Daily Memphian Shows Snark

One of the top stories running in this morning’s Daily Memphian was a piece by former CA writer Chris Herrington. The title: Election Day Notebook: “Blackburn wins ugly, urban-rural divide deepens, Gibson’s gets flack, and more.”

Talk about ugly. He spews it, writing,

Two quotes in the closing days of this year’s midterm election, both on the subject of the “migrant caravan” as a political motivator:

First, outgoing Tennessee junior Sen. Bob Corker:

“We all know what’s happening. It’s all about revving up the base, using fear to stimulate people to come out at the polls,”

Second, now-incoming Tennessee junior Sen.-elect Marsha Blackburn, in a tweet on Sunday:

“There is a right & wrong way to come to our country & the illegal alien mob marching on our border is an invading force that must be stopped. My opponent has doubled down on his belief that there is no threat & thinks the wall is ‘political theater.’”

Hunter S. Thompson wrote about fear and loathing on the campaign trail in 1972, but it fits the present moment like perhaps no time since.

These days, loathing is a kind of free-floating condition, but a lot of the fear was strategic and targeted, built on the flimsy foundation of a few thousand poor people (a heavy percentage children) with conveniently brown skin on foot a couple thousand miles south of the U.S. border.

Most Americans across party or ideology would generally agree with Blackburn’s first statement, that there is a right and wrong way of coming into the country. The closing contrast with Bredesen was politics. But “illegal alien mob” and especially “invading force” crossed the line that Corker named. This messaging was in no way a one-off for Blackburn. This video spot equates “gang members” and “known criminals” with “people from the Middle East” as commensurate types.

Tennessee has a recent tradition of elevating mainstream politicians in statewide races. Maybe Blackburn ended that tradition on Tuesday night or maybe “mainstream” has shifted to absorb the kind of raw fear-mongering represented by her closing, no-doubt consultant-tested (and President-approved) messaging on migrants — on a distant, slow-moving, ever-shrinking huddled mass of would-be refugees.

Unlike the fellow Republican she replaced or the fellow Republican (Lamar Alexander) she will join, Blackburn proved herself happy to say whatever it took to win.

Given an apparent margin of victory larger than polls suggested, it probably wasn’t necessary. But even with Blackburn’s big win, she still seems to have run more than 10 points behind fellow Republican Bill Lee in the less-heated governor’s race.

How much of that gap represents opponent Phil Bredesen’s strength relative in a state where the demographics work heavily against Democrats and how much of it represents a resistance on the part of a significant sliver of the Republican-leaning electorate to buy what Blackburn was selling? Were the Lee/Bredesen voters more pro-Bredesen or anti-Blackburn? Would younger, more potentially exciting candidate James Mackler, who bowed out in deference to Bredesen, have fared better? Impossible to say.

Regardless, Blackburn made herself something more than a willing accomplice in the degradation of our national discourse.

What now?

If anyone practiced a fear technique it was the Dems. They have consistently told their base that Trump and his allies are racists, misogynists, bigots, Islamaphobes and anti immigrant. It worked pretty well because their people came out in droves.

Herrington repeats the Dem talking point about the migrants being harmless, decent, distant refugees. No matter that they are unvetted, breaking the law and taking taxpayer funds and jobs. Oh and did I forget the disease many of them carry?

As for degradation of our national discourse, I can remind him of Eric Holder’s mantra that when they go low, kick them. Plus all of Maxine Waters’ comments, Obama’s, Biden’s, ad nauseum. As for civility, the Bredesen smearing broadsides against Blackburn that daily marched into my mailbox were hardly civil. Does that help the national discourse?

He also blames Bredesen’s loss on rural people. You know the knuckle dragging, gun toting, Bible believers who weigh our state down: “This is the real story of modern American electoral politics: Not the red/blue state maps made famous in 2000, but an increasing urban/rural divide nationwide.”

If only we all thought like our urban betters who live in crime infested, poverty filled areas with poor schools, few jobs and high taxes!

