Never Forget This

This man is either completely delusional or a liar. He told us “ISIL” was contained. Did you believe it? Of course not.

This should go down in history along with Neville Chamberlain’s “peace in our time” remark.

Do we think he knows what he’s talking about with Iran?

Breitbart has posted this video which explains what’s going on in Europe. Look at it before it is taken down again:

Cavuto Tests Student’s Theories

I was watching Neil Cavuto yesterday when the interview with this young woman came on.

It’s quite stunning. Watching it, I was relieved my daughters are out of college. This woman’s naivete and stupidity is alarming.

Take a look:

So we have unlimited amounts of money – among the rich – to pay for everyone’s education. Uh, no we don’t, especially with the national debt of about $19 trillion which many say is actually $65 trillion. Even with huge taxes we could not meet this debt nor our other government agency obligations. Clearly she has no idea of numbers. I’m surprised Cavuto didn’t bring this up.

And say we were able to fund everyone’s education. Does that mean we get a say in what everyone studies or what is offered in the classes or a say on who can teach there? You can bet not. It would be even less democratic than it is now. We pay taxes that support state universities, but rarely does the public prevail on their content.

And what of human nature? There would be a revolt against giving all your money for someone else’s benefit, particularly when some citizens put in a 12 hour day to meet their obligations or work two jobs. After a while, who would even want to work? What would be the point? Then all the money would dry up.

She also wants to excuse student loans. How is that fair to the people who struggled through to pay theirs? It isn’t fair. They would in turn be taxed to pay for more schooling, this time for strangers.

It’s quite funny that all the unrest is happening on college campuses. They are the breeding grounds for so much of our troubles today. Those of us who lived in the 60s remember that turmoil. After it came some normalcy as people tired of the anger and strife. That will follow this, too.

O’Reilly-Will Fight Is Epic

On last night’s Special Report George Will was one of the guest commentators. In the winners and losers category for the week, he put Fox’s Bill O’Reilly in the loser section and advised viewers to tune in to the O’Reilly Factor. Will had taped his tete a tete with O’Reilly and he inferred it was quite something. Host Brett Baier clearly did not want to touch that in any way.

When you see this clip you’ll understand why.

I am currently reading the book, but have not yet gotten to the infamous page 245. So far the book is not a slam on Reagan. If it didn’t provide some new material and a different slant on Reagan, what would be the point of the book?
I’m not sure I believe that some thought it might be necessary to remove Reagan from office, but I’m old enough to remember rumors about it at the time.

Obviously it wasn’t justified and didn’t happen. Is it surprising that people around a president in Washington might benefit from ousting him? Not really. It doesn’t happen with Democrats, I believe, because they would either kill or blackmail anyone who thinks of doing it.

I do think Will was a fool to tussle with O’Reilly. He’s way more street smart than old George. And it’s funny that Will never voices this much passion in opposition to today’s Democrats in power or defending Republicans in DC either. He is, after all, the first one who invited President elect Obama to his house to meet with fellow journalists.

Will, in my opinion, shouldn’t even be on Special Report. He is so far from mainstream America that his opinions don’t have much meaning. He is one of the elites and he doesn’t get the remaining 98% of the country.

It was probably a good thing Will did not appear in person on O’Reilly’s set. They could have come to blows.

Meanwhile O’Reilly can thank Will for promoting his book. It is sure to increase sales – especially with the holiday season approaching.

Maybe he should send him some of his Factor gear.

Oops! She Did It Again

Megyn Kelly can’t help herself anymore. Her goal must be to alienate Fox viewers. If it is, she’s succeeding. Once a nightly viewer, I no longer waste my time with this narcissistic excuse for a journalist. Watch how she treats the GOP debate demands:

Comments on this were against her. Here’s a sampling:

Megyn, please just move on over to mainstream where you belong.
Kelly Let’s just have a debate similar to that one on CNBC for the Demorats, moderated by Republicans. Liberals would be whining for the next 10 years. I used to like you, Megyn. Now you are just another puppet and bimbo.
Used to look up to this woman. Now i can’t look her in the face without feeling sick
Do NOT like Kelly. She is so full of herself, it gets in the way of her doing her job!
She’s really gotten to be quite obnoxious with her holier than thou superior attitude. Lost me at the Fox debate.
Who cares what Megyn thinks ????

I’m sick of her chit. She lost me as a regular viewer.
The foot message is for pampered prissy like you.

The more I hear Megyn the less I want to hear Megyn. I have lost alot of respect for her and no longer view her newscast.

I think people are forgetting that this is a Presidential Campaign! Not a Circus! The media is making a joke out of the Candidates! This is not funny on any spectrum!!! Give them the chance to be Candidates and let the public decide who they want, not what the media Wants!!! Doesn’t the media care about the future of this country??

Megyn, maybe MSNBC would be a better fit for you.

Fox had better reign her in. At one point her numbers beat O’Reilly’s. I don’t think that’s true anymore and this is why.
Is this what living in New York does to people?

2016 Winner? Model Taps GOP

A computer model from Reuters projects a Republican will win the presidential election next year.

Fox News Insider reports:

Two factors weighed heavily in the model’s conclusion, one of them being dissatisfaction with President Obama.

First, there’s a historical trend of voters not backing the party in power when the incumbent isn’t up for re-election. Reuters said a successor candidate is three times less likely to win.

Second, the model found that a sitting president generally must have an approval rating of 55% for a successor candidate to win, and right now President Obama falls 10 points short of that.

So why trust a computer when we have non-stop polling to tell us who leads the pack?

Because polls are actually pretty inaccurate, according to Reuters, and on average are wrong by 8% compared to the outcome of an election. That’s a wider gap than you often see between candidates in the general election.

Watch the Red Eye gang discuss the report below.

Of course a computer model won’t factor in voter fraud, cheating and corruption.

Common Core Doesn’t Add Up

This is a problem given to conservative blogger Erick Erickson’s daughter in her school. As he points out, she must add in order to subtract.

But math isn’t the only problem with Common Core. The most important one is propaganda. And propaganda against the right to bear arms is one of the messages it promotes. He writes:

Yes, yes, yes, we all know — Common Core is just a set of standards and not a curriculum. That’s the cover the leftwing and corporatist advocates of Common Core use every time anyone criticizes Common Core. It is basically to blame the local school district for choosing poorly when, essentially, Common Core by design has forced schools into a scramble to find a new curriculum, all of which are terrible.

And it has also led a bunch of leftwing groups to start pushing out Common Core materials on the cheap to schools trying to save money. The Common Core standards are, in fact, being used for indoctrination. The latest example is a government subsidized public radio station in California preparing materials that advocate gun control and blame the NRA for gun violence in the country.

A study guide dubbed, “The Battle Over Gun Control,” authored by KQED, a northern Californian affiliate of National Public Radio, and the nonprofit, taxpayer-subsidized National Writing Project, states that “moderate gun control” measures introduced following the Sandy Hook school massacre were deep-sixed by the “powerful political influence” of the NRA. Second Amendment advocates say the wording, in supplemental material designed to help teachers plan instruction, frames the debate in a one-sided fashion aimed at influencing young minds.

More and more states, due to voter outrage, are ditching the name Common Core, but keeping the Common Core standards as if they think voters are stupid. But more and more we are seeing Common Core states using the supposedly neutral standards as a means to indoctrinate kids. Because those standards are now nationalized, it has become very, very easy to produce one-stop-shop indoctrination tools with a liberal federal Department of Education pushing school districts in that direction.

Common Core will be a big issue in the presidential campaign and one of the reasons, I think, that Jeb Bush is doomed.