The Clown Is Back

Unfortunately, Rep. Steve Cohen is on the committee questioning FBI chief Peter Strzok today.

You know that assures that idiotic statements reflecting poorly on Memphians will be flowing from his clown pie hole.

Cohen began by telling Strzok, “If I could give you a purple heart, I would.”

Then he riffed on how bad the Russians are and how instrumental Strzok has been “dedicating” his career to finding Russian interference in America. (By the way, isn’t that more the CIA’s job than the FBI? Talk about mission creep.)

Cohen continued, “It’s astonishing to me that you would be put on trial like this today. We don’t want young people seeing things that put bad things about the FBI and the DOJ on the front page.”

He railed at the Republicans, saying they “won’t accept what the Inspector General said, that he found no bias…there is no reason for this hearing, no reason at all, but it puts it on the front page…the Russians are loving it.”

Cohen wasn’t finished. He accused Republicans of trying to influence the people who watch Fox News. I’m surprised he didn’t pull out the dated slur “Faux News.” This is “nothing but a ruse to make people think the Mueller examination is biased.”

Being the hipster he is, Cohen then referenced a 1992 movie. “Like Jack Nicholson in ‘A Few Good Men,’ you can’t handle the truth,” he said of the committee, “and the truth is this is the most corrupt administration ever and it will be exposed by Robert Mueller thank God.”
Cohen swims in the corrupt swamp, so he’d find it hard to identify corruption, wouldn’t he?

Actor James Wood took offense to what Cohen said and tweeted: “How dare this squealing sycophant pig #Cohen denigrate the integrity of the Purple Heart? To what depths will #Democrats sink to protect their fellow swamp denizens?”
Good one.

And Diamond and Silk tweeted: “Mr. Cohen just said that Peter Strzok deserves a medal of honor. We believe he may have gotten his words twisted and mistaken medal with metal. We say the only thing he deserves is some metal around his wrists called handcuffs.”

What an embarrassment Cohen is!

Picture Perfect

Someone who on twitter goes by the name Super Elite CRAM-A-LOT calls attention to the above painting. Once you start looking at it as he/she did, you do find a lot of interesting pieces of information.

Here’s what CRAM-A-LOT says about it:

1. The papers signify to me the removal of regulation.
2. Notice the side which should be disheveled is opposite, all his hair should be flying. But the “right side” isn’t.
3. Right side also showing tears? It may be he’s crying for a return to sanity for others?
4. The red of the tie is protecting the flag pinned to his suit.
5. His look of steel resolve even a storm not impacting.
6. Hands in a classic steeple indicating ability to listen and act.
7. I know our brains look for patterns, but I swear there’s an angel cloud shape above
8. Is there some writing and symbols on the left side curtain?
9. I assume the desk is very old, and he looks like the hardwood of the desk.

Looking just noticed the tie makes a “V” which is Victory.

The storm seems calm coming from the right blowing away left(his perspective) Storm inside & out.

I see three “w”’s. His hands form mirror of the letter and the papers flying off form a “w” as well.

Desk was gift from Queen Victoria from the Resolute. (Thanks) he’s merged with desk.

Figures reported are an Angel overhead, inside of that a rabbit or donkey.

Flying phone done with “phone and pen”

Lots of people seeing a lot of significant stuff.

Others added to his observations: Few more I might amend. The storm is inside and outside. Blowing from the right. His tie makes a “V” for victory.

Weathering the MFing storm to get our country back on track. I had no idea it was going to come in the form of Donald Trump, but this exactly what I’ve been hoping for since I started paying attention to politics

“I am the storm…”

He is the storm.
He is the unflappable calm in the storm
Another added this to the picture:

Others added,

The storm is here. He is isn’t affected in the least. Because the storm is from the right and it is causing total upheaval on his left. Even the phone is cleansed by the storm’s fury. That is what I see.

The origin of the painting appears to have come from Time magazine that used it on the cover.
As this twitter person said, “they couldn’t have flattered him more had they depicted him parting the Red Sea.”

The media never has understood what they are up against.

Good to Know

Lee Harris says outright that he’s happy to raise our taxes.

According to Mike Matthews reporting for, Harris will do that if he feels the schools need more money.

