My Mantra: The Facts

When the sorry state of the current economy is discussed on some talk, news, TV or radio show, inevitably the Democrats will blame it on policies of George W. Bush. Infuriatingly, sometimes Republicans will chime in and say Bush was also responsible for our problems, in particular, the ballooning deficit.

Hearing this makes me start screaming at the TV.

So many Americans forget that the economy was perking right along until the Democrats took control of Congress after the 2006 elections. Remember Nancy Pelosi’s “Six for ’06” slogan? Number one on that list was an increase in the minimum wage. Cassandras told those who would listen that this would have a very negative effect on the economy. And, that summer, jobs for young people started to disappear. Under their watch. And it metastasized through other age groups.

Many of us also forget that when Bush came into office the Defense Department had been gutted. In order to balance the budget, Clinton slashed and burned our military programs. So when 9/11 came along, we were not in a position to quickly engage the enemy. Yes, the spending did increase because of the two wars, but isn’t defense the number one priority of government? Could it be any better spent? From the luxury of 2010 we look back and feel safe. But on September 12, the country felt and was vulnerable.

I like to remind the ignorant of these points when they start yammering about deficits.

Those pundits who now want to give President Obama time to come out of the malaise – they feel two years is not enough – forget that in the spring of 2001, the dot com bubble and Enron scandals inherited from Clinton brought warnings that Bush had better get it under control immediately or he would lose in 2004. On top of this Bush was hampered by a late start in getting his cabinet confirmed, thanks to Al Gore’s reluctance to accept defeat. Even so, they cut him no slack.

Somehow, Bush managed to push us over the recession, even with the events of 9/11. What ensued were 52 straight months of job expansion. The stock market hit 14,000 and unemployment went to a negligible 5%.

With Obama we now have 17 months of unemployment over 9% even after that enormous stimulus. We have an underemployment estimated at 17.1%, up .4% in September alone. So since his 2003 inauguration Obama’s unemployment has gone up 26%. Now even his own advisors say it will remain high into 2011 and estimates this morning say at this pace we won’t recover until 2020.

In Obama’s first two years, food stamps have gone from 21 million people to 41 million. Gold is skyrocketing and the dollar losing ground daily.

Charles Krauthammer notes that two trilliion of capital sits on the sidelines because Obama’s economic policies are threatening to business. They are looking at more regulation, nationalization and increased taxation. He should shun these ‘tions’ because they scare small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Add to that, the Democrat controlled Congress has not passed a budget. It is the first time since 1974 that has happened. Nor do we have a tax bill or appropriations bill. As Krauthammer notes, Congress gives us Stephen Colbert instead.
So when someone starts in on the economy and bad policies of Bush, serve them up a few of these facts. We need to repeat them like a mantra until the message gets across.

Midtown Meeting

Clay Shelton
Clay Shelton
Don Johnson
Don Johnson cut his cake with Ruth Henderson's help.

Don's Cake

The monthly Midtown Republican Club met last night at Cafe Eclectic.

Member and state representative candidate Clay Shelton briefly discussed his campaign. He and campaign manager Richard Morton have gone door to door in their district to 2,000 homes. He likes his prospects.

Richard asked for a lot of phone calls for this district. There are only 5,000 numbers to call. While this sounds like a lot, one Shelby County Republican member herself made 5,000 calls for the August 5 election.
Shelby County Republican Executive Director Don Johnson demonstrated how CallFire makes it easy for anyone to make calls from home. He estimates 20,000 calls were made for the August election and contributed to our get out the vote effort.

Laura Baldwin from the Charlotte Bergmann campaign attended and announced that her candidate has a new website: Take a look. Events will be listed there, including an October 26 fundraiser with Marsha Blackburn and another event planned for October 15. Bob Corker has sent in his support as well.

Don Johnson celebrated his 29th birthday with us and shared his cake.

