Wendi More of a Blip Than a Threat

Wendi, Wendi, Wendi.

Where to start with the doomed writings of Commercial Appeal, anti Tea Party backed writer Wendi Thomas, who is challenging the integrity of Charlotte Bergmann in the Ninth District race against Congressman Steve Cohen.

Let’s start with Wendi’s ignorance – the symbol of a political and journalistic novice and her delusions.

While knocking Bergmann with every brick in her arsenal (and there aren’t many) she makes the eye popping statement that Nancy Pelosi “who contrary to what Republican TV ads might have you believe – is not on the November ballot.”

Really? Because every member of the House is up for reelection every two years. I’d expect someone who writes about politics – or is a high school graduate – to know that. Nancy didn’t retire and make way for another San Francisco Democrat liberal. She’s in the game. Once you come across that unbelievable statement by Ms. Thomas you can’t trust another thing she says.

And Wendi’s picture on a white background with type wrapped around Thomas’ picture? FYI: it never resembles the person and is only appropriate for a person seeking publicity. Maybe you’re jealous, Wendi. Charlotte looks a whole lot better on her signs than you do on your column.

Funny you should say the 9th Congressional District is as blue as the sky. It didn’t seem so blue on August 5th. Or did you forget that Republicans swept the elections defeating a Ford who you say “owned the district for decades and for the foreseeable future.” They didn’t own it in 2006 when Corker defeated Harold Ford Jr. in the Senate race either and garnered a much smaller portion of Shelby County than an illustrious Ford should have.

Is that why Republicans are just “blips on the political screen”?

Who remembers the Republican Cohen faced in the 2006 election? Lots of us remember Mark White and, in case you didn’t know it, he is currently serving as a representative in the State House.

Sorry you don’t think Charlotte voices any “original ideas.” In this area, just being a black Republican woman IS an original idea. When Cohen comes to mind what original idea has he brought forth? More women’s restrooms in buildings? Oh, wow. Now that IS genius.

It’s funny that you should embrace a community living off food stamps and unemployment. I would think any Memphian would be for that unless they are seeking a permanent dependent voter base. Sounds to me like someone who wants to “turn back the hands of time” to an era of black dependency known as slavery.
So thank you, Wendi, for the entertainment.

You may now join the other ignorant people on the porch.

Watching “Waiting for Superman”

Superman in Classroom
Never in real life...

The much ballyhooed movie that attempts to tackle the failure of public education is now playing in Memphis at the Ridgeway. Yesterday I saw it and agree with critics that it is on point and should be seen by everyone who cares about the direction of the country.

For conservatives, it probably just reaffirms what most have felt about the system for the past few decades: that it is an endless money pit in which we keep tossing dollars without any better results achieved. Over the years students and the schools seem to get worse.

The movie makes it’s points through the eyes of five families who are trying to get in the few successful schools in their areas. Parents go to great lengths against big odds to try to secure a place at the better schools which are the more independent, inventive KIPP, charter and optional schools. For most of them it remains a dream.

Educators talk about the bureaucracy and teachers unions that strangle their efforts. Pupils willing to apply themselves grapple with the reality that they’re not going to get any help. Presidents continue to sign legislation aimed at fixing the problem, but each seems to fail.

The filmmaker couldn’t do without a gratuitous shot at Reagan for his remark that maybe the Education Department should be abolished and at Bush for a slip of the tongue when he said our childrens instead of children. Barack Obama doesn’t get much play; curious (or maybe not), the filmmaker didn’t mention Obama’s choosing a private school for his daughters while ending the successful voucher program in D.C. for underprivileged students. And since the movie came out, the superintendent of D.C. schools, Michelle Rhee, has left the program when her sponsor, the mayor, lost his seat in the recent primary. New Jersey’s governor Chris Christie offered her a post in his state.

The take away message for me in the movie is we have ceded too much power to the federal government. The schools that succeed are outside their purview. Politicians have depended so much on the support of teachers unions that the education part doesn’t matter. When students fail the government simply moves the metric – down. There is no desire among them to change the system and the system is killing progress. Citizens become enslaved to government when it ought to be that government works to please the people.

Unless some drastic change takes place in education, it looks like we are stuck with an increasingly bad status quo.
And if you like that, the health care system looks like it will follow the same downward slope as education unless Obamacare is repealed. Just substitute health care for schools in the movie for a frightening glimpse of all of our futures.

Let’s KO NPR

Juan Williams
Juan Williams

House Minority Leader John Boehner has called for a funding cut for NPR after the Juan Williams ouster. It’s more than time for this move, as Republicans had an opportunity in 2002-3 to stop the Corporation for Public Broadcasting under committee chairman Billy Tauzin of Louisiana, but, regretfully nothing happened.

This time let’s make it happen.

You can contact Senator Lamar Alexander in Memphis through his liaison, Lora Jobe, at Lora_jobe@alexander.senate.gov. Alexander’s address is 455 Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C., 20510; telephone: 202-224-4944; email: http://alexander.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?p=Email.
For Bob Corker, his Memphis representative is Nick Kistenmacher at nick_kistenmacher@corker.senate.gov. In Washington it’s 517 Hart Senate Office Building, 20510. Telephone: 202-224-3344; email: http://corker.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?p=ContactMe.

