Candidate or Stalking Horse?

Wednesday night Republican Scherie Murray appeared on Hannity’s Fox show. He heralded her as the great new hope to dethrone AOC from her Congressional seat.

She is attractive, black Jamaican and is getting a lot of publicity.

However, there was something about her that just didn’t click. Hannity overtalked her and didn’t give her much time to explain her positions. That’s nothing new. As much as Hannity tried, she never really aligned herself with President Trump’s viewpoints. She came off as enthusiastic a Republican as Jeff Flake or Justin Amash. Murray was lukewarm and it just didn’t seem sincere.

Then I ran across this article at the Conservative Treehouse:

The launch of a “republican” political challenger in NY-14 to challenge Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sherie Murray, follows a very familiar political ploy…. A fake candidate intended to protect AOC in 2020. In June of 2018 Scherie Murray was an avid AOC supporter.

In the last 36 hours you may have seen “republican” candidate Scherie Murray promoted, seemingly out of nowhere, by a variety of media platforms (social media and traditional). However, when there is an obviously coordinated effort to push a rapid high visibility roll-out; and that effort is for a singular congressional district; it is always worth doing some background research.

BEWARE – Having watched this type of political scheme for several years; and accepting people for what they do, not what they claim to be; in my opinion Murray is likely in place to protect AOC in the 2020 race. This perspective is bolstered by how the launch/roll-out was also timed and scheduled by Fox News.

Tick-Tock Hannity is a favorite political deployment tool of the Murdoch interests. [It’s not cynicism, it’s an objective, albeit annoying-to-admit, aspect.] Hannity has strong support from viewers who are republican, conservative and politically engaged. If you want to elevate a faux candidate, and shield yourself in the process, Hannity is the place to go.

Remember, these interviews are pre-scheduled. Fox producers didn’t stumble upon Scherie Murray on the first day of her campaign launch and sign her up for an interview less than twelve hours later. This was a structured, pre-planned, coordinated effort.
Is it possible that Scherie Murray was a strong activist supporter of President Obama and candidate AOC in the primary of 2018 [key note: ‘the primary‘] and then suddenly had a change of heart in 2019 after seeing AOC’s political activism in action?….

Possible, yes.

Probable, no.

A person who is engaged in the outcome of a political primary is an engaged political person. Ms. Murray likely knew exactly what AOC was about (democrat-socialism) when she was congratulating her and looking forward to what AOC would deliver.

In addition to noting how Murray is not responding to any inquiry about her prior political support and ideology…. well, just, trust your gut instinct.

No further comment needed. Moving on…

Clearly this person should be checked out before anyone sends her a check. We’ll see in the coming year just how strongly her Republican views are expressed.

Dump Networks for YouTube

What does it say about today’s television choices that I would rather watch a homemade YouTube video of Malcolm the akita – in French, not my native language – as he travels in France than I would anything on the American TV schedule?

At least he doesn’t insult my intelligence with stupid storylines that press a Social Justice Warrior philosophy, nor does he denigrate patriotism.

No, I have left the alphabet networks and even the cable channels behind.

While I, like many, used to watch the Fox News Channel through a lot of the day and night, they have not proven to be as conservative as they pretend. Don’t get stuck watching Shepherd Smith, Neil Cavuto or any of their weekend anchors as their smarty/holier than thou attitudes will raise your blood pressure.
I switched to Fox Business, which is often better, but it, too, dwells on the same story show after show. Oh for a little bit of information on international goings-on or heartland developments! Evidently nothing exists except campaign events and politics.

I like One America News, but they tend to repeat stories throughout the hour. They have the right philosophy, but are limited by the small size of their operation. Unfortunately, many people can’t even get it as Comcast appears to have a vendetta against them appearing on their network choices.

What to do?

Last night for the President’s rally, I watched it on Right Side Broadcasting on YouTube. They cover the whole rally from speakers before the Prez, to crowd lines outside to crowds inside. You get the full picture from them without any annoying commentary that purports to know the outcome of the rally.

I also watch Dan Bongino during the day. He broadcasts on YouTube around 12:30 Central time. Again, you get his opinions without the network filter and very few ads. His is one of the more popular conservative shows. He does his homework and never lets the viewer down.

Once you start watching YouTube, which means when you want, what you want and sometimes without any ads, why go back to regular TV? I like, also, that the show is not confined to any time length. It can be as long or as short as the interview takes. So much better than the 3-4 minutes Fox hosts give their guests.

