City Council Planning Greensward Coup

This warning came from the Nextdoor Neighbors:

The City Council again plans to butt in on the Greensward parking dispute by introducing an ordinance tomorrow, which not only gives the Memphis Zoo permission to place buildings on the Greensward, but seeks to effectively cancel the contract between the Overton Park Conservancy and the city, which they have no right to do. Please come to the City Council meeting Tuesday at 3:30 downtown at City hall to speak against this complete abuse of power.

Once again the Council seeks to go behind the voters’ backs and do something they don’t want.

The recent agreement on new parking places at the zoo just seemed like a sleight of hand trick to me. That’s how it’s done – look at this pretty shiny thing over here while I take what I want from you.

It’s about time this kind of politics ended.

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Hillary, Sanders, Cruz Explained

The Z man blog perfectly explains this election:

Now that Donald Trump is about to clinch the Republicans nomination, the professional pundits, who got everything about this election wrong, are now busy trying to explain what it all means. The increasingly deranged Left is trying to jam all of it into their bizarre world view that says they are noble heroes fighting the dragon of oppression. On the Buckley Right, they are feverishly searching about for villains so they can avoid facing the reality of their position.

The one thing both sides agree upon is that Trump is being carried to the nomination by a wave of heroin addicts from the hill country. These snaggletoothed losers are angry at having been out-competed by the dusky fellows in foreign lands. Left out of the global nirvana, where well-scrubbed boys and girls take up positions in the media and think tanks, these hapless losers are lashing out by supporting Trump. It’s the revolt of the hillbillies.

There’s another thing both sides agree upon. Modern Progressives and Buckley Conservatives both hate the people to their Right. As Progressives have relentlessly dragged the Overton Window to the Left, The Buckleyites have sprinted after them, fearful of being lumped in with the rabble to their Right. The window has been dragged so far to the Left that the number of people “on the right” is looking like a swelling majority. To the people peering out from their think tanks and limousines, however, we’re on the verge of mob rule.

All of the wailing and gnashing of teeth over Trump disguises the fact that the American Left is collapsing. One place you see it is with their candidates. Hillary Clinton is a world class screw up planning to run as an old hen clucking about the men, with a mild whiff of lesbianism to spice it up. No wonder the 2000 year old man is giving her a run for her stolen money. The Left has nothing to offer so it coughed up these geriatric hairballs from the 1970’s.

In theory this should be good news for the Buckleyites, but that’s not been the result. Decades of trading away everything to the Left for a chance to guide foreign policy has left the Buckleyites incapable of winning fights over cultural and economic issues. They have been surrendering for so long, it is now their default response. Worse yet, they have been trained to scold the rest of us about the need for compromise whenever the Left assaults a part of the culture.

There’s another piece to this. Over the last quarter century, politics for both sides have become incredibly lucrative and largely unimportant. They risk nothing as money flows into Washington no matter which side is ascendant. When 90% of incumbents win reelection, there’s never really much at stake for them. For the metastasizing pundit and think tank class, politics has been reduced to theater, like the battles at those medieval themed restaurants. Winning is not important. Putting on a good show for each other is what matters to them.

Outside the government class, it’s a different story. Normal Americans are the ones paying the price for gesture politics. John McCain can be generous on immigration because he never experiences it. He lives in one of his wife’s 23 mansions, rides in government limousines and works in fortified government facilities. Men like John McCain live as strangers in this country. What they see of it is from a safe distance.

Similarly, the chattering skulls on television pull down six figure salaries and live in bunkered, whites-only communities. It is not an accident that they are crowded into the richest counties on earth, all of them around Washington DC. They are the petty royalty of the ruling class. To these people, normal Americans are aliens, indistinguishable from the people sneaking over the border.

The reality of the last quarter century for normal Americans is vastly different from the reality of the political class and the financial elites. Across the land has been a great stagnation, covered over by easy credit and financial legerdemain. For the average American, treading water has been a struggle, with many falling behind and losing faith in a system that no longer seems equitable. Mass media magnifies the yawning gap between the “winners” and the vast majority.

