More on the Parade

The Midtown Republican Club’s presence came as a surprise to many who visited the Central Gardens parade on Carr.

Although we had the permission of the Central Gardens Association and the homeowner’s to set up on his lawn, we still had a little difficulty with one official who seemed shocked that Republicans had a club and dared to invade a  so called Democrat stronghold. She would not allow our Shelby County Republican Party banner, nor would she allow us a table on the sidewalk as all the others had. Whenever I encounter such an attitude I laugh to myself as a person must feel threatened to act that way. Had there been a Midtown Democrat party table I would have said they have every right to be there, too.

Many came up to us and were happy to know others share their views.

Karen Williams sang the national anthem and other patriotic songs as winners were announced in the costume competition. People enjoyed popcorn, watermelon, hot dogs, cookies, snow cones, lemonade and our water as they strolled down the street.

Many thanks to Tommie Parker who loaned us the use of his yard. As it turned out he was not out of town as planned, but got to watch the parade.

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