Report Retort

I believe the IG report – which was stalled in the DOJ for three weeks – underwent a few “revisions” shall we say. The tenor of the whole thing vs. the tenor of the summary don’t jive.

Even before it came out, some in Congress had doubts about it and asked for the original version plus the changes made to it.
This appears a wise move.
Whether they will get it, it’s hard to say. The FBI and DOJ have been stonewalling Congress for more than a year.

The bulk of the report appears to be example after example of bias and wrongdoing in the FBI. The summation, which I’m not sure Inspector General Horowitz wrote, found the opposite conclusion.

That’s all the media needed and when all chirp the same summary, “No political bias” you can bet the word was spread around to say this. Probably headed up by Obama who is not staying in DC for his daughter’s schooling. Rather, he’s HQ for Trump opposition and dissemination and for propaganda.

This “Q” on Twitter who has a lot of followers and appears to know things posted this the day before the release of the report:

On June 11 Q said:

There will be many redactions.
Why was the EO put on ice?
To wait for the release of the ‘Clinton Investigation’ portion of the IG report?
To include in the DECLAS?
Why would it be important to include? (all in one)
Optics are meaningful.
Political hit job narrative.
R’s v D’s.
Not right v wrong.
END OF THE D PARTY [leaders].
Who appointed Huber?
Re_read (again).
Slowly & carefully.

Meanwhile, many people feel like this commentator on a website:

What everyone should fear is that we have a Gestapo-like organization as our highest law enforcement agency in the land – practically all of them are anti-American, Leftist fascists. The idea that they had no problem with Clinton’s PRIVATE Email server and the sending of classified information to every Tom, Dick and Harry, should scare people. Writing 302s After interviews, without recordings – never meet with the FBI without a lawyer. Director Wray’s press conference yesterday was a disgrace. Words are Behavior.

What we say goes to state of mind. It’s who we are, and those same words propel our functioning in our jobs and daily lives.

The IG Report insults the intelligence of the American people. If I met one of those elitist snobs who said what they did about Ohioans, Trump supporters in general, I’d sneer them into oblivion. They have NO idea of the caliber of people we are, our education, our knowledge, our darn Common Sense! I’d rather hang out with Deplorables than any of the trash who think they’re better than us.

If you notice, in the report we aren’t just deplorables anymore; now we’re POS.

The press conference FBI chief Christopher Wray gave yesterday was atrocious. This commentator nails it:

Wray’s attitude in the press event was tone deaf.
The clear evidence of bias is obvious to everyone but the swamp Anacondas and Rock Pythons.
I suppose Wray and company might prove me wrong by cleaning house over the coming weeks and referring bad actors for prosecution.
I just sense a fealty to the agency by the overseers that is counter to the actual corruption. Wray talking about the low turn over rate and the high standards for selection of interns……..just disgusting.
I’ve had more than quite enough, given the systematic failure of the agency with Boston, Mandalay, Pulse, etc. The agents busy themselves with queering an election, and Wray talks about how selective the agency is in its personnel decisions. Nice slither, ass clown.
I know rank and file, they are fine fire arms instructors, but I’ve lost respect, the bias is so obvious. I no longer trust the agency and I don’t see my confidence being restored.
We shall see what Huber does to these bastards and bitches. I am waiting. Maybe some rough criminal prosecutions and lengthy time behind bars will sober these people up. That is to come.
As always, our government’s bureaucratic leadership is riven with self absorption and corruption.
We shall see what Huber does.
Looks to me like a certain Tree needs watering.

Hard to disagree.

What’s Wrong With Britain?

You probably know about Tommy Robinson. He’s an activist for Britain but was put in jail for reporting outside of a trial concerning Muslim grooming. Not for doing anything illegal; just telling others what was going on inside.

Unfortunately, things have gotten worse for Robinson. The Gateway Pundit says,

Paul Joseph Watson reported earlier Wednesday that Tommy Robinson had been moved to a maximum security prison with a 71% Muslim population.

This may certainly be a death sentence for Tommy.

Inmates were banging on the cell walls shouting death threats–an Imam placed a hit on Tommy.

Raheem Kassam tweeted: UPDATE: I am told the decision to move Tommy Robinson from a relatively safe prison to a highly unsafe one came from the @ukhomeoffice — which means people need to be asking questions of @sajidjavid, Britain’s new Home Secretary. #FreeTommy

The MSM continues to ignore this situation and only one person from Congress has addressed it.
Rep Paul Gosar (R-AZ) issued a statement on the Congressional Record for the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson, but how much good can that do?

