Meeting notes

If you were unable to attend last night’s Midtown Republican Club, you missed an informative and interesting one.

Charlotte Bergmann, candidate for the 9th district in Congress, addressed our group. She said she is finding support daily and is looking forward to the primary August 5. She recently had an impromptu debate with former Mayor Herenton and will be having more in the future. Bergmann attended the High Point Terrace 4th of July festivities and told us that Steve Cohen was present and gave a speech, but she was denied that. Once again, for the Democrats civil rights are something they just believe in abstractly and theoretically.

Other candidates for judicial positions, including Judge Janice Hurd, Judge Lorrie Ridder, Janet Shipman, Dale Lane, Claiborne Ferguson, Bob Weiss and others, along with Trustee candidate David Lenoir and Kevin Key.

Because we had so many speakers we kept our club business short. We discussed calling for candidates using CallFire, the recent Central Gardens parade, sending out precinct letters and the need for a vice president.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, August 3. With the election only two days from then, members will want to turn out and find out how they can get out the vote.

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