Worth a look

The RNC has debuted a new website, www.novemberstartsnow.com. It profiles some of the problems of the Obama administration and is one you might want to add to your favorites.

Also, www.therightscoop.com offers clips from TV shows like Glenn Beck and others, plus discussions. It’s handy to find those interviews and comments others are talking about.

How much will you pay?

WorthlessIf you are wondering how much the taxes will rise for you when the Bush tax cuts expire in January. the Tax Foundation has your answer.

You can go to www.taxfoundation.org or www.mytaxburden.org to answer questions that will let you know how much more you’ll have to fork over.

And that’s not counting the alternative minimum tax which will affect 20 million more Americans.

I can’t see how the economy can improve with so many people burdened.


Overheard today:

Rush Limbaugh on the President’s refusal to visit the Boy Scouts’ Jamboree on the occasion of their hundred birthday celebration while taking time to guest on “The View”: “I guess it’s because there isn’t a merit badge for community organizing.”

Hugh Hewitt at www.hughhewitt.com on the November elections: “Taken all together, the Democrats are not merely headed towards a political cliff, they are sprinting towards it.”

And Rush on today’s judicial ruling on Arizona’s new immigration law: “Basically it makes it no longer illegal to be illegal.”

Memphian on Glenn Beck

Mark Skoda, Chairman of the Memphis Tea Party, will appear on Glenn Beck’s 4 p.m. show Friday.

The discussion will include a panel of Tea Party patriots, representatives from Freedom Works and the 9/12 Project.

I hope he will get a chance to mention Charlotte Bergmann, who is running for Congress from the 9th district. Skoda had urged her to run against Cohen/Herenton. It would be great if she got national recognition and donations. I was with her at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans in April; when others heard she was running against Cohen (he had just slurred Tea Party people in a radio interview), they volunteered their help and funds.

Should be an interesting program, nonetheless. Set your DVRs!

Jr.’s new book

Who knew that Harold Ford Jr. has written a book? Who knew that he has any wisdom to impart? Who will want to buy the thing outside of Memphis?

Ford forged ahead, however, and has come up with “More Davids Than Goliaths.” According to Bill Dries at www.memphisdailynews.com, the book will be released Aug. 10.

Surely he doesn’t consider himself a “David” but with the former congressman you never know.  Ford recounts his 2006 failed Senate campaign, his dad’s charges in the two bank fraud cases in the House, his tiff with Herenton and anecdotes about Herenton and current Congressman Steve Cohen in the tome.

There will be a book signing at Davis Kidd in East Memphis on Aug. 18.

Although he seems to feel Memphis is not a good enough home for his august presence, favoring New York, Ford is coming home to take Memphis money for his book.

Poll Dance

The most recent Mason Dixon poll of the Tennessee gubernatorial race would make it look like a Haslam victory is a certainty. In it, 36% of GOP voters in Tennessee said they would vote for Haslam; 25% for Wamp; 20% for Ramsey.

However, an article at www.mainstreetj.com has a link to an analysis by J.R. Lind of the Nashville Post that sheds some light on the race. In a survey done by the Tennessee Newspaper network, pollsters found that there was still much fluidity in the race as voters learn more about the candidates.

Ron Ramsey’s vote as a legislator for a one cent state sales tax in 2002 hurts him when voters find out about it.

Similarly, “46% of voters were less likely to vote for Bill Haslam “after allegations of gas gouging by Haslam’s family’s Pilot Travel centers in the wake of Hurricane Ike,” Lind reports. Wamp loses 37% because he voted for the 2008 bank bailout bill (TARP).

Readers question the poll’s methodology and integrity. In one I saw  only 400 people were polled and you are not told what the regional breakdown is. In our state, that’s very relevant. Another notes that Haslam has spent more than $10 million dollars but is now taking on Wamp in TV ads. That often means information from their internal polls are showing vulnerability.

As the Scott Brown race shows in Massachusetts, it’s not over til it’s over. It will be interesting to see if the election verifies or refutes polling.

Early voting

I was happy to answer “Republican” when  the registrar asked me my ballot preference for early voting at White Station Church of Christ. Despite the heat, several of our candidates including Dr. Rolando Toyos, braved the high temperatures  of the parking lot to ask entrants for their votes. It’s not easy being a politician!

Election commission officers have had heavy turnout there, lines snaking down the hall last week, they said. You can’t help but admire the high quality of  Republican candidates. They can really change Memphis for the better.

Conservatism Up Downtown

Like Midtown, Downtown has few conservatives among the many liberal Democrats.

But that isn’t stopping some residents from forming a conservative club. They are going to reach out to others downtown to discuss politics, current topics and how Memphis can be a better place.

Anyone interested in joining their group should contact Joan Schmitt at  joan1948@live.com.

Downtown Club
Starting with four members, the beginnings of a Downtown Conservative Club meet at Bluff City Coffee on Main Street.
Joan Schmitt and Marion Bailey
Joan Schmitt, left, and Marion Bailey
Linda and Maxine Street
Linda, left, and Maxine Street

It’s baaack!

According to Fox News, Democrats in the House want to bring back the public option for the Health Care bill.

Haven’t they damaged the health care system enough?

Reading J. R. Dunn in the americanthinker.com I think we are already in trouble. In his piece, “Obama’s Failed Presidency,” he  says “the sneak appointment of Donald Berwick to run the thing makes transparent a fact that was brought up continually and just as continually dismissed during the health care debate, that Obama wants a duplicate of the UK’s National Health Service, the sole British feature that he admires.

“And that’s an interesting development, because, according to studies by British Health Care specialists the NHS kills up to 95,000 patients a year through incompetence, mistakes and accidents. This number is ten times the international per capita average. It is the highest in Europe, and twice that of the U.S., a nation with six times the population.”


Nice place to visit, but…

…he wouldn’t want to live here?

I’m talking about Memphis City Schools Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash. The website www.mainstreetj.com reports that Mr. Cash rents a house in Chickasaw Gardens. According to their report his wife considers their home to be their Martha’s vineyard house.  Sounds like he’s not planning on putting down roots in Memphis.