Dems New Slogan as Bad as Ever

Dana Milbank, a big Dem cheerleader at the already cheerleading WaPo, is rapturous about the Dems’ new message.

No, it’s not the earlier one: “Democrats 2018: Have you seen the other guys?” Personally I loved that because it’s so defensive and pathetic. Kind of like if I offered stale processed cheese sandwiches for dinner. “Yeah, but did you see what they’re eating in the Mumbai slums?” It wouldn’t be inviting or attractive to a diner.

No, this one is “A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages.” Not catchy, is it? By the time you finish saying it, you’ve forgotten what the first part said. Doesn’t that violate some tenet of advertising?

I get that they’re trying to invoke FDR’s New Deal. In a society in which Americans don’t even know who we fought in the Revolutionary War, this might be a bit of a stretch for most.

Besides, it appears to be a ripoff of Papa John’s pizza promotions. “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa John’s. I wonder if the Dems would give fries with that slogan? It might work then.

I guess it’s better than their “Resist” message. Resist what? Is anything different in an American citizen’s day to day lives today than a year ago? Jobs are and stock market money is, but no one wants to resist more money coming their way.

Still, Milbank is pleased. He writes:
“On Monday, I am told, congressional Democrats — in the Senate and the House together — will roll out a legislative policy agenda, their de facto 2018 campaign platform. The details, after months of haggling and cat-herding, could yet disappoint, but the broad outlines as described to me are exactly what the doctor ordered.”

What doctor? Doctor Who? Patch Adams? Doogie Howser? Dr. Seuss?

He adds,

“As important as what’s in it is what’s not. Democrats jettisoned social and foreign policy issues for this exercise, eschewing the identity politics and box-checking that has plagued Democratic campaigns in the past, most recently Hillary Clinton’s. This will be purely an economic message.

“They also resisted invitations to steer the party toward the center (as pollster Mark Penn advised) or in a more progressive agenda. This is meant to be a populist manifesto that doesn’t conform to the left/right debate but instead aims to align Democrats with ordinary, middle-class Americans fighting powerful special interests.

“Titled “A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages,” it is expected to have many Democratic staples — tax increases on the rich, affordable college, infrastructure spending, higher wages, job training, paid family leave and the like — and a few new ones.”

Yes because those same stale items worked so well in 2016. And, didn’t Hillary think she was connecting with the economically suffering then, too?

Look who came out with this: Chuck Schumer, Chris Van Hollen, Nancy Pelosi and DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Lujan to name a few. In short, middle America’s favorite Democrats!

If the Republicans can get their act together, which will require President Trump to round them up like little doggies, this will be an easy election.

McCain Prognosis

Not good.

His initial diagnosis was met with skepticism in a lot of quarters. Medical people did not think the story we were being told was truthful. Turns out they were right. It was not a minimally intrusive craniotomy to remove a blood clot above his left eye. Blood would not be taken to the lab for examination under a microscope as they described; tissue would.

Just another fake news story.

He has a gliobastoma, a cancerous brain tumor. In an ironic twist of fate, turns out that McCain’s is the same kind that Senator Ted Kennedy, one of his Senate buddies, had. Kennedy lasted 15 months. Probably McCain faces the same time frame.

With Kennedy, the disease presented itself in a seizure. Sometimes it is erratic behavior. Last month when McCain was questioning former FBI director James Comey at a Senate hearing, he called him “President Comey.” People who watched the hearing noticed it and it was highly tweeted about. Also, he appeared confused and frustrated.

Kennedy went to Duke for treatment. McCain is going to the Mayo Clinic. Thanks to Congress’ largesse, he will get the best treatment at about no cost to him and his family. They secured that right under Obamacare and even under the replacement bills proposed.

Kennedy spent some of his last days on the Senate floor and in supporting candidate Barack Obama. What McCain chooses to do we don’t know.

I understand that under Arizona law, the governor (who is a Republican) must pick a replacement from the same party as the senator. That would ensure no problem in the future. McCain was just reelected in 2016.

Everyone wishes McCain the best, but don’t forget. He was the one behind the golden showers Russian dossier on Trump. He has also been more in opposition to Republican presidents than Democrat ones since his 1986.

I hope he decides to spend the rest of his time with those who matter – his family.

CA Decline a Daily Occurrence

Our morning publication, as some kindly refer to the CA, gets more unbelievable everyday. And that’s aside from the fake news aspects of it.

