Food for Thought

The connection between food and politics in American has been present ever since our ancestors threw the British tea overboard.

Older readers may remember when Michael Dukakis tried to address the farm issue in his 1988 campaign against George Bush by suggesting the nation take up growing  Belgian endive. Or George Bush’s predeliction towards pork rinds and adamant dislike of broccoli. Lately there has been the cookie contest between First Lady candidates used as an indicator of the presidential winner.

Michelle Obama has taken up the cooking glove with her White House garden, railings against fat in foods and insistance that we all put down that hamburger for  a veggie patty or salmon fillet.

She has also promoted the idea of stopping “food deserts,” described as groceries  in inner city areas  that lack sufficient (in her mind) fruits and vegetables.

In today’s newspaper columnist Wendy Thomas decries this lack and mentions Steve Cohen’s plans to promote legislation to address this problem. You can bet it means more tax money from us. He can add it to his other great legislative idea to increase the number of  women’s bathrooms as one of the high points of his career.

Anyway, she thinks the road to a greater America is through our digestive tract.

She mentions the Binghamton area as one that has stores with “spoiled meat, full of flies and where bologna costs less than a head of lettuce.”

Perhaps the people in that area do not want fruits and vegetables and the free market rules. They are free to make a choice whether or not she likes it.

I have also seen many yards with gardens in that area. I do not think, as she does, that just because people are poor they don’t know what vegetables are, how to grow them or dislike them.

Must the government get a seat at our table? Funny that while we are told to restrain ourselves Uncle Sam is a glutton when he fills his plate.

Dollar Sign of the Times

Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann, dubbed enemy No. 1 by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has raised more than 4 million dollars for her campaign. The popular Republican took it in “including an astonishing 1.7 million in the last quarter alone,” according to Politico.

Could these dollar signs be a bigger sign of an impending Republican sweep? Let’s hope so.

Dennis Johnson

One of Tuesday night’s club meeting speakers was Dennis Johnson, one of the 20 judge candidates on the August 5th ballot for General Sessions Div. 7 Court. He sent this statement on his candidacy.

facebook:  Dennis Johnson for Judge

There are limits on what assurances I can give regarding how I will conduct myself on the Bench.
I will be dedicated to work hard (and as long as it takes) every day to bring each matter to a swift resolution
(resolving cases as quickly as fairness and justice will allow).  I have extensive experience both in trial and
with the courtroom staff.  I know the system thoroughly and can use that knowledge to prevent delay in both
the handling of the courts daily docket and in the final resolution of cases.  I have the values and character to
handle all cases without alterior motives influencing my decisions – I can be completely fair and impartial.  I
have the character to resist the “political or personal” presure to let favoritism influence my decisions.

If any other candidate has a statement, send it along to

Meeting notes

If you were unable to attend last night’s Midtown Republican Club, you missed an informative and interesting one.

Charlotte Bergmann, candidate for the 9th district in Congress, addressed our group. She said she is finding support daily and is looking forward to the primary August 5. She recently had an impromptu debate with former Mayor Herenton and will be having more in the future. Bergmann attended the High Point Terrace 4th of July festivities and told us that Steve Cohen was present and gave a speech, but she was denied that. Once again, for the Democrats civil rights are something they just believe in abstractly and theoretically.

Other candidates for judicial positions, including Judge Janice Hurd, Judge Lorrie Ridder, Janet Shipman, Dale Lane, Claiborne Ferguson, Bob Weiss and others, along with Trustee candidate David Lenoir and Kevin Key.

Because we had so many speakers we kept our club business short. We discussed calling for candidates using CallFire, the recent Central Gardens parade, sending out precinct letters and the need for a vice president.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, August 3. With the election only two days from then, members will want to turn out and find out how they can get out the vote.

Some perspective

Money amounts are thrown  about today with such abandon that it’s often hard to get an idea of how much a million, billion and trillion are. Yesterday’s million is now today’s billion.

Eric Cantor, House Republican Whip, put some perspective on this in today’s New York Post. He said that “since the president was sworn into office, America has run up red ink at an astounding rate of 4.9 billion a day.”

For me, that put it in staggering terms. Our Democrat legislators don’t seem to care what burden they put on us and our children. After all, they won’t necessarily be there to handle the problem.

Seen and unseen

Charlotte Bergmann, candidate for the 9th Congressional district, had a car caravan event yesterday from Collierville to downtown.

Unfortunately, I saw no coverage of it in the newspaper. They act as if this is a single race between Cohen and Herenton. Is there some kind of news blackout on her? It’s always important not just to see what the media covers, but also what it doesn’t.  That tells a lot.

More on the Parade

The Midtown Republican Club’s presence came as a surprise to many who visited the Central Gardens parade on Carr.

Although we had the permission of the Central Gardens Association and the homeowner’s to set up on his lawn, we still had a little difficulty with one official who seemed shocked that Republicans had a club and dared to invade a  so called Democrat stronghold. She would not allow our Shelby County Republican Party banner, nor would she allow us a table on the sidewalk as all the others had. Whenever I encounter such an attitude I laugh to myself as a person must feel threatened to act that way. Had there been a Midtown Democrat party table I would have said they have every right to be there, too.

Many came up to us and were happy to know others share their views.

Karen Williams sang the national anthem and other patriotic songs as winners were announced in the costume competition. People enjoyed popcorn, watermelon, hot dogs, cookies, snow cones, lemonade and our water as they strolled down the street.

Many thanks to Tommie Parker who loaned us the use of his yard. As it turned out he was not out of town as planned, but got to watch the parade.

Midtown Republicans Help Celebrate July 4th at Parade

The July 4th parade in Midtown Memphis was July 3rd this year. With wonderful weather, it was well attended and drew many politicians.

Midtown Republican Club
Georgeann King and Ruth Henderson set up the Midtown Republican Club cold water stop.
Water Bottle
Each water bottle carried the club logo.
There were lots of thirsty visitors.
Hundreds in Crowd
Hundreds attended the parade and July 4th festivities.
Janet Lansky Shipman
Janet Lansky Shipman, left, candidate for Judge of General Sessions Court Division 7, was there.
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam was there too ... with his iPhone!
Awesome indeed!
And this summed it up: The United States of Awesome indeed!