Contrast Is Stark

I happened to hear District Attorney Amy Weirich on the radio this morning. She was on KWAM 990 discussing various issues in Memphis, including the successful mentoring program her office sponsors. She was well spoken, logical, calm and intelligent.

Compare that to this freak show:

When you consider that this man loves the spotlight and national publicity, it’s upsetting to think that he’d be pulling these stunts all the time were he to be elected DA.

Of course it was politically motivated. Why did he decide to “drop by” Juvenile Court on Monday afternoon? Nothing better to do? How did he find a client so fast? Why inject race into it by comparing himself to Dr. King and the civil rights movement? Judge Brown has certainly not suffered because he’s black. Otherwise he would never have gotten a network TV show.

It’s disturbing, too, that he is friends with Thaddeus Matthews. Remember how the former radio host abused Charlotte Bergman? Remember that little problem he had being indicted on three felony counts for posting on his Facebook page a photograph of female child under age 5 performing a sex act on an adult male? Here’s a sample of his demeanor to refresh your memory:

Is this the kind of person you want your DA to pal around with?

Matthews tells the Commercial Appeal that “People…are tired of the corruption in Amy Weirich’s office.” Corruption? Whenever a Democrat knows he’s guilty of something, that’s the very charge he throws against his opponent.

It works pretty well for them. Let’s hope it doesn’t this time.

Governor Gets Street Wise

Is Governor Haslam going all Michelle Obama on us? He’s talking with Sesame Street characters about the benefits of fruits and vegetables:

Let’s hope he doesn’t diss bbq, cornbread, banana pudding or fluffernutters.

Much as I hate the blatant suck up of this, maybe it’s what more Republicans need to do. Our populace seems to prefer entertainment over substance. We hate to talk down to our people, but it sure works for the Democrats.

Can Common Core Be Stopped?

A few articles lately have drawn more attention to the Common Core curricula and what will happen regarding it in Tennessee.

Yesterday it was reported that protestors went to Nashville to convey their anti Common Core feelings to the Legislature. Meanwhile, Gov. Haslam spoke to a group of businessmen and emphasized that Common Core is crucial to the state.

No surprise there as Haslam is one of those behind Common Core.

Midtown Republican Club member Eddie Settles and MemphisShelbyInform blogger and MRC guest Joe Saino have been looking behind the scenes at what is happening.

Saino writes:

This is a subject that I consider more important than even pension reform. This will determine the educational level of our children and grandchildren and the future of our country both economically and from a freedom standpoint.

What Common Core purports to do is set a uniform school curriculum across the country leading to uniform testing and higher standards. What it is fact will do, if fully implemented, is take local control out of the hands of local school boards and particularly out of the hands of parents.

In my 10 years of “OPEN RECORDS ADVOCACY” I have come to the opinion that the most difficult people to get open records information from is local school bureaucrats, starting with the old Memphis School System and now the new Shelby County School bureaucracy which acts much like the old City of Memphis School bureaucracy.

This coming Friday evening, March 14 Mrs. Karen Lamoreaux (Arkansas) will speak from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM at White Station Church of Christ, 2nd floor, 1106 Colonial Road.

He shared this youtube video of Lamoreaux:


Eve Settles has more:

If you want to know what the CA and local news lapdogs are not telling you about this transformation of American education, go hear Karen Lamoreaux on Friday night…

Grassroots protestors of Common Core and its attendant Race to the Top (RTTT) school reforms have been turning out in large numbers at the Capitol this week, and are expected to be present again tomorrow (Thursday) when House representatives vote on an anti-Common Core amendment attached to HB1129 by Rep. Rick Womick of Rutherford County. Rep. Womick is one of the few Tennessee legislators who has taken the time to research the facts underlying RTTT and Common Core. Over time, he has become an outspoken foe. Although Rep. Womick has no announced rivals for his seat, capital sources say that Gov. Haslam has vowed to finance opponents to run against any Tennessee legislator who dares t0 take a stand against Common Core/RTTT reforms.

Education bills have abounded in this session of the Tennessee General Assembly. On one side, there are those pushing and protecting the Bill Gates/Arne Duncan reform agenda, including Gov. Haslam; State Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman; Bill Frist’s SCORE; business and chamber of commerce groups who bought into “higher standards” and “college and career ready” rhetoric and now find themselves in a public fight they never expected; and legislators like Shelby County representative John DeBerry. Rep. DeBerry, who sits on the House Education Committee, arguably owes his last re-election to $112,113 in campaign financing he accepted from Students First, the Washington, D.C.-based school reform advocacy group run by Comm. Huffman’s controversial ex-wife Michele Rhee.

The opposing side is a mix of odd bedfellows including many teachers and teachers unions, Momma and Papa Bears, public school supporters, high-information voters, and a few brave legislators who have done their homework, like Rep. Womick and fellow Rutherford countian Rep. Dawn White. They are fighting for repeal of Common Core; preservation of local control over education; barriers to further privatization of schools that locks out parental and public input; an end to standardized testing with high stakes for teachers and students; ending inappropriate data collection on students and their families; and reinstatement of certain essential instruction in schools, such as cursive handwriting and U.S. government.

People in many states, including Tennessee, are just beginning to realize the harmful impact of the radical reforms ushered in under the auspices of pig nosesRTTT, Arne Duncan, and Bill Gates. Politicians like Gov. Haslam (and his predecessor, Gov. Phil Bredesen), who eagerly drank the Kool-Aid when Race to the Trough Top rolled out and Billy G. was lavishing money around like the proverbial drunken sailor, will find the next few months and years challenging. Coming too close on the tails of the Obamacare scam, voters are fed up with federal over-reaching accomplished through political trickery and deceit.

It will be interesting to find out whether our legislators hear us.

Dems Really in the Toilet

Talk about a classy political video!

Democrat Erick Wright is challenging incumbent Rep. Martha Roby, R-Montgomery, in Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District. He decided to express his platform on the toilet. Dems are having a difficult time finding candidates. This certainly proves it.

One thing’s for sure. He’s got a seat all right. It just won’t be in Congress.

Let’s Don’t


Can you believe they actually did this?

The president in particular moves like a girl.

Can you imagine Vladimir Putin doing this? Or Ronald Reagan?

Why didn’t they put on a super hero cape and at least be camp about this ridiculousness. This has Michelle all over it, doesn’t it? That makes it even worse. And, by the way, when are Democrat men going to stop joking about being henpecked. Do they think women like that?

O’Reilly Schools Cohen on Studies

Our ninth district representative, Steve Cohen, went on the O’Reilly Factor Wednesday night to continue his push for legalization of marijuana. He seems to have made this his life’s work, after he succeeded in getting the state lottery mess approved in Tennessee years ago.

Here’s Cohen and O’Reilly’s smackdown of him. Funny how Cohen is suddenly all about states’ rights.

Embarrassing as that was, it was nothing compared to what Dennis Miller followed up with. He said Cohen’s head “was emptier than that dome over his left shoulder. By the way, was he the exact same color as his neck tie? What’s with the tanning down there? Between him and Boehner it looks like they’re all walking around with the bronzer on. Take some votes, you morons, get out of the spray tan booth.”

When O’Reilly went on to the topic of facebook, Miller went on to say “I just friended Steve Cohen because he’s a genius.”

Lucky for Steve they didn’t bring up his daughter who turned out not to be his daughter, his tweet during the SOTU and his comments to a black driver about his car.