Harris Hits Out at Republicans

For some odd reason, I am on Lee Harris’ email list. So I get weekly emails from his campaign updating supporters on how they can give him money.

I suppose he believes in the “blue wave” that’s coming, hopes to catch it and ride to victory in the County mayor race. I don’t believe in it. We’re given the same propaganda we got in the 2016 election: Democrats were going to win, Hillary would be president and the rest of us might as well give up and go home.

We know how that turned out.

In his current email Harris rants against his Republican opponents, plus the NRA. But read it for yourself:

When it comes to gun violence and school safety, one of our major local papers, the Memphis Flyer, has already noted that the Republican candidates’ answers so far are lacking.

Here’s what appeared in that paper:
“[The three Republican candidates, Terry Roland, David Lenoir, and Joy Touliatos] on one subject — that of gun violence — … drew a blank. Lenoir’s solution to the specter of gun violence was to recap his major campaign themes — “good jobs, great schools, and safer neighborhoods” — along with an exhortation to “prosecute criminals to the full extent of the law.” Touliatos, who cited her penchant for taking crackers out to the hungry among her Juvenile Court charges, advocated showing children “that somebody cares for them.”
“Only Roland, emphasizing his membership on the board of a mental-health agency (who knew?) came within a country mile of any solution that is part of the current national dialogue, and he undermined his call for more attention to the mentally ill with the over-flip remark, “When you show me a gun that goes off and kills somebody by itself, then I’ll support gun laws.”
“All in all, that part of the Republicans’ mayoral debate was exactly the sort of thing that Emma Gonzáles meant when, in the aftermath of the gun-murder of 14 of her classmates and 3 faculty members, she made a speech dismissing any and all evasive pseudo-solutions to the tragedy with the words, ‘We call B.S.!’”

And, if that’s not bad enough, it gets even worse.

One of those Republican candidates, in another setting, suggested we should arm teachers, which is an idea out of the Trump administration.

I believe our next County Mayor should stand up for common sense gun reforms. Our next County Mayor shouldn’t bow to the NRA. And our next County Mayor has to be able to reject ideas from the White House that don’t promote safety and instead might put our schools at risk.

I have kids in the public schools right now. In fact, I’m the only candidate in the race for Shelby County Mayor with kids in the public schools. I’m personally invested in our County getting this right.

The Mayor has an important voice in the operation of the largest and most important school system in the state. School safety and common-sense gun reforms are two of my top priorities.

We can fight back against gun violence. We can promote school safety. We can stand up to the NRA.

I hope you’ll join me. I hope you’ll join us.

If you contribute $100, $50, or even $20.18, we can be competitive in 2018.

Snark? Oh filled with it. Hatred of the NRA, too. Suddenly they are the villain in school violence and crime in general. Guess he’s not down with the Second Amendment.

Notice how his solutions are vague. He doesn’t present anything specific. It’s just more Democrat rhetoric.

I notice how he hits at Trump. That hints at the whole Democrat strategy for elections. Run down Trump, call him names, accuse him of every conceivable crime, but don’t offer any ideas. And by the way, send them money.

That’s why I’m not pessimistic about the coming elections. They have nothing but sound and fury. It signifies nothing.

Why Did Trump Pardon Libby?

Today President Trump pardoned Vice President Cheney’s former aide, Scooter Libby.

If you remember anything at all about the case, which really tried to get Bush advisor Karl Rove “frogmarched” out of the White House, you know that Libby was the fall guy.

President George W. Bush commuted his sentence, but Libby still paid a $250,000 fine, performed 400 hours of community service, and served two years of probation.
In 2015, one of the witnesses against him said she believed the prosecutor withheld relevant information during her interviews that would have changed the outcome. Sound like today’s FBI thuggish tactics?

Anyhow, the DC court of appeals reinstated Libby to the bar and reauthorized him to practice law because they agreed that exculpatory evidence was withheld.

But why did Trump do it now?

A comment at Conservative Treehouse explains:

Incredible move, on multiple levels.

1. Libby was the victim of a rogue prosecutor, just as the left hopes Trump will be.
2. The person who assigned the prosecutor on the Libby case was James Comey
3. Message sent to Flynn and others that we’ll pardon victims of rogue prosecutors

Great job by the president, and doing it before the Comey book tour starts in earnest is brilliant timing.


