Wong Way to Eat

Since our conObama Eatscerned First Lady wants to show us all how to eat and wants to steer us away from an early grave by having us eat healthy foods, I was delighted to find out what she recently had on vacation. After all, aren’t the First Family  now our role models?

She and the Commander in Chief dined at Alan Wong’s in Hawaii on Wednesday night. Along with them was Obama’s sister and her husband,  plus half a dozen friends and, of course, a cadre of Secret Service agents. They seemed to find lots of things permissible on the pricey menu.

First off, three appetizers were ordered. A seafood cake, a tomato with li hing mui dressing  and Wong’s famous “soup and sandwich.” The soup in this duo is a two colored tomato soup. It is paired with a grilled cheese sandwich featuring foie gras.

Chicago banned foie gras from restaurants in 2006, citing cruelty to animals.

“I think how we treat our animals reflects how we treat each other. It’s very important that we have a president who is mindful of the cruelty that is perpetrated on animals.” Barack Obama on the campaign trail, 2008

Michelle Obama dined on foie gras in April 2009 at the NATO Summit banquet. Prime Minister Brown’s wife, Sarah, refused to eat it.

The group went on to enjoy lobster lasagna.

Lobster was a favorite when the first family dined in Maine this summer. The first couple dined on lobster tails with butter while the girls ate fried shrimp.

“When Michelle Obama implored restaurateurs in September to help fight obesity, she cited the proliferation of cheeseburgers and macaroni and cheese…But in a series of confidential agreements approved by agriculture secretaries in both the Bush and Obama administrations, Dairy Management has worked with restaurateurs to expand their menus with cheese laden products.” New York Times, November 6, 2010.

Michelle Obama shared her recipe for the family’s macaroni and cheese. The ingredients:

1 lb. elbow macaroni

3 tablespoons butter

1 cup shredded Swiss

1 cup grated Parmesan

2 cups shredded Cheddar

7/8 tsp. salt

1 cup heavy cream

1 egg

1/4 cup  whole milk

Some in the dinner party ordered ginger crusted onaga, a $35 entree. But the president ordered his  favorite, soy braised short ribs (does he have something against pork?).

“As humans, we are programmed to crave sugary, fatty, salty foods,” Michelle Obama told the National Restaurant Association members. “The more of these foods people eat, the more they’re accustomed to that taste, and after a while, those unhealthy foods become a permanent part of their eating habits.”

Dessert was not forgotten The president has a favorite, “The Coconut,” and ordered it.   It consists of coconut ice cream shaped in a dark chocolate shell to resemble an actual coconut.

As I tell my girls, dessert is not a right,” Michelle Obama.

The chef commented to the Honolulu newspaper that Obama has been to his restaurant frequently and “every time it’s a chicken skin moment.”

The chef might have meant that he gets goosebumps when the president comes to his restaurant, but it’s also a pretty odd way to phrase it. What the first family says and what they do are two different things when it comes to diet. Want to bet he was tongue in cheek? Could be hard to resist the crackling, crisp skin of a roasted chicken.

And, by the way, Michelle Obama promised to send Wong some honey from her very own beehives at the White House.

I hope that wasn’t his tip for the night!


Although they may have their own thoughts on the matter, I have some resolutions certain people and groups should consider implementing in 2011.

First, to Governor elect Bill Haslam. Glad you won, but solidify your win by giving the state a backbone. Join the other states in their fight against Obamacare. Stop the loss of states rights to federal ones at every opportunity. Otherwise, there won’t be a need for any governors. We’re a red state, too, so the administration will never help you.

Ditto Congress. Throw a roadblock at Obama at every opportunity. Put a stop  to 2,000 page bills, end runs around your legislation and stealth appointments. Congressman Darryl Issa, as chair of the House Committee on Investigations and Government Oversight,  look into all the dubious goings on at the Justice Department, the Health Care bill lobbying, the deals with Joe Sestak – everything.  Subpoena people and do not get duped by Obama. And John Boehner, if Obama invites you for a round of golf, don’t do it. Obama will try to snooker you, just as Clinton did to Newt.

Talk radio hosts get off your soapbox. Stop trying to influence primaries and let the people choose their candidates. Christine O’Donnell was a disaster and you ensured that. If I hear one more say primly, “I’m not a Republican, I’m a conservative,” I will click off. What world do you live in, because there is us and there is Obama and we are infinitely better than the Democrats.

