What the Heck!

Lou Dobbs found this little nugget and shared it on his facebook page.

Unbelievably – or maybe not surprising – Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson admits he doesn’t know the pledge of allegiance!

You can’t help but conclude that he doesn’t agree with it; he doesn’t think it’s worth knowing; his true alllegiance doesn’t align with the U.S.

Merry Christmas!

One of the most touching Christmas stories took place in the trenches Christmas Eve 1914. The British and Germans took a truce on that one night and what followed was quite moving. The grocery chain Sainsbury’s in Britain used the event as their Christmas ad.

They give an explanation here:

There is an excellent movie about it called “Silent Night.” Worth seeing and much better than most Christmas movies.

Crazies? They’re All Republicans

Joe Scarborough hasn’t proved himself to be much of a Republican – especially since he joined MSNBC – but at least he recognized bias in this clip. He interviewed GQ’s deputy managing editor Michael Hainey on “Morning Joe” yesterday. Hainey had compiled a list of “America’s 20 Craziest Politicians” for the magazine. And guess what? Of the 20, 17 were Republicans!

Democrats were Rep. Hank Johnson (No.9), Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (15) and Biden at the bottom. Scarborough noticed that just elected Senator Joni Ernst, who hasn’t gone to D.C. yet, was No. 16. (Funny how Dems are obsessed with casting our women elected officials as crazies).

Here’s the clip: