White House Insider Returns

Newsflavor.com has featured articles purported to be from a secret White House insider as has been noted at this site previously.

The interviewer who goes by the name Ulsterman sat down with him again after the Tucson Memorial speech. He had some fascinating things to say.

Note that this is all anonymous so take it for what it’s worth, but obviously no one  in the White House would risk his own name in talking publicly about the administration. The Chicago Way frowns on that. He has also been correct in predicting various events such as resignations of Rahm Emanuel and others. Insider claims to be doing this because he does not like the way the Democrat party is going.

Asked about the Tucson speech, the Insider found it “very powerful.” Sincere? Less so.  “Here’s something that you will never hear from the media but that some witnessed shortly after the memorial service had finished. Behind the staging area, Obama gave Michelle a high five and shared a laugh with her…He was just thrilled at his performance.”

Insider goes on to reiterate that a scandal is brewing that could rock the White House.

“If Issa pushes hard, things will happen… I maintain as I always have that it starts in DC and then back to Chicago. This is the path that could collapse the Obama White House.”

Other nuggets: Pelosi was set to call Obama on some scandal, but pulled back at the last minute. Perhaps her keeping her leader status had something to do with it. President Obama’s health remains a concern. Daley’s “going to the Obama White House is a clear indicator of just how desperate Obama and (Valerie) Jarrett have become.”

The whole article with more on all this is White House Insider “Obama Celebrates Shortly after Delivering Tucson Memorial Speech” at www.newsflavor.com.

Dusting off the Old Democrat Playbook

Now that Congress is back in session and the Health Care repeal is at center stage, the same old Democrat playbook gets trotted out.

If you are relatively new to politics or young, you might be taken in by the strategy the Democrats and the media have planned and have started enacting. To those of us old enough to remember the last century, their desperation is obvious.

Like a salesman knocking on the door until he finds the right tack to get you to open it, the Democrat Party  has several tactics.

The first surfaced with the AP poll. Step 1 is bogus polls. The naive will accept what the results are and then begin to doubt themselves. Newscasters and pundits shook their heads yesterday claiming that support for health care repeal has fallen.  Now 40% support repeal and 41% do not. The implication is that Republicans are now going against the current tide of public opinion so why not drop the whole thing now?

Rush Limbaugh and a few other level headed conservatives took a stark look at the poll. What they found was disengenuous. “It’s a full court press trying to negate the Republican victory in November,” Limbaugh said. “The sample was miscast and flawed. Before the election they polled 48% of voters leaning Republican and 42% leaning Democrat.  This time they polled 42% Democrats and 36% Republicans, a drop of 12% and so the survey dropped 11 points.” The survey also didn’t use likely or registered voters as they had before, but a sample of 1,001 random people.

In other words, if you control the metrics, you control the outcome.

Having “proved” that the American people don’t want repeal, the next step is to attack the price. “It’s going to cost a fortune to repeal it” cry the Democrats. Paul Krugman at the New York Times argues this insane argument. “Health Reform, says the Budget Officer, will increase Social Security revenues and reduce Medicare costs. But the GOP analysis says that these sums don’t count, because some people have said that these savings would also extend the life of these programs’ trust funds, so counting these savings as deficit reduction would be ‘double counting’ because well, actually it doesn’t make any sense, but it sounds impressive.”

Does Krugman really think Americans buy the argument that not spending is going to cost more than spending? I think I saw that comedy routine in the Marx Brothers. How much is it if you sing, Groucho asks? Chico tells him. How much if you don’t sing, Groucho asks? “You can’t afford it,” Chico replies.

We saw the other ploy, distraction, on view last week in Tucson. Wall to wall coverage forced the health care repeal vote off the monitor. This is a tricky maneuver for many; it can be effective enough to make you forget they’re using it. Tragic as the event was, only 6 people died and the Congresswoman lived. People get killed in larger numbers than that frequently in the news. It doesn’t require the president to address everyone. Indeed, it ends up having an ambulance chasing quality.

Cousin to distraction is the blow up technique. That’s where even the most mundane remark/action/comment gets built into mammoth proportions. Take Sarah Palin’s “blood libel” remark. Most Americans probably shrugged; the pundits acted as if she has repudiated Jesus (no, sorry, they’d probably like that); make that George Washington (oops, they might like that, too); well, you fill in the blank. Expect the race card to get thrown in as the Democrats get even more desperate.

The civility argument falls into the “Mommy, he hit me” category. That will accelerate, particularly with the State of the Union address which the media will use to garner a higher approval rating for Obama. The gullible who live in the Republic of Nice are particularly receptive to this technique.

All this means that 2012 is weighing heavily on Obama’s mind. Everything he does from now on will be with an eye to that November. If the Democrats can garner just a few people from these plans he might win reelection.

Don’t fall victim to this strategy, but recognize it for what it is: pathetic.

