MacCallum’s Shocker

Interestingly, the townhall Fox News had with President Trump Thursday in Scranton, Pa., was the most watched townhall ever.

That should tell you something about Trump support.

I admit I did not watch it live. I do not trust Martha MacCallum or Bret Baier. However, I heard it was decent so watched it on YouTube without commercials. Much better.

I was shocked when MacCallam called on David, an audience member, referrring to him as a typical voter, saying that he was a lifelong Democrat who crossed over and voted for Trump in 2016.

Who says that a Democrat who crosses over is a typical voter? What kind of assumption is that? From statistics I’ve seen, the typical voter is an independent. If Republicans aren’t currently ahead of Democrats in voter-ship, they are at least about equal. Where does MacCallum get this assumption?

Facts, reporters, facts please.

Stop trying to influence the voter base by having them think most Americans are Democrats. They aren’t. If anything, that party is splintering into a Dem/Socialist group.

Then MacCallum compounds her bias with this: “I’m curious, is there anything, or any issue that they could answer for you that would change your mind, do you think?”

Wishful thinking on her part was rewarded with this answer: “I’m focused on the economy and regulation and deregulation. And I like what’s happened in the country in the last 4 years.”

Trump interrupted to thank him. David added, “And I thank you for your efforts, sir. And I hope we can continue on that.”

“So, no. The answer would be no. Nothing could change your mind?” MacCallum asked. “No, nothing could change your mind,” she clarified.

Trying to the bitter end to score points for the Dems.

That’s why Fox News will eventually fall to the less biased, individual shows put up on YouTube. They may be the most trusted name in news, but that isn’t saying a lot in today’s media.

Super Tuesday Takeaways

First, congratulations to Paul Boyd, our Republican front runner, who will now go against Joe Brown for General Sessions Court Clerk.

There is a plethora of analysis on the internet this morning analyzing Biden’s big Super Thursday, ahem, Tuesday, win.

Some good takeaways are at Breitbart, in particular, here: Writer Nick Nolte makes a good case for why it is a good thing if Joe Biden is the one facing Trump in November.

The Conservative Treehouse also has good takeaways, especially here: It basically says that whoever controls the DNC forced Buttegieg and Klobuchar to parachute out in order to bump up Biden and kept Warren in to take away votes from Bernie. As the writer says, don’t expect Warren to go away in the near future as a normal candidate would. She’s there to scuttle Sanders.

Why would the honchos – and who are the puppet masters behind the DNC – settle on Biden, a guy who doesn’t know where he is or who he’s with? Last night in a victory speech he mistook his sister for his wife and wife for a sister. Who in his right mind does that?

He’s also been all over the map for most of his career on various issues. Trump will certainly call him out on his Iraq war stance, votes on criminal incarceration of minorities and dubious ethics.

The latter is why I think the DNC is backing him.

The Deep State will use Biden as a shield for their very own criminal enterprises. Whenever Republicans bring up Ukraine or China, for example, which the Deep State has been shown to be as deeply imbedded as a cancerous tumor, they will cry victim. They will say that Trump has unfairly targeted Biden because of his own Ukraine dealings.

Of course this is nonsense, but who plays the victim card better than the Democrats? It has served them well for decades. Consider what might happen if AG Barr starts indictments on Biden. They will rally the troops for Biden, aka themselves, and have the media’s help in proclaiming outrage.

Biden will protect all the Deep State players. He will be the target, not them. He is their puppet and he answers to the puppet masters behind the scenes.

And wouldn’t you like to know who’s behind the strategy of the DNC? Clearly, some big people are maneuvering.

Is it the Clintons? The Obama machine? George Soros? Probably the boss behind all this is unknown to us. Would we had some journalists willing to look into this!

Republicans have heavyweights who manage things, too, I think, but nothing like the Democrats. They are in the grasp of some big entity. If the GOP were similarly entangled, we would never have prevailed with Trump. They tried to bury him numerous times, but didn’t have the ability and long arm the Dems have.

Here’s one example of the Democrat plan. Remember how Nancy Pelosi shocked many people by saying it would be OK if Bernie was the nominee? In retrospect, she said that because she knew he wouldn’t be. Word had come down that the plan to oust him was working. Pelosi looked good to the Progressive wing and party unity when she made that remark. She didn’t mean it, I believe.

Also, Harry Reid of Nevada got the word. After the caucus vote there he came out for Biden. Notice he didn’t do it before the election. He didn’t want to tick off Bernie voters. Now he got the green light to fall in line with Biden.

Rush Limbaugh says the DNC is using Biden as a disposable loss to Trump. In other words, they know he will lose and they can not waste any future talent in a defeat.

This doesn’t contradict what I think.

It just all shows how the DNC cannot let its people decide elections. Just like they didn’t get to in 2016, they won’t get to in 2020.

So much for democracy.

Split Pants and Spilled Viruses

A Tennessee man, Regie Hamm, has written a must read concerning China and the coronavirus.