If you haven’t seen this movie yet, hurry and do so before it is gone.

It was originally supposed to be released in November, around the anniversary of the JFK assassination, but it was postponed. It got pushed and pushed until the opening April 6. The movie makers have suggested that there were forces behind the scenes trying to squash it.

Powerline blog had reviewed it over the weekend. The blogger reported a full house, plus a sold out crowd for the next performance. I didn’t encounter that, but going on a Monday matinee is not likely to find a sellout.

If you thought the movie would hide or soften what happened that July night in 1969, you would be wrong. Powerline called it “brutal” and I would agree that the brutal truth was revealed.

Ted Kennedy, revered as the “lion of the Senate” is seen as the “lyin’ in the Senate” in this movie. He lies about his role in the drowning of Mary Joe Kopechne, trying to say that she was driving. He lied to the police chief. He lied to his friends. A week after it happened, he’d completely moved on to save his own skin. His remorse was remarkably short lived.

Bruce Dern as head of the family Joe Kennedy barely said a word – Joe was suffering from a stroke – but he really deserves an Oscar. He looked the part and his eyes conveyed his disgust for his son’s failures and his frustration with him. Rose Kennedy was not included in the cast, which I found puzzling as in an early scene Ted is told to call his mother. She certainly was alive at that time.

The filmmakers did a terrific job of setting up the suspense leading up to the drowning. Even though you knew it was going to happen, you were caught up in it. They laid out the story in all its gruesomeness from the Friday night it happened, to the funeral of Mary Joe to the contrived statement Kennedy went on TV to make.

The team of lawyers old Joe assembled for his son, included Bob Macnamara and historian Ted Sorensen among others. They played out the event against the backdrop of the landing on the moon and used it to help deflect the incident. The sleaze oozes from the screen.

This is a movie every American should see. How this man went on to be the fourth longest serving Senator and even made another attempt at a presidential run, shows how manipulated Americans have been by politicians and the media.

Ted Kennedy went on to continue his bad actions with women, ruining his marriage to Joan who ended up a homeless alcoholic. He used women as waitress sandwiches with Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd. He used his family’s tragedies to get a pass on all this.

When he died, Ted Kennedy was lauded as if he was something noble. This movie shows that image to be as phony as his pathetic excuses.

Go see it.

Holder on Warpath on MLK Day

If you missed this from Chris Herrington in the CA, it’s enlightening to those of us on the Republican side.

The reporter really makes no attempt at impartiality. It also shows how the Democrats think and what they’re willing to do to win in November.

A few minutes before former Attorney General Eric Holder’s keynote address at the MLK50 symposium at the Peabody yesterday, I ran into someone who had been in the morning sessions, on criminal justice and voting rights. They had apparently gotten pretty tough on the current inhabitant of Holder’s old office, Jefferson Sessions.

“It was like visiting a country that existed a year and a half ago,” he joked, before adding. “I’d still like to be in that country.”

You got the sense that most luncheon attendees, nibbling plates of chicken and listening to a series of speeches, might agree. It felt like the meeting of a government in exile. (Several attendees had apparently come straight from Nashville, where former Vice President Al Gore had hosted a 70th birthday party.)

Holder was introduced by recently elected Alabama Senator Doug Jones. When Jones, as a federal prosecutor, convicted two men responsible for the Birmingham church bombing, he worked with Holder, then a deputy under Janet Reno in the Clinton-era Justice Department.

But before Jones paid tribute to Holder, he introduced a couple of other dignitaries in the crowd, “What I hope are a couple of future colleagues [in the Senate], Mike Espy and Phil Bredesen.”

Jones was elected in a high-profile race last December, becoming the first Democrat to serve Alabama in the senate since Howell Heflin, more than two decades ago.

Espy, a former Mississippi congressman and U.S. Agriculture Secretary, is an announced candidate for retiring Senator Thad Cochran’s seat, which will be decided by a special election in November. Espy would seek to follow Jones in becoming his state’s first Democratic senator since John C. Stennis in 1989. (He would be the first black Mississippi senator since Reconstruction.)

Bredesen, a former two-term Tennessee governor, is seeking retiring Senator Bob Corker’s seat this fall. If successful, he would be the first Tennessean on the Democratic side of the senate chamber since Jim Sasser in 1995.