GOTV Club Reservations

The first meeting of the new Get Out the Vote Club will be held Tuesday, Jan. 25 at 11:30 at the Cresent Club.

The club has been started by Charlotte Bergmann with the vision of  enhancing voter knowledge and networking.

Radio talk host Andrew Clarksenior and Josh Davis, Shelby County director of community relations for the Family Action Council of Tennessee, are the guest speakers. Cost is $20 (plus a $1.49 fee) or $25 at the door. You can make reservations by contacting www.theGOTVClub.com or email gotv@theGOTVClub.com.

The meeting will be on the 9th floor of the Crescent Club, located at 6075 Poplar.

Frayser High, Continued

“Frayser’s just the tip of the iceberg,” said Memphis School Board Member Kenneth Whalum on Fox & Friends this morning.

The high school that has been in the spotlight with 86 pregnant teens attending continues to get notice in the media.

Whalum believes that other Memphis schools have similar numbers and that “no nation can endure with a population of young, uneducated and unloved children. W’e’re on a crash course to destruction.” He bemoaned his colleagues for having their heads “in the sand, saying ‘that number can’t be real, where did it come from?'”

Questioned about how this began, Whalum said, “this is what happens in urban distrcits like Memphis where poverty is so high, but most importantly it’s happening because the young people don’t feel loved and they’re not educated about how to be productive citizens in society. It’s an unfortunate travesty is what it is.”

As to fixing it, Whalum said, “we have to be real about how we teach our young people, not sex education but education in how to be a productive citizen…how to respect themselves, their own future. We have to love them into their destiny.”

The love and self esteem schtick sounds great, but maybe what they really need are fathers who are present in the family. Where are the dads to tell their daughters that a boy will use you, sex outside of marriage is morally wrong and you’re better than that.

They need jobs, too, to lift them out of the government dependence that Democrats  love so much.

Somehow, Whalum sounds like he’s revving up for more funds to attack the problem.  That seems a back door approach. 

I’d like to know the statisitcs of the other high schools, public and private. Maybe the Commercial Appeal could check into it?

A Look at Our New Leader

Reince Priebus
Reince Priebus

Most of us are unfamiliar with the new head of the RNC, Reince Priebus.

Heck, we don’t even know how to pronounce his name. I learned that it’s Rhine with an s at the end, and pree-bus.

He’s from Wisconsin and came to prominence with the success of Republicans there in November’s election. Wisconsin got a Republican governor and unseated liberal Democrat Senator Russ Feingold, plus gained more new state legislators.

Priebus is just 38 and has a wife, Sally. Their first date was at a Lincoln Day dinner and they married in 1999.  They have two children, Jack, 5, and baby Grace.  They will move to Washington, D.C., from their Wisconsin home in Congressman Paul Ryan’s district.

Priebus  worked for the Republican party since age 10 when he started volunteering. He  graduated from the University of Miami law school, then joined a law firm in Wisconsin.

Many see him as more humble than Michael Steele and one who has never turned a blind eye to the grassroots. In fact, Wisconsin GOP executive director Mark Jefferson likes his attitude. “If someone from Barron County or Douglas County wants Reince to come speak at their Lincoln Day dinner, he’s happy to do it,” he says.

As for his reception in the blogosphere, Priebus hasn’t gotten a lot of attention. However, Powerline found three positive things they like about him. He isn’t Michael Steele. He was successful as head of the GOP in Wisconsin and he gained the confidence of the committee that elected him.  As they see it, the RNC chair needs to have the confidence of donors, decent organizational skills and the ability to stay out of the limelight or trouble.

The very conservative Erick Erickson of Redstate.com weighed in, too. “I’ve been inundated with calls from ardent defenders of his this past week from Wisconsin who say he was a significant player in the profound turnaround up there. That so many have called this week to support him – people who are authentically and unquestionably grassroots – is encouraging.”

Let’s hope he’s up to the task ahead.

Pushing Pence

A lot of conservatives, old guard and new, like what they see in Mike Pence. The congressman from Indiana is weighing a run for the presidency and a new group has formed to encourage him.

Pence is said also to be considering a run for the governor of Indiana when current Republican Mitch Daniels’ term is up. He has indicated he will decide late this month.

Redstate.com, who also is a fan of Pence, reveals today that a new website, www.theconservativechampion.org, has debuted to urge the congressman to run.

Pence did not join in the GOP spending spree, nor did he support TARP. He is for lower taxes and fewer regulations on business. Pence has always been pro life and speaks eloquently on the Constitution. Having heard him in person, I can attest to his wit and communications skills. Having worked in talk radio obviously helped him. No one on the current scene reminds me as much of Reagan as Pence does.

If you go to the web site you will find out more about him, his stance on the issues, what pundits have said about him and the group behind him. Pence is one of the few Republicans who understands the new media. He has a YouTube page, he does Twitter and has a facebook link. Worth a look.