Corker in Memphis Thursday

Senator Bob Corker will be holding six town hall meetings across Tennessee after the election.

He’ll be in Memphis Thursday, Nov. 4, at 5:30 at Memphis City Hall on Main. Corker will have what is described as “a sobering slide presentation on Washington’s spending trends and mounting debt levels.” You can preview it at It will be a great opportunity to question him on the direction the Republican party will take in January.

His Memphis liaison, Nick Kistenmacher, urges people to come and to get there early because of security precautions.

Swan song for the Democrats?

Will Tuesday’s election be a Black Swan event asks a provocative article in the American Thinker. The author, Peter Landesman, believes it will.

The term, taken from a book by Nassim Nicholas Teleb, refers to something that occurs and fits the following criteria: it comes as a surprise to observers; it has a major impact on its surroundings; and it is rationalized after the fact as if it was expected. Under this definition 9/11, World War I, the financial meltdown and the internet coming about all qualify.

Landesman holds that the midterm election could very well be such an event. He notes that Rush Limbaugh sees a tsunami building. Dick Morris suggests Republicans could gain 100 seats. For Landesman, 150 are possible.

How can this be, you may ask?

His contention is that “prognosticators do not fully grasp the significance of certain variables.Typically, the experts posit a normal distribution (bell curve) of probabilities based on the often assumed principle that a small variation of parameters results in a small change of what is observed. This assumption is not always valid. Sometimes minute changes in initial conditions produce catastrophic alterations.”

In particular, Landesman cites the relatively new art of polling. Gallup, he says, only started in the 1930s. Some big wins, like the 1894 Republican landslide, are off his radar. And, pollsters have zeroed in on finding the best sample of voters instead of analyzing results.

Five conditions could affect voters’ attitudes right into the polling booth, he believes. “First, the government lacks financial discipline. Second, Hope and Change have become despair and the status quo. 3. the promises of open government have succumbed to backroom deals and arm twisting. 4. the president’s attempt to heal our country has not been successful. Last, Democratic legislators have seemed to exempt themselves from the consequences of Obamacare.”

Who knows? He may be right. As the campaigns draw to an end, there is less and less consensus on polling. The variations are confusing; one candidate up 4 points on one, down 2 on another. It seems to get crazy towards the end.

And, who says voters are honest when polled? Many have told me they purposefully lie to thrown pollsters off. Today’s climate is such that many don’t want to advertise their personal beliefs.

“A woodshed moment of epic proportions for the Dems? A mass extinction event? a parting of the Red Sea, biblical proportion event, or a mega-flushing” are comments flung around now.

Let’s hope they are all right and we ride a black swan to victory.

Tea Party at NAACP

Mark Skoda“I am pleased with the way things turned out,” said Mark Skoda, Memphis Tea Party chairman, outside the NAACP on Vance yesterday.

He and 25 others gathered to protest the Commercial Appeal columnist Wendi Thomas’ hit piece on Charlotte Bergmann Sunday, in which Thomas told Bergmann go to “the porch.”

Tea Party at NAACP Memphis

Although the Memphis NAACP chapter declined to come out and talk with the Tea Partiers, officials met with Skoda and Mid South Tea Party chair Mark Herr. “Our purpose is not to embarrass the NAACP, but to request that they understand that we reject epithets of any kind,” Skoda said. “Our goal is to reach out to the NAACP and have them understand that we want to build on our common ground. But we’re not going to stand for false accusations.”

Protestors, who did not carry any signs, were respectful. Ms. Bergmann herself declined to attend, but appreciated the efforts. A march to the Commercial Appeal had been planned, but organizers backed down after Skoda talked to editor Chris Peck and opinion editor Otis Sanford.

“We got what we wanted,” Skoda said. “Number 1, we got the CA to respond. No. 2 we got an OK to write an op-ed that will appear before Monday in which we will rebut what Thomas wrote.”
In particular, organizers want a retraction of Thomas’ assertion that Bergmann wants to repeal the 14th and 19th amendments. Skoda called that assertion ridiculous.

Dems Gone Wild

Every election season has its jackassery, but this November’s kicks it up a notch.

Thankfully that activity is on the part of the donkey party this year. The GOP has been circumspect, save for Carl Palladino, but even then his reaction to his child’s privacy is at least understandable.

But the Democrats? Fear and loathing has driven them to froth at the mouth.

Leading them is the president himself who can’t seem to do anything but step in it whenever he gets before a microphone. Many of his mistakes seem driven by his car metaphor for the state of the economy.

