Here’s Your White Privilege

The Marxist/Antifa/BLM people destroying our cities are not the poor, downtrodden or all black people. Most of them have never been near a ghetto. They are more likely to hang out in the Hamptons than in Harlem, evidently.

Take her for example.

Meet Clara Kraeber, “… the wealthy Upper East Sider busted during a costly night of rioting in Manhattan last week — along with images of six of her alleged comrades,” the New York Post reports.

“Kraebber, 20 — the fire-haired daughter of an architect and a child psychiatrist — appears grim-faced in the snap, posted on the NYPD News Twitter account Tuesday evening.

“Kraebber was busted on felony rioting and misdemeanor graffiti charges, according to police.

“’On Friday, September 4th, these individuals were arrested for rioting during demonstrations in Manhattan,’ police tweeted. ‘They were part of a large group breaking storefront windows. Our investigation into this incident continues.’

“The damage during the three-hour vandalism spree extended more than 2 miles, from Foley Square up to 24th Street.

“The protest was organized by groups calling themselves the New Afrikan Black Panther Party and the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement.”

Here are the others

The mugshots, as they appear from left to right, are of Kraebber; Elliot Rucka, 20, of Portland, Oregon; Frank Furhmeister, 30, of Stuyvesant Heights; Jade O’Halloran, 30, of Crown Heights; Claire Severine, 27, of Washington Heights; Etkar Surette, 27, of Prospect Park South; and Adi Sragovilh, 20, of Great Neck.

“Rucka is the son of famed comic-book writer Greg Rucka.

“Jane Buffo, 19, of Lower Manhattan, who was also arrested, is not pictured.”

All scions of the wealthy.

Signing into Madness

You see them everywhere in Midtown. They are as common and frequent as a Joe Biden blunder,

although BLM signs have recently given them competition. (Alas, for these people, they won’t save them if true believers come knocking on their white liberal doors.)

I never fail to marvel at the amazing degree of smugness the home owner must feel when he/she/cis hammers this in the front yard.The degree of self satisfaction must be off the charts.

Deluded is what comes to mind when I spot one and I spot a lot of them on my block and throughout the neighborhood. What a bunch of brain washed, closed minded people who spurn basic logic and reality! It is truly an exercise in patience and Christian love of your enemy to endure them.

A version of them happens on Nextdoor where anyone who strays from this philosophy is tongue lashed, branded a racist and then deleted.

At American Thinker Christopher Skeet breaks down each line of the sign:

Shortly after Trump was elected president, “HATE HAS NO HOME HERE” (HHNHH) yard signs began adorning the minority-manicured lawns of white-collar, white-skinned liberals. You’ve seen the sign. Its message is translated into multiple languages, which is meant to broadcast a globalist diversity of sorts by those who speak not only just English, but that sniffy dialect molded within the narrow confines of a university pedigree loftier than junior college but conspicuously short of Ivy League. You can all but hear them finish their Starbucks order with that irritating raised inflection on the last syllable.

The underlying message of the HHNHH yard sign is two-fold. First, it’s virtue signaling in its most tawdry form. Yard signs announcing “POVERTY IS BAD” and “I SUPPORT CURING CANCER” would ring just as hollow. Sorry, but you don’t get a cookie for broadcasting to the world that you oppose hate. Most people do, and their daily actions are sufficient proof thereof. A lion doesn’t need to convince people it’s a lion.

Second, the HHNHH yard sign alludes that a home which opposes President Trump is axiomatically hate-free, and, by deductive logic, a home which supports President Trump categorically welcomes hate with open arms. The sign smugly implies, “I’m a good person, and it’s a shame that you’re not.” This insinuation might not rise to the level of hate, but it certainly sinks to the level of arrogance, condescension, and sweeping judgment.

But over time the HHNHH yard signs faded along with the “I’m With Her” bumper stickers. The yard sign prophets needed something new, something snarkier, with which to impress their woke comrades and irritate the handyman who lives on the street’s only single story home. So a new yard sign was handed out that reads like a manifesto. The sign blares loudly “WE BELIEVE:”, which is followed by (in differing order, and with slightly altered wording, depending on the sign) BLACK LIVES MATTER; NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL; WOMEN’S RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS; LOVE IS LOVE; SCIENCE IS REAL; and KINDNESS IS EVERYTHING.