Just when you think they’ve hit bottom, they dig a deeper trench. Gannett has not been kind to the CA nor to Memphis.

This spring they fired a lot of people, then hired new ones to replace them. Financial cutbacks? Then how to explain the installation of a new game room in the building? Guess they want to be hip with the “cool places to work” trend. But, oops, they haven’t even fixed the elevators in the building damaged from the Memorial Day storm.

I guess employees can look on the stairs as their new exercise equipment.

At least employees have to deal with these problems. The paying customers have suffered a particularly mean Leftist tsunami since Trump was elected. I haven’t seen one favorable story about him yet. Occasionally they slip up and let a conservative have an editorial – as they did today with Rep. Diane Black – discussing the House Republican budget plan. Outside of that, it’s a daily Trump mud wrestling endeavor.

Yesterday’s story “When will Trump’s exercise, eating habits catch up with him?” was stunningly stupid. Actually, the headline question had a secondary meaning of “if we’re lucky, libs, he’ll die soon” flavor. It was quite a long story, too. A story full of empty calories and bad taste. The subhead, “Medical experts ponder president’s health as potential stress mounts,” added to the stupid.

Of course the job is stressful. So was running a worldwide business, dealing with US regulations and foreign problems, too.

Funny how this same press did not give a whit when Hillary Clinton collapsed in New York on 9/11, wore odd glasses suggestive of a brain problem at the debates and coughed herself mute at campaign appearances. Someone said she had pneumonia and that fed the press with the morsel they needed to concoct a story out of. Nuff said. No need to ask more.

Speaking of food, today’s CA offered another stunner. Almost three quarters of a page – in the news section! – was taken up by this story: “Take the scorch out of summer with fresh, cooling foods.” News flash: it’s hot. News flash: cool foods cool you. They felt it necessary to provide recipes for us, too. If I want that I’ll pick up Family Cirlce or Woman’s Day or look anywhere on the internet.

What? Couldn’t they find something additional to bash Trump with, aside from the almost full page of it on A7. (What’s with the funny indents on the Nation and World Watch? Are we suddenly reading middle to end?)

Something’s very wrong at 495 Union. Do you think it’s stress? Are their exercise and eating habits catching up with the editors down there?

Our Senators Deserve Our Scorn

Senator McConnell issued this statement last night on the repeal of Obamacare:

But as the Conservative Treehouse blog noted:

I’m not sure what McConnell’s strategy is here because a “repeal only” amendment on the bill would need 60 votes for passage. It is beyond doubtful that eight democrats are going to vote for a “repeal only” bill. Correction, I just noticed McConnell’s trickery, the 2015 bill was a defunding bill, not a repeal. McConnell is just tricking people into thinking this was going in the direction of a repeal. It’s not.

The GOP have never, ever, voted for a repeal. That would take 60 votes. They voted in 2015 to defund it using the 51 vote threshold of ‘reconciliation’. They’ve never once had a repeal vote on Obamacare.

Therefore, if this actually goes to a vote, this appears to be constructed simply as an exercise to prove a vote was taken. ObamaCare remains and the implosion continues. McConnell’s political calculation here is trickery. Nothing more. O-Care remains.

After eight years of promises, election cycles that put Republicans in office and the triumph of Trump winning the presidency partly by promising the repeal of Obamacare, our Republican senators wouldn’t come together.

Can you name a good one among them? Everyone of them should face a Republican primary challenger. That challenger should win and take the seat away from each. The people we have in the Senate today are the most petty, vile, money grubbing idiots in Senate history.

I used to think we had some good ones. Ted Cruz, for instance, seemed to be a true conservative. He deserves the nickname Trump gave him – Lyin’ Ted. I am currently reading Roger Simon’s book, The Making of a President 2016. He cannot stand Cruz because he is duplicitous. Stone documents time after time that Cruz flagrantly lied. It’s no wonder that his fellow senators despise him.

Rand Paul also seemed to have his head on straight. But he’s been one of the main obstacles to the very repeal he claims to want. Save me from the purists in our party. Their vision of GOP utopia lives only in their own minds. Paul needs to get down off his high horse and help get rid of as much of it as he can and not block repeal. Is he still bitter about his primary plunge?

Mike Lee of Utah also suffers from his Never Trumpism. One of the side effects of it apparently is blindness. He, too, would rather we all have premium hikes, abortion funding and death panels rather than give an inch on repeal. Shame on him. Trump extended the olive branch early to him, proposing his brother’s name for the Supreme Court. Still Lee obstructs.

