Library or Propaganda Center?

This morning I made a trip to the Benjamin Hooks library. I just wanted to get a few books to read to my granddaughter.

There are always a few books highlighted in the children’s section. Most of the time they are new books. I looked to see if there was anything interesting to a four year old.

If that four year old were a liberal, he/she would be at the right place. Center in the mix was this tome: “We Rise, We Resist and We Raise Our Voices.” Now what do kids of any age under teenager need to know about social justice or the war on Trump? The book was colorful and filled with things like songs and “history” lessons.

On the other side was this one: “Little Dreamers: Visionary Women around the World.” Do most kids in elementary school focus on immigration and Dreamers? Are all Dreamers to be applauded, even if they broke the laws coming into our country? Is that what school is about now? Numbers connected to immigration, not math; history that they want to make rather than the truth?

Then I spotted “It Takes a Village.”

What a sad thing it is that the public library is being used for propaganda.

But then again, so are schools, so is entertainment, so is the media.

We’ve got a lot to work on to retake America.

Catch This, Mitt

Everything everyone has said about Mitt Romney is encapsulated in this very good piece by John Nolte at Breitbart:

As the freshman senator from Utah, Mitt Romney is a long way from the presidency. That has to be especially tough on a two-time presidential loser with You-Know-Who sitting in the Oval Office, a guy who took the brass ring by doing the exact opposite of what you did.

My opinion of Mitt Romney has changed over the years. When he lost the Republican nomination to John McCain in 2008, I thought he was a classy guy with a future. When he lost the general election to Barack Obama in 2012, I thought he was a good man with a glass jaw. When he repeatedly got on his high horse to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016, I thought he was an opportunistic sleaze bag gorging on sour grapes and his own monstrously selfish sense of virtue.

But now, after reading his Washington Post jihad against Trump, I finally figured what Mitt Romney really is … an idiot.

Romney might have a high IQ, but he’s a political moron.

Let’s first dispel with the idea that Romney wrote this op-ed out of some pressing moral need to condemn Trump’s supposed indecency. Decent people don’t contribute to the far-left Washington Post, a news outlet that published a countless number of lies to sabotage Romney, that attacks the children of Republicans, that tells almost as many lies as CNN.

Secondly, decent people sure as hell do not then run to a blacklisting, violence-promoting gangster outfit like CNN to promote that op-ed, and do so specifically with a presidential-penis-obsessed serial liar like Jake Tapper, who is so gosh-darned virtuous he remained silent as his own audience booed a rape victim.

Oh, and let us never forget the series of fake news depth charges CNN dropped on Romney in 2012.

So why would Romney do such a thing? Why would Mr. Decency align himself with objectively indecent organizations and people?

And now we come to the part about Romney being a moron.

Just as his fellow moron John McCain believed in 2008, I think Romney actually believes two things…

1) Sucking up to the media by backstabbing the sitting Republican president is a path to another shot at the Oval Office.

2) When he does run for president again, the same media that relentlessly tarred him as a sexist, racist, plutocrat, job-killing corporate raider who tortures dogs, bullies gays, and gives women cancer, will appreciate him this time.

As far as number one, I think I speak for many Republican voters, including those who vigorously supported Romney in 2012, when I say kiss my ass. Screw you, you preening, backstabbing, undermining, half-witted peacock whose first official act as an incoming U.S. Senator is to sucker punch Trump, the man who not only endorsed you in Utah, but did so graciously after you launched a series of unhinged and very personal attacks against Trump during the 2016 campaign.

If Mitt Romney were on fire, I wouldn’t spit on him.

And then there’s number two, Romney the Vichy Republican betraying our president to the Washington Post and CNN and Tapper, the worst of the worst of the worst. “Tone deaf” doesn’t even begin to explain it.

Is there not a single one of Mitt Romney’s handlers who can see what is going on here? Are all of these so-called professionals so blinded by hate and arrogance that they truly cannot grasp how their boy is being played? Do they actually believe this siren song….?

