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The Midtown Republican Club meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at Cafe Eclectic, 603 N. McLean.
Newcomers are welcome. Yearly dues are $20 per person; $30 per couple. We are affiliated with Shelby County Republican party.

There is a Midtown Republican Club Facebook group page on which we put news, opinions and ideas.

Our club was launched in the summer of 2009. Our goals are to learn about candidates;  inform members on issues both local and national; encourage our local candidates; and grow the Republican party in Shelby County.

For further information contact Georgeann King
(901) 728-4211


By Georgeann King, on August 6th, 2010

What’s the point of a political club? Why did we form one?

People have asked that of members of the Midtown Republican Club.

My answer: yesterday’s election.

Yesterday, when I was a judge at my precinct, people complained that they didn’t understand the ballot. Why did you have to choose a party, was a question frequently asked. Who are these judges and clerks running? Why should I care? Does it really matter who they are? An election official even said to me that with families, kids, work and schedules, it was impossible to make an informed vote.

I couldn’t disagree more!

If you value your freedom, if it means something to you, you’ll take the time.

If you realize the import these people’s decisions will have on your income and personal life, you’ll take the time.

If you care about the direction of the city and country, you’ll take the time.

And that’s where our club comes in. You can attend candidate rallies, read their positions in the newspaper (if you trust they will not be biased) and watch some of them on TV. But the club allows a forum for the candidates to come and talk directly to the voter, especially in the smaller races that won’t be profiled on TV. It gives us the opportunity to ask them questions directly and hear what they have to say without any editing.

It means that if we like a candidate we can make calls for them, write letters and inform our friends. It doesn’t mean we are all in lockstep. Members make their own decisions on voting.

The result, I think, is that more informed voters stepped forward and helped our near total Republican sweep.