Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waist

Cold as Ice

Cold as Ice

Michelle Obama is so misunderstood! No wonder she told French First Lady Carla Bruni that life in the White House “is Hell! I can’t stand it!”

Just take a look at her talk to the National Restaurant Association members Monday. It’s true that she’s fried by the offerings on their menus. Hamburgers, pancakes, tacos, ice cream; what are these things doing to the crisis of obesity in our country?

The ignorant among us (who they think mostly live in the South) even think she is a hypocrite for visiting ice cream shops at every travel stop they make. Here’s the scoop: critics just don’t understand what she’s doing – taking a licking for the American people.

Look at this schedule in just the past two months alone!

On July 13, Mrs. O got a chocolate hurricane at a stand in Panama City, Florida. Do you think it is really because she loves chocolate ice cream and it is one of her favorites? Hardly. She was inspecting the nutritional content of the region’s food places and boy did she find it troubling. Down to the last spoonful. If she doesn’t work to protect Florida’s children against such evils, who will?

Did you see Laura Bush take the time to visit an ice cream shop on any of her international trips? Didn’t think so. But Michelle couldn’t let her trip to Spain go unchecked. In Granada on August 5 she scored for American international relations by testing Spanish ice cream. Reviews are mixed and she may have to return for another attempt.

On Panama City Beach the whole family churned out to queue at a Bruster’s on August 15. While the Commander in chief chose mint chocolate chip and daughter Sasha picked Oreo, Mrs. O swallowed concerns for her own health and got a hot fudge sundae. Still, you have to draw the line of sacrifice somewhere and Michelle skipped the whipped cream. Talk about an example!

As culturally superior to the rest of the country as Cape Cod is, even there, during their August 20 vacation, the First Lady was first in trying out the new flavor at Mad Martha’s Ice Cream. Called “Barack My World” the ice cream featuring coffee and macadamia nuts was dutifully downed by Michelle who would rather take one for the team then let down a devoted fan. How typical!

Her concern for our nutrition has even rubbed off on the president. He told “People” magazine that he worked at a Baskin Robbins in 1979 in Honolulu as a youth and “now I can’t stand it.” But when visiting the emperor of Japan Obama bucked up and ate the green tea ice cream. And, while everyone on the mainland was interested in the Christmas Day bomber, Obama took time during his family Hawaii vacation to take the girls for shaved ice. He even admits that he lured Michelle on their first date by taking her for chocolate ice cream. Even then, America, they were thinking of you.

Surely these deeds would melt even the strongest critic’s heart, but it’s not likely to sway gorging rednecks from their 31-wonderland. Mrs. Obama has two more years to keep at it.

In 2012, let’s help her out of this “hell” and back in the city of her birth.

Chicago deep dish pizza anyone?

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