Bredesen’s likely race against Rep. Marsha Blackburn could find itself in the national spotlight. Bredesen is a quiet but substantial figure from the moderate wing of his party. Blackburn is a political firestarter from the opposite end of hers.

Bredesen has been running stolid television ads signalling that he’s not an inherently oppositional figure to the current president. The subtext of his campaign so far: “I’m here to govern; she’s here to get on the talk shows.” Will it work? Time will tell.

Did Doug Jones start something? Time will tell.

If 1968 looms over this week in Memphis, 2018 loomed over Peabody’s Grand Ballroom yesterday. And so did 2020.

Holder, the highest-ranking African-American law enforcement official in the country’s history, took the stage only a couple of hours after the announcement that former Vice President Joe Biden would be making a Memphis tour stop this summer. Biden clearly wants to run. Holder is a subject of 2020 speculation as well, for either top or bottom of his party’s ticket.

Holder cited the “three evils” King focused on near the end of his life: Racism, poverty, and war. But he also provided a litany of more specific issues where he senses the country going backwards, not from 1968, but from 2016: Voting rights, ballot box access, criminal justice, “empowering white supremacists.”

“The age of bullies and bigots is not yet behind us,” Holder said, also referencing the activism of “young people who feel lost in their own country.”

Holder, as he has in his own civilian life over the past year-and-a-half, honed in (sic) on voting rights as “the chief civil rights issue of our time,” with “spurious claims of voter fraud” and gerrymandering preserving a “status quo where politicians are picking their voters.”

Holder came closest to implicating He Who Shall Not Be Named in his biggest applause line, warning against yearning for “a past that was comforting to too few and unjust for too many. That’s not how we make America great.”

Some, I suppose, might find it untoward that contemporary politics would hang so heavy in the air at an event ostensibly about commemorating the death and life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

I found it unavoidable. (For starters, the room was full of politicians.)

King, of course, was not a traditional political actor. He was a moral leader who addressed politics as a necessity and challenged leaders of both (or all) political parties at a time when there was a some level of bipartisan consensus on the wrong side of history.

Political leaders needed to bend to his movement, not he to their needs. Those that did most profoundly (Kennedy, Johnson) provoked a political realignment, and we’re still living in the aftermath, though one that seems to be growing less geographically precise.

Holder, Jones noted without commentary, had first been nominated for a judgeship by Ronald Reagan. Even those were different times.

Yeah, well St. Ronald didn’t always hit the mark as we know from his immigration cave.

I find it incredible that someone of as low an ethical character as Holder is allowed to prance around and be respected, much less considered presidential material.

The three evils King cited that Holder mentioned like racism will never be allowed to end under the Democrat party. Poverty in the black community has taken a knock from the good jobs situation Trump has provided. Dems don’t like that. As for war, they turn their efforts towards a civil one which they would greatly like to start given their incendiary rhetoric.

Let’s see if Doug Jones gets re-elected. I doubt it. Let’s see if Bredesen gets elected. I doubt that, too. I don’t think the diehard Democrats will like that he’s straddling their leftism with a Trump outreach. Conservatives won’t be taken in by his deception. He’ll vote with Chuck Schumer readily the first day he enters the Senate.

Governor Booed

At least according to one eager to report Nextdoor person, Governor Haslam was booed at yesterday’s MLK event.

Here’s the report: “Did anybody else notice, but when our Governor got up to speak at the MLK celebration, he got booed, loudly and for about 5 minutes. He looked really upset. Guessing he got what was long overdue. IMO….He’d only show up to Mphs (in the past, to now), and talk to the power people, then zip back to Trashville. Thank you to those whom spoke up….imo”

Aside from the atrocious punctuation and grammer issues, this person was delighted that our Republican governor was treated poorly.

The reactions were varied:

“What happened to honoring MLK???

“He didn’t even have to come! Had I been him, I would have honored MLK and the rude crowd by walking off the stage with a one finger salute to the crowd! And before anyone responds… I’m not a racist! I’m just tired of the disrespect so many people give towards others these days!”

“So you mean thank you for making Memphis look like a bunch of jerks?”

“Actually, I was thanking (X) for recognizing that the important issue was to honor Dr. King and not make it a political forum by booing the Governor.”

I guess Strickland had to invite our governor, but I wonder if he invited any other Republicans.

