Dem Candidate Comes With Guru

Dems are lining up to run against President Trump. They think they have a shot at taking him down in 2020.

OK, well so far we have a useless guy in Julian Castro (Can you imagine the vote Castro signs?). Then there is the terminally angry Fauxahontas, Elizabeth Warren, and the aged walking mishap, Joe Biden (he hasn’t officially declared yet, but indications are that he will) plus anti-Catholic bigot Kamala Harris who told everyone that her ancestral country, India, is the oldest democracy (since 1947!). Joining them is an attractive young woman congressman from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard.

On paper, she might seem worthy. She’s a war veteran, seems amiable and hasn’t embarrassed herself – yet.
The only problem for them is that Gabbard is involved in a cult, lead by a guru. A fellow cult member describes it at

The group I was involved in is called The Science of Identity Foundation, and it was started by a man called Chris Butler, who has variously been known as Siddhaswarupananda, Srila Prabhupada or Jagad Guru. His “philosophy” is a mishmash of Buddism, Vaishnava Hinduism and Christianity. There’s around 1,000 or so followers across Australia, New Zealand, Philippines and the US. Chris Butler himself was born in Hawaii and from what I’ve been able to glean from my research, was a college drop out who started a small group in the mid 60’s. When the Hare Krishna movement started gaining traction in Hawaii during this time, he found it difficult to find new followers and instead of competing with the Hare Krishna movement, decided to take his current followers, along with a $20,000 donation, and join the Hare Krishna’s instead.
During his tenure with the Hare Krishna movement, he struggled often with the leadership of the group (AC Bhaktivedante Swami who was his initiating spiritual master), and was repeatedly reprimanded by Bhaktivedante for publishing booklets expounding Chris’s own philisophical views. This was heavily frowned upon, and when he refused to curtail his actions, he was sent away to a small temple in New Zealand. It was during this time that he met a fellow Hare Krishna by the initiated name of Tusta Krishna Swami. They became close friends and when the relationship between Butler and AC Bhaktivedante Swami further fractured in the late 1970’s he and Tusta founded their own small group, bought a farm in Australia and all of his new followers left New Zealand for Australia around 1980–1981. My parents were amongst them.
I remember very clearly the plane ride to Australia, the mix of excitement and fear.

I also remember Chris Butler held this larger than life presence in my childhood. Everything I did I had to think about how it benefitted him. He was my parents spiritual master and they looked to him for guidance on everything, from what to eat, to how to raise their children, and they did it all without question. When I talk to people about the lack of questioning, they find that aspect odd. It is odd, but to put it into perspective, I was raised to believe Chris Butler was God’s voice on earth, and if you questioned him or offended him in any way, you were effectively offending God, and because we believed in reincarnation, that meant that you would be reborn as the lowest life form imaginable and then have to spend eons working your way back into God’s good graces. So questioning the leader was spiritual suicide, which was seen as worse than death. So no one questioned. Chris Butler also would ridicule the intelligence of anyone he didn’t like, belittling anyone he felt was questioning his authority even slightly. He demanded the utmost dedication and loyalty from his followers and if he didn’t get it, the punishments were swift and severe. I remember hearing stories of people who were told they weren’t allowed to eat because they didn’t make food to his liking, who were not allowed to sleep because there was a light making a buzzing noise in the house, and the follower didn’t have the foresight to fix the issue ahead of time.

Literally everything we did had to go through Chris. If you wanted to work outside of the group, you had to ask his permission. No-one could get married without his consent. From the late 80’s all of us kids were removed from public schools because he didn’t want them influencing our minds away from our service to him. So from that point we were home schooled, until there were schools established in the Philippines. After that all the children were sent to the boarding schools there for intensive schooling. From the small pieces of information that made it out of the schools to me, a lot of the kids were traumatised by the environment, as it was almost prison like. Classes were on hygiene and cooking and all the ways that they would need to serve Chris Butler best. It’s only speculation, but I am certain that this was because places like the US and Australia had standards of education that the home schools has to meet, and they just weren’t. They could avoid scrutiny by having the kids in boarding schools in the Philippines. I can’t even imagine how dreadful it was for my friends who got sent there. I was lucky to avoid it. I didn’t avoid the lack of schooling though, and by the time I officially left the Science of Identity Foundation in 1997, just before I turned 20, I had only received up to a 5th grade education.