Mr. H even slaps down Gibson’s donuts. “So, I guess Gibson’s Donuts didn’t see this coming. The beloved — and expanding — East Memphis donut shop was where Marsha Blackburn began her Election Day before heading east across the state:

“This drew the ire, at least on social media, of some Blackburn critics, who swore to remove Gibson’s from their culinary itinerary.

“While I’m not about to deny myself a Gibson’s apple fritter (pro tip: when still warm, maybe the best thing to eat in Memphis) due to a candidate stop, to each his own. Customer complaints, business boycotts, or simply “voting with your pocketbook” for political reasons are a totally legitimate means of self-expression and often an effective method of activism. We all choose our battles. And our donuts.”
Here’s hoping none of us runs into him while picking up his favorite apple fritter.

Maybe he should find a safe spot that sells donuts to other snowflakes like himself.

IRV Remorse in Vermont

An interesting letter in today’s Commercial Appeal should have run before early voting, but because it shows the negative side of Instant Runoff Voting, they ran it today at the last minute.

A woman from Vermont writes:

In 2005, in a low turnout election in Burlington, Vermont, residents voted to use IRV for mayoral races. The campaign for IRV promised majority winners, lower costs and to be one of the first cities to use IRV. Our experience with IRV was a disaster.
The 2006 IRV election had a low turnout. The winner received less than a majority. It cost more, and there was plenty of confusion. The 2009 election was worse. The candidate with the most overall support lost when IRV shuffled the ballots. The result was disbelief, distrust of the voting process. The mayor was deemed illegitimate.
IRV promises crashed. There was angry voter backlash. We were the first city to repeal IRV in 2010. Many cities have followed. I know people may be excited to try IRV. They think it’s good for democracy. I was one of them. But I found firsthand that it does not live up to the salesmen’s promises. It was a hard lesson to learn. I wish someone had warned us in 2005.

Exactly. You have to wonder what the people pushing it are getting out of it.

If you haven’t voted, you need to vote “for” on the second referenda because that will repeal IRV.

Voter Fraud Addressed

Worried about voter fraud in tomorrow’s election?

You may enjoy reading this twitter thread by “draw and strike.”

And so it begins….

Investigation Underway Into Alleged Failed Hack By Democratic Party of Georgia https://breaking911.com/investigation-underway-into-alleged-failed-hack-by-democratic-party-of-georgia/ …
11:42 AM – Nov 4, 2018

Remember when Thomas Wictor pointed out that vote fraud is now being handled by FEDERAL AGENCIES working together, it’s NOT a state issue being handled by the locals any more?
Trump started a ‘Vote Fraud’ panel, everybody screamed about it, he disbanded it.


Like they were supposed to.

While they were napping, guess what happened?

Vote fraud was given to DHS, the FBI & other federal agencies PARTNERING TOGETHER.
Those partnered federal agencies have been *quietly* cleaning up/spotting a lot of the vote fraud that went on in 2016. They know what was done, where it was done and who was doing it.

So THIS time, they are LYING IN WAIT FOR THEM.
“Only 19 foreign nationals!” the media cried. Way to miss the point. Fed. agencies working together in a new partnership was the big news here.

Coordinating together. Learning about the past fraud & getting ready to check new fraud.

Nineteen Foreign Nationals Charged for Voting in 2016 Election

Remember how the media trumpeted that the Trump vote fraud commission didn’t find all that much vote fraud and was then disbanded?

Report: Trump commission did not find widespread voter fraud

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — The now-disbanded voting integrity commission launched by the Trump administration uncovered no evidence to support claims of widespread voter fraud, according to an analysis o…

Well there are several different KINDS of vote fraud. And ways to facilitate mass vote fraud.

And tampering with the state’s voter registration system by cyber-hack is a new way of doing it.

Got a close race coming up? A couple thousand new registered Dem voters appear!
There are several places in this country where the # of registered voters now exceeds the voting age population of those areas.

Gee, how’d that happen?

Well it’s simple. A whole lot of registered Democratic voters are being created out of thin air. Then proxies vote as them.
You think people didn’t spot how this was being done? Everybody knew. But see, vote fraud is a LOCAL STATE MATTER, don’t ‘cha know? The locals handle it, find nothing, everybody shrugges and moves on.

