Hurricanes Bring Winds of Change

According to the Miami Herald, massive aid is on its way to Florida.

A huge airborne relief mission is en route to the Keys to help people impacted by the devastation caused when the eye of Hurricane Irma blasted through the Lower Florida Keys at daybreak Sunday morning.

Monroe County Emergency Management Director Martin Senterfitt called the destruction caused by Irma, a massive Category 4 storm when it impacted the Keys, a “humanitarian crisis.”

Among the services coming to the Keys are “disaster mortuary teams,” he said during a conference call.

United States Air Force special operations pilots are testing flights with C-130 cargo planes around the massive storm from Mississippi to the Keys in anticipation of the mission, which will include Air National Guard flights of more C-130s and helicopters following the fixed-wing flights.

“The help is on its way,” Senterfitt said during a conference call Sunday afternoon.

“We’re going to get more aid than we’ve ever seen in our lives,” Senterfitt said.

Supplies and personnel could be coming in by air to Monroe County by early Monday morning, Senterfitt said.

The first arrival will be at Florida Keys Marathon Airport, which can handle about two C-130 planes at a time. The plan, said Senterfitt, is to have two C-130s land every two hours on the airfield there.

Doesn’t this defy all liberal belief? Didn’t they say that Trump was a businessman, not a leader? They pound us with the notion that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Looks like he does. Career politicians before him have failed, even though they supposedly understand government.

They tell us he lacks compassion. Is this the move of someone who doesn’t care about the welfare of others?

They tell us Trump sympathizes with Nazis, Alt Right and the KKK. Is this the act of someone who is racially motivated in all he does? In Florida, people who went to the shelters, of their own will or rounded up because they were homeless, have not been subject to racial tests. No one has asked them about their immigration status. No one apparently cared what it was. So much for the myth of Trump wanting to purge the U.S. of foreigners.

Blacks, Hispanics, the poor, gays – all the ones Republicans and Trump are supposed to hate – have not been left to a likely death.

By the way, has anyone ever encountered someone from the KKK or a neo Nazi? I haven’t. Do you see them meeting and looking for new members? Are they popping up wherever you look?

No. They are not legitimate factors of any kind in this country. They haven’t been for decades. Millennials and Democrats are on hair trigger alert for them. They think they’re skulking around every tree waiting for the chance to have a coup. We are warned about them by the media.

They aren’t a group large enough to worry about. It’s a strategy to divide and destroy the country.
Two hurricanes are showing us that Trump can handle a crisis and that the American people work together to help each other selflessly in tragedies.

The GOPe Sails on Titanic

Kurt Schlichter at Townhall penned this brilliant analysis of Trump’s deal with Democrats on the budget. Why it surprised and stunned the GOPe, I don’t know. Trump had always said he would talk with them to get legislation through. Just goes to show how completely dense these people are.

So what does the GOP establishment do in 2018 when it comes before us dirty, nasty normals and tries to make the case that its members deserve being reelected to Congress instead of being tarred and feathered? After seven years of solemn assurances, it couldn’t even get its act together and keep its promise to put a stake through the heart of the abomination that is Obamacare. But hey – when Donald Trump kept his promise to undo DACA, that sure spurred the True Conservatives to action. The deductibles my employees pay just went up two grand a year because if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor or something, yet that sort of real world pain for real world people doesn’t spur our righteous Conservative, Inc., stalwarts to action. But threaten to actually enforce a law Congress passed and cut the monocle-and-top-hat set off from cheap foreign serfs who will vote hard left if given the chance? Now that’s an emergency. All hands on deck!

Of the S.S. Conservative Titanic.

“Republicans, you can be proud of me! I went to Washington, left Obamacare in place, complained that Donald Trump was mean to the liberals who hate us, and started down the road to amnesty, just like you wanted! And by ‘you’ I mean the Wall Street Journal editorial board, some fussy Never Trumpers on Twitter, and the GOP wonks who used to read Ayn Rand books while normal guys were kissing girls.”

Boy oh boy, it must sure suck for you that we conservatives are now woke.

