In a nutshell

One of the blogs I look at daily., posted a commentary on the government lying to us.

A respondent expressed in a nutshell, I think, where we find ourselves.

Kathie wrote, “We are losing in Afghanistan, Fanny and Freddy own a huge percentage of every home in America, oil is spewing in the Gulf and our leaders are boating and golfing, the government owns our health, our schools (higher education) and spent a trillion dollars helping unions, who don’t put enough money away for pensions and our government has not passed a budget, tax breaks are set to expire and Congress is going to bail out the states again.

Our leaders lie and lie and lie and nobody prints the lie in bold on the front of every paper in the land.

God help us!”


I believe Sen. Kyl

In a one on one meeting at the White House with President Obama to discusss immigration, ¬†Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl told a townhall meeting of Obama’s stunning conclusion. “The problem is,” Obama said, “if we secure the border, then you all won’t have any reason to support comprehensive immigration reform.” The audience gasped.

Now the White House is denying that is what Obama said.

In anything I’ve ever read, Senator Kyl has been considered one of the highest, most ethical, righteous members of Congress. I don’t think the same conclusion can be drawn about our president. Sorry, but I will believe the senator.

Take a look at Schnucks

Every time I’m in the checkout lane at Schnucks on Union I look at the board on the wall that lists the groups participating in the scrip program. Number one is Snowden School, which I think is a good thing. But some of the groups that follow it are troubling. Among them is the First Congregational Church which claims to house ACORN; the MidSouth Peace and Justice Center; which promotes left wing causes; the Dorothy Day Hospitality House whose national organization backs immigration rights rallies and advances Catholic social teaching including pacifism; and another group that provides special advocates for Hispanic (immigration?) clients.

I wonder if groups identified with the political right, such as the NRA or pro life groups would be included in this mix.

Somehow, I doubt it.

Blackout on Blago?

It seems this summer’s hot trial of Rod Blagoevich is maybe a little too hot for the Obama administration. They seem to have encouraged the media to keep it low profile. Hard to believe that nothing interesting is happening there since it started June 1. I find very little update about it in newspaper and TV reporting. I wonder why? Could it be that Rahm Emmanuel’s supposed decision to leave the Obama administration may have something to do with his future testimony?

Picnic Features Candidates

The Shelby County Republican Women’s Club picnic in Germantown Tuesday evening drew many candidates and their supporters to the home of John Williams. Here are a few pictures.

Ron Ramsey and Zach Wamp

Republican candidates for Governor Ron Ramsey (standing) and Zach Wamp (seated) drew applause for their plans outlined for Tennessee.

Paul Boyd

Probate Court Clerk candidate Paul Boyd enjoys some of the picnic fare while fielding questions from some of the party goers.

Bill Gibbons

Shelby County District Attorney General Bill Gibbons (top left) spoke to many of those who supported his Governor candidacy before his withdrawal earlier this year.