President Pence? The New Reagan?

Mike Pence
Mike Pence at the Values Voters Summit

Is Mike Pence the new Ronald Reagan?

If you listen to him give a speech, such as the one he gave at last week’s Values Voters Summit, you can’t help but think of the Gipper. Like Reagan, his speech had humor, patriotism and a common sense approach to our national problems. Like Reagan, he has an easy and happy manner that sweeps you in and makes you feel that he’s expressing your own thoughts. Reporting on the summit, “The Atlantic” took note of this, too.  Jim DeMint preceded Pence at the event,  “but Pence blew him out of the water an hour later. The audience loved the congressman from Indiana, who’s a member of the House Republican leadership, and Pence knew just how to get them going.” No wonder he was voted top choice for president by the attendees.

Besides being a Midwesterner  like Reagan,  Pence also shares experience in the media. Before his foray into politics, Pence was a talk radio host. Perhaps that explains quick-on-his feet responses when he appears on cable news shows or at rallies. As Reagan understood about movies and TV, Pence grasps that there is a new media and he can harness it. He has done just that with You Tube. He has created  his own You Tube channel.

And, he early recognized the importance of the Tea Party, giving the keynote speech at the Taxpayer March on Washington and appearing at other rallies.

While Pence has focused on economic issues, he has not run from other issues the Party has wanted to downplay this election season. He told the Values Voters that “we must demand that leaders of the Republican party stand strong on social issues.”  At the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans this year, he called for an end to federal funds to Planned Parenthood.

But it’s stopping “the freight train of big government,” as he calls it. that drives Pence.

“Four years ago the Republicans in Congress didn’t just lose their majority. They lost their way,” he said at the summit. “When I opposed those big government plans like No Child Left Behind, the Medicare prescription drug bill; when I opposed the Wall Street bailout, I told my colleagues that if we are acting like big government liberals, the American people would eventually go with the professionals. Sadly, they did.”

One of the cars on that freight train he’d like to dump is Barack Obama’s Health Care reform. Pence told the Southern Republican Leadership group that “Republicans in Congress won’t rest until they have repealed Obama care lock, stock and barrel.”  He wrote an op-ed in “The Wall Street Journal” against it  in “This Law Will Not Stand.”

On immigration reform Pence also holds the majority view that the U.S. should focus on securing borders, following and enforcing our laws and finding a way to meet our labor needs. He has fought against the Fairness Doctrine as well.

For a personal view,  take a look at “The Mike Pence I Know” by  at  Ed Lasky  has been following the Hoosier for ten years and thinks you should take a look at him now, too.

Who knows? If Pence takes the helm and wins 2012 primaries, it just might be Morning in America again.

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