They Want to Take Down America

What do these rioters and looters really want?

Complete equality? That cannot happen on this earth. An end to racism? These people are being racist in their attitudes towards Americans. Harmony and peace? Uh, not by their actions.

There is something – or someone – bigger behind these attacks.

The first video and the second article explain what’s really going on.

And, this from Todd Herman, a Seattle native who often fills in for Rush Limbaugh. It was written for the blog Legal Insurrection. It’s titled “I Watched Antifa Grow, Let Me Warn You About These Terrorists.”

We may have virtually met; it has been the greatest honor of my professional career to guest host for Rush Limbaugh on multiple occasions. My show prep for Rush’s program, and my own in Seattle, always include Legal Insurrection–as a reader, you know why.

When Professor Jacobson granted me the great privilege of writing here, I did not know it would come as my childhood home, the birthplace of my own child and my neighborhood of twenty-five years was being destroyed, partly by Antifa.

I absolutely knew the Antifa attacks would come one day.

Now, the President is aware these attacks are designed to spread. He is acting, as he must, designating Antifa a domestic terror group.

The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 31, 2020

Because I work in the heart of radical progressivism, I have tracked Antifa for years.
Antifa: well organized, practiced in street warfare, entering into Phase Two of Mao’s rules for Insurgencies

These people are very serious. They are terrorists aligned with the radical leadership of Black Lives Matter, who traded learnings with Hamas, and, the founding philosophy of which Professor Jacobson has exposed, based upon the work of Anne Sorock of The Frontier Lab.

“If you think the Black Lives Matter movement is just or even primarily about ‘Black Lives,’ then you don’t understand the movement.

A new research report, based on detailed interviews with those active in the movement, demonstrates that the organized movement is a vehicle for a radical leftist anti-Capitalist agenda, using ‘Black Lives’ as the hook.”

Antifa has never had to hide in Seattle, Portland or the rest of the West Coast. When the news media is forced to mention them at all, they obligingly call them “anti-fascists”, which, this week, useful idiots have been touting on Twitter as proof that being against Antifa means one is for fascism, to which I have replied, “why are you against ‘Making America Great Again?”
Antifa loves guns, they have a militia arm and they have practiced seizing civilian infrastructure, part of Phase Two on Mao’s rules for Insurgencies

In notoriously anti-Second Amendment Seattle, Antifa open-carried. They commandeered a couple of blocks, as their “security arm”, the John Brown Gun Glub, prevented citizen journalist, and expert on Antifa and its funders, Andy Ngo, from filming the goings on. The Seattle media was incurious.

They surrounded me, and on cue, all of them took out their cameras to record. They pushed me and followed me when I tried to leave the area I was boxed in. One @SeattlePD officer tried to stand up for me.

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) December 2, 2018

Did you note the Seattle Police Officers who stood by and allow the strong arming?

Portland, Oregon, has at times been owned by Antifa. They controlled the comings and goings of cars and people, which the Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, allowed. A decision upon which he doubled-down.

At various times on my radio program, I read from Facebook pages of Antifa groups about their paramilitary trainings to be held in Seattle parks: how to make IEDs; how to hide spears in the handles of protest signs; the use of marbles to trip (and probably fatally injure) police horses and their riders. The rest of the Seattle media was not drawn to the stories.
Antifa has already committed one major act of terrorism, an attempt to seize a hardened, government building, part of Phase Three of Mao’s rules for Insurgencies

On July 13, 2019 at 4:30 AM, I thought Antifa had erred by outing themselves as dangerous Marxists bent on attacking our Country. One of their soldiers, from the related “security” arm, the John Brown Gun Club, attempted to murder federal agents at an ICE Detention facility in Tacoma, south of Seattle in Washington State. An ICE Spokesman noted, had the terror attack been successful at blowing up the building, 1,400 people would have been murdered.

One would imagine this would alarm the media and the government–not so. In Seattle, and much of the West Coast, this attack is still viewed as a righteous act of self-defense against an agency politicians vilify. King County, the County in which Seattle sits, is run by a leftist named Dow Constantine. He typified West Coast politics when he banned ICE from flying out of Boeing Field, which meant the agents spent an additional five to six hours transporting dangerous felons to another, regional airport.

