Handy Timeline Tells a Lot

Sharyl Attkisson at the Hill has compiled a factual timeline of the Ukraine events. It is an enlightening sequence of events:

Aug. 15, 2016: After FBI counterespionage chief Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page met with Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Strzok texts Page that they couldn’t take the risk of Trump getting elected without having “an insurance policy” in place.

October 2016: Benjamin Wittes, founder of a left-wing liberal blog called “Lawfare” — as in the “use of law as a weapon of conflict” — writes, “What if Trump wins? We need an insurance policy against the unthinkable: Donald Trump’s actually winning the Presidency.” Wittes writes that his vision of an “insurance policy” would rely on a “Coalition of All Democratic Forces” to challenge and obstruct Trump, using the courts as a “tool” and Congress as “a partner or tool.” He even mentions impeachment — two weeks before Trump is elected.

Wittes has acknowledged being a good friend of fired FBI Director James Comey. He spoke to a New York Times reporter about Comey’s interactions with President Trump right after Robert Mueller’s appointment as special counsel.

October 2016: The FBI begins a yearlong secret wiretap on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, which would have allowed intel officials access to information and conversations involving other Trump associates and possibly Trump himself. Page was never charged with any offense. The FBI never apologized for the unwarranted privacy intrusions. The lawfulness of the wiretap has been questioned.

Jan. 3, 2017: Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) publicly warns Trump that if he took on the intelligence community, it has “six ways from Sunday to get back at you.”

Jan. 11, 2017: A Politico investigation concludes that Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump in the 2016 election with help from a Ukrainian American operative who was consulting for the Democratic National Committee.

Jan. 30, 2017: Days after President Trump takes office, attorney Mark Zaid tweets that a “coup has started” and “impeachment will follow ultimately.” Zaid often deals with government investigations and clients in the intelligence community.

A few months later, still in 2017, Zaid tweets: “I predict @CNN will play a key role in @realDonaldTrump not finishing out his full term as president” and “We will get rid of him, and this country is strong enough to survive even him and his supporters.” Zaid also tweets that “as one falls, two more will take their place” and the “coup” would occur in “many steps.”

Zaid went on to represent the alleged whistleblower in the Trump impeachment effort. (Zaid has stated, in his own defense, that his mention of a “coup” simply referred to what he saw as a lawful attempt by attorneys to remove an unlawful president from office.)

May 17, 2017: Special counsel Robert Mueller begins investigating Trump.

August 2017: Trump critic and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is hired as an analyst at CNN. He attacks Trump regularly, at times with incorrect information.

Jan. 23, 2018: Former Vice President Joe Biden publicly brags that he got Ukraine to fire its top prosecutor by threatening to withhold U.S. aid. The prosecutor was investigating Burisma, an energy company where Biden’s son had served on the board since 2014, when his father was vice president.

Feb. 1, 2018: Trump critic and former CIA Director John Brennan is hired as an analyst for NBC and MSNBC, where he attacks Trump regularly, at times with incorrect information.

March 22, 2019: The special counsel’s probe ends without concluding that Trump or his associates conspired with Russia, despite what critics such as Brennan and Clapper long had claimed. Democrats are unable to unite on an impeachment push over the findings.

April 2019: Ukraine elects a new president. Former Vice President Biden’s son Hunter Biden steps down from the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

July 25, 2019: President Trump calls the newly elected president of Ukraine and asks for cooperation in a probe involving long-standing corruption in Ukraine along with alleged ties to U.S. Democrats and the 2016 campaign.

Aug. 12, 2019: Someone alleging to be a whistleblower files a complaint about the phone call with the intelligence community’s inspector general. The anonymous person alleges President Trump sought political dirt to use against Biden in 2020 as part of a “quid pro quo.” Quids pro quo aren’t inherently illegal or improper and are, in fact, a key component of most foreign aid. However, the whistleblower claims Trump is improperly withholding military aid from Ukraine for his own political purposes.

Sept. 9, 2019: The inspector general notifies the House Intelligence Committee about the complaint. Although Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) initially denies doing so, it turns out that he and his staff already had met with — or conspired with, depending on your view — the alleged whistleblower.

Sept. 24, 2019: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announces an impeachment inquiry based on the alleged whistleblower’s claims.