They really upped the ante, didn’t they?

The first thought conservatives have looking at this sign is that they agree with every statement on it. But the purpose of the sign is not to find common ground across the political spectrum, but to further drive a wedge. The purpose of the sign is to insist that these statements are true only within the narrow ideological limits of the sign owner’s worldview. If you disagree with the yard sign prophets on any policy point, then, in their minds, you disagree with the statements themselves.

Let’s break it down by statement:


Aside from progressive mayors, BLM rioters, and Dylan Roof, one is hard-pressed to find Americans of any political persuasion who behave like black lives don’t matter. In fact, conservatives take this statement to the next logical steps. Black lives, White lives and Hispanic lives matter. Unborn lives matter and police lives matter.

But by declaring BLACK LIVES MATTER, they are concerned only with black people who have been shot by police. The justification for the shooting, or the lack thereof, or any other pertinent fact of a specific case, does not factor into their reasoning. The black victim is merely a prop, brutishly exploited to peddle an anti-police narrative.

But don’t posit to a yard sign prophet any of these seemingly a priori statements without first donning a face shield, because spittle will most definitely fly. By insisting that all lives matter rather than just those of a single race, you are somehow the racist. Now that’s a trick that would leave even Houdini scratching his head.


Who is saying that humans are illegal? It’s a conservative idea that human beings not only have a legal right to peacefully exist to pursue their happiness, but should be legally protected at all stages of life, at all income levels, and in every neighborhood. What this statement is attacking is the concept of illegal immigration. But a person’s immigration status is very different from their right to exist, as the yard sign prophets surely know. That is why they obfuscate the argument with underhanded statements like this. Those who scream NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL do so from the safety of their alarmed homes and gated communities, which serve essentially the same purpose as does a border wall.


Who is saying they aren’t? Certainly not conservatives, for whom human rights (be they for women, gays, ethnic or religious minorities) aren’t conveniently ignored when the offending societies are non-Western. There are plenty who do treat women like animals and slaves, and who use their culture and religion as an excuse to do so. And which political party courts these misogynists and defends them against “phobic” criticisms?

The purpose of this statement isn’t to promote actual equality into cultures for whom the concept of women’s rights is tantamount to heresy. The statement is abortion advocacy, pure and simple, and it reflects the most threadbare ad hominem attack in American politics, i.e. if you oppose abortion, you oppose women. This would be news to Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Jane Addams, and other historical dreadnoughts opposed to abortion, in whose mighty wakes meander the empty vessels of contemporary “feminism.”


Sure. And broccoli is broccoli. The point of this hackneyed statement is not a defense of “love,” in the sense of a deep and selfless affection from one person to another. The purpose is to transpose the definition of marriage with that of love, i.e. if you don’t agree with the definition of marriage as progressives do, then you are opposed to “love.” If you disagree with the institution of gay marriage yet harbor no animosity whatsoever towards the gay community, it matters not. You are a hateful bigot whose business must be shut down and whose social life must be cancelled.

This hijacking of “love” as understood by the advocacy of non-traditional marriage in the Western sense is, like the advocacy of “women’s rights,” oddly ambiguous when the boundaries of acceptable marriage expand in directions seemingly at odds with progressivism. The LOVE IS LOVE windbags are uncharacteristically quiet about the legal codes in certain non-Western cultures which allow one man to have (own) multiple wives. Likewise, they are quiet about speaking out against (or for) definitions of “love” and marriage as insisted upon by the likes of NAMBLA. Whatever doesn’t fit the narrative is ignored.


Science is a process, a methodology employed to determine empirical facts and laws by which we can better understand the world around us. What science is never is a set of permanently settled, rigid theories that remain immovable despite the ebb and flow of conflicting evidence. SCIENCE IS REAL was just as true when we “knew” the Earth was flat as when we discovered it was round. What changed was not the science, but the evidence.

The SCIENCE IS REAL statement is a transparent reference to global warming, and global warming only. The statement is meant to ridicule “climate deniers”, i.e. those who “deny” the “settled science” that not only is the Earth warming at logarithmically catastrophic rates, but that mankind (particular Western man) is solely responsible. These armchair Einsteins have little time for the sciences of biology, genetics, and economics because they don’t conform to the narrative.