As I watched my neighbor put her dog’s poop in a single-use plastic baggy, I thought about split pants in China.

When my wife and I got off the plane, 18 years ago, to adopt our first daughter, we were taken aback by the split pants. Split pants are (or at least were, back then) pants the children wear that are open in the crotch area. That allows them to urinate or defecate unobstructed, onto the street or wherever they may be. The theory is that eventually they will learn to “aim it at the toilet” or something to that effect.

Either way, I distinctly remember my brand new Nike slip-ons (probably made not far from where I was standing) sloshing into a mix of urine and who knows what else, and continuing to do so for the next three weeks.

As I started feeling the cough coming on, I remember one of the women in our group saying, at one of the airports (as she too, stepped into urine) “The people in this country probably have built up antibodies inside them our bodies have never even thought about.”

I replayed that line in my head for the next three weeks, as I descended into night sweats, fevers and a cough like I’ve never experienced.

Over the next several days and weeks, we would experience the amazing culture of China, in several different cities. But some things stood out to this germophobic American. I watched a man hock up something from his chest and spit it on the floor, right next to us, in a restaurant. No oysters for me, thanks. I’ve suddenly lost my appetite.

We visited a Hutong (inner city – where the locals live) and saw raw chickens, skinned and bleeding, just laying on the floor, waiting to be thrown on a restaurant grill…for public consumption. No FDA or USDA or food inspectors or “codes” to comply with, here. But why? This is the last purely communist country on earth. You’d think there would be red tape everywhere. What was happening here?

Then, my wife and I had to rush our newly adopted, 8-month-old daughter to the public hospital…and suddenly it all started making sense.

As we stepped in more urine, took our number from the print-out machine, walked past the line of children whining and crying from the scalp IVs in their heads, then rushed to clean up blood and mucus (left by the last patient) on the plastic table they were now laying our baby on, then waited on the ONE overworked doctor (attending to no less than three hundred people) try to round up a basic anti-biotic to administer to my daughter (right there on site – no refills) it dawned on me what I was seeing and what I had been seeing this whole time. I wasn’t watching a “backward” culture or a third-world society. These people weren’t genetically inferior to first-worlders. They weren’t “less-evolved” than I was.

I was witnessing the kind of maximum, almost brutal efficiency a society must develop when the state is the master and the individual is merely a subject. Why would a Communist country not have an effective FDA? Because who are you going to complain to if you get tainted food? The government? They don’t answer to you. The press? They are owned by the government. And again, they don’t answer to you.

So what if you don’t like the conditions in the hospital? Where else are you going to go? This hospital is the last (and only) stop. You can’t opt for another place and then just pay out of your own pocket. The government has capped financial upward mobility. There is now “income equality.” And that means nobody has the means to buy their way into a different (or better) situation. And even if you could, one doesn’t exist. The state provides it all. You’re stuck.

In every one of those places I described (especially the hospital) there were uniformed guards posted everywhere. The government was literally on every corner. And yet it didn’t feel like help. It felt like surveliance.

“Yes, communism is bad, Regie. We get it,” I hear you saying, through your screen. But it is much deeper than surface ideology for me, personally. As our group was sloshing through the stuff on our shoes, we all speculated as to what new viruses we might be bringing back to the States with us. Well, even during SARS, none of us brought any viruses back. But my family did bring back one of the rarest genetic disorders on planet earth. My daughter was carrying, in her beautiful little self, a messed up sequence of genetic code. She was missing a piece of her 15th maternal chromosome. It brought with it dozens of different symptoms, one of which was seizures.

A month after getting her home, she went into a ten-minute seizure that could only be described as terrifying. And as the doctors and nurses ripped her from my my screaming wife’s arms and dragged us into the waiting room, I was incredibly thankful to be at one of the best children’s hospitals in the world. This hospital was clean and sanitary, with highly trained people everywhere. There were comfortable chairs and private rooms. There was any and every medicine we needed, readily available. And as horrible as that day was, and as expensive as it was (that day basically contributed to bankrupting us. Fortunately, I live in a place where I was able to earn all that money back and more), we were incredibly grateful we were in the United States and people were getting paid large sums of money to tend to our precious little soul. And she survived.

What we know, without a doubt, is that she would not have survived had she not gotten out of China; out of that system.

China is back in the news with yet another deadly virus we are all wringing (and washing) our hands over. And I’m certain we’re more freaked out about it in the United States than they are in the epicenter of it. Trust me on this one. I’ve lived it.

If ONE American were to die of this virus, the marches will begin and the public outcry will be never-ending. Why? Because we are oriented to the individual, in this country. We believe – whether we practice it in our politics or want to admit it to ourselves – that one person makes a difference. And our government answers to us. We don’t answer to them.

As this virus is doing whatever it’s doing, we are also having a heated debate over our own politics as a nation. We are literally discussing the merits of “democratic socialism” in the context of a Presidential election, in the United States, in 2020. I don’t think this is an accident.

