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“If you take one thing away from this meeting,” said Karen Lamoreaux, “it’s this: They tell us Common Core is just a set of standards. That’s not true. It’s a comprehensive reform initiative.”

Lamoreaux was speaking at a Campaign for Liberty meeting last night on the topic of Common Core. She is from Little Rock and a member of Arkansans Against Common Core. “The proponents have hired PR people and marketing executives to push it,” she said. Education is “no longer K-12 and about shaping individuals minds steeped in literature and history. What they want to accomplish with it is a corporate workforce pushing a managed economy.”

Bolstering her case, she says is the shocking fact that none of the people behind Common Core are educators. “Not one has taught in the classroom,” Lamoreaux says.

That includes Education Secretary Arne Duncan. Lamoreaux says of him that he “never taught in a classroom. He was a professional basketball player for Australia. He went back to Chicago and met with his friends Obama and Bill Ayers and got a job in education even though he majored in sociology.” She quoted this clip from him about what he wants to do via education:

“In short, schools will become the center of community life rather than family and church.” At least in Memphis, that is happening as schools provide eyeglasses for kids, plus three meals a day and a snack, with weekend meals furnished, too.

It echoes the philosophy of another Common Core proponent, Marc Tucker who said “we want to remold the entire American system into a seamless web that literally extends from cradle to grave.”

Certainly that is what Bill Gates and his Foundation have been pushing, according to Lamoreaux. She quotes Gates as saying he would “align the tests first, then the curriculum.” If he wants just standards, he wouldn’t do that, she says.

Gates has paired with UNESCO, the United Nations organization, which seeks to downplay nationalism, define peace involving social equity, teach sustainable development and teach local to global activism. Race to the Top has been part of the plan and took 9.35 billion in tax money from the stimulus money Obama engineered. “Gates sent people to help them write proposals so it’d be the way he wanted it. States were given a waiver, but they would lose Title I money for disadvantaged students if they refused it. Teachers have been told either to embrace it or get fired. Many have complied there, too, she says.

Tomorrow: the myths about Common Core

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