to work.
Here’s what one Floridian said:

There are still areas in Florida where the power grid is being rebuilt and restored, however the vast majority of the work in SWFL (Marco Island, Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Sanibel, Cape Coral, Collier and Lee Counties) is finished. At this stage of completion the power and tree crews who came to assist head back to their home state and region. Many of them began that trek home today.

There is no way to adequately outline the dedication we have witnessed in the impact zone from these incredible men and women and their traveling support groups. Unless you actually witness them in action it’s indescribable. Working 24/7 for two straight weeks, through intense blistering heat, through storms and sheet-rain, through the darkest nights, these crews were jaw-droppingly dedicated to the recovery effort; and this was no-where near home for them.

When I think of them leaving their families for weeks… of them wading through filth and muck to reach the hardest of areas… of the saltwater marsh up to their necks with equipment held over their heads… of the grit and determination…. of the callouses in every handshake and hug… of the colors of every helmet…. day-after-day, night-after-night no quit… well, I ain’t a tender person but damn if their sheer effort just doesn’t drop me to tears of appreciation.

Blazin’ chainsaws… solutions on the fly… engineering stuff and building it with a level of calloused ingenuity that would strike fear into any adversary questioning the strength and backbone of America.

I ain’t kidding you folks, sometimes we just stood there in awe… and we don’t do ‘awe’ easily. These weeks we walked with men whose grit and determination was stunning. The absolute unheralded, and generally invisible, pride of this nation.

Thunder-buckets of gratitude.

These are the people the NFL and NBA players are insulting by taking a knee. Let’s throw in the military, too.

But that’s not the point of this article.

Remember in 2003 when Hurricane Elvis blew through Memphis? Hundreds of thousands of people were left without power. Did our governor or mayor exercise the same amount of aid that Floridians got? Hardly. Mayor Herenton hightailed it to Little Rock.

It took at least 21 days before power returned to everyone. And that was just one moderately sized city. Trump and co. fixed it for a state with millions of people.

I wouldn’t doubt that we had as many or more deaths than they did. There are always the deaths afterwards that don’t show up in the immediate numbers, such as elderly who experience the trauma and die of ancillary but related causes.

It just shows what leadership can accomplish and the high price of incompetence.

NFL – National Fools League

Since when does politics belong in football? Or in food series or recipes? Or in dance contests or kindergarten activities or movies or comedy or magazines or anything else besides politics?

Liberals have infected them all with angry, progressive, stupid thinking that doesn’t belong there.

When Trump called out the NFL players last night, or when he responded to the NBA Golden Warriors and rescinded their invitation to the White House, he was fighting for the majority of Americans. We’ve all been taking these slurs and derision for way too long.

So it was ironic that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wrote this:

Divisive? Respect for the NFL? Force for good? The players are the ones who started attacking American values by taking a knee and dividing us into camps. They are not respecting us, so they don’t earn or merit our respect. It’s a two way street.

As for football being a force for good, he might want to reconsider that one. The League itself has raised concerns about concussions and what the game does to players. It’s not good. Nor is the flashy lifestyle so many of them glory in that dupes other people into following their often crash and burn careers.

I would wager most Americans are tired of being insulted by sports players, chefs, actors, singers and the whole lot that uses their venue as a stage to throw shade on the rest of us.

They don’t seem to get it. Perhaps the only way they will is through their wallets.

DNC in the Dumps

The media always talks about how divided the GOP is. From the way they talk, you’d think the Republicans had lost the election, had little control of state legislatures and were the minority in Congress. None of it true. Surprise.

It is true that there are different factions in the GOP seemingly at war with one another. Look back at the past 50 years and see that it’s been that way for a long time. There were elected officials who fought Reagan, Bush and Bush 43. The first big legislation that W pushed, No Child Left Behind, had to scrape together votes before it passed. It was not a slam dunk.

That’s just how an organization that values individualism and freedom operates.

In truth, things are dire for the Dems. Their fund raising is in the toilet. The Washington Free Beacon reported:

he Democratic National Committee’s already dire financial standing worsened during the month of August, according to its Wednesday night filing to the FEC.

The DNC raised just $4.4 million last month, the second lowest August fundraising figure for the party in the past decade. The party had less cash on hand at the end of the month than it did at the beginning, as its spending outpaced its fundraising by $44,575.

And it gets worse. The DNC’s debt substantially increased from $3.4 million to $4.1 million, a figure equal to about 60 percent of the committee’s total cash on hand.

