Haslam at Headquarters

Bill Haslam, left, and Lang Wiseman
Bill Haslam, left, and Lang Wiseman
Bill Haslam, left, and Lang Wiseman
Harold Baker, center
Harold Baker, center

Tennessee Republican Governor candidate Bill Haslam visited his headquarters at 1214 Ridgeway today with our other candidates for a Victory Open House.

“If we tie in Shelby County,” Haslam said, “we will win. We will be here a lot.” Shelby County Republican Party Chairman Lang Wiseman echoed those sentiments.

“I can’t tell you how important Shelby County is. The percentage of votes we contribute¬† overwhelms any other county. Our House candidates have a tremendous opportunity,” he said, introducing Charlotte Bergmann, who is challenging Steve Cohen for the U.S. House seat in District 9.

“I’m very excited to be in the party of No,” Bergmann said. “Not just no, but KNOW. We know that what the Democrats plan to do will wreck our country and we say no.”¬†

She was followed by Tim Cook, who is running against Mike Kernell in District 73, who noted that “Kernell has done zero in 36 years. But he wants more taxes and an income tax, which I am against.”

Clay Shelton said his district, 89, has been held by the Democrats for 36 years also. “But five of our nine candidates in the August election won in this district, so I think I have a good chance. I will be the only accountant in the state legislature,” he noted, “and they need someone with some fiscal experience.” Shelton also cautioned that the make up of the Tennessee House this year will determine who does the redistricting. As it stands now, the districts favor the Democrats. That could change in 2011.

Harold Baker, our candidate in District 86, will visit at our next Midtown Republican Club meeting, Oct 5. Although this district does not include Midtown, it includes our sister areas of Harbor Town and downtown.

Baker is running to “improve the quality of life in Memphis. I have three themes: increase the number of safe streets and neigborhoods; increase the performance of our students and schools; and work to increase the number of hard working, law abiding citizens. How? Get to the root cause of crime and make incarceration more punitive with more mandatory minimum sentences, sending the message to our young people that this is not the way to be. Then increase expectations for our young people. Tell them, young people, you can achieve. And thirdly, expecting people to meet the same standards in our community.”

Chairman Wiseman¬† closed with the observation that “I’m not asking you to help me; I’m asking you to help yourself by coming involved in these campaigns.”

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