Sticks and Stone

Roger Stone, whose arrest was highly publicized by CNN, shared in the Spectator what his life has been like since then. He’s been hit with every kind of stick they can legally use against him.

It is a frightening and sad article:

Undisclosed location, Florida

In January, when heavily armed FBI agents swarmed my south Florida home in the predawn hours to arrest me for a series of process crimes, it changed my life far more than I ever imagined. The judge in my case has issued a gag order so I am not permitted to discuss the case, the prosecution, the court or the specific charges against me and will not do so here. As the judge said, the place for talking is in court — and that time will come.


A vast American television audience was allowed to view the spectacle
 of my arrest, because CNN arrived
 15 minutes before the FBI swat team. CNN denies it was tipped off, instead chalking its good fortune up to a ‘hunch’. President Trump asked in a tweet 
‘Who alerted CNN?’ Who indeed?

This week, it was widely reported that the FBI is refusing to turn over emails between the agency and CNN in the days before the raid on my home. Now the US Department of Justice is being sued 
for these documents and perhaps we 
will learn the truth about how and why CNN was present and why it was allowed to stay when the street was sealed off
 to all others.


CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, Politico and the Wall Street Journal have repeatedly accused me baselessly of collusion with the Russians, conspiracy, and treason. That is not the case. I plan a vigorous legal defense. I will be vindicated.

The vicious biased media coverage since I was charged has been well beyond anything I have seen in
 50 years of American politics. At an appropriate time I will document the lies and misrepresentations. Of the press, suffice to say, CNN is not a news organization but a propaganda front. I do not get my news from CNN for the same reason I do not eat out of the toilet. Wolf Blitzer can kiss my ass!


The last two years have taken an extraordinary toll on my family. We lost our home, our savings, and my ability to make a living. I am no longer allowed to talk and write about the topics people most want to pay me 
to speak about.

This week, we moved from our nine-room home to a one-bedroom apartment. Frankly, I got tired of the tour buses pulling up in front of the house and hearing the dissertation from the tour guide regarding my arrest. I was also getting on average of 10 death threats a week. The new place is much smaller but more secure.

Unfortunately, because we could not afford a moving company, my wife Nydia and I did the move ourselves. In a freak accident on the final day of our move, Nydia broke her ankle when the truck broke out of gear, slid and hit her. She is on the mend and still supervising the unpacking of our things in our new residence.


So far, more than 35,000 Americans have donated to my legal defense fund. I am increasingly confident that I will be able to mount an aggressive defense in what is a complex case. My lawyers think I will need at least $2 million and I believe that I can raise it.


In all of the reporting regarding the charges against me, there is one constant: I am called a ‘self-described dirty trickster’. I have never described myself like this anywhere and was impressed with the professionalism of the Los Angeles Times when it corrected this particular smear. I did once acknowledge in an interview that others described me as a ‘dirty trickster’, and therefore I am probably stuck with it.


I was also shocked to watch USA Today’s Susan Page on MSNBC discussing her newly published biography and diaries of Barbara Bush. These contain a falsehood that is so wrong it requires correction. Barbara Bush said in her diary that when she learned I was ‘hired’ for her husband’s 1988 campaign, she then had me ‘fired’. Unfortunately I was never hired for H.W. Bush’s 1988 campaign and never wanted to be.

I had been regional political director for Ronald Reagan’s 1976, 1980 and 1984 campaigns and knew Bush would squander Reagan’s legacy. It is true that in the last two weeks of the 1988 Bush campaign, Lee Atwater and James A. Baker III asked me if I would undertake a specific mission to go to California to troubleshoot there. ‘Every week I increase our television budget, yet we trail Dukakis by three points,’ Baker said. Because Baker had convinced President Ronald Reagan to campaign for my client New Jersey governor Tom Kean in 1981 over the objections of the Reagan political staff, I felt I owed Baker and agreed to take on this voluntary assignment.

I quickly ascertained the Bush campaign in the Golden State was rotating too many television spots without putting sufficient weight behind any one commercial. Baker quickly corrected this and Bush carried California by one point. After the election, I got a nice hand written note from then Vice President George H.W. Bush thanking me for my effort. I guess he didn’t show it to Barbara.