Dem Abuse of Power (Video)

Four years of Democrat control all wrapped up in one good video by Caleb Howe at www.redstate.com. The hall of shame clips include our own Steve Cohen – twice. I wish Charlotte Bergmann would use them.

Four years of Democrat control all wrapped up in one good video by Caleb Howe at www.redstate.com. The hall of shame clips include our own Steve Cohen – twice. I wish Charlotte Bergmann would use them.

Tipping Point

The Progressive/Liberal/Democrat success with making political correctness the unwritten law of the land has been incredible. Today’s Juan Williams-NPR firing couldn’t make it any clearer.

Usually their antipathy only applies to conservatives and Republicans. However, Williams’ connection to Fox News probably made him the exception to the rule. So deep is their hatred that his life’s work in the liberal vineyard didn’t even count.

Last week it was Bill O’Reilly and the women of The View who caught their attention. When O’Reilly dared to say Muslims were behind the 9/11 attacks, liberal feathers were ruffled and some hens walked out on him. That let loose a week of breast beating and posing the liberal media took delight in, happy to dub O’Reilly a bigoted, mean spirited person.

Remember Don Imus and his comments? That story got so old it could have collected Social Security.

Christine O’Donnell was a more recent gift to the thought police. Her opponent for the Delaware Senate seat, Chris Coons doesn’t have to offer any political solutions; he just has to bring up the witch comment.
Nary a week goes by without some “outrage” against others being done by knuckle dragging right wingers who live in flyover country or work on talk radio if you listen to or read the liberal media (pardon my repetition).

The smearing hasn’t just applied to people. A whole state, Arizona, got the political correctness smack down when it dared to address illegal immigration by making laws. Suddenly it became the land of prejudice where hard working immigrants are oppressed by everyday evil Americans. Where was the focus on the issue in these attacks? Upholding the rule of law and the right to self defense disappeared from the argument.

Besides giving liberals a weapon to bludgeon anyone they don’t like and get rid of their enemies, the tactic is also diversionary. This week we’re not talking about issues such as the bad economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or the Ground Zero Mosque. We’re talking about made up problems rather than tackling real ones.

I think the left forgets that if they keep accusing everyone of being prejudiced, eventually everyone will be.

It’s like the teenager who actually has good intentions, but if the parents keep telling him he is bad, he gives up and decides I might as well be bad if that’s what I’m going to be cast as anyway.

This has very ugly consequences. Some of us have lived long enough to witness the change in attitude in the ’60s and ’70s when we went from exclusion of blacks from television, offices and executive posts to a reverse course where Americans saw that discrimination and most of us put an end to it.

But keep this up and patience will wear thin.

Kind of fitting that Juan Williams, who has been a Kool Aid drinking defender of President Obama and the left ends up getting skewed by them.

America’s chickens coming home to roost for Juan? Who was it who said that?

This Is Inspiring? (Video)

Is this video awful or what? Who told them this would work?

Is this video awful or what? Who told them this would work?

First, I have to ask, where are they? Is that a photo booth? Or perhaps a police station lineup? Terrible.

“Hello everybody. It’s Barack and Michelle.” Really? How awkward was that? I know Obama thinks we’re stupid, but give me a break! Ditto on the hand on her shoulder. It looks artificial. Like she’s hoping to get through this quickly and get it off of her.

Who told Michelle that was a good sweater? Looks like she pulled it out of the dryer, found it had shrunk, but was in too much of a hurry and went ahead and threw it on. And, it’s ugly to begin with.

Whenever someone starts pointing at me, the gig’s not working. Michelle’s head bobble makes me question if it’s really them up there or did the teleprompter finally find clones for them?

Besides the lack of enthusiasm on their part, the hand wave at the end makes me flinch, too. Families taking their own video resort to that, but then again, they’re not trying to motivate anyone. Don’t think I’d be inspired to go out door to door after this video.

Bergmann Events

This weekend anyone who has some time to go door to door for Charlotte Bergmann has several opportunities.

Meet up to form teams Saturday at Bergmann HQ, 925 S. Yates at 9 or at 1. On Sunday, volunteers will meet at 1 and will be treated to pizza afterward. Tuesday, October 26, an event featuring Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, will honor Charlotte Bergmann. The reception will take place at the office of Chris Canale, 79 S. Second, from 8:30 to 9:30. Donations will be taken at the door. Call 826-1140 for more information.

Cohen’s Money

The Commercial Appeal reports that Steve Cohen has raised about a million dollars for his campaign. Who contributed? J.R. “Pitt” Hyde and his wife, Barbara, gave the maximum of $4,800; United Auto Workers PAC gave $10,000; Unite Here, the labor union of textile and hotel and restaurant employees gave $10,000; the Communications Workers of America Pac $8,500 and the Congressional Black Caucus Pac $5,000.