On the same date, President Trump releases the transcript of his call with Ukraine’s president. There is no mention of a quid pro quo, political dirt, withholding aid or campaign 2020. Trump’s critics counter that these things were implicit. There is no evidence, however, that Ukraine provided Trump with “dirt” on Biden — a necessary component of an alleged quid pro quo.

Sept. 25, 2019: The president of Ukraine says he did not feel pushed by President Trump to investigate Biden or to take other action.

Oct. 31, 2019: The House approves impeachment process rules. The vote is largely along party lines, with two Democrats siding with Republicans.

It could be a coincidence that so many key names in this timeline — from John Brennan and James Comey, to Ukraine and CNN — factor into the Trump impeachment push. And, further, it could be a coincidence that we have ended up where some Trump critics said they hoped to be, even before he was sworn in.

On the other hand, in retrospect, the biggest surprise might be that, all things considered, it took them so long to get to this point.

Gov. Lee at CPAC

Reporters made a big deal about Governor Bill Lee not addressing national (i.e. impeachment frenzy) issues at the CPAC conference Tuesday.

The CA reporter wrote, “The governor’s speech at CPAC Memphis stood in marked contrast to those that preceded him including former U.S. Ambassador Bill Hagerty, who is running to succeed Lamar Alexander in the U.S. Senate.
“In his address, Lee talked about criminal justice reform, mentorship and school choice. He hardly acknowledged the national conversation and rhetoric that had been the focus of the morning’s events so far.”

This is nonsense. Why would he? He is governor of Tennessee and as such has many state issues to contend with. I never expected him to delve into national politics and he didn’t.

Ambassador Hagerty comes from a different, international perspective. He has dealt with Trump personally as he represented us in Japan. He agrees with his policies, particularly China. It was “liberal socialists that called me back to run,” he said. As a senator, international policy will be part of his duties.

Lee, by contrast, looks after our state.

The TennCare block grant proposal he is backing is one of his priorities and the only reason most of those reporters were even at CPAC. They accosted him after his speech, waiting in the open area in hopes they could get another lick in against the block grants.

The CA and other sources tell us all the time that the public has given his plan “negative comments.” We don’t know that. That’s what they tell us.

We are all too familiar with this kind of reporting. It needs to be placed in the same trash receptacle most of what they spew deserves.

Straka Talks the Walk

One of the other speakers who electrified CPAC was Brandon Straka.

You may have seen him on the news or on an hour long interview Mark Levin did. Straka started the #WalkAwayMovement. WalkAway, like Blexit, urges people to leave the Democrat party. In his case, it is his fellow gays, who he feels completely misunderstand Conservatism.

His own conversion did not come til 2017. He had voted for Hillary. Growing up in rural Nebraska in the 80s and 90s, Straka had come to believe that Republicans hated minorities. When he moved to New York City, the messages he got reinforced his belief.

“Liberals live in a bubble,” he said, “where all the news and messages recirculate. After the election I couldn’t understand why Trump won so I went on a quest to find out. I went to social media. I had seen the video that appeared to show Trump mocking a reporter with a disability.” He was appalled.

Then a relative sent him a video that showed Trump was not mocking the man, but had used the same mannerisms in other campaign appearances. “It was almost as if CNN lied to me,” he laughed. Further research showed him that the media was indeed using fear to manipulate people.

“On May 18 of 2017 I shot a video of everything wrong with the Democrats and urged people to walk away from them. I encouraged others to post a video.” He had an amazing response and his movement was launched.

“I’ve come to fall in love with Trump supporters,” Straka said. “But we don’t fight back. It’s time for the silent majority not to be silent. Stop allowing the media to define you. There is a great awakening, but social media suppresses us and we must build our own media entity.

“We must stand up for Trump in return for all he is doing for us.”
Straka has a website, walkawaycampaign.com, which explains his experience and takes donations.

He has big plans for a march on Washington before the election on October 3, 2020. You can find out more about that at Unsilentmarch.com.

CPAC Returns

The American Conservative Union (aka CPAC) brought a bunch of its stars to Memphis yesterday. From 10 am to 4 pm, Memphians at the Holiday Inn U of M got to hear from Chairman Matt Schlapp, Blexit founder Candace Owens, #WalkAway’s Brandon Straka, Governor Bill Lee, radio host Ben Ferguson, former Ambassador to Japan and now Tennessee senatorial candidate Bill Hagerty, My Pillow entrepreneur Mike Lindell and others discuss important issues of the day.

Although the crowd numbered at best 150 people, it was an enthusiastic group.
None got as big a response as Candace Owens. She charmed the audience with her bubbly enthusiasm, positive attitude and high energy.

“It was two years ago at CPAC,” she said, “that the idea of Blexit was hatched.” Owens explained that she had gone to CPAC, hoping to get noticed with her book “Black Out” about to be released. “But only one person in the media row wanted to interview me. Unfortunately the timing for that was just as President Trump was scheduled to speak. So what to do? What do you think I did? I hurried the interview then went rushing to hear the President. I got there just as they had closed the doors. The Secret Service would not let me in, but as a speaker I had a badge and went around backstage. I saw Nigel Farage, the founder of Brexit. He was very nice and talked to me. It was then that I realized our movement was Blexit (blacks exiting the Democrat party)!”

She went on to ask, “Who is Candace Owens? Basically I’m a babysitter. I go to college campuses and tell them the simple truth such as there are only two sexes, that not everything can be free and Socialism kills. It should be common sense, but it isn’t and there are mean protests.”

Those aren’t the only battles Owens has fought. She brought up her appearance before Congress’ judiciary committee and a now infamous exchange with Congressman Ted Lieu. Here is the clip:

She demolished the congressman. Her grandfather and husband sat behind her, she said, which launched her into the issue of what inspires her. Ask yourself “Who? Why do you do what you do? For me, my grandfather inspired me. He raised me and my brothers and sisters.

“He was a sharecropper in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He never said anything negative about white people, even though he grew up with real racism, including the KKK spraying the house with bullets. He had core beliefs that guided him.

“First, a belief in God. I felt he had a pipeline to God. Once I got up in the middle of the night and turned up the heat because I was cold. That was not allowed. My grandfather had a way of incorporating our misdeeds into prayer. The next morning at breakfast he prayed and asked God to forgive me for disobeying him. I ran up to my bedroom and he followed. I apologized but asked him why he had to tell God what I did.

“Second, he believed in family. Today we are turning men into women, women into men and it’s an attack on the family. The worst thing you can be today is a straight white male.

“Third, he believed in hard work. My grandfather worked every day since he was 5 years old. He never complained. He believed in the American dream. And he came back and bought the land he sharecropped.”

Like many young people and many blacks, Owens started out as a Democrat. “I started on the Left, but I wasn’t an activist.” Her attitude soon changed, but “I’m not into politics. I’m into culture. That’s what the Right got wrong – giving into culture. I try to make my approach cool, funny.

“The worst for me is not the mean tweets nor even Antifa. It’s when the right eats its own. The President should never stop tweeting. It’s how he gets around the mainstream media.

“We’re in an ideological war. You have to ask ‘how can I fight?’ There is a way for you to plug in – either through donating, telling others, being activists or supporting them. Just find a way.”

Clearly, Owens has found a way – and run with it.

Next: Brandon Straka described his turn to Conservatism and the movement he founded.

CPAC Tomorrow

The American Conservative Union Foundation will be hosting CPAC Memphis tomorrow, October 29. It will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Holiday Inn University of Memphis, 3700 Central Avenue. Cost is $10 and includes lunch.

This will be the second time CPAC will be coming to Memphis to host speeches, conversations, and panels on the issues most important to conservative grassroots activists. This year’s event will take a deeper dive into the issues discussed last year, focusing on the inherent dignity of the person. Within that framework we will specifically discuss economic issues, social issues, the 2nd Amendment and criminal justice reform in Tennessee and the rest of the Southern Midwest region.

Confirmed speakers include: ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp, Dale Bellis, Dr. David Black, Fmr. U.S. Rep. Diane Black, Deneen Borelli, Tom Borelli, Ben Ferguson, Amb. Bill Hagerty, Julie Hocker, Jesse Kelly, Mike Lindell, Candace Owens, Dr. Manny Sethi, Brandon Straka, Maj Toure, Salena Zito and others.

Should be an interesting and worthwhile event!