From a young child I remember one of the main features of my life was the lectures that were sent to us via tape for us to listen to. Basically these were 1 hour long sessions of Chris talking about his beliefs – how evil and out of control gay people were, how women were inferior and sub human and should be controlled by their husbands, how messed up and evil the outside world was, and how his relationship with God was so special, only he could lead you back to Godhead (Heaven) and that he had so much control over his existence on earth, he could choose the moment of his death. We worshipped him, loved him even. Another part of his teachings was that all life is an illusion, and because of that all relationships were an illusion. We were encouraged to not invest in any relationships other than with him, so we were in effect isolated from our parents who did their best to not love us as per his recommendation, and instead looked at him like a surrogate father/messiah figure. He was this imposing force in our life that we weren’t supposed to offend, which is frankly terrifying when you’re a small child. I remember having many nightmares and a condition called sleep paralysis which can be brought on in times of great stress. My sister developed stress induced epilepsy during the time when we were supposed to be taken out of school. For my parents part, they did try to keep us in school for as long as they could, but when Chris heard parents were resisting him, his directive was clear – get them out or else. Every time my parents would try to take us to school, my sister would become hysterical and then she started having seizures. That was the power he had over us.

I really wanted to paint this picture of my childhood, because Tulsi Gabbard grew up in the same group that I did. She was subjected to the same environment I was. She’s still surrounded by this group and calls Chris Butler her guru. This is why the increased interest and her rise to power concerns me so greatly. I want to be very clear, I have no issue with Tulsi, as far as I am concerned, she’s as much a victim as I am, more so because she was groomed from an early age specifically for the path she is now on. What I am concerned about is the control I know Chris Butler has over her, the influence he has over her ability to make decisions, decisions that could become law and impact a whole lot of people. I know what an abusive, misogynistics, homophobic, germophobic, narcissistic nightmare Chris Butler is. And I know what kind of relationship he has with Tulsi…

Not only would she lose support for the position she holds, but she would lose her family, all of her friends, and this messiah/father figure if she opposed Chris Butler. She would be outcast from the only existence she has ever known. That’s a hugely powerful reason to continue to please Chris Butler without question.

I truly feel for Tulsi. Hers is not an enviable position. I know because I spoke out about Chris Butler a few years ago, and my family cut off all contact from me. This has happened to every other person I know of who got out. I hope one day Tulsi does reject Chris and finds her own voice. She has done amazing things and it makes me sad to think that another victim who was been abused and manipulated her whole life isn’t able to have the career she’s worked so hard for, free and clear of Chris’ toxic influence. Maybe one day she will, but while he is her guru, his influence over her makes her dangerous and unreliable, because Chris is dangerous and unpredictable.

Will you hear any of this from the media? Just like they did with Obama, they will hide any dubious connections she has. Question them and you become a racist or phobe of some kind.

Let’s hope her candidacy self destructs early.

$5 Billion Is a Bargain

This map is from 2018, but consider how much states pay for illegal immigrants.

In Tennessee, it’s almost $800 million.

The story from the Federalist goes on to say that

The map doesn’t include federal costs.

According to the Washington Examiner, when federal costs are included, illegal immigrants cost $135 billion a year.

Liberals like to justify their opposition to the deportation of illegal immigrants due to their estimations of initial costs for actually enforcing our federal immigration laws.

But considering that current data suggests over a trillion dollars spent supporting illegal immigrants a decade, leftist arguments that deportation is too expensive crumble rather quickly.