Lee Harris says he’s not running a campaign where he makes one speech in South Memphis, then another speech in Collierville, saying different things to different people.

“I think you have to be one candidate all across the county,” he says, “… campaigning all across the county with one message about one community. I think that’s investing in students, in neighborhoods like we are in. I think it’s getting rid of blight, like the blight you see over my shoulder.”

Harris wanted to meet up in front of vacant Vance Middle School to prove his point. Closed schools can be sold, or used for something else, he says, not just left empty.

If doing things to improve the quality of education for students, or the quality of life for people means raise taxes, Lee Harris says he’s not afraid to ask for a tax increase.

“You’re not going to find me on the campaign trail,” he says, “… talking about right sizing and these kids of phrases. That does not speak to the community needs I’ve seen while serving on the city council and in the state senate.”

We have poured billions into our school system in the last decade. Has it made a difference? Are our graduates better prepared for the job market?

It would appear “no” as that is the number one complaint of employers coming to Memphis.

As with all issues, Democrats believe more money solves everything.

It doesn’t.

We can’t let this man beat David Lenoir.

Solutions for City Not Paved with Claptrap

The CA’s most esteemed columnist – in her eyes and theirs – has the answer today on the front page to why Memphians are leaving the city.

Yes, she has the solution.

Crime, you ask? Poor schools which devour enormous sums only to turn out students who know less than the previous class? Jobs? (See previous sentence.) Terrible service from our utility company that jeopardizes the lives of thousands every time a small wind blows? High property tax that can be avoided by moving just outside the city? Taxes, such as those on food that make necessities here cost more than our neighbors surrounding us?

Wrong again.

No, none of the above. The main problem in her eyes that keeps people from flocking here is infrastructure. In particular, she faults the lack of a viable public transit system as the No. 1 culprit.

While I agree that our roads need help – why are the constantly tearing up our main thoroughfares, by the way, for what? – she’s talking about MATA. “It’s severely underfunded.”

So where’s the money coming from? Even if it did, would millennials from cities with subways race here to take the bus? Doubtful.

The other problem she highlights is the minimum wage. The city is now paying $15.50 an hour minimum wage, so why don’t other companies follow, she asks? States that have hiked minimum wage have seen businesses close because they can’t afford to pay more. That would contribute, rather than stop, the exodus, if experience matters.

These are all Democrat ideas that avoid facing the difficult issues we have. Until crime is under control, people are unwilling to commit to a home or business somewhere that could be robbed. Until education is fixed – and that means actually failing people who don’t pass – we won’t attract companies here who can employ our citizens.

Until someone with a vision steps forward who is not part of the race racket, we won’t straighten out our problems. That is unlikely, because that is what gets people here elected.

Infrastructure indeed! They’re kidding themselves. Provide people who are actually worth paying $15 an hour plus, rather than playing socialist games. That would put us on the highway to success. As of now, we’re on the slippery slope downward.

Memphian Thanks Eric Trump, Gets Slammed

A Memphis woman had the audacity to thank Eric Trump for his fund raising for St. Jude.

Eric Trump has helped raised $16 million for the hospital to help kids with cancer survive.

She explains what happened to her after she tweeted, “Thank you for your commitment to St. Jude. This St. Jude family is eternally grateful.”

Eric Trump eventually saw her tweet and responded to her, “@StJude is the best cause in the world! It has truly been one of the most important and meaningful missions of my life.”

That’s when she was bombarded by hate from the Left.

Unbelievable, but remember during the 2016 campaign the Commercial Appeal also attacked Eric Trump’s donations to St. Jude.

Midtowners Sallied Fourth

July 4thThe annual Central Gardens Fourth of July parade this year was bigger than ever.

There were more people, more floats, more kids dressed up than I can remember.

This despite temperatures that had the patriotic dogs attending panting and the many fans given out by Mary Wagner’s campaign stirring up whiffs of air.

This year the floats were quite elaborate. We have morphed from little red wagons being pulled by dads to ATVs, golf carts and other vehicles staffed with people throwing out red, white and blue bead necklaces. Perhaps it is the Trump economy that is fueling upward mobility.

I did see a Phil Bredesen sign in one yard. That’s disappointing but not unexpected. I hope Marsha gets her signs and T shirts to West Tennessee.

