Make Room for These Newbies, Merriam Webster

Political events bring new words to the English language. It’s amazing what you run across. Here are a few new ones.

The Anthony Weiner continuing saga keeps giving. The man who wants to be mayor of the Big Apple bit off more than he could chew. His own words came back to bite him when he was found to be corresponding with several women in another scandal. The American Thinker blog promptly deemed his deed a “twitterectomy.”

When the pathetic Weiner committed a complete Twitter-ectomy of his Congressional career, The Plan temporarily derailed. But scandals that would force the rest of us to quiver in lifelong shame are mere temporary annoyances for this lot.

So true! If you’re a (D) it doesn’t matter as much as it would with an (R). Then you go from twitterectomy to complete electoralotomy. Just ask “Senator” Todd Aiken.

Weiner, being a little older than the millenials, may not yet have lost his testosterone. But other males may be losing theirs. “Beware the Herbivore Effect” was a headline that caught my attention. No, there not vegetarians. It’s a trend particularly noticed in Japan. Newgeography reports,

Today, Japan’s latest generation of men appears lacking the fierce ambition that drove their fathers, much less their grandfathers. The term commonly used for this new generation of Japanese is “herbivores,” a play on the word for plant-eating animals generally known for their docility. And, instead of embracing what the new generation is doing in Japan, we should look at our young people and think: God forbid.

Looks to me like that trend has already hit our shores. Young men are drifting through college, careers, the future, without much concern for themselves. Since the Obama reign more of them are living at home and evidently, they like it.

Maybe they’re just pumping sunshine. A new term to me, the urban dictionary says it’s a

noun or Verb. It’s the “Pollyanna approach” people, especially politicians and advertisers, use to persuade others that things are better than they really are in order to get what they want, your votes, your money etc. Politicians often do this when describing their accomplishments, especially the U.S. president in his State of the Union address. Advertisers make these exaggeratedly positive or down right untrue claims to convince the consumer that their product will “completely solve the problem” if the consumer only “acts now”. This sunshine pumping benefits only the pumper at the expense of the one it is erroneously poured upon.

It came up via Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Il) who said “For Years, Obama Administration Has Been ‘Pumping Sunshine’ on ObamaCare. My generation called it shoveling, well you get the picture.

Remember the Duke LaCrosse players accused of raping a woman by overzealous Mike Nifong? He’s his own term now. William Levinson at he American Thinker wrote a piece headlined the “Nifonging of George Zimmerman.”

He explained “This is why proven rogue prosecutors like Mike Nifong (Duke Lacrosse), and alleged rogue prosecutors Scott Harshbarger (Amiraults), Janet Reno (Grant Snowden), and Florida State Attorney Angela Corey (George Zimmerman), are far more dangerous to society than all but the most vicious criminals.”

In the Obama DOJ Nifonging is a popular pasttime.

Now It’s Free College

President Obama is on a two day blue state college tour. The point of it is to press for government involved lowering of tuition. What student on that tour is going to object?

Anyhow, it’s part of Obama’s plan to “fundamentally change the United States of America,” this time via college education. Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) picked up on this theme:

Radio Spot Hits Home

Here’s the argument that Republicans need to use against Obamacare. Shelley Moore Capito, a representative from West Virginia, gave it in today’s Republican response to the president’s weekly radio address.

As she points out, the inequality of it smacks the average American in the face. Fairness is an argument the Dems exploit, while themselves being unfair.

As SEALs Attack, Obama Plays

To many, the famous picture of President Obama in the situation room, watching the SEALS enter Bin Laden’s compound looked fake. There were rumblings that he had to be brought in reluctantly or that he was photoshopped into the scene. He looks out of place in his presidential windbreaker and not all that interested.

Many believe that Valerie Jarrett had denied the SEALS three times before and this time Defense Secretary at the time Leon Panetta overrode her and sent them anyhow. Obama never seems to have been very involved in the decision making.

Now comes confirmation from his best bud, Reggie Love. The Blaze tells the story, followed by a clip of Love recounting the story.

On the day Navy SEALs were raiding Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan and killing the 9/11 mastermind, President Obama didn’t spend every moment in the White House situation room. Instead, the commander in chief played cards in a private dining room that day, too — about 15 games of spades, in fact, his former personal assistant Reggie Love recently told a UCLA forum.

“Most people were like down in the Situation Room and [Obama] was like, ‘I’m not going to be down there, I can’t watch this entire thing,’” Love recalled during a Q&A at an Artists & Athletes Alliance event.

Instead, Love said he, Obama, White House photographer Pete Souza, and staffer Marvin Nicholson got together in a nearby private dining room and “must have played 15 games of spades” (and were interrupted by a steady stream of dispatches, according to UCLA Today).

Also interesting was Love’s description of how that all-important day was spent: Love said Obama usually worked half days on weekends, but on the day of the raid—Sunday, May 1, 2011, he and Obama spent the entire day at the White House “until almost midnight.”

Love added that when he left the White House later that night, after the president delivered news of bin Laden’s death, “there were thousands of people out on Pennsylvania Avenue, people crying and cheering. It was a very powerful, moving day.”

We should be clear that Love didn’t specify which parts of the Situation Room activities Obama chose to skip. There is the famous photo published by the White House showing him in the room during what appears to be the climax of the raid. Still, it will likely raise questions regarding how the president may have reacted during another important military event during his presidency: the terror attack on the compound in Benghazi.

If he was playing cards while others were down in the situation room on arguably the most important night of his presidency, some will wonder, what might Obama have been doing on the night of the Benghazi raid more than a year later?

Below are Love’s videotaped comments. (Although the the Artists & Athletes Alliance event occurred last month, according to Red Alert Politics, Love’s comments first started getting play today.)

For his specific comments about the night bin Laden was killed, go to the 6:15 mark:

Cohen’s Week

Another week, another self promoting email from Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen.

He starts out on a “high” note:

After Republicans spent another week in Washington infighting and working as hard as possible to keep Congress stuck in reverse, they recessed last Friday for the entire month of August without adequately funding the food stamp (SNAP) program, advancing comprehensive immigration reform, or fixing the devastating cuts caused by sequestration. But, before they left town with so much left to do, they were able to fit in a 40th useless vote to repeal President Obama’s landmark Affordable Care Act—even though they know it will go nowhere in the Senate. While House Republicans refuse to do their jobs in Washington, I’ve been hard at work in Memphis all week. Keep reading to learn what I’ve been up to.

Anybody see the program on food stamps, aka SNAP, on Fox last night? Money for it has doubled under Obama while the requirements for SNAP have been decimated, to use a term. The GOP finally divested it from the Farm Bill so SNAP could be tackled singly. Didn’t Cohen, also leave D.C. for the entire month of August? He could have stayed there if he liked. As for comprehensive immigration reform, it’s not like we lack for any guidelines now; they just aren’t enforced. Has anyone noticed “the devastating cuts caused by sequestration”? Didn’t think so. ACA? Slice it, dice it, thrash it, trash it. Get rid of it any way you can. Right now the job of Republicans is to oppose the Obama administration. I wish they were working harder at it. As for Cohen working hard, there’s more.

His “accomplishments” this week: Got Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx to tour Memphis (got to spend those taxpayer dollars); visited LeMoyne Owen to remind them he got a grant; celebrated the 48th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act and anticipated the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington; remembered Lois DeBerry (again); visited a National Nights Out party; bashed Republicans.

He humbly includes two clips of his appearances on local TV stations, available to watch if you can stand it.