Furthermore, Democrats like to point out that illegal immigrants pay some taxes, such as sales tax. According to the social security administration, about 3.4 million illegal immigrants (out of 11.1 million people illegally residing in the U.S.) pay social security taxes.

However, the How Much map takes into account taxes paid by illegal immigrants. So the costs represented on the map fall entirely to legal U.S. residents’ taxes.

The Washington Examiner continues:

The costs cover added expenditures for education, welfare, law enforcement, and medical care.

When federal costs are included, the price tag nationally soars to $135 billion a year.

FAIR’s data also includes the offset of taxes paid by illegal immigrants, though the numbers are much lower. In the state and local column, they are $3.5 billion. Nationally they are $15 billion.

Overall, costs associated with illegal immigrants is much higher for state and local governments than the federal government. States pay $89 billion, Uncle Sam $46 billion.

Below are the ten states most heavily weighed by the cost of illegal immigration:

1. California – $23,038,125,353

2. Texas – $10,994,614,550

3. New York – $7,489,141,357

4. Florida – $6,290,429,108

5. New Jersey – $4,466,838,574

6. Illinois – $3,220,767,517

7. Georgia – $2,487,719,503

8. North Carolina – $2,437,965,113

9. Maryland – $2,378,996,947

10. Arizona – $2,314,131,964

Are Democrats willing to continue this sort of spending for years to come?

$5 billion seems like a deal to stop this monetary bleed out.

The Outrage Grows

While federal workers are not getting paid – and we are subjected to various sob stories from all media about it – Democrats are fiddling.

Not in Rome, but in Puerto Rico.

About 30 Democrats of the Hispanic Caucus are attending. The trip was planned ahead of the shutdown and Puerto Rico was picked to draw attention to the hurricane disaster that happened there. (And the supposed poor response from the Trump team, although the Democrat mayor of San Juan was later shown to have halted distribution of desperately needed commodities.)

Then again, who wouldn’t want to go to Puerto Rico in January? DC can be quite nasty and cold then. Add to it the lawmakers will get to attend the Broadway show Hamilton, that new darling of progressive Trump haters. With tickets going for $500 apiece you can bet the Congress people wanted to get on the freebie train. Democrats expect perks.
The retreat was organized by BOLD Pac, a political committee and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’ fundraising arm.

Nauseatingly, Sen. Bob Menendez, who has quite a history of free trips to Caribbean islands, complete with hook ups with the ladies, attended, too. He must be feeling pretty confident since the case against him in court was more or less dropped, although evidence was easily available.

Did I mention their families can attend, too?

109 lobbyists will also be there. As the Washington Examiner points out, that’s 3.6 lobbyists for every member including several big K Street firms, R.J. Reynolds, Facebook, Comcast, Amazon, PhRMA, Microsoft, Intel, Verizon, and unions like the National Education Association.

The Washington Examiner also says that guests will have to pay for Hamilton tickets themselves, but evidently most of them have been cut to a price of $10. Hope they can scoop together the money. The event is taking place in a seaside resort where rooms go for $429 a night, most likely comped and food is being provided. I hope so!

“BOLD PAC, the political arm of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, chartered a 737 for members, their families, and chiefs of staff to attend the weekend. The memo said the weather will be a balmy 80 degrees. The dress code is resort casual.”

Everybody left in the continental United States should be outraged at this trip. Can you imagine if Republicans had skipped town? Or President Trump? He has foregone all holidays until the border wall is funded. The media would be going nuts.

Their refusal to cover this just adds to our outrage. But they don’t get it. Congress doesn’t and the media doesn’t.

We do.

Cohen Calls Us Klan Members

Thank goodness for Breitbart, because you couldn’t depend on the CA to tell us the goings on about our own congressman.

Yes, Stevie the Wonder is at it again. This time, all Trump supporters are Ku Klux Klan members, according to him.