One problem with the global warming debate is that it, in its current metamorphosis, is far too politicized from which to derive much objective substance. The vast majority of partisans on both sides understand very little of the actual science, and instead rely on either conspiracy theories or internet searches for whichever article or chart is tailored to fit their particular bias.

Since I fall into this category of blissful ignorance, I’m in no position to comment on the science one way or another, though I will say this. Reasonable skepticism is not anti-scientific, especially when the apocalypse peddlers are batting 0.000 with regards to their predictions ever actually occurring. I’ll also say that any proposal that punishes Western democracies (who do the most to lower emissions) while subsidizing brutal dictatorships (who do the least) is not a serious solution, but rather a massive transfer of wealth and power unconvincingly cloaked as environmentalism. Pollution from Chinese smokestacks destroys the planet just as much as pollution from American smokestacks. This isn’t racism, this is the science you allegedly support.


This statement can be found in all shapes and sizes in the millennial-old texts of most world religions, but one would struggle to find anything remotely close in the atheistic fanaticism of Karl Marx, Che Guevarra, or Richard Dawkins. For cultural icons like Bill Maher, Chelsea Handler, and Michael Moore, kindness is more an impediment than a virtue, as are the empathy and tolerance that accompany it. Our city streets are overflowing with black-masked kindness, and it’ll bash you across the head with a brick if your own kindness is found wanting.

Like its HHNHH predecessor, the WE BELIEVE yard sign isn’t an argument, an ideology, or a philosophy. It isn’t a set of principles or tenets of a faith. It has no depth, no complexity, and no animation. It’s a regurgitation of drive-by gotcha-isms, dutifully parroted with overconfident arrogance and unearned righteousness by those who haven’t thought to the next sentence.

The WE BELIEVE statements are easily dissectible, and should never be allowed to fester unchallenged for the sake of avoiding unpleasant conversation. The yard sign is designed to elicit shame in its opponents, but there is nothing shameful and everything noble in resisting what Solzhenitsyn called “the mechanical propaganda of dead ideas”. You won’t make a dent, but they should know that neither did they.

When Trump is reelected expect a new slew of these to pop up.

Maybe they’re a sign that we’re winning.

Riding the Dragon

The Blaze has produced an excellent documentary that shows the ties between Joe Biden and his family and the Chinese Communist government.

It is narrated by the excellent Peter Schweizer, who in 2016 produced a documentary called “Clinton Cash” that was shown before the election.

This runs 41 minutes, but it is well worth your time. Here it is:

Cowardly Act

Thursday the Atlantic, a magazine so little read you can’t even find circulation figures, published a Trump hit piece. In it, the article claims Trump refused to visit a WWI cemetery because of his hair, said the Marines who died taking Belleau Wood were “suckers” and “losers,” and hated to be around wounded vets.


Of course not.

Also refuting: Jason Leopold on Twitter said, “Regarding the lede of this story: I obtained documents from the Navy via #FOIA about Trump’s 2018 trip to Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris and the documents say his transport was canceled by the Navy due to rain.”

Even John Bolton, a Trump foe, wrote in his godawful book

His hair?

Doesn’t seem to bother him here.

The real question is did Biden’s team ask the Atlantic to publish the story?

The American Thinker notes this New York Times headline:

And says, “Biden’s keepers milked the story even more by giving the first question to Isaac Dovere of The Atlantic. Dovere attacked Trump and then followed up with a bizarre question – ‘What does it tell you about President Trump’s soul and the life he leads?’ – allowing Biden to hurl more insults at Trump as an indecent human being.”

Nothing in the Democrat/Left/Progressive world is by accident. They always try to hit the opposition on their best issues. If they can tear a few naive voters away they will. They tried it with George W. Bush with his military career via typewriter gate.

Today’s Dems will be throwing more crap his way. For their own candidate they have another big 0. Only this time, he doesn’t come in quite such an attractive package.

Hair Raising Issue

Fox’s The Five took a look at no mask wearing, rule violating Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the hairdresser. Even Juan Williams had to admit it looked bad and her excuse – that she was set up – was pathetic:

Here’s the Matt Whitlock twitter Dana Perino referenced:

So the “set up” was Pelosi asked a salon to let her get her hair done in violation of local coronavirus guidelines & the salon owner let her then shared the video of Pelosi breaking the rules to show Pelosi’s hypocrisy, & so now Pelosi’s allies are out to destroy the salon owner.