Dear Willard:

We were so, so, so, so wrong about you in 2012, and we are so, so sorry. The Bad Orange Man has returned us to our senses and now we see that you are a pure and noble man who deserves to be president. So how does this sound… Let’s bury the hatchet, you come on over, and we’ll destroy Trump together and make you president!!!!


The Establishment Media

Although the rest of us can see the open maw of this trap from a mile away, this nitwit still hasn’t figured out that this charade is only about one thing — putting a Democrat back in the White House in 2020; and the best shot the media have of accomplishing that is if an insecure simpleton can be fooled into running a destructive primary campaign against Trump.

And this is the best part… Even if Romney were somehow able to win the 2020 (or even the 2024) Republican nomination, his cowardice has doomed him with a GOP base that will never-ever support a weasel who attacks Republicans with unbridled glee and has no stomach to go after Democrats.

In other words… Dear #GOPSmartSet: Past is prologue. My God, you people are stupid.

But that’s the least of it.

The media will then turn Willard the Noble into — you guessed it — a sexist, racist, plutocrat, job-killing corporate raider who tortures dogs, bullies gays, and gives a woman cancer.

Honestly, what kind of spineless, squealing little gerbil kisses up to the monsters who launched one audacious lie after another to aggressively destroy his presidential ambitions?

What kind of mewling, bitter, sore loser crybully allows himself to be used as a prop in the un-American campaign to overturn the 2016 presidential election through impeachment?

I’ll tell you what kind…

An idiot, a moron, a stupe, a sleazy stooge.

Another 1st for Sen. Blackburn

Our new senator will serve on the Senate Judiciary Committee. According to the the Washington Examiner, that will be the first time Republicans will have women on the panel.

Senator Blackburn will be joined by Iowa Senator Joni Ernst on the committee. Democrats have had women on the panel, but Republicans have not until now.

It’s not official yet, but a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell believes it is likely.
“Everyone knows Republicans need women on Judiciary,” said Marilyn Musgrave, the vice president of anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List. “It will take away the critics asking, ‘Where are the women?’”
Last year’s committee consisted of
Chuck Grassley, Iowa, Chairman
Orrin Hatch, Utah
Lindsey Graham, South Carolina
John Cornyn, Texas
Mike Lee, Utah
Ted Cruz, Texas
Ben Sasse, Nebraska
Jeff Flake, Arizona
Mike Crapo, Idaho
Thom Tillis, North Carolina
John Kennedy, Louisiana

This year’s committee appears to be:
Lindsey Graham, South Carolina, Chairman
Chuck Grassley, Iowa
John Cornyn, Texas
Mike Lee, Utah
Ted Cruz, Texas
Ben Sasse, Nebraska
Mike Crapo, Idaho
Thom Tillis, North Carolina
John Kennedy, Louisiana
Josh Hawley, Missouri[5]
Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee
Joni Ernst, Iowa

We got rid of Flake, but are still stuck with Ben Sasse, the ass from Nebraska. He likes to throw a monkey wrench into proceedings. It is good to have Senator Blackburn on it to represent Tennessee and American values.

That Romney! What a Character

Pe-euw! Mittens Romney stepped in a pile with his stupid column maligning Trump in the WaPo.

No true Republican would consider the WaPo as anything but a propaganda rag, yet Romney chose to do the Brutus in that highly detested waste of trees.

He lost the GOP mainstream right there.

Then he dares to complain about Trump’s character. Most people instinctively know that people of good character don’t knife others in the back. It just exposes his own hypocrisy – never a good mark of character. Funny, Mitt didn’t complain about Obama’s character when he had ample opportunity to do it. He let Benghazi, the Wright connection, Obama’s tricks to get ahead in Chicago politics, his lies about Obamacare and everything else go by without a whimper. Romney had a big platform to call the anointed one out on his poor character, but Willard choked. It’s more fun to throw spitballs from a safe distance behind newsprint. Real hero that.

Americans aren’t buying it. I’m happy to see the insightful zings readers have made in various blogs.