New Yorkers: Demand new towers be built where the Trade Center towers stood. How can you look at that big hole in your skyline and not cry out to have it fixed? Almost ten years have passed and still nothing. For God’s sake, don’t let Khalid Sheikh Mohammed be tried in your city or a mosque to be built at Ground Zero. Get a pair! While I’m at it, how about telling Nanny Bloomberg where he can stick his salt shaker/sugar/fat obsession. If eating the wrong things makes you like Chris Christie, get to a MacDonald’s fast.

Political reporters: Stop dissing the Tea Party. They’re here and they’re not going away. Stop looking for a schism with the GOP in every newscast. For now, we agree with them.

Bill Clinton, stop and take the knife out of your back. At every opportunity Obama gives you the finger just as he slyly did Hillary on the campaign trail. Now he wants you to stop campaigning in Chicago. You run when he needs your help, but he’ll start the racist thing behind your back like he did in South Carolina. He seems to have succeeded in turning black America against you.

Andrew Breitbart: Never give up! You’re making great progress. Keep plugging away, it’s working.

Shelby GOP: Let’s ramp it up, especially on the technical side. Each club should have a good and active website, along with a vibrant ShelbyGOP one. In this year between elections, we need to utilize technology to the fullest, including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. It’s almost free! No great expenditures needed. Even tech resistant people like me can learn. It would give candidates the extra help they need in getting their messages out.

Memphians who are GOP leaning: Join the ShelbyGOP. The number of paying members is shockingly low. If more people just joined, it would give the group more clout in  city government. $25 is not too much for anyone to pay. How much does that work out to a day? When you look around and ask where the good candidates are, do you think they can be promoted for free?

To my gay friends: Do you think you are free of prejudice? How many of you are much more critical of Republicans than we are of you? Do you categorize us as discriminatory before you even engage in conversation with us? In a war with Islamofascists, don’t count on the Democrats to defend you; but freedom loving people will.

Young people: Forget Jon Stewart. He’s not a news source. He’s feeding you what he wants to, serving it up with humor to make it go down better. Start looking around yourselves and dig a little deeper than the Comedy Channel and MSNBC.  In the end, the joke will be on you when you’re the wealth source for the nanny state.

Here’s to a better 2011 and more Republican victories.

Dreams for 2011

No LiberalsThings I’d like to see in 2011:

ABC, NBC and CBS decide to leave New York. They feel they are too out of touch with flyover America. ABC picks Abilene, Kansas, for its headquarters. “We’re all sick of $6 lattes, fashionistas and frou frou food. Time to get real,” the president says. NBC picks Springfield. Any Springfield. “Since Springfield is one of the most common names in rural America, we’ll just find one in each state and move around to it. How’s that for innovation?” the chief honcho said. CBS picks Tickfaw, Louisiana, as its news center. “Hey the weather’s better here than in New York, even with a hurricane or two,” says its president. “And the danger of a terrorist attack is about zero,” he adds. “We can finally learn how to use a gun, hunt and fish.”

Then, I’d like to see cameras in the White House, taping the first couple. We could luck out and see Obama smoking his head off, maybe interrupted in his man cave by Michelle, toting a gallon of truffle chocolate explosion, with a package of ho hos under her arm. Try denying that one!

I’d like for Chris Matthew’s leg to stop tingling. The ugh factor on that expression never fails to reassert itself. Isn’t it time he saw a doctor about that? Better do it now, before Obamacare kicks in and your wait is 7 months, Chris.

Shelby County GOP’s own Don Johnson is made head of the RNC. “Finally we get someone competent in here,” the RNC board says. Johnson vows not to ignore Shelby County. “We’re going to put all our resources in there to turn that nest of ignorant liberals back to the people. Never again will I have to look at a COEXIST bumper sticker or Gore/Lieberman on the back of a Midtown Prius.”

In a related turn of events, Steve Cohen decides not to run in the 9th district. After the census, the district is expanded to include blood red bastions of Republicanism. Marsha Blackburn moves here and is elected our Congressman by a landslide.

George Soros decides he’s had enough of politics and business and retires to Aruba, never to be seen or heard from again.

Rupert Murdoch buys the Commercial Appeal and sends Roger Ailes down as editor. He immediately drops Wendy Thomas, Zack Mcmillin and the editorial board. The newspaper sees an immediate effect with sales tripling and advertisers rushing to purchase full pages.