Well not any more.
Well there’s a new Federal sheriff in town. The Dems & Media *missed* what happened after that Trump vote fraud panel was disbanded.

b scott @bscottnewskona
Replying to @drawandstrike

“The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, also called the Voter Fraud Commission, was a Presidential Commission established by Donald Trump that ran from May 11, 2017 to January 3, 2018” then transferred to Federal Agency partners due to uncooperative states.
2:15 PM – Nov 4, 2018

“transferred to federal partners” and then….radio silence for months.

Then an announcement in NC where they indicted a grand total of…19 people. The Dems/DNC media gigglesnorted and turned their attention elsewhere.
Understand what happened here: vote fraud is no longer a STATE matter. It’s federal. And the feds under Jeff Sessions have been busy.

The usual tricks are not going to work. How many years did the Dem party in GA and elsewhere get away with adding fake D voters to the rolls, then sending proxies to the polls to vote as those fake D’s?
This problem has been highlighted for some time:

Ghost Voters | National Review
It’s past time to exorcise ghost voters from the rolls.
Look at those figures. Some will try to tell you these are mostly DEAD PEOPLE who simply haven’t been removed from the voting rolls yet.

Sure, bro…..

Back in 2017 when that article was written, the big # of over registrations in GA was already getting attention.

Everybody knew WHAT was going on. What was needed was people with some SPINE to get in there and stop the fraud.

Well, that’s happened now. Trump has unleashed THESE people.

That’s not Obama in the WH any more and that’s not some flunky of his running DHS or these other fed. agencies.

When something is spotted, actions is going to be taken.

Tricks Dems engaged in to keep states from flipping red are going to be unmasked, prosecuted.


Strategy for the Next Few Days

We are being overwhelmed with TV constantly talking about Tuesday’s election. Radio, too. Hannity, Rush, all of them are talking about it exclusively.

Most of it is negative towards Republicans. We are told we can’t possibly keep the House. It just doesn’t happen to the party in power. N8ag tell us so and he was right in 2016, wasn’t he? Well no, but the Cook report says Dems will get 30 seats. They need 23 to take the House. It must be right, too?

Except there are other signs that the GOP will keep the House. Other, more correct, analysts like Daniel Perrin believe it (I have put it below). Redistricting by Democrats to have their voters contained in certain spots, makes it less likely, too. Don Surber explains, “Democrat House votes are concentrated in affirmative action ghettos. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 mandates majority minority districts. That means Republicans have an easier time winning in the 400 other districts.”

The economy, too, has been flourishing and the President’s poll numbers are above 50%. He has drawn tens of thousands to his rallies while the Obama/Dem ones get little turnout. Early voting by Republicans outpaces the Dems – an unusual event.

Writer H.A. Goodman gives six reasons why Republicans will hold the House:

1. Democrats have only won two of ten special elections for Congress against Republican challengers since Trump’s election.

Since Trump’s election, Republicans have won special elections for Congress in Kansas, Montana, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah, Arizona, Texas and Ohio. Democrats have only two victories, in Alabama and Pennsylvania, that were linked to Republican incumbents or challengers disgraced by bizarre sex scandals. When you’re running against Roy Moore or the GOP incumbent is someone like Tim Murphy, close victories shouldn’t be a sign of any Blue Wave.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, John Ossoff spent $30 million in a losing effort. GOP voters aren’t necessarily swayed by challengers with deep pockets. Trump won being outspent 2–1 by Clinton.

2. President Trump has an 85-percent approval rating within the Republican Party.

Liberal pundits don’t realize that GOP voters aren’t voting for a “generic Republican” this November. Polls ranging from a 14-point lead to a 4-point Democratic lead aren’t entirely relevant to GOP voters in historically conservative districts. They’re voting in large part to ensure their representatives don’t take marching orders from Nancy Pelosi or impeach the president.

Most importantly, Trump has the second-highest approval rating within his party at the 500-day mark since WWII. Republicans overwhelmingly support Trump, despite the never-ending histrionics from Hollywood, the press and Twitter warriors. They’re going to show up in November like they’ve done in the ten prior special elections since Trump’s election, where the GOP is 8–2.