Mary Wagner had an effective presence with her fans. Every other person had one. David Lenoir came and walked through the crowd with several aides sporting his blue T shirt. Sam Goff was out there and expressed confidence in beating Tami Sawyer for County Commission seat District 7.

A voter registration booth was set up, but as Goff commented, registration date for the August election had expired the day before. Perhaps they were thinking of November, but I’m not sure we want liberal Midtowners voting.

Democrat Sheriff candidate Floyd Bonner had his people out, too.

Didn’t see any MAGA hats, but then that’s not shocking. Trump supporters, especially recently, have been the whipping boys for the intolerant and increasingly violent liberals. Our side has too much respect for the occasion to trigger any negative acts.

Three policemen on horseback led the parade and fire trucks spewed water for kids to play in at the parade end on Willett. Midtowners provided snow cones, popcorn and drinks and the Oscar Mayer weinermobile and a truck attended too.

It’s nice to see people of all ages participate in a neighborhood event. It’s another one of the nice things about living in Midtown. And I’m glad the Shelby GOP did not ignore this event.

What Happened to the Signers?

I ran across this on a website. It details what happened to the very brave men who risked their lives and signed our Declaration of Independence. Worth remember on the 4th of July how much we owe them.

When the 56 Signers of The Declaration of Independence attached their signatures to that document, each knew they were committing treason against the British Crowne. If caught and captured, they risked death. But death would not be swift. It would be by hanging to the point of unconsciousness, then being revived, disemboweled, their body parts boiled in oil and their ashes scattered into the wind. Our Founding Fathers valued freedom, for themselves and their posterity, to the extent that they found this fate worth the risk. The story below tells what happened to the men who signed the Declaration of Independence.

What Happened to the Signers?
This story comes from

Five signers were captured by the British and brutally tortured as traitors. Nine fought in the War for Independence and died from wounds or from hardships they suffered. Two lost their sons in the Continental Army. Another two had sons captured. At least a dozen of the fifty-six had their homes pillaged and burned.

What kind of men were they? Twenty-five were lawyers or jurists. Eleven were merchants. Nine were farmers or large plantation owners. One was a teacher, one a musician, and one a printer. These were men of means and education, yet they signed the Declaration of Independence, knowing full well that the penalty could be death if they were captured.

In the face of the advancing British Army, the Continental Congress fled from Philadelphia to Baltimore on December 12, 1776. It was an especially anxious time for John Hancock, the President, as his wife had just given birth to a baby girl. Due to the complications stemming from the trip to Baltimore, the child lived only a few months.

William Ellery’s signing at the risk of his fortune proved only too realistic. In December 1776, during three days of British occupation of Newport, Rhode Island, Ellery’s house was burned, and all his property destroyed.

Richard Stockton, a New Jersey State Supreme Court Justice, had rushed back to his estate near Princeton after signing the Declaration of Independence to find that his wife and children were living like refugees with friends. They had been betrayed by a Tory sympathizer who also revealed Stockton’s own whereabouts. British troops pulled him from his bed one night, beat him and threw him in jail where he almost starved to death. When he was finally released, he went home to find his estate had been looted, his possessions burned, and his horses stolen. Judge Stockton had been so badly treated in prison that his health was ruined and he died before the war’s end. His surviving family had to live the remainder of their lives off charity.

Carter Braxton was a wealthy planter and trader. One by one his ships were captured by the British navy. He loaned a large sum of money to the American cause; it was never paid back. He was forced to sell his plantations and mortgage his other properties to pay his debts.

Thomas McKean was so hounded by the British that he had to move his family almost constantly. He served in the Continental Congress without pay, and kept his family in hiding.

Vandals or soldiers or both looted the properties of Clymer, Hall, Harrison, Hopkinson and Livingston. Seventeen lost everything they owned.

Thomas Heyward, Jr., Edward Rutledge and Arthur Middleton, all of South Carolina, were captured by the British during the Charleston Campaign in 1780. They were kept in dungeons at the St. Augustine Prison until exchanged a year later.

At the Battle of Yorktown, Thomas Nelson, Jr. noted that the British General Cornwallis had taken over the family home for his headquarters. Nelson urged General George Washington to open fire on his own home. This was done, and the home was destroyed. Nelson later died bankrupt.