My last wish is that the past two years have all been a dream. I’ve been a sort of modern day Rip Van Winkle and wake up to find that this Obama presidency never happened at all. It’s been a nightmare and it’s over. Or, it could be like the ending of St. Elsewhere, where I find out I am austistic and have contrived the whole Obamacare, Alinsky, socialistic scenario. I shake the snow globe with all of that in it and the whole picture goes away.

Tea’d Up

It was rather shocking to see Mark Skoda’s picture on the front page of The Commercial Appeal this morning.

Don’t get me wrong; he deserves to be there. The Tea Party leader has gotten national attention, but is often overlooked by our local media.

 But a conservative is out of sync with the CA’s political slant. Not to worry. They get their digs in.

The subhead reads “Skoda brings city back to revolutionary roots.” What revolutionary roots? Memphis had no role in the American Revolution. The reporter stretches this analogy by comparing Skoda to Andrew Jackson (he resided near Nashville, I believe, not here). He  begins the analogy by noting that Jackson was an orphan (Skoda wasn’t); Jackson was a senator (Skoda wasn’t); a state Supreme court justice (ditto); and a commander of Tennessee’s militia (wrong there, too). So what do they have in common?

Actually, Jackson is not revered by conservatives. On that point they are dissimilar, too. Jackson was more or less a democrat and that party has its yearly Jefferson-Jackson dinners. Again, Skoda is not in that camp.

So with that false analogy, author Richard Morgon goes on to get his digs in.

“Picture a Goodfella with Thomas Friedman’s moustache, delivering Aaron Sorkin’s monologues,” Morgan writes. I’m not sure anyone would appreciate being called a Mafioso, but then the reporter goes on to frame Skoda in terms of liberal icons, Friedman and Sorkin. Strange.

“He personally anointed Charlotte Bergmann, owner of a local marketing firm, to oust Steve Cohen from Congress (Cohen won in a landslide).”  There’s an air of snottiness in that observation that wants to undercut the Tea Party and suggest Skoda doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Morgan continues: “To detractors, he’s a dangerous instigator on the order of Jefferson Davis.” Does he really need to insert Civil War racism in his description of Skoda?

“But who is he? Where did he come from? And why here?” the story asks. Funny, I’ve wondered why they didn’t ask that about Barack Obama.

Morgan isn’t finished. “As the tea party draws patriots out of the woodwork, what does that do to the woodwork?”  When someone talks about out of the woodwork, it usually means pests. Is that what the tea party is to the reporter?

The piece ends with a description of the rabble attending Jackson’s inauguration. “Filthy huddled masses flooded the presidential mansion. They ravaged the floors, furniture, artwork and dinnerware, only subsiding when they were lured outside by tubs full of liquor. The revolution was complete.”

Have Tea Party members ravaged Congress? Is that what they want? I don’t think so.

The Tea Party members seem unusually full of integrity. They aren’t out for themselves at all. They just want,  and Mark Skoda just wants, to return to the country we are meant to be.

Sad that the story couldn’t be told impartially.

All Pain, No Gain

The 111th Congress spent $3.22 trillion in the two years they were in power. This amounts to $10,429 for every man, woman and child in America. It’s more than the first 100 Congresses all together. Since Pelosi was in charge you can count a whopping $5.1 trillion spent.

No wonder the 111th Congress had the lowest approval rating Gallup has seen.

And what did we get for it? What in your daily life has improved? What in this city has been made better? Where are the roads and building projects – the shovel ready jobs – Obama promised? For the life of me, I see nothing different except now there are many more houses abandonned and commercial real estate properties unleased.

There is no lack of problems that Democrats  could have addressed with the money. The power grids across the country are in rapid decay. The schools, which seem to have an unending appetite for cash, are no better now, and maybe even worse, than the 50s and 60s. Social Security is heading for a crash. They just kicked the can down the road instead of attempting to reemedy our ills.

That’s why this reign of error must end. Let’s hope the GOP can lead us out of this mess.

In the Dog House

President Obama giving a high five to Michael Vick is puzzling.

The football player who plead guilty to personally electrocuting, drowning, slamming to the ground puppies served his sentence. He says his dog fighting days are over, but it is hard to believe that someone that sadistic could change on a dime.

