Finger Play

An angry Dutch speed skater was disqualified after he was seen flipping off his winning Russian competitor. Here it is:

People rightly say it was unsportsmanlike. It was a childish thing to do. That reminded me of another childish person’s attempt to express his displeasure with Republican opposition:

Nothing was said about this display by the mainstream media, though. Too bad he wasn’t disqualified.

Vitter Switch a Sign?

National Review reports that Senator David Vitter (R-La) is going to run for governor next year. Bobby Jindal is term limited, so the door is open to another candidate.

Vitter has been in the Senate for two terms. Perhaps he is growing tired of the fight with Democrats in the capital or perhaps he doesn’t think he could get reelected in the current climate because he is not conservative enough.

Ace of Spades suggests “conservative insurgents are winning the battle of ideas within the GOP.” He might be right, if you’ll pardon the pun. In a red state, people expect a red blooded Republican candidate to act that way when he goes to D.C. Vitter can also run without giving up his Senate seat.

A November poll evidently put Vitter significantly ahead of his closest opponent in the primary.

Here’s Vitter’s statement:

Now wouldn’t it be interesting if Bobby Jindal decided to take his spot in the Senate?

Take a Bow, Mo

Memphian Mo Bridges is a fantastic ambassador for our city. The 12-year-old started his business of bow ties three years ago. It has taken off, largely because of the hard work and enthusiasm of Mo.

Stuart Varney of Fox Business asked his viewers to name the most interesting company of 2013. They picked Mo. Here he is on the show:

This little boy has shown many in our city the way to go and the virtues of entrepreneurship and a free market. You go Mo!

Varney & Common Cents

If you get Fox Business channel, you’ve probably come to appreciate Stuart Varney. If you don’t, he’s a reason to subscribe!

He’s a Brit who became an American. Although he has elf like charm and sophistication, he lives on a farm in New Jersey and is the father of six. He’s a very grounded person. He kids the other reporters who spend their money getting whipped cream lattes for $5 at Starbucks. He prefers getting the senior discount coffee at McDonald’s. I like that.

This clip celebrates the fourth anniversary of his show, Varney & Co., but it’s what he says about economic experts that made me applaud. Take a look:

Affordable Care Act-ing

This video is unbelievable. Do the administration wonks in Washington really think this has-been exercise guru and these oddball young people will cause them to sign up for Obamacare?

The hashtag “Get Covered” is particularly weird. Look at the T shirt Simmons is wearing. Looks like Adam and Eve and they are graphically depicted. No covers over them.

It is embarrassing to watch this. Probably cost the taxpayer millions. If these are representative of Americans, maybe we all need to move to Belize.

The video seems to have a hiccup in the middle. Just move the ball ahead and you’ll get the rest of it. Maybe even the videographers were ashamed to be part of this.

Film Combats Common Core

Last night I attended Campaign for Liberty’s screening of “Common Core: Dangers and Threats” put out by the Freedom Project Education.

It’s a good encapsulation of all the problems that a Common Core curriculum will bring to our democracy. One of the narrators calls it a Trojan horse because Common Core brings with it an army of regulations, spying and psychological tools to change the way Americans think about the United States.

Interestingly, the movie notes the synchronicity to Obamacare. Many of us don’t realize how much there is about schools embedded in the Affordable Care Act. The narrators also talk about how the push for pre-K programs and the emphasis on anti bullying issues tie into Common Core.

Lastly, Common Core is like entitlement programs. The government gives and takes away funds from states, depending on how they comply. It becomes a necessity to depend on it. As they ask, when does an entitlement program, once started, every go away?

The movie is below and runs 70 minutes.

Fundraiser a Success

Dan Michael
Dan Michael, center, was surrounded by supporters at Wednesday’s Meet and Greet.

Last night’s Meet and Greet for Juvenile Court Special Judge Dan Michael had a packed house. Republicans and friends of the judge turned out to contribute to his upcoming campaign in a big way.

A side room at El Toro Loco on Poplar held the crowd who snacked on nachos, guacamole and chips, spilling into the hall as the noise level elevated.

Judge Michael thanked all who came. Since this year will have a jumbo ballet with most judges, probate clerk, juvenile court clerk, district attorney and a raft of others, Republicans are particularly concerned that our voters know who are candidates are, then go out and vote.

As Michael explained, it is particularly difficult for judges. They are not appointed, but elected like other politicians, but they cannot campaign like politicians. They have severe restrictions on what they can do. That makes it tough.

Coincidentally, Judge Michael was featured in an article on page one of the Commercial Appeal this morning. He had a youth of 14 in front of him in court allegedly involved in rapes, attacks and thefts. It’s got to be tough to deal with that every day.

Luckily, Judge Michael is up to the task. We want to keep him in that post for the next four years.

Can’t Touch This

Hard to believe, but in the United States many innocuous items have become verboten.