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Tonight’s Guest Speaker

Yesterday I saw my first Philip Spinosa sign along Walnut Grove.

Spinosa, our guest at tonight’s Midtown Republican club meeting, is running for City Council representing Super District 9, position 2. It is a spot currently, and temporarily, held by Alan Crone. Crone is interim member because of the resignation of Shea Flinn.

It’s a big district and has attracted several other candidates.

Spinosa, a sales manager at FedEx Services, writes on his facebook page:

Born and raised right here in Memphis, my parents instilled in me a mentality to always work hard and stay positive. By being a part of the community here in Memphis, I’ve been surrounded by wonderful, inspiring people and have been able to see the hope and opportunity we are all given here.

As a Memphian, I have had the opportunity to see the potential our community has through the time I’ve spent volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club, New Memphis Institute Fellows Program and the Children’s Museum of Memphis. I have seen what we can accomplish in these small groups. I can only imagine what our city can accomplish as a whole.

For that reason, I have decided to give back to the place that has given me so much by running for a seat on our City Council. I hope to have the opportunity to bring my passion for improving our city – our home, and seeing Memphians succeed through the work of our Council.

By asking for your vote, I am vowing to commit my time, hard work, and positive attitude to the place we call home.

He adds that he “will continue to fight to bring natives back to their hometown of Memphis.”

Others competing for the title include Paul Shafer, business manager for the IBEW Local 474; Shelby County Schools board member Stephanie Gatewood; retired Memphis high school principal Lowell Winston; businessman Lester Lit and Democratic Party activist Diane Cambron.

If you’d like to know more about Spinosa’s views, tonight is an excellent opportunity to ask him directly.