No one, on the Left or the Right, speaks to this. Instead it is a repetition of the old platitudes from yesteryear. One side promotes minoritism at the expense of the middle and the other side champions globalist capitalism dressed up with libertarian moralizing. The tone and substance of the rhetoric suggests both sides see the common American citizen as the threat. It is as if we have been colonized. The rulers need us, but they detest us for it and can never trust us, because down deep, they are not one of us.

Almost a quarter century ago Pat Buchanan gave his infamous Culture War speech at the Republican convention. In it he said, “This election is about more than who gets what. It is about who we are. It is about what we believe, and what we stand for as Americans. There is a religious war going on in this country. It is a cultural war, as critical to the kind of nation we shall be as was the Cold War itself, for this war is for the soul of America.”

It’s taken decades, but the American people may be prepared to join the fight finally.

Corker Warms to Trump

At one of his rallies Thursday, Donald Trump mentioned that Senator Bob Corker had spoken with him on the phone. Ears pricked up, because this means the DC establishment is beginning to accept the idea of a Trump Republican candidacy for president.

Lifezette blog shared this exchange Corker had with Laura Ingraham on her show:

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee praised GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s vision for international relations Friday, arguing that he would return America a posture of “realism” regarding the rest of the world.

Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) has not endorsed anyone in the GOP race. But the warm comments for Trump on “The Laura Ingraham Show” by an Establishment figure represent fresh evidence that party leaders are coming to grips with the likelihood that the New York billionaire will be their standard-bearer in the fall.
Corker said there was much to like in Trump’s major foreign policy speech this week at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington.

CORKER: I thought Donald Trump gave a very good talk, and candidly, as you know, there is a foreign policy Establishment here in Washington — if not the elected officials but these groups, if you will, – that all around the city try to influence what happens in that regard. They haven’t been particularly stellar, in my opinion, in advocating what should happen.

I like the fact that he’s challenging the status quo. I really do. And I think that we’ve made some mistakes. There needs to be some maturity to what we’re doing, some realism to what we’re doing. There’s been too much of this thinking that if we send in our military, that we’re going to turn a country into a democracy. And I like the fact that he’s challenging much of what has happened.

I thought that Trump’s speech was a good speech. I was glad to listen to it. I thought it was a great transition, actually, and at a very important moment during this presidential campaign. I look forward to hearing more.

INGRAHAM: They’re calling him over at, I think maybe The Atlantic, or one of these magazines, New Republic, the “pro-Putin presidency.” What about that?

CORKER: One of the reasons Putin went into Crimea and eastern Ukraine was he saw that President Obama wouldn’t take action, meaning that when the red line was crossed in August of 2013 [regarding Syrian use of chemical weapons], you know, he didn’t take action. We jumped in Putin’s lap. Putin saw that as a weakness in our country, and he, therefore, realized that if he did what he did in Crimea, he would not pay a price.

I’ve talked to world leaders on my many travels who have had that conversation with him, where he says, “Look, there’s just no pushback to what I’m doing in foreign policy. It helps me at home, creates this great nationalistic fervor. There’s no price to pay. I’m going to continue.” And then we see now in Syria again, where he basically, whatever happens in Syria’s future is going to be determined by Putin, not the United States …

What Trump is saying is we have to negotiate with them from a position of strength. That’s absolutely true. I mean, that’s how we were successful with them for decades … As it relates to us having common interests relative to terrorism, that’s true.

INGRAHAM: Trump’s approach, would it be more Reaganesque or more Bush-like? How would you describe it?

CORKER: I don’t know. That would be something for him to answer.

INGRAHAM: Well, you heard the speech — or you read the speech. Is it more ‘peace through strength’ or is it more pre-emptive action?

CORKER: I see it as more of a realism, something that … Bush 41, a Jim Baker approach, that just looking at what our national interest is first and dealing with what we have in the world sphere on that basis, and not trying to change the world … I sense more of a realism creeping into what he’s saying … I do think that he’s evolving.

Cruz Dives in Indiana

Some interesting information in this report found at The Last Refuge aka The Conservative Treehouse:

From the outset, and particularly since the ridiculous “Never Trump” campaign began, we have outlined the most damaging aspect to Senator Ted Cruz’s presidential bid is his continued visibility. The reasoning is simple: the more people see and hear Cruz, the more the average electorate are turned off by Cruz. He’s just not a likeable man.

