Poll Questions

Zogby sends me a poll to fill out during the election seasons.

In the past I have been puzzled by some of the weird questions they throw out that have involved everything from horoscopes to bathroom usage in pools. Whatever. I like to fill them out and take the opportunity to express my views.

But I have often had doubts about them and how they are used. For instance, some questions fail to have all the possible answers, as in “does not apply to me” or “I don’t know.” Taking their choices will not express my view.

Even so, you can cut Zogby some slack , I suppose, as  they are looking for easy to quantify results and numbers.

Still, I have questions as I do tonight. First, I notice that some candidates names don’t just have a circle to punch, but also a square around them, calling attention to them. That would usually be the Democrat candidates, and, not surprisingly, the Democrat candidate always seems to get the top billing, even if his name is alphabettically towards the end. That happened when the question of Tennessee governor came up. McWherter superseded Haslam, and had a square around his circle.

I punched Haslam and the program came to a screeching halt. I clicked on “Continue ” and nothing happened. The page  said 77% of the questionnaire had been completed, so it was not the end. I refreshed my browser and then, when I tried to resume the survey, a box popped up and said “Thank you for completing the survey.” I could not get back to where I was to finish.

I guess I don’t have a high opinion of pollsters or I would not have these questions about their intent. Perhaps these are all odd coincidences; but most of us today are savvy enough to believe our own “lying eyes” over theirs.

Top Ten Reasons We Want Bush Back

Victor Davis Hanson
Victor Davis Hanson

The astute historian Victor Davis Hanson has a must-read piece out today. He notes that Bush now polls better than Obama in Ohio (50-42) and in other hypothetical matchups. Why? Hanson counts the ways.

Here’s a taste (but you must really read it yourself): Obama is “whine and petulance versus Bush’s rugged individualism.” Obama is “stiff and uncomfortable with himself off the court or golf course.” O’s more yuppie (perhaps we should dust off the old ’80s term buppie) than “frat boy Bush.” “Axelrod and Emanuel could not stage a chainsawing task for Obama if they tried,” Hanson writes. “Severe injury would surely follow.” As for disasters, Bush had Katrina, O had BP. “Oh, how Nemesis likes to strike in the same locale!” says Hansen.

If you’re a Bush fan, you’ll enjoy this article. If you like Obama, it’s hard to deny the truth of what Hansen says.

October Surprise and What to Do about It

A secretive political adviser who goes by the name Obi Wan Kenobi posts from time to time on Hugh Hewitt and National Review. The sage shares his Madison Avenue/Wall Street opinions on how conservatives can capture popular opinion and turn it into electoral wins.

Frequently our side tends to quake and concede to the other side rather than stand and fight for our principles. His most recent caveats make for an interesting read. Take a look.

I agree that this year the Democrats will throw everything they can at our candidates. I would caution also not to believe a lot of what they put out. I’ve heard many things Michael Steele has said blown up to make him and Republicans look bad. Don’t fall for it. Unless I hear something personally – and in context – I’m not willing to concede that our side messed up. Think of who benefits from the smear? Who are the biggest targets? Who do they want to take out? After you consider this, it gives some perspective. Rush Limbaugh says you know who they fear by the ones they attack. So true!

Yesterday: a GOP beginning

Yesterday was a great day for Republicans in Shelby County.

The GOP dominated all Shelby County officials sworn into office. We swept in with Mayor, Sheriff, Circuit Court Clerk, Criminal Court Clerk, Juvenile Court Clerk, Probate Court Clerk, County Register, County Clerk and County Trustee. It was a joy to see them all on stage and then to see each being sworn in. The Canon Center was full and the Arlington High School Jazz Ensemble kept everyone’s mood up.

[nggallery id=1]Each of our officials was sworn in easily and well, thanks to help from Chairman Lang Wiseman. It didn’t go so well for the Democrats who amused everyone by not knowing to raise their right hands for the oaths; I guess that pull to the left for them is always strong! When Henri Brooks stepped up to the Bible to be sworn in as District 2, Position 2 County Commissioner she seemed unenthusiastic. If I recall, she has had an unwillingness to say the pledge of allegiance in public also.