Francis Lewis also had his home and properties destroyed. The British jailed his wife for two months, and that and other hardships from the war so affected her health that she died only two years later.

“Honest John” Hart, a New Jersey farmer, was driven from his wife’s bedside when she was near death. Their thirteen children fled for their lives. Hart’s fields and his grist mill were laid waste. For over a year he eluded capture by hiding in nearby forests. He never knew where his bed would be the next night and often slept in caves. When he finally returned home, he found that his wife had died, his children disappeared, and his farm and stock were completely destroyed. Hart himself died in 1779 without ever seeing any of his family again.

Such were the stories and sacrifices typical of those who risked everything to sign the Declaration of Independence. These men were not wild-eyed, rabble-rousing ruffians. They were soft-spoken men of means and education. They had security, but they valued liberty more. Standing tall, straight, and unwavering, they pledged:

“For the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the
protection of the Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each
other, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”

Carson Visits Memphis


Dr. Ben Carson speaks to a crwod at the Forum.
Dr. Ben Carson speaks to a crwod at the Forum.

Today’s CA front page headline reads “In Memphis, Ben Carson defends hiking rents.”

Dr. Ben Carson
Dr. Ben Carson

Having attended the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) event last night at the FedEx forum, I have to agree with HUD Secretary Carson’s evaluation: “What a bunch of crap.”

In his speech, Carson warned that the media has hopped on that figure and idea to provoke a hysterical response – which our media certainly did. The subtleties of the issue get pushed away to make a screaming headline.

As the article and Carson said, the same proposal on rent hikes was made by the previous administration, however without much notice. Carson said this administration has not declared “war on the poor, but on poor management. When I took the job at HUD I was shocked at what I found. HUD was incredibly inefficient.”

He noted that there were 32 million different rents paid by people, which was inefficient and confusing. “We have given flexibility to landlords,” he said, adding that they have also pushed Section 3 so that “if you’re receiving HUD money, you need to use and hire people in that area…The goal is self sufficiency. Success is not measured by the number of people in our programs, but how many get out.”

Carson was the first speaker at the conference, which had about 200 people attending. Notice how slyly the reporter puts it: “More than 100 people attended the event, filling up about half of the seats.” More than 100 registers as 100 in your head, doesn’t it? The event should have been much larger, but it wasn’t given much publicity, even by our own Shelby GOP.

Carson went on to say that he and the Trump administration center on this one idea – why don’t we do things that actually help people. “We need to return to our political values as in the Constitution,” he said. “Some would have us step away from our values. This administration challenges the status quo. We are definitely disturbing the swamp creatures and they don’t like it.

“Our government and its policies have been responsible for what we have now,” he added. Carson acknowledged that our country is strong in protecting us from outside enemies, but added that we “can only be brought down by the inside. We can’t allow ourselves to be manipulated by people who don’t want what our country is all about. We the American people are not each others’ enemies.”

The HUD secretary mentioned that he is often accosted with questions about why he mentions God in his speeches. “In medicine we call it schizophrenia. Can’t talk about God when He’s in our Constitution, in our pledge, in our courtrooms and on our coins. We can’t let people get rid of our Judeo Christian heritage.”

Carson credited the tax cuts for fueling the good economy we are enjoying, but there is another factor, too.

“Originally we were told to cut two regulations for every new one. In fact, 22 regulations are gone for every new one.” He cautioned that we need more trained workers to fill “about 6 million jobs that are now vacant. We need to train our people.”

Carson was the keynote speaker at the event. Matt Schlapp, head of the American Conservative Federation, had a bunch of interesting speakers. Aside from Carson, there was gubernatorial candidate and Congresswoman Diane Black; her husband; Lawrence Jones who often appears on Fox News; and Art Laffer.

The even started a little after 5 and ran til 8, with panels discussing topics concerning the economy, drug addiction and challenges facing Tennessee.

The organizers provided a terrific buffet of bbq, chili, cheese sauces, pita and tortilla chips, cooked vegetables, fruits and an assortment of fancy cheeses.

The event was free.

Next: Diane Black answers the question “What would you like to see come out of government to help Tennessee.”

