Cohen Backtracks Or Does He?

Did you notice that the CA had nothing about Rep. Steve Cohen’s desire to give disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok a purple heart on Friday? The comment had occurred on Thursday easily before their deadline, but it didn’t make Friday’s edition.

Why was that, do you think? Not important?

Did you also notice that the story they finally ran on Saturday was written by someone from Nashville?

Really on top of things, the CA.

They probably would have let the whole thing pass if Memphis vets did not voice their anger and disgust.

Cohen tried to backtrack from his remark, but he really didn’t apologize. He said, “I regret mentioning the Purple Heart medal at yesterday’s hearing. My intent was to speak metaphorically to make a broader point about attacks against the FBI and Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation into a Russian attack on our country. I have nothing but the highest respect for members of the Armed Forces, especially those who have been awarded Purple Hearts, as well as the hard working men and women at the FBI. We are safe because of their service and sacrifice.”

But in his weekly email to constituents that came out earlier on Friday, he bragged about his interaction on the Mueller probe. He said, “The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and the Judiciary Committee on which I serve held a hearing Thursday to take the testimony of FBI Agent Peter Strzok. I was saddened by the Majority’s attempts to use the hearing as an opportunity to attack the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Russia attacked our country, and I believe we ought to be focusing on keeping our nation safe rather than attacking the Department of Justice. See my exchange with Agent Strzok here” and provided a clip of his exchange:

Doesn’t sound like vets’ anger mattered to him then.

I was watching the hearing when he made his sorry remarks and immediately was disgusted. Others were, too and the disgust with him was voiced by many people, famous and ordinary citizens.

Alan Dershowitz talks to FBN’s Maria Bartiromo about the Strzok testimony and singles out Steve Cohen as the one responsible for the worst comment. (The conversation past that is interesting, too.)

Rudy Giuliani slammed Cohen on Twitter: “Congressman Steve Cohen wants to give biased renegade Agent Strzok the Purple Heart. Now he wants to impeach the President even though DOJ disclosed that the latest indictments yield no evidence of American involvement. This is pathological.”

And he added, “@RepCohen should apologize to every wounded veteran and the families of all fallen heroes. Saying Strzok should get a Purple Heart. Disgusting.”

Comments on blogs were outraged as well. Many wondered how Memphis could elect such a man.

I wonder, too.

One local veteran, a former employee at the VA hospital, is organizing a protest targeting Cohen and the VA’s practices. He asked, “How do you compare someone getting wounded in combat to someone getting in trouble for message he sent?”


A date for the march has not been set yet, but we will hopefully find out soon.

The Clown Is Back

Unfortunately, Rep. Steve Cohen is on the committee questioning FBI chief Peter Strzok today.

You know that assures that idiotic statements reflecting poorly on Memphians will be flowing from his clown pie hole.

Cohen began by telling Strzok, “If I could give you a purple heart, I would.”

Then he riffed on how bad the Russians are and how instrumental Strzok has been “dedicating” his career to finding Russian interference in America. (By the way, isn’t that more the CIA’s job than the FBI? Talk about mission creep.)

Cohen continued, “It’s astonishing to me that you would be put on trial like this today. We don’t want young people seeing things that put bad things about the FBI and the DOJ on the front page.”

He railed at the Republicans, saying they “won’t accept what the Inspector General said, that he found no bias…there is no reason for this hearing, no reason at all, but it puts it on the front page…the Russians are loving it.”

Cohen wasn’t finished. He accused Republicans of trying to influence the people who watch Fox News. I’m surprised he didn’t pull out the dated slur “Faux News.” This is “nothing but a ruse to make people think the Mueller examination is biased.”

Being the hipster he is, Cohen then referenced a 1992 movie. “Like Jack Nicholson in ‘A Few Good Men,’ you can’t handle the truth,” he said of the committee, “and the truth is this is the most corrupt administration ever and it will be exposed by Robert Mueller thank God.”
Cohen swims in the corrupt swamp, so he’d find it hard to identify corruption, wouldn’t he?

Actor James Wood took offense to what Cohen said and tweeted: “How dare this squealing sycophant pig #Cohen denigrate the integrity of the Purple Heart? To what depths will #Democrats sink to protect their fellow swamp denizens?”
Good one.

And Diamond and Silk tweeted: “Mr. Cohen just said that Peter Strzok deserves a medal of honor. We believe he may have gotten his words twisted and mistaken medal with metal. We say the only thing he deserves is some metal around his wrists called handcuffs.”

What an embarrassment Cohen is!

Picture Perfect

Someone who on twitter goes by the name Super Elite CRAM-A-LOT calls attention to the above painting. Once you start looking at it as he/she did, you do find a lot of interesting pieces of information.

Here’s what CRAM-A-LOT says about it:

1. The papers signify to me the removal of regulation.
2. Notice the side which should be disheveled is opposite, all his hair should be flying. But the “right side” isn’t.
3. Right side also showing tears? It may be he’s crying for a return to sanity for others?
4. The red of the tie is protecting the flag pinned to his suit.
5. His look of steel resolve even a storm not impacting.
6. Hands in a classic steeple indicating ability to listen and act.
7. I know our brains look for patterns, but I swear there’s an angel cloud shape above
8. Is there some writing and symbols on the left side curtain?
9. I assume the desk is very old, and he looks like the hardwood of the desk.

Looking just noticed the tie makes a “V” which is Victory.

The storm seems calm coming from the right blowing away left(his perspective) Storm inside & out.

I see three “w”’s. His hands form mirror of the letter and the papers flying off form a “w” as well.

Desk was gift from Queen Victoria from the Resolute. (Thanks) he’s merged with desk.

Figures reported are an Angel overhead, inside of that a rabbit or donkey.

Flying phone done with “phone and pen”

Lots of people seeing a lot of significant stuff.

Others added to his observations: Few more I might amend. The storm is inside and outside. Blowing from the right. His tie makes a “V” for victory.

Weathering the MFing storm to get our country back on track. I had no idea it was going to come in the form of Donald Trump, but this exactly what I’ve been hoping for since I started paying attention to politics

“I am the storm…”

He is the storm.
He is the unflappable calm in the storm
Another added this to the picture:

Others added,

The storm is here. He is isn’t affected in the least. Because the storm is from the right and it is causing total upheaval on his left. Even the phone is cleansed by the storm’s fury. That is what I see.

The origin of the painting appears to have come from Time magazine that used it on the cover.
As this twitter person said, “they couldn’t have flattered him more had they depicted him parting the Red Sea.”

The media never has understood what they are up against.

Memphian Thanks Eric Trump, Gets Slammed

A Memphis woman had the audacity to thank Eric Trump for his fund raising for St. Jude.

Eric Trump has helped raised $16 million for the hospital to help kids with cancer survive.

She explains what happened to her after she tweeted, “Thank you for your commitment to St. Jude. This St. Jude family is eternally grateful.”

Eric Trump eventually saw her tweet and responded to her, “@StJude is the best cause in the world! It has truly been one of the most important and meaningful missions of my life.”

That’s when she was bombarded by hate from the Left.

Unbelievable, but remember during the 2016 campaign the Commercial Appeal also attacked Eric Trump’s donations to St. Jude.