Cohen’s Latest Idiocy

Whenever someone comes up with an idea to change voting, you can smell something foul in the air.

It’s usually a Democrat who announces he/she/cisgender wants to change when, where or how we vote. That’s because they like to manipulate the system in the hopes that it will eek out a few more ballots for them.

Steve Cohen says he wants to change the day we vote. He writes in his weekly email:

On Tuesday, I joined Martin Luther King III and Congressional colleagues representing districts from around the country, as well as Martin Luther King III, to promote the Weekend Voting Act.

Making voting days convenient for more citizens is the right thing to do. We need to do everything we can to increase voter participation, truly make democracy work and to make it a beacon for the rest of the world.

Those who don’t vote, especially hard-working hourly workers, often cite their inability to get away on a Tuesday, or having to wait hours during the work week, as reasons for not exercising their precious right to make their policy and candidate preferences known.

The Weekend Voting Act would move Election Day to the first Saturday and Sunday after the first Friday in November in every even year for elections of Representatives to Congress, and in every fourth year for the election of President and Vice President. It would make it easier and more convenient for all Americans to exercise their right to vote, helping to reduce long lines at the polls and increasing voter participation.

The tradition of holding federal elections on the first Tuesday of November is an outdated requirement that began with an act of Congress in 1845. Tuesday was selected for its comparative convenience because it was a designated “court day” and the day in which land-owning voters would typically be in town to conduct business. The tradition was based on the then-agrarian American society.

Well. He brings race in it immediately by name dropping King.

He says we need to encourage voting. Why? Let the informed vote and let the others who don’t care or don’t have an opinion stay home. There is no need for everyone to have to make a decision. In fact, not voting is actually a way of voting in that you can also be expressing your disdain for the candidates or the system. I heartily disagree that more people must vote.

I also don’t think there is any problem whatsoever in finding the time to vote. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in Tennessee. If by some odd chance you work these hours without a lunch break, you can opt to vote early. Polls are open for early voting for about three weeks. If you care enough to vote, you’ll work that out.

Why do we need two days as he is promoting? Sunday is for most Americans, the day to go to church. Then that is disrupted. Saturday is a day for other religions to attend services; they don’t need that messed up either. Can’t the Lord have one day? Would he like two days so that his party can check vote totals and play hanky panky with the results?

Cohen then appeals to modernity. Surely we don’t want to be back in the agrarian age by voting on Tuesday? Tuesday strikes me as the right day. A day after business resumes on Monday yet before the week hurries to its conclusion. Just because other countries do it doesn’t impress me either. So what.

Next he’ll want voting online. You can imagine the opportunities for hacking with that method. Or, he’ll want mandatory voting, which is gaining traction among Progressives.

Rather than wasting time on improbable causes, why doesn’t he try some real issues, like crime? I’d vote for that.

MeAgain at It Again

A few weeks ago one of those peace loving, tolerant liberals rode her bike past President Trump’s motorcade. What does such a compassionate, earth loving progressive do? She gave the president the finger.

The photo got plastered all over the left loving internet including facebook and twitter. Suddenly she was a hero to be applauded. That was in their eyes. The woman’s boss fired her for violating the company’s social media policy.

Enter the ever attention getting Megyn Kelly. What a perfect person to put on her floundering show! She could get publicity and earn some love from the Left by showcasing someone who dissed the president. This despite telling her audience on the show’s September premier that she was “done with politics.”

Kelly introduced Julie Briskman, saying, “Her picture splashed across Twitter, Facebook, national and international newspapers and websites. Why? Because Julie Briskman decided, on a whim, to give the bird to President Trump’s passing motorcade.”

Here’s the clip:

Kelly’s comments are inane. I thought she was all about cordiality and getting along. Evidently only about getting along with NBC and getting some ratings. Shame on her. Can you imagine the outcry had a conservative done it to Obama?

Get the News – Twice

This morning, paging through the CA, I again didn’t see any stories about President Trump in Vietnam or elsewhere.

Not surprising – again.

I did see a page and once I started reading it, it suddenly seemed very familiar. It was Page 5 with the USA Today header. There was a large picture of Alabama Judge Roy Moore plus a smaller picture of Senator Mitch McConnell. Reminded me of Friday’s edition.

Digging yesterday’s newspaper out of the recycle bin, I found Page 6 was the exact page run today. The newspaper editors are so sloppy and careless they ran the same exact page. How did no one notice this?

The answer is no one there or in Nashville cares. It’s just a product to be cranked out without any measure of quality. It shows how unreliable Gannett is. All they care about is pushing their propaganda. I’m not sure they even care about making money. All the news that’s fit to print – twice.

The sooner they’re out of business the better.

Ford Jr. Surfaces

According to Page Six of the New York Post, Harold Ford Jr. attended an engagement party for MSNBC’s lovey dovey couple Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

Former Obama “car czar” and “Morning Joe” contributor Steve Rattner threw the party for them.

The MSNBC co-anchors were engaged in late April during a romantic trip to the French Riviera to celebrate Mika’s 50th birthday and plan to marry next year, we’re told.