There is so much to choose from as well. I have just scratched the surface so far, but there is more to watch there than the networks. Here are a few shows I recommend:

Mr. Reagan – He delves into issues and people with intelligent commentary.
Real Coffee with Scott Adams – the Dilbert creator brings a different slant to the day’s story. And, he was one of the few correct about the 2016 election.
America First – Sebastian Gorka has a variety of guests on his radio show which can be listened to on YouTube.
Glenn Beck – He also has the most important clips from his daily radio show on hand, plus a few in depth interviews
Steven Crowder – See what makes him the anathema to liberal media types
Victor Davis Hanson – He has something to say everyday
Rebel Media – It’s from Canada, but with an eye to the U.S. Their squad interviewed The Squad and broadcast their refusal to condemn Al qaeda.
The Hill – The DC newspaper has an interview show, often hosted by John Solomon
Breitbart and the Blaze have YouTube shows and so do many other conservative outlets.

These are just a few to get you going.
Fox is attempting to fight back on the obvious wave of the future with Fox Nation. But you do have to pay for it and the shows are sporadic.

A Roku device allows you to watch on your television and even some TVs now include it. Otherwise you can watch online.

Trump Channels Alinsky

Evil genius Saul Alinsky has been the brains behind most of the Democrat strategy since the 60s. His methods have been – unfortunately – highly successful.

Now President Trump, in addition to following the guidelines of The Art of War, employs Alinsky’s tactics.

Nowhere is there a better example of his strategy than “the Squad.”

Trump has followed this rule for radicals: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. He early recognized that the Dems have to be painted in a way repugnant to most Americans. No group characterizes them better than the squad of AOC, Omar, Pressley and Tlaib. Target achieved.

He has frozen them for us as a group of out of touch, radicals who hate our country. They now cannot be separated from that image.

They have helped personalize it along the way. They take every occasion to knock him, and therefore the Americans who voted for him, in an ugly way. The loathsome foursome has spewed nothing but hate, a hate directed at patriots. It doesn’t get much more personal than to accuse us of being racists, -ists, etc. We take it personally. So we personally feel a dislike for them.

Fortunately for Trump they have polarized themselves. Take a look at this good example from the RNC:

Trump has turned the tables on the libs. And what’s even better is that they are turning on each other.

I laugh when I recall Nancy Pelosi’s daughter’s warning. She tweeted to Trump “She’ll cut your head off and you won’t even know you’re bleeding.”

Given the antics on the House floor yesterday, where Pelosi stomped off when the parliamentarian told her she was breaking the rules in attacking the president, she might want to retract that.

I might add that isn’t that the exact stereotype of the emotional woman acting unprofessionally and storming off that feminists deride? Take a look:

Hoist by their own petard?

Kavanaugh Book a Good Read

This book about the Kavanaugh confirmation rocketed to No. 1 on Amazon the first day. You might not know it because it has almost no publicity. Most networks have ignored it.

Yet somehow it has managed to hit No. 1. Tells me a lot of people on our side are active and involved. We want to know all the facts about what are overseeing government masters are doing.

I wanted to know, too, so I got the book on kindle and immediately began reading it.

It’s one you don’t want to put down, even though you know the outcome and remember the disgusting happenings of last autumn.

Hemingway and Severino are forthright in the telling of Kavanaugh’s story. It is gripping. Some interesting things come to light. I was surprised at how involved President Bush 43 was in all the goings on. Perhaps not surprising since Kavanaugh worked with him in the White House. Still, W didn’t bat an eye when Obama was in office and refused to defend Republicans and his own policies then. The Bush people urged Kavanaugh to be emotionless about the attacks. They were just as obtuse politically with him as they were when Bush was president and never defended himself or our side.
Fortunately, Kavanaugh didn’t follow their strategy.

The authors don’t shy from showing how unbelievably devious the Democrats were in pushing Blasey Ford’s rape narrative. There wasn’t any barrier of decency they wouldn’t jump over.
Same with the media. The liberal networks and newspapers refused to ask any questions that might help Kavanaugh. They swallowed the accusers’ accusations enthusiastically. They brushed off anyone who came forward with information that might exonerate the future Justice. For a kick, read the predictions the lame cable hosts made about Kavanaugh’s future. Then apply it to current events. If you ever doubt it, it is proof that they don’t know what they’re talking about and make up whatever suits their narrative.