Political correctness has become more important in Britain than human rights and freedom. We need to make sure that doesn’t happen here.

Kardashian in Town

Kim Kardashian is here today according to the New York Post’s Page Six:

Kim Kardashian is traveling to Memphis, Tenn., on Wednesday to meet with Alice Marie Johnson, whose life sentence for a nonviolent drug offense she helped commute with an appeal to President Trump, according to a report.

The 37-year-old reality TV star is set to visit NBC’s “Today” show along with Johnson on Thursday, Us Weekly reported.

Kardashian and her team had worked to free the first-time offender, who last week said “that only God could have touched Kim Kardashian’s heart like that and we have connected.”

Kardashian, who broke the news about the commutation to Johnson in a tearful phone call, said she “felt this connection” to the 63-year-old grandmother when she learned about her story.

“She lost her longtime job, got a divorce, her son died,” she said on CNN. “Everything was going so bad for her, and she got desperate.”

Kardashian met Trump in the Oval Office to make her pitch to get Johnson released.

“I knew that if I have this meeting, I can’t go in there and talk about all the policies that I don’t agree with,” she said.

After learning of Johnson’s commutation on June 6, Kardashian tweeted: “Best news ever!!!! So grateful to @realDonaldTrump, Jared Kushner & to everyone who has showed compassion and contributed countless hours to this important moment for Ms. Alice Marie Johnson.”

Johnson, who was jailed in 1996 for drug trafficking, has said she turned her life around in the slammer and decided that she wasn’t “going to just do time or let time do me.”

Raging Bull Spreads It

Hollywood and New York are united in one thing – their hatred for President Trump.

He lives rent free in their heads and they can’t get him out.

Page Six reports on their champion, Robert DeNiro and his latest attacks:

Robert De Niro used a Thursday awards ceremony honoring high-school writers to accuse President Trump of spreading “bulls–t.”

The “Raging Bull” actor bashed the president while praising the winners of the first Jimmy and Rosemary Breslin “American Writer Award” at the Tweed Courthouse in Lower Manhattan.

“The one characteristic that comes through all of your work that I read, and that is the same quality of everything that Jimmy Breslin wrote, is the truth,” De Niro said.

“Our country is led by a president who believes he can make up his own truth. And we have a word for that — bulls–t.”

“So what about the truth? What does the truth even mean today? I mean, if you’re Donald Trump it doesn’t mean anything,” added De Niro, who got loud applause for the attacks.

Hundreds of high-school seniors submitted non-fiction, “New York-centered” stories employing the short sentences and original angles favored by the late newspaper columnist, whose family established the contest.

First place — and a $2,500 prize — went to Bronx High School of Science student Nuha Dolby, who wrote about giving money to a homeless man on the subway.

Moscow on the Hudson loves hate. They think they are the center of the universe and reflect American values. Hence the topic of the competition for $2,500. The rest of us are here just to serve and provide for them.

Wonder if he/she is going to give that money to the homeless?

As for DeNiro, someone who has spent his life lying via acting, while raking in obscene amounts of money, can he even fathom the truth? Doubtful.

Justin’s Hands Not So Clean

The Left’s much adored Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is not the pure, Progressive idol they thought.

According to Breitbart, the Canadian champion of the #MeToo movement, was accused of groping a young woman reporter in 2000. It comes out in an editorial from August of that year headlined, “Like father, like son” a reference to his father, former PM Pierre Trudeau, who also liked the ladies.

It said, “Shouldn’t the son of a former prime minister be aware of the rights and wrongs that go along with public socializing?” the editorial asks.

“Didn’t he learn through his vast experiences in public life, that groping a strange young woman isn’t in the handbook of proper etiquette, regardless of who she is, what her business is or where they are?”

According to the Creston Valley Advance, Trudeau told the young woman: “I’m sorry. If I had known you were reporting for a national paper, I would never have been so forward.”

The editorial, largely dismissive of the apology, chides Trudeau over what the author perceives as a lack of self-awareness as the son of former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

“Shouldn’t the son of a former prime minister be aware of the rights and wrongs that go along with public socializing?” the editorial asks.

“Didn’t he learn through his vast experiences in public life, that groping a strange young woman isn’t in the handbook of proper etiquette, regardless of who she is, what her business is or where they are?”

Once again, the Left believes in do what I say, not what I do.