Jay Inslee, Washington State’s Governor (known locally as Sleepy Jay Inslee), has outlawed law enforcement from working with ICE in anyway. This lead to the murder of police officers; the law enforcement community became so frustrated, Inslee was barred from the memorial service of an officer murdered by an illegal immigrant protected by Inslee from deportation. The government was not the least bit alarmed, Jay Inslee pretended he thought Antifa was a person and the State, hungry to sue 79 year old barbers for cutting hair, forgot the entire attack. No local government agency announced, nor have we surfaced, any investigation into John Brown Gun Club or Antifa in the Northwest,

Here are some posters you will see in Seattle and Portland for the terrorist, whose name I shall not speak.

A poster of Antifa / John Brown Gun Club terrorist, commonly seen in Seattle and Portland

A hand-drawn image of an Antifa / John Brown Gun Club terrorist, these are often seen in West Coast cities
The West Coast Media found Antifa’s act of terror a romantic tale of poetry, music and deep emotions

While his fellow Marxists adored the Antifa terrorist. The local media showed great nuance in covering him. The Tacoma News Tribune eulogized him, not as a terrorist, but as a man of strong emotions; he was, noted a neighbor, a poet and a singer. This is the Tribune’s headline:

“‘Maybe it was his last stand.’ Man killed at Tacoma detention center felt strongly about ICE.”

The Seattle Times showed their readers a complex man, peacefully playing his guitar.
Ignoring Antifa did not make it go away. In partnership with Black Lives Matter, it is attacking America, continuing its use of Mao’s rules for Insurgencies

Parts of Seattle burned, police were attacked, businesses were ruined and local politicians changed nothing about their views. Jay Inslee pretended he was unaware Antifa was involved; Seattle’s Mayor, Jenny Durkan, made sure to blame “white men”; Dow Constantine used taxpayer moneys to give the rioters woke-masks so they didn’t catch Corona Virus and Seattle City Council Woman, Therese Moqsueda, an avowed socialist, entered peak Seattle when she called for more looting.

This is dangerous.

Socialist Seattle Councilmember Tammy Morales defending the weekend violence, telling her comrades on the Council:

“I don’t want to hear is for our constituents to be told to be civil, not to be reactionary, to be told looting doesn’t solve anything.”

— (((Jason Rantz))) on KTTH Radio (@jasonrantz) June 2, 2020

Antifa and Black Lives Matter want to take down America. What can you do?

As NBC News in New York noted, the attacks being carried out on American cities are sophisticated; they have logistics, supply chain, intelligence operations and medical supply and aid groups. They learned their techniques on our streets, tested them on our citizens and now, they are employing them against the United States of America, along with drug addiction, sex trafficking, illegal immigration and pornography: another gift to the Country from the one-party West Coast. How can you protect you and your communities?

These groups are not going to stop, they will have to be stopped. Make sure office holders and politicians you support will work to end Antifa and the militant arm of Black Lives Matter as terrorist groups

Antifa and the militant arm of Black Lives Matter have attacked cities around the United States. Do they have chapters in your area? Search them on Facebook and Twitter–they have never felt a need to hide their existence. When you find them, demand that your local law enforcement understand they are not “kids” and they are not “protesters”, they are part of an army.

If you live in, or near, a decent sized city, talk with your neighbors, get armed, be trained and be ready. In American cities, police were quickly overwhelmed and Democratic governors try at all costs to not deploy the National Guard (unless, as in Washington State, they are sent out unarmed.) Washington State cities, like Snohomish, have deterred Antifa and Black Lives Matter for now, as have these men, whom the media apparently tried to color as racist, using the dog whistle of “redneck.”

Dems’ Disaster

“After locking down the country didn’t work, the Democrats decided to set it on fire instead.”
So ends “The Minneapolis Disaster has Democrat Fingerprints All Over It/They own it. It’s theirs” by Daniel Greenfield at

Pretty much sums up the past week.

It’s startling that the major cities that have erupted are all run by Democrats, including our own. After all, it was one of their own who insisted you should never let a crisis go to waste. They haven’t. They took up the death of George Floyd and ballooned it into a national catastrophe, even forcing the President to go into the secure basement at the White House for an hour as fires raged around the White House.

Even while some of the Dems kept quiet about their involvement, their kids sure didn’t. They bragged.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz’s daughter, Hope, tweeted her support of the rioters; a tweet she later deleted.