For instance, “Romney’s ceiling is now as a Judas in the Senate. That’s a hell of a demotion for someone who shamelessly wears the mantel of piety and faux personal integrity. He will relish every opportunity to stab Trump in the back, and think himself noble for the effort. The man has debased himself and it will carryover to his state citizenry and religious affiliation. This was truly despicable conduct which will vanquish his former reputation and impugn the Romney name for decades to come. He no doubt is a co-conspirator in the Deep State, but this flagrant treachery will be permanently branded on his forehead and no backslapping in the closet from Cocaine Mitch will remove that stain.”
And “He wonders why he only got 206 electoral votes and Trump got 306. Does he really think being another pain in the ass will help him get the GOP nomination for another run for the top job? Maybe he is planning ahead so he can get nice media coverage and a TIME magazine retrospective after he has left the Earth for the planet Kolob.”
Good one.

“Like so many other failures where we see their true selves after they lose elections, Mitt Romney is showing just what a terrible president he would have been. In the Sore Loser category, he’s made a place for himself right up there with Hillary Clinton and Al Gore.”

“Romney is an ‘honorable’ man? What the hell have you been smoking over the holidays? First he begs for a job in Trump’s new administration, with the ridiculous idea that he would be a good Sec. State, then he begs for the President’s endorsement when he runs for the Senate, now he writes a hit piece on his way into D.C? Please, tell me which part of this Magic-underwear-wearing buffoon is it that is ‘honorable’.? We dodged a bullet in ’12 with the Squish Ticket of Romney and that other jackass, Paul Ryan.”
Another says, “Q: How do you know he’s officially stepped in it?

A: When the Chairwoman of the RNC calls him out for his column, on her official Twitter account.

Q: How do you know he’s really stepped in it?

A: When the RNC Chairwoman also happens to be his niece!”

And, I imagine many feel like this one, “Romney as a Flakian Rino will find invitations poring in from the likes of Colbert, Kimmel, CNN, MSNBS, etc. That’s what he really wants—attention. And probably another Hillary-esque run at the White House. I contributed to his presidential run last time. I want my money back.”

With interest.

Dems the Real Hoax

You won’t see this get much coverage in media, but Adriana Cohen of the Boston Herald connects the dots between the Roy Moore sabotage by the Dems and President Trump. It’s a must read:

What if the president is right that the “Russian collusion” investigation really is a hoax waged by a witches brew of political foes to derail his administration?

Before you dismiss the idea as “conspiracy theory,” take a look at the false flag operation that took place during the 2018 U.S. Senate race in Alabama between Republican candidate Roy Moore and Democrat victor Doug Jones.

In a shocking report first revealed by The New York Times this week, we learned that a Democrat political group known as AET (American Engagement Technologies), funded by liberal billionaire and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, created thousands of fake Russian botnet accounts disseminated on Facebook and Twitter in an attempt to link Moore with the Russian government. The disinformation electrified Democrats and anti-Trump media who then trafficked the ongoing narrative that Russia is meddling in U.S. elections in support of Republican candidates.

Here’s the kicker: It wasn’t the Kremlin using deceptive propaganda tactics to dupe Alabama voters — it was former President Barack Obama’s allies in Silicon Valley who orchestrated the shadow operation.

In addition to Hoffman who poured $750,000 into AET and millions more into other political organizations and “dark money” groups to help Democrat candidates last election cycle, the fake Russian botnet group is run by Obama administration alumni — including appointee Mikey Dickerson among others.

Hoffman has since apologized and now feigning ignorance. How convenient — and a tad too late — given that the Alabama Senate seat long held by conservatives for two decades has already flipped to Democrats — thanks in part to “Russian collusion” lies paid for by Democrat operatives.

It doesn’t take a sleuth to see the similarities between what happened in Alabama and the origins of the ongoing special counsel investigation. For starters the Trump-hating FBI — led by James Comey — didn’t even bother to obtain the DNC server that Americans were told was hacked by the Russians. What proof do U.S. intelligence agencies have that John Podesta’s emails weren’t hacked by another foreign government and/or individuals who gave them to Wikileaks?

None — if you never bothered to analyze the server.

Voters would be naive to believe anything Comey’s FBI’s tells us when it used a “salacious and unverified” dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee to spy on political opponents. A discredited dossier fabricated by Russian informants and an ex-British spy who was fired by the FBI for lying.