I did find it curious that Barbara was ‘too sick’ to fly from Houston to Los Angeles for Nancy Reagan’s funeral but not ‘too sick’ to fly from Houston to Boston and then drive two hours to New Hampshire to campaign for her loser, low-energy son Jeb the very next day. You would think that Mrs Bush would pay her respects to the wife of the man who had breathed life back into her husband’s failed political career after he lost back-to-back US Senate races in Texas and got skunked in the 1980 Republican presidential nomination contest. I always found Barbara to be vindictive, inebriated, self-important and rude. Her attack on me from beyond the grave required an answer. I pointed out that, while she had set a countdown clock for the end of Trump’s presidency, she had died and Trump was still president.

The media reactions to my comments were immediate and distorted. The Huffington Post said I ‘made fun of Barbara Bush’s illness at the end of her life.’ I did no such thing. Barbara Bush had said President Donald Trump was ‘greedy,’ which is laughable when she and her family profited from the Savings and Loan crisis and given her father-in-law Prescott Bush’s role in financing the Nazi war machine. The media said my comments were ‘vile’ when the only thing vile is their incomplete reporting of the facts.

Ironically none of this coverage mentioned that I have written a best-selling book on the Bushes, documenting all of their misdeeds. It’s called The Bush Crime Family.


After I was charged, I took a sabbatical from my daily syndicated radio show on Infowars. Although I do not agree with him on many things, I am grateful to Alex Jones for giving me a platform. I was also somewhat surprised that he attributed his much-discussed claims about the Sandy Hook massacre to his own ‘psychosis’. Then, I noticed on Saturday that he said there were posses of men dressed like clowns looking to abduct and sexually abuse children. I hope Alex is alright. The collusion among social media companies to censor his broadcasts are outrageous. Unfortunately, this is part of a broader and systematic campaign to ban non-liberal voices on the internet.


On another note, I read that Natasha Bertrand left The Atlantic and went to Politico. She is among the most dishonest and disingenuous journalists in the media today and essentially writes whatever horseshit is fed to her by House Democrats. She will be right at home at Politico.


The best thing about this pretrial period is that I am back in the gym. By the November trial I will be in the best condition of my life.

Beck Ties Border, Marxists

If you listened to Glenn Beck’s radio show yesterday, you may have heard him talk about a recent Blaze TV show that discussed immigration. Beck also appeared on Hannity’s TV show to get the message out.

He said they had done extensive research on who was behind it. He put it up for free because he feels it’s so important. Here it is:

How to Defeat AOC

This bizarre rant by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez caught a lot of attention.
She’s building an IKEA piece of furniture while eating popcorn and addressing such topics as climate change.

She has no manners as you can see because she talks with her mouth open. Oh, that and her incredible narcissism shine through.

What’s next? AOC talking politics in the shower or on the toilet?

However, I prefer this one:

Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals always emphasized making fun of the target. We need more of this.

All Sound and Fury

After the New York Times anonymously (always a red flag) reported that Mueller’s team now says Barr’s synopsis of their report left out information, the media has jumped on it as proof – once again – that Trump is guilty and Barr complicit.

As a writer comments at The Conservative Treehouse, “The real problem we have is outlined in the part of the story everyone will read-over without recognizing,… because we have become immune to the insanity of it.”

We have. The ridiculousness of this two years plus charade strikes MSNBC, CNN, NYT and all the other liberal media outlets as reality. What world are they living in? A disputed dossier that has prostitutes weeing on a bed (is that even illegal were it true?) and Trump knuckling under Putin (Trump who doesn’t knuckle under anyone and has in fact put in harsh sanctions against Russia) seems totally rational to them.

The Treehouse sums it up well:

I’m going to skip over the part where everyone recognizes these are the same damned FBI agents investigating Trump in 2016… who transferred into the Mueller team in 2017… to continue the plan into 2018 and 2019. As if that wasn’t alarming enough… I digress…
What exactly would forty FBI agents be investigating?
Is someone actually going to try and tell me Forty FBI Agents didn’t know the Vast Russian Conspiracy was a bucket of nonsense from, um, at least day #2?..

These are the best investigators in the world? These are the elite investigative units that we count on to investigate serious crimes and avoid terrorist threats?