“Woke,” that hilariously dopey term used by semi-literate leftists when they sort of mean “aware,” is just too sweet a word not to confiscate and deploy on our own behalf. It perfectly describes us normals’ now-permanent state of agitated readiness in anticipation of the latest way the conservacreeps are going to try to shaft us. We’re woke, which means we’re watching, and more than that, we’re acting on our wokedness. That’s why Felonia von Pantsuit is busy pounding bourbon and writing books blaming Bernie and Russia instead of being busy purging that troublesome Bill of Rights of our troublesome civil rights.

Bad news, losers: We are hella woke, and there’s no turning back.

Look, here’s how you Fredocons screwed up – well, one of the ways you screwed up, anyway. You miscalculated our tolerance for failure and confused our patience with apathy. Eventually, your failure grew so great that we just had to pay attention even though we have lives and better things to do. We started watching and saw you sitting on panels high fiving each other about your commitment to free trade (which always seemed to turn out to be crony capitalism that shafted us normals) and tax reform (which always seemed to turn out to benefit crony capitalists and shaft us normals) and budget cuts (which never seemed to happen except to the military, which is populated by, and therefore the cuts hurt, us normals). Oh, we gave you chances – for decades, we gave you plenty of chances not to suck. And, in return, you gave us nothing but suck.

“Oh, George W. Bush was a true conservative!” Good guy, yes, but he brought us two unwon wars (only one of necessity) and “compassionate conservatism.” Of course, “compassion” always means that normal people get another rock in their ruck. Then there was John McCain, who lied to our faces on Obamacare’s repeal so more Senate hacks wouldn’t have to go on record doing so. And last, and arguably least, there’s Mitt Romney, Mr. Thank-You-Candy-May-I-Have-Another, who never misses a chance to virtue signal for the benefit of the same people who said he gave someone cancer. Oh, and their bright idea for 2016? Jeb! He was an act of love upon us normals all right.

See, we’re done. We’re woke and feeling about you hacks just like you feel about us. Think about that. The clock is ticking. Look at Jeff Flake. At this point, I don’t even care if his opponent, somewhere down the road, will have to deny being a witch. In fact, his primary opponent could get up at the first debate in a sweatshirt reading “PROUD HOGWARTS GRAD,” wave a wand, announce without irony that “The sorting hat assigned me to Hufflepuff!” and I’d still send her money. Because even if she was crazy (and she’s not – she seems like a very nice lady who actually believes in conservative stuff), she would still be a million times better than that back-stabbing, braying doofus she’s running against. Heck, she’s already crushing the Arizona squish into utter squishiness in the polls – think of what she could do with some spells.

The GOP establishment will never learn, partly from denial and partly because a lot of its members are kind of dumb. For example, that smarmy dope Paul Ryan, when he isn’t trying to make sure foreigners are treated better than Americans, is still pushing the moronic “You could do your taxes on a postcard!” hack cliché when, of course, everyone knows that all those extra pages are filled with the deductions that make people who work pay less. I’ll toss my taxes to my accountant and keep my home mortgage, charitable, and state tax deductions instead of losing them so big GOP donors can pocket some more dough – thanks though, Passive Paul! Postcard taxes – sheesh, 1996 called and it wants its total defeat back.

Look normals, we’re in for the long haul here – hopefully not one that ends violently for our divided country, which it absolutely could. Those are the stakes, and that is why we can’t just walk away from this game. We can’t hide and wait it out. We either get in there and win or we lose everything. Step One was getting woke. Step Two was electing Trump. Step Three is regulating the Republicans. Slowly and surely, we’re going to need to purge these punks from our team.

And we can do it. Time is on our side. Eventually, Ben Sasse is going to get a show on MSNBC called You Have All Disappointed Me So, So Very Much. Eventually, Paul Ryan is going to leave to do infomercials for his objectivist cross-fit workout DVD titled Atlas Pumped. Eventually, Lindsey Graham is going to retire and open an antique store in Alexandria and get into needless and endless price wars all over town. And eventually, we will win our struggle to restore the country and the Constitution we love.

We must be patient.

We must be ruthless.

We must be woke.


Does Strickland Push Memphis?

When I heard that Amazon was looking for a distribution center outside of their first one in Seattle, I thought of Memphis.