Not exactly confidence building.

Bottom line: Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker must appoint a new special counsel to investigate all of the above. With the 2020 presidential election kicking into high gear, not a minute too soon.

Bad News for Hannity

Or is it?

This morning’s attempt at a newspaper carried a story on the People in the News segment on page 2. It was very ominous: “Bad headlines for Trump also means ratings slump for Hannity.”

It reads, “The drumbeat of bad news for President Donald Trump hasn’t been good for his most prominent backer in the media.”

Hold on there. There is a drumbeat of bad news in the liberal cable and print media. There always has been. This is nothing new. Since January 21st, 2017, every sneeze Trump has had gets portrayed as dire for his future. He can’t call kids at Christmas or visit the troops in Iraq without it being some kind of existential crisis, according to them. Nothing he ever does, short of resign, will please them.

They don’t like to report on the jobs numbers, particularly ones that show black and Hispanic Americans are doing better than they have in decades. They don’t report on soaring consumer confidence. They don’t like to report on any foreign policy that benefits Trump, such as the thaw with North Korea, trade success with removing NAFTA, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, etc.

They ignore, too, that at this point in his presidency, Barack Obama’s poll numbers were lower than Trump’s. And you know that there is a lot of spin in the calculation. Obama’s were puffed up, while Trump’s are deflated.

It continues, “While Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity will end 2018 as cable news’ most popular personality for the second year in a row, he’s been slumping in the ratings since the midterm elections and ominous stories related to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of the president.”

So being the most popular cable personality two years in a row is a sign of trouble? How does that happen?

They also neglect to mention that we’ve just been through a big holiday season. Hannity took off at Thanksgiving – as did most others – and he always takes a two week vacation at Christmas/New Year’s. Shows don’t get good ratings at holiday times; people are too busy to watch/listen and substitute hosts always lose audiences.

As for the Mueller investigation, has there been any mention at all that President Trump did something wrong? The whole Russia hoax has been disproved and I would reckon that most Republican voters clearly understand the tentacles of the Deep State. The DS is now common knowledge. It wasn’t five years ago. More is sure to come out on it and Hannity knows the players well. A lot of them are in the media.

“His show averaged 2.76 million viewers since the election through Dec. 17, down 19 percents compared with the previous month, the Nielsen company said,” according to the story. See above.
“Among the 25-54 year old demo most coveted by advertisers, he’s down 30 percent.”

Maybe. Even these numbers can be manipulated.

In the next two years we’ll be inundated with stories like this. You can put them in the same file as the stories on Hillary’s assured win. It’s going to be hard to get through the election, which they are starting now, and you will have to steel yourself to junk like this.

Trump Is Back

The always insightful and humorous Kurt Schlichter has written a piece called “Trump The Disrupter Pivots Back To Trumpism – And The Establishment Freaks Out.”

The Americans who voted for Donald Trump wanted a disrupter, and that’s what Santa brought them this Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanzaa. After two years of denying his inner Donald, and under fire from all sides, Trump finally went full Trump. That is, he actually did what he promised, and the establishment lost its collective Schiff.

They really thought this was it for Trump. They thought they finally had him. The GOP just lost the House. The Fed raised interest rates as the market slumped – for totally economic reasons and not to hurt Trump’s chances, and if you say different you are a crazy traitor Russian emoluments treason guy. Ann Coulter was dissing him about the wall so hard he unfollowed her on Twitter. The Mueller festival of elite onanism peaked with the Flynn fiasco.

But when all hell breaks loose, Trump thrives. And he thrives through disruption. He stopped trying to behave – yeah, the last two years was him behaving in an attempt to work with the establishment – and started doing what he said he would do. He went back to disrupting the elite consensus. And that has freaked out the squares.

