Dems Really in the Toilet

Talk about a classy political video!

Democrat Erick Wright is challenging incumbent Rep. Martha Roby, R-Montgomery, in Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District. He decided to express his platform on the toilet. Dems are having a difficult time finding candidates. This certainly proves it.

One thing’s for sure. He’s got a seat all right. It just won’t be in Congress.

Let’s Don’t


Can you believe they actually did this?

The president in particular moves like a girl.

Can you imagine Vladimir Putin doing this? Or Ronald Reagan?

Why didn’t they put on a super hero cape and at least be camp about this ridiculousness. This has Michelle all over it, doesn’t it? That makes it even worse. And, by the way, when are Democrat men going to stop joking about being henpecked. Do they think women like that?

O’Reilly Schools Cohen on Studies

Our ninth district representative, Steve Cohen, went on the O’Reilly Factor Wednesday night to continue his push for legalization of marijuana. He seems to have made this his life’s work, after he succeeded in getting the state lottery mess approved in Tennessee years ago.

Here’s Cohen and O’Reilly’s smackdown of him. Funny how Cohen is suddenly all about states’ rights.

Embarrassing as that was, it was nothing compared to what Dennis Miller followed up with. He said Cohen’s head “was emptier than that dome over his left shoulder. By the way, was he the exact same color as his neck tie? What’s with the tanning down there? Between him and Boehner it looks like they’re all walking around with the bronzer on. Take some votes, you morons, get out of the spray tan booth.”

When O’Reilly went on to the topic of facebook, Miller went on to say “I just friended Steve Cohen because he’s a genius.”

Lucky for Steve they didn’t bring up his daughter who turned out not to be his daughter, his tweet during the SOTU and his comments to a black driver about his car.

NBC Continues to Disgrace Itself

As if they didn’t shoot themselves in the foot several times already, what with host Bob Costas’ thrill up the leg over Communism and the ruthless use of skier Bode Miller, NBC is intent on more self amputation. Why anyone watches the Today Show baffles me or any of their inane comedies. However, when it comes to the Olympics, it’s the only way to see it.

Knowing that, I guess the liberal media can’t help itself. NBC wants to take its hostage audience and ram down their propaganda. Even oldsters like Tom Brokaw, who purports to be an unbiased journalist, is getting sucked into this.

Showbiz411 writes:

I’m confused. How about you? NBC News veteran Tom Brokaw narrated a commercial tonight on the Olympics. It was for an NBC Universal feature film. It seemed like a feature by Brokaw on Olympian Louie Zamperini. But it carried the NBC Universal logo, not NBC News. And midway through it turned into a commercial for Angelina Jolie’s “Unbroken,” a Universal movie due this year. Maybe Brokaw did commercials on air when he was on the Today show. But narrating a commercial for a movie? Is this what we’re calling ‘native advertising’– when the ads are indiscernible from the editorial? Brokaw never seemed the type. Who paid him? What are we to make of this? That he’s endorsing the movie? (No one’s even seen it.) Very strange stuff here. What next? Brian Williams touting “Despicable Me 3″?

Here’s the clip:

Make no mistake. This is the next wave. Knowing that people zip through ads or mute them, advertisers are going to want something for the big bucks they pay networks. Working it into the script will increase just as product placement got injected into movies.

Journalism has already whored itself up what with giveaways. Channel 5 has some purse thing going and other local stations have just given away cash in what the government would call bribes if a private company that didn’t support their propaganda did it.

NBC Disgraces Itself – Again

We were watching the skiing on the Olympics last night and when I saw this interview, I was surprised. The reporter was so in his face that it was harsh. Here’s the clip that has the blogs buzzing this morning.

Not only that, but they had his wife miked up before and after the race, including their intimate comments as they watched the other challengers. That was over the line to begin with and this relentless questioning afterwards just reflects the media’s appetite for emotion.

I hope the Olympic coverage backfires on NBC big time.