TN Muslim Behind Pirro’s Oust?

It’s shocking, but a Muslim from Tennessee appears to be the one behind Judge Jeanine’s ouster at Fox News.

Here’s what the judge said in her opening statement on March 9 that caused the uproar: “Omar wears the hijab, which according to the Quran 33:59, tells women to cover so they won’t get molested. Is her adherence to this Islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to Sharia law, which in itself is antithetical to the United States Constitution?”

Sounds like a fair question of the Minnesota represenative, Ilhan Omar, who was the one who made anti Semitic remarks, upsetting many in the Democrat party and all Republicans in Congress. I don’t even think there was an organic groundswell of anger against Judge Jeanine; evidently, it was most upsetting to one person, Hufsa Kamal, who is a producer for Bret Baier’s show at Fox News. She describes herself as “Pakistani-American. England born, Tennessee raised. I help make TV happen on @FoxNews.”

She voiced her disgust in this tweet, “@JudgeJeanine can you stop spreading this false narrative that somehow Muslims hate America or women who wear a hijab aren’t American enough? You have Muslims working at the same network you do, including myself. K thx.

— Hufsa Kamal (@hufkat) March 10, 2019

In the week after that, Fox decided to pull the Judge’s show, supposedly for two weeks. Fox said, “We strongly condemn Jeanine Pirro’s comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar. They do not reflect those of the network and we have addressed the matter with her directly.”

Hufsa has attacked many conservatives on Twitter, in particular Michelle Malkin, Candace Owens, Dan Bongino and Charlie Kirk.

She has recently suspended her Twitter account.

I suppose most of us agree with this comment, posted at theconservativetreehouse:

What Pirro stated was a fact. Why are Muslims & Islam off-limits? A Muslim producer at Fox was offended by Pirro’s comments. A real Muslim-American should have no problem with Pirro Making a factual statement regarding Ilhan Omar’s hijab being a symbol of Sharia Law. It is, and Sharia Law is the antithesis of what the American Constitution represents. It has no place in Congress… especially when Omar continuously makes hateful, anti-Semitic comments. A Real Muslim- American understands that USA is a Free society, & that it’s important to have a free dialogue on the issues of Omar’s anti-Semitism, and Sharia Law. It is Free Speech. Fox is placating to a Producer at Fox who is Sharia compliant. Of course, they are also allowing the Left, who jumped all over this, to bully & silence them.

We’re in a very dangerous place with freedom of speech. Already people are reluctant to express their opinions or even wear a MAGA hat. It shouldn’t be that way, but it is getting worse.

The Puppet Masters Behind AOC

If you watch one thing today, watch this video.

It’s from a guy who goes by the name Mr. Reagan. He delves into the whole Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez story.

If you’ve ever wondered how she suddenly burst on the political stage, here’s your answer. It’s very scary especially because it rings true with how progressives operate.

Animal House

Since the Democrats regained the House and took control in January, it has been almost catastrophic.

For us and for them.

They have acted like freshmen frat boys on their first venture away from home. They are out of control and don’t even seem to care.

Remember their January party in Puerto Rico? Lobbyists paid for it and even Senator Menendez, who got in trouble for accepting money from them and carousing with young girls in the Dominican Republic, had no shame about appearing with a babe on a beach. Not a shred of propriety in that guy.

Then there was the ridiculous refusal to work with President Trump on border money. In the end, he got what he wanted. They always knew he had avenues open to him and would use them, but putting the country through their ridiculous chest thumping was more important than an insignificant amount of money – $5 billion.

One America News runs a clock every day complete with the updated daily cost of illegal immigration. Even at the beginning of March we are up to $45 billion and counting. So much for their fiscal concerns.

They put us through the absurd Cohen testimony last week. In the end, he and they suffered. Trump had a bump in the polls of about 1 point. So much for that tomfoolery.

Remember, too, that they are led by two buffons – Nancy Pelosi and AOC. Pelosi often stumbles over her words (does she drink?) and AOC just stumbles over policy. Do they think anyone wants their Green New Deal? No energy, no planes, no beef, no ice cream, revamping every house and approximating an ungodly $93 trillion.