I’m watching people (even good friends) on the left, basically throw their backs out, trying to contort and explain away why “some’ socialism is a good thing and how public services are all really “socialist” constructs anyway and how it really isn’t as bad as all that and how ‘this isn’t Communism – relax” and basically try to shoe-horn themselves into possibly having to take a deep breath and vote for a guy who sees the bright side of Fidel Castro but at least is not Donald Trump.

And he has ignited the debate over “single payer” healthcare. And that notion always seems to be reasonable on the surface. Why not just streamline the whole thing? Why not get the bloated insurance companies out of it? Why not eliminate the greed and corporate bureaucracy from our health?

That all sounds very reasonable.

But here’s the thing …

Single payer also means single buyer. That means the dynamics of the market get eliminated. One of the natural checks-and-balances of finding a hot-shot surgeon willing to do the risky procedure or even just seek a second opinion, get chopped away little by little. Because now we’re answering to the government. It isn’t answering to us. After all, where are we gonna go? They’ve got us. And our cancer treatment or skin graft surgery or kidney stone blast is up to their red tape. Sure, we can get in the door for free. But we might die in there, waiting on someone with no incentive and who faces no recourse, to change our plasma bag.

I am not a registered Democrat or Republican. But if you don’t like the state of healthcare in this country, just remember that not ONE Republican has their fingerprints on it. NOT. ONE. Your current state of healthcare was voted on unanimously and signed into law by DEMOCRATS only.

And now, ten years later, we seem to need to fix it all over again. Why?

I personally believe it’s because we’re moving in the wrong direction when it comes to healthcare. We keep moving away from the free market toward a more controlled government system. Why not allow insurance companies to sell their products across state lines? Why not offer them tax incentives to keep high risk patients (like my daughter) on their actuaries? Why not put them in positions that force them to compete harder for the public dollar and become more competitive? In other words, why not make them more accountable to US?

Why not offer dollar-for-dollar tax incentives to individuals who pay for their own care out of pocket? Why not offer incentives to doctors who do pro-bono work?

If those ideas sound like decent ones to you, you may find it surprising that all of them are in a bill proposed by Marsha Blackburn (my long-time representative, now my senator) back in 2009. It’s 27 pages long and it would only take two weeks to implement. It never made it to the floor of the House for a vote.
What if there are answers in the free market?
There are companies like Weltrio, in Oregon, that provide comprehensive healthcare concierge services to corporations who provide insurance, and they lower costs by as much as 68%.
It seems like these ideas are right there for the trying.

The thing about free-market solutions when it comes to healthcare, is that if they don’t work, you can always trash them and go to a public option. But once you nationalize healthcare, there is no going back. And that terrifies me. I’ve seen the natural conclusion of what happens when only one buyer is purchasing gauze and morphine; when one source pays the doctors and nurses.

And I suppose my answer to all of it is: what have we got to lose by trying the easy thing first? What if the evil Capitalists are right and it kinda works?

Vladamir Lenin said, “Give me your four-year-olds and in a generation I will build a socialist state.”

He also said, “The goal of socialism is communism.”

Then, he said, “medicine is the keystone of the arch of socialism.”

We’re finding out – IN America – just how right he was about all of it. And some of us aren’t thinking twice about it.

When Ronald Reagan said, “One of the traditional ways of imposing statism or socialism has been through medicine,” many scoffed at him and joked about how stupid he was or (worse) how he just wanted the rich to have healthcare and didn’t care about everyone else.

But the truth is we all want the same things. We want our children to have access to affordable and GREAT healthcare (that last part if the key). We just have different ideas on how to get there.

As for me, I’ve seen what happens when the choices are taken away. And what happens ends up being a place where new viruses can spread too easily, to too many people, and aren’t contained quickly enough.

And that ultimately affects us all.

A Pandemic of Fear

Those of us who are older have lived through countless scares midwifed by a very happy media.

Fear sells, maybe even better than blood.

The first hysteria I remember is the Cuban missile crisis. As a first or second grader (I don’t remember which) we were made to line up in the hallways to prepare for a possible bombing by the Russians aka Cubans.

Why a private, Catholic all girls school in Memphis, Tennessee, would be singled out by the Communists as a strategic target for the enemy, I don’t know. No one saw the absurdity in this. We were also given identity bracelets with our names and addresses in case a bombing happened when we were away from our parents. I still have it. Fortunately as a child more concerned with conquering the abacus than surviving nuclear warfare, I was blissfully unaware of the dire circumstances that could await me.

Aside from the doomsday clock at 11:55 throughout much of my childhood, I survived that and various flu pandemics – Hong Kong, swine, SARS and the lesser ones that pop up like measles. As for cancer, everything causes that.

But all that still did not satisfy the media appetite for scaremongering. They turned us against food, even. Apples with alar, coffee kills you, don’t eat eggs or butter and now just about anything you eat brings on some kind of objection.

