Rage, Screaming in the Oval Office?

Some DC whispers are shared by blogger DW Ulstermann. It makes for interesting reading, confirming the vibe coming out of this White House:

Being President of the United States is a job of enormous responsibility and pressure – just ask Valerie Jarrett.

This latest D.C. Whispers report indicates the stress of being de facto President of the United States is finally starting to wear down the normally ruthless and stoic source of power and manipulation for all things Obama…

No fewer than three different sources with similar stories now circulating the halls and offices of the Capitol Building. There was a recent altercation between the president and Valerie Jarrett that actually lasted several days and ended up with Jarrett “shredding” the president from behind closed doors for what I’m told was up to ten minutes of uninterrupted “rage.” Staff were scrambling to stay out of the way of both of them.

I’m told Jarrett’s mood turned bad shortly after a meeting/conversation/communication she had with someone associated with the IMF. This was a week or so ago according to one source, but another said it was actually in early August. The White House Senior Adviser wanted a “face to face” with IMF Director Christine Lagarde but Lagarde has been ignoring the request and it’s well known around here that Valerie Jarrett is not used to having people blow her off. When Jarrett finally had someone associated with the IMF cornered, she was told Director Lagarde was too busy but that they would “be in touch.” This dismissal had Valerie Jarrett grumbling to her own staff for days, so much so that she then reached out to complain to Senator Schumer to ask if there was something they could do to “push along that investigation.” This in turn caused Schumer to share the conversation with some on his own staff, going so far as to complain about the Obama White with the following – “They’ve all gone batsh*t crazy over there.”

(NOTE: I don’t know what “that investigation” is in reference to, but will attempt to find out. – UM)

I wasn’t aware before of a grudge between Jarrett and Lagarde but apparently it exists and is getting meaner by the day.

I have heard rumors the White House is attempting to coordinate a barrage of positive economic reports throughout 2015 to bolster what White House aides simply refer to as “the legacy.” I assume this is the president’s longer-term legacy. The better it is viewed and received, the greater his influence and post-presidency income stream will be. As it stands now, I’ve been told anything less than $100 million in earnings by 2018 would be viewed as a disappointment, and both Michelle and Jarrett are very keen to see they meet that goal.

It was concern for that legacy that was the alleged source of disagreement between the president and Valerie Jarrett that led to the blow up between the two, and it began during plans for a dinner outing the senior adviser coordinated between Mr. Obama and the First Lady. The president was unhappy about the arranged meal, wanting to “just be alone” but Jarrett demanded the photo op and reminded him how much more popular his wife was with the American public than he was. She’s apparently been reminding him of that a lot lately. There have been rumors for some time about trouble between the president and First Lady. In fact, it’s probably been one of the most consistent whispers to come out of the White House by staff for the last few years, with more and more saying the First Couple are basically living separate lives and the marriage is more a business arrangement than an actual marriage and almost every public appearance of the president and First Lady together is coordinated directly by Valerie Jarrett herself because she sees the image of the marriage as the one thing the public will never turn against.

Keeping a lid on the First Lady’s constant dissatisfaction with her husband is apparently becoming a full time job all by itself though.

So the president reluctantly agrees to the arranged public meal, but he’s letting others around him know he’s not happy about it. Sometime during the outing, Jarrett shares her frustrations about Lagarde. The president ignores her concerns. This probably had Jarrett stewing because now she’s being brushed off by not only Lagarde and her staff, but by the man Jarrett feels she personally created to sit in the Oval Office as President of the United States.

Two days later, Jarrett walks into the Oval Office and informs everyone but the president to get out. Whatever discussion between the two then was apparently civil enough that it wasn’t overheard by anyone outside the office, but the results of the talk clearly didn’t meet with Jarrett’s approval as she left there visibly upset and returned to her own second floor office. Now this is all happening around the time of Holder’s resignation, the ISIS troubles, including military leaders openly challenging them, and all kinds of incoming data regarding the November elections that has the administration on edge.

The final straw for the president though was when he was informed a Democrat senator up for re-election had staff indicate to them their campaign did not “require” the president attend an already scheduled campaign stop with the senator. The president had been looking forward to getting out of the White House, personally likes the company of this particular senator, and was apparently “deeply hurt and disappointed” at basically being told to please stay away. This led to the bigger confrontation between the president and Valerie Jarrett and it began in the hallway outside the Oval Office. Mr. Obama was on his way up to see Jarrett, and Jarrett in turn had already made her way back down to the first floor to see the president.

The shouting started in the hallway and then continued inside the Cabinet Room. The president entered with Jarrett and three other staff. Minutes later the staff exited, leaving Mr. Obama and Valerie Jarrett alone. After some loudly spoken words from the president, the only thing overheard was Jarrett’s shouting, and it continued for some time, possibly as long as ten minutes. The descriptions of this altercation that came back to me and others included the words “rage” and “shredding.”

Valerie Jarrett emerged from the closed Cabinet Room and without saying a word to anyone gathered, disappeared down the hallway with her own staff in tow. When the president’s personal assistant entered the Cabinet Room he closed the door behind him and was said to have remained inside with the president for “several minutes.” When the two men emerged, the president “gave everyone a thin smile and then returned to the Oval Office where he remained mostly by himself for the rest of the day.”

Interestingly, the following day saw the president in a much better mood, laughing and joking with staff, including Valerie Jarrett who he gave a big hug to during an early afternoon meeting.

Looks like Senator Schumer was right.

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