The Continual War on Fincher

The election ended November 2 and Stephen Fincher won the 8th district seat, but that doesn’t mean The Commercial Appeal’s campaign against him has ended.

They just can’t let go. They seem to have singled him out as someone who must lose next time around, even before he gets to Washington, D.C.

The shocking news they now have on him is that he has hired a lawyer for what they call his “ongoing campaign finance problems.” Not just any lawyer; a lawyer who worked for Tom Delay, the former House Republican majority leader. Somehow, this should make you gasp. The reader should find Fincher guilty by association. If you are under the illusion that Americans are innocent before proven guilty, you should realize that that never applies to Republicans. Charlie Rangel gets a limp slap on the wrist for his proven misdeeds, but Fincher needs a slap down before anything even gets examined.

It’s towards the end of the piece that you find out the lawyer didn’t even represent Delay at his most recent trial.

Please, reporters, can we wait for some actual news before jumping to conclusions?

News Before It’s News

Sometimes it’s more interesting to read the newspaper a day or two late.

For instance, Friday’s unemployment rate, a jump to 9.8% with a pathetic 39,000 jobs added, had been anticipated much differently in Thursday and pre announcement Friday stories. Saturday the AP story I read had some howlers.

“November marked a two-year low for the number of people applying for initial unemployment benefits, suggesting that the tight job market may be easing at last,” wrote Jeannine Aversa. “The slowing of layoffs and a solid month for retailers are the latest evidence of a strengthening economy in the final months of the year.

“Some economists are now sketching a more optimistic forecast for today’s report on November employment, though few expect a change in the 9.6 unemployment rate,” she continued.

Funny, but they couldn’t have been more wrong. I suspect a non expert on the street could have made a better guess than our “experts.” Just goes to show that the media is in the tank for Obama and will try to influence the news rather than report it.

Whatever happened to journalists waiting until the actual facts are announced before reporting them? Is this such a strange concept?

Insider Shares More

The White House Insider shares more insight on the Obama administration to “Ulsterman”  in a three part series at

The articles detail how the media got Obama elected and helped McCain be the Republican nominee; how brewing scandals are tied to Pelosi and her retaining power after the midterm elections; the plans to derail Hillary in 2012, as well as other candidates; and a story illustrating Michelle Obama’s true feelings about white people.

Though the interviews are unattributed, somehow none of it seems out of character with the Obama people.

Alexander Vote Disturbing

This week the Senate took up the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. Sounds good, doesn’t it? We’re all for food at Midtown Republican and we want it safe, too.

But, as always, a nice sounding name can hide a flawed bill. That’s the case with this bill. It will grow  the government, grow   the number of federal inspectors as employess, grow the government’s say in our lives,  grow food prices and grow  our taxes. Someone get the Weed B Gone!

So why did Senator Alexander vote for this disaster? Sadly, he joined 13 other Republicans to pass this. Brown, Burr, Collins (not a surprise, eh?), Enzi, Grassley, Gregg (he’s leaving), Johanns, Kirk (part RINO), LeMieux (he’s leaving, too), Lugar (bye bye), Murkowski (a RINO), Snowe (ditto) and Vitter (?). Even Orrin Hatch, eager to burnish his conservative creds before 2012, denounced the bill. He called it “government expansion at a huge price to the taxpayers.”

Fortunately, because Harry Reid messed up and jumped the House in racing to sign on to this, the bill will probably stall.

But why would Alexander do this!

Jobless Up, Lib Hopes Down

The announcement this morning that the unemployment rate has hit 9.8% came as a big surprise to Democrats and analysts. An earlier jobs report in the week had indicated that it might see 140,000 jobs added in November. Instead, it came in around 39,000 with a .2 addition to the unemployment  rate.

Why is the rate always a surprise to them? Speculation is one of the things killing the news industry. Expectations are set up for the public that do not materialize. Why can’t they just report the facts when they get there? They always end up with egg on their faces.

It was amusing to watch the fellows at CNBC this morning as the announcement hit. One host said “USA Today” is going to go crazy! The headline tomorrow will be ‘US unemployment rate hits a new cycle high as light jobs disappoint.'” Another claimed “it’s going to look awful. It will have a psycho effect that will ricochet back on the stock market.”

Their concern for appearance rather than the truth was revelatory. No sympathy for the jobless, rather how it will look politically. As liberals do, they spun it optimistically, stating that it should help Obama get his unemployment extension as well as maybe even another stimulus package.

They also doubted the validity of the numbers, however, this was something never even suggested in the Bush years.

Common sense and experience show that the unemployment rate will continue to go up through0ut 2011. If the job market improves, more people will decide to look for a job and swell the ranks. If it doesn’t, the ranks will still be high.

It can’t be pretty either way for the Obama administration.

Pence Sense

With the House scheduled to vote on extending the middle class tax cuts today, Mike Pence (R-In) is introducing his own bill. With  Jim DeMint in the Senate, he wants to make the tax cuts permanent.

“Higher taxes don’t get anyone hired,” he told Fox’s Jenna Lee. “And putting a time limit on it would delay the recovery for another two years. What’s the difference if it is this January or two Januarys from now? Uncertainty is the enemy of prosperity,” Pence said.

Asked whether the meeting with President Obama produced anything, Pence said “the tone has changed, but the content hasn’t. It’s business as usual on Capitol Hill.” Calling the Democrats’ proposal “a legislative stunt,” Pence wants to also make permanent a repeal of the death tax and the AMT.

Although the Democrats currently have the majority and can vote to put a limit on the tax cuts for upper incomes, Pence was still hopeful. “A minority in Congress plus the American people equals a majority,” he said. Earlier he signaled that he would support a flat tax.

As for the proposal to extend unemployment insurance, the Indiana congressman said he could support that with the proviso that the money be taken from somewhere else, such as the unusued TARP money.

Looks like Pence will be a forceful Republican in the battles ahead.