3. Of Americans surveyed, 77 percent believe mainstream media reports “fake news” and only 31 percent have a favorable view of the Democratic Party.

Yes, Democrats have outperformed prior voter turnout figures in recent special elections, but they’ve still lost 8 out of 10 Congressional special elections. This Blue Wave is primarily media-driven, not policy focused. Furthermore, the media and Democrats are reviled by a large segment of the population.

4. Democrats haven’t achieved more than a net gain of 23 House seats since 2006. They currently need 23 seats in the House and the Senate looks great for Republicans.

Even in the 2008 House elections, with the election of President Obama, Democrats only managed a net gain of 21 seats, and that Democratic party was for more unified and enthusiastic than today’s version.

5. Democrats are running former CIA officials or candidates too far to the left in conservative districts.

In an era where voters elected Trump to drain the swamp, Democratic candidates Elissa Slotkin in Michigan and Abigail Spanbergerin Virginia are former CIA officials. As for the Medicare for All candidates running in red states, they’ve yet to justify a Mercatus study that states “a doubling of all currently projected federal individual and corporate income tax collections would be insufficient to finance the added federal costs of the plan.”

6. The economy, Supreme Court picks, tax cuts and other achievements under the Trump administration.

With Kavanaugh confirmed as Trump’s second SCOTUS pick, a possible 5-percent GDP figure in late October, and the Mueller Probe fizzling away with Papadapolous receiving a shorter sentence than certain traffic violations, the Blue Wave is another fantasy.

This is what the media, even Fox News, won’t tell you. Turn it off. Go black on TV news until late Tuesday night. They are into hysteria now and speculation. Facts aren’t there. Not a single vote has been tabulated.

Instead, read conservative blogs and keep up with news that way. Then go watch an old movie. I have enjoyed “It Takes a Thief” with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. Beautiful scenery of the Rivera, beautiful fashions and costumes, beautiful people and good dialog will keep your mind off scary election scenarios. I liked “Father Goose” with Cary Grant, too. Check it out.

There’s no reason for angst. If you are anxious, it doesn’t help the outcome in any way. Pray, too. You’ll be surprised at how much better and more confident you feel.
That’s not what the media of the Left wants.

Crime Marches On

Crime in Central Gardens has escalated lately. Almost every day Nextdoor is filled with stories of robberies, vandalism, burglary, armed assault, cars rifled through.

And the attacks are happening in broad daylight now, not just under cover of darkness. Last week someone in the block down from me was attacked at 3:15 in the afternoon. They got away. Someone reported a coworker was held up at gun point today. Another reported an urgent alert that a robbery happened this morning and were warning of the danger.

We’re not even to Christmas yet – the premium time for packages to be stolen off porches and break-ins to occur, along with the other crimes.

Aside from the outrage neighbors vent, the conclusion they appear to draw is that we need another Phelps truck!

Not that our politicians are inadequate or perhaps corrupt. Not that we need more police on the beat. Not that our tax money apparently should be used correctly for our safety. Not that we should elect people who actually care about citizens.

No, the conclusion they arrive at is that we should each fork over more money for security via Phelps.

I have nothing against Phelps people. However, they are not police. They are not armed. They can’t do much to stop a thief except scare him off. It’s not their job and most citizens would be angry if it were.

Most of us have installed security systems, electric gates, cameras, car alarms, even gotten big dogs. How much more are we supposed to do? When does the city begin to do its job?

What about accountability?
Here’s one comment, that truly flabbergasted me:

I am, like I am sure you all are, pissed beyond measure at the recent rash of criminal activity in the neighborhood. I plan to go to the Neighborhood Watch meeting at Crump on Tuesday night, and I hope that many of you join me. What has my blood boiling today is the knowledge that there are people of means in this neighborhood who are not subscribers to Phelps. We have PROOF today that their presence (thank you Officer Williams) helps. Imagine if we had a second truck? I know that there is much talk of SkyCop and other camera solutions. But I also know that CGA does not have the funds to purchase enough cameras to sufficiently cover our large footprint. IF CGA were to place a few cameras on certain streets, other neighbors who pay for CGA memberships would be upset that their blocks are not being covered. I know this because a neighbor tried to sue the association for the perception that their block was not being “treated equally” by CGA. I have stepped down from the CGA board, but I know that the safety committee is hard at work trying to figure out what can be done.

