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Can a Clinton Commit a Crime?

With the revelation that the Intelligence Inspector General found Hillary Clinton’s server had classified information on it at least four times, you begin to wonder what it is about the Clintons.

It seems that nothing they ever do is considered a crime.

If you profited from cattle futures to the tune of $100,000, don’t you think someone would look into it?
If people mysteriously died around you who might have some incriminating information, don’t you think detectives would be interested?
If you lied in a federal deposition and it was found out, wouldn’t you be prosecuted?
If you raised buckets full of money for your own “foundation” don’t you think the IRS would be curious?
If you pardoned a criminal who had been known to harm the U.S., wouldn’t it have consequences?
If you refused to admit where you were the night several people died overseas in an installation you were tasked with protecting, wouldn’t the media excoriate you and expect an explanation?
If you kept classified information when you weren’t supposed to, wouldn’t you be slapped in jail?

The Clintons surely have a lot of instances that others of us would be hauled in jail for. But, they go on their merry way. Can you imagine what it would be like to know that nothing you do that’s wrong would ever be challenged? That no matter how bad you were, you would skate? That the worst thing that could happen would be you’d have to pick up a phone and set a reporter “right” about something? That you could have access to all the money you would ever need without any effort?

Yet, the Clintons seem to get by with being untouchables.

Why do regular Americans accept this as some kind of right? We might as well have kings.

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Phoning It In

As Republicans we often wonder why we are not as good as Democrats on getting out our message. Our opponents always seize an opportunity to make us look bad, but we just sit back and disengage too many times.

Like him or not, Donald Trump understands public relations. People are responding to his straight talk and enjoying how he goes after opponents and doesn’t backtrack. The recent incident when he gave out Senator Lindsey Graham’s phone number may have seemed like a bad thing, but Trump hasn’t seemed to suffer from any of what others call his “missteps.”

What Lindsey Graham didn’t do illustrates the ignorance of our party’s old guard when it comes to communicating with the American people. Graham made a video using flip phones (why flip phones anymore?) and ends up destroying them. OK. Not very impressive and not original. If you can’t do it well, don’t do it.

Here it is:

What Graham should have done was embrace the moment. Instead of destroying his phone, he should have set up a phone bank, invited the public to call him and see what’s on their minds. Graham then could have gotten some good will out of it as well as names and contacts of many people he’d like to keep in touch with.

When people find someone actually responds to them, they tend to dial back their anger and are then persuadable. Graham probably could have swayed more people to his side, collected some fund raising and gotten publicity. His aides could even made sure these people know what Graham is doing and where he is. People like a personal touch.

Since Graham is not one of my favorite candidates, I’m not sorry he blew it. But I would like to see our party look at events a little more strategically and with an ear to responding to the American people.

If Trump has done anything this campaign season, he’s pointed out that it’s not really very hard to do this. Rush Limbaugh has of late been talking about Trump’s doings as teachable moments. This was another one, but the student didn’t catch on.