But the most humorous swearing in was Democrat Steve Mulroy. His unusual red tennis shoe type foot apparel seemed a little incongruous with the surroundings. However, when he took the oath from The Honorable John Fowlkes, Jr., for District 5 County Commissioner, parrotting the judge, he went so far as to say “I, state your name” instead of “I, Steve Mulroy.” Maybe the Democrats are a little too willing to follow the party line on every occasion.

Former Mayor Jim Rout was the moderator and offered a personal reminiscence when it came time for Wayne Mashburn to take office.

Rout said he was working with Mayor Bill Morris when his uncle, Sonny Mashburn, decided to run for Shelby County Clerk. Neither Rout nor Morris thought Mashburn had a chance. Even as the election approached, they just didn’t see Mashburn winning the race.

Rout said his uncle calmly prayed on it, talked to lots of people and thought he had a chance. Mashburn proved them wrong and won the position, keeping it for 11 years.
So Rout said he was particularly happy to swear in Wayne Mashburn, Sonny’s son and Rout’s cousin, to the same post his father held.

In politics, it’s good to have a dream and follow it. I hope this swearing in is a sign of things to come, with Republicans continuing to have a major role in the running of our city, county and state. At least that’s my dream.

Cafe Eclectic Temporarily Closed!

According to the Daily News, a car rammed through the front door of Cafe Eclectic in Midtown yesterday (Aug. 31) around lunchtime!

No one was injured, but the people at the front must have had quite a shock! Fans found out about it on Twitter when they reported their closing and shared a picture.

The cafe plans on reopening tomorrow.  Great news since our club meeting is Tuesday, Sept. 7!

Someone really must have needed a cup of coffee or a delicious black bean wrap!

Blaze Fires Up Blogosphere

There’s a new blog that should be quite interesting for conservatives.

Theblaze.com has been called a mixture of Biggovernment.com and the Huffington Post. Take a look at it.

Today’s headlines: “Time to Reeducate you on Obamacare,” “Shocking Racism at Al Sharpton’s MLK Anniversary,” “New York Residents don’t support Ground Zero Mosque,” and “Education Secretary Pressed Employees to Attend Sharpton Rally.”

It looks like one to add to your favorites.

Most Powerful Man in the World?

George Soros
George Soros

It’s probably not Barack Obama, but George Soros.

Quick, how much do you really know about him? Maybe Moveon.org springs to mind. Or the Center for American Progress. Lots of us have heard of the Tides Foundation and maybe some of the Democracy Alliance. A few may recognize the Open Society Institute. He has been a major founder or contributor to all of these and probably more.

But he remains a shadowy figure to most Americans and the press certainly hasn’t done anything to fill us in on him.

“Covering up for George Soros” by Ed Lasky in the www.americanthinker.com raises some more questions about him.

Lasky takes note of Soros’ huge investments Continue reading “Most Powerful Man in the World?”

Rally Report

Better Vantabe Point
Young people scramble up D.C. monuments to get a better vantage point to see the 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally.

Joan Schmitt, who is forming a downtown conservatives’ club, has sent us her report of the 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally with Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.

“It was a great rally. Everyone needs to witness something like this once in their life. There was a sea of people. I was about a hundred yards from the stage at the fence to the left of the reflecting pool. From all directions I saw nothing but people.

“The most important thing I got out of the entire event was this: There were tens of thousands of people there with me who all felt as I do about the state of our country. I – we – are not alone. Everyone was very respectful of each other. Absolutely no shouting or raucous behavior of any kind at any time. There was a strong police presence, but all they were doing was walking around. The event was exactly on time from start to finish. And – absolutely no one left early. I was watching for this. You know how people start leaving a ball game early when they know the end is near? I saw no lines of people leaving and, when it was over, there were many who just stayed right where they were.

“Glenn Beck said there were somewhere between 350-600,000 people. It was a very Caucasian crowd and very middle class. Lots of American flags, t-shirts with “Restoring Honor” etc. Lots of kids of all ages. Just a very American crowd.

“Speakers were really good. No one spoke for too long. Patriotic music but not too sappy. Beck spoke about three times during the entire event. Sarah Palin spoke after his initial introduction. Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece, Alveda King, spoke also and was great. The event was well timed. Three hours was plenty, but not too much.

“These are the things that stood out to me as I am sending this. I am really glad I went.”