Jobless Up, Lib Hopes Down

The announcement this morning that the unemployment rate has hit 9.8% came as a big surprise to Democrats and analysts. An earlier jobs report in the week had indicated that it might see 140,000 jobs added in November. Instead, it came in around 39,000 with a .2 addition to the unemployment  rate.

Why is the rate always a surprise to them? Speculation is one of the things killing the news industry. Expectations are set up for the public that do not materialize. Why can’t they just report the facts when they get there? They always end up with egg on their faces.

It was amusing to watch the fellows at CNBC this morning as the announcement hit. One host said “USA Today” is going to go crazy! The headline tomorrow will be ‘US unemployment rate hits a new cycle high as light jobs disappoint.'” Another claimed “it’s going to look awful. It will have a psycho effect that will ricochet back on the stock market.”

Their concern for appearance rather than the truth was revelatory. No sympathy for the jobless, rather how it will look politically. As liberals do, they spun it optimistically, stating that it should help Obama get his unemployment extension as well as maybe even another stimulus package.

They also doubted the validity of the numbers, however, this was something never even suggested in the Bush years.

Common sense and experience show that the unemployment rate will continue to go up through0ut 2011. If the job market improves, more people will decide to look for a job and swell the ranks. If it doesn’t, the ranks will still be high.

It can’t be pretty either way for the Obama administration.

Pence Sense

With the House scheduled to vote on extending the middle class tax cuts today, Mike Pence (R-In) is introducing his own bill. With  Jim DeMint in the Senate, he wants to make the tax cuts permanent.

“Higher taxes don’t get anyone hired,” he told Fox’s Jenna Lee. “And putting a time limit on it would delay the recovery for another two years. What’s the difference if it is this January or two Januarys from now? Uncertainty is the enemy of prosperity,” Pence said.

Asked whether the meeting with President Obama produced anything, Pence said “the tone has changed, but the content hasn’t. It’s business as usual on Capitol Hill.” Calling the Democrats’ proposal “a legislative stunt,” Pence wants to also make permanent a repeal of the death tax and the AMT.

Although the Democrats currently have the majority and can vote to put a limit on the tax cuts for upper incomes, Pence was still hopeful. “A minority in Congress plus the American people equals a majority,” he said. Earlier he signaled that he would support a flat tax.

As for the proposal to extend unemployment insurance, the Indiana congressman said he could support that with the proviso that the money be taken from somewhere else, such as the unusued TARP money.

Looks like Pence will be a forceful Republican in the battles ahead.

Best Leave These Off the Menu

Say What?
Say What?

An emergency room doctor once groaned that the worst day of his year was Thanksgiving. Something about family members gathering, imbibing alcohol and carving up a turkey with a big knife seemed to bring more people to the hospital than any other day.

All that family closeness, it seems.

In that spirit, Midtown Republican offers some phrases you may want to avoid if you’re gathering with other family members who don’t see things the right way.

“Speaking of turkeys, did you see what Obama just did?” might not be the best opening question. Granted it applies to almost every aspect of his policies, but the in-law who still has “Yes We Can” on the bumper just might take offense.

Resist the temptation to gloat over the midterm elections. Sure you want to, especially after 2008. Yes, you’d like to say how it was the worst drubbing since 1948 and that the legislatures turned GOP, too, ensuring a decade of happy Republican redistricting. But, in the spirit of our forefathers who sat down with the Indians and didn’t talk about districts, it’s best to forgo this. However, you can store it for a zinger at a future time.

Another topic you might want to avoid is TV. In particular, “I called in and voted for Bristol Palin on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ Wasn’t she terrific?” Someone might choke on a big piece of humble pie and that would not be nice. Along similar lines, family TV seems to be an irritant to many died in the wool liberals. So, “I wonder if the Duggars are going to have that 20th child; I love it when conservative families can fill a stadium!” could seriously annoy the dedicated eco-conscious, tree hugging, recycler worried that too many of us are choking mother earth. That could get ugly, stay away.

Even out of office, President Bush still makes Democrats rant and rave. His new book, “Decision Points,” may have been an enjoyable read, but, trust me, don’t share that information. “I guess it will sell more copies than Obama’s” would annoy them, partiularly followed by “at least he wrote it himself.” Liberals are sensitive about their literary tastes.

Personal financial information has always been taboo at parties, so I would refrain from “Glad I followed Glenn Beck’s advice and bought gold at $700; I bet it hits $1,500!” Even if you volunteer to share your economic tips and advice in the nicest manner, they will not appreciate it.

Similarly, talk of the hike in your insurance premium will not gain you points. And, the likelihood is that they already work for a government agency or company that got a waiver. In this case, you’re going to get a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

But probably the worst comment you could make, the one that could get you  kicked out of the house (should you be visiting) is “I went to the Glenn Beck ‘Restoring Honor’ rally in Washington. It was great! Want to see my pictures?” You’ve been warned. This could send one of them over the edge or you to the hospital. And I won’t be available to pick you up.

A Dim Bulb

Congressman Fred Upton (R-MI) is next in line to chair the important House Energy Committee, but his ascension to that post is encountering some difficulties.


He’s in conservatives’ crosshairs  because he has shown himself to be a dangerous moderate. Among his black marks are his vote for TARP, his vote against extending the Bush tax cuts on capitol gains and dividends, his desire to require 60 votes in the Senate to pass any tax cuts, his vote to give subsidies to Planned Parenthood and his vote for federally subsidized embryo destruction for research.  Need I say more?

If there is any doubt, consider his bill with Jane Harmon (D-CA) to mandate environmentally friendly lightbulbs. As chair of the Energy Committee, this would be coming up again. As Erick Erickson says at, “giving a reprieve to the incandescent lightbulb must be one of the first acts of Congress in the new year.” He feels, as many of us do, that this usurpation of our rights in our very homes is emblamatic of all that’s wrong with government. Putting Upton in charge of Energy would dim any hopes of progress in this area.

A better candidate would be Pennsylvania congressman Joe Pitts. He seems to have the street creds we want. At least he hasn’t enjoyed wining and dining with Rahm Emanuel, as Upton brags he did.

A petition at hopes to alert John Boehner and other Republicans to flick the switch on this candidate. You can sign on at that website to make your feelings known.

Story Continues to Unfold

The latest installment of  Ulsterman and the White House Insider continues at “He Ain’t No Democrat”  is the title and the “He” refers to Obama. Whether this is all spin or true revelation, we don’t know, but it makes for interesting reading. Also at that site, the Ulsterman story “Obama’s White House vs. Rahm Emanuel” asks why Obama has not endorsed Emanuel for mayor of Chicago. He asks why and whether “there has been a significant rift between two high profile Democrats who so recently worked closely together.” Interesting.