For months Obama’s been talking about how the Republicans drove the car into the ditch and how he and the Democrats have struggled to get it out of there. Every time he speaks he elaborates. First, it was them getting into the ditch, getting hot, working hard and getting it out. Then, he couldn’t leave that alone and said the Republicans were sitting on the sidelines sipping a Slurpee. He amused himself so much with this image that his next punchline was that he didn’t want to give the keys back. At other speeches the car was placed on a cliff, hurtling, twisting and flipping all the way to the rocky bottom. Al Sharpton, who also loves a good story, added an alligator attack. Evidently even nature was conspiring against the heroic Democrats.

The next turn in the story came the other day. Obama graciously told his audience “We don’t mind the Republicans joining us, but they gotta sit in the back.” In today’s racially charged atmosphere, you have to finish that phrase with “of the bus.” Obama knows that. He couldn’t resist adding a little class and race warfare. Stupid and inflammatory.

Next, he goes on Latino radio and asks for votes to “punish our enemies and reward our friends.” Since when are Americans at war with each other? Does our president really want that? We’ve already had a Civil War and it didn’t work out too well.

Other candidates’ campaigns have the same smell of desperation. The Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Florida, Alex Sink, seemed to cheat during her debate when she got info on a phone call. In Kentucky, the Democrats launched a activist to stalk and lunge at Rand Paul before his debate. Someone tackled her, but she seemed to know what she was doing. She’s done similar things before and earned felony charges in May in Lousiana at a protest.

Then Russ Carnahan, Democrat in Missouri, appears to have used a seance group as a front to funnel money to lefty investigators to dig up dirt on his opponent, Ed Martin.

In Nevada, voters find their electronic ballots already punched for Harry Reid. Allegations that he is giving people free food and gift cards to vote for him are surfacing, too. Similar hijinks are happening in North Carolina.

Have you ever seen the Democrats so out of control?

Even “civilians” are piling it on. Joy Behar can’t restrain herself on “The View.” She yelled “Come here, bitch,” to Sharon Angle. “You’re going to hell!” Why not actually mud wrestle Angle, Joy? At least that would be more honest and more dignified than your outbursts.

I skip over the assaults on the Tea Party. They’ve been going on all year. We’re used to every invective being hurled at them by now.

How much more can they squeeze in in the last few days of the campaign? Don’t underestimate them. We’ll have to put up with it just a little longer.

Then the GOP tow truck can come and get the car out of the mud, although the Democrats seem to love and wallow in it.

Two Bergmann Events Today

Senator Bob Corker will be at Bergmann headquarters today in support of Charlotte. You can join him at 12:45 for free pizza and drinks at 925 S. Yates. He is here to help her and voice approval for her stance on cap and trade – she’s against it.

Park in the rear of Samuel’s store and come in the back door of the headquarters.

This afternoon the Memphis Tea Party and the Mid South Tea Party are holding a press conference at the NAACP headquarters. They are calling for an apology from the Commercial Appeal for the slurs in Wendi Thomas’ Sunday column against Charlotte Bergmann. Meet at 4 today at the NAACP at 588 Vance. Then, protesters will march to The Commercial Appeal on Union and call for Thomas to be fired.

Shut the Door and Shut Up; It’s Over

Allegations of fraud and cheating in the August 5 election made the front page of the newspaper, but when the Election Commission is vindicated, as it was today, it’s in Section B.

Truth is, there never was a story there. There wasn’t any vote fraud. Those of us who worked at the polls on that day can say from experience that there were enough safety checks to ensure that everyone’s vote counted. I was a judge at my precinct when fellow Midtowner Dist. Atty. Gen. Bill Gibbons walked in and was flagged as someone who had already voted. We laughed because he is an honorable man and because he’s a Republican and certainly wouldn’t be excluded had there been some plot by Republicans to shut other Republicans out.

With the list of absentee voters posted on the wall, when someone’s name came up as having voted and wasn’t on that list, it was obvious that some glitch had occurred. People could fill out a provisional ballot as a backup. Shortly after lunch the Election Commission verified that there was a problem, but to make sure everyone got to vote. Case closed.

Of course, the Democrats – after they lost – didn’t want to see it that way. Even after Judge Arnold Goldin agreed that there were mistakes in the election, but that there wasn’t any fraud, the Democrats still didn’t believe it.

Now the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has revealed the results of their inquiry. “If one’s goal were to skew an election in a particular direction, it would be a poor plan indeed to randomly affect the votes of approximately 3 percent of the expected turnout,” read their report.

Evidently the Democrats are still unconvinced. They are considering an appeal to Judge Goldin’s decision.
That alone should persuade any independent that the Democrats aren’t interested in the truth, but only power.

Thanks for showing them the light, Dems!

John Fund Here Thursday

John FundIn two days you have a chance to hear from one of the Wall Street Journal’s best, John Fund.