Then, again, Haslam went out of his way to accommodate the removal of Confederate statues. If Haslam thought this would endear him to any in the black community, I guess he got his answer yesterday.

Mayor Quotes Holder

Our mayor never misses an opportunity to ingratiate himself with black voters, even if he has to reference one of the most corrupt Obama administration officials.

For example, he posted this on Facebook:

I agree with what former Attorney General Eric Holder said here this week: Memphis is unique in that we celebrate our progress but are also frank about our challenges and tackle them.

That’s what gives me optimism about our future.

However, it was interesting to read the responses. They weren’t all positive about his praise for Holder. Here’s a sample:

“It’s like my ole grandad use to tell me..”Son, you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken s _ _ t.”.
“Why did we invite that crook to Memphis?? An embarrassment!!”
“Eric Holder is a criminal. Memphis is is totally lost now under this Mayor! I’m moving to a conservative smaller town that follows laws and doesn’t idolize criminals or their behaviors.”
“What do you expect? Strickland is above the law too.”
“Doesn’t get anymore corrupt than Eric Holder.”

Only one approved: “Proud of you, Mayor! Love my City, too! So excited for our future.”

Holder, if you’ll recall, was the man in the DOJ who approved of President Clinton’s pardon of the criminal Marc Rich, whose wife just happened to be a Clinton donor. Clinton and Holder were vilified for this vile action, even by the liberal press.

But as often happens, the event just got ignored and Obama made him Attorney General. Many of us view him as a completely corrupt AG who did Obama’s bidding, even when it was dubious. Fast and Furious and the IRS coming after Tea Party groups to silence them are just two that spring to mind.

Mayor Slickman doesn’t care about that. He’s using today as a springboard to cement the black vote for his reelection.

Will it work? Not if a black Democrat decides to run. Much of the white vote has left him, too. I know I will not vote for him and many echo this sentiment.

Cohen: Trump Is Fake News

Our Congressional representative, little Stevie Cohen, doesn’t think President Trump is being truthful.

I know. Someone who never tells the truth thinks he understands it. Anyway, this particular topic is DACA and the wall.

The Washington Examiner explains:

Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., doesn’t think President Trump was being sincere when he seemingly killed a deal on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program Sunday.

Cohen said on MSNBC he feels Trump was just doing whatever he needs to do to shock Democrats in the negotiations over DACA, a program that allows illegal immigrants brought to the country as children to stay in the U.S. without being deported.

“He keeps saying things over and over again. There’s no truth to what he says. This is a ploy,” Cohen said.

“He’ll say anything he can say at the moment that he thinks will get him his wall. Last week he said Democrats didn’t want to help the kids. He loves the dreamers and want to have DACA, but the Democrats are stopping him. He’s doing all he can. It’s all about the wall and the wall is all about him. Remember, the Mexicans were going to pay for the wall. It’s all just a farce.”

Trump tweeted earlier Sunday that he wants Republicans to “go nuclear” — or end the legislative filibuster — in order to pass tougher immigration laws.

“Border Patrol Agents are not allowed to properly do their job at the Border because of ridiculous liberal (Democrat) laws like Catch & Release. Getting more dangerous. ‘Caravans’ coming. Republicans must go to Nuclear Option to pass tough laws NOW. NO MORE DACA DEAL!” Trump tweeted.

The Dems will stoop as low as they can to get an electorate. They consistently put lawbreakers in front of hard working Americans. Even after the 2016 shellacking they think this is wise.

The only problem here is the UniParty people and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Both groups like the cheap labor these invaders bring. We can’t count on Mitch McConnell and Co. to do the right thing for us.

Fortunately, I believe Trump is willing to stand up for us deplorables. He usually wins, too.

Why Shulkin Had to Go

Don’t be one of those Republicans who fear that there is chaos in the White House because people get fired.

If you like accountability, firing is a good thing.

For instance, the latest victim, VA secretary David Shulkin.

Fixing the VA was one of Trump’s big campaign promises. But under Shulkin, not much has been moving.

Trump had suggested vets should be able to go to any hospital they like for the quickest, best care. Evidently Shulkin didn’t agree.

Politico says,

From a policy perspective, the fight centered around two versions of a bill to give veterans greater access to private health care. A bill championed by Sen. Jerry Moran and supported by the Koch-backed group would allow veterans to choose care as they please outside of the VA system, which critics say amounts to privatizing the VA system while taxpayers foot the bill.