Trump campaigned on his promise to build a wall. He told Frisco Nancy and Chuck Odd that he would shut down the government if he didn’t get his wall money. The Republican establishment, which does not really want a wall because the GOP corporate donor class doesn’t want to turn off the spigot of cheap foreign peasant labor even though those illegals are all future Democrat voters, led Trump on and on. They put continuing resolution after continuing resolution in front of him, each time promising to really, truly, cross-my-heart-and-hope-you-die fight next time. He gave them a chance. He gave them too many chances. And they expected he’d go along again this time. But conservatives drew the line and Trump realized that he needed to do what he did best to get back inside the ruling class’s decision cycle.

He needed to disrupt, so he kept his promise. He refused to play along with the wall scam anymore. And the gleeful Dem senators singing carols as they expected to get away with another grift ended their serenade with a sad trombone. Now the government is going to shut down, and Trump has zero to lose by holding out.

Then he cranked up the disruption when he announced he was getting out of Syria, and it’s clear that Afghanistan is probably next. The establishment reacted with surprise and horror. It’s hard to understand the “surprise” part, since he campaigned on getting us the hell out of foreign hellholes and has always wanted to. Again, he played along, giving the establishment a chance. And another. And nothing happened. So now he’s done. He’s doing what he promised.

Is this withdrawal a good idea? That depends – we definitely need to provide for the safety of our Kurdish allies, and how that will happen remains unclear at this writing. ISIS is a danger; departing necessarily accepts risk. While the conservative anti-nation building attitude is blind to our successes doing it (like in Kosovo), neither Syria nor Afghanistan seem particularly fertile soil for it. And who is eager to dump more money into them after all the trillions we’ve wasted since 2001?

But beyond the substantive considerations is the fact that the overwrought reaction of the establishment to the idea of actually ending a war supports Trump’s plan. What is our objective anyway? What’s the endstate? In the War College they taught us we should have those things. But the screamers never tell us – instead, it’s always invective about how we love Putin, or how we are stupid or whatever, when we ask, “Okay, how much more in time, money and American lives should we devote to these projects?” We never get a timeline, or a dollar figure, or the number of coffins that they consider whatever their unarticulated objective happens to be is worth.

We keep hearing ISIS might return and we have to stay to stamp out those creeps again, and fine, killing jihadists is cool, but if the goal is to keep Mideastern jerks from being themselves then we will never, ever leave. The elite always denies it wants us to be the world’s policemen, but then it always demands that we keep walking a beat that never ends.

Oh, and of course, Russians, because it’s always Russians – or, at least, it has always been Russians Russians Russians since Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit lost and it will continue to be Russians Russians Russians until Trump is gone and the libs can get back to sucking up to them. Supposedly pulling out our 2200 troops in Syria will allow the maybe 5,000 Russians there to take over the whole country or something. Really? The Chicago PD has over 12,000 cops and do you think they control that one city?

The Syria decision is debatable – I’ve got concerns – with respectable people on both sides (and a lot of idiots who just jumped onto the “stay forever” side only because Trump wants to leave). But there are two key facts to consider, facts our elite superiors always overlook.

The first is that America’s primary military threat today is no longer Muslim weirdos. They are still a threat, and we should still hunt them down, but the real threat is a high intensity conventional war with North Korea and/or China. We are not ready for one, and devoting our efforts to make the barbaric denizens of the desert into peaceful small “d” democrats is not helping us get ready for a land-sea-air-space-cyber battle against a real enemy that has real weapon systems. The thing we need to focus on now, after 17 years of capping Bedouin savages, is the coming war in the Pacific. And that war will be absolutely certain to come if our enemies see that we are not prepared to fight and win it.

The second big issue is that outside the Beltway, where the consensus is that we have to stay in Syria and Afghanistan forever without an articulable strategic objective because we just have to, people want these wars finished. Done. Over. Let the Dems become the Party of War. Throw us in that briar patch.

The Normals are the people whose sons and daughters do the vast majority for the dying of the hazy visions of the DC anointed, and they are tired of it. Make no mistake, they love General Mattis. He’s a hero. But they also see that he does not agree with the president and instead, he agrees with the establishment view, so they get why he had to go. He does not support what they, after 17 years of sacrificing blood and treasure, have elected Donald Trump to do. Note that they also respect the class he showed in articulating his views and departing instead being a petty mean girl like so many DC duds.

