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Marsha Blackburn
Marsha Blackburn
Marsha Blackburn


Marsha Blackburn has seen the light. And always has. The Tennessee Congresswoman has been an opponent of the twirly CFL for a long time. With the closing of the last incadescent bulb factory in the United States, in Winchester, Va., and its loss of 2,000 jobs, Mrs. Blackburn has joined Representatives Joe Barton and Michael Burgess on a new bill.

With H.R.6144, or BULB (Better Use of Light Bulbs”) act, the Republicans are working to repeal Nancy Pelosi’s 2007 bill banning the incandescent in every American home by 2014.

Edison’s bulb, which has worked since 1879,  will be obsolete here if they are not successful. The jobs lost here are  going to China, which now makes virtually every CFL on the market.

At GE gets targeted in particular for this move. “GE is asking consumers and its employees to sign a pledge to ‘go green’ and start purchasing the CFL light bulbs imported from China. The problem is that each pledge leads to the loss of jobs in U.S. lighting plants. GE is actually asking workers in its lighting plants to put themselves out of a job.”

Barton notes, “It’s a debatable proposition whether the energy saved offsets the additional costs. As a result, you may end up with some low income families literally in the dark,” he tells “The Daily Caller.”

Not to mention the potential health hazard from the mercury in the bulbs.

“You have to call a HAZMAT team if you break a bulb,” Barton says. And what if they break in hospital nurseries or nursing homes where residents aren’t mobile and can’t leave?

The congressman says he is not against the CFL bulb, but he wants to see the consumer choose.

“From the health insurance you’re allowed to have, to the car you can drive, to the light bulbs you can buy, Washington is making too many decisions that are better left to people who work for their own paychecks and earn their own living,” the three write at

Let’s hope they can switch off this unnecessarily dangerous, job killing ban with the BULB act.

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