Who are they? Name them! Every one of them needs to be named, publicly. We paid for this, don’t we have a right to know the name of every person who participated in this investigation?

With the publication of the report doesn’t President Trump get to confront his accusers, in sunlight? Democrats demand transparency; OK, I’ll play. Make them live up to their own rules…. I want the names of every FBI individual who participated in this investigation.

Again, think about it.

What does forty FBI agents working on this fabricated Russian case for three years tell us about the operational integrity of the FBI as an institution?


Boston Marathon

San Bernardino

Pulse Nightclub

Garland, Texas

Dallas, Texas, sniper

Mandalay Bay

Parkland, Florida

Fort Lauderdale, Airport

Any questions?…

Then there was this. Remember?

Inspector General Horowitz found that out. FBI agents taking tickets (bribes?).

The FBI has been a corrupt institution since its first days when J. Edgar Hoover ran it. Did we ever get any satisfaction on the JFK assassination? What was their involvement in Martin Luther King’s assassination? How about Waco and Ruby Ridge?

We’re caught up in a ridiculous liberal fantasy here again.
Hopefully the American people in flyover land are ignoring it all. When you think of the tiny audiences that CNN, MSNBC, the NYT and WaPo have, it is not reflective in any way of what most Americans think. In our daily lives we worry about jobs, family members with illnesses, how to pay our bills, car accidents, our kids’ education, etc. We’re not thinking about how we can be racist, sexist, or whatever phobic towards our fellow citizens or whether some fantasy pee happened years ago.

The reality based in New York, LA and DC does not square with reality for most Americans. All this squabbling signifies nothing. We know it, but do they?

Meet the New Dem Heart Throb

Yesterday Rush Limbaugh mentioned that another occupant of the clown car they call the Democrat presidential primary had shocked his fellow Democrats.

He was talking about Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana. He managed to raise $7 million, which is a shocking number for a newbie. It’s right up there with their beloved Beto. But this guy’s young, gay and has a husband. You can imagine how the virtue signaling youths’ hearts skip a beat.

I was ready to dismiss his cause as hopeless until I ran across a facebook posting from a young man in his upper 30s that I know. He was delighted with Buttigieg; he rejoiced that there was someone under 70 to vote for on the Dem side. He was so impressed he donated money for the first time and promised to volunteer for the guy.

I wondered if this satisfied some need for firsts. He had voted for the first black president, the first woman and now the prospect of a gay guy was just overwhelmingly self satisfying.

But get a load of who Buttigieg is.

According to the Washington Examiner, Buttigieg’s dad was a Marxist. Yep, a full believing Communist who “spoke fondly of the Communist Manifesto and dedicated a significant portion of his academic career to the work of Italian Communist Party founder Antonio Gramsci, an associate of Vladimir Lenin.”

In other words, Mayor Pete is a red diaper baby. Awash with Marxist thought throughout his childhood, Pete probably doesn’t fall far from the family tree.

Joseph Buttigieg, who died in January at the age of 71, immigrated to the U.S. in the 1970s from Malta and in 1980 joined the University of Notre Dame faculty, where he taught modern European literature and literary theory…
He was an adviser to Rethinking Marxism, an academic journal that published articles “that seek to discuss, elaborate, and/or extend Marxian theory,” and a member of the editorial collective of Boundary 2, a journal of postmodern theory, literature, and culture.

“Equity, environmental consciousness, and racial justice are surely some of the ingredients of a healthy Marxism. Indeed, Marxism’s greatest appeal — undiminished by the collapse of Communist edifices — is the imbalances produced by other sociopolitical governing structures,” Buttigieg wrote.

Paul Kengor, a professor at Grove City College and an expert in communism and progressivism, said Buttigieg was among a group of leftist professors who focused on injecting Marxism into the wider culture.

“They’re part of a wider international community of Marxist theorists and academicians with a particular devotion to the writings of the late Italian Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci, who died over 80 years ago. Gramsci was all about applying Marxist theory to culture and cultural institutions — what is often referred to as a ‘long march through the institutions,’ such as film, media, and especially education,” Kengor told the Washington Examiner.

Pete Buttigieg, an only child, shared a close relationship with his father. In his memoir Shortest Way Home, Pete called his dad a “man of the left, no easy thing on a campus like Notre Dame’s in the 1980s.”