I heard business analysts suggest New Jersey, New York state and Atlanta. None of them mentioned Memphis.

They should have. We’re known for Fed Ex, which does a lot of business with Amazon. We’re known as a distribution center, too. We also have no state income tax and a state hierarchy that would gratefully work to give breaks to Amazon.

The next day I got an email from Mayor Strickland. He wrote:

News came Thursday morning that Amazon is looking to build a second headquarters that could employ tens of thousands and transform a city’s future. I was emailing our staff shortly after dawn, letting them know that we’ll absolutely be placing a bid.

Some of our great successes recently, such as the retention and Downtown move of ServiceMaster, coupled with stalwart corporate citizens like FedEx, AutoZone, International Paper and First Tennessee, prove to me that we have momentum. Let’s take the next step and give it our best shot.

I hope he’s giving it his best shot, but I am not reassured that he is. He led his weekly email newsletter talking about the Southern Heritage Classic. I agree that it’s important, but top of the list?

One would hope that Strickland hopped on a plane and went to Seattle to highlight the advantages of building in Memphis. Maybe get the governor to go, too, and Fred Smith. Be innovative. Work the deal.

Strickland really hasn’t done much since he became mayor. Crime is as bad as it ever was. Taxes go up, not down. We’re still hung with a high property tax rate. Is there really any difference between him and Wharton? So far, no.

The Thanks You Get

For some (misguided) women, the only good thing that came out of Hillary Clinton’s defeat was the march on Washington they did. They loved putting on their obscene pink hats, holding signs and declaring their solidarity. The sad spectacle was repeated in cities across the country as women came together to have their protest fests and feel important.

Evidently, Hillary Clinton didn’t see it the same way.

She is now chastising her own supporters.

In her new memoir, “What Happened” she blames them – and everything and everyone else handy – for her defeat.

The Daily Mail reports:

Hillary Clinton has added another name her long list of grievances about those who cost her the election, this time singling out energized anti-Trump women marchers for failing to deliver before her historic loss.

Clinton referenced the throngs of protesters who took the streets of Washington and other cities in a Women’s march shortly after his election. But her thoughts moved from the calls to resistance to the Trump agenda to why they hadn’t summoned that same passion for her own campaign.

‘I couldn’t help but ask where those feelings of solidarity, outrage and passion had been during the election,’ Clinton writes in her new memoir, ‘What Happened.’

It takes a lot of guts, or something, to hold everyone except yourself accountable for your actions. But that’s the Clinton way, isn’t it?

novel Indeed

I went to check out the new bookstore in Laurelwood, novel. It replaced Booksellers when it closed its doors. They have revamped and I was curious whether conservative books would be readily visible or half hidden in the back as they are in many stores.

Right as you come in the door is a display of nonfiction books. First at the table is Jeff Flake’s “Conscience of a Conservative.” Hard to believe anyone would buy that book. He should be glad it has been mentioned on TV at all since his audience must be the moderates who really don’t care about much anyway. They aren’t conservatives, so why would they buy the book? Why would conservatives? Flake has shown himself to be as big a RINO as his co Arizona senator John McCain – maybe even bigger.

That was a bit off putting as was Al Gore’s new book, “Truth to Power,” displayed at the other end of the table. It was full of photos and graphs with entries by “authorities” about climate change, electricity, etc. Didn’t look like he even wrote the book. It looked like something that his believers – not too deep thinking millenial social justice warriors – could easily grasp, if they had the money to buy it.

Then there was also a book by Dick Morris, “Rogue Spooks, The Intelligence War on Donald Trump.” Not that I think he knows what he’s talking about, but at least he’s on our side. Might want to change the name of that one if he wants to be politically correct.

A nearby shelf had another slew of political/non fiction books. They had Milo Yiannopolous’s “Dangerous.” There was Mark Levin’s “Rediscovering Americanism;” Michael Savage’s “Trump War;” Newt Gingrich’s “Understanding Trump;” Dinesh D’souza’s “The Big Lie.” All good.

On the other side they had Al Franken’s “Giant of the Senate” by Al Franken, of course. Don’t think I’d find that humorous. Elizabeth Warren’s “This Fight Is Our Fight” was on a shelf as was John Kasich’s “Two Paths” which I won’t be going down.

