Geoff Diaz

“The government should not pick winners and losers,” said Geoff Diaz, candidate for County Commission, District 10.

He was addressing the Midtown Republican Club at our monthly meeting. Diaz said this Republican mantra is one of the guides to his campaign and for his strategy on the Commission. “As one of 13 in the new Commission, I will bring a different perspective to it; a different approach,” Diaz said.

Diaz, fresh from his award for District 9 at the GOP Nashville Statesmen dinner, talked about his qualifications via his background.

“I was born in New York and went to school in Vermont,” Diaz said. “I worked for Governor Paul Cellucci (R-MA), so I know about working in a blue state. I worked for the National Governors Association as a policy advisor and I worked for a congressman from Alabama and one from New Mexico in Washington. I came to Memphis in 2010 with my wife to work at St. Jude.”

There, his job was something he had not done before, “stuff I had no idea how to do, but I figured it out.” But he couldn’t get away from politics, “a passion of mine.” So Diaz worked on Charlotte Bergmann’s 2010 campaign. He later helped her start the GOTV (Get Out the Vote) Club, before he served as president of the Midtown Republican Club for two years. He has also been active in the newly formed Hispanic Republican Alliance and is on the Shelby GOP steering committee.

Now he’s running for County Commission in District 10 and faces Democrat Reginald Milton in August.

“Milton is status quo,” Diaz says. “He’s nothing different.” One of the goals Diaz has is to take another look at education. “I want to innovate. High school is not preparing kids for jobs now. I would like to see more programs to teach them now to be plumbers and electricians. We need them and they can earn good money.”

Diaz has about 34,000 in his district to convince. He plans on escalating his campaigning later in June.

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