Fundraiser a Success

Dan Michael
Dan Michael, center, was surrounded by supporters at Wednesday’s Meet and Greet.

Last night’s Meet and Greet for Juvenile Court Special Judge Dan Michael had a packed house. Republicans and friends of the judge turned out to contribute to his upcoming campaign in a big way.

A side room at El Toro Loco on Poplar held the crowd who snacked on nachos, guacamole and chips, spilling into the hall as the noise level elevated.

Judge Michael thanked all who came. Since this year will have a jumbo ballet with most judges, probate clerk, juvenile court clerk, district attorney and a raft of others, Republicans are particularly concerned that our voters know who are candidates are, then go out and vote.

As Michael explained, it is particularly difficult for judges. They are not appointed, but elected like other politicians, but they cannot campaign like politicians. They have severe restrictions on what they can do. That makes it tough.

Coincidentally, Judge Michael was featured in an article on page one of the Commercial Appeal this morning. He had a youth of 14 in front of him in court allegedly involved in rapes, attacks and thefts. It’s got to be tough to deal with that every day.

Luckily, Judge Michael is up to the task. We want to keep him in that post for the next four years.

Can’t Touch This

Hard to believe, but in the United States many innocuous items have become verboten.

O’Keefe Is Back With OCare Bomb

James O’Keefe, whose Project Veritas clips exposing ACORN and NPR were bombshells, is back with another stunner. He shows how Obamacare navigators encourage enrollees to lie.

John Fund writes at National Review:

“You lie because your premiums will be higher,” one navigator advises an investigator for O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, who tells the worker he sometimes smokes. “Don’t tell them that. Don’t tell ’em.”

The investigator then poses as a low-income worker at a university who has unreported cash income on the side, worrying about how that might affect his premium subsidies. That’s no problem for a navigator, who says, “Don’t get yourself in trouble by declaring it now.”

“Yeah, it didn’t happen,” another navigator says. One more chimes in: “Never report it.”

Records show that the National Urban League was paid $376,000 by the federal government for its Obamacare outreach in Texas.

O’Keefe’s cameras then visit Enroll America, a nationwide nonprofit group that has launched a multi-state grassroots campaign to help millions of Americans sign up for health coverage. Daniel Clayton of Enroll America says the group is “purely nonprofit. It’s not partisan, non-political.” But when Brian Pendleton of Enroll America is introduced at a speaking engagement, Enroll America is described as “the official group for the DNC [Democratic National Committee].”

Enroll America, O’Keefe reports, appears to be sharing data and working directly with an explicitly political group called Battleground Texas, activities that he notes “are prohibited unless certain conditions are met.” Adrian Bell, the regional field director for Battleground Texas, proudly notes the group was “started by President Obama’s national field director” and is “dedicated to turning Texas blue.”

There’s much more in the video, which O’Keefe hints will not be his last. Left unexplored is how so many navigators nationwide were hired without any background checks required. While Texas and some other states have passed requirements of their own, the absence of such checks at the federal level was acknowledged by HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius last week. She was asked by Texas senator John Cornyn if “a convicted felon could be a navigator and could acquire sensitive personal information from an individual unbeknownst to them.”

“It’s possible,” was Secretary Sebelius’s less-than-comforting reply.

I haven’t seen a lot of publicity on this video. It needs to go viral.

TN GOP Looks to Shelby

Brent Leatherwood
Brent Leatherwood

“Our top goal at the Tennessee Republican Party is to reelect Mayor Luttrell and the full slate of 2010 elected officials in next year’s election,” said Brent Leatherwood. “It is critical to us,” said the executive director of the state GOP party. “The Tennessee Republican party is stronger when there’s a strong Shelby party.”

Leatherwood made those statements at the monthly Steering Committee meeting of the Shelby GOP. He had come from Nashville, along with Walker Ferrell, to lay out the chairman’s vision for us. The theme is “Red to the Roots. More details about it follow this story. “It’s an ambitious goal and one all of us welcomed.

“We’ve had success in Tennessee and now we want to press our advantage down ballot,” Leatherwood said, “by building a bench at the local level.” Beginning January 1st, he explained, the state will be divided. Shelby County will get its own regional director. Then, according to Leatherwood, they will start building infrastructure and identifying candidates and giving them money for their campaigns. An important target for them is the judiciary. Leatherwood noted that the “vast majority of judges are Democrats and we need to address this.” After the August elections, attention will be switched to legislative battles around the state.

Victor Evans and Walker Ferrell
Victor Evans and Walker Ferrell

“We have a 100% strategy,” he continued. By way of example he introduced Victor Evans. Evans, a black Memphian who graduated from Rhodes then got his Master’s at CBU, was picked by TN GOP Chairman Chris Devaney and named Engagement Director. Evans also worked at a charter school here and has a background in education reform. “We want to build bridges to non traditional constituents,” said Leatherwood. “Evans will connect with communities of interest by talking with community leaders to get to constituents. He’s a wonderful ambassador,” Leatherwood concluded.

Similarly, Sharon Ohsfeldt has conducted a Hispanic outreach. She has contacted businessmen in the community. “They listen to their leaders,” she said. “We want to build a base of Latino leadership and make a network.”

With 2014 just around the corner, it’s good to hear movement towards winning elections is underway.