Our New American Moment

It wasn’t a speech for the coastal elites. It wasn’t a speech for identity politics. It wasn’t a speech about Trump and it wasn’t a speech about politics.

It wasn’t the kind of speech Obama gave. It had few “I’s” and was short on vacuous rhetoric.

Trump’s state of the union speech was about the American people and Trump’s speech was superb.

It showed that we were right to elect someone outside of the political circus because that someone was us.

Some thoughts and observations:

The Dem women were dressed in black, the color of mourning, as a protest. Melania was all in white. The contrast couldn’t have been sharper.

When Trump began and he mentioned bipartisanship, the camera turned to Nancy Pelosi. She was seething. She was also playing around with her mouth which led many people on Twitter to think she has denture problems. I don’t know. Perhaps she was gurning?

Loved how he described the past year’s economic successes. You know, the ones the media refuses to mention: 401 K and pensions growing; 8 trillion added to the stock market; tax reforms enacted; Hispanic unemployment at the lowest ever while black unemployment the lowest in decades.

That didn’t make the Dems happy. They continued their sourpuss look.

Trump mentioned “our new American moment.” To baby boomers like me, it was wonderful to think that America’s greatest years might be beginning and not something we missed. He said we were “rediscovering the American way.” It’s been lost all right and we want it back.

Trump reiterated that our motto is “In God We Trust.” How wonderful to hear the G word again. Not to Democrats who refused even to applaud God. Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to help them.

Good touching on the flag issue, too, with the 12 year old boy there to show how it’s done. The boy saw to it that 40,000 flags were put on soldiers’ graves. Trump contrasted that with not standing for the national anthem. He didn’t need to say more.

The Dems’ sullenness continued. Trump’s cabinet seemed happy, though.

I wondered how anyone with the dementia he’s supposed to have could give a speech like this. That was a lot of focus and awareness for an hour and a half.

Could you argue with reducing the price of prescription drugs? Evidently the Dems can. I wish the camera had panned on West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin at that one. His daughter is the one responsible for the huge jump in price for the epi pen. Maybe he’s not on board.

Manchin was one of the few Dems who jumped up on the mention of bettering our infrastructure. Then again, he’s from West Virginia which has always wallowed in expensive infrastructure as long as it could be named after a Democrat.

Did you see Tim Kaine clapping?

He looked like he hadn’t mastered it yet. Maybe because he was scowling so much he couldn’t coordinate that and his hands, too.

Dems rarely stood while the Republicans hopped up at every other line. Pundit Ben Shapiro tweeted that it was “smart of Vice President Pence to put superglue on their seats. They looked bad.” They did, too.

The second winning line mentioned – and the best – was “Americans are dreamers, too.” That slapped the Dems good, especially since, as he pointed out, lower class and black Americans get pushed out of jobs by them. Home run.

Somehow Marco Rubio joined the Dems in their curmudgeon-hood. He looked like he had just eaten hakarl, the national dish of Iceland made of pickled and 4 month fermented shark.
Maybe he needed a glass of water.

The Dems didn’t stand either when Trump mentioned the Communists and tyrants in Cuba and Venezuela. Then again, that’s where they tried to head us.

Like the seasoned public relations expert he is, Trump saved the best guest for last. He talked about North Korea and pointed to a former resident of that country who had lost a leg when a train ran over him. He had to recover without pain killers, made his escape but kept his crutches. The man held them up in a Tiny Tim moment that would have made Charles Dickens proud. It drew thunderous applause and tears.

When even grumpy pollster Frank Luntz says “Wow!” about the speech, you know it was superb.

It was and it showed that Trump is presidential, deserved the win and is a president very much in charge.


CA Continues to Push Leftist

I have mentioned before that the morning newspaper is obviously pushing a favorite candidate. They never miss an opportunity to mention this extreme leftist and put her in the spotlight.

Recently they had a big picture of Tami Sawyer on a front page of a section. Today we get her mentioned twice in two different front page stories.

She is quoted in a story about the removal of the Yo Gotti billboard. Gotti, a thug, was put up as a successful product of the Shelby County Schools. Not surprisingly, many people objected and they took it down.