Susan Collins is not a surprise. She’s always acted more like a Democrat than a Republican. In fact, there’s a ratio to her. The more conservative and Republican a president is, the more she moves away from her party. Thanks for nothing, Sue.

Our own Tennessee senators aren’t exempt from scorn. Corker preens like some kind of foreign policy whiz, but he never has to be responsible for anything. When has Alexander done something? He seems at best inert.

The rest of them have been so caught up in running away from the Russia story that they allow that stupidity to continue. They waste taxpayer money bloviating, but nothing ever happens. All the committees they had to look into Obamas wrongdoings – like Benghazi – went nowhere.

Maybe Roman emperor Caligula was right when he made his horse a senator. All the ones we have seem to produce is dung. Yet we pay their salaries. At least a horse only requires a stable and hay.

Phony RNC Survey Irks

You may have received a survey from the RNC. It’s really a money raising effort. I don’t think they care what we want; the questions are rigged to please conservatives.

It’s kind of like a sleazy phone call informing you you’ve won a cruise; if you first send them money.

Here’s a response someone showed activist Jack Posobiec. He posted it on Twitter:

At one website I saw a thread on which people made similar complaints:

eheh…I hope the RNC is getting a lot of these.

The RNC gets a “very blunt” response from me each time they send a survey…it isn’t pretty.

I have sent several in the same vane to the RNC. They can pound sand until they support President Trump’s agenda and get rid of Ryan, McConnell, McCain, Graham, etc. #MAGA

Thanks. Now I know what to do with mine.

We did the same. Hubbie also noticed on the last survey a week ago, that Health Care wasn’t on the list of priorities and let them know what he thought of them. Lol. They got nary a penny from us either. Keep it up, Treepers-RNC isn’t liking what they are seeing.
Glad I’m not the only one who’s been responding like this.

Yes. They got exactly that message from me a few weeks ago.

That will not make it pass the first inspection. Once the reader sees that it does not follow the form it gets shit canned. Never to be seen again.

Standard practice.

Huh, got that last week, and just ripped it up.
This is a better idea, if there’s a next time.

That’s okay, another one will arrive this week, and next week, and the next. Then the number of pleas for we “have to fight those horrible Dems” will increase as the elections of 2018 move closer. Then you’ll see the request for donations from current Congressional members saying “I’m fighting for you in Washington, so don’t let this primary guy or gal take me out.” And of course, you’ll see we’re with President Trump all the way. 🙂

I’m looking forward to seeing who President Trump does a little stumping for – and who he does not…

One commentator was right. Health Care is not on the survey. Here are the questions they ask:

“Please rank the following issues according to the importance you believe they should have as President Trump and Republicans in Congress move to turn our nation around with “1” being the most important:
Build a border wall and stop illegal immigration
Reverse President Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders
Fully enforce our immigration laws and withhold federal funding from ‘sanctuary cities’ who harbor illegal immigrants in violation of federal law
Re-equp and rebuild our military
Reduce federal regulation and cut corporate tax rates to get the economy growing
Encourage domestic exploration and production of domestic energy sources
Renegotiate trade deals to put American jobs and interests first
Shrink the size of the federal bureaucracy to make ti more accountable and efficient
Tax reform to simplify the income tax system, making it flatter and more fair”

Odd, isn’t it that Health care’s not on there?

This RNC fund raising method is almost insulting. We all know who’s stalling the Trump agenda besides the Dems.
They really should can this canned fundraising method.

We all know we will gladly contribute to the RNC when the GOP in the Senate and House start passing Trump’s tax reform plan and finish the repeal of Obamacare.

Then many of us will kick in some dollars.

Bill’s Advice Fell on Deaf Ears

Both Presidents Bush 43 and Clinton the first were interviewed recently. They were asked what a candidate needs to win the presidency.

The answer Bill gives is shocking.

If he believed this he certainly didn’t direct Hillary to follow this advice. She didn’t have an agenda. She didn’t listen to the people. She did run down her opponent without listing what she would do in office. It’s was always about her, not the people.

Humble? Hillary was the antithesis of that. She certainly had nothing to show for her years at the State Department. It was all about the number of people she could shake down.

And she lost.

Reaganomics Meet MAGAnomics

OMB Director Mick Mulvaney penned an article in the Wall Street Journal. In it he defined the Trump vision for the economy.

Just as Reagan had his plan, Trump has his.