Al Gore told us the climate would kill us by 2015. Last I looked we were all still here. Yet the climate alarmists persevere. We let a 16 year old home schooled Swedish girl tell us how to live.

I left out the threat of Islamic terrorism, but the media didn’t fancy that so much so it has died down. It’s probably the most important and likely of all the scare scenarios, but it doesn’t go with their diet of political correctness.

Now here comes the coronavirus, the latest bugaboo.

Ross Clark at the American Spectator wonders if we have a need for doom. In a society that no longer sees religion as viable, this is particularly troubling and maybe the point. Fake science has become our god.

If you have just cancelled your trip to Venice and ordered your £19.99 surgical face mask from Amazon, how about this for a terrifying vision: by the time we get to April, 50,000 Britons will have succumbed to a combination of infectious disease and adverse weather. Frightened? If you are, don’t worry: you survived. It was two years ago. In 2017-18 the Office for National Statistics recorded 50,100 ‘excess winter deaths’. The explanation, according to the ONS, was probably ‘the predominant strain of flu, the effectiveness of the influenza vaccine, and below average winter temperatures’.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a pretty virulent virus all right, but not in the way you might imagine. It is less our respiratory tracts it has infected than our inner sense of angst. By last Monday there were 79,331 confirmed cases worldwide, all but 2,069 of which were in China. There have been 2,595 deaths in China and 23 elsewhere in the world. And seasonal flu? According to an estimate by the US-based Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it has caused between 291,000 and 646,000 deaths globally a year. To put it another way, if the number of deaths from coronavirus rises a hundredfold in the next few weeks or months, it will only have reached the lower bound of the estimate for existing strains of flu.

How many of us wear face masks because of winter flu? How many planes and trains are cancelled? Does the stock market slump? There is some justification for being more wary of Covid-19 than the flu. The former is an unknown quantity and we don’t yet have a vaccine. But we know more about it by the day. Its death rate is now around 1 per cent or less and it is mostly killing people with pre-existing health conditions; anyone else would be unlucky to die from it.

Coronavirus hysteria occurs because we confuse precaution with risk. We see Chinese cities being cut off, people being quarantined, factories closed, the streets emptying (save for a few people in face masks) and we interpret this as a sign of grave and imminent danger. If China had not taken such dramatic steps to stop the disease, we wouldn’t be half as worried.

There seems to be a distinct strain of Sino-phobia in our attitude towards infectious disease. Every novel disease that comes out of China instantly seems to gain the description ‘pandemic’ — even when diseases such as Sars and H5N1 avian flu hardly justify being called an ‘epidemic’. Covid-19 seems to fit neatly with our fears about Huawei spying on our phones and Chinese manufacturers stealing our jobs. Diseases from elsewhere don’t excite the imagination nearly so much. There was a brief flurry of concern in 2014 when Ebola, vastly more lethal than Covid-19, emerged in West Africa (it has since killed 11,310 people globally). But if we are going to worry about any infectious disease, it ought to be tuberculosis. The World Health Organization reports there were ten million new cases worldwide in 2018, 1.45 million deaths, and 4,672 cases in England. But no one ever bought a face mask because of that. How many people even know that the epicentre of tuberculosis is India, with 27 per cent of cases globally?

There is something more to the Covid-19 panic. It is the latest phenomenon to fulfill a weird and growing appetite for doom among the populations of developed countries. We are living in the healthiest, most peaceful time in history, yet we cannot seem to accept it. We constantly have to invent bogeymen, from climate alarmism, nuclear war and financial collapse to deadly diseases. Covid-19 has achieved such traction because it has emerged at just the right time. At the end of January, Brexit had just been completed without incident. The standoff between the US and Iran — which preposterously led the ‘Doomsday Clock’ to be advanced closer to midnight than during the Cuban missile crisis — fizzled into nothing. The Australian bush fires, which caused an explosion in climate doom-mongering (even though the global incidence of wildfires has fallen over the past two decades) had largely gone out. What more was there to worry about?

Then along came a novel strain of disease and the cycle of panic began again. But there are already strong signs that it has peaked. In the seven days before 24 February, the WHO recorded 6,398 new infections in China — down from 13,002 the previous week. On Monday it was 415. Very soon we are going to have to find another thing to agonise about. Asteroids? The next ‘freak’ weather incident, now the storms have died down? Who knows, but we will certainly find something.

The truth is that the things that are most likely to kill us are not covered by media.

Tennessee Surplus Puzzles Lefties

Tennessee doesn’t often come up in popular blogs, but Ace of Spades had a story about us today.

Here’s the headline: “Despite No Income Tax, Tennessee Is Drowning In A Growing Budget Surplus.”

Imagine – a red state filled with flyover hillbillies who bitterly cling to our guns and Bibles – actually is doing better than New York, California, Illinois; any of the deep blue states. How can that be when our intellects are so obviously inferior to their genius liberal ones?

Buck Throckmorton explains:

Tennessee has a budget problem – tax revenue is gushing in ahead of all budget predictions. This is “despite” Tennessee having no state income tax.