Yet, they soldier on with it.
This week they particularly outdid themselves.
First there was the resolution to condemn anti Semitism. They couldn’t even pass that because it would offend Muslim Rep. Omar so they watered it down to condemn hatred. Keep up with this and you’ll lose all your Jewish voters, Dems.

Then they went after our voting rights. The HR 1 that they passed has no chance of becoming law. McConnell won’t consider it in the Senate and President Trump would veto it.

And who wouldn’t? In it, illegals can vote as can felons, even if their crime was voter fraud! Then more than 50% of them voted to lower the voting age to 16.

Look what one Rep. tweeted:

And a sixteen year old can barely drive a car, obsesses over Instagram and life on the phone, hasn’t lived outside of their parents’ home and many have not even had a job.
Not what our Founders considered worthy of voting.

Fortunately one Tennessean saw the sham:

He reflects Tennessee values, not like our Rep. Cohen.

You know it’s a bad bill when Steve Cohen endorses it. Here’s what he said: “On Friday, I voted for, and the House passed, H.R. 1, the For the People Act to help restore our democracy and reduce the influence of big money in politics which I was proud to cosponsor. The comprehensive measure addresses important priorities by: providing for automatic voter registration, preventing inappropriate voter roll purges; restoring voting rights to those who have served out their felony sentences; reforming the campaign finance system, ensuring disclosures about online political ads; and prohibiting Members of Congress from serving on corporate boards or using taxpayer funds to settle employment discrimination complaints. The bill also requires candidates for president and vice president to release 10 years of tax returns, closes loopholes for lobbyists and foreign agents and institutes a code of ethics for the Supreme Court. It passed by a vote of 234 to 193.”
Call it “For the Democrats Act” because that is what it is.

What he doesn’t tell us is that we the voters would be paying for the candidates’ campaigns. How much would that eat up? Are you willing to pay for AOC’s reelection?

Automatic voter registration actually takes away our rights. You have the right not to vote and you shouldn’t be forced to be registered. Not voting is also a vote and a statement. (One I may make in our upcoming mayoral election which just pits clown against clown.)
You know what purging voter rolls is. It’s like a stake in a vampire’s heart. Dems can’t win without some amount of fraud.

As for releasing tax returns, that’s so obviously an attempt to hurt Trump that it doesn’t need commenting. We all get it. They are intent on finding a crime somewhere in the family’s background.
A code of ethics for the Supreme Court? What does that mean? Ensuring they will always reject right to life votes? A way to dump conservative justices they don’t want? Probably.

The guys in the movie Animal House behaved better than these Democrats.

And vote them out in November 2020.

Trouble for Trudeau

The mainstream media has been remiss (what a shock!) at covering the debacle in Canada for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

He’s been accused of corruption and bribery in his actions for the SNC Lavalin company. Talk about obstruction of justice! Looks like Trudeau will not be PM much longer.

Here’s a synopsis from, a Canadian website:

Wonder why the media would not report on real charges against a liberal hero, climate change believer, anti Trumper? That question answers itself, doesn’t it?

McCabe’s Outrageous Comments

Andy McCabe, one of the schemers behind the infamous Trump Russia hoax, has a lot of inconsistencies and fabulist comments to explain.

The Conservative Treehouse noted that his stories about when he talked to the President after the Comey firing and initiated the Russia probe, have some discrepancies. See here:

Bad as that is, The Daily Mail reports that McCabe claims Jeff Sessions made some outrageous comments that don’t jibe with his previous behavior in the Senate. In fact, they seem like made up fables. Here’s the story:

Jeff Sessions ranted the FBI was ‘better off when you only hired Irishmen’ because ‘they were drunks, but could be trusted,’ new Andrew McCabe book claims.

He paints former Attorney General Sessions as unprofessional – someone who did not read intelligence reports and confused facts with news reports.

McCabe makes the explosive claims about Trump and his staff in an upcoming new tell-all book, The Threat.

In excerpts from the book obtained by the Washington Post, McCabe claims Sessions blamed migrants for social problems and held racist sentiments.