So You Think Exiting Syria a Mistake?

Doesn’t look like it today with the death of Al Baghdadi, chief of ISIS. (At least we’ve finally gotten away from Obama’s failed ISIL nomenclature – another thing he was wrong about.)

Sorry Pierre Delecto, but you and others would not have achieved this, telling the world Trump make a grave mistake.

Zev Chafetz at Bloomberg doesn’t think it is a mistake to leave Syria either.

Here’s his commentary:

fter U.S. President Donald Trump announced a withdrawal from Syria, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a resolution denouncing it as “a benefit to adversaries of the United States government, including Syria, Iran and Russia.”

Six days later, Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader of the Senate, introduced a similar resolution. “If not arrested,” he said, “withdrawing from Syria will invite more of the chaos that breeds terrorism and create a vacuum our adversaries will certainly fill.”
Such bipartisan agreement is rare in Washington these days. But it underestimates the wisdom of Trump’s decision, the benefits for U.S. interests in the Middle East and the nasty trick he has played on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump calls Syria a “bloody sandbox.” He’s right about that. It is also a briar patch of warring tribes and sects, inexplicable ancient animosities and irreconcilable differences.

The president is not prepared to take responsibility for this complicated place, or to get caught up in it. If leaving creates an opportunity for Russia to fill the vacuum, as American lawmakers believe, then it is one Trump is happy to cede. The Russian leader struts on the world stage, but he has not exactly won a victory.

Sooner or later, al-Qaeda, Islamic State or the next iteration of jihad will break loose in Syria. When that happens, the Russians will be the new Satan on the block. Their diplomats in Damascus will come under attack, as will Russian troops. More troops will be sent to defend them. Putin’s much-prized Mediterranean naval installations will require reinforcement. And so on. Soon enough, jihad will inflame Russia’s large Muslim population. Moscow itself will become a terrorist target.

The “safety zone” that Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have recently carved from northern Syria will collapse. Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad rightly considers it a violation of his country’s sovereignty, and if he can persuade his Russian patrons to shut down the zone, Erdogan will threaten another invasion. If Putin then sides with Turkey, Assad will take matters into his own hands. His army may not be fit for fighting armed opponents, but the Kurds are and can act as Assad’s proxies.

If and when such a border fight develops, Putin will find himself between Assad and Erdogan. Whatever he does, he will wind up in that most vulnerable of Middle Eastern positions, the friend of somebody’s enemy.

As the big power in charge, Russia also will be expected to help its Syrian client rebuild the damage from the civil war. Physical reconstruction alone is expected to cost $400-500 billion. This is a bill Trump had no intention of paying — and one more reason he was glad to hand northern Syria to Putin.

Russia cannot afford a project of this magnitude. It’s possible that Putin expects EU countries to foot the bill — motivated either by humanitarian impulses or by the desire to forestall another wave of destitute immigrants. But this is wishful thinking. Faced with a potential influx of Syrian refugees, Europe is more likely to raise barriers on its southern and eastern borders than to invest in affordable housing in the ruins of Aleppo and Homs.

What’s more, Syria needs more than new housing. It needs an entire economy. Tourism, once a major industry, has vanished. The country’s relatively insignificant oilfields are inoperable or in the hands of the tiny contingent of U.S. troops that’s left to guard them. And the country’s biggest export product is spice seeds.

Another headache for Putin is the ongoing Israel-Iran war, which is being fought largely in Syrian territory. So far, Russia has been studiously neutral. The powerful Israel Defense Forces are engaged against what their leaders regard as a strategic threat. And, unlike the Kurds, Israel is not a disposable American ally. Putin knows this and will not risk a military confrontation no matter how many Syrian-based Iranian munitions warehouses Israel destroys or how hard Assad pushes him to retaliate.

Critics who see the U.S. withdrawal as an act of weakness that will hurt American prestige and influence in the Middle East are wrong. The Arab world understands realpolitik and will read Trump’s indifference to the fate of Syria as the self-serving behavior of the strong horse.

For that is what the U.S. is. It has far more naval power, air dominance, strategic weaponry and intelligence assets than any other country in the region, including Russia. And its allies are the richest, best situated and most militarily potent countries in the Middle East. Not one of them will trade its relationship with Washington for an alliance with Moscow, and Trump knows this. As far as he’s concerned, Putin is welcome to the sandbox and the briar patch.