The one thing we CAN do, as good neighbors, is to pay for the Phelps service. If you have any doubt that they are worth the money, read the threads about what they did to help the police find the perps who terrorized our streets this morning. And that is exactly what this is… terror. Young kids with nothing to lose, brandishing guns upon folks going about their daily lives. I refuse to sit here and be afraid to walk my dogs, be out on my porch or visit neighbors on our sidewalks. I’m sorry (or maybe I’m not sorry) but if you are not a subscriber, and you have the means to do so, you are part of the problem.

Part of the problem? Insane.

The problem might have to do with electing liberals who are not tough on crime. Or when bleeding hearts lean on the police and judges here for leniency to criminals allowing the thieves back on the street. When thugs know there is little punishment, there is little incentive to quick taking things from people.

Notice, too, that liberals never think owning a gun could solve a problem, even though communities that do allow guns appear to have much less crime. They would probably prefer we not have the second amendment!

With attitudes like these prevailing, it doesn’t appear this problem of crime is going to be solved anytime soon.

Next they’ll be advocating curfews for law abiding citizens for our own good. Should we all only go out in groups of five or more? How much more should we pay per person for security the city should provide? Would they like a tax for that?

An emoji of hands in prayer or a sternly written comment is not going to solve the problem.

I keep looking for an end point to insanity but I don’t see it. Neither do I see an end to this crime until we get better elected officials.

Strategist Sees GOP Keeps House

One America News political correspondent Neil W. McCabe had a fascinating interview with Daniel Perrin.

“Daniel Perrin was for many years a top staffer for Senator Jesse Helms before he became a Republican consultant and strategist,” reported McCabe. “Perrin told One America News that his proprietary model of House and Senate races cannot predict individual races, but its macroanalysis predicts that Democrats pick up seats in the House but not enough to take control of the lower chamber.”

Perrin said, “Over the last four cycles I’ve measured the accuracy of the Senate elections about 95-96% and in the House 91-92%.”

Perrin said he relies on polling, but also economic data and other elements.

“There are a bunch of other factors and a bunch of other weightings and when you do the algorithm out the results are pretty fascinating.”

Republicans now hold a 51-49 seat advantage in the Senate and Perrin says before the Kavanaugh confirmation fight the Democrats were doing well. They defend 26 seats compared to only 9 seats for the Republicans.

“Prior to the results of the Kavanaugh debacle – from the Democrats’ perspective – it was showing that Republicans would gain one seat. And then it moved to two seats, three seats and as of today the net gain for the Republicans is four seats,” Perrin said.

Perrin added, “the House side has had a similar progression. Democrats were up substantially and they’ve steadily lost ground. I now show them picking up six seats.”

McCabe said that is well short of the 23 seats Democrats need to take over the lower chamber, but it could go as high as eleven seats depending on economic and other news between now and the election.

“Perrin said one of the reasons why his numbers are so different from the other polls and election models is that he has a more realistic assessment of turnout. This was seen in 2016 when so many people were wrong because they did not properly qualify likely voters.”

Perrin added, “Democrats thought their likely voter in Philly would give them 92% turnout. 84% they lose the entire state because of an 8 point delta in the black vote in Philly.”

McCabe continued, “Another important factor helping Republicans that is not properly weighted is President Donald Trump.”

Perrin: “The best description I’ve heard about Trump as a campaigner is that he is a monster. He can literally have tens of thousands of people standing outside a stadium that fits tens of thousands of people. It’s not seen in American politics.”

Adventures in Liberal Land

Every now and then a conservative finds him/herself taking a trip into the crazed world of Liberal Land. Not that we want to leave our cozy, contented conservative world, but on occasion it’s necessary. Over the weekend I had to make the trip to a Leftist outpost. I knew there’d be peril, but gutted up and did it.

