Dead Speaker Walking

Paul Ryan might as well pack it in. He’s on the outs with just about everybody.

He failed and he failed bigly. He needs to get out of the way.

Yesterday I saw this at PJ Media, headline “Paul Ryan Takes the Barzini Meeting.” The reference is to the movie The Godfather, from which a wellspring of information on human nature and political strategy comes. Here’s the clip:

The author Michael Walsh explains:

And yet Paul Ryan walked straight into the Barzini trap that president Trump set for him. By insisting that the voters desired “Repeal and Replace” when in fact all anybody wanted was “Repeal, full stop,” Ryan’s inner wonk superseded his duties as the speaker of the House to ensure the votes were there for the “Replace” part of the equation. That they weren’t should be the end of his speakership.

Apparently, Ryan had been listening to the die-hard never-Trumpers too much, and actually thought he could skate on his opposition to the insurgent outsider, whose entire campaign was based on his contempt for the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party and apparatchiks like Ryan. Once the bright shiny penny of young GOP congressmen, Ryan blotted his copybook badly in his disappointing vice-presidential debate performance against a gibbering Joe Biden. He then played coy after House conservatives finally managed to sack former speaker John Boehner, but eventually accepted the proffered crown. During the election, he fought Trump every step of the way and lied about it.

So heading into round one of the health-care debate, there was no love lost between Trump and Ryan. Despite the fact that the House had already voted some 60 times to repeal Obamacare — which is all GOP voters had been asking for — Ryan got it into his head that what was really needed was a Republican version of Obamacare: “a better way.” And so he set about crafting the latest version of GOP me-tooism, the American Health Care Act, which was ignominiously yanked this afternoon when it was clear there were not enough votes to pass it.

Ryan’s team repeatedly fumbled the ball, diluted the free-market message they should have been selling, and lost sight of the point of repealing ObamaCare — which was to bring down insurance costs for millions of middle class families who’ve seen their premiums skyrocket and their benefits diminish under ObamaCare.

Last night there were signs of President Trump’s displeasure with Ryan. He tweeted:

And what do you know? Judge Jeanine called for Ryan to step down.

If Ryan’s smart, he’ll avoid sitting in a barbershop chair with a cloth over his eyes.

Unraveling Yesterday’s Hearing

I found yesterday’s hearing typical. Everyone spoke gobbledeegook and no conclusions were had, despite the mainstream media’s attempt to drag out the phony Trump Russia allegations.

The GOPers could have taken a more aggressive line of questioning against Comey. Seems they can only get tough when they are grilling a Republican, like Nixon. Otherwise it’s just posturing.

One Republican, Elise Stefanik from New York, came closest to a good interrogation. She fell short, too, though and didn’t take the argument to its logical conclusion that Comey and Clapper may be the leakers. Here she is:

The conservative treehouse – mentioned by Laura Ingraham this morning on Fox & Friends – once again had the best evaluation.

Summary: Hillary Clinton political operatives manufactured the illusion of a computer connection between Russian entities (financial banks) and the Trump campaign/organization. Those manufactured points of evidence were then passed along to White House entities who used the political intel community (Clapper to Comey) to open an investigation of nothingness – to nowhere. The mere existence of that investigation was then used as the originating point for a series of media intel leaks (the narrative) intended to cloud and damage the Trump campaign/organization. FBI Director James Comey, as head of one of the investigative agencies, became part of that political apparatus. Now, usefulness exhausted and with the media engaged, it’s CYA time all around for the originating entities.

“Because of the sensitivity of the matter” ~ James Comey

Shelby GOP Picks Officers

In case you missed it, the Republican Party of Shelby County held its biennial reorganization convention Sunday at Houston High School in Germantown, TN. Lee Mills was elected as the Chairman for the 2017-2019 term.

Mr. Mills had served as 1st Vice Chair under Chairman Mary Wagner. He was elevated to Chairman late last year after Governor Bill Haslam appointed Chairman Mary Wagner to her position as Circuit Court Judge.

The entire 2017-2019 Shelby County Executive Committee is as follows:
2017-2019 Shelby County Executive Committee

Lee Mills Chairman
Judy Pearson 1st Vice Chair
Richard Morton 2nd Vice Chair
Amy Stanfill Spicer 3rd Vice Chair
Tom Owen 4th Vice Chair
John Niven Treasurer
Garrett Dorris Vice Treasurer
Sharon Ohsfeldt Recording Secretary
Lyn Windsor Corresponding Secretary
Jane Pierotti At-Large 1
Chris Connolly At-Large 2
Tim Beacham At-Large 3
Nancy Boatright At-Large 4
Amber Mills At-Large 5
Louis Focht At-Large 6
Randy Hendon At-Large 7
Kevin Hardin At-Large 8
Charlotte Bergmann District 83 Representative
Sharon Hyde District 84 Representative
Arnold Weiner District 85 Representative
Bob Morgan District 87 Representative
Nancy Tapp District 88 Representative
Michael Gilroy District 90 Representative
Jennifer Nichols District 91 Representative
David Wittman District 93 Representative
Naser Fazlullah District 95 Representative
Price Harris District 96 Representative
Billy Bryan District 97 Representative
David Shiffman District 98 Representative
Kenny Crenshaw District 99 Representative

Conservatives Striking Back

This week saw craziness go off the charts.
Yesterday, for example, the St. Louis Post Dispatch decided to tweet that President Trump refused to shake German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s hand. Only there’s this:

Looks like a normal handshake to me.

Of course we had the Rachel Maddow “blockbuster” that turned out to be blockheaded in Trump’s tax returns. More fake news. Then Snoop Dogg made a music video in which he shoots a clown Trump in the head. Nice!

Fortunately some on our side are beginning to rebel at the liberal assaults.

When Greg Gutfeld saw rapper Bow Wow’s tweet to Trump: “shut your punk a** up talking sh-t about my uncle @SnoopDogg” before we pimp your wife and make her work for us”, he wasn’t happy.

He replied:

Tim Allen shares his experience:

Then – if you can stand it – Tomi Lahren appeared on the View and gave as good as she got:

Praise From Trump

You may have seen Trump’s address in Nashville last night, but an earlier speech praising Andrew Jackson got little media play.

However, it’s worth listening to:

We won’t be seeing as much of Jackson in the future. His image will be removed from the $20 bill and will be replaced by Harriet Tubman. This was an order from Obama’s Secretary of the Treasury, Jack Lew.

Hopping to It

Did you know that before Sean Spicer was the press secretary, he had a gig as the Easter bunny. He performed at the Easter Egg roll during the Bush 43 administration.

Melania Trump invited many women to the White House for a luncheon on International Women’s Day. The color worn by protestors on that day was red. Notice everyone has avoided that color here.

In other random notes, Wednesday’s press conference with Sean Spicer brought up a question about Ted and Heidi Cruz’s dinner that night at the White House. Someone asked if President Trump would apologize to them for insulting Heidi. Really? Spicer dodged it, but I bet he was itching to bring up Cruz’s nude model photos of Melania and his embarrassing refusal at the Republican National Convention to back Trump.

As it was, Trump also hosted the Cruz daughters and had a picture taken with them at his Oval office desk. I’d say he’s the bigger man.