Makes a lot of sense.

Council Planning Smart Fees

The Campaign for Liberty has forwarded this warning about smart meters:

Memphis City Council (which must approve ALL MLGW funding) will SOON (in November) VOTE to ADD a $25 FEE every month to those who have (or will) OPT OUT ofthe very problematic SMART METER.

The FEE is set at $25 per month (continuously) beginning in January 2020.

This is being done “evasively” (to trick you!) by adding the charge into their 2020 BUDGET — without making a direct change to the current standing City Council RESOLUTION of October 2013 which gives FREE OPT OUT from smart meters at any time to ALL customers of MLGW!

This change is a DEVIOUS ACTION!

Immediately PLEASE begin calling and emailing your own Council Member (and ALL the Council Members) stating your DISAPPROVAL of overriding the 2013 Resolution which commits to FREE OPT OUT of SMART METERS at any time!

If you are an MLGW customer or not — PLEASE HELP!

Below you will find a list of all Council Members, email addresses and phone numbers to their staff members!

Here are some statements you can use (or change) in email or phone call:

Removing our FREE OPT OUT is dishonest, goes back on the decision in 2013 (by Resolution) to give MLGW customers the right to FREE OPT OUT at any time!

Citizens worked with City Council to assure our RIGHT to be FREE of the dangerous “smart” meter. In 2013 the customers of MLGW were heard!

Charging a FEE is punishment, is a slap in the face of those who DO NOT want a dangerous smart meter, with health hazards.

Health concerns, fire risk (from plastic, heat sensitive smart meters), issues of loss of privacy, with surveillance potential, and rising costs due to lower “life of use” of non-analog devices — ALL make me VERY concerned — thus I OPTED OUT! My OPT OUT IS FREE by Resolution!

To work “behind the back” of local citizens, HIDING a FEE change in a 300+ page MLGW Budget, is devious and a FRAUD! Shame on MLGW!

When the VOTE comes up, say NO — in behalf of many thousands of MLGW customers who have already formally OPTED OUT! There is report of over 100,000 opt outs!

There is good reason why we choose to OPT OUT. Our City Council should be DEFENDING OUR RIGHT to safety and to free choice to avoid smart meter RISKS!

PLEASE WRITE and/or CALL City Council Members!
Please share this information with ALL your friends, who will fight for our RIGHT to OPT OUT at NO COST!!

To send an email to all (blind copy is best) select the entire group of emails listed here and paste into your email address area:

sherman.greer@memphistn.gov, frank.colvettjr@memphistn.gov, patrice.robinson@memphistn.gov, jamita.swearengen@memphistn.gov, worth.morgan@memphistn.gov, gerre.currie@memphistn.gov, berlin.boyd@memphistn.gov, joe.brown@memphistn.gov, cheyenne.johnson@memphistn.gov, martavius.jones@memphistn.gov, kemp.conrad@memphistn.gov


The City Council employs several support staff members to aid the Council Members in their communications with their constituents. If you would like to contact your City Council representative, you may reach them by e-mail at their addresses below or through staff, using the contact information below.
Including Council Member, Staff Analyst, and Assistant email and phone numbers:

Sherman Greer (District 1)

Analyst: Ashleigh Hayes
(901) 636-6785
Assistant: Dynisha Clark
(901) 636-6775

Frank Colvett, Jr. (District 2)

Analyst: Ashleigh Hayes
(901) 636-6785
Assistant: Dynisha Clark
(901) 636-6775

Patrice Robinson (District 3)

Analyst: LaKevia Perry
(901) 636-6793
Assistant: Rebecca Garcia
(901) 636-6795

Jamita Swearengen (District 4)

Analyst: Sophia Wordlaw
(901) 636-6798
Assistant: Devon Thompson
(901) 636-6782

Worth Morgan (District 5)

Analyst: Ashleigh Hayes
(901) 636-6785
Assistant: Clay Wilson
(901) 636-6787

Gerre Currie (District 6)

Analyst: Brooke Hyman
(901) 636-6706
Assistant: Judy Milam
(901) 636-6799

Berlin Boyd (District 7)