It was scary to read how intimidated Kavanaugh friends and supporters were. Many refused to help him because they feared retaliation. What does this say about the climate of fear in DC and the shallow character of today’s citizens?

Ultimately, Hemingway and Severino list 5 reasons why Kavanaugh prevailed. First, President Trump supported the conservative judicial network and Kavanaugh. Second, Republicans controlled the Senate. Third, “an array of organizations made the confirmation of originalist judges a priority.” Hemingway writes for the Federalist and Severino is with the Judicial Crisis network. They and others were essential in advice and help. Then the authors credit new media outlets that challenged the old ones. Finally, they say conservative American citizens rallied behind candidates.

This book will be a good reminder to those same people on the necessity of getting involved and supporting fellow conservatives. Give it a try.

How the NYT Celebrates 4th

We get no break from the hate America crowd even on the 4th of July.
Here’s the New York Times attempting to make that point:

There “facts” are not backed up, to begin with. Looks like they relied on liberal polls and analyses for “facts.” Whenever you use movie clips and cartoons to illustrate your point, that might suggest it is subjective, not factual.
Is it a bad thing that people spend a lot of health care? Or does it mean that we have so many more remedies for patients that we can achieve survival rates much better than other countries? Why do so many Canadians reject their system and travel here for medical treatment?

Bottom question to ask yourself is if it’s really that bad why are people risking their lives to come here?

Shame on the New York Times for such dissembling. They should be ashamed, but truth has not been a barrier for their reporters and opinion writers.

However, they weren’t done. Today they published this op-ed. It’s headlined “Let Trump Have His Birthday Party for America

And let us all ignore it.” The writer is Alex Kingsbury:

resident Trump’s Fourth of July extravaganza has already achieved what was surely one of its central aims: irritating his opponents.

That helps explain the mainlining of partisan politics into a traditionally apolitical celebration of the nation’s founding. And why taxpayers are footing the bill for a military review inspired by a French parade that caught the president’s fancy. And why the military, one of the nation’s most trusted nonpartisan institutions, has been cast as the Greek chorus for Mr. Trump’s performance.

Yet for all the norm-shattering brazenness, there’s a good argument for checking the outrage and letting the show, complete with flyovers and armored vehicles, buckle under the weight of its own absurdities and contradictions.

Consider the incongruity of a president surrounding himself with military leaders and their hardware while his most recent global power moves include boldly walking into North Korea with his hand extended (two years after threatening to rain down “fire and fury” on the country) and wisely calling off airstrikes against Iran.

And there’s little to add to the fact that the 60-ton (stationary) tanks that he’s called for at the event would rupture the roads had they been driven down the streets of the capital. (Where’s Infrastructure Week when you need it?)

Undeterred, Mr. Trump has thrown himself into the planning of the event with the sort of gusto that he can’t seem to muster for briefing papers longer than a single page — and certainly with more gusto than he mustered for his own military service.

And while Mr. Trump promised reporters in the Oval Office on Monday “brand-new Sherman tanks,” it was probably just a slip of the tongue. The model of tank that helped liberate Europe from the Nazis hasn’t seen service in the United States military since the Korean War. Still, it would be interesting to include the vehicles, named after William Tecumseh Sherman, the general who led the brutal march through Georgia to help smother the slave states’ war of insurrection.

A memorial to the man who ordered General Sherman to wage a war without mercy, Abraham Lincoln, will be the backdrop for the president’s nationally televised address on Thursday at the Independence Day observance, christened a “Salute to America.” It will be interesting to see if any Confederate battle flags are in the audience, as is common at Trump rallies.

This is all on brand for him: co-opting the honorable traditions of the armed forces for political pageantry. But the president’s political opponents would be wise to keep their powder dry.

After all, the men and women in uniform are bound to follow orders, even if that means piloting a jet over the Lincoln Memorial just to tousle the commander in chief’s coiffure.

The answer to political spectacle is to not give it too much weight.

The power of America’s national monuments is that they are shared projects that outlast temporal politics. They are the sum of many acts and the products of political disagreements. They are a common heritage that no political movement, whether honorable or noxious, holds a monopoly on forever.

“HOLD THE DATE! We will be having one of the biggest gatherings in the history of Washington, D.C., on July 4th,” Mr. Trump tweeted in February. “Major fireworks display, entertainment and an address by your favorite President, me!”

