“Daddy” Trump Engages

Body language expert Tanya Reiman was on Fox & Friends weekend this morning. She was asked to tell her impressions of world leaders at the G20 via their handshakes and posing.

You may remember her as a frequent guest on Bill O’Reilly’s Fox show years back.

It’s an interesting take. I don’t dismiss what she says. Even dogs show submissive and aggressive movements towards one another.

Federal Bureau of Ire

Some of the swamp critters, dark state soldiers or save-my-job entrenched bureaucrats are rallying around Comey, hoping he can save them. I hope the new head of the FBI will take a look at who wore these and dump them.

From the Huffington Post:

Some FBI employees and their guests wore “Comey is my homey” T-shirts to the bureau’s Family Day in Washington on Friday in what appeared to be an unofficial show of support for former FBI Director James Comey, who was fired in May by President Donald Trump.

At least a dozen people wore matching #ComeyIsMyHomey shirts, according to social media postings. Family Day is an annual event for employees and their families to visit the FBI as well as showcase divisions within the agency, an FBI spokesperson told HuffPost. People in the photos could not be reached or declined to comment.

Snippy Reigns at Press Briefing

Yesterday Sean Spicer was unable to do the White House briefing so it fell to Sarah Huckabee Sanders to do it.

Lucky Sean.
Energy Secretary Rick Perry took the podium first, since it is Energy week at the White House.
Reporters were gunning for them both, especially “reporter” Brian Karem.

I love how Rick Perry suffers no fools. By having Karem repeat the question he showed what a stupid question it was to begin with.

But Karen wasn’t happy to just have a little ass whooping. He charged at Sarah and she spanked him, too.

SaraH and Rick kept their cool – a difficult thing to do in a room full of snakes. Karem’s act of righteous indignation falls flat. All they really want is to preen to their liberal constituents. The camera gives them a way to say “Look how smart we are and how stupid the White House is!”

I guess Karem wanted some face time. He probably needs it. Here’s how he describes himself on twitter:


Emmy nominated producer/writer/ best selling author/ humorist/ father/ musician/ television personality/ WH reporter/ stand up comic/ columnist for Playboy

That nobody has heard of.

He also says he’s with thesentinel.com. It’s a DC area
outfit with two papers, a Prince George version and a Montgomery County one. Both are in Maryland. Prince George is a deep blue county. No wonder.

After the briefing he got to twitter as fast as his fingers could go to tweet: “So, when we are wrong we correct ourselves but when has POTUS ever done that? We are not FAKE news.”

I don’t see that POTUS has needed to correct himself. In fact, his tweets have been spot on.
Not to worry. Karem’s 15 minutes of fame are now over.

Signing Out

On my morning walk through Central Gardens, I noticed that a house that had a Hillary Clinton sign up for a year and a half had finally this weekend taken it down. It was replaced by this one:

It’s not the first one I’ve seen in Midtown; one popped up a week after the election on my street.

Every time I see it I’m struck by the gall of it. Why take such an offensive stand in a neighborhood? Why lecture everyone who walks by? “In this house” is so arrogant it offends.

But scolding is a liberal strategy. They like nothing better than to do it. It must make them feel superior to the rest of us who live in such a horrible world of racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, well, you know the whole mantra.

Except the sign makes no sense.

I particularly revolt against the “Love Is Love” meme. Ask a pedophile if he thinks he’s engaging in love. He’d probably say yes. So would an incestuous person. What about the love a sexual predator of animals feels? “Love” can mask a lot of unlovely things.

Then there’s “Science is Real.” Depends on who the scientists are, doesn’t it? Data can be fake and there are plenty of people in science willing to fake it for a grant or two. Ridiculous. These are the same people who believe in consensus when it comes to climate change. I think truth is truth, not what a bunch of people decide is their general opinion.

Who would dispute that Black Lives Matter? All lives matter, theirs no more than anyone else’s. Same with Women’s Rights Being Human Rights. So? Is anyone disputing basic human rights? But those rights include the right to life for all, don’t they?

Is kindness everything? Is it better than goodness or love of God or justice? Sounds good, though, to those who don’t give a thought to anything.

I guess this would have been a bumper sticker, but it’s too long. It’s about the intelligence level of a bumper sticker slogan. At least the people in the house are giving us a warning sign. Reach out to us as neighbors and you’re in for a lecture.

I think I’ll pass.