All in all, it was a fair representation and a fair display.

Good for novel. It’s about time there was fairness at the bookstore. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Fox News Sponsors Gay Event

If you needed any more proof that Fox News has made a left turn, consider this article by Peter Barry Chowka at

This weekend in Philadelphia, a four-day long convention of LGBTQ (gay, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual, queer) activists is meeting with leading mainstream journalists and corporate media producers and executives. The stated purpose is to influence mainstream reporting on issues close to the heart of the LGBTQ activist community. The issues include same sex marriage, transgenders in the military, isolating conservative religious groups as hate mongers, and even how to cover President Donald Trump. Incredibly, the journalists are there not to report on the event – but to be enthusiastic participants while their employers help to pay for it.

It’s one thing for a group like the NLGJA – the Association of LGBTQ Journalists — the sponsor of the event – to hold a convention of its members. It’s something else entirely to have this agenda-laden meeting sponsored and supported financially by the very news media that the LGBTQ association is trying to influence – while leading members of the media appear in person at the event to endorse the goals of the organization.

NLGJA Fundraiser New York, NY March 20, 2013. Don Lemon of CNN (L.) takes a selfie. Others include Shepard Smith and Jamie Colby (Fox News), Ashleigh Banfield and Ronan Farrow (MSNBC).

But that’s exactly what is going on. And I seriously doubt that any of the happenings at the Philadelphia convention will be reported by the media that are there not to cover it, but to actively participate.

The tip off to the existence of this well-planned annual professional gathering came during an appearance by journalist Alex Nitzberg on the Hagmann Report on September 5. I was intrigued by Nitzberg‘s mention of the NLGJA’s 2017 national convention and immediately started looking into it.

Fortunately, there is a lot of information about the convention and the activist organization behind it online including a detailed agenda of convention speakers, topics, and events. What I wasn’t quite prepared for was the prominent listing given to corporate sponsors of the convention, in particular a number of major media companies.

Right behind Coca-Cola and JetBlue came the #3 sponsor – the first “editorial sponsor” on the list – and it was Fox News! Yes, Fox News, which in the past at least has purported to give conservative / “fair and balanced” coverage to controversial issues. But that was then, and this is now. Other media further down on the sponsors list are Google Newslab, Comcast NBCUniversal, Gannett Foundation (Gannett owns USAToday, and a large number of local newspapers and TV stations around the country), CBS News, McClatchy, and, with a surprisingly minor mention and no logo, CNN.

Page six of the 72-page convention program features a full-page ad by Fox News, identified as one of the convention’s “diamond sponsors,” which makes an appeal to convention attendees:

FOX NEWS encompasses two incredible networks – Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network, which have revolutionized the way people get their information across all platforms. Both are seeking talented, competitive and dedicated employees who thrive in a 24-hour breaking news environment. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, Fox News offers career opportunities across a wide range of business units and locations. Joining our number one cable channel and number one business network is your chance to be part of a highly successful, dynamic team. Your future is here.

Fox News Proudly Sponsors #NLGJA17 The Association of LGBTQ Journalists

This effort appears to be aimed partly at recruiting more members of the LGBTQ sexual minority into the organization, as if they were seen as underrepresented in the news or broadcasting industries. Gallup polling shows that Americans vastly overestimate the percentage of the population that is lesbian or gay, with a mean estimate of 23%, as compared to the 3.8% of the adult population who identified themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in Gallup Daily tracking in the first four months of this year. Only 9% of the public holds the accurate view that this minority is 5% or less of the population, meaning that 91% of the public substantially overestimates their numbers.

In addition to organizing an annual convention with at least 350 attendees, the NLGJA, founded in 1990, serves as a full-fledged LGBTQ lobbying organization with headquarters in Washington, D.C. It is a tax exempt non-profit and its 2014 Form 990 Federal tax return (the most recent one available) describes the organization’s mission as:

Opposing all forms of workplace bias and providing professional development to its members who are journalists, media professionals, educators, and students working from within the news industry to foster fair and accurate coverage of LGBT issues.

