Another Coincidence

James Comey tweeted: “VOTE in 3 days: ‘I will not vote for another Republican until Trump is out of office.’ My independent-voter wife to a Republican pollster who randomly called our house.” That’s about as believable as him not knowing the grand “insurance” plan McCabe did in the event of a Trump win. Sorry, James, no sale.

Another Woodward Wrong Note

While Bob Woodward tries to push his anti Trump book “Fear,” he likes to bask in his Watergate role. But remember a book he published in 2000 called “Maestro”? It concerned Clinton’s Fed chairman Alan Greenspan, praising his “mastery” of the economy. Shortly after “Maestro” came out, the American economy crashed, complete with a tech bubble. That got swept under the carpet. Another fake story by Woodward.

Leatherwood Beats Mills

CA reporter Ryan Poe writes, “After losing the Circuit Court clerk race by a wide margin, Shelby County Register of Deeds Tom Leatherwood will run for the open House of Representatives District 99 seat left vacant by the sudden death of Rep. Ron Lollar. Leatherwood won the party’s appointment to the Nov. 6 ballot last night Monday, defeating Republican Party of Shelby County chairman Lee Mills, as reported by The Daily News. He’ll face well-known Germantown Democrat Dave Cambron. Mills’ bid for the office raised eyebrows among Republicans, even though he and his wife — County Commission District 1 candidate Amber Mills — recused themselves from the vote. And those eyebrows furrowed after the party’s Aug. 2 election rout. Before Thursday, Cambron seemed destined for defeat. But now? Well, his victory is still a stretch in the heavily Republican district. But if the “blue wave” carries into November and the “red tide” remains out — well, all bets are off.”

Pointed Comment on Reddit

Joy Behar called VP Pence mentally ill because he listens to the voice of Jesus. That drew this response from America First! on Reddit: “Hey Joy Behar, remember when Hillary Clinton said she talked to the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt? Doesn’t that mean Hillary Clinton is mentally ill, according to your definition?” Touche.