A CNN article today points out the internal polling within Indiana is following this consistent pattern:

[…] Cruz allies and people close to the campaign describe a budding sense of gloom, with internal polls diving as Trump mounted even stronger than expected showings in his native northeast. In Indiana, which Cruz backers once believed they were favored to win after his strong defeat of Trump in Wisconsin, Cruz’s numbers have fallen precipitously: Once leading, Cruz now trails in the state by eight to 10 points, according to a person who has seen the numbers, with Trump over the 40% mark. Cruz’s campaign did not respond when asked about those figures.

Indiana is the absolute last chance for Senator Ted Cruz and the entire coalition behind the #NeverTrump movement. Like Florida in March, tens of millions are now being spent to psychologically target the larger electorate in Indiana with a constant barrage of negative attack ads.

Cruz Campaign Can’t Fill A Rally: An NBC news truck was parked outside of the center. There were also five marked police cars as well as a couple of fire department vehicles. There were some cars being used to block off a sidewalk on the side of the building, but other than that nothing else stood out about the convention center from the outside.

Inside the center, about a 1,000 supporters came to see Cruz. Many people thought the turnout was underwhelming.

“I was surprised how few people there were,” Joseph Romary said. Valerie Reynolds said she was surprised half the room was empty. It holds about 2,250 people. “I mean it’s a big room,” she said.

The Anti-Trump Super-PAC’s are “all in”, and together with the entire construct of the professional consultant class, they are desperately searching for something, anything, that will allow them to retain some grip on the billion dollar campaign finance market.

The Cruz campaign is throwing everything, including Carly Fiorina’s kitchen sink, at Trump in their last ditch effort to save the strategy of a contested convention. If you have followed the GOPe for any length of time you already know the severity of anger, and the disposition of vitriol, that exists within the Professional Republican Political class.

There is never a more dangerous moment for a rescue swimmer than the moment they reach out to a drowning and desperate man. The remaining five days leading up to the Indiana vote will be filled with wild accusations and mudslinging in the GOPe’s last desperate efforts to save their financial livelihoods.

If Donald Trump wins in Indiana, or more aptly put – if Ted Cruz doesn’t win in Indiana, the entire anti-Trump effort will suffer a mortal and unrecoverable defeat.

The level of visible hatred exhibited by a screaming Mark Levin will climax over the next five days as last-gasp desperation sinks in. The gaslighting by Rush Limbaugh will be on maximum overdrive. The angered voices of the desperate anti-Trump media who echo-chambered their way too far out in their #NeverTrump efforts will increase exponentially.

All of those angered voices are only a few days away from seeing themselves cast into the pit of irrelevance; at this point, with the last vestiges of their careers seemingly hanging by a thread, they have nothing to lose from trying to drag everyone into the flames along with them.

The predictable: Anger – Pride – Ego – Envy, etc. will all be on display as apoplectic political opponents lash out in every direction. Everyone would be wise to steer clear of the thermonuclear blasts they are willing to unleash as they ultimately exhaust themselves.

It is better to stay clear of the blast radius from the ‘splodey heads: Mark Levin, Rich Lowry, George Will, Jonah Goldberg, Glenn Beck, Megyn Kelly, Dana Loesch, Brent Bozell and Katie Pavlich.

Good advice. Don’t forget. These people are pushing an agenda for their own self aggrandisement. They are not interested in the truth, but they want you to believe they are. Take that away and they are powerless. The truth will come out on Tuesday, no matter what they spew.

Foreign Policy Speech Scores

I listened to Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech this morning.

He delivered it well and it’s content was solid. If you’ve been listening to him on the campaign trail, you’ve heard a lot of it before. He criticizes the feckless, directionless policies of Obama and Clinton. He restated his opposition to the Iraq war and he bemoaned the way Obama has pushed away our allies and aided adversaries like Iran. Trump said his lodestar is what’s good for America above everything else.