Sessions allegedly stereotyped Irishmen as honest drunks when comparing the FBI’s former workforce to their modern counterparts: ‘They could be trusted. Not like all those new people with nose rings and tattoos — who knows what they’re doing?’

Sessions was fired by Trump the day after the mid-term elections in November last year.

McCabe doubled-down on the allegations against the Trump Administration in a recent ’60 Minutes’ interview on CBS, telling the broadcaster that lawyers were asked to consider secretly recording the President in the spring of 2017.

“McCabe … says no, it came up more than once and it was so serious that he took it to the lawyers at the FBI to discuss it,” CBS anchor Scott Pelley said, describing his interview with McCabe.

Justice Department officials said at the time the remark was a joke and meant sarcastically.

McCabe also claims the President vented to him after firing James Comey that the suddenly former FBI chief was allowed to fly home from California at government expense.

Comey was giving a speech in Los Angeles when people in his audience told him cable news channels were announcing that he had been terminated.

The Comey deputy who took over the law enforcement agency writes that the vindictive President thought Comey should pay for his own airline ticket back to Washington to clear out his desk.

Instead the ousted lawman hopped on the same FBI jet he had used to fly west.

“I told him that bureau lawyers had assured me there was no legal issue with Comey coming home on the plane. I decided that he should do so,” McCabe writes, describing a phone call the following day.

“The President flew off the handle,” McCabe continues, quoting Trump: “That’s not right! I don’t approve of that! That’s wrong!”

“The President said, I want you to look into that!” he adds. “I thought to myself: What am I going to look into? I just told you I made that decision.”

The phone call started, McCabe recalls, with Trump calling him on an unsecure, unclassified line and introducing himself by an unfamiliar nickname.

“The voice on the other end said, ‘It’s Don Trump calling’,” he writes.

“I said, ‘Hello, Mr. President, how are you?’ Apart from my surprise that he was calling at all, I was surprised that he referred to himself as Don.”

McCabe also writes in his book that Justice Department officials at one point mulled a plan to invoke the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

They would have allowed Trump’s adversaries in his own administration to remove him from office with a majority vote of his Cabinet and the backing of Vide President Mike Pence.

McCabe, whose book is slated for a Feb. 19 release, may have a personal reason to go after the president: He recounts verbal slashing Trump offered on the expense of his wife Jill, who mounted a failed 2015 run for a state senate seat in Virginia.

The president asked after Jill, he writes, asking in a sneering tone: “Yeah, that must’ve been really tough. To lose. To be a loser.”

A statewide political action committee called Common Good VA contributed $467,000 to her campaign. Hillary Clinton headlined a fundraiser for the group shortly beforehand, raising $500,000 for it.

The PAC was run at the time by Terry McAuliffe, then the governor of Virginia. McAuliffe is a longtime Bill Clinton fundraiser and former Democratic National Committee chairman.

Jill McCabe’s campaign also received more than $207,000 from the Democratic Party of Virginia, over which McAuliffe exerted significant control.

Common Good VA was the largest single donor to the McCabe campaign.

Trump dismissed McCabe Thursday on Twitter, referring to his firing.
“Disgraced FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe pretends to be a ‘poor little Angel’ when in fact he was a big part of the Crooked Hillary Scandal & the Russia Hoax – a puppet for Leakin’ James Comey,'” Trump wrote.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement read on MSNBC that McCabe ‘was fired in total disgrace from the FBI because he lied to investigators on multiple occasions, including under oath.’

“His selfish and destructive agenda drove him to open a completely baseless investigation into the President. His actions were so shameful that he was referred to federal prosecutors. Andrew McCabe has no credibility and is an embarrassment to the men and women of the FBI and our great country.”

Does any of this ring true?

No. The man is delusional, as well as being a traitor.

Quick, Call Dave Ramsey!

Most people have heard of Dave Ramsey and his financial advice. He wants people to be free of debt. He has a radio show and started his Financial Peace University to aid in this endeavor.

People call in with worries about their debt and he advises them to pare down their lifestyle to get rid of student loan debt, credit card debt, etc.

It appears that Democrat wunderkind Stacey Abrams needs his help. Desperately.