Analyst: Brooke Hyman
(901) 636-6706
Assistant: Devon Thompson
(901) 636-6782

Joe Brown (District 8-1)

Analyst: Sophia Wordlaw
(901) 636-6798
Assistant: Rebecca Garcia
(901) 636-6795

Cheyenne Johnson (District 8-2)

Analyst: LaKevia Perry
(901) 636-6793
Assistant: Rebecca Garcia
(901) 636-6795

Martavius Jones (District 8-3)

Analyst: Brooke Hyman
(901) 636-6706
Assistant: Devon Thompson
(901) 636-6782

Kemp Conrad (District 9 -1)

Analyst: Juaness Keplinger
(901) 636-6797
Assistant: Judy Milam
(901) 636-6799

J. Ford Canale (District 9-2)

Analyst: Ashleigh Hayes
(901) 636-6706
Assistant: Clay Wilson
(901) 636-6787

Reid Hedgepeth (District 9-3)

Analyst: LaKevia Perry
(901) 636-6793
Assistant: Trudy Pope
(901) 636-6786

Uh-O Canada!

Justin Trudeau won reelection in Canada last night. The whole event didn’t get much attention in the U.S. even though the USMCA trade agreement hangs on the outcome. Now it appears dead.

Our media might have ignored the election, but I bet Obama and his minions did not. Obama loves to play king maker, sending his Plouffe and Axelrod cronies to help out Leftist governments. He tried (tries) it in Israel, has before in Canada, Ukraine and anywhere else it benefits Progressives.

Trudeau’s party eked out a victory even though his Liberals lost 21 seats, the New Democrat Party lost 15 and the Conservatives gained 27. Their candidate, a guy named Sheer was a McCain/Romney style wuss. A commentator noted, “Sheer was going to keep the dairy subsidies ‘supply management’, Paris climate accord, wanted to raise the age Canadians could start collecting Old Age Supplement (which is an extra payment in addition to their Canada Pension which is their Social Security), and reverse hikes to the CPP which would mean less money for future retirees.”

And, “Canadians voted to keep the illusion of the good times going. They voted for things they don’t have the money to pay for. Canadian households have the highest household debt ratio of any developed country, by a significant margin, and home to two of the biggest global real estate bubbles fueled by illegal foreign money (Vancouver and Toronto).”

Someone else commented on the dire facts of Canada’s future: “The 2016 census returned a result of 22% of the Canadian population as foreign born. 5% of that alone were people that identified as Chinese. That number will increase dramatically given the number of HK Chinese that hold “Safety passports” they paid for in cash at the turnover but didn’t take up Canadian residency, and that does not take into account the mainland Chinese that have a foothold through purchase of entrepreneur visas or the express train of Muslim refugees that have been permanently resettled in Canada by the Trudeau government.

“The 22% from 2016 – that percentage is significantly higher now, and centered in the urban centers, which control how the votes go. The situation in Canada is much different than the US. Trump is trying to prevent the US from becoming Canada in that respect. Scheer tried to run on a “Canada First” immigration policy, but it was half-hearted at best. I think the 2021 census is going to be a shocker for Conservative Canadians, but the Progressives (Liberals, NDP, Greens) will cheer.

“Canada delenda est.”

This is the reason we have the Electoral College. Leftists keep trying to take it down. That would give, as in Canada’s case, all the power to a few big cities. They would more or less enslave the rest of the country.

Yet the “empathetic, broad minded, liberal groups” are all for it as the way to express the will of the people. Somehow these new geniuses have realized things that escaped the notice of those ignorant framers. They know more and better than George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison etc.

One Canadian added, “Hopefully, that after a few more years of this BS, the country will Wake Up and Walk Away, just like Americans did after 8 years of Obama. Hopefully, somewhere in Canada there’s someone we don’t know about yet who can stir it up, like Trump did here.”

Glad I don’t live in Canada.

Pelosi Jr.’s Ukraine Problem

It hasn’t gotten much attention, but aside from Hunter Biden, another son of a powerful American politician has his mitts in the Ukraine pot.
Dean Garrison at DCclothesline writes:

Hunter Biden move over.

Now Nancy Pelosi’s son may be looking to take center stage with the Ukraine controversy.