Another month and more surplus tax money is flooding into Tennessee government coffers — an additional $129.4 million in January, or almost 12% more than anticipated, according to Gov. Bill Lee’s administration.

“During January, total tax collections came to $1.55 billion, due primarily to strong growth in state sales taxes and corporate taxes, according to state Finance Commissioner Stuart McWhorter.

It was “driven by solid performances in retail and manufacturing sales,” McWhorter noted.

Oh, by the way, manufacturing jobs are flooding into the state. This is despite the grave dances performed by Globalist RINOs and Principled Free Traders back when Mr. You-Didn’t-Build-That had his regulators’ feet on the throat of businesses trying to employ deplorable Americans and engage in domestic manufacturing.

“The economic growth we have experienced in these first six months puts the state in a good position to fund the current and upcoming fiscal years,” McWhorter said, noting year-to-date total tax collections are outpacing estimates by 6.48%, which the commissioner said “signals a promising finish” for the 2020 fiscal year.

To keep Tennessee from drowning in excess tax revenue, legislators are working on ways to – no, not spend it – they’re actually working on how to return some of it to taxpayers.

With Tennessee government rolling in the dough with general budget surpluses now pegged at $750 million, two Hamilton County legislators have competing ideas on how to return some of the money to the public. Both House Finance Vice Chair Patsy Hazlewood (R) and Rep. Mike Carter (R) are focusing on doing that through grocery-food sales tax holidays. Meanwhile, Carter is working on legislation that would create a mechanism that returns not only much of this year’s budget surplus to consumers in the form of lower food taxes but also does the same in future years when revenues gallop past state estimates.

Tennessee’s excess tax revenue situation is also despite having very low property taxes compared to the rest of the country. Rankings of state property taxes place Tennessee at around 13th or 14th lowest among the 50 states.

Strangely enough, neighboring Georgia is struggling to find the money necessary to cut its state income tax rate from 5.75% all the way down to 5.50%. The chair of Georgia’s Senate Finance Committee just can’t make the numbers work.

“I don’t see the math there right now without some changes to the budget to do it,” state Sen. Chuck Hufstetler, a Rome Republican who chairs the Senate Finance Committee, told a crowd gathered Friday at the Georgia Freight Depot for Georgia Budget and Policy Institute conference.
Tennessee’s budget windfall is a real puzzler. Tennessee has zero income tax, low property taxes, nominal energy production, no sea ports, and it’s located in a backwards part of the country despised by all the best people.

I blame global warming.

Voting Has Started

Although the election date is March 3, early voting has started.

Here’s a little info provided by the Shelby County Republicans. Paul Boyd is the former Probate Court Clerk.

Candidates fro RNC delegate are provided here as a courtesy. Those candidates from Shelby County are Peggy Larkin, Nichole Bufolino, Elaine Ervin, Jim Craig and the bottom 9th Congressional district list.

State wide candidates – vote for 14
Steve Allbrooks
Julia Atchley-Pace
Mae Beavers
Chad Blackburn
Linda D. Buckles
Jane Chedester
Beth Scott Clayton
Douglas M. Englen
Lei Ann Gleaves
Shannon Haynes
Jack Johnson
Amy Jones
William Lamberth
Peggy Larkin
Jennifer Inman Little
Mary Littleton
Raul Lopez
Paulina Albornoz Madaris
Nazar Sharanshi
Robin T. Smith
Dalton Temple
Rick Tillis
Susan Richardson Williams
Marsha Yessick
Jake Adams
Wanda J. Cooke
Leslie D. Mills
Patricia D. Mills
Larry M. Sims

8th Congressional Distrist – vote for 3
Nichole Bufalino
Joseph S. Coury
Elaine S. Ervin
Charlotte Kelley
Steve Maroney
Jim Craig

9th Congressional Distrist – vote for 3
Charlotte Bergmann
Drew Daniel
Tina R. McElravey
Terry Roland
Arnold Weiner

Advice to Trump: Channel Your Inner Godfather

My favorite writer, Kurt Schlichter, has written a hilarious piece with advice for Trump. Enjoy!

With Democrat dreams of a soft coup now a heap of smoldering wreckage, and no need to play Mr. Nice Guy to please prissy softcons on Capitol Hill, President Trump is finally free to channel his inner Michael Corleone. It’s about time to re-christen Don Jr., and use that opportunity to take out the heads of the five families.

Trump already tossed mealy-mouthed ambassador Gordon Sondland out on his Nadler. Then military Twitter started buzzing with delight – well, not Blue Falcon Twitter but the one with vets who aren’t half-stepping weasels – at the news of That’s Lieutenant Colonel to You Bratwurst and his brother Other That’s Lieutenant Colonel to You Bratwurst being marched out of the West Wing with their all stuff, probably mostly Doritos and Mounds bars, in bankers’ boxes. About time – these doofuses may fool the establishment civilians but not the vets. We all served with their likes, and the fact these guys get celebrated by our feckless elite is not unrelated to the fact that our military has not decisively won a war in 30 years.