Minnesota Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar’s daughter Isra Hirsi, retweeted a list of supplies for “comrades.” The self avowed hater of capitalism is also the co-founder of US Youth Climate Strike

New York mayor Bill De Blasio’s daughter got involved, too. The New York Post reports:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daughter was arrested at a Manhattan protest on Saturday night, law enforcement sources told The Post on Sunday.

Chiara de Blasio, 25, was taken into custody around 10:30 p.m. after cops declared an unlawful assembly at 12th Street and Broadway in Lower Manhattan, the sources said.

She had allegedly been blocking traffic on Broadway and was arrested after refusing to move, the source said.

“That was a real hotspot, police cars were getting burned there, people were throwing and yelling, fighting with cops. There were thousands of people in that area at that time,” the source said.

Just what the city needed. Suddenly, Covid 19 lockdown rules don’t seem to matter to these Dems.

Is this how they communicate for their Dem parents? Sending out warnings, tipping off where the police are, cheering on looters?

Unforunately, Memphis’ own Justin Timberlake joined the group rooting for anarchists.

Breitbart says

Pop megastar Justin Timberlake is the latest leftist celebrity to back George Floyd protests — many of which have descended into violence and vandalism — and is now encouraging fans to “support” Minneapolis protestors by donating to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a nonprofit group raising money to bail out protesters.

“Please join me in supporting the Minneapolis protestors by donating to the @mnfreedomfund. The freedom fund is combatting the harms of incarceration by paying bail for low income individuals who cannot otherwise afford,” the “Can’t Stop the Feeling” singer said, providing a link to the organization’s website.

Please join me in supporting the Minneapolis protestors by donating to the @mnfreedomfund. The freedom fund is combatting the harms of incarceration by paying bail for low income individuals who cannot otherwise afford:

— Justin Timberlake (@jtimberlake) May 30, 2020

At least we are finding out who these people really are.
Is there any reason to vote for a Democrat in any position this election?

Rush Details State of Health

Rush was back this week and addressed his health status.
Here’s the transcript:

Folks, it occurs to me that I have not spent much time in recent weeks updating you on my medical status, and I’m probably overdue for that, given that it has been while and that these are extremely challenging times for me medically. Nothing that millions of you haven’t gone through or aren’t going through.

And those of you who have or those of you who are going through it, you understand it, and so it’s… (sigh) The temptation here is to start divulging a lot of stuff, and I’m not gonna do that, because I vowed not to be a cancer patient on the radio. I vowed to shield as much of that from the daily program as I can. I guess… I’m in the third wave of treatment now.

There have been many cycles, but this is the third wave, and this current wave, I have to tell you, is kicking my ass. For the last seven days, I have been virtually worthless, virtually useless. I haven’t left the house. I haven’t done much of anything except just try to rest and relax. All of this was told to me; it was gonna be a factor.

I mean, nothing is happening that was not told me to me. Nothing I haven’t been warned about. And this is what I mean by those of you who have gone through this, you know what it is, and it’s just… It’s the cost. It’s the price that you pay if you make the decision to go ahead and do treatment to try to prolong your life. I’m doing extremely well, all things considered, the fact that I’m even here today.

You know, every day… (chuckles) Every day I wake up and the first thing I do is thank God that I did. (chuckles) It is… Just waking up is a blessing. I know many of you are praying daily and nightly. I happen to believe that they work. I believe that they are sustaining me, and I pray for the energy to be able to do this. But I have to be… Folks, I have to be honest.

I do not have the energy that I used to have. I’m gonna have to take this… I didn’t realize until I got sick… I honestly didn’t. You’re gonna think this is strange. I didn’t realize how much physical and mental energy doing these three hours — the way I do them, with no guests — and, you know, I don’t do anything to give myself a break during the three hours to take, not even that many phone calls on a normal basis.

And the amount of energy that it took to do that… A lot of people say, “What you mean? You’re sitting on your butt for three hours.” Yeah, but I guarantee you, folks — and I can prove this with any kind of measurements — my heart rate skyrockets during these three hours. My caloric burn is the highest of the day during these three hours, and the mental aspect of it — which, to me, another name for it is performance pressure.

The compunction I feel to do as well as I can every day — to meet and surpass your expectations — creates demands. And I was unaware of how much it was until this lung cancer diagnosis hit. Now I’m fully aware of it, and I’m aware of my energy limitations, and it’s why I said last Thursday that at any moment we may need to start rolling a best-of show here or guest hosts (which are standing by).