Paul Pelosi, Jr. spent time in Ukraine in 2017.
What in the hell?

BOTH Biden’s and Pelosi’s sons have strong ties to Ukraine?

Who goes to Ukraine?

I’m sure most people reading this have sent their sons to Ukraine at some point.

I’m probably just being paranoid.

From National File:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi Jr. visited Ukraine in 2017 to meet with government officials in connection to a business initiative. Now, unearthed records reveal that Paul Pelosi Jr. was an executive of a gas industry company that did business in Ukraine – and his mother Nancy Pelosi was featured in one of the company’s promotional videos.

Paul Pelosi Jr. traveled to Kiev, Ukraine in July 2017 in his capacity as executive director of the Corporate Governance Initiative, a position that he accepted months earlier in February 2017. Pelosi Jr. said that he was in Ukraine to discuss a youth soccer partnership with the government.
The American Mirror, which flagged Pelosi Jr.’s appearance in 2017, preserved a clip of Pelosi Jr. on the Ukrainian station following the video’s removal from YouTube.

On March 5, 2013, NRGLab New Technology posted two videos on Youtube. One video opened with a clip of Nancy Pelosi discussing energy-efficient technology, followed by a direct-to-camera statement from her son Paul Pelosi Jr., filmed in Washington, D.C. in 2010.

L.J. Keith at Communities DigitalNews adds, “Pelosi Jr. earlier had served as an executive just under Mike Mozilla with Countrywide during the height of the mortgage crisis of 2008. Countrywide being one of the worse abusers in the mortgage debacle that almost destroyed America’s, and the world’s, economy.

“Paul Pelosi Jr. made a fortune, walking away unscathed. This before starting a solar energy company to take advantage of huge Federal Government loan guarantees. Another money windfall for Pelosi, who walked away with a fortune when that company went bankrupt. Leaving the Federal Government and the taxpayers to make up for the losses.”

When will journalists start covering the corruption? Probably never. That’s why more people turn to the internet and YouTube to find out the truth.

The Capture

Sunday evening and Monday morning ABC News aired this video of what they said was the slaughter of the Kurds in Syria:

The Washington Examiner smelled something besides smoke in this. They questioned its veracity. Turns out they were correct. ABC News had to admit that it was video of a nighttime machine gun demonstration at the Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky, not an attack in Syria.

Now somebody at ABC knew that this was a fake.
They ran it anyhow.

We’ve gotten used to fake news reports in the media. Fake information, fake commentary, fake polls. Now they are taking the next step of faking video. It was logical that they would jump from fake words to fake video.

Logical and scary. Is there any doubt that the same media/deep state that twists words, suggests meanings or edits video to craft a message will take the next step and actually manipulate the video?

There is a six part BBC show that aired recently called The Capture. It’s perhaps one of the best shows about this topic that has been on TV or the movies.

The title refers to the capture of an act seen on surveillance camera. British cities are thick with cameras. The story opens with a soldier on trial for supposedly killing an Afghan without giving him a chance to surrender. It’s recorded on tape and looks undeniable. However, his lawyers show how the tape could be out of sync and not been an accurate portrayal of what happened. The soldier is acquitted.
After celebrating the victory at a pub, he follows his attractive barrister to offer to drive her home. They kiss, she declines and gets on a bus and he walks away.

But the video doesn’t show that. It shows him assaulting her. The police search for her and eventually find her body.

The detective involved follows the story to find that the tape has, indeed, been manipulated. How it plays out involves the CIA, British intelligence and radical groups. Intelligence analysts call such manipulation “a correction.” That gives you an idea of the evil and betrayal these groups engage in.

That so many entities would embrace faking a video is shocking, but not surprising. If ABC News can do this so flagrantly, how many other times have we watched fake videos and believed them?

The positioning of cameras around cities may seem to be a good thing against crime, but is it? Is it the police in China who benefit or the Deep State governmental officials. Just ask Hong Kong.

We are even thinking about surveillance cameras in Central Gardens. While they may seem innocent on the surface, could they ultimately be used against us?

Something to contemplate.

Citizens may feel they are innocent, but the potential for governmental abuse is huge.

If you get a chance, try and find “The Capture.” You won’t feel you’ve wasted your viewing time.