What ‘Journalists’ Really Think

If you want to know what journalists here think about you, the Republican/Conservative viewer/reader, these comments found on a local website couldn’t illustrate more clearly how biased they are.

The initial comment was:

“Spoke with a lovely gal from a competing news outlet today while we covered a Trump protest in Stevens Point, Wis. Our conversation naturally steered towards this week’s newsroom shooting in Annapolis. She said she felt like the incident had been ‘swept aside’. When the protest organizer said Kennedy’s resignation from the U.S. Supreme Court ‘ruined his whole week’, I realized she was right.

“We need an ongoing, national conversation on the importance of teaching the public what we do, why it’s important, and responsible news consumption.”

Unbelievable. First, a “journalist” wants the public to keep thinking about the violence and gun issue when it hits home to them. These Leftists must have been profoundly disappointed that the shooter wasn’t a conservative. One reporter from a Massachusetts newspaper even tweeted that a red MAGA cap was found on the floor of the newsroom, implying that a Trump supporter shot up the newsroom because he was a crazed, deluded person. I saw that post on Twitter and quickly realized it wasn’t supported by any facts and the reporter later admitted he made it up and he was fired.

So much for integrity.

Then, the person laments that the Kennedy resignation “ruined” her week. Wait a minute. Isn’t her job to report news, not editorialize. They so readily forget the purpose of their jobs!

Finally, why is her job to “teach the public” what they do? Are we to read the news or be taught the news? I prefer read. Why is it important? Are we too dumb to understand and evaluate? Journalists think we are.

Another person adds: “I don’t disagree, and it’s something worth doing. But I have a concern that you’d be preaching to the choir. People who think objective news is important will continue to do so, but Trump supporters/Fox News viewers will continue to reject objective news in favor of ‘truthiness’ and their irrational feeling of being aggrieved regardless of what we do. Objectivity is not their friend, so they will never embrace it. Again, though, I think it’s worth doing.”

In other words, Trump supporters and Fox News viewers don’t want to know the truth, are oblivious to the truth and are bigots. That is truly what they think.

Then this reply: “CNN is not any more or less objective than Fox. I watch all 3 major cable news networks. MSNBC and CNN are constantly critical of Trump while Fox News is constantly defending Trump. CNN and MSNBC lean heavily liberal while Fox leans heavily conservative. I don’t like any of them because I can’t hear an objective word about anything unless there is something completely apolitical to report such as weather.”

Sorry, but weather is not apolitical, in case he hadn’t noticed. Global warming, hurricanes and storms get blamed on conservative beliefs that these are frauds. Then, when storms hit, they are quickly made political stories. Remember Katrina?

By the way, CNN is less objective than Fox. Wonder if he thinks the over the top coverage of Stormy Daniels was factual and worth reporting?

Here’s another:

“Research does not show equivalencies between Fox and CNN. Remember the poll that showed people who watched Fox had fewer facts than people who watched no news at all.
“Viewers who watched CNN had much higher handle on the facts.

“As for CNN, presenting critical coverage of Trump, who offers so much to analyze within his disregard for traditional norms and laws, sometimes sounds like liberalism when it is just honest context.
“I would suggest that of all the cable news channels, CNN comes closest to objective journalistic standards. I’ve seen its reporters, especially Tapper and Cuomo,for example, who show no deference to a party label.”

No, I don’t remember the poll that showed people who watched Fox had fewer facts than people who watched no news at all. Probably a fake news poll. There are lots of them. Besides, many polls show that Republicans are better informed and people who listen to Rush Limbaugh the most informed. But he doesn’t want to know that.

Then there is what CNN doesn’t cover. Such as the booming economy, the successful trip to North Korea and Trump rallies. That’s a form of propaganda in itself.
Jake Tapper and Chris Cuomo no deference to a party label? Don’t be ridiculous. Both have been active in Democrat politics forever. Tapper worked for Salon, an ultra lefty rag. He has worked for gun control. He worked as a press secretary for a Democrat. Cuomo’s dad was governor of New York and his brother is now. No deference? That shows a profound lack of facts.

Sadly, this is what some local “journalists” think. Fair and objective is not on the radar.

But you knew that. We’ve come to accept it and that’s the really sad part.