This long overdue purge needs to be just the beginning.

For three years the Democrats and the Fredocons have tried everything to keep Donald Trump from fully exercising the powers of the office the American people elected him to. Things other presidents do as a matter of course – like demand the investigation of massive corruption involving stripper-impregnating crack afficionados – is suddenly an impeachable crime against the Constitution. As a practical matter, flushing these floaters during the endless fake investigations would have been a political problem, but the never-ending story has finally ended, with Trump standing atop a pile of his enemies’ skulls. He now needs to make that pile grow higher by adding the figurative severed noggins of the treacherous quislings still lurking within his administration.

Get firing.

This includes names you have heard, like Christopher Wray, the hapless FBI head who thinks the best way to address the FISA crimes is to vector in some deep state cleaners to whitewash the mess. He has no interest in reforming that ruined organization. So, can him and get someone Barr recommends who will put cops in charge instead of political paper-pushers.

Then there are some other less-familiar, but higher-level types. Presumptively fire every ambassador who worked for Obama, keeping only those who proved they do not suck. The same with U.S. Attorneys, and their key assistants. And start relieving some generals and admirals who are not with the program – start with the ones at West Point and Annapolis who decided to investigate our young warriors over the circle game instead of telling the liberal blue check whiners to go pound sand.

But mostly it is names you have never heard, anonymous moles burrowed into the bureaucracy doing damage to patriotic conservative initiatives in their passive aggressive way (Jim Geraghty wrote a hilarious book on this called The Weed Agency).

Clean house. Ruthlessly. And if you can’t find them because of our archaic civil service laws, well, Nome needs bureaucrats too.

No president would tolerate treachery, and now Trump is free to punish it too.

Oh, and there is another power of the presidency Trump should exercise – pardons. What has happened to people like LTG Mike Flynn, Roger Stone, and others is a shameful embarrassment. They must be pardoned, now, to demonstrate that we will not tolerate a dual track justice system where the elite’s pals get a pass but those aligned with the dissenters get framed. Pardon them all, and commute Manafort’s sentence to time served.

Now, the spineless likes of Snitt Romney will object, since the practice of proactive manhood in defeating enemies rather than groveling before them shames these invertebrates. Maybe we should put it in terms that posturing prance can understand by invoking his prior career as a consultant sending American jobs overseas to line his and his Bain buddies’ bank accounts: “We’re not firing you. We’re mindfully practicing impactful policies to realize the full potential of our diverse team of forward-looking thought leaders.” Or, shorter: “Pack your Schiff and get the hell out.”

Speaking of the Senator for The Great State of Wherever He Thought He Could Get Elected (R?-?), who is just probably noticing that after a week his usefulness has passed and no one is calling from CNNMSNBC anymore, he needs to be dealt with. This idea of a recall is not a thing – Utah is stuck with their over-coiffed mistake and his kids Tagg, Torrp, Fipp, Sneep, Spume, and Nurvis, for another four years and so are we. But Romney needs some discipline, and not the kinky kind he enjoys by being publicly humiliated by the likes of Candy Crowley on-stage before the American people. Romney needs to be out of the club – he’s already been warned not to pack for CPAC – and denied the gravitas he so desires. He’s no respected elder stateman. He’s a punchline in a Pulp Fiction gimp joke.

And John Tessio Bolton needs to be frozen out too, but please – don’t blame his moustache for the sins of the guy who owns the lip it lives on. The moustache is still loyal.

The time to act is now. Impeachment turned out to be a Swalwellian toot and it’s done. The election is a long way off, and the lapdog media is unlikely to stir people up with fake outrage over these necessary and proper actions since people are too busy getting rich and not having their kids killed in stupid new wars.

Time to settle all family business.

What Democrats Really Want

Blogger Don Surber made a good list of what is really the Democrat platform.
If you vote for one of them – any of them – this is what you can expect.

What do Democrats want for America?

1. Open Borders. Democrat mayors across the United States order their police to ignore lawful orders to turn over to ICE illegal aliens who have committed violent crimes.

Julián Castro was the first Democrat presidential candidate this time to call for ending deportations. He wrote, “Immigrants seeking refuge in our country aren’t a threat to national security. Migration shouldn’t be a criminal justice issue. It’s time to end this draconian policy and return to treating immigration as a civil — not a criminal — issue.”

The rest of the candidates followed his lead.

2. Gun confiscation. Another presidential wanna-be, Beto O’Rourke said, “I am if it is a weapon that was designed to kill people on a battlefield; if they high impact high velocity round when it hits your body shreds everything inside of your body because it was designed to do that so that you would bleed to death on a battlefield and not be able to get up and kill one of our soldiers. When we see that being used against children and in Odessa I met the mother of a 15-year-old girl who was shot by an AR-15 and that mother watched her bleed to death over the course of an hour because so many other people were shot by that AR-15 in Odessa and Midland there weren’t enough ambulances to get to them in time. Hell yes we are going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.”