Shulkin, with the support of veterans groups like the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars, supported a bipartisan bill that gave VA physicians the ultimate control over when veterans could go out of the system. Neither bill was included in the fiscal year 2018 omnibus budget, and by late March, senators were still negotiating over them.

Shulkin repeatedly said he would never oversee the privatization of the VA, the only large government-run health care system in the United States. Veterans groups and some Democrats on House and Senate veterans committees, viewed the attacks on Shulkin as an effort to remove barriers to privatization.

Lobbyists, anyone?

Shulkin had a related problem. He liked freebies. That contributed to his getting canned as well.

But his tenure took a sour turn on Feb. 14 when the VA inspector-general reported that Shulkin and his wife had improperly accepted Wimbledon tickets and used staff to arrange site-seeing visits during a business trip to Denmark and England last summer.

Although Shulkin repaid the money in question, foes in the White House and the VA, loosely allied with the Koch brothers-funded Concerned Veterans of America, used the opportunity to press for his removal.

Shulkin responded in a series of interviews with POLITICO and other news outlets that there was “subversion” against him and his mission.

There’s always someone else to blame, isn’t there?

Except when you’re in the Oval, as President Truman understood. The buck stops there. Or it should.

Ann Coulter Off Again

There are people in the Republican party who are never happy.

Ann Coulter is one of them.

She was all in for Trump before the election, but now she’s not happy with him. She even wants someone to primary him in 2020. She called Trump a “shallow, lazy ignoramus.”

None of those adjectives fit a dynamic man who expends more energy than 40 year olds, has a wide knowledge of many fields.

Coulter is the same person who was a big backer of Mitt Romney in 2012, although he never showed himself to be much of a conservative. Can you imagine Romney building a wall on the southern border? Not in several lifetimes. He’s a globalist and yet, because Trump hasn’t built the wall yet, she’s ready to abandon him.

Ann is a professional contrarian. We seem to have more of them in our party than the Democrats do. Perhaps it’s because she gets more coverage for the shallow books she cranks out with rapidity.

She unloads:

You see, it only looks like Trump is The Worst Negotiator God Ever Created. Instead of telling Democrats, “I won’t even talk about DACA until we have the border wall,” Trump has repeatedly given up the wall, aka The Central Promise of His Campaign, Without Which He Would Not Be in the White House.

He has now signed a spending bill that, if it actually did what it claims to do, prohibits him from building the wall, hiring any new ICE agents capable of making arrests, and building any new detention facilities for illegal aliens.

The strange thing is, as commander in chief, he doesn’t need congressional authority to do any of these things. But he obviously doesn’t know that.


Instead of making even a fake effort and forcing Democrats to get up off the couch to vote against the wall, Trump cleverly leapt to the front of the anti-Trump parade and pretended it was all his idea.

I told Sen. Schumer: I WANT AMNESTY! I was very clear! Look at him, running around like a loser doing my bidding.

Trump’s main response to a bill that actively prohibits him from keeping his central campaign promise was to denounce Congress for not sending him a bill legalizing “Dreamers.” Which also breaks a campaign promise.

It’s all part of the act, you fools! Trump is making the Democrats think that, even though they don’t have the House, the Senate or the White House, he needs Chuck Schumer’s permission before moving a muscle.

Carefully observe the master. He gives up everything and — in exchange — gets NOTHING. See?

The easy thing to do would be to say, There’s no way any amnesty happens until the wall is complete. Anybody could do that. But we didn’t elect just anybody.

We elected the guy whose name is on the cover of “The Art of the Deal.” Sure, he didn’t write it — and probably didn’t read it — but Trump must have heard about some of the trite advice it contains.

This shows what a master strategist Trump is. He throws out the rulebook! You know what else, suckers? Now he can put out a paperback edition with a new chapter, How to Give Up Everything in Return for Nothing.

The wins are already rolling in. Guess who’s suddenly dying to negotiate with Trump? That’s right: Kim Jong Un. One look at how Trump negotiates and Kim couldn’t wait to sit down with him.

Trump took office with the most precious gift any president could ever ask for: winning the White House with ZERO support from Wall Street. But instead of calling in the big banks and saying, Welcome to hell! Trump checkmated them by spending his first 15 months in office cravenly begging for their approval.

