Malia Obama – Smoking Hot

Looks like spending a year interning with Harvey Weinstein has encouraged Malia Obama to let it all hang out.

According to the Daily Mail:

The 19-year-old former first daughter, who took a gap year before starting at Harvard this fall, was seen locking lips with a mystery man at the festivities outside of the Yale Bowl.

A video shows the moment Malia reached up and put her arms around the young man before going in for a kiss.

Judging by the photos, Malia’s date is taller than her – a feat since 6-foot-1 Malia has several inches on the five-foot-10 average American male.

Another photo shows Malia smoking a cigarette during the tailgate – a sign that she may be picking up her dad’s old tobacco habit.

Malia doesn’t seem to mind showing off her lower half either in skin tight leggings. Guess she wasn’t listening when her dad and mom told Americans about the dangers of smoking. That’s just for us flyover peasants.

Can you imagine what would burst out of the media should they see Tiffany Trump taking a puff? The Left would erupt and castigate the entire family.

A year ago Malia was in a bar harassing a Gateway pundit reporter. There were rumors she had to be wheeled out although she was not the legal drinking age.

Must be a tough gig to be her Secret Service contingent.

Creepfest Continues

Independent journalist Mike Cernovich tweeted last night that the Franken case was just “the very tip of the Congressional iceberg” and promised more would come out today. He said “Ranking Democrat on major committee accused of several harassment by multiple women. Huge scandal. Developing…”

Who will join the creepfest? Many hope it’s Adam Schiff, the congressman who’s been involved in the golden dossier farce, or Senate Minority slug Chuck Schumer. This may be too much to hope for, but would anyone be surprised at their antics?

Losing by a Hair(s)

Must Hillary Clinton go on interview shows daily? She can’t leave the stage. Her bitterness spills out wherever she goes. Not a good look, Hill.

Also not a good look: her balding head. Is it me or is the woman’s hairline receding dramatically as shown in this clip? Looks like she’s got some kind of disease, aside from the toll of old age. It’s downright freaky.

Awaiting Bill O’Reilly’s Take

I have been checking twitter and eagerly await what Bill O’Reilly thinks about this photo:

You might remember that Al Franken and O’Reilly have nothing but contempt for one another. On The O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly referred to Franken as Stuart Smalley, the name of a character he played on Saturday Night Live. It was his way of pointing out how unfit the former comedian was to hold a Senate seat and the contempt he had for him.

It appears that a lot of people have joined the tribe of ousted guys from important jobs. O’Reilly and Fox’s Roger Ailes were removed from their jobs at that network quickly and fiercely. Then followed Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and other Hollywoodites.

Looks like politicians are getting in on the action now, too. Aside from Bill Clinton, the guy who showed the way, so to speak when it comes to sexual harassment and even rape charges, there is Senator Menendez. He seems to like young girls on his trips to Orgy Island with a benefactor. Vice President Biden has been shown lately why he is referred to as “Handsy.” He likes ’em young, too. Of course there were Senators Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd who ordered a waitress sandwich at a certain restaurant they frequented.

Will there be any comeuppance for Franken? Not if the networks and newspapers have their way. It will be blacked out, just like everything else harmful to Democrats is. (See Menendez trial coverage – if you can find it.)

Someone else besides O’Reilly will be enjoying Franken’s discomfort. Remember Senator Norm Coleman? He was the Republican Senator from Minnesota who ran against Al Franken. He lost in a very tight election only because some ballots that were clearly marked for him were declared ineligible. Coleman should have kept his seat, but like always, the GOP (the governor was a Republican at that time – Tim Pawlenty) didn’t go to bat for him.

Have a good laugh, Senator Coleman! It’s the rare time Al Franken has been funny.

Freeze Her Out

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was given a jacket on her trip with the President to Asia. Her father, Mike Huckabee, wrote his appreciation on Twitter. A University of Memphis professor who saw that followed up with her own tweet:

The professor is Judy Cole, an assistant professor in the Loewenberg College of Nursing at the University of Memphis.

What kind of person, particularly in the medical field, would write something like that? She immediately got condemned on Twitter, as she should. Here are some of the responses she got:

“Please tell me you’re not allowed near the patients.”
“And you are trusted teaching young people?”
“This is a disgraceful comment – poor representative of a caring profession.”
“What a sick sad person you are. We’ll be sure to point this tweet out to your employer.”
“What do you expect a Democrat pos like Judy to say?? Karma will visit her soon.”

And Huckabee himself replied:

The University of Memphis promises a full investigation. We’ll see.