He will be in Memphis Thursday, October 28, at Wade Auditorium at the University of Memphis Law School. The topic is “A Visitor’s Guide to an Alien Planet: Washington, D.C.” His appearance is sponsored by Memphis Lawyers Chapter. The event starts 1t 11:45 and it is free and open to the public. Wade Auditorium is on the first floor of the downtown campus at 1 North Front.

Wendi More of a Blip Than a Threat

Wendi, Wendi, Wendi.

Where to start with the doomed writings of Commercial Appeal, anti Tea Party backed writer Wendi Thomas, who is challenging the integrity of Charlotte Bergmann in the Ninth District race against Congressman Steve Cohen.

Let’s start with Wendi’s ignorance – the symbol of a political and journalistic novice and her delusions.

While knocking Bergmann with every brick in her arsenal (and there aren’t many) she makes the eye popping statement that Nancy Pelosi “who contrary to what Republican TV ads might have you believe – is not on the November ballot.”

Really? Because every member of the House is up for reelection every two years. I’d expect someone who writes about politics – or is a high school graduate – to know that. Nancy didn’t retire and make way for another San Francisco Democrat liberal. She’s in the game. Once you come across that unbelievable statement by Ms. Thomas you can’t trust another thing she says.

And Wendi’s picture on a white background with type wrapped around Thomas’ picture? FYI: it never resembles the person and is only appropriate for a person seeking publicity. Maybe you’re jealous, Wendi. Charlotte looks a whole lot better on her signs than you do on your column.

Funny you should say the 9th Congressional District is as blue as the sky. It didn’t seem so blue on August 5th. Or did you forget that Republicans swept the elections defeating a Ford who you say “owned the district for decades and for the foreseeable future.” They didn’t own it in 2006 when Corker defeated Harold Ford Jr. in the Senate race either and garnered a much smaller portion of Shelby County than an illustrious Ford should have.

Is that why Republicans are just “blips on the political screen”?

Who remembers the Republican Cohen faced in the 2006 election? Lots of us remember Mark White and, in case you didn’t know it, he is currently serving as a representative in the State House.

Sorry you don’t think Charlotte voices any “original ideas.” In this area, just being a black Republican woman IS an original idea. When Cohen comes to mind what original idea has he brought forth? More women’s restrooms in buildings? Oh, wow. Now that IS genius.

It’s funny that you should embrace a community living off food stamps and unemployment. I would think any Memphian would be for that unless they are seeking a permanent dependent voter base. Sounds to me like someone who wants to “turn back the hands of time” to an era of black dependency known as slavery.
So thank you, Wendi, for the entertainment.

You may now join the other ignorant people on the porch.

Watching “Waiting for Superman”

Superman in Classroom
Never in real life...

The much ballyhooed movie that attempts to tackle the failure of public education is now playing in Memphis at the Ridgeway. Yesterday I saw it and agree with critics that it is on point and should be seen by everyone who cares about the direction of the country.

For conservatives, it probably just reaffirms what most have felt about the system for the past few decades: that it is an endless money pit in which we keep tossing dollars without any better results achieved. Over the years students and the schools seem to get worse.

The movie makes it’s points through the eyes of five families who are trying to get in the few successful schools in their areas. Parents go to great lengths against big odds to try to secure a place at the better schools which are the more independent, inventive KIPP, charter and optional schools. For most of them it remains a dream.

Educators talk about the bureaucracy and teachers unions that strangle their efforts. Pupils willing to apply themselves grapple with the reality that they’re not going to get any help. Presidents continue to sign legislation aimed at fixing the problem, but each seems to fail.

The filmmaker couldn’t do without a gratuitous shot at Reagan for his remark that maybe the Education Department should be abolished and at Bush for a slip of the tongue when he said our childrens instead of children. Barack Obama doesn’t get much play; curious (or maybe not), the filmmaker didn’t mention Obama’s choosing a private school for his daughters while ending the successful voucher program in D.C. for underprivileged students. And since the movie came out, the superintendent of D.C. schools, Michelle Rhee, has left the program when her sponsor, the mayor, lost his seat in the recent primary. New Jersey’s governor Chris Christie offered her a post in his state.

The take away message for me in the movie is we have ceded too much power to the federal government. The schools that succeed are outside their purview. Politicians have depended so much on the support of teachers unions that the education part doesn’t matter. When students fail the government simply moves the metric – down. There is no desire among them to change the system and the system is killing progress. Citizens become enslaved to government when it ought to be that government works to please the people.

Unless some drastic change takes place in education, it looks like we are stuck with an increasingly bad status quo.
And if you like that, the health care system looks like it will follow the same downward slope as education unless Obamacare is repealed. Just substitute health care for schools in the movie for a frightening glimpse of all of our futures.