Why work at the polls

Someone recently asked me why I bothered to work at the polls. It is boring, it is long, the pay is poor and it sometimes seems like a waste of time.

Then, you look at the elections such as the NY 23, New Jersey and Virginia; consider the ACORN videos, the Black Panthers in Pennsylvania and wonder how many fraudulent elections have taken place. Many times we Republicans have believed that we could trust our officials. Often we are outnumbered as workers. It can’t happen anymore. We must get in there and monitor what happens to ensure fair elections. Our military men give up years of their lives to protect this country. Certainly, civilians can give a little to protect freedom, too.

If Republicans are absent from black precincts, doesn’t that give a poor impression? We cannot give up on our neighbors. In the end it might be the person to person working together that changes minds.

At the least, it is a very educational experience to see how our system of governance works.


Our Midtown zip code of 38104 has been chosen for experimentation by MLG&W. They want to install an electric meter device inside our homes that will tell us how much energy we’re using. There is a federal grant involved in the expense. Could this be step one to controlling our individual energy usage? It’s long been a dream of the left, so it makes sense to me.

What’s with Alexander?

If you’ve been following the story of the environmental constraints to save the delta smelt vs. the need for water by California farmers (it’s been thoroughly exposed by Sean Hannity), you might be surprised as I was to learn that our Senator, Lamar Alexander, voted with the Democrats to keep the farmers dry.

Jim DeMint had proposed an amendment to the Department of Interior’s budget appropriations to sidestep an environmental study that allowed a judge to use it to stop the water flow in California’s Central Valley. This valley is said to produce 50% of the nation’s fruits and vegetables.

Alexander joined the Democrats plus Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and George Voinovich in keeping them dry.

I have asked Alexander’s office to explain this stunning move. I haven’t heard but I don’t see why this was done.

A different Obama song

Schoolkids may have their Obama song, but so do I:

Barak Hussein Obama

He is our 44th president

I don’t think he’s a resident,

Hm? Hm? Hm?

The media say he is the one

They were so happy to have him run

Um, um, um

Our enemies give him a hand

As he makes us a weakened land,

Hm? Hm? Hm!

If you don’t like what he will say

He’ll throw “racism” in your way,

Um, um, um

If grandma starts to have a cough

He’ll hurry them to bump her off,

Mm, mmm, mm.