Sawyer never takes off her racism glasses and that’s her take on it. She says, “By telling kids Yo Gotti isn’t worthy of a billboard, you’re insinuating to a lot of them that they aren’t worthy as well. Right now all they know is Gotti is rich and on TV and the radio.”

You can bet she knows that he also has a reputation as someone who has engaged in alleged criminal activities. I’m sure that scores with gang members.

Somehow I don’t think Gotti is the kind of role model Martin Luther King envisioned for black youths.

Then Sawyer is also in the story about the court ruling on Confederate statues. A chancellor barred the Greenspace group from selling, gifting or moving the statues. The issue now moves to the state Historical Commission.

Sawyer doesn’t like that. She was quoted as saying “the trend of our state protecting statues more than people (continues).

I’m surprised she wasn’t consulted and quoted in the other Page 1 story about the King statue moving to a more prominent location. Who messed up?

Don’t forget that CA editor Mark Russell is a militant Leftist. He’s pushing the paper over a cliff in this direction. Note how many stories attack Trump/Republicans/conservatives. This is a daily occurrence.

Russell sees Sawyer as a way to get his extreme positions into government. Sawyer is running for the District 7 position in the County Commission. Looks like he’s doing everything he can to help her.

So much for objective journalism, but you know that.

SCS New Poster Boy

I haven’t seen this billboard, but it’s up somewhere as pointed out on Nextdoor.

A Nextdoor Neighbor writes: “As you consider your vote for the upcoming school board elections, I thought you might find the current SCS narrative interesting. Math? History? Economics? English? A Trade? Science? Nah…. , but we offer up this…”

Rapper Gotti’s had several skirmishes with the law and arrests.

Here are some comments:

“My son showed this to me the other day. It is nice to know that out of all the African Americans who have graduated from our Memphis/Shelby County High Schools; Yo Gotti is the poster boy…. JFC!!!! Thank God, my son is in private school…..”

“My fear is for all these kids that can’t afford private school. Honestly, I am SHOCKED that someone with purchasing and decision making authority at SCS decided this was a good idea. We have a struggling district with many failing schools and we should be trying to win kid’s hearts and minds with a narrative about getting a good education as it is the key to moving up in the world. This is an increasingly difficult sell, though, because in so many of our most disadvantaged communities there is a growing belief that the only way to make it is through sports or music, despite the fact that the vast, vast, vast majority of people don’t have the talent for that. But, of course, everyone has the chance to find success through education. Despite these well understood facts though, our district actually advertises to promote the exact opposite narrative our kids need! Absolutely amazing. It is such a telling indication of the abject lack of leadership we must have in the district’s administration to allow this to occur. It’s inexcusable.”


“Would it not be better to use Walter Bailey (attorney, county commissioner), his deceased brother D’Army Bailey( attorney and Judge), Mayor AC Wharton(Public Defender), Dr. and Mayor WW Herenton, Dr. J O Patterson and his father before him, Dr. Cleo Kirk, DDS, Anfree “Penny” Hardaway… The list of people to look up to is long and should be respected. What was the Shelby County School Board thinking?
On a quick search on his biography, I could not find where Yo Gotti (Mario Mims) even graduated from Trezevant High School….”

What a contrast to the Jubilee Schools working in the ghettos that will be forced to shut down next year!

Is Trump a Rapper?

And speaking of rap, did Donald Trump just do a rap tweet?

Scott Adams of Dilbert fame thinks so.

Rapper Jay Z talked to CNN host Van Jones about President Trump. Of course he hates him. Jones asked about the lowest unemployment among blacks that the Trump policies have produced. The artist said to be worth $810 million replied, “Black folks don’t really care about money. That it’s not important at the end of the day.”

Obviously it is to him.

Trump tweeted: “Somebody please inform Jay-Z that because of my policies, Black Unemployment has just been reported to be at the LOWEST RATE EVER RECORDED!”

Adams noted that Trump’s reply was a rap:

Somebody please
inform Jay-Z
that because of my policies
Black Unemployment
has just been reported
to be the lowest rate
every recorded

He asked readers to put it to music. They did. You can see several here: http://thegatewaypundit.com/2018/01/stable-genius-potus-trumps-tweet-jay-z-just-put-rap-music-video/

Proof again that as Adams says, Trump is a very stable genius.