A Quick Look at Last Night’s Races

Last night was a big primary night for half a dozen states.

“All eyes are on California” newscaster after newscaster said. When you hear that, click off the TV, radio or internet. It doesn’t mean a thing and they are mostly wrong.

Republican turnout looked good last night, discrediting the Dems’ belief that their voters are more driven than ours. Like most liberal ideas, this is a pathetic exaggeration.

In California, a Republican finally got on the gubernatorial ballot. Their system is different from most other states’ – no surprise there – in that the top two vote getters square off, even if they’re in the same party.

Republican John Cox will face Dem/liberal/progressive/communist Gavin Newsom for governor. That indicates that more GOPers will turn out for November races in an effort to get the astronomical gas tax repealed, something Cox has promised. Cox spent $5 million; Newsom $32 million.

Some races will take a few days to figure out as the results may not be in for days. Election officials still must count huge numbers of vote-by-mail and provisional ballots. A printing error in Los Angeles County that left 118,000 voters off the roster caused further trouble.

As for the rest, Legal Insurrection blog writes:

“As of early Wednesday morning, CNN projected that in California’s 49th District, where Rep. Darrell Issa is retiring, one Democrat will advance to the general election, avoiding a shutout for the party.

“CNN projected that Rep. Dana Rohrabacher will advance to the general election in California’s 48th District and former California State Assemblywoman Young Kim will advance in California’s 39th District. It’s unclear who their challengers will be. There is still a possibility Democrats could be locked out in these districts.

“CNN didn’t mention the 10th district, which is another seat the Democrats want to flip. Incumbent Jeff Denham came out on top, but Democrat challenger Josh Harder is barely holding onto second over Republican Ted Howze.

“To the shock of no one, incumbent Sen. Dianne Feinstein coasted to the top of the Senate primary with 43.9% of the vote. HOWEVER!!! It looks like Feinstein may have a Republican challenger in November since James Bradley is barely behind state Senator Kevin de León.”

Stay tuned.

In New Jersey, Democrat Senator Bob Menendez – he of the criminal corruption trial that ended in a hung jury and which our DOJ refused to retry – won his primary, although it was tighter than expected.
He will face Republican Bob Hugin. A recent poll showed Hugin only four points behind, but given that 200,000 more Democrats turned out that GOPers, and that this is New Jersey, this is a tough one.

In Montana, Republican State Auditor Matt Rosendale will take on Jon Tester. The Trump family has made it a goal to take the seat from Tester after he accused Veterans Affairs nominee Randy Jackson of drunkenness.

In Michigan, a ballot initiative could have bad ramifications for the GOP.

The Detroit Free Press reports:

“The Michigan Legislature on Tuesday decided to punt the issue of legalizing marijuana for recreational use to voters to decide in the November election.

“Senate Republicans had wanted to take up and pass the measure so they could amend it and keep it off the Nov. 6 general election ballot. But they deferred to the House of Representatives to see whether Republicans could muster the votes — 55 needed for passage — and they never got close.

“So the House declined to vote on the measure before adjourning Tuesday, kicking it to the November general election ballot. The Senate quickly followed suit. The deadline for the Legislature to take up the issue was midnight Tuesday.”
Legalization of pot is something that drives young voters to the polls and those voters often are deluded enough to vote Democrat.

All in all, Republicans showed energy and turnout, both of which will get energized by Trump, who gets 87% approval among Republicans.

Harris Boasts

State Senator Lee Harris has set his sights on becoming Shelby County mayor. It’s a post that’s been held by Republicans for a long time, thanks to the less Democrat leaning suburbs.

Will he succeed against Republican David Lenoir?

I hope not. Lee is not just a liberal, but a progressive and he believes he has a good shot at defeating Lenoir.

Lee says he has “a movement” behind him. He claims,

During the Primary Election, some parts of the business establishment lined up to support my Republican opponents. As a result, we didn’t even have one-sixth of the campaign budget of my opponents.

Nevertheless, when the votes were counted during the Primary Election, this campaign earned more votes than all the Republican candidates combined. That wasn’t supposed to happen. But, it is happening. And it’s happening because of you.

Because of you, we won all our voting precincts in the May Democratic primary. That’s right. In Shelby County, there are nearly 200 neighborhoods. We won every single one of them during the Democratic Primary Election. Because of you nearly 46,000 voters participated in the Democratic May 2018 Primary Election. It was the highest Democratic turnout in a May Primary in 16 years!