To that end, the NLGJA publishes a very detailed and obviously influential “LGBTQ Stylebook” to establish a standard for the media’s reporting on “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender & queer terminology,” among other things.

The organization’s 2014 federal tax return describe its annual convention:

This program attracts attendees from across the United States and Canada for three days [sic] of skills training, professional development and networking. The convention program also includes a career and community expo, [and] a training program for journalism students.

The tax return goes on to note one of the organization’s major agendas: its programs and outreach aimed at students. An excerpt:

One of NLGJA’s most successful programs is the annual student project held at the national convention and LGBT media summit, a six-day intensive training program for student journalists.

In other words, get to and influence fledgling journalists while they are young.

Presentations at the NLGJA 2017 convention are not limited to LGBTQ issues alone. One panel, for example, advises attendees on how to “cover Trump.”

One wonders if the situation was different in a parallel universe. For example, if a group of conservative journalists, maybe religiously-inclined, founded an organization to support concepts like traditional marriage or right-to-life. Would these same corporate sponsors, including major media conglomerates, that are falling over themselves to support the LGBTQ organization’s convention and agenda, lend it their support?

Don’t hold your breath.

Chris Christie Out as Senator

Page Six of the New York Post believes New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will not become Senator Christie:

Sen. Bob Menendez — who went on trial on Wednesday in Newark, NJ, for accepting bribes — is expected to be convicted before Christie’s term ends on Jan. 16, and Christie could name himself as the Democrat’s replacement.

But Menendez isn’t expected to resign, even if he is convicted, and it would take a two-thirds vote in the Senate to expel him. Fifteen fellow Democrats would have to vote against him. Very unlikely.

Jersey boy Joe Piscopo, host on AM 970 the Answer, told me that even if Christie does get to pick a replacement for Menendez, he will tap Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick.

“There are power brokers in the state who want Bramnick,” Piscopo said. “New Jersey would be well-served with him in the Senate.”

I’m not sure Menendez will be convicted. Our justice system has become so corrupted that the rich and powerful rarely see the inside of the slammer.

Rhodes Republicans Revitalize College

Alex Schramkowski
Alex Schramkowski

At a time when many college campuses are refusing to let conservative speakers talk or are deepening their commitment to all things liberal, Rhodes College has a conservative Republican leader unafraid to state his case and his cause.

He is Alex Schramkowski, a sophomore and president of the Rhodes College Republicans.

If you have paid any attention to Shelby GOP notifications, you may have run across his name. He’s been aggressively working for his group and last night spoke at the Midtown Republican Club.

He admits hee’s passionate. “I want to revitalize the club,” Schramkowski said. “Right now we have 120 plus members, up from 100 last year. That’s a tenth of the student population. Conservatives on campus didn’t feel they were represented. We want to make them relevant.

“Our goal is to be the preeminent source of information for students. That’s the mission – to make us more informed. We will focus on state level politics such as electing a new governor, judges and senators. We want to let students know these are your choices so people will feel connected with state politics.”

One way Schramkowski plans on doing this is to have speakers come to campus. He already has Mae Beavers coming September 26. She’s running for governor and he hopes she will talk about her experience in state government and coming from the rural side of the state. Additionally, he has gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee coming to speak.

Mark Green, the state senator whose name was put up for Army Secretary by President Trump, will come and talk about being a veteran and the influence his faith has had. “Hopefully we’ll have Sen. Mark Norris, now nominated for a judgeship, talk about the judicial process. Our speaker list will grow,” he says, as the year progresses.

The club is also going to push for voter registration at Rhodes. “We want a more engaged community,” Schramkowski said. “Students tell me that Memphis is a blue city, but when you look at it, it’s not totally. We’re piloting an internship program to help candidates with their campaigns. We want to expand beyond the gates of Rhodes. We want to give them a political science experience. I’m working with the administration so that they can get credit for this work.”

Another big goal is to go to the state convention in February, he said.

To achieve all this takes money. The Rhodes College Republicans need donations. They are welcoming the public to their speaker series and you can donate as follows.

I’m sure they will accept donations of any amount, too.