One thing in particular that stood out was his call to “reinvigorate Western values.” Specifically, “Finally, I will work with our allies to reinvigorate Western values and institutions. Instead of trying to spread universal values that not everyone shares, we should understand that strengthening and promoting Western civilization and its accomplishments will do more to inspire positive reforms around the world than military interventions.”

This is not something he’s mentioned before and it is sure to have liberals fainting and clutching their pearls. It is something we have needed. The

President Obama has congealed every culture into a whole. It isn’t that way and it never will be. Western values – entwined with Christianity – have been what makes civilization advance. Western thought has brought great things like democracy, tolerance and inventions.

Notice he repudiated nation building. We’re not going to be crusaders taking our way of life to conquered countries. His vision is that our example would be the way to spread values – not forcefully. It doesn’t mean we disrespect other cultures such as the Chinese, Asian and Muslim. It means that we will strengthen our belief in our own.

I’d like to see this reflected in education. Learn about other values, but not at the expense of our own.

This alone would be a big step in making our country great again.

Smart Meter Letter

A little more than a week ago I got a postcard from MLGW. Any communication with them is usually not good.

It read, “Your home soon will receive new utility meters from MLGW to improve customer service and provide you with more information about your electricity, gas and water use. These new smart meters have been adopted by MLGW and utilities across the country and around the world. Installation of the enhanced Electric Meter at your home will occur no earlier than 30 days following the postmark on this letter.” It went on to steer me to a website that would give me more details and videos of customers using them.

First, I can tell how my utility usage goes by looking at the bill. If I am using more than I can afford, I cut back. I don’t see why people need a meter to tell them that.

Yes, they have been adopted across the country and the world. In Germany, they ended up getting rid of them because they caused more trouble than they were worth. In Chattanooga, the initial cost of $250 million to install them exploded to a billion. Ask yourself what that money could do for our city.

The postcard concluded that if I wanted to decline this service I could dial a number. I did so immediately. As it turned out, the number they told me to press was incorrect. Hmm.

When I did connect with an MLGW person, she told me she would send out an opt out letter that day. I received it a few days later. It had a form to fill out, which I did.

Interestingly, the letter still pushed for my choosing a smart meter. If I declined, it listed 4 things that I could expect. It sounded ominous:

1. Near real time outage notification will not be available to me. MLGW will only be able to respond to a site outage once I have called MLGW’s outage hotline. The special features of smart meters, wherein an outage at my home can be detected and responded to almost immediately, will not be available to me.

2. The type and frequency of information available from smart meter(s) will not be made available to me, including daily and interval usage data, peak demand date, water leak detection and cost to date calculations.

3. I must provide access to all MLGW meters on my property for manual meter reading each month as my non communicating meter(s) cannot transmit information to MLGW in a manner that reduces estimated bills.

4. As a customer opting for non communicating meter(s), I will not have the benefit of a remote service turn on or reconnection; instead, MLGW field personnel will have to be dispatched to my property when needed. Depending on availability of personnel and equipment, this procedure may take up to two days as opposed to same day turnaround with smart meters.

Sounds stern and threatening, doesn’t it? After I sent in my opt out letter I got another, again urging me to go for the smart meters.

No thanks. Why is a utility company for the public thrusting this on us? We did not get to vote about it. The Council sneaked that in after the election and before the new session. Why do they feel it’s OK to spend such an amount of money? How can we ever recoup it, especially if energy – natural gas in particular – gets cheaper.

It’s hard to believe anyone has the citizen in mind with this.

A New Voice on the Right

I’m afraid Rush Limbaugh, George Will, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and others have shown in this election cycle that they are looking out for themselves and letting personal and monetary matters drive their shows.

By that I mean they have attached themselves to the old establishment people. Their glory days are over. They are no longer worth listening to. They and the other pundits are wrong more often than they’re right. It’s grown tiresome to pay any attention to them.

Fortunately new blogs and pundits have come forward to breathe life into conservatism. is one and they have an excellent spokesman in Milo Yiannopoulus. If you haven’t heard of him, he’s British, born in Greece. His mother is Jewish, but he is Roman Catholic. He’s gay, but against the crusade by LGBTs.

I think you will enjoy this video: