To Be or Not to Be a Republican

When so many of the Republican Party went AWOL after Biden’s “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” most of us went ballistic against the Republican Party.

They keep showing us how terrible they are. State legislatures admitted the fraud but wouldn’t do anything about it. Republican governors shirked their duty arrogantly. Most of our representatives and senators pretended fraud didn’t happen. Important leaders like Mitch McConnell told us to throw in the towel and accept Biden as our new overlord. Chris Christie, Lamar Alexander, Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, the Bushes and more all joined the surrender chorus.
I was particularly incensed by Marsha Blackburn’s turn tail and run on January 6th when she folded as fast as possible, ran off with the Democrats and certified Biden’s election in the dead of night in a secret place. I thought she was better than that. Obviously not.

They did nothing while the media attacked, attacked, attacked Trump. Then the most heinous treachery of all by our supposedly loyal vice president who refused even to consider the concept of fraud and damned 80 million of us to the horrors of the out for blood Democrats that lies ahead.

Even our local party has all the gumption and power of Barney Fife. Since 2010, they have let the local Democrats steamroll us with nary a peep. No effort is made to combat the local media narrative that we are horrible people. There is never a push back to what they or the Democrats (I repeat myself) say. There was very little support of Trump. All our people think to do as strategy is to have others make phone calls that nobody likes doing or getting. I haven’t even found that the Shelby GOP chairman has a Twitter account. That’s the least he could do.

There hasn’t been an original idea with the Shelby GOP for a good decade. No going around talking to voters, no YouTube channel, no outreach to new communities. Clubs are on their own. I served on the board for awhile but gave up as it belongs to an old guard clique that does not cotton to new people or ideas.

I would very much like not to call this blog Midtown Republican anymore. What’s the point in being one?

However, Dan Bongino correctly pointed out the other day that there can only be two parties. A third one, if we branch out, would hand the Democrats victory for decades. That would spell the end of our country, if we haven’t just about hit it now. No one but Democrats could ever win because the math would be on their side.
Besides, the Uniparty would make sure a third party perished. They did it with the Tea Party. They never do it outright, it’s done by a thousand cuts. More rules for them, few if any court successes, IRS restrictions and suits. Same result.

No, what has to happen is more of us start manipulating the Deep State out of the party and outnumbering them with new people.

Can this be done easily? No.

Consider, though, the actions of the Wyoming Republican Party. They are showing the way. When their representative, Liz Cheney, tried to get Republicans to impeach Trump, then voted for it herself, Wyoming voters contacted the party and expressed outrage. The chairman had never seen anything like it and sent a scathing letter to her. It was posted on this blog a few days ago and is available to read.
You can bet there is a worthwhile Republican in Wyoming who will step forward in the primary. He/she will have great backing and if smart can get funds from around the country. It’s happening in Michigan too where the quisling newbie Peter Meijer who voted for impeachment already has a Republican primary challenger.

Others need to listen to the voters and do likewise.

For one, we can stop sending any money to the RNC. Instead, send it to a local candidate or candidate in another state who represents our values. I think the RNC will be shocked at how little money they take in. Rather than ignore the begging for money phone call, answer it. Tell them what you think. I found it rather satisfying when I did it.

We need to have more – actually frequent – contact with our lawmakers. If you get a weekly letter from Marsha Blackburn, reply and excoriate her. Let’s start off with Hagerty on the right foot and constantly remind him that we elected him because he got Trump’s backing. He needs to stand up and produce.

Two things need to be stressed at the state and federal level. Vote integrity and curtailing Big Tech. Our elected Republicans have failed us tremendously in both these areas. On the state level, Tennessee appears to do better on vote integrity, at least we demand voter ID. But we need to make sure that Dominion or whatever other machines are chosen, are free from interference. Perhaps paper ballots at least as backup could be used. Also, cut back on early voting. It is abused. It is rife for fraud. How many elections in the past have been stolen because of cheating? Then we must be sure not to allow mail in voting or voting over the internet.

The other, Big Tech, needs immediate attention. We must stop social media censorship. According to American Thinker, “Reportedly, legislation was introduced in Poland’s parliament on January 15, that would allow anyone who has been a victim of social media censorship to be paid a fine of $2.2 million. This allows application to a court, so that it would not depend upon waiting for a government official to show diligence and honesty.”

In North Dakota, the Legislature has introduced a bill to allow censured citizens to sue Facebook and Twitter. Tennessee should examine this, too.

Below I have provided a list of contacts for Republican office holders in Tennessee. Let them hear from you.