If the Trump administration has one overarching goal, it’s to Make America Great Again. But what does this mean? It means we are promoting MAGAnomics—and that means sustained 3% economic growth.

For most of our nation’s modern history, a healthy American economy meant one that grew at roughly 3.5%. That was the average growth rate between the late 1940s and 2007. Since then, it has hardly topped 2%.

The difference between those two growth rates is staggering. If the American economy had grown at only 2% between the end of World War II and 2000, average household income would have been roughly $26,000 instead of $50,000.

Over the next 10 years, 3% growth instead of 2% will yield a nominal gross domestic product that is $16 trillion larger, federal government revenues $2.9 trillion greater, and wages and salaries of American workers $7 trillion higher.

For merely suggesting that we can get back to that level, the administration has been criticized as unrealistic. That’s fine with us. We heard the same pessimism 40 years ago, when the country was mired in “stagflation” and “malaise.” But Ronald Reagan dared to challenge that thinking and steered us to a boom that many people thought unachievable. In the 7½ years following the end of the recession in 1982, real GDP grew at an annual rate of 4.4%. That is what a recovery looks like, and what the American economy is still capable of achieving.

The focus of MAGAnomics is simple: Grow the economy and with it the wealth of, and opportunity for, all Americans.

MAGAnomics is for everyone, but especially for those who left for work this morning in the dark but came home after their kids were asleep. It’s for those who are working part-time but praying for a full-time job. It’s for folks whose savings are as exhausted as they are. This president hears you. He knows America’s greatness doesn’t spring from higher taxes or unnecessary regulations or broken welfare programs. It doesn’t come from government at all. It comes from you.

If we enact the president’s broad agenda—if MAGAnomics is allowed to work—we will have set the stage for the greatest revival of the American economy since the early 1980s. It will remind people—including those who have forgotten, or those who don’t want you to remember—what a great America means. That is driving everything we do.

There is more, but it is behind the WSJ paywall. I find that ridiculous when a public official writes something, but since when has the Journal been on the right side?

72 Years Ago Today

The U.S. conducted the first successful atomic bomb test on July 16, 1945. The Manhattan Project, which was a secret effort to develop the first atomic bomb before Germany did, gave us the victory against Japan and Germany.

I cannot imagine such a thing happening today.

We have the scientific minds and the knowledge, but we no longer have the capability of doing anything without someone blabbing. If today’s New York Times or CNN or Washington Post had operated in the 40s the way they do today, they would have stopped the project.

First, they would report on the project itself, which would have alerted the enemy. Second, they would have named the people involved, thereby hindering anyone from working on it. Of course, all this would have been done under the self righteous quoting of freedom of the press, even though we were at war.

The media most certainly would have harped on the amount of people this bomb could kill. They would have called it inhumane and a violation of human rights. They’d have done everything they could to send people out in the streets to promote protests. You know they’d have been on the side of stopping it, even as Germany neared the goal for its war effort.

Fortunately today’s media did not have this mindset in the 1940s. Nor did they have the power they have today. They can certainly hide a story if they want to. Just look at the little interest they have in Hillary’s selling 20% of our uranium rights to the Russians. It’s different then, I guess.

Did This Change Everything?

The craziness over the Russia thing that has engulfed the country is not just boring and stupid, but also dangerous. Everything in DC is out of control.

It’s like the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes, only there weren’t any on him. All it took was for one little boy to speak up, say the truth and snap the illusion.

That’s what we need in DC. Won’t one Congressman or Senator speak up and call this witch hunt off? It’s wasting Americans’ time and money over nothing. Whoever would do that would wake them up from their trance dream. According to polls, Americans are disinterested in this DNC narrative and want them to go on with the country’s business.

Somebody outside of Washington did it yesterday. When I heard what JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said I almost applauded.

“This administration can make great [strides] in taxes, infrastructure [and] regulatory reform,” he added. “We have become one of the most bureaucratic, confusing, litigious societies on the planet. It’s almost an embarrassment being an American citizen traveling around the world and listening to the stupid s–t we have to deal with in this country. You know, at one point, we all have to get our act together, or we won’t do what we’re supposed to do for the average American.”

Then he added this, which has been ignored by the media:

Zero Hedge, “That said, Dimon was clear to point out his frustration wasn’t aimed at Trump. In a follow up question, Dimon was asked by a reporter if he was frustrated with the Trump administration.

“’No,’ Dimon responded. ‘That was frustration with you.’”

If only the Republican leadership would listen to him!

* * *