“Diary” dishes

Radio talk show host, author and conservative commentator Laura Ingraham delivered some zingers at her book signing Saturday, July 17 at the Hilton hotel.

In town to promote her new book, “The Obama Diaries,” a tongue in cheek look at the Obama presidency, Ingraham said, “I want to do to the Obamas what they did to Sarah Palin.” Humor and satire, like Saul Alinsky’s recommended tactics, are her vehicles to achieve this. “I can assure you,” she said, “that there is more truth in these diaries than in any Robert Gibbs press conference – ever.”

“The Obamas don’t like you,” she told a Tea Party/Republican audience. “You drive them crazy because you’re effective. The first sign of a successful movement is when you’re demonized,” she continued.

Commenting on the Obamas’ vacation in Maine (“the little people go to the Gulf” don’t you know) Ingraham wondered if  coercing Republican Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins might possibly be on the menu along with the lobster.

“The first public pictures of their vacation were of the First Family getting ice cream. I recall Michelle Obama saying ‘dessert is not a right. We don’t have it at every meal.’  Apparently not,” Ingraham said. “Since they have it between meals.”

“I object to the White House using the obesity issue to get more money from Congress, nine billion of which will include what’s in school vending machines. I don’t need them to tell me how to cut the pork,” she quipped.

Calling the Health Care Reform bill “terrifying,” Ingraham noted its ill effects are already starting.
“More doctors are leaving. More are not taking Medicare patients. And insurance companies are raising premiums, not lowering them.”

Ingraham sees a bitter fight ahead for us. “They’ve done serious damage to the country. But we must be warriors for America.”

But comfort comes to her in remembrance of her exit interview with Ronald Reagan.
“I was 23. I was shaking and nervous going into his office. I was going onto law school. I was the last one leaving when President Reagan called out to me. ‘By the way, Laura,’ he said, ‘make it matter.’

“I always take that with me. As long as I am breathing I will do everything in my power to stop those like Obama who want to make us into a version of their more perfect union and lose our freedom.”

Laura Ingraham Book Signing

Laura Ingraham was in town today at the Ridgeway Hilton to speak to a Memphis TEA Party group and sign her new book, “The Obama Diaries.”

Laura Signs Books
Georgeann King checks out the book-signing action with Laura Ingraham in the background.
Ron Ramsey
Georgeann gets a picture with Lang Wiseman, left, Chairman of the Shelby County Republican Party, and Ron Ramsey, the Memphis TEA Party's pick as GOP candidate in the Aug. 5 primary.
Charlotte Bergmann
Charlotte Bergman, GOP candidate for U.S. Congress from the 9th District, greeted many of her TEA Party friends at the event.
David Lenoir
David Lenoir, GOP candidate for Shelby County Trustee.
Mark Skoda
Mark Skoda, founder of the Memphis TEA Party, introduced Laura Ingraham and Ron Ramsey to the crowd.

Pugilistic Politics

Everytime I see Steve Cohen’s yard signs with the message “Fighting for Memphis” I always find it disturbing. Fighting who? Is there a rabid band of anti Memphis people in Washington threatening attack? Are our fellow Americans the enemy? Are our fellow Memphians? What are we fighting for?

It’s just  illustrative of the divisive nature of Democrat political strategy. It’s always us against them, me against you. Someone’s always the victim that has to be defended. I wish we were back to the time when each American considered he was responsible for himself and to God.

Move along, no scandal here

Fox News’ anchor Megyn Kelly has been hot on the case of the Black Panther voter intimidation. She had a lengthy interview with J. Christian Adams of the Justice Dept. who told about the slam-dunk case being more or less dropped by the DOJ.

Yesterday she debated Democrat strategist Kirsten Powers and she didn’t hold back. Check this out:

Voter Intimidation

Watch the Fraud and Show Your Worth

It is well known that Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty (R) has aspirations for the presidency. He has been visiting Republican conventions, such as the recent one in Nashville, and setting up fund raising pacs.

However, if he lets the alleged voter fraud that elected Al Franken to the Senate  continue, Pawlenty will not be a candidate worthy of consideration.

In the six month post election  recount, Pawlenty trusted the Democrat Secretary of State to fairly ascertain what went on even though he was funded by the George Soros project to elect Democrat Secretaries of state.

Now the Minnesota Majority has conducted a study of the recount that finds at least 341 convicted felons in largely Democratic Minneapolis-St. Paul voted illegally in the 2008 race between Franken and Coleman, the Republican incumbent.  Their final recount “showed Franken beat Coleman by 312 votes – fewer votes than the number of felons whose illegal ballots were counted,” according to their study. Furthermore, the report charges that efforts to get state and federal authorities to act on its findings have been “stonewalled” according to Fox News.

If Pawlenty can’t conduct an honest review and won’t stand up for a fellow Republican, in my opinion, he can’t be trusted. I’d like to see what his next move is.

CA backs Haslam

In the primary, that is.

Their rationale, however, has me begging to differ.

“Haslam projects the capacity to work with members of both parties to confront the very serious fiscal problems that will confront the next governor in 2011,” the editors write. OK, except that the next legislature looks to be solidly Republican, so that isn’t exactly my No. 1 concern.

They continue: “He has a sense of perspective and a level of maturity that lift him above his competitors in the GOP race.” How about Wamp’s 16 years in Congress and Ramsey’s many years at state government?

“He has the disposition to work well with members of the Tennessee congressional delegation, members of the General Assembly, local officials, business leaders and the public.” Red flag translation: He won’t confront Democrats but will try to appease them.

The newspaper goes on to say “it is troubling, however, that Haslam has declined to make full public disclosure of his personal income tax returns  related to his family-owned Pilot Oil Corp.” I guess that means in the general election they are free to bring this up ad nauseum to the detriment of the Republican and benefit of McWherter.

Sometimes an endorsement is anything but, wouldn’t you say?

Gubernatorial Debate tonight

Haslam, Ramsey and Wamp will face the debate moderator tonight at 7 on Channel 5. I hope many Tennesseans watch it. The dirty little secret – well not that secret – is that whoever wins the primary will win the governorship. Reading McWherter’s answers in The Commercial Appeal yesterday, I couldn’t help but think how lame they were. He seemed to be trying to tell Democrats and Republicans what they want both want to hear. I felt he tried to disconnect himself from Obama, but I don’t think any Democrat can successfully do that this year.