Contact List

Here are notable Republican office holders. I would not bother with Democrats. They don’t care what their own constituents think, much less us. (email at top)
Her Memphis office:
100 Peabody Place
Suite 1125
Memphis, TN 38103
Phone: (901) 527-9199
Fax: (901) 527-9515 form to fill out

Clifford Davis-Odell Horton Federal Building
167 North Main Street
Suite 1068
Memphis, TN 38103
Phone: 901-544-4224

Gov. Bill Lee
1st Floor, State Capitol
Nashville, TN 37243
(615) 741-2001

Lt. Gov. Randy McNally

425 5th Avenue North
Suite 700 Cordell Hull Bldg.
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: (615) 741-6806
Fax: (615) 253-0285
District Address

94 Royal Troon Circle
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
Phone: (865) 483-5544

In addition, his staff contacts can be emailed by clicking on the links at the above site.

TN Attorney General Herbert Slattery

Office of the Attorney General and Reporter
P.O. Box 20207
Nashville, TN 37202-0207
Telephone: (615) 741-3491
Fax: (615) 741-2009

TN Senator Brian Kelsey
425 5th Avenue North
Suite 742 Cordell Hull Bldg.
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: (615) 741-3036
Fax: (615) 253-0266

Congressman David Kustoff

Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich
Shelby County District Attorney General’s Office
201 Poplar Avenue, 11th Floor
Memphis, TN 38103
Phone: (901) 222-1300


Big Tech/Dem Crackdown

Lee Smith is one of the best journalists out there.

He is a calm, logic seeking reporter willing to do the hard work for a story. His book, The Plot Against the President, is a must read.

Smith has an excellent column in the excellent Epoch Times, which is behind a pay wall and not accessible to everyone. So I am sharing it.

Big Tech, social media, and the press used the violence on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6 as a pretext to purge their platforms of conservative figures and Republican officials, most notably President Donald Trump. Amazon, Apple, and Google conspired to deplatform Parler, regarded as a conservative, or free-speech, alternative to Twitter.

Critics of the sweeping actions argue, rightly, that censorship violates not only First Amendment freedoms but also the spirit of the law protecting internet service providers from liability.

But this isn’t censorship. Rather, it’s part of the strategic logic of mass conflict. The leadership of the political, corporate, and cultural establishment that today rules America shut down the communications of those against whom they are waging war.

The moves fully expose the architecture of the American oligarchy—Big Tech is a Democratic Party-funding mechanism and part of its operational arm, with social media and the prestige press serving as information-warfare platforms disseminating propaganda and blocking information damaging to the regime. For instance, Simon and Schuster canceled Sen. Josh Hawley’s book with the timely title of “The Tyranny of Big Tech,” claiming that Hawley played a dangerous role in events at the Capitol.

Jan. 6 was indeed a big deal, but not for the reasons the regime gives publicly. From its perspective, what Hawley did was much more dangerous when he officially questioned the integrity of the 2020 vote, i.e., the regime’s legitimacy.

In fact, the communication lockdowns began long before the election. Most famously, social media blocked allegations of Biden family corruption and financial ties to Chinese Communist Party proxies. Given Big Tech’s relationship with the CCP, concerns that a foreign power played a role in the decisions made by tech executives to silence Trump, Beijing’s most outspoken and still most powerful critic, can hardly be dismissed. In any case, the corruption of the American regime is now a matter of record, and that’s why its vanguard moved so quickly after the events of Jan. 6.

They were spooked.

Obviously, it wasn’t Trump alone who brought hundreds of thousands of Americans, including families, to Washington on a Wednesday in January to march in the cold. But for the regime, Trump must be seen to be at the center of the picture, not only to isolate and degrade the current leader of the opposition, but more importantly to obscure optics dangerous to the regime’s health.

The press and social media edited Trump’s Jan. 6 statements to buttress the narrative of a strongman determined to hold on to power by directing his followers to set on a sacred democratic institution.

“I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard,” Trump said during his speech, a sentence found nowhere in reports claiming he’d incited an insurrection. After Trump supporters entered the Capitol, some forcefully, some through open doors, social media blocked his video statement urging protestors to go home peacefully.

Strip away social media and the press’s forged account of Jan. 6, and it’s an instantly recognizable event replayed throughout history—disenchanted masses seeing no other choice but to descend on a capital city to march on a corrupted parliament. Through that lens, Jan. 6 is a family-friendly version of the protests against the depraved parliamentarians of, among recent others, Burkina Faso in 2014, Hong Kong in 2019, and Lebanon in 2020.