Oh, and it’s not just the regular folks who feel this way. Remember The Weekly Standard, that glorified cruise ship brochure that never met a war it didn’t like someone else to go fight? It couldn’t even stay solvent within the conservative movement. Conservatism has changed. The era of unrestrained hawkishness among conservatives is over. And Trump gets that even if the empty suits that make up the GOPe does not.

Trump was elected to stop illegal immigration. The elite does not want that. Trump was also elected to end these Middle East wars. The elite does not want that either. So, under siege and surrounded, Trump charged straight into the ambush, just like they taught us at Fort Benning. And in doing so, he has placed himself on the side of the people outside the Beltway while getting those inside to double-down on policies Normal Americans hate.

Way to get inside their OODA loop, Mr. President. Disruption works. Trump being Trump got him into the White House, and Trump being Trump might just keep him there for another six years.

Yellow Press Journalism

Warning: the pictures you are about to see can never be removed from your eyes. They are horrendous for anyone who appreciates beauty or style. They are an affront to American womanhood.

OK, you’ve been warned. If you continue you cannot blame me.

I first saw this image a few days ago. I’ve seen Michelle Obama wear a lot of ugly outfits, but this one is the Oscar winnning role for her. She wore this on her book tour. In this instance she was being interviewed by Sarah Jessica Parker. Parker has contributed to our cultural demise, as has Michelle.

Take a look:

The sparkly boots add a hooker touch.

She paid $3,900 for these. Or someone else did, which is how the Obamas operate.

In his view, she even has a “nip” problem:

Not a classy look at all!
While you and I wince at this get-up, Vice liked it. They wrote, “She was a boundary-pushing style icon as First Lady too, famously insisting on her sleeveless dresses and inspiring workout routines named after her arms. But, as she writes in Becoming, her self-expression was still largely constricted under the pressure of her former life as the first black First Lady.”

She pushed boundaries, all right. Boundaries when it comes to what is actually good taste and what is showy cheap.

In seeing this outfit, I couldn’t help but remember what the current FLOTUS wore when the Trumps visited Great Britain this summer. The press hated the color – on Melania.

Do you remember how the media detested the color of the dress? They criticized her for trying to look like a princess. And they wrote “According to fashion-loving first-family watchers on social media, the candlelight-yellow silk chiffon design would have looked just as fitting in a fictional castle as it did in that 18th century palace, since it seemed to channel Belle from Beauty and the Beast.”

The beauty is clearly Melania. Michelle fills the bill on the beast in her dreadful outfit.

Oh, but don’t forget. The Trumps were derided for this photo:

Fortunately, the current First Lady has her values in order as when she wore this:

Sounds about right. I don’t care what they think either. Nor should you.

Unless you like to look like you have a pimp.

Try Bongino

If you’re only listening to Rush, Sean or Mark Levin, you need to tune into an even better show.

Dan Bongino has appeared often on Fox News, particularly on Hannity’s radio and TV shows. He has shown himself to understand the ugly inside of politics. He doesn’t hesitate to express his views.

You can tune into his hour long podcasts here:
He appears to start broadcasting after noon. No one breaks down the Russia hoax like he does. In his hour he also has a lot of time for explanations without interrupting a guest or getting just a 3 minute analysis.

Hillary, Louie Anderson – Separated at Birth?

Just remember: Once you see this video, you can’t “unsee” it.

Hillary Clinton, who accepted money for the Clinton Foundation from India’s wealthiest man – he has approximately $41 billion – was invited to the lavish wedding of the plutocrat’s daughter. Since his money failed to get anything in return, he snapped his fingers and there she is, dutifully attending and dancing to his tune. She brought gal pal Huma Abedin with her and former Sec of State John Kerry joined in the dancing, too.

Funny they didn’t understand the lesson taught by Justin Trudeau when he attempted his pathetic Bollywood dancing, complete with full Indian attire. That should have told them to beware of looking ridiculous.

It didn’t as you can see:

It reminded Mr. MTR of Louie Anderson playing Mrs. Baskets. The resemblance to Hillary is uncanny.