Hammers kill more people than rifles do.

Confiscating rifles is a step toward gun confiscation.

3. Reparations. Elizabeth Warren said, “I believe it’s time to start the national, full-blown conversation about reparations.”

We know what she means. They will talk about it until they get a plurality — and then they will instantly announce the time for talk has ended, it is time for action. They have been at it for 30 years and are up to 26%.

4. Trillions in new taxes. Bloomberg wants to go after “high earners,” while Warren wants to confiscate 2% of the acquired wealth of billionaires.

Confiscate Harvard’s $40 billion endowment fund portfolio first.

5. Medicare for All. It is actually Medicaid for all as it would eliminate private insurance. Even liberals choke on this one.

The Atlantic said, “The Eye-Popping Cost of Medicare for All. According to new figures: more than the federal government will spend over the coming decade on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid combined.”

6. Yuppie Chow. The word Yuppie fell out of favor but forgiving $1.6 million million (or $1.6 trillion if you prefer) in student loans is welfare for mainly young urban professionals, most of whom are white. Colleges fleeced them, now they want to fleece taxpayers.

7. Legalizing Crime. They have legalized pooping in the street, using hard drugs (needle exchanges) and shoplifting (stealing less than $960 is no big deal) in cities in California. New York state has ended requiring bail.

8. Eliminate the Electoral College. Unable to win the last election constitutionally, Democrats want to get around it by having states give up their electors to the candidate with the most votes. The problem with that the Constitution requires approval of each house of Congress and 38 states to eliminate the Electoral College. I do not see an honest judge approving this scheme.

9. Letting felons vote.

They call this restoring their rights.

How about we begin by restoring their rights to own a gun?

Allow me to summarize all this. Democrats are out of touch, out of power, and out of their minds.

And that’s what makes them so very dangerous. That and the way they will lie, cheat and steal to get there.

A Revealing Look at Bolton

American Greatness takes a look at John Bolton and how he conducts business. It’s not a pretty picture.
He’s not the stalwart, reliable conservative we thought he was.

Joseph Duggan writes:

During his four decades as an accumulator of power in the nation’s capital, a holder of high offices in the State Department, and finally a stint as President Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton has been well known for his scrupulous attention to the hiring and firing of his staff.

He always has demanded unwavering personal loyalty as well as fealty to his own—not his president’s—policy agenda. He has performed the most rigorous vetting on all who have been selected to serve on his various staffs, both the small number of political appointees a political appointee such as himself is allowed to have as well as the more numerous personnel selected from the foreign service, civil service, military services, and intelligence agencies.

The extremes to which Bolton goes to enforce his Bolton-centric scheme of things were exposed dramatically in the episode of his handpicked choice as deputy national security advisor, Mira Ricardel. The latter had a well-deserved reputation as “Bolton’s Bolton”—that is, a screamer, a browbeater, and a toxic boss par excellence. Ricardel’s exercises in Attila the Hun’s management methods were so over-the-top that they attracted the displeased attention of First Lady Melania Trump, who took the rare step of publicly calling for Ricardel’s dismissal. Ricardel had denigrated and disparaged members of the first lady’s staff.

Notwithstanding the public denunciation of Ricardel by the first lady, a standoff ensued. Bolton never relented in his support for his hatchetwoman. Ricardel finally was pried away from her White House position in November 2018 at a moment when Bolton was out of the country and unable to barricade her office door.

This incident illumined in high relief that Bolton’s loyalties are never to his superiors but always to himself and to others only so long as they remain his sycophants.

The strange case of the Vindman twins (Alexander and Yevgeny) should be examined in the light of Bolton’s Roi du Soleil management style.

In July 2018, three months or so after becoming President Trump’s national security adviser, Bolton hired both Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman as a Ukraine policy specialist for the National Security Council and his identical twin brother, Army Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman, as deputy legal counsel in the NSC’s “ethics” office.

Bolton is totally responsible for this pair of unusual hires. There is no explaining this strange duo of appointments as something that the bureaucracy simply slipped over on Bolton. That is not Bolton’s way.

Anyone who has been involved in national security affairs in Republican administrations since 1981 knows that it is impossible that the Vindman brothers were given sensitive jobs in Bolton’s NSC without Bolton having become assured of their usefulness and loyalty to Bolton and his agenda. Both the Ukraine policy and the “ethics attorney” slots are of vast personal priority to Bolton.

On the face of it, it is very odd for any administration to hire a pair of identical twin Army lieutenant colonels to work at the very same time in the same office in any part of the government, much less on the elite, super-sensitive National Security Council staff. Concerns over conflicts of interest are magnified when one of the identical twins is an “ethics counsel” privy both to allegations and self-disclosures of sensitive financial data and any legally and ethically questionable actions by NSC staffers.