By contrast, the RNC raised $7.3 million in the month of August, giving them $45.8 million cash on hand. Neither do they have any debts, while the DNC owes more than $4 million.

They are bankrupt in candidates, too. There aren’t that many of them out there since the Obama years drained them of 1,200 offices nationwide. Most of the senior people are seniors – more than 70 years old like Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Without lower ballot offices, the top tier is drying up.

They are bankrupt of ideas, too. Everything they preach sounds like it came from FDR’s playbook or Joseph Stalin’s. They have no strategy except to give things away and hope to attract voters doing that.

An internal DNC poll recently found that their main issues are not popular:

“Raising the minimum wage to $15 is as unpopular as it was when the Obama White House tried to make it Democrats’ rallying cry in the 2014 midterms. Participants in battleground-state focus groups said they see that rate as relatively high and the issue in general as being mostly about redistributing money to the poor. The DCCC memo urges candidates instead to talk about a ‘living wage,’ or to rail against outsourcing jobs.”

Then on free college tuition:

“The call for free college tuition fosters both resentment at ivory tower elitism and regret from people who have degrees but are now buried under debt. Many voters see ‘free’ as a lie — either they’ll end up paying for tuition some other way, or worse, they’ll be paying the tuition of someone else who’ll be getting a degree for free.

“Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research and Gerstein Bocian Agne Strategies conducted online polling of 1,000 Democrats and 1,000 swing voters across 52 swing districts for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Their advice to candidates afterward: Drop the talk of free college.”

Whenever the media starts running down the GOP you know they are doing it because they understand the “threat” we bring to their hegemony.

Don’t listen. Look at facts instead.

Google in the Newsroom

If you think newspapers and media are biased now, wait til you see what Google has planned.

Google is already so rife with liberal bias itself, it’s ridiculous. However, they don’t think you are liberal enough so they are going to make you as liberal as they can.

How? Their plan is to place 1,000 “journalists” in local newsrooms in the next five years.

Kristen Hare from the Poynter Institute explains:

Many local newsrooms have been cut to the bone so often that there’s hardly any bone left. But starting early next year, some may get the chance to rebuild, at least by one.

On Monday, a new project was announced at the Google News Lab Summit that aims to place 1,000 journalists in local newsrooms in the next five years. Report For America takes ideas from several existing organizations, including the Peace Corps, Americorps, Teach for America and public media.

Unlike foreign or domestic service programs or public media, however, RFA gets no government funding. But they are calling RFA a national service project. That might make some journalists uncomfortable – the idea of service and patriotism, said co-founder Charles Sennott, founder and CEO of the GroundTruth Project. But at its most fundamental, local journalism is about protecting democracy, he said.

Here’s how RFA will work: On one end, emerging journalists will apply to be part of RFA. On the other, newsrooms will apply for a journalist. RFA will pay 50 percent of that journalist’s salary, with the newsroom paying 25 percent and local donors paying the other 25 percent. That reporter will work in the local newsroom for a year, with the opportunity to renew.

Sennott and Steven Waldman co-founded RFA, which comes from a partnership between Google News Labs and the Groundtruth Project. RFA also gets support, and its reporters will get training, from the Center for Investigative Journalism, the Lenfest Institute for Journalism, the Solutions Journalism network and the Knight Foundation (which funds my job covering local news at Poynter. Poynter also gets funding from Lenfest and Google News Labs).

This will give Google an amazing role in what Americans get as news.

There’s a reason why newspapers are in decline and this is just more of the same medicine.

With jobs tight in newspapers, how are the older reporters going to feel about younger, cheaper people flooding their market? You can imagine there will be resentment, plus labor problems. Most newspapers already have interns, but for a limited time. This makes them permanent.

But, perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps they will embrace it. After all, subverting America is waaaay more important than a few little jobs, eh?

Mueller Time

Observed this on twitter:

LETS BE CLEAR. Robert Mueller is Costing YOU. 100K a day for 17 Lawyers. 45K a day in Staff. 30K a day Operational Costs. $175,000.00 A DAY

I assume it’s correct because nothing is cheap.

Mueller was given the post May 17. Let’s add up how many working days that is. Let’s say that amounts to 80 days, give or take a few, since holidays take days out of the total. We’re talking millions of dollars. Imagine if he keeps it up through December.

What a waste! In any other time, Congress would have put a stop to this invasive, fruitless waste of money.