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A caller to Rush Limbaugh today commented on the Health Care Reform ad made by Andy Griffith.
Rush said he was not surprised at it as Griffin is a well known lefty who campaigned for Obama. In fact, according to Rush, Democrats in 1994 urged Griffith to run against Jesse Helms for the Senate seat in North Carolina.
The caller detailed an incident 35 years ago in California when Griffin came by his store in his Rolls Royce. Griffith was rude, demanding and wasted no time talking to anyone. Limbaugh concurred that he had that reputation.
EIB then played a funny parody of Andy and Barney skewering them on Obamacare.

A Tale of Two Weddings

(R) vs. (D):  Could there be a better illustration of what they are than contrasting Jenna Bush’s 2008 wedding with Chelsea Clinton’s 2010, much ballyhooed affair?

Start right there – ballyhoo. The press has been fawning about it all weekend. The glamor, the glitz, the celebrity, the cost; it can’t be too much or too good for a Democrat’s daughter. Of course it must be lavish with lots of guests. Small and intimate is for losers like President Bush and Jenna.

Cost? Anywhere from 3 to 5 million for Chelsea. Estimates asses the catering at $750,000; flowers $250,000; music $40,000;  lighting 75-100,000; invitations $50,000. The supposed cost of the wedding cake alone is $11,000 which approximates to $22 a slice. Jenna had a tres leches cake with dulce de leche and whipped cream icing. Chelsea opted for a  politically correct vegan, gluten free wedding cake.

For Jenna it was $100,000 for the whole wedding.

The Bushes did it at their own home in Crawford, Texas, a red state if ever there is one.

The Clintons did not use their own home. They preferred to use  the Astor estate in New York, epitome of the blue state.

Donors paid for Chelsea’s big day, significantly George Soros, billionaire plus.

The Bushes paid for Jenna’s. They preferred family and friends to political chums.

But then again Jenna is a schoolteacher who went to Latin America and wrote a book about the young girl she found struggling with AIDS there, “Ana’s story.”

Chelsea worked for a Soros hedge fund and her husband was at Goldman Sachs.

I think those differences pretty clearly outline where Republicans and Democrats are coming from and their attitudes.

Tennesseans support Arizona

District 83 State Representative Mark White is returning today from Arizona with two other Tennessee legislators. They went to deliver a resolution to Governor Jan Brewer showing Tennessee support for the controversial law.

White said he wanted to see how we should address the problem of illegal immigration since the state will address the issue in the 107th General Assembly which will convene in January 2011, according to an article in

As for the appeal to the 9th circuit court of appeals, the Democrats may have made a big mistake.

The Department of Justice argued against Governor Brewer’s request for an expedited case. Now, the case will be scheduled to start November 1.

With the midterm elections the next day, Nov. 2, voters will be reminded of the issue as they go to the polls.

Angry-O-Meter (Poll)

No ‘A’ from Aunt Bee

Aunt BeeAndy in Wifebeater

The AP is reporting that Andy Griffith, 84, has been tapped by Medicare to make some commercials touting the new health care reform bill.

Seniors are not responding to it, positively, and they wonder why?

In the TV ads, Griffith says “good things are coming” and emphasizes that the elderly will get free preventive checkups and lower cost prescriptions.

I think he leaves out the part about rationing that Dr. Donald Berwick, in charge of the program, has said and that Rahm Emanuel’s brother/doctor/adviser admitted. Hard not to believe there wouldn’t be a cost/age ratio for treatments if you listen to those in charge.  It has the ring of something Jim Jones would have said as he was pouring the Kool Aid at Jonestown.

I do not think seniors are that ignorant.

This performance by Griffith seems more like the huckster/politician role he played in “A Face in the Crowd,” than the beneficent sheriff of Mayberry.

Somehow, I don’t think Aunt Bee would approve.

Haslam = State income tax?

Knoxville News Sentinel Nashville Bureau Chief Tom Humphrey reports:

“Zach Wamp suggested in a gubernatorial candidate forum Tuesday that ‘the same sort of logic’ Bill Haslam used to support a property tax increase as mayor of Knoxville could lead him to support a state income tax if elected as governor.

‘When the mayor of Knoxville became mayor, he said his predecessor left him in an awkward position and he just had to raise taxes,’ said Wamp in his opening remarks at a telephone conference call with members of the National Federation of Independent Business.

‘We’re going to be in an awkward position next January when the stimulus money evaportates… is the same kind of logic going to be used next year that, ‘Oh, we’re just going to have to raise taxes?’

“Even the thought of a state income tax is going to be on the table, I think, if Bill Haslam becomes our governor,’ said Wamp.

The congressman said members of the Haslam family had in past years supported efforts to enact an income tax in Tennessee and ‘this is a concern’ for the future.

‘I can see a scenario where they would say, ‘Well, we just don’t have any choice; we’re just going to have to go ahead and push through a state income tax.’

Haslam made an opening statement to the conference prior to Wamp’s statement, then left, leaving Will Cromer, his campaign policy director, in his place to speak on his behalf.

Cromer dismissed the scenario, noting that Haslam is ‘100% opposed’ to a state income tax and has vowed to balance the state’s budget through cuts rather than any tax increase.”

Obama explained

For a devastating assessment of Barack Obama’s psychological demeanor, go read “Barack Obama, Adult Child of an Alcoholic” at

Did you know his father was an alcoholic and died at 42? Or that his drunk driving  resulted in many accidents, one ending in someone’s death? His father was also described as staggering through hallways at Harvard and unable to do his job by his fellow professors.

Add to that, the young Obama’s friendship with communist and hard drinking Frank Marshall Davis.

A pattern of poor responses to problems is consistent with being the child of an alcoholic, according to author M. Catharine Evans. It is even more alarming when you recall the admonition he received after his last physical in February. The doctor recommended he “pursue moderation in his alcohol intake.”

A very interesting analysis.

Worth a look

The RNC has debuted a new website, It profiles some of the problems of the Obama administration and is one you might want to add to your favorites.

Also, offers clips from TV shows like Glenn Beck and others, plus discussions. It’s handy to find those interviews and comments others are talking about.

How much will you pay?

WorthlessIf you are wondering how much the taxes will rise for you when the Bush tax cuts expire in January. the Tax Foundation has your answer.

You can go to or to answer questions that will let you know how much more you’ll have to fork over.

And that’s not counting the alternative minimum tax which will affect 20 million more Americans.

I can’t see how the economy can improve with so many people burdened.