Politics Are in the Toilet

Recently First Lady Melania Trump contacted the Guggenheim Museum in New York to request this painting by Van Gogh for display in the White House.

It’s fairly common for the White House to borrow famous paintings. The Kennedys displayed Eugene Delacroix’s painting The Smoker and the Obamas showed off works by Mark Rothko and Jasper Johns.

But when it comes to the Trump family, the elite can’t pass up an opportunity for a snub. So the curator of the Guggenheim refused the Van Gogh and offered a gold toilet. Seriously. This one:

Newsweek almost giggles in its reporting. Note the snark as well:

The chief curator of a New York City art museum refused to lend the White House a Vincent Van Gogh painting for President Donald Trump and his wife Melania’s living quarters but did come up with a novel alternative suggestion: a used 18-karat solid gold toilet.

The fully functional toilet had been on display in the Guggenheim in a public restroom for guests to use for the past year and was characterized by critics as a work of satire aimed at excessive wealth in America.

But now that the exhibit has closed, the museum’s curator Nancy Spector told officials they can use it, “should the President and First Lady have any interest in installing it in the White House,” she wrote in an e-mail obtained by The Washington Post.

The artist, Maurizio Cattelan, “would like to offer it to the White House for a long-term loan,” Spector continued. “It is, of course, extremely valuable and somewhat fragile, but we would provide all the instructions for its installation and care.” The e-mail also included a photograph of the shiny yellow waste dispensary.

A Guggenheim spokeswoman confirmed the exchange to the Post.

The value of the toilet is unknown, but it is estimated to have cost more than $1 million to build.

The White House has yet to accept the offer and did not respond a request from the newspaper. An inquiry from Newsweek was not immediately returned.

The toilet, which was protected by a uniformed security guard during its time in New York, could better suit the president’s taste. He is known to have a penchant for the precious metal, installing gold-plated fixtures throughout his properties. And it could ramp up the excitement for visitors, who are already taken on tours the White House’s bathrooms by Trump.

If you thought politics was already in the toilet, this confirms it.

Jubilee Shutdown

It was sad to read this morning’s headline that the Jubilee Schools in Memphis will close.

In 1999, then Bishop Terry Steib announced that money had been donated to reopen nine schools in the inner city. The goal stated was “Not a handout, but a hand up. A partnership in helping children from Memphis’ most economically challenged neighborhoods get the education they need to graduate, go to college, and positively impact their lives and the Memphis community.”

Poor students were given scholarships and even the New York Times commented, “The most successful [school] model of all may well be in Memphis.”

Now all that ends. Nine Jubilee schools, plus St. Michael’s school on Summer will be shuttered.

As it happens, our family attends Mass at a Midtown parish that sponsors a Jubilee School. It has grown from grades 1-6 to 1-8. The students roughly are about a quarter black, quarter Asian, quarter Hispanic and a quarter white. A decision was made two years ago to be a year round school. The diversity prompted teachers to switch to year round schooling. They felt that so many of their students spoke different languages, from Vietnamese to Spanish to Swahili that when they took months off for summer break they reverted to those languages and lost skills in English. They were able to address the problem. It probably also helped many families to avoid a day care problem.

The older children attend school on a floor right above the church. So when daily Mass is going on we can hear chairs being moved and the sharp staccato of teachers’ footsteps. The younger students have a building nearby. All attend Mass once a week, although they do not have to accept Catholicism.

After Mass today Mr. Midtown Republican and I asked our pastor what happened and what’s next.

He said that when the new bishop, Martin Holley, arrived two years ago he informed the schools that he would be closing them. It’s apparently one of the reasons he was sent here, as he did the same task in his former home of Washington, D.C. Schools there were losing money and here the totals amounted to $9 million each year.

In DC he arranged for charter schools to come in and replace the parish schools. Since charter funding exempts any kind of religious charter schools, they became completely secular. This means that the charter company that will be coming in, New Day, most likely will pay $1 a year to lease the schools. The option of not renting the buildings is not possible as that would then require the church pay taxes.