And Lee boasts, “We are doing the work. We are having significant success. Just last week, most of the members of the Shelby County Commission came out to officially support and endorse this campaign. Our campaign office is always buzzing. Our yard signs and t-shirts are flying out the door. Our television ad is on the airwaves. We are making tremendous progress, because of the energy and enthusiasm of the grassroots.”

Lee’s slogan is “A New Era.” He’s not kidding about his activism. For example,

What the City of Memphis did by removing the confederate monuments was lawful, according to those who have looked closely at the matter.

Nevertheless, just recently, a few hardline Republicans in the General Assembly took action to cut $250,000 in funding from Memphis. They convinced the Tennessee General Assembly to strip the funding from Memphis as punishment.

The action by the Tennessee General Assembly to cut funding from the City of Memphis was wrong. That may be obvious to you. But, so far, I am the only candidate who has stood up and said so. Worse yet, some of the other candidates have publicly said they support Nashville politicians taking money from Memphis. That’s right. Some of the other candidates have said they support taking money from Memphis because Memphis decided to (lawfully) take down confederate monuments.

I hope the other candidates change their minds. This is a big deal.

We should all be worried by this action by Republicans in control of the Tennessee House, as this sets up a dangerous precedent.

It means that local elected officials can be punished for (lawful) decisions that end up rubbing powerful elected officials in Nashville the wrong way.

It means we are at a point in our state, when our lopsided Republican government has decided it will openly punish political opponents and use government force to do it.

It starts with a $250,000 financial penalty against the City. But, it might not be long before we have financial penalties against Memphis elected officials. Right after, someone will suggest Memphis elected officials should be forced from office, or even jailed, for their decisions or views.

We are headed for disaster if we don’t do something to make sure there is more balanced debate in our government. Right now, one party controls all branches of our state government and almost every county office.

We can change that this year. We can bring balanced debate to these important issues. We can make sure that someone is elected into office who won’t let Nashville push us around.

He forgets to mention that the people in Nashville were fairly elected to reflect the views of most of the state. Lee also skips over the fact that some of these elected officials he worries will be “forced from office, or even jailed,” have not followed the laws the state requires. He doesn’t mention that the citizens of Memphis were never even allowed to vote on this issue. The removal was imposed and the park that belonged to the citizens was sold for a paltry sum to the mayor’s buddies.

Like other progressives, Lee talks about moving forward: “We have to spread the word about how to move Shelby County, the largest county in Tennessee, forward. We can do it. More than 200,000 people in our county of 950,000 live in poverty. I am laser-focused on that problem…our community has been one of the poorest in the US for a long time. And in the last 50 years, based on statistics, like employment and income, things are getting much worse. This campaign is built on the belief that people are ready to see their leaders laser-focus on that.

“We can work to reduce the energy expense associated with Shelby County Government facilities, equipment, and vehicles. We can replace florescent and halogen bulbs with LED ones. We can install solar arrays where appropriate and upgrade HVAC where financially feasible. We can make sure that Shelby Farms, one of the largest urban parks in the country, is open and accessible for generations to come. We can do even more.”

Doesn’t that sound like more taxes to you? Who has been in charge of this city for the past 25 years? Democrats. That means they are responsible for our failures, doesn’t it? Lee, a Democrat, would just expand these problems to the better functioning parts of Shelby County.

Lee has been asking supporters to send in $20.18. He’s had fund raisers like a recent “Shades of Blue” party where guests can pay “$50 – Baby Blue, $150 – Navy Blue and $300 – Royal Blue.” They left out Smurf Blue. But it looks like that blue wave might be fading as he recently wrote of fears that “we could lose local county races and it means we are in deep trouble when it comes to the Tennessee governor and US Senate races later this year. Let that sink in for minute: If Democrats can’t win in Shelby County, it means that we could lose a US Senate seat, the seat that would tip the balance in the US Senate to Democrats.”

Maybe Democrats will end up black and blue after the November election. We can only hope.

Meantime, this August election should be the first part of the red wave that extends to November. Republicans need to make sure they go to the polls and bring everyone they know with them.

Netflix Strikes Again

If signing up the Obamas to enrich Netflix and push their leftist agenda isn’t enough to anger you…
If giving Michelle Wolfe (of the White House Correspondents Dinner speech) a show on Netflix doesn’t bother you…
If you still think Netflix is OK, but just a little left of center…
Does the third time make an impact? Because Netflix just gave Martin Short a new show, titled “An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life.”

