Lee Office Opens

Gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee will open his Memphis office tomorrow, Wednesday, November 15. All interested parties are invited to a free lunch at 11:30 at the office at 5575 Poplar, Suite 813. Lee says, “Being the only campaign to announce the opening of an office in Memphis isn’t just lip-service, it’s part of our dedication to Shelby County, Memphis, West TN and our state as a whole. Last month, I outlined 10 commitments to Memphis
and Shelby County, which you can read at BillLee.com.

Womanly Advice

“Every woman who marched in a pussy hat for Hillary should do some serious soul searching. Everyone who forms their political opinions and donates to cause on the endorsement of celebrities like Streep, Clooney, Affleck, or Sean Penn is being influenced by people who were deaf, dumb, and blind about what was going on everywhere around them, or trying to pretend they were.” Clarice Feldman, American Thinker blog

Project Gone

If you’ve ever watched TV’s Project Runway, you’re aware of the Harvey Weinstein involvement. His name is on the credits, with his brother, Bob. His wife (now ex-wife), Georgina Chapman, is often one of the judges. Last night Harvey’s name was gone. As Heidi Klum says, “In fashion, one minute you’re in and the other you’re out.” He’s definitely out.

Milking It

Hillary Clinton must be desperate to sell her new book, “What Happened.” She appeared at a Costco in Brookfield, Connecticut and signed books next to the milk case. Not only that, but a Costco employee told activist Laura Loomer “I don’t know why they even let her come. They said a lot of people have canceled their memberships. We hate her.” This – in the very blue state of Connecticut!

Seattle Mayor Resigns

From Fox News: “Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has announced plans to resign following multiple accusations of sexual abuse. The news came after a fifth person reportedly came forward to accuse Murray of sexual abuse — his younger cousin, who alleges Murray repeatedly molested him in the 1970s.” Guess what party. Yes, he’s a Dem.

1 in, 1 out at Fox

Eric Bolling, formerly of The Five and The Specialists on Fox, has been dropped by the network. He was accused of sexual harassment and has vowed to clear his name. Charles Payne will return. Variety says, “Payne, a host on Fox Business Network was re-instated after being suspended following claims of harassment leveled at him. Payne also vowed to fight the allegations.” The Left got another scalp.