All crucifixes and statues will have to be removed. There are complications since the school and church reside in one building. Problems of electricity, security, garbage pickup, maintenance, parking situations will have to be worked out.

Mayor Strickland, a Catholic, certainly hasn’t done anything to help these schools find other sources of funding. Why should he? The education system here seems intent on keeping our populace stupid and manipulated. Even our superintendent looks like he’s thrown his hands up and is ready to give the schools to charter groups.

The failure of vouchers to be passed also shares some responsibility in the Jubilee school demise. The director of communications for the diocese said so in today’s article. He implied “the defeat of several bills in the legislature that would have created a voucher system severely affected the ability of the schools to continue operating.”

Obviously politics got involved in it. The liberal Democrats who run this town cannot allow a different, non teachers union, non governmental agency to succeed. They must control everything or lose their own power. They went to Nashville and successfully stopped vouchers.

We wonder why businesses don’t want to come here. They can’t find an educated workforce. Has more money helped our schools? No.

Charter schools won’t be the answer either. It’s a shame that the party that says it’s all about diversity, isn’t when it comes to ideas.

The ‘Winning’ Strategy

I never thought President Trump would lose in the shutdown debate. He understands strategy and PR much better than the Dems. I thought that in the shutdown fight the Dems didn’t know what they’re up against.

Maybe it’s beginning to dawn on them.

A tweeter named “On the Right Side of History” has outlined Trump’s strategy and the Dems’ dilemma. It’s a brilliant analysis so I am copying it here:

1. For a couple weeks now, I’ve been saying that DACA is not a bargaining chip, it’s a bait.
In fact, you just saw who Trump used it to bait the Dems into a Banzai Charge on his most heavily fortified position.

2. Having been humiliated by Trump, the smarter Dems in congress, especially in the Senate are going to be hella wary of doing that again.

3. It’s not just that Trump humiliated them, it’s also that the thought DACA was a certain winner politically, because all of their slanted Big Media polls have been telling them that for years.
But when it came time to actually act, the public melted their phones with anger.

4. So, now what?
Now, DACA is not a bargaining chip, it’s a wedge.

5. Again, DACA is not a bargaining chip, it’s now a wedge.
And Dr. President Trump is going to put it on the fault line between sensible Congressional Dems and their bitter, idiotic, lunatic voters and hit it as many times as he can with a sledgehammer.

6. Trump is going to use DACA to split Dems from their hardest-of-hardcore base: the ethnic agitators, the SJWs, the cat ladies, and the whole rest of that ranting crew.

7. Trump is going to do this by making the terms of any potential DACA deal so hard for Dems to swallow that they’re either be a) forced to abandon the Dreamers, or give Trump so much of what he wants that the Dem base will have an epic meltdown.

8. The Dems in Congress find themselves in yet another no win situation. They have to give Trump the moon or throw the Dreamers overboard.
There is no other viable option for Democrats. None.

9. Right now, the Dems are hoping, praying, begging for Jeff Flake and the Gang of Cucks to save them from this disaster.
But, here’s a little secret, that’s not going to ever happen again. The Gang of Cucks is out of business as long as Dr. President Trump is in charge.

10. Not only does Trump have the veto, which he’ll never have to use, but he’s shown smart Republicans how to win by playing hardball. Look at Mitch McConnell. Who ever thought he’d enjoy winning so much? He’s held the line for Trump and turned out to be a great ally of MAGA.

11. The Gang of Cucks will still reach for those favorable headlines, but unless Dr. President Trump gives his approval, through McConnell and his allies, no deal will move forward in the Senate. It’s that simple.

12. But, back to the Dems. Trump is going to hammer on that DACA wedge like he’s John Henry driving steel.
The desperation of the Senate Dems to make a deal, any deal, will be matched by Trump going out of his way to make the Democratic base lose their minds about Trump.

13. Trump will make the Dem base lose its mind simply by being Trump. A tweet here, a planted story there, an off-hand comment at a photo op; Trump is going to make the Dem base froth at the mouth with anti-Trump anger.