Pete wrote that his dad was supportive when he came out as gay. He and his husband bought a house in South Bend around the corner from his parents, which gave the couple “a good support network despite our work and travel schedules” when they decided to get a dog.

Buttigieg fits in with the other candidates like Sanders, Warren and Beto. They also love Marxism and Socialism.

It is distressing to think that any young people could endorse people who want to subvert our Constitution and turn this country into something very different than the Founders envisioned and that Americans have fought so hard to protect for centuries.

It’s a betrayal of the country in the most profound ways. They would deny it, but there is no denying the evil of Marxism, Communism and socialism. Just look at the millions killed by its implementation.

Don’t look for that to come up with youth. They don’t even know what it is or what happened.

WaPo Laughs at EMPs

I was heartened to read last week that finally an elected official has recognized the grave danger of EMPs and taken action to protect our nation.

An Electromagnetic Pulse from a hostile player could knock out power to Americans and it would take a long time to restore it. It’s a method that fries all electronics. You could be driving a car and an EMP attack hit and the car would stop and be irreparable. Similarly, if you were in a plane, it would fall from the sky. People would be left without heat or cooling, refrigeration, lights, etc. Hospitals would not be able to operate. And the repairs to the electrical grid could not be done quickly. In fact, many of the parts would have to be specially made in a process that could take years.

What this means is that many of us would die. Estimates suggest 90%. It would take us back to the 1800s. Most of us are not prepared to deal with life that way.

President Trump has taken action. He issued an executive order demanding the government “foster sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective approaches to improving the Nation’s resilience to the effects of EMPs.”

The order states that the government “shall engage in risk-informed planning, prioritize research and development (R&D) to address the needs of critical infrastructure stakeholders, and, for adversarial threats, consult Intelligence Community assessments.”

The Blaze says,

It directs that the private sector be involved in modernization, including the privately owned electrical grids overseen by utilities, that the government create protocols for providing warning of natural or man-made surges, and come up with department by department assessments.

It further orders that in one year, the assessments of threat and vulnerability be prepared. In short, it directs both research and assessment of the potential hazards.


As with any action taken by President Trump, the Washington Post immediately had an opinion article masquerading as a science report that sniffed at the President’s rube-level concern over the silly notion that the United States protect its infrastructure and assets.

“Should you worry?” the headline asks. “Nah,” answers the subheading.

The article, labeled as an “analysis” piece, begins with pointing out that the EMP is part of the plot in a James Bond movie. “President Trump believes the danger of an EMP is not just a Hollywood plot device,” it reads. It goes on to discuss the complications and deterrents against a military use of an EMP against the United States, including that it would involve a potential nuclear retaliation from the United States.

The article addresses the idea of a terrorist EMP attack by saying that most governments have “reasons not to give nuclear weapons to terrorists,” and that, if a terrorist had a nuclear weapon, would they really use it though?

Oddly, it goes on to say that there is the real threat of electromagnetic disruption from nature. They do not point out that the executive order expressly lists the danger of “naturally occurring” pulses among the rationale for hardening and modernizing the infrastructure. It conceded that working to “better understand” the hazards involved, which again is expressly the purpose of the order, is probably worth pursuing.

“Will Trump’s executive order help accomplish this?” they ask. “Perhaps,” they answer themselves.

“But the burden of proof remains on the administration to demonstrate whether taxpayer dollars invested in resilience are worth taking away from other national policy priorities,” they conclude. It doesn’t list what the other “policy priorities” are but, judging by the tone and content of the article, one can safely assume those other objectives are something straight off the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wishlist.

This is the same thinking that didn’t foresee 9/11, the immigration problem or Pearl Harbor.

I would much prefer tax dollars be spent on hardening our grid than on fairytale Green New Deal environmentalism. There is a clear danger here no matter what the WaPo says.

Rally Size Enormous

If you listen to MSM nonsense, you would believe that most of the nation despises President Trump. Dems are eying Michigan and Wisconsin for next year’s election. They want those blue areas back.