The man who is a profile in courage – as long as it’s on twitter – “implied that President Donald Trump’s Tuesday-night Oval Office address resembled Ku Klux Klan ‘tactics,’ further deriding the president’s ‘audience’ as similar to Ku Klux Klan membership.
Breitbart explains:

Cohen tweeted — then soon deleted — a response to presidential biographer Jon Meacham shortly after Trump’s video address to the nation:

Cohen further described Trump as a “national emergency”: “There is a #NationalEmergency ! It’s Donald Trump!”
Cohen also derided Americans as “plain folks of the land” whose inner souls are embodied by “a downright and complete narcissistic moron” like Trump, quoting “As democracy is perfected, the office of the president represents more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their hearts desire at last, and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.” HL Mencken

“Prophecy” Cohen tweeted.

Cohen’s now-deleted post was a response to one from Jon Meacham, who, hours before Trump’s address to the nation regarding border security, linked calls for a border wall to the Ku Klux Klan:

Jon Meacham


America should “build a wall of steel, a wall as high as Heaven” against the flow of immigrants.–Georgia Gov. Clifford Walker, at a 1924 convention of the Ku Klux Klan, then a powerful force at a time of strain for the white working class. #PastIsPrologue
During a discussion panel with former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State James Baker in November, Meacham refused to state Trump’s name in a discussion of the president’s policies.

Breitbart News reported at the time:

Both Meacham and Obama refused to say Trump’s name, despite both referring to him implicitly. “He’s Voldemort. I’m not going to say his name,” Meacham said of Trump while asking Obama a question about Trump’s presidency.

Also in November, Meacham said Chief Justice John Roberts had a “moral obligation” to speak out against Trump.

Meacham is regularly featured across cable and network television news as a non-partisan and politically objective analyst.

Cohen immediately goes to race whenever a Republican does anything. He is a disgrace.

How Not to Do a Rebuttal

Despite my desire to shoot out of the room and away from the television when Sen. Chuck Schumer and Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi followed President Trump’s address, I stayed.

After these two popped up

I really wanted to flee. Could they look more like corpses? Me and everyone else immediately saw the resemblance to the painting American Gothic

although Schumer was on the wrong side and without his demonic pitchfork.

I went to Twitter to gauge the reaction. Greg Gutfeld said, “Chuck and Nancy look like they’re selling me a reverse mortgage.” Ouch. Katie Pavlich said, “Can Chuck Schumer stare down the teleprompter any harder?” Another said, “It’s like open mic night at the funeral home.” And these, “Dad is so angry his eye is twitching.” “Your father and I aren’t angry with you, just … disappointed.”
Others urged Nancy to “blink, Nancy, blink” because she was so motionless.

Townhall had a few devastating photo comparisons:

And the angry parents in Step Brothers:

What were the Democrats thinking? I haven’t seen such tone deafness – not to mention visual impairment – since Jimmy Carter proposed a 68 degree thermostat and cardigan to stop rising oil prices.
Did anyone hear their message? Most were probably so appalled by the visual that they didn’t pay attention to their arguments.

Usually the opposing party likes to put forward new people to make the rebuttal; to give them a boost. Not Nancy and Chuck. They will hold onto the reins of power, even after their dead apparently.

Gov Dubs IRV Election ‘Stolen’

In Memphis, citizens voted in the August election to allow Instant Runoff Voting. At the time, many warned that it will subvert the will of the people. However, egged on by people who want to shape elections, the majority didn’t heed the warnings and let it pass.

In Maine, they allow IRV too. That lead to a very unfair election result; one the governor disagreed with as you can read in this story from Breitbart:

Outgoing Maine Gov. Paul LePage decided to troll a Democratic candidate who won a House race on Friday by writing the words “stolen election” on an election certificate certifying the win.

LePage, in one of his final acts as Maine’s governor before his term ends, confirmed Democrat Rep.-elect Jared Golden’s election win on Friday, but not before scribbling a few words noting how he felt about the election:

And he tweeted: “I’ve signed off on the CD2 election result as it’s no longer in federal court. Ranked Choice Voting didn’t result in a true majority as promised-simply a plurality measured differently. It didn’t keep big money out of politics & didn’t result in a more civil election #mepolitics”

Golden won the election to Maine’s 2nd congressional district after two-term incumbent Rep. Bruce Poliquin (R-ME) conceded on December 24, ending a legal challenge contesting the election results.