Abrams is the pick the Democrats made to counter the SOTU address. She’s also a writer of trashy romance novels – the kind filled with heaving bosoms and readily undone zippers – as well as being the poor sport loser in the Georgia governor’s race.

Turns out she could use a little of the Ramsey advice. According to the Daily Caller, “Abrams owes back taxes amounting to $40,201 for 2015 and $13,851 for 2016. She owes $96,512 in student loan debt and another $77,522 in credit card debt spread over nine different accounts. In total, she is about $228,000 in the red. This number is actually higher if you count her $178,500 in real estate debt and her $4,434 car loan.”
Her first job after college paid her $95,000, so she wasn’t denied a good paying job.

American Thinker adds, “What is even more interesting was that Abrams had been generously compensated by Third Sector Development, which she founded and headed, as well as another get-out-the-minority-vote non-profit, also an Abrams creation, the Voter Access Institute, to the tune of almost a half-million dollars in a three-year period. That hefty salary was funded out of $12.5 million in donations from sources Abrams refuses to reveal, a quite unusual stance for non-profits to take when their operations are aboveboard.”

And she wasn’t even successful. The Daily Caller finds, “The non-profits accomplished little in reaching their implicit goals, despite the large amount of money involved. The Georgia Democratic Party only received 3 percent more votes in the 2014 gubernatorial election than in 2010. Black voter turnout actually declined by more than two percentage points.”

This didn’t even help:

But isn’t that today’s Democrat party? Hypocrites, thugs, liars and cheaters.

A Darkening Controversy

Who knew that doing blackface was such a “fun” activity for Democrats?

We’ve got Gov. Northam in it (or as a Klansman); his attorney general admitting to doing it to look like Michael Jackson.

Ted Danson did it in 1993:

He said it was a tribute to Whoopi Goldberg.

And now you have the Queen of Mean on the View – everyone’s “favorite” liberal doyenne of what we peasants can and cannot do – Joy Behar admitting she’s done it, too!

On Twitter Jon Levine said, “Joy Behar admitted during a taping of The View in 2016 to dressing as a “beautiful African women” at a Halloween party when she was 29 which involved makeup “that was a little bit darker than my skin”

You see, when it’s a liberal, it’s not doing blackface, it’s using makeup to darken the skin. The NYT headlined the story about the AG as “Virginia Attorney General Says He Also Dressed in Dark Makeup.” It’s just makeup, so that’s OK, according to them.

Blogger Matt Walsh tweeted, “Megyn Kelly was fired from her show for asking a hypothetical question about blackface. Joy Behar actually wore blackface, and admitted it, and showed a picture of it on TV, yet she still has her job.”

Trump Triumphs Again

Once again, the brilliance of President Trump shined through in his State of the Union address.

Yes, he had excellent points about the issues he addressed. But it was the strategy of – once again – exposing his enemies for who they are that is insanely genius.

One look at the faces of Democrats showed how wildly successful he was last night.

The clever speech caused the uniformed Dem women in white to jump to their feet when he touted more jobs for women. They reveled in cheering themselves. Seldom do you see such a display of narcissistic self congratulations.

They stood up for themselves, but along with the other Democrats did not stand for major American values. They did not cheer freedom, job creation or lowering black unemployment. That said volumes about their motives.

When Trump mentioned the danger of infanticide, they did not support him. They were glum. When he vowed America would never be a socialist country, they were glum.

Take a look at their faces:

Chuck Schumer wore a smirk throughout.

So did Nancy Pelosi. And she gave a sarcastic clap.

The Left’s darling, AOC, frowned.

Bernie Sanders did not appreciate the hit on his socialism.

Other presidential aspirants like Kamala Harris, Corey Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand wore scowls throughout as well. Perhaps there had been too much vinegar in their salad dressing?

One person I didn’t see – thankfully – was Rep. Steve Cohen. Usually he makes sure he gets plenty of camera time. It’s surprising considering Memphis was represented twice in the president’s speech. First there was Alice Johnson whose sentence was commuted by Trump and then with the mention of St. Jude.

Was Cohen suffering from sour stomach?

The soul of the Democrat party was on view last night.

It was not a pretty picture.