Mr. Trump has many foes and many supporters, just as President Lincoln had in his time. The convictions of any given moment are for scales of history to weigh.

And after Mr. Trump’s guests leave the National Mall, it will be cleared and readied for the next chapter of history to be written there.

“It is important that we celebrate our armed forces, but the Fourth of July should be reserved to celebrate the software of our democratic ideals and freedoms, not the hardware of the world’s finest military,” George Little, a former Pentagon and C.I.A. spokesman, told the website Task & Purpose this week.

Maybe. But America has the capacity for both.

So fear not the flyover. The contrails of the warplanes will fade with the wind. President Trump can have his star-spangled show and preach to his choir.

The rest of us have the hard-won freedom to change the channel if we wish.


Crime Hits Home

Every election year politicians promise to curb the crime that rages like a California wildfire through our city.

Every time after an election nothing happens and criminals still roam and stalk our citizens. We’re a long way from the days when Memphians didn’t even lock their doors. Now you lock your door, turn on an alarm system, protect your car with a gate, carry pepper spray, hire Phelps to tour the streets and watch your surroundings even when you take a neighborhood walk.

Cooper Young has seen a lot of crime recently. One resident wrote on Nextdoor of her attempted kidnapping. She wrote, “Hello my wonderful supportive neighbors! I think a lot of you know my story, but if not my name is Maria and I was kidnapped and escaped in Cooper Young on June 5th. Since then our neighborhood and our surrounding neighbors have been plagued with an ugly crime wave of:

“MANY Armed robberies/muggings with pistol whippings, 2 MORE attempted KIDNAPPINGS (IN CY), ARMED Car Jackings, Back yard invasions, front porch package stealing, car thefts, burglary of car contents, nightly gun shots, 1 attempted rape, ETC.
“You ALL know what’s been happening. I don’t need to say more.

“Anywho…I’m not trying to be the poster child of this BS, but a reporter reached out and accidentally found me tonight. I agreed to another interview, because I promised that I was gonna do whatever I can to change this. This interview will be on ABC 24 tonight @ 10pm”

Here it is:

The victim added, “I am so sorry, I meant to include the murder of our esteemed neighbor that happened on Poplar in the church parking lot, but thought it needed a separate paragraph.

“These crimes are UNACCEPTABLE. I pray my interview conveys this to our Mayor, Police Department and our City Councilmen and women.
“I said SO MUCH MORE, but I guess the edited for time.”

If you notice in the Channel 24 story, she says “We need people to take action right now.” There was more, but it was cut off. Looks like the station did not want to hear her criticize politicians.

OAN Investigation Shows Betrayal

While “media” types submerge themselves in Democrat debate nonsense and distortions about President Trump, One America News has decided there are other issues that need investigating.

One of them is the attempt by former Obama officials to interfere in our policies towards Iran.
DC Whispers explains:

Yet another HUGE story that has been largely ignored by the mainstream media. Thankfully, OAN has been following the ongoing developments that outline how former Obama officials in conjunction with multiple contacts in Congress, have recently been caught working with Iranian officials to defeat the remarkably successful Trump administration’s actions in isolating and possibly hastening the collapse of the #1 sponsor of state terrorism that is the Iranian regime.

Let that sink in. Former Obama officials and current members of Congress are working to support and maintain one of the worst human rights violators in the entire world. The Iranian government has a long history of brutalizing women, homosexuals, and other religious and/or racial minorities. The regime is also directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of U.S. military men and women. And on a no-doubt related note, the #1 geopolitical supporter of the terrorist-loving Iranian government (besides the former Obama administration) is Russia, which sells hundreds of millions of dollars worth of military goods to the regime every year. That’s right, the very same Russian government that Democrats here in America say is a threat to our own democracy is working hand-in-hand with former Obama officials to help prop up the radical mullahs who have forced the wonderful Iranian people to live under the boot of their oppressive regime for far too long.


Here’s the report:

Oregon Targets GOP

(Credit Don Surber)

Have you at all followed what’s going on in Oregon?

Probably not as the media ignores anything negative about Democrats.

In short, the Democrat governor has pushed a severe cap and trade environmental bill that would greatly curtail business in that state. The GOP senators objected and got frustrated after any attempt they made to soften the bill was rejected.

So they did the only option left to them. They fled the state to prevent a required quorum to pass the bill.

Mr. Reagan, who is from Oregon, lays out the case and the implications for our country.