The controversy in the congressional election stemmed from Maine’s “ranked choice” voting system, which allows voters to rank their candidates in the order they prefer.

But if neither candidate wins the majority of votes, the votes are tallied a second time and voters’ second and third-choice preferences are added to the voting total.

In this case, Poliquin initially led the race by 2,000 votes but was short of winning an outright majority. Golden then leaped ahead of Poliquin in the polls after election officials tallied voters’ second preferences from ballots listing two independent candidates as the first choice in the recount.

Golden won 50.5 percent of the vote while Poliquin pulled in 49.5 percent of the vote after the recount, the Portland Press-Herald reported.

Poliquin called the move unconstitutional and took the matter to court. He asked the court to hold another election or declare him the winner.

LePage is stepping down as governor in January due to term limits. Janet Mills, a Democrat who served as Maine’s attorney general, will replace LePage in January.

The outgoing governor told reporters in November he would be getting out of politics and relocating to Florida to take advantage of the state’s low taxes.

When Democrats can’t win an election the old fashioned way – by winning the most votes – they turn to other methods. IRV is one of them. Contesting every ballot is another, as is counting votes that were not legally cast.

Yellow Press Journalism

Warning: the pictures you are about to see can never be removed from your eyes. They are horrendous for anyone who appreciates beauty or style. They are an affront to American womanhood.

OK, you’ve been warned. If you continue you cannot blame me.

I first saw this image a few days ago. I’ve seen Michelle Obama wear a lot of ugly outfits, but this one is the Oscar winnning role for her. She wore this on her book tour. In this instance she was being interviewed by Sarah Jessica Parker. Parker has contributed to our cultural demise, as has Michelle.

Take a look:

The sparkly boots add a hooker touch.

She paid $3,900 for these. Or someone else did, which is how the Obamas operate.

In his view, she even has a “nip” problem:

Not a classy look at all!
While you and I wince at this get-up, Vice liked it. They wrote, “She was a boundary-pushing style icon as First Lady too, famously insisting on her sleeveless dresses and inspiring workout routines named after her arms. But, as she writes in Becoming, her self-expression was still largely constricted under the pressure of her former life as the first black First Lady.”

She pushed boundaries, all right. Boundaries when it comes to what is actually good taste and what is showy cheap.

In seeing this outfit, I couldn’t help but remember what the current FLOTUS wore when the Trumps visited Great Britain this summer. The press hated the color – on Melania.

Do you remember how the media detested the color of the dress? They criticized her for trying to look like a princess. And they wrote “According to fashion-loving first-family watchers on social media, the candlelight-yellow silk chiffon design would have looked just as fitting in a fictional castle as it did in that 18th century palace, since it seemed to channel Belle from Beauty and the Beast.”

The beauty is clearly Melania. Michelle fills the bill on the beast in her dreadful outfit.

Oh, but don’t forget. The Trumps were derided for this photo:

Fortunately, the current First Lady has her values in order as when she wore this:

Sounds about right. I don’t care what they think either. Nor should you.

Unless you like to look like you have a pimp.

Mueller Double

I have long thought that Special prosecutor/inquisitor/former corrupt FBI chief Robert Mueller reminded me of someone.
He’s very odd looking with his lankiness and height.

Frankenstein? Not quite. Lurch? Not exactly either.

Then it dawned on me.

He looks like the character of Nelson van Alden in Boardwalk Empire. If you didn’t watch the show, he was a taciturn FBI agent in the 20s who pursued bootleggers but ultimately turned into a bad cop.

Oddly enough, when Van Alden turned bad and went on the lam, he used the alias George Mueller. That was in the Obama years when Robert Mueller was director. Coincidence or intentional? We don’t know, but it is, in 2018, weirdly prescient.