The “comedian” from Canada just let loose in an article for the leftist Daily Beast. He condemned both President Trump and his supporters. “I wouldn’t even call it a presidency. It’s an asterisk. It’s a typo,” the Saturday Night live alum said. “I mean, every day it’s worse and 10 years from now the history books will be having a field day with it and the shame of the people who supported him, if they’re still around, in the sense of being in the public eye, will be like the people who supported McCarthy.

“Donald Trump is not the issue, it’s really the people who support him,” Short said, adding, that “There’s nothing credible about Donald Trump.”

He made clear that he doesn’t like conservatives. In 2008 Short made fun of Sarah Palin; in 2012 Mitt Romney. He prefers his own country of Canada; “Canada took steps long ago to become a model for the world. Universal health care — we did that long ago. Sensible gun control policy — again, long ago.”

However, he doesn’t mind working in Hollywood and taking our dollars, does he, and I must say.

Rogue Garbage Can May Get You Fined

Conservative activist Donna Bohannon sends this information from the city, from an article in the newspaper.

Memphians are not yet realizing how fascist our city government has become. But, once they take statues they don’t like down in the night without citizens’ knowledge, anything can happen can’t it?

These infractions are really an excuse to target and punish anyone they don’t like.

And we wonder how countries begin to get to dictatorships. Read this:

In the C/A by Ryan Poe: Commercial Appeal

“Public Works Director Robert Knecht plans to create an 18-member environmental enforcement team this fall, with special officers split into three squads issuing $50 fine for litter, environmental and commercial property misdemeanor violations….Everybody wants a clean city, right?” They reminisced about Memphis winning awards in the 40’s and 50’s for being the cleanest city in the state and the nation.

The team will target:

Garbage carts left at the curb outside of the required time frame of 6 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Improper materials placed in recycling carts**
Illegal dumping
Illegal “set outs,” like belongings of someone being evicted —their belongings not being bagged, and dumped on the curb for more than 72 hours
Hauling of used tires without a permit
Littering by motorists
Commercial vehicles not properly covering loads

** I remember reading a few years ago about garbage men (in a another state or country, I can’t remember) using a device that can scan your recycling cart to determine if there is something not recyclable in it. You will be in trouble if they find something.

Mayor Luttrell has also created a Fight Blight Team of 100 youth who are paid to pick up roadside litter and do neighborhood beautification projects.

The program will cost about $2.1 MM the first year: $1.4 MM for personnel; $215,000 for operations and maintenance, and $473,000 for 20 vehicles.

Fines and fees will cover about 40% of the cost of the team, while the city’s solid waste and stormwater funds will cover the remaining 60%.

Knecht has the authority to appoint special officers to issue citations in lieu of arrest.

Who wants to be the first to suffer the punishment of putting your garbage cart out the night before, as many of us do?

My disappointment in Jim Strickland grows daily.

Netflix on Warpath Again

Here’s even more confirmation that Netflix has decided a conservative audience is not worth their bother.

Now that they’ve signed a deal with the Obamas, our former president has said what we long suspected. Netflix will be used as a tool of indoctrination.

The Daily Caller reports: “Former president Barack Obama said Wednesday that his upcoming Netflix shows are ‘training the next generation of leaders’ at a conference in Las Vegas.”

Business Insider reports that Obama hopes his show “will help people see and better understand one another and ultimately help us move past the divisive political discourse that has mired Washington for so long.”

“I would not have been president had I not learned very early on in my professional career the importance of stories,” Obama told a standing-room-only crowd of thousands of people.

He recounted his first job out of college as a community organizer, helping bring various factions together to solve local problems from crime to underfunded schools. An older, experienced community organizer told the young Obama at the time that before he started to suggest solutions to problems, he should spend a month talking to people and hearing their stories.

“Everyone has a story that is pretty sacred” about the significant events in their lives, he said. Listening led to relationships, which led to people working together.

To repulse Republicans and conservatives even more, Netflix has a new show called “The Break with Michelle Wolfe.”

Yes, that Michelle Wolfe. Netflix says, “Fresh from her bold but divisive monologue at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, where she witheringly attacked the Trump administration and humiliated his Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, comedian Michelle Wolf launches a weekly variety series of stand-up and sketch comedy.”

They aren’t even trying to hide their hatred of everday Americans, conservatives or Trump supporters.

I hope that boycott is successful. This needs to be nipped.