The “First Couple of Cable News” was surprised, at the party held at Rattner’s Fifth Avenue apartment, by an impersonator of their nemesis, President Donald Trump.

The fake Trump interrupted Rattner’s toast by hollering, “I need to correct you. The fake news is at it again. They love to lie. The show is awful and unwatchable. People are saying it was canceled weeks ago.”

The impersonator also joked, “I never colluded with Russia, and I never gave intelligence to Russians because I never had intelligence and I never will.”

Guests toasting the happy couple on Thursday night included John Kerry, Ari Emanuel, Harold Ford Jr., Chuck Schumer, Nicolle Wallace, Al Sharpton and Peggy Noonan, as well as Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Ari Emanuel is, of course, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel’s brother. Nicolle Wallace and Peggy Noonan were once Repubicans; Wallace worked for GWB and Noonan for Reagan. How far they have fallen to hobnob with Schumer and de Blasio!

How did Ford rate an invite? Is ha planning a run?

Where’s Trump?

Another day, another excluding of Trump’s Asian trip in the CA.

You can’t blame the time difference on this either. A lot has happened regarding trade and North Korea when Trump went to China. It deserves coverage no matter what your political bent because it will effect us all.

That isn’t what Gannett considers journalism, however. Reporting news in an objective way? Not their style. It might make President Trump look good.

Instead, we get a little story in the news roundup that the “Trump administration unleashes more sanctions on Venezuela.” Interesting word choice in “unleashes.” Sounds harsh and mean, doesn’t it?

Then the usual editorial page hit job with a Corker plug: “Corker, Trump: when lies push truth out the door.” Corker, of course, is the good guy while Trump is a “petulant, name calling reality TV celebrity, who, through a colossal accident of history became our president.” There’s more, but you get the gist.

Far be it for the CA to report anything. Can you imagine the pages devoted to Obama, had he made the trip?

Trump’s Return

Since President Trump left on his Asia trip, Republican congressmen and senators have acted like children.
Before he left, it appeared we were on the cusp of getting real tax reform passed. A bill passed in the House and another in the Senate. There was talk of getting it put together by Thanksgiving.

Since Trump left, the tax reform plan has splintered. Now we have different people coming up with new plans. The House committee spent three days wrestling with it and last night Chairman Kevin Brady basically took his work home for an all nighter. They got it out of committee this afternoon, but then there’s …

The Senate. There the swamp critters want to come up with their own plan. People like McCain and Corker, who only see their own interests instead of the country’s, plan to sabotage everything. They’re not up for election, so why not? McCain might be called home by the lord (or someone). Nothing to lose for them.

Some Republicans may have been spooked by Tuesday’s wins by the Democrats. The media has hyped what was really not a surprising outcome.

Some may have let the door open to the lobbyists again, who come in and plot and plan for their own clients/interests.

Some are too obtuse to know what’s going on. This afternoon another wrinkle was thrown in the mix. Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has been accused of sexual harassment back in 1979. If the Democrat wins, that could imperil anything passing at all.

When President Trump returns, I hope he shows these knuckleheads that Daddy’s back and he doesn’t like what the kids have done while he was gone. He’s the one who can do it. Tough love applies now. Rough ’em up (figuratively of course) until they know who’s boss. Sadly these “kids” are too messed up to know what to do.

But that’s why we hired Trump, isn’t it?

Obama Going to Pot?

I used to think that after he left the presidency, Barack Obama would hole up in his DC home and start plotting and planning on how to destroy Trump and the Republicans. After all, transforming the country into his own socialist vision was what he worked on for eight years on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

A recent interview by author Ed Klein suggests he’s not all that engaged. Gateway Pundit reports:

Ms. Mefferd, a longtime former religion writer for the Dallas Morning News is now a Christian Talk Show host. On Tuesday she interviewed Ed Klein on his latest book “All out war: the plot to destroy Donald Trump”.

The conversation turned to former President Barack Obama, and how he’s not quite being the warrior that many expected him to be (and I must confess that knowing 1. Obama doesn’t like people (according to a former staffer), 2. that he’s far from the most disciplined of men, and 3. that he may still have some bad habits from his younger days I somewhat expected this).

Mr. Klein dropped this baby H-bomb on the show. “According to my sources, despite all the efforts on the part of the Democratic party to get the former president engaged he’s totally disengaged,

“He’s popping gummy bears infused with cannabis… all this comes from a source of mine who actually has smoked marijuana with him since he left the White House.” He’s, as you just said, playing video games like a teenager, going back to his “Choom gang” days in Hawaii when he smoked pot.”

That wouldn’t surprise me. Obama’s day in the White House usually began at 10 a.m. Remember, too, that he didn’t want to read the presidential daily briefings? He concentrated on basketball Final Four picks and loved to watch games in another office in the afternoons.

Obama always seemed programmed to me. Many believe, and I do, too, that he was selected early in his life to be groomed for the job. Thus he has other people who instruct him what to do.

Mrs. O may not be so lazy. Rush Limbaugh believes she is eyeing the Oval office herself. She’d love to do what Hillary couldn’t do and she’d love the power.

The Democrats have so few top tier people to choose from, Michelle might very well be viable.

And that would be a very bad thing for the country.