Vick  used rape stands for his dogs. Vick used puppies as bait dogs to introduce the mature dogs to killing. Yes, Vick lost a lot of money after his trial. But now hired by the Philadelphia Eagles, he is back in the millionaires league.

Has he seen the light? Maybe. Redemption is always possible. Time will be the best indicator. All we know now is that Vick appears to have shrugged off his misdeeds.

But how does President Obama know that Vick is contrite?  Why would he go to the trouble to commend the Eagles for hiring  Vick? What is disturbing is President Obama once again playing God. Because Obama says so, Vick can now be embraced by the public. Somehow he can gauge our souls better than we can ourselves.

It’s a pattern the president displays often. He says his health care reform is right. He says his financial policies are correct, even in the face of  economic malaise. He says our carbon footprint is too big, even without any scientific proof.  We’re supposed to take everything he says on faith, not fact, even to what’s in a man’s soul.

Sorry, Obama, your hubris is showing once again.

Rosy Economic Outlook?

To hear newscasters crowing about the big surge in Christmas sales you’d think the economy was on its way to roaring prosperity. Seems many analysts are desperate to give Obama a boost, so they have latched onto the sales numbers to help plump his approval numbers.

Anytime in the Bush years that Christmas sales seemed to soar, newscasters like to report it with admonitions. It could have been better, they’d say. Sales were up, but profits were actually down. People were buying but overusing their credit cards.

Now they have jettisoned all that warning talk. Anything to make the economy look like it is in full recovery.

There are many troubling signs, however. Retail sales are not the full picture. This month saw a rise in the unemployment numbers in case anyone has forgotten. It is unlikely they will fall enough to matter in the January report.

Yesterday on Fox News Sunday, Senator Tom Coburn (R-Ok) warned of “apocalyptic pain” if the economy is not righted in the next 3-4 years. He sees 18% unemployment and a possible catstrophe akin to Greece. In our most populated states, crises like Greece are brewing. California, New York and Illinois are in crippling debt. They doubled their number of employees in the last decade and lavished pensions and benefits on governmental and union workers. This money will have to come from somewhere and upping taxes is not a constructive solution.

In addition, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, aka the 2009 stimulous, is petering out. A Republican Congress is unlikely to want to help strapped states at the expense of solvent states.

Experts do not feel that the real estate crisis will improve this year. All you have to do is look around your own neighborhood to see houses that have been for sale for years. Then there are some that remain abandoned. Commercial real estate has been teetering as well.

A report today showed that inventories are high – not a good sign. Commodity prices are up as well. Oil is climbing and the price of gas effects everyone and every part of our society.

While Greece, Spain, Ireland and Portugal struggle with their debt problems, there are concerns about China, too. Analysists fear it is overheating. How much information we get from China is actually true is another concern. Now it looks like India is facing inflation with food and fuel prices on the rise.

I wouldn’t stop and smell the roses just yet.

Year’s Best Blogs

The 2010 Fabulous 50 Blog Awards are out. Here’s a few choice ones. If you haven’t visited these sites, take a look and book mark them. They are all excellent.

Best Political Blog: Michelle Malkin

Best Political Analysis: Ed Morissey at Hot Air ties with Erick Erickson at Redstate

Best Conservative News Blog: Weasel Zippers tied with Gateway Pundit

Best Op Ed: American Thinker

Best News Analysis: American Spectator

Best Talker’s: Mark Levin

Best Group Blog: Right Wing News

Best Media Watchdog: NewsBusters

Best Media Analysis Story of 2010: Verum Serum – The Pigford Case and Why the New York Times Doesn’t Want to Talk About It

Rockwell Award for Best Artwork: iOwnTheWorld

Dali Award for Most Creative Blogging: Curmdugeonly ties with Skeptical & SondraK

Best European Award: Gates of Vienna

Best Economics Blog: Tie with Global Economic Analysis and Zero Hedge

For more, check www.directorblue.blogspot.com


The Senate is poised to have a vote on START today. Some Senators are wavering and considering voting for Obama’s plan. Both Senators Corker and Alexander are undecided. Although the treaty reaches parity in strategic nuclear weapons, it locks in a 10,000 to 200 Russian advantage in tactical nukes and bars the U.S. from developing interceptor missiles as shields.

To contact Senator Alexander, call his Memphis office at 544-4224; in D.C. (202)-224-4944. Senator Corker can be reached in Memphis at 683-1910; in D.C. at (202)-224-0566.