But looking at the size of the crowd for Trump’s rally last night, they might have a tough time:

Trump campaign maestro Brad Parscale tweeted, “Ready to rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan! Over 100k RSVPs with 14K indoors and nearly 20k in the streets. @realDonaldTrump continues to host the biggest rallies in history!”
An attendee tweeted, “Parked at Van Andel, but had to walk 6 blocks away to get to the end of the line for general admission. Should have had a drone cam do a fly over!”
Here’s a photo of the crowd outside

Doesn’t look like average Americans hate President Trump at all in this formerly Democrat stronghold.

How to Push Back

We’ve all been there. A loudmouth liberal starts attacking Republicans, conservatives and President Trump, sometimes punching a finger into your chest as he/she pontificates.

Sometimes we’re at a loss, not expecting confrontation and not welcoming it either.

On those occasions when you are cornered and dragged into an argument by a liberal/progressive/democrat, don’t forget the ammunition you need to punch back.

Politely, of course, although I find most of these incidents come unprovoked by conservatives. Now that the Mueller report has been a flop for them, angry Dems may feel like lashing out, so beware. Libs rage that Trump lies, Trump was guilty, Trump is a racist, etc.

Jack Hellner at American Thinker gives a good list of talking points to hit back:

Obama and others continually lied to the public, through the media, to get Obamacare passed — and Trump is unfit?
Obama used the IRS to stifle the free speech and freedom of association rights of political opponents — and Trump is unfit?
Obama and his Justice Department, EPA and CFPB shook down corporations and set up slush funds for political purposes and supporters.
Obama and Hillary left people to die in Benghazi while concocting a lie that they told to the public and the families of those who died.
Obama dictatorially and unconstitutionally implemented DACA when he couldn’t get it through Congress.
Obama sent Ben Rhodes and others out to the media with lies to get the Iran deal done.
Obama dictatorially stooped the Justice Department from continuing an investigation into drug running by terrorists to appease Iran.
Obama unconstitutionally stole taxpayer funds from other sources to cover up shortfalls in Obamacare.
Obama abused his power tremendously to protect Hillary, her aides and others, including himself, from prosecution while targeting Trump with massive taxpayer resources.

I’ll add that there is the Fast and Furious gun running that ended in the death of agent Brian Terry.
Then there’s the photo of illegal immigrant kids in cages – that was from 2014 in the Obama administration, yet Trump gets the blame for policies Obama enforced.
Remember his overheard comment to Putin’s underling to tell “Vlad” he’d have more freedom to work with him after the 2012 election?
How about Obama’s acknowledging that there was a crisis on our border with illegal immigrants?
Remember, too, how Obama had a different opinion of abortion and gay marriage during the 2008 campaign, but flipped easily to the other side once he was president. Wasn’t that a lie?
Hellner also reminds us that the media is unfit, too:

Repeated the continuous lies about Russian collusion and obstruction with no evidence, especially the ones at CNN, WP, NYT, NBC and MSNBC.
Set out to destroy Judge Kavanaugh with no evidence.
Ginned up racial hate against Trump, to this day, for his comments in Charlottesville, VA that were clearly talking about the statue issue.
Ginned up racial hate using White Christian boys. It is truly a shame how many people the media is willing to destroy suing fake news.
Ginned up racial hate with a fake hate crime hoax in Chicago.
Ginned up racial hate with the fake hands up don’t shoot narrative.
Ginned up racial hate against Trump for saying exactly the same things Obama and others said about illegal aliens and supporting a wall that Democrats previously supported.
Cheered as Mueller and his cabal set out to destroy people surrounding Trump even when there was never any evidence of collusion.

Then at the American Spectator, George Parry asks these questions about the Mueller probe:

The logical starting point of any Trump-Russia collusion investigation would be the Steele dossier. So, did Team Mueller, in or out of the grand jury, investigate or interrogate Christopher Steele, Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS, or the Clinton campaign and DNC operatives who paid for the dossier?

Did the investigation delve into the FBI and Department of Justice’s use of the dossier to obtain FISA warrants to intercept the communications of Trump campaign associate Carter Page? Did they investigate those who drafted, verified, and submitted the misleading and false-by-omission FISA applications?

Did they investigate or question former FBI Special Agent and Team Mueller staffer Peter Strzok, former FBI lawyer and Team Mueller staffer Lisa Page, former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, or other government officials to determine if they or anyone else participated in an effort to spy on the Trump campaign or to overthrow the Trump presidency?