Yet Another Chapter of ‘Nancy Pelosi, Master Strategist’

Interesting that Nan immediately blamed her dis-tress-ingly (sorry) bad judgment on a set up. Why? Because that’s exactly the kind of thing she would have done to a Republican in her position.

She can’t plead innocence really. Her nephew, Gavin Newsom, is governor of the state she lives in and represents. You’d think she’d know about his rule. But then again, there is a different standard for the important people and you peasants.

It is one of those demonstrably tangible examples of the Democrat way of life. Nothing could make it more personal than a trip to the salon for her, but not for you. Just like Hillary, she’s exempt from breaking the rules.
Now it’s Nancy’s turn for the lock her or her locks up chant.

Instead of Pelosi getting punished, the salon owner is now getting death threats and insults from the oh so liberal progressives. How typical.

Pelosi’s daughter famously claimed that she was a master politician. The past two years have shown that she’s a master in her own mind, but no one else’s. This was an epic blunder.

Child’s Frustration at No School

Kids need to go back to school.

I don’t know how parents can handle their own work from home, plus monitor their children’s school lessons.

Here’s a story from Georgia carried on our own Local 24 newscast.

COWETA COUNTY, Ga. — One mother said her heart is breaking for her 5-year-old boy and other children like him as they struggle to assimilate into virtual learning culture.

Jana Coombs posted a picture of her son as he struggled with digital learning. The picture showed the young boy so frustrated — that he put his head down and started crying in his virtual Coweta County Kindergarten class.

Coombs said she is just as frustrated with virtual learning as her young son.

“I just took that picture because I wanted people to see reality. And then he came over and we hugged and I was crying right along with him,” she said.

She described the first day of virtual learning as chaos, trying to also manage a 2nd and 4th grader in online school and a 7-month-old infant.

“Juggling a household, having an infant in the house, getting 5,000 emails a day from all their teachers, trying to keep up … different apps, different codes, different platforms, some links don’t work. You’re running from one laptop to another,” she said.

Her husband Luke says all three of their children in online school are missing out. They want their kids back to school, face to face.
“A lot of what they’re learning is getting lost in translation because they’re not getting interaction on a personal level,” Luke explained.

In Europe they are going back to school.

Shelby County Schools begin virtual school Monday.

Other areas of the country have encountered problems with their platforms, codes and apps. I doubt we’ll be much different.

Seen and Unseen at the Convention

The first night of the RNC convention did not disappoint. After so many years of politics served up to us at breakfast, lunch and dinner, even the most interested among us wondered if tuning in would be time well spent.

Turns out it was time especially well spent as we got to see our fellow Americans take the stage with eloquent and dynamic speeches.

Not everyone agrees. Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post sniffed “other than Tim Scott and Nikki Haley the lineup tonight is a bunch of nobodies – and a Trump relative. I think of Dorothy Parker’s witticism – it runs the gamut from A to B.”
Only a snooty swamp rat would see it that way. These “nobodies” are Americans who make her life possible.

Skipping the elites was a brilliant stroke by Trump and the RNC. We in flyover land are full to the gills with people telling us how we should think and act. Aside from New York and LA nobody cares about these B rate actors and entertainers. We see the writing on the wall – Hollywood as we know it will soon be as outdated as silent films as YouTube and other tech services put average Americans at the forefront of what we see and watch.

As a corollary, Trump has put himself aside for this convention. He has let others take the stage. It’s a subtle way of rebuking the media who claims his ego is on steroids. People who have been around him notice that he’s an extraordinary listener. In meetings he doesn’t say much. He wants to hear what others say. That’s what a leader should do.

I particularly liked Scott Adams’ take. You can hear it here:

Scott Adams:

In essence, he found it a masterpiece of persuasion. The visuals impressed him as when Don Jr. called Biden the Loch Ness monster of the swamp. Everyone listening had an image pop in his/her/cis mind and it was powerful.

He also liked a speaker calling Trump “the bodyguard of western civilization.” It shows what’s on the line. Also positive was the freed hostages and the McCloskey’s who made this riots personal for all of us.

You know the Republican message is working when DNC critter Donna Brazile gets so upset in a Fox discussion with Tammy Bruce.

Let’s see what tonight brings and tomorrow when the man himself takes the podium.