The expression “dance with the one who brung you” is old paradigm thinking. This is Trump Thinking.

There is more venom, but it’s along the same lines.

Is she off her meds?

Would she prefer Hillary? Would any of the other GOP candidates have a wall built yet? Jeb!? Rubio? Doubt it.

Coulter is an attention hog. Will she run to The View? They would have open arms for her there.

Hell Freezes Over

It must have because the Washington Post printed a conservative op ed piece.

Here it is before they reconsider:

By Gary Abernathy, HILLSBORO, Ohio

The predictable reaction from some media quarters directed at President Trump over the firing of former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, including outlandish comparisons to the Saturday Night Massacre of Watergate days, is reflective of the Big Media echo chamber and the isolation inside the D.C. bubble. Outside Washington, and especially in Trump country, the whole FBI mess is viewed a little differently.

For the longest time, James B. Comey, as director of the FBI, portrayed himself as the world’s tallest Boy Scout, and many in the media viewed him that way. Even when his decisions and actions were under scrutiny during the 2016 presidential campaign, Comey exuded a veneer of professionalism and decorum.

Comey destroyed that image, first through his admission that he orchestrated a leak to the New York Times in hopes that it would lead to the appointment of a special counsel — a signal to the FBI rank and file he once led that if you can’t achieve a result you want through aboveboard means, consider subterfuge. Such actions are expected of politicians. Americans expect the FBI to be better, especially at the top.

Comey later couldn’t resist a Trump-like tweet calling unnamed people “weasels and liars,” revealing more about himself than his intended targets. Now comes the revelation that not only has he apparently written a quickie book, but he’s also planning a media tour next month to promote it — in the midst of an ongoing special counsel investigation in which he is a key witness. We’re still awaiting the across-the-board media outrage.

Comey has abandoned his carefully cultivated public demeanor as a straight-arrow FBI official in exchange for a self-demotion to the ranks of just another partisan political operative. The real James Comey has emerged.

McCabe’s alleged misdeeds and self-pitying response to his firing lend credence to notions that a D.C. swamp indeed exists, in immediate need of draining. Despite what so many in the media implied over the weekend, McCabe wasn’t fired by the president. He was fired by the attorney general based on a recommendation from the FBI’s own Office of Professional Responsibility, following an investigation by Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz — an appointee of President Barack Obama.

This is the same Andrew McCabe apparently referenced in a text message from FBI agent Peter Strzok to FBI lawyer Lisa Page during the 2016 campaign, on the topic of a meeting they attended in “Andy’s office” about their fears of a Trump victory.

“I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office — that there’s no way he gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk,” Strzok wrote to Page, adding, “It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”

Pause and think about this conversation. “I’m afraid we can’t take that risk,” wrote Strzok. Media reports have suggested the agency’s probe of possible interactions between Russia and members of the Trump team was being referenced here — and if true, that’s damning enough — but I still have questions. This reads to me like a choice. Trump probably won’t get elected, but “I’m afraid we can’t take that risk.”

No matter how fervent Trump-haters try to play down those words, this extraordinary statement of bias was the takeaway from a meeting that took place at the highest ranks of the FBI.

And of course the unthinkable did happen. Trump won. That the Russians tried to interfere in our elections was clear, because it wasn’t the first time Russia or another foreign power — often China — had tried to disrupt our elections. The Obama administration barely reacted to it, remember, aside from Obama’s warning to Vladimir Putin to “cut it out.”

I don’t know what Strzok meant by “insurance policy,” but is it any wonder that Trump — as he rails against the collusion theory as fake news and the Mueller probe as a witch hunt — might come to doubt that he can get a fair shake from the FBI?

Watching this saga unfold, I find allegations of collusion increasingly unconvincing. Maybe you see it differently. But the Strzok-Page texts should alarm us all. What we have learned about Comey and McCabe and their self-serving words and deeds is astounding. And the effort by so many in the media, driven by their hatred of Trump, to defend the indefensible is disheartening.

The media’s embrace of porn star Stormy Daniels and her tabloid-fodder allegations of an encounter with Trump is at least understandable in this day and age. Their even warmer embrace of Comey, McCabe and a politicized FBI is a more abhorrent choice.