The event was a party on the 35th anniversary of the demise of Memphis’ afternoon newspaper, where all of us worked.

Probably 80% of those who attended are liberals, but in the interest of comity and old times sake, I decided to go. You always want to see who turns up, how they’ve changed and what happened after such a live altering event as a business shutdown.

A home in Harbortown was the gathering place and the hostess a life long journalist. It puzzles me because this person, as a liberal, aligns with minorities and bathes in the righteous waters of diversity.

But I don’t find Harbortown to be at all diverse. It is a tight and white community of expensive homes in well patrolled neighborhoods. Midtown has diversity splashed all over it. We can easily go to a Vietnamese grocery, Hispanic restaurant or black owned business. Harbortown, no.

When these people were younger they decried the white flight suburbs. Would never live there, looked down on Germantown, East Memphis and Cordova. Didn’t like the hastily built, cookie cutter, soul-less homes therein.

In short, places a lot like Harbortown.

The owner of the zero lot, backyard free, $400K house said she had been there five years. A lot of the reason she moved was to avoid crime in Midtown. “I never felt safe in Central Gardens,” she said. Then she recounted incident after incident of break-ins, robbery in her own driveway, burglaries. Once someone ran out of her house with her daughters’ music tapes. She called the police who came and caught the guy. She refused to press charges, which angered the cops. Rightly so. They asked why they had even bothered if she wasn’t going to prosecute. Amen. But in the liberal mind, it is always wrong to blame the perpetrator.

The homeowner went on to say how much safer it is in Harbortown. “There is only one road out, so it’s hard for someone to slip out,” she said. That was puzzlingy as I immediately recalled a meeting with her a year ago. She had been in a panic. Someone had come to a home in her neighborhood in the late afternoon and shot and killed the homeowner in a botched robbery.

Doesn’t sound safe to me. She must have forgotten all about that. Selective forgetfulness is rampant among libs.

Later I went to the sink to get a glass of water. The hostess was busy washing the plastic plates from the dinner buffet. What? I didn’t ask but she said she believes in recycling. Not a shock from the “Make America Green Again” bumper on her refrigerator right next to the “Resist” sticker. I didn’t look, but there was probably a Prius in the driveway.

Why not just use real plates then and put them in the dishwasher? Is there a point in buying disposable dishes and then not disposing of them? This is liberal logic served up on a plate.

We wonder why there is such a chasm between conservatives and liberals. They don’t make any sense and there is no logic.

Fortunately for me, politics didn’t come up and I didn’t stay long enough to let them. Most of the time conservatives/Republicans don’t bring up politics; the other side does. We tend to take it on the chin and let it go.

After all, the tolerant world of Liberal Land ends at the ideological border. There is no hypocrisy in their world; nor is there prejudice. That’s as they see it.

Perpetrators never do though, do they?

More Questions Than Answers on Sayoc

There is a lot about the Cesar Sayoc case that doesn’t seem quite right. In fact, a lot of what has come out, plus the timing, appears too convenient for Democrats/Lefties/Progressives/Media people.

For example, Theothermccain commented, “While described as a ‘Seminole Indian’ and a fervent Trump supporter, the suspect, Cesar Sayoc is the son of a Puerto Rican immigrant with a long arrest record for making bomb threats, petty theft, grand theft, battery, drug possession, and domestic violence. Some of these offenses would appear to be felonies and yet until 2016, after years of being registered as a Democrat, he changed his registration to Republican — something peculiar in a state that bars felons from voting. He had worked as a male stripper and likely was misusing steroids as he had been charged in 2004 with ‘felony possession of testosterone-based steroids’ in a case which was dismissed.”

Then there was his Twitter account. Apparently he only followed 32 people, including Lena Dunham, Barack Obama, Jimmy Kimmel and “comedian”/Trump hater John Oliver. All vehement Lefties. Of course, Twitter quickly erased his presence.

Then there is this: how did he manage to get most of his packages delivered on the same day? Why were there no postmarks, canceled stamps and how did it get through without enough postage? The Soros and CNN packages appear to have been hand delivered. How did he work that?

