They Want Ivanka

Standing in line at the women’s department at Dillard’s, I heard a woman in front of me ask the saleslady if their store was going to handle the Ivanka Trump line. She said she thought there was something at one of the stores, but they had ordered more and it should arrive soon. The husband of the woman buying clothes mentioned that Ivanka’s perfume was a top seller at Amazon. The people are much more engaged and informed than the news media likes to think.

Party Time

Guess who’s been hitting New York’s bar scene. According to the New York Post, it’s Malia Obama.
“The former first daughter, who is interning for the Weinstein Company, was seen partying in the VIP section of Up&Down Friday. The young Obama, 18, has also been spotted at Soho bar the Black Lodge, attending the HBO “Girls” premiere and hitting a Fashion Week afterparty with J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons at Happy Ending. She also recently spent time with the high society crowd in Aspen, Colo.”

Adios Kaine

Vice president nominee Tim Kaine pandered big time to the Hispanics in his speech at the Democrat convention last night. According to Breitbart: “At 10:11 PM, he spoke Spanish for the first time in his speech. It was less than ten minutes in. That would obviously not be the last time he spoke Spanish in the speech…At 10:21 PM, he went into Spanish mode again, saying, ‘Si se puede, si se puede, yes we can yes we can yes we can.’” Probably didn’t help them with working class Dems.