In Washington, if a person in Yevgeny’s position and with his political bias breaks the seal of the confessional, he doesn’t get excommunicated; he gets lionized in the mainstream media.

Given the bizarre situation Bolton had brought about with the twins serving in sensitive positions on his staff, one might have expected that Alexander and Yevgeny would have recused themselves from dealing with one another in any fashion that could be construed as a possible conflict of interests.

But the NSC is a particularly gassy precinct of the swamp, so expectations of prudence and “abundance of caution” between identical twin Army officers on the NSC staff of course were misbegotten.

So here we are. Acting on his own, without authorization, Alexander Vindman reported his jaundiced view of President Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to friends in the State Department and intelligence agencies whom Vindman—unilaterally and going over the head of his superiors—asserted had a “need to know.” This led directly to the “whistleblower” complaint that ignited the impeachment conflagration.

Alexander Vindman also conflated his policy disagreement with President Trump into an ersatz “ethical” concern, and he shared his version of the phone call with his preferred in-house ethics lawyer, his own twin brother. Yevgeny Vindman is not the only ethics lawyer on the NSC staff. Alexander could have exercised a prudent compartmentalization of the information he considered so sensitive as to require the impeachment of his commander-in-chief. But instead of avoiding involvement of his brother in this matter, reportedly his first recourse was to decide that Yevgeny had a “need to know.”

All of this happened under the all-seeing eye of John Bolton.

The Justice Department’s legal counsel issued an authoritative statement that the highly classified information Alexander, with his own spin and Yevgeny’s blessing, fed to his friend in the intelligence community, was in no way a matter for the jurisdiction of the intelligence community inspector general. Nevertheless, the IC’s inspector general took his own invalid action to cloak the Vindmans’ friend with “whistleblower” protection while the leaks to the mainstream media, the disingenuous interactions with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and his staff, and the histrionic impeachment farce ensued.

President Trump fired the insubordinate Bolton on September 10. During the week that followed, the “whistleblower” complaint emerged in the news, at first connected to a communication between President Trump and an unidentified foreign leader. On September 18, the Washington Post reported that Trump had made some kind of “promise” to the foreign leader. On September 19, the IC inspector general gave a secret briefing to Schiff and other congressional leaders. The same day, the Washington Post reported that the whistleblower complaint involved Ukraine.

The sanctimonious Alexander Vindman is suspected of perjury in his October performance in front of the House Intelligence Committee. Vindman had sworn in a deposition that he did not know the whistleblower. When, in an open hearing, committee ranking member Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) asked Vindman to identify the specific agency within the intelligence community employing the person with whom he had shared his version of the Trump-Zelensky call, Schiff interrupted the proceedings to say that Vindman was not allowed to answer the question because it would “out” the whistleblower. Schiff also is widely suspected of having lied when saying he does not know and has not had contact with the whistleblower.

Yevgeny Vindman reportedly is the NSC staffer given charge of reviewing John Bolton’s self-sanctifying memoir manuscript, which somehow leaked to the New York Times last week.

A Ukrainian-born immigrant who has contributed far more to the public good than both of the Vindman twins put together, Yakov Smirnoff, has a phrase that fits today’s situation: “What a country!”

The American people have John Bolton, and only John Bolton, to blame for the presence of the self-serving Vindman twins on the NSC staff. We have only Bolton to blame for empowering this gossipy pair and their confidants who have made a mockery of the common-sense security precept of “need to know.”

The Deep State doesn’t like it when one of their own is expelled. We have seen that they will do anything to keep their power, even if it means throwing the country into chaos.
Shame on Bolton. He should have been better than that.
His fate will be to live in a no man’s land. The Left will still hate him and the Right will not have anything to do with him.

He’s not that old, so he’s sentenced himself to oblivion.

Now Warren and Iran

Found this nugget at Don Surber:

Breitbart News reported, “Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) son-in-law, with whom she is close, has troubling ties to the Iranian regime, according to a new book by Peter Schweizer.

“The book, Profiles in Corruption, reveals progressive leaders’ little-known ties to corrupt businesses and governments and discusses the Massachusetts senator in a chapter.

“The chapter details the business deals of Warren’s son-in-law, Sushil Tyagi, who is married to her daughter, Amelia. Tyagi was born in India but moved to the United States, where he met Amelia while they were both pursuing MBAs at Wharton Business School.

“Warren and Tyagi are close. She attended his brother’s wedding in India, recounting it in her memoir. She and her husband Bruce Mann in December 2009 served as witnesses for a power of attorney corporate document he filed in India.

“Since his marriage into the Warren family, Tyagi ‘has been involved in a series of curious — even troubling — business ventures around the world,’ Schweizer writes.

“Tyagi runs Tricolor Films, and in 2008, produced a film called The Song of Sparrows, directed by Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi.”

So you don’t take the foreign bribe directly. You do it through a son (Biden), a stepson (Kerry) or a son-in-law (Warren). File that under things they didn’t teach you in PolySci class.

It’s troubling how many ties to Iran Democrats have.