Conservatism Up Downtown

Like Midtown, Downtown has few conservatives among the many liberal Democrats.

But that isn’t stopping some residents from forming a conservative club. They are going to reach out to others downtown to discuss politics, current topics and how Memphis can be a better place.

Anyone interested in joining their group should contact Joan Schmitt at

Downtown Club
Starting with four members, the beginnings of a Downtown Conservative Club meet at Bluff City Coffee on Main Street.
Joan Schmitt and Marion Bailey
Joan Schmitt, left, and Marion Bailey
Linda and Maxine Street
Linda, left, and Maxine Street

It’s baaack!

According to Fox News, Democrats in the House want to bring back the public option for the Health Care bill.

Haven’t they damaged the health care system enough?

Reading J. R. Dunn in the I think we are already in trouble. In his piece, “Obama’s Failed Presidency,” he  says “the sneak appointment of Donald Berwick to run the thing makes transparent a fact that was brought up continually and just as continually dismissed during the health care debate, that Obama wants a duplicate of the UK’s National Health Service, the sole British feature that he admires.

“And that’s an interesting development, because, according to studies by British Health Care specialists the NHS kills up to 95,000 patients a year through incompetence, mistakes and accidents. This number is ten times the international per capita average. It is the highest in Europe, and twice that of the U.S., a nation with six times the population.”


Nice place to visit, but…

…he wouldn’t want to live here?

I’m talking about Memphis City Schools Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash. The website reports that Mr. Cash rents a house in Chickasaw Gardens. According to their report his wife considers their home to be their Martha’s vineyard house.  Sounds like he’s not planning on putting down roots in Memphis.


Gallup recently reported that its generic ballot poll favored Democrats by 6 points.

Seemed a little odd, since other pollsters, especially Rasmussen, had given Republicans an increasing edge.

The editors at took a closer look. They say that Gallup lied about their results. When they looked into the matter they saw that Gallup had polled all adults to give the Dems a lead and polled Republicans by registered voters. So they did not use equal methods in doing their research. With the Daily Kos recent scuffle with their pollster, it’s alarming how sources like to shape their news.

Meanwhile, writer Reid Wilson reports that the Democrats aren’t disclosing their most recent House polls. The conclusion he draws is that the results must be dismal for them. Otherwise they would use the information to boost fund raising.

Also, he finds the Democratic Congressional Committe has made massive TV air buys. Wilson senses they are just as worried about incumbents as freshmen or they wouldn’t buy ads so heavily.

No Probate clerk for Shelby County?

That’s what you’d have to assume if you follow the recommendations of candidates made by the Commercial Appeal.

They didn’t have one. Nobody was their choice. Editors wrote that the Probate Court clerk race  was a choice between “relatively inexperienced candidate Paul Boyd and Democrat Sondra Becton, who worked a number of years in the office, but left county employment in 2006 under a cloud of suspicion. Boyd is a Republican party campaigner who has worked in the city trustee’s office, but he has yet to demonstrate his readiness for the important administrative position.”

So honesty does not trump alleged criminality? And having worked in the city trustee’s office is inexperience?

They continue, “Becton worked for many years in the probate court clerk’s office, unsuccessfully running for clerk in 2002 and 2006, the same year she was fired as a benefits specialist in the county’s finance department for allegedly using her position to obtain and distribute confidential information about a probate office employee – an accusation that Becton denies.”

Alleged activity, but fired all the same.

The Tennessee Bar Association in August 2006 fills in a little bit more about Becton: “accused of using her post… to find and distribute confidential info during her political campaign against incumbent clerk Chris Thomas, who won re-election. .. Becton also is accused of distributing personal information, including the Social Security number of probate court clerk office administrator Annita Hamilton.”

I won’t have trouble deciding who to vote for. I guess the Commercial Appeal would have to go kicking and screaming to back a black Republican. And, I think we need a probate court clerk.

Michelle Antoinette

Life’s a party and a feast for First Lady Michelle Obama.

On their vacation to Maine she and President Obama dined on lobster, while the kids had a shrimp basket (no worries about the fried food?) then went on to an ice cream shop. But you regular Americans should vacation in the Gulf and watch your cholesterol.

And don’t forget Bo, their Portuguese water dog (didn’t Obama commit to getting a rescue dog?). Bo had no worries about missing the family since he was flown in his own plane by himself, except for a few aides, to Maine to greet the family. Hmm, wonder how he likes his steak?

Tonight, the Obamas will throw a party featuring Broadway luminaries such as pianist Marvin Hamlisch and actor Nathan Lane so getting back to business after their trip won’t be too tough a task. And, they seem to have settled in to a weekly Wednesday night party for hundreds so they can make it to hump day. With only four vacations since April, relaxation should be a priority, don’t you think?

The only parallel I don’t see between Michelle and Marie Antoinette is she certainly will never say “let them eat cake.”

Tehran in Greenwood, Mississippi

Think Sharia law can’t come to the American South?

In Greenwood, Mississippi, the Islamic Republic of Iran is putting down roots in our health care system.

According to an article in the July 1 issue of AARP’s “Bulletin,” while Congress was lurching towards a Health Care Reform bill, the National Institute of Health and Iran’s ministry of health organized a tour of Iran’s health care system. They focused on looking at “health houses” in rural Iran with an eye towards implentation in the Mississippi Delta.

These health houses use villagers trained to provide basic services and take care of sanitation, water testing and environmental projects, according to writer Joel K. Bourne. They are supervised by doctors at a regional health center and care for 80 percent of cases. Prevention is part of their mandate, too.

The article mentions Greenwood, Belzoni and Mound Bayou as places where the Iranians have taken a look.

“Despite its reputation in America as an international pariah with an infamous human rights record – part of former President George W. Bush’s  ‘axis of evil’ – Iran has won kudos from the World Health Organization for its innovative primary health care system,” Bourne writes. Well, yes, there is that little quibble we have with them about undermining our culture, obtaining nuclear weaponry and destroying Israel.

Not a problem, continues health care consultant James Miller.

“Yes,” he says, “Iran is a rogue nation. But if the Iranians came up with a cure for cancer, would we not use it just because we dislike their leaders?”

Seems like an enormous non sequitur to me; do you trust people with your life who ultimately want to annihilate that life? I choose no.

It doesn’t seem like a leap to me from infiltrating our health care system to infiltrating our legal system from a country that feels strongly about pushing Shariah law on the rest of humanity. Should we give Iran a foot in the door of our country? Can we trust them in anything? It’s shocking that it is even considered.

Tea Party Book Party

Before announcing author Laura Ingraham at her book signing Saturday, Memphis Tea Party president Mark Skoda had a few things to say about the dust up with the NAACP.

Skoda recounted his CNN interview where he discussed the racism charges made against the Tea Party with Hillary Shelton, a representative from the NAACP.

“I invited them to meet with Tea Party people” to attempt a dialog, Skoda said. Later “CNN called me back and said they got a ton of positive email” about the exchange, more than their usual amount.

He then went on to introduce Ron Ramsey, Tennessee gubernatorial candidate, who said he was “flattered to have Tea Party support. We (the U.S.) are teetering,” he continued. “Do we want to be the freedom loving people we have been or more like Europe? ”

Also present were other candidates including Charlotte Bergmann, who is hoping to win the race for Tennessee’s 9th Congressional district. I wish she had been given time to say a few words. It was puzzling.