Bear-ly There

President Obama loves to say “the bear is loose” whenever he leaves his Oval Office den and goes out among “the folks” for a burger or a beer.

Must be some macho thing that appeals to him. Obama sees himself as an unpredictable force on the rampage, protecting his cubs. Kind of like Sarah Palin’s “Mama Grizzly” only in the male sense. Does he really think he bears (pardon me) any resemblance to one at all?

If there is a bear in mind when people think of him, maybe one of these is more visually accurate:

Is this him?
Or Pooh?
Or Baloo?
Or Captain Kangaroo’s Dancing Bear?

The Russian bear he is not. Putin’s the one on the move, gobbling up turf, running off the opposition and feasting on his winnings. In his press conference today, Obama more or less left it up to the UN to wrestle with the problem of the downed plane. He expressed his displeasure and outrage, but he was as forceful as this:

On foreign policy, Obama’s a bear all right. Barely there.

More on Core

“If you take one thing away from this meeting,” said Karen Lamoreaux, “it’s this: They tell us Common Core is just a set of standards. That’s not true. It’s a comprehensive reform initiative.”

Lamoreaux was speaking at a Campaign for Liberty meeting last night on the topic of Common Core. She is from Little Rock and a member of Arkansans Against Common Core. “The proponents have hired PR people and marketing executives to push it,” she said. Education is “no longer K-12 and about shaping individuals minds steeped in literature and history. What they want to accomplish with it is a corporate workforce pushing a managed economy.”

Bolstering her case, she says is the shocking fact that none of the people behind Common Core are educators. “Not one has taught in the classroom,” Lamoreaux says.

That includes Education Secretary Arne Duncan. Lamoreaux says of him that he “never taught in a classroom. He was a professional basketball player for Australia. He went back to Chicago and met with his friends Obama and Bill Ayers and got a job in education even though he majored in sociology.” She quoted this clip from him about what he wants to do via education:

“In short, schools will become the center of community life rather than family and church.” At least in Memphis, that is happening as schools provide eyeglasses for kids, plus three meals a day and a snack, with weekend meals furnished, too.

It echoes the philosophy of another Common Core proponent, Marc Tucker who said “we want to remold the entire American system into a seamless web that literally extends from cradle to grave.”

Certainly that is what Bill Gates and his Foundation have been pushing, according to Lamoreaux. She quotes Gates as saying he would “align the tests first, then the curriculum.” If he wants just standards, he wouldn’t do that, she says.

Gates has paired with UNESCO, the United Nations organization, which seeks to downplay nationalism, define peace involving social equity, teach sustainable development and teach local to global activism. Race to the Top has been part of the plan and took 9.35 billion in tax money from the stimulus money Obama engineered. “Gates sent people to help them write proposals so it’d be the way he wanted it. States were given a waiver, but they would lose Title I money for disadvantaged students if they refused it. Teachers have been told either to embrace it or get fired. Many have complied there, too, she says.

Tomorrow: the myths about Common Core

Super Mosque Planned for Memphis

Pamela Geller, who has been following the progress of radical Islam in our country, writes this today. The headline is “Target Memphis: Another Massive Mega-Mosque Compound in Middle America.” She calls it the quiet Jihad tsunami.

She writes:

“Memphis is one of those gateway cities in which the State Department dumps whole Muslim communities under the Refugee Resettlement programs. The OIC (Organizaion of Islamic Cooperation)-driven UN designates who and who isn’t a refugee. Is it any wonder that Christians are trapped in Muslim countries while jihadists are welcomed here with full entitlements? These towns and cities like Lewiston, Maine; Nashville; Emporia, Kansas et al that are designated as ‘preferred communities’ don’t know what hit them. Memphis is a ‘preferred community’ for refugees, according to the US government, which is doling out grants to further assist these hostile invaders.

“Now that beleaguered city is getting a seven-million-dollar, 63,144-square-foot mega-mosque. Who pays for these mosquestrosities?

“…And now a monster mosque. This is not an Islamic center, it is a rabat – a point of contact at the heart of the infidel territory raided.”

Geller then refers to a Memphis Business Journal article that discusses the Memphis Islamic Center plans a $6.5 million expansion in Shelby County.

“The Memphis Islamic Center plans this summer to launch construction of the first phase of a $6.5 million recreational center in Shelby County.

“The MIC is accepting bids from general contractors to build a multifunctional hall as part of a planned Family Life Center on vacant land at 10299 Humphrey Road, next door to its current 6,000-square-foot facility.

“The three-phase, 63,144-square-foot project will eventually include an indoor gym, exercise rooms, classrooms, a daycare area, a library and more worship space, said Dr. Bashar Shala, chairman of the MIC board.

“The MIC’s 55-acre campus could also eventually have an elderly care and community medical facility, Shala said.

“Memphis-based Pickering Firm Inc. is the project’s engineer and architect.”

Geller notes that Islamic communities are spreading throughout Tennessee in Murfreesboro, Memphis and Antioch.
She is concerned about a Memphis imam who called Christians and Jews filthy and that their lives hold no value in the state of jihad.

His name is Yaser Qadi and here is some of what he believes:

According to Geller, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee William Killian has vowed to criminalize postings on social media that critcize or offend Islam or offend Muslims like the Memphis imam Yaser Qadi.

For more on this, plus plans for the mosque, see more here:

Kroger Helps Red, White and Food

Antonio Parkinson
Joe Bell of Kroger

“Even though Governor Haslam signed a bill for wine sales in grocery stores, it’s just the beginning,” said Joe Bell at the Poplar Plaza Kroger yesterday. The manager of marketing and public affairs for Kroger’s Delta division continued, “the campaign is far from over.”

He went on to explain that the proposal must first get on the November ballot. That will be achieved by first collecting signatures of registered voters on a petition. The petitioners must collect 10% of the number of residents who voted in the last gubernatorial election to qualify. This must be done by August 21. Then the names must be verified by the Election Commission which will check to make sure all who signed are registered voters. If residents vote for wine sales in grocery stores, it will not happen until July of 2016.

Bell said “customers have told us repeatedly that they want wine in stores. We will have the petitions available to sign in our Kroger stores.”

Bell was joined by Rep. Antonio Parkinson, a backer of the bill, and Randy Stepherson of Superlo stores. Parkinson (D-District 98) said he is a big supporter of that bill and on that committee. “I have been for it because I believe my constituents and the majority of Tennesseans have the right to vote on it. The petition process is important. It will not make it on the ballot unless there are enough signatures,” Parkinson said.

Representatives from Red, White and Food were on hand at the event and will provide help with the effort. A full list of signatures will be posted on their website.

Channels 3, 13 and 24, along with your Midtown blogger, were on hand to cover the event.