Smart Obama Meter Care

It’s striking how much Obamacare and smart meters are one and the same.

Not their topics; but doesn’t it strike you how similar the situations are?

The people who want smart meters – or who think they want smart meters – either have will make some profit from foisting them on people or live in a world where reality needn’t intrude. When defenders of smart meters talk, they paint a world where everyone is paying less for energy, no one is using more than his share and the environment will be as pure as when Adam first stepped in the garden.

Those who believe in Obamacare talk about how everyone will finally receive all the medical care they need and at a reduced price, too. No longer will doctors and drug companies make piles of money off of the suffering of others. There will be plenty of doctors or nurses or technicians who can take care of the little problems most of us have.

With smart meters, proponents promise there is an opt out. Obama promised you can keep your doctor if you want to. However, realists see neither can nor will happen. In order for smart meters to at least look cost effective, they must be embraced by the whole community. The opt outs will cost extra and then they will be eliminated. At that point, what can anyone who needs energy do but surrender? In order for the Affordable Care Act to work, everyone will have to pay. We’re on the road to single payer health care, even by the default of bureaucratic problems. The young will soon find out that they will not escape hefty payments to prop up the system. At that point, what choice will you have?

Smart meters and Obamacare are both embraced by the liberal media. You don’t see much negative coverage of any part of either of them. The opponents of smart meters are portrayed as some idiotic half wits who oppose any kind of change in their lives. They don’t want to pay more even if it is the only way to preserve our fragile planet. Opponents of Obamacare don’t want to see poor people get adequate care and balk at the cost; we are all greedy insensitive pigs.

Then there is the hacking issue. MLGW denies that someone could easily hack into your smart meter, although that has happened to people in other areas. They also deny that the information the smart meter collects can provide a profile of how you live your life, what you do and when you are gone. The president has lauded Obamacare’s move to electronic medical records put on line for instant access. He, too, denies that these could be hacked or that the information they provide could be used against a job applicant, student seeking school admission, suspect in a crime or anything else. After all the NSA admissions that they monitor us and keep all our emails and phone calls on record, could anyone doubt this will happen?

Obamacare Democrats already shoved the ACA through by trickery after Scott Brown was elected. Even though the public doesn’t want it, we’re still stuck with Obamacare. MLGW Smart has already sent letters to some residents about getting smart meters in October when the City Council hasn’t even voted on the $10 million for 60,000 more of them. They tell us the cost will not be high (even though places like Chattanooga had the cost double) just like the Office of Management and Budget told us Obamacare wouldn’t hit a trillion (it’s already said to be triple the original estimate).

In neither of these examples does democracy mean a damn thing. Why elect anyone if they don’t follow the will of the people?

What is the point of the United States of American then?

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