14. Two reasons for doing this:

1) It reduces the flexibility of the Dems to make a deal on their own terms. Their desperation will give Trump even more leverage.
2. He wants the Dem base to experience a complete emotional crash when the no-win is converted into a loss.

15. Part of Trump’s strategy is to demoralize the Dem base early, with a series of giant defeats/humiliations of Dem leaders. He wants Dem voters to crash hard before the summer. He’s got to make it clear that #RedTideRising is inevitable, so as to keep the Dem base at home.

16. And the way you make it clear is by hitting the Dems with his strongest and most popular positions. Did you notice that on Friday, literally five minutes after the shut down, Trump released the details of his infrastructure plan? That’s the next stage after the crash.

17. Trump is orchestrating an emotional crash for the Dem voters and the humiliation of Dem congressmen before the summer because he wants to offer the sane ones a chance at emotional redemption through MAGA and the infrastructure plan.

18. Yes, #RedTideRising isn’t just about energizing the Trump base, they’re plenty energized. It’s really about peeling off the regular democratic voters who aren’t lunatics, or who’ve decided to stop being lunatics. This includes a sizable number of blacks and legal hispanics.

19. After the DACA thing is settled one way or another, either of which will be a big win for Trump, Trump is going to pivot to infrastructure and start hammering it hard. Remember, infrastructure is a HUGE bipartisan issue.

20. There are 6 Dem senators up for reelection in MAGA territory. What are the chances that Manchin, Heitkamp, McCaskill maybe even Sherrod Brown, are going to rush to sign onto the MAGA’ing of infrastructure of America? And, what sort of signal does that send about Trump & co?

21. Yes, many prominent Dems, maybe even Chuck Schumer, are going to rush to stand next to Dr. President Trump as he pushes for his infrastructure package. The non-insane Dem voters, & those who’ve decided to stop being insane, will see that & think, “Maybe Trump isn’t so bad”

22. What’s that? You think the Dems won’t bum rush the stage to stand next to Trump on infrastructure day?
Okay, maybe they won’t. What are the optics of doing that? Oh, Dems hate America. The attack ads write themselves, don’t they?
See? Once again, it’s win-win for Trump.

23. Infrastructure is another win-win for Trump. The best the Democrats can do is tag along and get a little rehabilitation and praise from Trump. If they resist, the hammer comes down, hard. Tweet! More proof that they love illegals and hate America, really hate America. Sad.

24. And, if the congressional Dems jump on board the Trumpenwagen, at least for Infrastructure, what will that do to their base? It sucks the wind right out of the Trump hate, or it further splits the Dems from their most loyal/crazy voters.
Pick your poison, Senator Schumer.

25. The bad news is that Trump may actually get a DACA deal. But if he does, what he’ll get in return will be astounding, & it won’t include a path to citizenship, more like a green card. Meaning, if you get a DUI, you’re sent back. The Sword of Damocles insures their behavior.

26. When I say Trump will get the moon, I mean the Wall, end of chain migration, no to DACA parents, more ICE agents, and probably a couple other things I haven’t thought about. Plus, no path to citizenship.
The Dems in Congress are just desperate enough to go for that.

27. If Trump makes a deal to let the DACA kids stay, a lot of people on our side will whine, this even if Trump rakes in a huge pile of chips.
To those people I say, STFU. Stop being so short-sighted.
Trump is simultaneously co-opting Dem voters & insuring a #RedTideRising

28. I say STFU & stop being so short-sighted because you need to look at the long-term picture. What sort of immigration policy will Trump be able to follow after he has humiliated the Dems with a mid-term election victory? End to birthright citizenship. That’s the next prize.

29. In fact, if Trump pulls this off, ending birthright citizenship will be a piece of cake, because the smarter Dems will rush to readjust their platform to include more immigration restriction. Which will allow Trump and MAGA’ian GOP to move even more to the right.

30. So, once again, remember the Three Rules of the Trumpening.

1. Always trust Trump.
2. Never bet against Trump.
3. Don’t get tired of winning

Take a look at what has happened to all the celebrities and libs who have been against Trump. It doesn’t end well for them. It’s not that he goes after them, it’s just they sink themselves.

Yes, I agree. Never bet against DJT.