I hope that that doesn’t happen. And I’m not, at the same time, making any excuses. But I do feel the need to keep you informed. As to how the treatment’s going, I have no idea. Well, I do, but it’s not something that… I’m still here, and that’s all that’s important. I can’t and don’t want to divulge any more than that. If I were to go into much greater detail, you know, the media would start researching everything I said.

There would be exposes on what I said, investigations into what I said and whether I was being truthful. I just don’t even want to tempt them with it. But I guess the most accurate thing to say is that I’ve just now begun Week 2 of this third cycle, and each cycle is three weeks, and the impact on the tumor in these three weeks is not expected to be significant.

It’s supposed to take a little longer than that. There has been one particular kind of treatment that works in 97% of patients and did not work in me, and it’s because of a 1% mutation I have that led to my lung cancer in the first place. That 1% mutation is theorized to nullify the second phase of treatment that we tried, throughout…

Even in the first phase where I was in the midst of a clinical trial — stage two of a clinical trial, not even stage three, and these are relatively brand-new drugs. These are the drugs that kept me out of here for two weeks and I didn’t even know where I was. They did a number on the tumor. They shrunk the tumor and related effects. But it would have killed me if I’d have stayed on it.

I would have lost vision in my right eye. I was unable to walk for four days because of muscle swelling and pain from the waist down all the way to the tip of my toes. So I had to get off that stuff. I was on that stuff for I think four weeks, and it bought some time for the next phases to begin, which we are — I am — now in, and I just keep plodding away each and every day.

Does my voice sound weak in there to you guys a little bit? (interruption) Yeah. I sense that too. Hang on a minute. (ahem) Maybe if I clear my throat a little bit more often it won’t sound so bad. That’s… I don’t want to end up sounding bad here and end up being a distraction. (sigh) But there’s so many things about this that I want to share, and I want to say.

And I think one of the first things — I just have to mention this — is I could not be doing this without Kathryn. I have never experienced anybody so selfless. I marvel at her selflessness. I don’t know how she does it. This is as devastating for her as it is me. But she doesn’t allow herself to get down — or, if she does, I don’t see it. She has this ability to immerse herself in other people’s sadness and disappointment and make them feel better. And not with pep talks. Not with things like that.

Just by virtue of her countenance and her being. She is able to appear optimistic, happy. I mean, bouncy on occasion. No complaining. Which is such a blessing, ’cause I don’t know how to deal with people that complain, since I don’t complain much. But the things that she is doing to ease me through this and to make it as less arduous for me that it can be, I’m blessed.

Oh, I know, I know. “Marriage vows. Sickness and in health.” But you know as well as I do that in a lot of circumstances like this, some people look for the door and look through the rearview mirror. And not only has that not happened, as I say, she has immersed herself in my treatment and in my care, being the advocate for me wherever we end up going for treatment and all of that.

I really shudder to think what this would be like if she weren’t doing what she’s doing, if she weren’t who she is, if she weren’t there. I wouldn’t have the… I don’t have it in me to ask somebody else to do it. And — as those of you know who’ve been through this — you can’t do all of the things that you need to do by yourself. As I say, I wake up in the morning and the first thing I realize is I’m alive (chuckles), and I immediately thank God for it.

Because you just never know. Now, for those of you who ask, “What is this all about?” We got new listeners. I know. You may not know it. I was diagnosed in January, January 20th, with advanced-stage lung cancer, and we began a bunch of preparations for that kick-ass clinical trial treatment that I was gonna be in. They had to give me eye tests and make sure that I was physically strong enough to withstand/handle what they were gonna throw at me.

‘Cause everybody knew the toxic component of this, hoping and praying… In fact, they couldn’t believe I got four weeks out of it. To tell you the truth, the doctors couldn’t believe I made it four weeks. They kept calling. Every other day they’d call Kathryn, “How’s he doing? How’s he doing?” She’d say, “Fine so far.” They’d be surprised that it hadn’t started any massively negative side effects sooner than that.

So that, no doubt, bought us some time. Don’t know how much. But my intention… As I said back then, my intention is to be here as often as I can. My attitude is this, and the reality is, the day is gonna come where I’m not gonna be able to be here. I don’t know when that is — and I’m hoping that it is months, years.

I’m hoping that the current cycle that we’re in does its magic and starts working on the tumor as the clinical trial drugs did. But, regardless, the day is gonna come where it isn’t gonna be possible to be here every day — and who knows? It may not be possible to be here for three hours every day. I think I’ll be fine today. So, I look at this: Any chance to do the show, I’m gonna take it.