His family said he lived in his van. How did he get the money for all this, plus the money to get the full custom window decals? They had to be designed, produced and installed. They weren’t just bumper stickers put on it.

How did the decals not fade in the full Florida sun?
Surprising that in that Democrat haven no one ever keyed or attacked his van.

Why wasn’t the van stopped by police? The decals precluded a driver from seeing out any windows. Surely a policeman would have pulled him over for this and then seen his record.

Why was FBI director Chris Wray saying that the bombs were not fake? Other accounts say they were. Does anyone trust the FBI anymore? Sayoc must have been on their radar because they found him rather quickly.

If Sayoc knew the bombs were false, why did he send them?
And they were sent to people who don’t open their own mail.
If Sayoc had the IQ of a 15 year old, did someone put him up to doing this?

Don’t forget, this happened in Broward County, which is represented by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and is the home of Sheriff Israel, the dedicated Democrat who let the school shooter get by and then dallied when the massacre started.
Wasn’t this exactly what the media was looking for two weeks before a vital election? It fits the bill perfectly of their idea of a Republican – violent, Trump supporting and insane.

It also takes attention away from the caravan headed our way and the anger over the Kavanaugh hearings.

Gab.com even alleges that former employers say Sayoc never worked for them. That they have uncovered a possible CIA front company and say a WaPo editor and Daily Beast writer followed his Twitter account.

There is a fog of information out there about him. It’s all too convenient to pin it on him.

Since the murders at the synagogue, this story will probably go the way of the Las Vegas shooter. It, too, never was fully answered by the FBI, local law officials or the DOJ.

Just be careful about believing a too convenient story.

The crew at Powerline had fun publishing these images about the story:

Don’t Shed a Tear for These People

Things aren’t well at the CA.

Here’s a recent memo from the editor, Mark Russell:

From: Mark Russell
Date: October 23, 2018
Re: Early Retirement Opportunity Program

The Commercial Appeal is offering an Early Retirement Opportunity Program (“EROP”) to eligible Guild-represented employees in the newsroom. The terms and conditions of the offer are:
The EROP is a completely voluntary program and employees are eligible to participate if they will have attained 55 years of age and completed 15 years of service with the company as of December 31, 2018.
Severance is 30-35 weeks’ pay based on years of service, payable in a lump sum.
Transition bonus of $4,500 – $5,520 based on years of service, payable in a lump sum.
The company has the sole discretion to accept or reject volunteers.
Employees will be required to sign a “waiver and release” drafted by the company.
The EROP is in lieu of, and not in addition to, any contractual retirement or severance benefits that employees may be otherwise entitled.
Any disputes involving the EROP are not subject to the contractual grievance and arbitration procedure.
Time is of the essence. We, therefore, ask that that you sign and return this document to me within 48 hours. I’m available to meet with you today and answer any questions, or discuss this with you, within the 48-hour window.

This is a move organizations take when they’re not doing well.

The sooner, the demise, the better is what many of us think.

So does the delightful Kurt Schlicter who had this to day on Rebel Media:

The Council Fights Back

Yesterday someone let slip a very interesting point at the Memphis City Council meeting.

The Council decided to fight back on the Vote No campaign on the referenda and to fund a “public information campaign” about them.

According to the Daily Memphian, Council member Frank Colvett “questioned whether voters who approved the use of IRV in a 2008 city charter amendment referendum knew it could involve counting ballots by hand.”

He was referring to Instant Runoff Voting, the issue that is on the second referendum.

The question of who would be responsible for tabulating the second and third choices – should the first candidate not win a plurality – is one that is inherent in IRV. Do you trust officials first, to know how to do it and secondly, that they will do it fairly? Frankly, I don’t believe either premise.

Whenever someone starts messing with our voting system, it sends out big warning signs to me. Do they want to massage and manipulate the votes until they get the desired outcome?
Wouldn’t this greatly delay the results of the election? The greater the amount of time between votes cast and the vote revealed, the greater the chance of tampering.

What about the cost? The man hours involved in IRV could very easily negate the savings the IRV proponents say they’ll have.