Other business: The Haslam campaign plans a midtown stop on October 21 roughly in the 7 to 10 a.m. time frame. If you’re interested in attending, contact

Our next meeting will be on election day, Tuesday, Nov. 2. Instead of a 6 p.m. meeting time, we will gather at 8 to watch the returns at Cafe Eclectic. Specific details will be announced closer to the date.

What Can I Do?

Four weeks from today America goes to the polls.

Today at Shelby County Republican Party headquarters about 35 people showed up for the second of three sessions conducted to help get out the vote.

Director Don Johnson, along with Grassroots Chairman Anne Truett and Get Out the Vote chair Barbara Trautman laid out the game plan for these last crucial weeks.

Essentially, there are two ways Shelby County residents can help.

There is a list for each precinct of targeted homes for neighbors to knock on, remind residents of the election dates and leave literature or voting information there. Door knockers are reminded to have a cheerful demeanor, never argue with the home owner and take a clipboard with you to write down addresses of people who want yard signs. It is never allowed to put literature or any material in a mailbox. It can be left on the door or doorstep if no one is home.

Secondly, anyone can make phone calls from home via a list or by logging onto CallFire. Phone calls are not as effective as door to door, but they are more efficient, Don reminded us, because so many can be contacted. For the August election, about 25,000 phone calls were made by Republicans and helped achieve the successful election.

If you are motivated and want to see a candidate elected to change Washington or Nashville, drop by the headquarters at Park and Ridgeway above Jason’s Deli or call 682-3335.

Charlotte Bergmann on National Radio

The Republican candidate for House District 9 seat, Charlotte Bergmann, will appear on Sarah Palin Radio tonight at 6:45. She will discuss the race, her economic plans and how she will strive to help businesses in Memphis create jobs if she is elected.

Sarah Palin Radio is aired live on the internet. You can also access previous archived shows.
Approximately 4 million people tune in. Other candidates endorsed by Sarah Palin, such as Star Parker, Joe Miller and Tim Scott have been on the show.

You can listen to it at

Conservative vs. Liberal in Pictures

Washington rallies, conservative vs. liberal

Washington rallies, conservative vs. liberal from the blog of Obama’s doctor cousin, Milton Wolf. If you recall, he came out against Obamacare.

A tale of two rallies. The Glenn Beck 8/28 rally packed them in and they paid and came on their own. It was a grassroots, heartfelt response. Saturday’s One Nation Rally was ballyhooed, but look at the difference. They came on the free buses for the free trip, lunches and T-shirts.

Steve Cohen’s Attitude Never Disappoints (Video)

Cavuto and CohenOur Congressman, Steve Cohen, appeared on Neil Cavuto’s “Your World” on Fox News Friday. As always, he reliably delivered all his party’s talking points and insults while avoiding answering the questions Cavuto put to him. An amused, bemused and finally frustrated Cavuto asked him “Are we seeing the same earth?” Continue reading “Steve Cohen’s Attitude Never Disappoints (Video)”

One Month from Today

Election Day, November 2. It will either be a great victory for the country or a step back into an abyss of government control spreading to all aspects of our lives.

We have one month to make sure we don’t wake up on November 3 and ask “Why didn’t I just do more?”
“Why didn’t I work to take back my country?” Continue reading “One Month from Today”

Allred Puts Client in Crosshairs

Lawyer William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection blog highlights the odd nature of Gloria Allred’s mudslinging at Meg Whitman at the cost to her client, the illegal immigrant maid:

“The other interesting aspect quite apart from politics, is Allred’s willingness to expose her client to legal harm even though the client does not have any meaningful legal claim. This is not a case where Allred’s client is a crime victim who came forward to the police. There does not appear to be a violation of any law by Whitman, but there does appear to be both immigration and possibly criminal violations by Allred’s client, who filed false documents with the government. By going public as she has, Allred has exposed her client to significant legal jeopardy in order to score publicity and political points for Allred.”

Talk show host Mark Levin skewered her on his radio show, clip available at

Last night “On the Record” host Greta Van Susteren similarly zinged Allred.