Jan. 6 was more than four years in the making, starting with the “Russiagate” operation that the spy services and prestige press organizations ran against Trump. The regime’s assault on the republic was serial and continuous: the fraudulent special counsel investigation tasked to unseat Trump; the bogus impeachment of the president designed to cover for yet more alleged Biden family corruption in yet another foreign country; the weaponization of the coronavirus lockdowns to destroy small businesses while enriching tech giants such as Amazon; the George Floyd riots; and culminating finally in the compromised election of a candidate who repeatedly gave public evidence he was no longer cognitively competent.

Jan. 6 was the day that Americans finally declared the oligarchic regime a third-world farce. With its lack of legitimacy exposed by the demonstrators, the regime had to move to delegitimize not only Trump but the action and the protestors—it was an “insurrection,” and even those who didn’t participate in violence were “domestic terrorists.”

Banishing Trump and others from Twitter, such as retired Gen. Michael Flynn, and canceling Parler, satisfied the regime’s vanguard since it targeted their opposite numbers, elites, social media executives, journalists, and so on. How other Trump supporters regard the move isn’t clear, since only a fraction of his 75 million voters is on Twitter. Eventually, the regime will deploy other instruments to widen its fire, redefining all opponents to its agenda as “white nationalists” and setting against them law enforcement, as well as employers, banks, transportation services, and so on.

In the meantime, the first order of business is to restore communications, for the opposition as a whole. Other social media platforms are likely to arise but will also find themselves embroiled in conflict they’re likely to lose to tech giants. There are options, however: America’s one fail-safe form of communication, our media before there was one—houses of worship.

All churches, synagogues, and mosques must be reopened immediately. Here is where Americans can share our common bond, as well as information, knowledge, gossip, jokes, recipes, etc. This is a moment to strengthen families and communities, to ground faith in prayer, communion, and love, and to steel the spirit.

As local, state, and federal authorities move to keep Americans isolated by shuttering houses of worship under cover of coronavirus measures, court cases must be brought against authorities by the hundreds, the thousands, compelling the regime to act out its fundamental illegitimacy and confess its inability to govern a constitutional republic.

Doocy Turns Left

Fox & Friends cohost Steve Doocy has coddled his reputation as one of the nicest guys you’d meet. He’s Mr. America Next Door. He’s the dad everyone wants. He’s the husband who helps his wife make dinner and collaborated with her on a cookbook. He frequently refers to his children, often throwing in anecdotes on their wacky escapades together.

Who could be more wholesome?

Doocy has also cultivated his Kansas roots as proof of his inherent conservatism.

When he was accused of sexism by co-host Gretchen Carlson, it seemed out of character.

How you have to wonder. He seems to have done a complete 180 on President Trump. Isn’t that convenient since Fox has veered to the Left?

I have not watched the network since their November 3rd premature and reckless call of Arizona for Biden. I did hear about the recent verbal scuffle between Doocey and co-host Brian Kilmeade.

Kilmeade had the day before voiced his opinion that the House should not impeach Trump, especially with just a week of his term to go. He said, “If Mitch McConnell is such a great politician does he understand that, as Brit Hume has said and Jonathan Swan has reported, there’s no sign the president’s lost his base? So if you actually want to build on the president’s base and bring the party in a subtle or dramatic new direction, why do it without them with only days left? It makes no sense!”
Then: Steve Doocy: “The Congress was under attack last week. It was looted. There was a riot.”

Brian Kilmeade: “So was Portland every day, and nobody cared on the left!”

Steve: “Brian … Brian … I don’t think what they were doing in Portland was trying to overthrow the democracy.”

Later, Doocy added to it.

“Let’s put the shoe on the other foot,” he noted. “If a Democrat president did what happened last week, would the Republicans in the House and Senate vote to impeach him if they could? The answer is yes.”

Kilmeade, meanwhile, loudly complained that impeachment was unnecessary since Trump only had a week left in office, arguing that it made “no sense” since he was “leaving anyway.”

“Members of Congress ultimately want accountability,” Doocy retorted.

This is exactly why Fox is hemorrhaging viewers. Snap it off and don’t go back. It will only infuriate you.

Truth Gets You Banned

Yesterday Raheem Kassam, the editor of TheNationalPulse and member of Steve Bannon’s War Room, tweeted this.  As he pointed out, none of it was untrue.


Twitter then placed a label on the tweet noting “this claim of election fraud is disputed, and this Tweet can’t be replied to, Retweeted, or liked due to a risk of violence.”

And they denied him tweeting privileges for 12 hours. It doesn’t take much for the Tweet masters to come down on someone.