The Thrill Is Gone

I’m not sure even Chris Matthews gets a thrill up his leg anymore when O speaks. explains:

President Obama’s mojo has stopped working, even among the young college crowd — those he once considered part of his base.

When speaking in Pennsylvania Wednesday, 15 community college students were hand-picked to stand in the bleachers behind the president to show excitement for the cameras.

Although audience reaction can be heard at appropriate times during his remarks, the same isn’t reflected in the faces behind him.

What he got instead was silence and blank stares.

Even when Obama turned around to address the students directly to make a point about a partnership program between private business and higher education, he failed to elicit so much as a smile.

Take a look:

The mark of a man who is desperate for attention is this selfie taken by Biden:

Obama must be feeling the lack of adoration to stoop so low as to a selfie by Joe Biden.

Ad Hits Below the Belt

This ad against John Boehner is brilliant. It’s called “When the Moment Is Right” and it’s from his opponent, JD Winteregg.

I would love to see Boehner replaced by another Republican; one with humor to boot. What’s next? An ad to stop that annoying tearing up that happens when you get emotional? Winteregg has a lot of opportunities.

Contrast Is Stark

I happened to hear District Attorney Amy Weirich on the radio this morning. She was on KWAM 990 discussing various issues in Memphis, including the successful mentoring program her office sponsors. She was well spoken, logical, calm and intelligent.

Compare that to this freak show:

When you consider that this man loves the spotlight and national publicity, it’s upsetting to think that he’d be pulling these stunts all the time were he to be elected DA.

Of course it was politically motivated. Why did he decide to “drop by” Juvenile Court on Monday afternoon? Nothing better to do? How did he find a client so fast? Why inject race into it by comparing himself to Dr. King and the civil rights movement? Judge Brown has certainly not suffered because he’s black. Otherwise he would never have gotten a network TV show.

It’s disturbing, too, that he is friends with Thaddeus Matthews. Remember how the former radio host abused Charlotte Bergman? Remember that little problem he had being indicted on three felony counts for posting on his Facebook page a photograph of female child under age 5 performing a sex act on an adult male? Here’s a sample of his demeanor to refresh your memory:

Is this the kind of person you want your DA to pal around with?

Matthews tells the Commercial Appeal that “People…are tired of the corruption in Amy Weirich’s office.” Corruption? Whenever a Democrat knows he’s guilty of something, that’s the very charge he throws against his opponent.

It works pretty well for them. Let’s hope it doesn’t this time.

Governor Gets Street Wise

Is Governor Haslam going all Michelle Obama on us? He’s talking with Sesame Street characters about the benefits of fruits and vegetables:

Let’s hope he doesn’t diss bbq, cornbread, banana pudding or fluffernutters.

Much as I hate the blatant suck up of this, maybe it’s what more Republicans need to do. Our populace seems to prefer entertainment over substance. We hate to talk down to our people, but it sure works for the Democrats.