The fight for the future really starts by taking college campuses back. It’s wonderful to see someone coming forward to do battle. Schramkowski and the Rhodes Republican Club deserve our support.

GOP Candidates Eye ’18

With elections coming up next year, Shelby GOPers are looking at several races.

Heidi Shafer will not be able to run again for County Commission District 5 because of term limits. Two candidates so far have announced they’re running for her seat.

Richard Morton is in the race. He’s a long time GOP activist.

Geoff Diaz also has announced for that spot. He has been active in the East Shelby Club, serving as president. He also participated in the Republican Hispanic Club. Lately Diaz has supported DACA and attended rallies in support of keeping Dreamers here.

Midtown Republican Club president Sam Goff has declared for County Commission District 7. His slogan is he Stands Up for Memphis and has a website
In addition, George Summers is challenging Paul Boyd for the Probate Court Clerk position.

Fox’s Pro Immigrant Stance

This morning I noticed Fox anchor after Fox anchor expressed concerns about DACA’s (Deferred Action for Children Arrivals) end.
Brian Kilmeade, for one, suggested Trump should allow DACA in exchange for building the wall. Stuart Varney joined in, too, as did others like Neil Cavuto.

The “right” leaning network is not so right when it comes to rule of law and illegals.

If you recall, Obama’s executive order on this is not Constitutional. Obama himself admitted this earlier when he said, “My cabinet has been working very hard on trying to get it done, but ultimately, I think somebody said the other day, I am president, I am not king,” Obama told Univision in October 2010, when asked why he had yet to achieve comprehensive immigration reform.”

But those were just words and he ditched them and did DACA anyhow. So he gave illegal aliens brought to the U.S. as minors the promise that they wouldn’t be deported and gave them work authorizations and access to Social Security and other government benefits.

Fox, evidently, is fine with this. They certainly were during the GOP primary debates. The network tilted pro immigrant Jeb! and later Gang of Eight member Marco Rubio. Do you remember them asking Rubio anything about his Gang of Eight membership then? No. It would have looked bad for him. Murdoch supported these two because they advanced policies beneficial to Murdoch, The Chamber of Commerce and GOPe elites.

Breitbart has written: “Rupert Murdoch, Fox News’ founder, is the co-chair of what is arguably one of the nation’s most powerful immigration lobbying firms, the Partnership for a New American Economy. Via his lobbying firm, Murdoch endorsed Marco Rubio’s Gang of Eight immigration bill, as well as Rubio’s 2015 immigration expansion bill, and has expressed his support for Rubio’s desire to grant citizenship– and, thereby, voting privileges and welfare access– to illegal aliens.”

Pundit Ann Coulter, a frequent guest on Fox, has noticed their bias, too. She said, the “Rupert Murdoch enterprise is implacably pro-open borders, pro-amnesty and, consequently, anti-Trump.

“You won’t read about Fox News’s open-borders philosophy in National Review. You won’t hear about it on almost any ‘conservative’ webpages, magazines, radio shows, Twitter feeds or blogs,” Coulter writes.

She continued: “Fox News is the only game in town for conservative commentators and politicians. That’s why no other candidate would dare cross Fox… Viewers beware: The only ‘conservative’ opinion allowed on Fox News involves dissolving the nation’s borders.”

Coulter asserts that there is a real danger in continuing to perpetuate the charade that Fox News represents the “conservative” alternative: “One of the biggest problems facing the nation is that viewers think of Fox as the ‘conservative’ network. If NBC or ABC were this spiteful to Trump, everyone would see it for what it is: political bias. Your enemies can never hurt you; only your ‘friends’ can.”

Coulter explains the network’s bias presents itself not so much in what the Fox News hosts say, but rather in what the network’s hosts do not say:

“One of the hardest things to notice is what you’re not being told. Immigration is the issue shaking up this entire election and driving Trump to the top of the polls. But at Fox News, immigration is Issue No. 22 — after Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Benghazi, Hillary Clinton’s emails, ISIS, ISIS, ISIS, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Export-Import Bank, entitlements reform, ISIS and everything else.”

“Fox News’s bias is more insidious,” Coulter writes.

Look to see how they react to the DACA decision now. And, what they don’t mention.