If I wake up and realize I’m still alive and thank God for it, the next thing is, “Okay, can I go to work today?” If I can, I need to get as many in as possible, because this is one of my primary loves in life — and you in the audience are the reason that this love of my life has been so extraordinarily happy and successful. It would not have happened without you.

And so there is a desire to be here every day to talk about all this rotgut going on out there. By the way, with so much of it, your host is being validated as being 100% correct.

I got several emails during the first hour with questions about my physical condition, and it’s one of the reasons I didn’t divulge a whole lot of detail. There are many reasons why I don’t do that. A, privacy. B, media doing investigations. If I were to give you the name for what I have, you would not believe I’m still here, after you looked it up — and that’s another reason why I’m not divulging the actual name.

But one of the interesting emails I got was, “You have lung cancer. It sounds like you can breathe okay.”

Ha-ha-ha, folks. I occasionally go through shortness of breath. There are measures that, so far, work to alleviate it. But there are days I can’t take five steps without having to stop and sit down, and I can’t carry anything of any significance — like a briefcase — when those episodes of shortness of breath are happening. But we’ve got a handle on it. We found a way to limit them in terms of how often they happen and what the duration of the symptoms are.

But, oh, yeah. I mean, that’s one of the classic symptoms of what I have. But so far, just so you know, I’m able to function. I wouldn’t say that I’m… I can’t play golf. I wouldn’t be able to do that or any other outside what might be considered strenuous or less strenuous activity. Look, what I basically have accepted is that during this phase of the treatment — and probably the next — not gonna feel what I always thought of as normal.

And, in fact, in this whole process, the last time I felt normal, I told you about it. It was when I went off the clinical trial drugs after they nearly wiped me out. I was off of those for nearly three weeks to get them out of my system before starting on the next cycle. And during those three weeks — and you people who have done this will know exactly what I’m talking about.

During those three weeks with no treatment — meaning no cancer medicine — I felt normal, as normal and as good as I can remember feeling. So good and so normal, I told you about it. But I have come to accept that those days are long gone. But that’s okay. Everything is about adapting, and we humans are the only species that have that ability to adapt to whatever our surroundings are.

“What do you mean by that? You keep putting down…” No. All I mean is that a parrot cannot build a house to shelter itself from the rain. Now, it can try to shelter itself underneath existing tree branches and leaves and so forth, but only humans have the ability to adapt. A gorilla will never be able to invent air-conditioning to make his life better in the jungle.

We can.

We did.

That’s what I mean by adapting.

So, I have this given set of circumstances, and I have to adapt to them and part of the adaptation is being honest with myself about what I can and can’t do and then zeroing in on what I want to make sure that I can continue to do that I like doing for as long as I can. And that happens to be the purpose of the treatment. The purpose of the treatment is to make the patient feel as good as possible for as long as possible.

That’s the target. That’s the objective. (interruption) No, no. I never thought this was gonna happen to me. Who does? But… Well, I guess maybe some people do. But, no, I never did. Anyway, I appreciate all of the questions and the prayers and the interest that you’ve all shown. Believe me, it’s over the top. It’s inspiring just to read your notes and to get the feedback from all of you.

I sincerely and deeply appreciate it.

TVA Gives Their Side

The Daily Memphian and WKNO aired a discussion of the merits of MLGW leaving TVA week before last. Friday, they allowed President and CEO of Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Jeff Lyash to give his reasons why this would not be a good idea.
This issue has not gotten a lot of attention, but it is very important for every Memphian. What they decide will have a big impact on us.

A Pleasant View

The View, that malicious political show masquerading as entertainment and fair opinion, reminds me of what might be in store for me should I go to purgatory or hell. I would have to be made to watch it with eyes clipped open as in A Clockwork Orange.

There’s nothing beneficial, informative or fair about it.

But I will watch The Right View.

This one is streamed weekly on Wednesday nights at 7 Central time. It is from the Trump campaign and its participants are women I truly like and admire. Lara Trump, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Mercedes Schlapp and Katrina Pierson are the panel. The motto is “Make Talk Shows Great Again.”

Here’s the first show:

Now if only they would have some late night “comedy” shows. I would love to see liberals being made fun of and roasted as our side is every night in an unfunny manner on every old school alphabet network.